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AR...-||Always & Forever||-...ImpNote..Page16 (Page 6)

x.sunayna.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2010 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Hey ! Loved the first part ! The girls are all so cute !
haha and Loved when AR met, she was soo nervous lol !
Could you please add me to the PM list ? :)
- Sunayna

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SuhanaSafar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 7:19pm | IP Logged
Reopened at the request of the author..
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 2:22am | IP Logged
heyy dear,
r u going to continue this FF????

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
welcome back..
do continue soon..
n add me to ur PM list!!!

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
cont soon
do pm me

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ridzie4u2nv Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Heyyy...OMG it feels so gwd to be back...okaaayy guys m REALLLY SOORRRY about just leaving this ffwithout any notes seee i had a few family issues which popped up and then i started college and got bussy with lessons, homework, coursework and EXAMS...anyways m FINALLY BACK... and i will b updatin the next part later on tonight and das a promise...Smile... And guys if you want me to pm you then add me to your buddy list as i will b sending pms throught that as its much more convenient... once again sorry for keeping your guys waiting for sooo looonggg...Embarrassed

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ridzie4u2nv Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 4:01pm | IP Logged

hey guys..heres the next part..its a bit short but hopefully as i get ue to writing again i'll post longer parts... ermm its extremely boring and i'm sorry for that do bear with me ...thankyou and please guys do comment even if its to criticise ...

Part 2

Throughout the lesson both Armaan and Ridhima kept stealing glances towards one another and on being caught would divert their attention. Deep down both knew that they were attracted towards each other and that to at first sight.

Soon the college bell rang bringing them out of their thoughts. Ridhima gathered her books together and rushed straight towards the door. She needed to get away from him as soon as possible, his presence made Ridhima feel an unknown desire and it actually scared her.


Atul: hey guys dekho ridz bhi agaye

Muskaan, Anjali and Nikkita turn around to see a lost Ridhima approaching their table

Muskaan: Ridzie what's up...Lesson kaisa tah

Ridhima: it was okay yaar how about you

Muskaan: lesson boring tah yaar, it was so long...anyways let's get our food. (They went in turns first was Anjali, Nikkita and Atul, Now Ridhima and Muskaan.)Ridhima and muskaan are coming back towards there table when Ridhima bumps into a guy who was walking towards his friends.

Ridhima: OMG I am so sorry, honestly I never saw you and ... I'm really sorry

Guy: (who was busy looking towards his friends sitting across him suddenly feels a knock and turns to blast the girl when he sees her angelic face and stops) actually... its my fault i was looking elsewhere and then ... o it doesn't matter

Ridhima who was standing there with her eyes closed anticipating the worst, on hearing the guy slowly opens her eyes to see a dashing young man standing in front of her with a cute smile. Ridhima looked back to see muskaan staring at the handsome stranger when

Guy: hi I'm Rahul Mallik 

Ridhima: hi, Ridhima Gupta...look I'm really sorry i never... (But she was interrupted)

Rahul: hey it's okay hota hain (looks at muskaan) hi I'm Rahul Mallik and you are?

On seeing Muskaans condition Ridhima slightly nudges her bringing her out of her lala land to see Rahuls hand in front of her

Rahul: you are?

Muskaan: o_o hi I'm Muskaan Chadha

Rahul: Rahul Mallik (he repeated for the last time and they shook hands only to be interrupted by a voice)

Guy: Rahul yaar, hurry up

Rahul: yah man coming (turning back towards Ridhima and muskaan) see you around bye and nice meeting you (and with this he left)

On approaching their table and sitting down

Anjali: yaar, what was that (giving muskaan winks)

Muskaan: hes so sweet yaar haina Ridzie, au bohot cute aur handsome. I think I'm in love

Ridhima and Atul: WHAT!!!

Nikkita: muski yaar you just met him

Muskaan: guys mein mazaak kar rahi ti... I was just joking...but he's sooo cute

Everyone continued eating their lunch along with some friendly jokes when Anjali saw sheen entering with an extremely gawjus guy both talking and laughing

Anjali: guys who's he?

All turn to see where Anjalis gaze is and see Sheena walking in with a gawjus looking guy.

Nikkita: yaar who's he? Mr Hottie...just look at him...YUM

Muskaan: i agree Nikki aur woh Sheena... uska bhai toh nahi?

(Ridhima and Atul were just staring at all three girls as if they were mad when finally Ridhima spoke up)

Ridhima: woh Armaan hain, Armaan Mallik (with this all four including Atul stared at her)

Anjali: tum use janti ho?

Muskaan: how do you know him Ridzie?

Nikkita: aur why didn't you tell us i mean he's down right HOT yaar

Ridhima: woh actually guys woh mere class mein hain aur we was sitting together so...( but before Ridhima could continue Anjali shouted)

Anjali: OMG...yaar your so lucky (with this the girls kept grilling Ridhima for more information... while Atul just sat there hitting his head)

Armaans POV

As i walked into the canteen I saw every girls attention slowly arise towards me some with their mouths open displaying shock, some had forgotten to even breathe. He had always known the effect he had on the opposite sex and he actually loved the attention. As I glanced around to see where my friends and brother were when the girl beside me spoke.

Back to normal

Sheena: ammy...there sitting over there(pointing towards the far end as Armaan moved his gaze towards their table he stopped and turned his gaze to something which had caught his undivided attention. There sitting with her friends who were all staring at him was a girl quietly eating her lunch paying no attention towards him)

As Ridhima felt someone's gaze on her she stopped eating and looked up to see a pair of pale grey/blue eyes staring deep into her emerald ones. Ridhima let out a shiver and quickly averted her gaze, she turned to look at him again only to see him walking off with Sheena(unknown to the two someone had caught this interaction).soon after everyone got back to their usual self's and continued t chat amongst their friendship groups when both Sheena and Armaan took their seats Rahul started.

Rahul: Sheena can I ask you something?

Sheena: yeh sure go on

Rahul: you know them girls (pointing towards Ridhima's table) who are they I mean they seem you know different (with this Armaan turned his gaze in the direction to where Rahul was pointing and saw that girl he was surely interested in the conversation now)

Armaan: bro how do you know them? (Raising his eyebrow in a suspicious way)

Rahul: Armaan I'll tell you later...Anyways so yeh Sheena do you know them?

Sheena: o_o Rahul please...they call themselves the 'sleepovers' what losers especially that Ridhima girl yaar (with this Armaan looked away and gave a whatever you're so full of it look).. i mean anyways the curly hair one is muskaan , sitting next to her is Ridhima and the tall pretty one is anjali and the last one is Nikkita and i dunno who that guy is (sheena ended with a smile)


Everyong started dispercing towards there next lessons atul and the girls were all in the same class.they all walkin and take their seats soon after the teachers comes and starts to introduce himself

Teacher: hey guys i'm...( hes interrupted by a knock)..yes come in

Armaan, Rahul: sorry sir

Teacher: its okay..anyways i'm nick, your biology teacher..first of all could you all stand up against that wall and i will assign you your seats...thankyou.

Nick: i have numbered the tables i will tell you your number and where to sit ok...rita and james table 3,anjali Saxena could you please sit on table 3 in between rita and james, muskaan Chadha table 2, samrat shegal table 2 along muskaan and Nikkita Malhotra table to next to Samrat. Armaan and Rahul Mallik table 5, Ridhima Gupta table 5 next to Armaan.

Sheena: sir actually can i sit there please (Armaan and Rahul rolled their eyes clearly annoyed)

Nick: is your name Ridhima gupta?

Sheena: no

Nick: exactly so you can't sit there... Ridhima could you please go take your seat (Ridhima nods and goes takes her seat next to Armaan)... manesh and sara table 1, sheena table 1 in between manesh and sara..Atul Joshi table 5 next to Rahul..

Table 5

Atul: hey I'm Atul Joshi... (Puts forward his hand)

Rahul: hi I'm Rahul Mallik (accepts his hand)

Armaan: hey dude I'm Armaan Mallik (also accepts his hand)..

Ridhima: hi i'm Ridhima gupta...( she smiles)mein ek baat poochu.. i mean can i ask you something (looking towards Armaan)

Armaan:haan  go on kya pochna hain

Ridhima: woh tum aur Rahul our brothers right...

Armaan: nahin yaar were sisters tumhe nahin pata (winking at Ridhima and giving both atul and Rahul a hi-five)

Rahul: nahin actually Ridhima were fraternal twin brothers...(gives a nice smile)

Ridhima: wooow...I've never met twins ... (cute baby face)

Armaan, Rahul and Atul just smile at her. Throughout the first half of the lesson Ridhima, Rahul and Atul had become quite good friends talking about things in general, however on the other hand Armaan had been silently listening to the three mentally noting down things Ridhima had said.throughtout the second half of the lesson Ridhima had decided to just sit back and relax while the guys had their 'guy talks'... Ridhima would often glance towards Armaan and see his to die for dimples wishing she could poke them.just then the bell rang. It was finally the end of their college day. Ridhima gathered her books and said a sweet bye to both Armaan and Rahul and left with atul, while Rahul had a smirk on his face giving Armaan the raised eyebrow look.

Mallik house

Rahul and Armaan are both sitting in the games room talking

Rahul: arre Armaan... maan bhi ja (smirks)

Armaan: Rahul yaar its not like the way you think it is... we don't even talk much aur..

Rahul: don't talk but you do stare at one another you think i'm dumb in fact don't answer that

Armaan: dude when were we staring at each other huh...i don't remember ( Armaan scratched his head trying to thinks of ways to divert the topic)

Rahul: ooo mere bhai you don't remember...cut the crap Armaan what was that in the canteen and in class the wink and all huh

Armaan: (shocked) tumne dekha shit..arre that was (Rahul gave Armaan the 'i'm not stupid look')

Armaan: fine okay..i admit it.. i find her attractive gosh yaar .. her eyes are just..(interuoted by Rahul)

Rahul: okay i get it ... enough lekin Armaan i'm confused why did sheena say all those things about Ridhima i mean shes totally not like that...(narrates the canteen incident)

Armaan: bro tumhe itni si baat bhi nahin pata ...shes jealous of Ridhima

Rahul: why i mean aint sheena more popular and that.. anyways how do you know that shes jealous

Armaan: its simple..the way she looks at her it just shows... thats why she insulted her the most...

Rahul: lekin i like Ridhima (Armaan gave him 'the look') arrenot like that you naughty boy.. like in a friend way

Armaan: good keep it that way bro

Rahul: by the way Armaan... whats this huh..tumhare aur sheena keh beech kuch chal raha hain kya

Armaan: Rahul tum mere bhai ho yah dushman yaar its not my fault i'm irresistible aur waise shes not my type and shes extremely annoying...har waft ammy karti rehti hain..aur( interrupted by a knock)

Mom: hum andar aah sakteh hain

Armaan: ofcourse...(Armaan went to hug his mum) how was work?

Dad: it was good aur batao college kesa tah?

Armaan:dad college was awesome...(dimpled smile)

Mum: Rahul college mein kya hain joh yeh aise bol raha hain..

Rahul: mum apne ghalat kaha hain..(looking at Armaan) yeh pooch ke kya nahin hain...haina Armaan(winks)

Mum: Rahul will you stop beating round he bush aur Armaan yeh ishare dena bandh akro

Rahul: mum Armaan ko(interrupted by Armaan)

Armaan: mum its nothing Rahul bhi nah( and with this he started chasing Rahul all around the house)

(keerti and shubankar left the room thinking their sons have gone mad)

End Of Part 2

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 4:33pm | IP Logged


awesome update

loved it

loved AR

love da bond armaan nd rahul share

cant wait 2 read more

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

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