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Mayur FF - The Love Gamble Epilogue- 16/8/10 (Page 6)

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Posted: 25 July 2010 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the extra long update!Big smileBig smileBig smile Enjoyed it to the hilt. So the bets are on for the gamble in love. Lets see who wins and who loses. Mayank Sharma is as usual an eye candy for all the girlsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Can't wait to read more. Update soon.SmileSmile

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Wow!! New FF. Love the concept and the first part was brilliant! Looking forward to Reading the next part. Please update soon and thanks for the PM.

Alisha x
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Plzzz PM me!
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very nice part plz cont soon and thx alot for the pm
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lovely part
do cont soon
thnx for the pm
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Chapter Two

Dia scowled at the empty doorway. This was not good. When Mayank Sharma came back in and spoke to Aditya for a moment, it didn't get better.

G-"Do you suppose it was the booze?"  Dia thought fast.

D-"I don't know what it was, but I don't like it. Why was he hitting on her?"

Gunjan frowned.

G-"It's not like you to be jealous."

D-"I'm not jealous." transferred her scowl to Gunjan. "Think about it. Nupur sends out no signals, he's never talked to her so he can't know how great she is or how gorgeous she is when she's dressed like a librarian with an MBA. But he crosses a crowded bar to pick her up—"

G-"It's possible,"

D-"—right after he's talked to Aditya," finished, nodding to the landing where a red-faced Aditya was now moving in on the girl.

G-"Oh." she looked stricken. "Oh, no."

D-"There's only one thing we can do." squared her shoulders. "We've got to find out what Mayank the Beast is up to."

G-"How—" Dia nodded at the mezzanine.

D-"He was with those two guys. Which one do you want, the starry-eyed dude or the bullet head?" Gunjan followed her eyes to the landing and sighed.

G- "The Starry-eyed fellow. He looks harmless. The bullet head looks like all hands, and I'm not up to that tonight."

D-"Well, I am." put her drink on the bar and leaned back. The bullet head was looking right at her. She met his stare dead on for a full five seconds. Then she turned back to the bar. "Two minutes."

G-"It's a crowded room, Dee. Give him three."


Aditya had watched Mayank open the street door for Nupur and felt a flare of jealous rage. It wasn't that he wanted to kick Mayank. He always wanted to kick Mayank. The guy never broke a sweat, never made a bad business move, never lost a bet, and never hit on a woman and missed. Your mother warned you about this, he told himself, but

he knew it wasn't just his need to be first in everything. This time the jealousy had an extra twist. This time Mayank had taken Nupur. Nupur who was good, solid wife material except for that stubborn streak which he could have worn down, she'd have come back eventually. But now— He stiffened as Mayank came back through the door and motioned him over.

M-"We're going to dinner," said, holding out his hand. "100 bucks." He sounded mad, which made Mayank feel better as he took out his wallet and handed Mayank the money.

M-"Smart move selecting someone who hates men,"  Then he was gone, and Aditya went back to the railing and said,

A-"I think I just made a mistake."

Sh-"You, too?" sheena said, her voice sad over her martini glass. Aditya glanced at the door.

A-"So it wasn't your idea to break up with Mayank?"

Sh-"No." stared at the door. "I thought it was time to get married, so I said, 'Now or never.'" She smiled tightly up at Aditya. "And he said, 'Sorry.'" She drew in a deep breath and Aditya tried not to be distracted by the fact that she looked hot in her red jersey dress.

A-"That's lousy." he leaned against the rail so he couldn't look down her dress since that would be crass, something Mayank Sharma would do. "Mayank must be a moron."

Sh-"Thank you." she turned back to watch the bar as Benji got up from the next table and walked down the stairs with Samart following. Her hair moved like TV hair, a dark silky fall that brushed her shoulders.

Sh-"I'd love to know how Mayank met that woman. I could have sworn he wasn't dating anybody."

Aditya considered telling her that Mayank had picked up Nupur because of the bet and then thought, No. The bet had not been his finest hour. In fact, for the life of him, he couldn't think why he'd done it, it was as if some malignant force had whispered in his ear. No, it was Mayank's fault, that's what it was, and it was a disaster because if Nupur ever found out he'd made that bet...

Sh-"Do you know her?"

A-"She's my ex-girlfriend."

Sh-"Oh." she put her drink down. "Well, I hope Mayank's sorry he picked her up."

A-"He will." Sheena waited, and he added, "She's kind of a prude." Sheena smiled. Aditya shrugged. "She wouldn't let me near her the two months we were together. So I ended it." Sheena shook her head, still smiling

Sh- "You didn't give the relationship enough time. What does she do for a living?"

Aditya stiffened at the criticism.

A- "She's an actuary- finance risk manager. And it strikes me that two months—"

Sh-"Aditya. if you wanted to get physical in the first five minutes, you should have dated a call girl. If she's an actuary, she's a cautious person, her career is figuring out how to minimize risk, and in your case, she was right." Aditya began to dislike Sheena.

A-"How was she right?"

Sh-"You left her over sex." she leaned forward, and Aditya pretended not to watch her chest. "Sweetie, this is my specialty. If you loved her, you wouldn't have given her an ultimatum over sex."

A-"What is it you do?" said, coldly.

Sh-"I'm a psychologist." she picked up her drink, and he remembered some of the gossip he'd heard.

A-"You're the dating guru," he said, warming to her again. She was practically a celebrity. "You've been on TV."

Sh-"I do guest spots. My research on relationships has been very popular. And all of it tells me you do not give an ultimatum over sex."

A-"You gave Mayank one."

Sh-"Not over sex. I'd never deny him sex…if he wanted it that is. Much to the contradiction of what people perceive Mayank is a complete gentleman, he'll never cross his limits. And it wasn't an ultimatum, it was strategy. We'd been together nine months. We were past infatuation and into attachment, and I knew that all he needed was a physiological cue to make him aware of his true feelings."

A-"That makes no sense at all,"  Sheena smiled at him without warmth.

Sh-"My studies have shown that the process of falling into mature love happens in four steps." She held up one finger. "When you meet a woman, you subconsciously look for cues that she's the kind of person you should be with. That's assumption." She held up a second finger. "If she passes the assumption test, you begin to get to know her to find out if she's appropriate for you. If she is, you're attracted." She held up a third finger. "If, as you get to know her, the attraction is reinforced with joy or pain or both, you'll fall into infatuation. And .. ." She held up her fourth finger. "If you manage to make a connection and attach to each other during infatuation, you'll move into mature, unconditional love."

A-"That seems a little clinical," he said, faking interest. After all, she was almost a celebrity.

Sh-"That doesn't mean it's wrong. Take assumption. Your subconscious mind scans women and picks out those that meet your assumptions about the kind of woman you're attracted to."

A-"I like to think I'm not close-minded,"

Sh-"Which is why I'm surprised Mayank picked up your Nupur." She sipped her drink. "One of his assumptions is that his women will be know like models.."

A-"I always thought Mayank was shallow," he said, and thought, He picked her up for the bet, the ba****d.

Sh-"He's not shallow at all. Since they've passed assumption, they'll now subconsciously gauge attraction. For example, if they fell into step when they left the bar, that could be a strong psychological hint that they're compatible." She frowned. "I wish we could watch them at dinner."

A-"And see what?" he said, picking up his drink again. "Them eating in unison?"

Sh-"No. If they mirror each other in action, both crossing their legs the same way, for example. If she accepts his touch with pleasure. If they exchange a copulatory gaze." Aditya choked on his drink. "It's a look that's held a few seconds too long," she said. "It's a clear physical signal. All species do it." Aditya nodded and reminded himself not to stare in the future. "If their conversation picks up a rhythm with no long silences, that will be attractive. If they develop enough of a relationship to use nicknames."

A-"Nupur hates nicknames," he said, remembering a disastrous "sweet roll" incident.

Sh-"If they have the same tastes in music or film. If they establish shared secrets or private jokes. If they value the same things. Is Nupur self-employed?"

A-"No. She works for Alliance Insurance. Her father is a vice president there."

Sheena's smile curved across her beautiful face.

Sh-"Excellent. Mayank likes to gamble, so he admires people who take risks. That's why he refused to go into his father's business and started his own company instead. He's not going to be impressed by somebody who's riding her father's coattails. He'll think she's dull."

A-"That's good," he said. The superficial ba****d. Sheena nodded over her glass.

Sh-"Even her attitude will make a difference. Someone who likes you and likes being with you is attractive." She looked woebegone for a moment. "And of course your Nupur will be delighted to be with him."

A-"No, she isn't," he said, feeling better. "She's mad at all men right now because I broke things off with her. And she's got a sharp tongue." Sheena brightened.

Sh-"So he'll combine her bad temper with his analysis of her as someone who's too conservative. This is sounding very good, Aditya. Will she let him pay for dinner?" he shook his head.

A-"Nupur insists on going Dutch. She's a very fair woman."

Sh-"Every species has a dinner date as part of courting ritual, A woman who won't let you pay for dinner is rejecting your courtship. She may think she's playing fair, or that she's being a feminist, but at a very deep level, she knows that she's crossing you off her list of possibilities."

A-"She won't let him pay," he said, rethinking his stance on that. When Nupur came back, he was going to pay for dinner.

Sh-"So they'll fight over the check. That's wonderful." She sat back, her face relaxed for the first time. "From what you've told me about her, Mayank is already regretting asking her to leave with him."

A-"That's good," he said, cheering up at the thought. Sheena's smile wavered.

Sh-"So did you want to go to dinner, or did you ask me out just to make Mayank mad?" Dinner. If he took Sheena to dinner, Sam and Benji would tell Mayank, he and Sheena had hooked up. That would serve Mayank right. He could walk off with the hot girl who'd dumped the legendary Mayank Sharma. He'd win. He put his drink down.

A-"I asked because I wanted to have dinner with you." she smiled and he was dazzled. Mayank was a fool for letting this woman go.

Sh-"And you can tell me more about Nupur,"

A-"Of course,"  All about Nupur. Nothing about the bet.



Nupur had waited outside while the beast went back in to retrieve whatever he'd forgotten—his morals, maybe—and the cool air of the night cleared her head and her anger a little. The bar was on one of her favorite streets, full of funky little shops and restaurants and a great revival theater, and a gentle breeze blew through the skinny trees that struggled to grow in their iron cages along the street edge. For a moment, Nupur watched the trees and thought, / know just how you feel. She too felt trapped. Because she was stuck, no doubt about it. Stuck dateless in a stupid lehnga for her sister's wedding to a dweeb with her mother sighing at her. Because the truth was, she wasn't going to be able to play somebody like Mayank Sharma for three weeks. It had been a dumb, dumb idea, fueled by rum and rage. For a moment, she wished that she was back in her attic apartment, curled up on her grandmother's old pumpkin-colored sofa, listening to Elvis's Moody Blue album. Maybe she wasn't the type to date, maybe she should just give in to her well-upholstered genes and become a kindly maiden aunt to Aarti's inevitable offspring. It wasn't as if she wanted kids of her own. And what other purpose did men serve? Nothing except for sex..but look how they acted about that. Honestly— A cell phone rang behind her, and she started. When she turned, it was Mayank Sharma, back again. He reached in his jacket and took out his phone, the kind that had more bells and whistles than any human being needed, and it confirmed her decision: There was no way in hell she was going to spend three weeks with a soulless yuppie just to get a date to Aarti's wedding. She'd go Dutch on dinner and then say goodbye forever; that was a plan. She crossed her arms and waited for him to impress her with a business call, but he turned the phone off. Nupur raised her eyebrows.

N-"What if it's important?"

M-"The only person I want to talk to is here," he said, smiling that GQ smile at her.

N-"Oh, for crying out loud. Can you turn that off, too?"

M-"Excuse me?" he said, his smile fading.

N-"The constant line." she began to walk again. "You've got me for dinner. You can relax now."

M-"I'm always relaxed." He caught up to her in one stride. "Where are we going?"

She stopped, and he walked a step past her before he caught himself.

N-"The new restaurant that everybody's talking about is this way. Shiro's. Somebody I used to know says the chef is making a statement with his cuisine." She thought of Aditya and looked at Mayank. Two of a kind. "I assumed that'd be your style. Did you have someplace else in mind?"

M-"Yes." He put one finger on her shoulder and gave her a gentle push to turn her around, and Nupur shrugged off his touch as she turned.

M-"My restaurant's that way," he said. "Never go any place the chef is trying to talk with food. Unless you want Shi—"

N-"Nope." she turned around and began to walk again. "I want to check out your taste in restaurants. I'm assuming it'll be like your taste in cell phones: very trendy."

M-"I like gadgets," he said, catching up again. "I don't think it's a comment on the real me."

N-"I've always wanted to do a study on cell phones and personality," she lied as they passed the theater. "All those fancy styles and different covers, and then some people refuse to carry them at all. You'd think—"

M-"Yours is black," he said. "Very practical. Look out for the glass." He reached to take her arm to steer her around a broken beer bottle, but she detoured on her own, rotating away from him. He looked at her feet and stopped, probably faking concern, and she stopped, too.


M-"Nice shoes," he said, and she looked down at her frosted-plastic open-toed heels tied with floppy black bows.

N-"Thank you," she said, taken aback that he'd noticed.

M-"You're welcome." He put his hands in his pockets and started walking again, lengthening his stride.

N-"But you're wrong." She took a larger step to catch up. "My cell phone is not black. It's green and it's covered in big white daisies."

M-"No, it's not." He was walking ahead of her now, not even pretending to keep pace with her, and she broke into a trot until she was even with him. "It's black or silver with a minimum of functions, which is a shame because you never know when you're going to get stuck somewhere and need a good game." When she glanced up at him, he looked so good that she stopped again to make him break stride. The key was to keep him off balance, not gape at his face, especially when he was being so annoyingly right about her black cell phone.

N-"I beg your pardon," she said stiffly, folding her arms again. "I know what my cell phone looks like. It has daisies on it. And I know I'm wearing a suit, but that doesn't mean I'm boring. I'm wearing scarlet underwear."

M-"No, you aren't." His hands were still in his pockets, and he looked big and broad and cocky as all hell.

N-"Well, with that kind of attitude, you'll never find out," she said and walked on until she realized he wasn't following her. She turned back and saw him watching her. "Uh, dinner?" He ambled toward her while she waited for him, and when he was beside her again, he leaned down, his face close to hers. He has gorgeous, eyes she thought. No! she kicked herself for thinking about any of his body parts.

M-"I will bet you 100 bucks that your cell phone does not have daisies on it."

N-"I don't gamble," she said, trying not to back up a step.

M-"Double or nothing you're wearing a plain white bra."

N-"If you think I'm that boring, what are you doing with me?"

M-"You have conservative taste, so there's no way you have a phone with daisies on it. The only exciting thing about you is your shoes." Ouch. she scowled.


M-"And what I'm doing with you," he said, clearly at the end of his patience, "is trying to take you to a great restaurant, which is just up ahead, so if we could call a truce until we're there—" Nupur started to walk again.

M-"No bet?" he said from behind her.

N-"No bet." She walked faster, but he caught up with her anyway, with no visible effort, long legs, she thought Whats wrong with me. No body parts remember! Or the fact that he'd noticed how great her shoes were. Which was just the kind of thing his kind of guy would do. Think about the bet, she told herself. He's a beast and a gambler.

The beast and gambler stopped in front of a dimly lit storefront window that was covered with red velvet cafe curtains. Above the curtains, Uday's was written in gold script.

N-"This is the restaurant?" she said, surprised he hadn't picked something flashier.

M-"Yep." He reached for the door.

N-"Wait." she squinted at the card on the door. "It closes at eleven on weekdays. It must be close to that now. Maybe we should—"

M-"I'm Uday's favorite customer," he said, pulling the door open. "At least until he meets you."

N-"Another line?" she said, exasperated.

M-"No," he said with great and visible patience. "Keep busting my chops all the way through dinner, and Uday will give you a free dessert."

N-"I thought you were his favorite customer,"

M-"I am. Doesn't mean he won't appreciate the show. You coming in or not?"

N-"Yes," said and walked past him into the restaurant.

Note: Thanx for the comments Big smile

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