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AR...-||Always & Forever||-...ImpNote..Page16 (Page 7)

noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 7:36pm | IP Logged
great part!!!!!

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ankitajain94 Goldie

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon

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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 6:00am | IP Logged
awesome part

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ridzie4u2nv Senior Member

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys its me Again with my boring parts...loool okay now i dont really know how this one came out and it really aint all that good..erm so enjoy...=D..and please do you can simply press the like button below thanks

                                            Part 3

On the other hand Ridhima was getting annoyed with the constant questioning from her 3 very excited friends, it had been a couple of hours since they had gotten back from college and came to anjalis house for a little gossip session but to Ridhima this gossip session was equal to torture

Nikkita: ridzieee...tell us more...

Anjali and muskaan: haan yaar...What did they say...

Ridhima: GUYS...BAS... Why don't you go ask them yourself i told you everything i know now can we please talk about something else...pleaseee

Anjali: teek hain madam... omg guys did you see the look on Sheena's face when sir told her that she could not sit with that was a sure Kodak moment..(Laughing)

Muskaan: i know right like she actually thinks she has a chance with him...i mean come on why would someone as hot as him go for someone like Sheena... (Everyone agreed but Ridhima)

Ridhima: guys... why wouldn't he go out with her i mean she's popular... she's pretty, she's rich etc she's got everything...

Nikkita: shes got everything except a heart... and Armaan seems like a really nice guy he seems to have a nice personality as well as the looks... (Thinking to herself...ridz you've got everything as well)

Muskaan: aur waise bhi i don't classify a chick who wears like a dozen layers of foundation pretty...aur i really don't think they like her much i mean you can so tell...especially Rahul

And like this the four carried on talking about the Mallik brothers for another hour until they all decided to get back home and rest.

Next day

Physics class-1(Armaan, Atul, Muskaan)

Atul and muskaan have just entered the class and taken their seats next to each other as the teacher had allowed them to sit where they feel most comfortable...Atul sees Armaan coming in and calls him over

Atul: hey Armaan...Where's Rahul

Armaan: hey Atul...Erm Rahul doosri physics class mein hain so like you know... (Muskaan interrupt)

Muskaan: erm sorry to interrupt but you look like you're in a hurry to get somewhere

Armaan: erm actually Sheena's been following me around... so i had to kind of quicken my pace to escape her claws if you get what i mean... (Muskaan laughs)

Muskaan: erm Armaan you're always welcome to sit with us... that is if you want to...

Armaan: really thanks man

Muskaan: mein bhi kitni stupid hoon... (Armaan and Atul look at each other) Arre introduction karna bhool gaye... hi I'm muskaan Chadha but you can call me muski...

Armaan: O the great muskaan Chadha nice to meet you... I'm Armaan Mallik...

With this the threesomes continue talking throughout the lesson. They all become quite good friends by the end of the lesson

On the other side

Physics class-2(Rahul, Ridhima, Nikkita, Anjali, Sheena)

Rahul walks in and all the girls are already seated Ridhima calls him over

Ridhima: hey Rahul...kaise ho

Rahul: hey Ridhima...I'm fine you

Ridhima: I'm fine to...aur btw tum mujhe ridz yah Ridzie bula sakte ho...Erm Rahul tum aaj Akeley i mean Armaan (Rahul smiles and interrupts)

Rahul: I'm guessing he's in the other physics class with Atul and muskaan...

Ridhima: o_o toh come sit with us waise bhi there's one seat spare...

Rahul: you sure... I mean i can sit someplace else

Sheena: Rahul why don't you just tell her you don't sit with losers (Rahul rolls his eyes)

Rahul: is that so... in that case i guess i won't be sitting with you anymore then right (smiles and takes a seat next to Ridhima...While Sheena just walks away)

Ridhima: guys this is Rahul and Rahul this is Nikkita and Anjali

Rahul: hey Nikkita ...hi Anjali

Anjali and Nikkita: hey Rahul...

Ridhima: Rahul tum unhe Nikki or Anjie bula sakte ho yuno...

And like this the bunch of four friends start gossiping away...

Rahul: so guys... what made you want to become a doctor...

Ridhima: well both my parents are doctors... my dad still works within the field lekin mumma left after having sapna my baby sister (smiles)

Nikkita: erm to be honest i don't know... i guess my mum always wanted me to be a doctor...

Anjali: for me it was the concept of saving people lives... but my role model is ridzies dad he's awesome...what about you Rahul

Rahul: same as ridz both my parents are also doctors... don't know i guess it just runs within the family...beep (Rahul receives a text message from Armaan)

Armaan: bro I'm in the canteen with muskaan and Atul come there when your class is finished...x


Rahul and the girls all make their way to the canteen to come across a very shocking scene...Armaan running around the canteen with muskaan chasing him and Atul laughing his butt off. Armaan sees Rahul and the girls coming and yells

Armaan: Rahul help me yaar...this chipkalis attacking me yaaar help...(runs for his life...laughing like mad)

Muskaan: WHAT tumne mujhe chipkali bulaya...your sooo dead..(Running after him with a spoon)

Rahul and the girls join Atul and start laughing like manias. When Ridhima suggests that they should help Armaan.

Nikkita: yeh right Ridhima its muskaan were talking about she only listens to you...And I'm enjoying the drama...

Armaan: muski yaar...abhe Rahul...

Ridhima: lekin guys... what if a teacher sees they'll get into trouble...

Rahul: come on Ridhima lets go stop it before she kills my brother... (Still laughing)

Rahul and Ridhima go to muskaan who is still chasing Armaan and stop her...

Ridhima: muski what are you doing yaar kya hua...why are you chasing him like this

Rahul: aur what's the spoon for (sniggering) like that's going to do any damage... (Muskaan gives him the evils)

Muskaan: Ridzie iss Armaan ke Bache ne mera chocolate muffin churaya aur phir he ate it all and it was the last one...

At this Rahul burst out laughing...Armaan comes towards the threesome...

Armaan: kya yaar tumne he offer kiya...

Muskaan: haan but that doesn't mean ke tum pura hi lelo... i only offered you a bit... (Evil glare)

Ridhima: GUYS you're kidding me right... your fighting over a CHOCOLATE MUFFIN i mean come on...aur aab chup chap chalo no more arguments kapeesh( glaring at muskaan and Armaan who are now standing with their heads lowered she moves towards the table where the others are seated...They all sit down and introduce themselves)(there sitting in this order Anjali, Atul, Armaan, Nikki, Rahul, Muskaan and Ridhima)

Nikkita: so guys what were you arguing about...i mean muski it looked like you was going to kill him...(laughing)

Ridhima: she offered him SOME of her chocolate muffin and instead he ate ALL of it

Anjali: OMG... (Laughing)

Armaan: yaar muski..I'll buy you another one promish... (Cute pout...Everyone melts at his face...Rahul rolls his eye at his dramabazi brother...Ridhima smiles...however Ridhima's smiles only lasts a few minutes as she sees Sheena approaching them from behind Armaan...Armaan and Rahul notices this)

Rahul: hey ridz what's the something (he looks in the direction Ridhima was looking in and stops) great just what we needed... (Gives Armaan the look)

Armaan: don't tell me... (Looks back and sees Sheena approaching there table with a frown...)*cringe*... why me

Nikkita: because you're hot... (Everyone stares at her...)WHAT...she's obviously after him because he's hot... (Sheena had reached their table by now.. and heard the hot comment)

Sheena: whatever Nikkita...You're so not his type... so hands off... he's obviously not going to fall for anyone of you idiots...especially not you Ridhima (Sheena grins)(muskaan gets angry at this but Ridhima stops her and speaks up.)

Ridhima: Sheena that's what you think..and you're not really one to talk about being his type or not ... because Armaan doesn't like fake ass b*tches who cake themselves in god knows how many layers of don't talk about prettiness because i may not be as pretty as you or others but at least i don't rely on cosmetics to enhance my beauty... (With this Sheena gave Ridhima a dirty look...whereas the rest seated where all shocked...Especially Armaan, Rahul and Atul...they were shocked that Ridhima didn't consider herself as pretty... Rahul was the first one to come out of the shock and speak)

Sheena: o_o whatever Ridhima you act like you know Armaan so much when you've only spent what like an hour or two with him...

Rahul: what about you Sheena... you act like you've known Armaan for ages...when you've barely spent a full day with him...Aur waise bhi... whatever ridz said is true your really not Armaans type...he goes for beauty with brains and girls with dignity something i guess you wasn't born with(muskaan hi-fived him at that..Armaan and the others grinned)

Sheena: whatever Rahul just because you enjoy the looser company doesn't mean Armaan does...

Rahul: o really now... so are you trying to tell me you know my brother better than i do when that's practically... (Interrupted by Ridhima)

Ridhima: that's practically impossible... (Smiles at Rahul)

Sheena: Awww how sweet Ridhima you've got yourself an admirer... that's a first...why don't you guys go make-out somewhere and leave me and Armaan alone... (just when Rahul was about to get up and do some serious harm Armaan shook his head and stood up...looking at Ridhima's sad face one more time before he spoke)

Armaan: cut the bull crap Sheena what do you want...?

Sheena: i want you to join me on our table... (Smiles)

Armaan: Excuse me come again... you just insulted my brother and my friends and you really think I'll sit on the same table as're kidding me know what talking to you is useless after all your one of those brainless b*itches...(grins)

Sheena: ammy...don't do this you'll regret it...

Armaan: first of all its Armaan for god's sake...and secondly I'll regret it i don't think so... But Sheena i promise you...if you do or say anything to my friends especially Rahul and Ridhima i swear i won't leave you...You've only seen one side to me and trust me you won't want to see the other side...So for your safety stay away (Everyone except Rahul was shocked as they could see burning fire in Armaans eyes...With this Sheena got scared and moved back) got it... (She nods) good. (She leaves)

Rahul: Armaan you okay... (Armaan nods and every takes there seat again the seating has changed now its Anjali, Atul, Rahul, Nikki, Muskaan, Armaan and Ridhima)

Muskaan: WOW yaar you shut her proper big time...I'm proud of you...such a hero... (Smiles)

Nikkita: i agree yaar... bilkul bollywood style mein (with this Armaan gets uncomfortable...)

Rahul: Arre guys... don't flatter him that much...he's already too big for his boots (grins and Armaan rolls his eyes...)

While everyone's talking Ridhima sits there quietly listening to everyone when a tear trickles down Rahul sees this and signals Armaan to look towards Ridhima. With this Armaan speaks

Armaan: Guy's erm me and Ridhima are going for a walk okay we'll be back in a while ok... (Smiles at them...)

Ridhima: erm nahin I'm fine ... i don't want to walk... (Tries smiling)

Armaan: i never asked... aur waise who you trying to fool huh...erm guys is that ok with you lot

Muskaan: yeh of course (silently thanks Armaan)

With this Armaan grabs Ridhima's hand and takes her out of the canteen...towards the basketball court...

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noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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nice update
Continue soon
Thnx for the pm
gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 5:57pm | IP Logged

wow.. dear...

it waz seriously awsome...

aww... armaan is so sweet.. just like our ammy...

and ridz.. woah... love her...

but y she doesnt consider herself pretty??

Stupidcupid1234 Senior Member

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Update soon
N pm me please

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