~(L) Our VEEYA (VeerTapasya) Fan Heaven 4 (L)~

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Welcome! This is our fourth Veeya Heaven!EmbarrassedBig smile Our love for Veeya breaks new records everyday!!!Hug EmbarrassedBig smile So keep the fanclub forever rocking friends!Embarrassed
Love You All!Heart

Courtesy of Kaj

Courtesy of Kaj

Courtesy of Pooja

CELEBRATING VEEYA's CONSUMMATION on the 29th of July 2010!Embarrassed

Courtesy of Pooja

Courtesy of Pooja

Courtesy of Pooja

Courtesy of Pooja

This is the link to our first Veeya Dreamland!Embarrassed

This is the link to our second Veeya Dreamland!Embarrassed

This is the link to our third Veeya DreamlandEmbarrassed



This fanclub is dedicated to our dearest and most beloved jodi : Our adorable Veer and TapasyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Thakur and Thakurain Veer Singh Bundela

The handsome and fine, lovely and charismatic Thakur Veer Singh Bundela

   The beautiful, sweet, smart and exquisite Thakurain Tapasya Veer Singh Bundela


Played and Enacted by

Nandish Sandhu


Rashami Desai

Who together formEmbarrassed

Who we think MAY be a couple in real lifeWinkDancing

But theres no doubting their undeniable spellbinding magic!

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Yeh sach hai ki Veeya ki shaadi sahi maine mein nahi hui...Tapasya aisi ladki hai jo dimaag ka sahi istimaal nahi karti...hum jaante hai ki woh Veer se bohot pyar karti hai lekin uska ego aur gussa hamesha beech mein aa jaata hai. Tapasya ne zindagi mein pyar ko kabhi sahi parkha nahi aur Veer Tapasya ko majboori mein apnaya hai...lekin ab yeh dekhna hai ki yeh dono ka relationship kaise badalta haiEmbarrassed

nafrat ko....sirf mohabbat se jeeta ja sakta hai...sirf mohabbat se...itna pyaar dena chaata hoon ki ek din woh pyaar karne par majboor ho jaye...yehi mere asool hai...yehi mera vishwaas hai...achai se hi buraai ko maara ja sakta hai...only with reightousness can evil be annihilated...shanti se hi kisi ki mann ki jalan ho hataa ja sakta hai...hum insanno ki basti mein rehte hai...insaan bankar hi reh sakte hai...jaanvar bankar nahi...kisi ko izaat dene se aapki izzat kam nahi ho jayegiStar

Veeya in all aspects suit each other perfectly...they are both modern traditionals...look simply mesmerising together basss they just need to learn to look past their differences and understand each other...because from understanding and trust a relationship can form.Big smile But just see Veeya's charismatic magic when all becomes fineEmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

So if you are a fan of this beautiful jodi do join me in their honour, their celebration of life and together we fans of heaven made jodi Thakur and Thakurain Veer Singh Bundela shall have a jolly time together travelling with them through their journey of life.

Friends, you can post ANYTHING about Veeya, or Nandmi! Feel free to start any discussion on them! Praise them heapsLOL (lol) and just have a real fun time! Tongue

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If you are a Veeya fan, please post your name on this thread so I can add you to the fans list!Embarrassed

By SRKLuvr, no.1 fan of Veeya!


A sincere request to anyone who are not fans of Veeya, this is a thread only for fans of VeeyaSmile, you are most welcome here but please, no disparaging or insulting comments against Veeya, Veer or Tapasya, Nandish Sandhu or Rashami Desai! No comments please that will hurt the sentiments of Veeya fansSmile!

Thanking you Sincerely!Smile


Hey friends! I thought of posting here the link to my Veeya FFSmile Its veryy long but im sure you will like it!Big smile


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Day Dreaming

Well we know there haven't been too many awesome scenes between Veeya in these last few months but there are some I would like to honourBig smileBig smileBig smile

Ok before I start I'd just like to highlight one scene from this clip
which is really funny cos when Tapu bends down to touch Chanda's feet, Veer's face in the background is just too good! Hes shaking his head with sarcasm!LOLLOLLOL

OK now for the actual good scenes!

There is the scene after Tej captures Tapu and holds her at knife's point...and Veer's hand gets hurt in the scuffle and its paining him so Tapasya insists on tying the patti to his hand...which he finally lets her do! Its not exactly nice cos of Veer's stinging words but Tspu'd concern is niceLOL This is 8th December
Part 1
Part 2

This one is my second favourite...very cute Tapu hereEmbarrassed  Veer asks Tapu for Coffee then says Thanks to her! VERY nice scene! 9th December
Part 1
Part 2

This is the time I started becoming fida over Veeya's hotness and gorgeous chemistry...that hug...15th December...when Veer pretended to be under her spellLOL The beauty of this scene is purely the hug...the absolute hotness...N.B...I did not like Tapu's dance unfortunatelyLOL But the part where he lifted her up in the rain was real hot too! Anywayz see the hug...and the part where he slides his hand over her waistEmbarrassed

Now this one is ages after...its the epi where Veer goes to get her back and he soo sweetly leads her out by putting his hand on her back againLOL and then the whole car scene and she wrapping her hands around his arm and patting it...its awesome! Uttaran 4 and 5 May...this is part one Veeya's convo
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And then when he takes Tapu back home: 6th May: One thing to notice here: Veer is asked to put sindoor on Tapu but when he does she is totally smirking and making evil like faces! Sooo different from 4th June epi! That time was real!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And i'm sorry to say I found the SR scenes pretty embarrassing so I won't add them! But Tapu's dress was wayy nice!!!Embarrassed

OK next was the Bepanah Pyar Hai Aaja that I lovedEmbarrassed Tapu's genuine love for Veer coming out!Embarrassed And of course our Veeya on the same bedEmbarrassed
And Im ashamed to admit this but I did love Ichha walking in and seeing the entire thing although I didnt really appreciate Tapu's touchy act in front of IchhaLOL LOVED Veer in vest
Day Dreaming

Then I loved where, on the honeymoon, Tapu went soo close to Veer and whispered in his ears!Embarrassed Shoooooo sweet!!!

And then the most beautiful scene to date: Veer fills Tapu's maang entirely from his own free will and Tapu gets very emotional: Everything is soo genuine! They decide to start a new life togetherEmbarrassed
Part 2 of the scene

 Veeya's small convo where she asks if she can go to her parents house...I liked this 1. Because contrary to what everyone says I know she really loves her parents and the fact that she remembered their anniversary and wanted to go to them and also went to get flowers for them highlights she really does love them...and 2. because I loved the way Veer gave his approval...a little nod and sort of half smileEmbarrassed

OK then we have Veeya in Delhi and this scene where he wakes Tapu up and she is being really nice and cute and offers his help, gets excited for a party and the fact that she is wearing this totally gorgeous night dress was real fab! Also for one joyous epi we thought they shared the same bed now so that made the scene better for usEmbarrassed I thought for one minute that tapu would make a great career as an event organiser!LOL Its of 29th June.

Then we move onto the epi after that where Veer is a little huffy about Tapu not telling the maid not to wash but iron his clothes. But Tapu is being really nice here and we can see she is making an effort to adapt to this new life where for the first time she has real responsibilities. The best bit was when she offered to iron his shirtEmbarrassed Also she looks seriously cute and innocentEmbarrassed This was 30th June

Then the scene of Veer's party...best bit being of course that Veer put his hand round Tapu and says "She's my wife Tapasya"Embarrassed Also when someone says Tapu is charming, Veer gives this huge smile and says ThanksEmbarrassed This is 1st July

OK now this scene is of 8th July where for the first time we see some sort of understanding between Veeya...the best bit was Tapu getting scared to see Sid and also worried about her parents and hugging Veer tightly and even though it was a great scene I wish Veer had hugged her too!Embarrassed But it definitely showed that Tapasya loves Veer very much and, although her definition of love may be somewhat wrong, but she considers Veer her only life and we can see the fear that she has of losing him. It really is touching!
Part 1
Part 2

YES we finally got their consummation and whilst it wasnt exactly the way we wanted it was really nice! I have no words for it...see it yourself again and again!Day Dreaming
Part 2

ENJOY!!! Will keep addingEmbarrassed

Nandmi on a night out!Star
Can really see Nandmi's camaraderie here!

    Nandmi celebrate Nandish's birthday!Star
This is Nandmi's absolute love here!!!Heart

Nandmi dance practice for ITA awardsStar

Nandmi dance on Phoonk at ITA 2009Star
Check this one Rashami is looking absolutely gorgeous in her sari!!Embarrassed

Nandmi are feeding each other panipuri

Nandmi flying kites on Makar Sankranti

Nandmi on SBS 23/7 when Nandish makes Rashami wear a bindi as her husbandEmbarrassed Its really tooo cute! U MUST SEE!Embarrassed Starts at 5:17


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Please post any Veeya FFs u have! I will transfer them here!Embarrassed

Ok..so this is no dream.i am just in a funny mood...so its.just my imagination going slightly wild!!!..so veer and tapu wake up after having done itWink......they are both still shy as they woke up hollywood style!!...veer  is amazed how he has developed these feelings and such a strong attraction towards her..thats the look he gives her.....and tapu because obviously she loves him and is attracted to him!!!.....then she goes closer hugs him and cant let go and he reciprocates with the same intense passionate hug!!!........and then from here on.........its anybody's guess...what transpires once again...and again..and again..!!!Wink....
So now.......i have completed the dream for you guysWink......i really shoudn't be encouraging all this!!Wink.....but what the hell...we are all having fun and thats whats important!!...Wink.....


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Veeya's Consummation!Embarrassed

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congo on the new thread [:D/] Party

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Hello my dear! Most rightly it is always you who comments first on the new thread!Big smile Kaisa Laga?Embarrassed

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congratz all.
sanaya nice cover, .......ClapClapThumbs Up

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