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AR...-||Always & Forever||-...ImpNote..Page16 (Page 4)

ankitajain94 Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2010 at 10:41am | IP Logged
it sounds intresting
plz add me 2 ur pm's list

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 March 2008
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Posted: 22 July 2010 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
hey.. i like this concept.. i always luv reading abt our DMG gang's college life and then their love stories take a turn... :)
plzzz go ahead with this topic and post the part 1 soon.. :)
BTW can u add me to ur PM list.. :)
luv Preet <3

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Chocolate... IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 February 2010
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Posted: 22 July 2010 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
like i love love LOVE it!
the concept and CS
gosh u just have to update soon warna i won't be able to take it
plz do it sooooooooooooooooon
luv ya
Nikki :D

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moonlight2630 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 March 2010
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Posted: 22 July 2010 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
hi Ridzie
1st thanks 4 reply
and sorry 4 late reply
ur this FF is also very nice and intresting .
intro is really good .
and 4 ur other ff (Ridhima Ka Arman).this FF is also very nice .
yes i m new 4 u this is my 2nd time to commt you.

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bary IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 June 2008
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Posted: 22 July 2010 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
k,loved CS,waiting for actual ff to start
atleast in FF's we can have our TACOS,miss the gang yaar,seriously,it is one rocking gang

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MistiofMistz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 October 2009
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Posted: 23 July 2010 at 12:27am | IP Logged
please continue soon

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ridzie4u2nv Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2008
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Posted: 23 July 2010 at 10:09am | IP Logged

Hey Guys Here I Am With The Part I Hope You Like It And Please Do Comment Once You Read It...And Thankyou All Fr The Warming Welcomes And Wonderful Comment sLove You All Truely.

Part 1

As the screen zooms into a big house, up the stairs and into a bedroom from which noises are coming from. We see four girls sitting on the bed in this order Nikkita, Muskaan, Ridhima and Anjali.


Anjali: OMG guys I can't believe were starting college and that to tomorrow, I mean it seems like yesterday we were sitting in Mr Thakur's Science Class Messing about.

Muskaan: know yaar anjie time flies by haina aur waise I can't wait to start college yaar life will be more independent.

Nikkita: agree yaar

Ridhima: lekin guys Sheena bhi vahi college join karahi hain...and you know just how much I dislike her.

Muskaan: Arre Ridzie yaar fikar not hum hain nah yeh soch ke kitne cute, handsome aur dashing larke honge.

With this they all carry on chatting about college and other random things until they all fall asleep. This was a tradition as you can call it for the sleepovers to have regular sleepovers round one another's house so it was initially anjie idea to have a sleepover the night before college so they could all get ready together and leave together and Ridhima had at once offered to hold the sleepover so here they are in Ridhima bedroom gossiping away about college and how wonderful it will be. Next morning everyone in The House is awake and at the dining table eating breakfast with Ridhima's family.

Shashank: so starting college today'excited?

Anjali, muskaan and Nikkita: Yes uncle very excited

Ridhima: yes papa

Shashank: well I hope you all have a wonderful first day at college and take care of yourself okay

Nikkita, muskaan and Anjali: Thankyou uncle you also take care

Ridhima: thankyou papa

Shashank: teek hain Ridhima beta main chalta hoon'do you want me to drop you off

Ridhima: nahin papa we want to walk

Shashank: okay take care beta'Padma mein shahid late auonga shaam ko, tum dono mera intezaar maat karna okay

Padma: nahin yeh aap kya kehrahe hain'Ridhima aur main aap keliye wait karenge to phir hum saath mein kayenge teek hain aab aap jaiye aur haan apna kayal rakhna bye

Shashank: Bye

The scene shifts towards Ridhima bedroom once again inside all the girls are ready jus applying some make-up. They All Finish Applying there makeup and our wearing this in order Anjali, Muskaan Ridhima and Nikkita


As they all walk down the stairs ready to leave Padma comes out of the kitchen.

Ridhima: Mom were leaving Varna hum late honge teek hain bye

Anjali, Muskaan and Nikkita: bye aunty

Padma: teek hain jao beta aapna kayal rakhna' (With this she kisses all their foreheads and they all leave)

As the four of them walk to college together they begin their chat about how they can't wait to meet everyone and make new friend obviously not forgetting the old ones. Muskaan, Anjali and Nikkita continue their banter about how amazing college life will be etc while on the other hand Ridhima felt as if something strange was going to happen, something that surely was change her life for better or worse she did not know.

As they entered college they saw a big noticed bored starting each student name, enrolment number and tutorial class. They all walked towards the big white notice board and looked for they names.

Ridhima Gupta: 20105368   Class 078

Anjali Saxena: 20102348   Class 056

Muskaan Chadha: 20105358   Class 078

Nikkita Malhotra: 20102356   Class 056

Muskaan: guys I'm in room 78 what about you Nikki?

Nikkita: 56, aur tum Anjie?

Anjali: Nikki main bhi room 56 mein hoon'Yayyy where together how about your Ridzie?

Ridhima: Yayyy mein Muski ke saath hoon'room 78 mein

Muskaan: at least we all have someone with us'chalo phir hum chalte hain'guys we will see you at lunch break okay bye good luck

And they all leave towards their classrooms.(guys as Ridhima and Armaan are the leads in this along with the others I will be focusing on Ridhima more in the classes out of the girls and Armaan more out of the boys okay and plus this is just like form classes which well my college has once a week so that's what they are going to right now and also some bits I might write as Ridhima like as if she is telling the story sometimes okay so if you get confused you can ask me)

As Ridhima and muskaan enter the class room they both decide to take their seats they chose to sit in the middle table. The middle table had one guy and girl already sitting there so both muskaan and Ridhima walked up to them. Seeing this the girl quietly over to another table.

Muskaan: hello do you mind if we sit here

Guy: ermm no not at all have a seat

Muskaan and Ridhima: thankyou

Guy: your welcome btw my names Atul Joshi and you?

Muskaan: I'm Muskaan Chadha

Ridhima: I'm Ridhima Gupta

Atul: Nice meeting you'so nervous?

Muskaan: nahin yaar mujhe'I mean no why what's there to be nervous about

Atul: Tum mere saath Hindi bol sakti ho I don't mind aur mein toh bass aise pooch raha hoon vaise Ridhima kya hua

Ridhima looked at Atul and smiled her seemed so sincere and innocent she liked him, she had a positive vibe towards him.

Ridhima: urmm...Nahin kuch nahin main teek hoon and she smiled

Soon the teacher came and started his introduction and throughout the lesson the trio would mess about, crack joke and tell each other a bit more about themselves. Soon the tutorial finished each of them had gotten a time table and it was now time to for a 15 minute break.

Muskaan: Atul tum hamare saath chal rahe hain?

Atul: haan if you don't mind

Ridhima: ismein mind karne vali kaunsi baat hain huh'anyways chalo anjie aur Nikki hamara wait karahi hongi

The three of them walk towards the cafeteria were they see anjie and Nikki seated at a table, walking towards the table Nikki spots them with a random guy.

Nikkita: hey guys we were just waiting for you

Muskaan: anjie, Nikki meet Atul hamara new dost hain

Anjali and Nikkita: Hello Atul

Ridhima: aur Atul yeh hain Nikkita Malhotra and Anjali Saxena.

Atul: Hi, Nice Meeting you'do you mind if I join you?

Anjie and Nikki: not at all have a seat

Atul: Thankyou

When everyone is seated they started telling Atul about themselves

Nikkita: aur haan Atul no sorry or thank you in friendship'tum humhe apne dost to mante ho nah

Atul: obviously yaar

Muskaan:  yeh guy's tum sab kis room main ho for next lesson

Anjali: muski me and Nikki are in the same room again room 89 and you lot

Atul: Anjali me and muskaan are also together in room 87

Anjali: Atul you can call me anjie were all friends remember'lekin Ridzie tum kis room main ho

Ridhima: room 28thats not fair tum sab saath mein ho that's not fair

Muskaan: don't worry yaar we will meet after lesson we al have a 15 minute break naa okay cum Atul we have to go warna late honge'bye Ridzie

Atul, Anjali and Nikki: bye

Ridhima: Bye guys

(Now m talking from Ridhima perspective not to confused you)

As I was walking to class a sudden breeze blew my hair onto my face closing my eyes I moved the strands away from my face. As I opened my eyes I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. Seeing his beautiful face in the shining sun just made me want more. I wanted to touch his skin. I resisted that strong urge as I made my way to class. I sat at a desk and waited for class to start. I looked up once and there he was. He was walking towards the empty seat next to me.

Class had started straightaway and neither Ridhima nor the guy sitting beside her could concentrate, now and then throughout the lesson both would turn and gaze at Eachother and on being caught quickly look somewhere else. When finally the handsome stranger could no longer hold himself.

Guy: Hi, I'm Armaan, Armaan Mallik (Flashing his to die for dimpled smile)

Ridhima just looked at the Greek god sitting beside her and gave a cute smile

Armaan: and you are'what's your name?

Ridhima: ooo hi I'm Rid'hi'ma G...up...ta (she whispered slowly..She was suddenly nervous talking to this guy)

Armaan: Okay Rid'hi'ma G...up...ta nice meeting you (and with this he put his hand forward for a handshake...But seeing Ridhima in a daze he quickly put it down and gave a huge grin...Armaan clearly new the effect he had on the female population...but this girl was different and he liked it something deep down told him she's was unique and that they were going to share a very unique relationship and to be honest he couldn't wait)

End of Part 1

I Know Guys Its Quite Loong And Boooring But Bere With Me It Jus Da Intro Kinda Part If You Get What I Mean Anyways Do Comment

And Guys Once Again If You Wan't Me To Pm You Then Add Me As Your Buddy...And To Keep On Getting Pms You Have To Comment On The Parts Thankyou And Hope You Enjoy The Part


Edited by ridzie4u2nv - 15 August 2011 at 7:19pm

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 December 2009
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Posted: 23 July 2010 at 10:25am | IP Logged
awesome start
loved it
love the idea of sleepovers
the girls r so sweet
love the intro of armaan
cant wait 2 meet rest of the gang
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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