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FIRE and ICE - Maaneet FF *updated;Ch-6.Pg-15*

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I hope you all know me, most of you who don't, this is my first Maaneet Fanfic.
Although I have written many Armaan Riddhima FF's. I gave up on em, because its too infuriating writing about something that isn't true.
*EDIT* Im sorry but my Uni isnt permitting me to update more than once a week Ouch.
And since I have a LOT of VM demands am lagging behind those as well. So its a turmoil wondering whether to write the FF or make the VM..Get what I mean? Tongue


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A few points I'd like to clear since people were getting confused, I actually wanted the story itself to unfold this way but..what the heck.. Smile

1. Dev is NOT Maan's brother..He is just another guy who is EVIL..who used Geet to get himself rid of his debts. Yes NT does exist. Although she comes much later in the story.. (I love her bitchy attitude..So she hs to make an appearance)  LOL

2.Yes! Geet IS pregnant. What happens later is not an issue now.

3. And as far as updates go, I am extremely busy with Work and Uni..and I barely even get time to read FFs and watch Geet itself, so please understand that updates will be on the slower side.

I hope you guys still do continue reading... any ideas and suggestions are welcome Smile

BTW..I regularly update the PM list, and its reached 55 in such a short span. *HUGS to all* Thanks you Maaeetians. You guys are amazing *thumbs up*



Deep in the night, a girl is laughing, hysterically, her clothes are dirty, her hair is messed. Her eyes are livid. She is hyperventilating..

She is in a forest clearing, on the edge of madness. One look at her and anyone can guess she has been tortured and battered. She sits, half sobbing, half laughing.

A black Jeep, rides past the clearing, the driver is solemn, determined to reach his destination..but he hits the brakes sharply hearing the laughter. The haunting laugh.. "Who might that be? It sounds so eerie, in...pain. I wonder..."

The man in the Jeep is tall and intimidating, He shuffles, uncertain as his brain clouds with seconds of fear, he brushes it aside "Maan Singh Khurrana, is not scared of anything"

The girl is now in semi-consciousness, she is delirious. "Dev..You left me, Brij almost killed me, his goons almost raped me..but I fought them" She laughs wildly "I fought them off..and now, Im all alone Dev, please come rescue me Dev.." She sobs again.

Meanwhile, her prayer is answered, But its Maan who comes to her rescue, not Dev. He steps into the clearing, stunned by the sight of what greets him. "Oh my goodness, she is injured! Who could have done this?"

She turns to the source of the voice and sees Maan, mistaking him for Dev in her delirious state she calls to him "You came for me Dev, I knew you'd come..look what they have done to me, they tried to kill me..but I didn't die" She laughs and cries at the same time. Her eyes droop close "You'd come...I know you would." She whispers, before succumbing to unconsiousness.

An instinct, alien to him, overtakes him. Maan rushes to the Girl before she hits the ground, he cradles her in his arms. Before he can recover from his alienated feelings he looks at her face, she is bleeding from the forehead. The gash is deep. Her lips are bruised. There are deep gashes on her arms. Her kameez is torn. Signs of a battle.

An overpowering Fury overtakes him, he stares at the girl, her innocent face..bashed off and battered. "Why would anyone want to hurt her?!"

He then realizes his position, he is in a forest, at night, with a girl in his arms..who, he has no idea, came from where and how she came to be in this state. He thinks of cops and court rooms. He thinks of legality and witnesses. He thinks of frame-work..But when he looks at her agai, he realizes how fragile she is.

"I can't leave her like this, She is already half dead, I have to rush her to the hospital..but where will I find one? There isnt any sign of life for miles around"

He scoops her in his arms and carries her to his Jeep, he buckles her to her seat and steadies her head. As Maan starts driving, searching for an even remote area of help, he hears her muttering. "You came for me, you came for your Geet..."

"Geet" He echoes her name, his tongue rolls over her name like a delicacy. Her head slips, she rests it on his head. He whispers again "Geet..."

CHAPTER ONE - A responsible citizen

He has been driving for a while now, his desperation growing, seeing no sign of life. Beside him the girl, Geet, slips from semi-conciousness to unconciousness. She is quieter now.

But the more quieter she becomes, the scared Maan gets. "What if she doesn't make it?" He brushes aside the thought and mutters sternly to himself "She is just a girl, and I am helping her as a responsible citizen.. I am not supposed to be concerned about her"

Suddenly around the bend he sees a dull glowing light, hoping it isnt a mirage, he slows his Jeep. He nears a small cottage.

As his eyes get accustomed to the darkness he sees, many cottages, many of whose lamps have been extinguished.

Letting the engine run, he hops down and walks towards the nearest one. Seeing no door, he raises his voice "Excuse me? Is anyone there?"

All that greets him is the silent night.

Hesitantly Maan raps near the mud wall closest to the entry. He starts turning back when he hears a wheezing cough, and a hoarse voice "What is it? Bothering people in the night like this? Who is it outside?"

Maan blinks uncertainly, he is wondering if he imagined the voice, when an old man with a lantern steps out and coughs again

"What do you want? Can't let a man sleep in peace!" Maan raises himself to his full height and looks at him with daggers in his eyes. "I have a woman in my car, she is badly injured and she needs a doctor...if you know anyone who can take care of her.." he lets the man gulp the rest of the sentence. "I er...yes, I know someone" He wheezes again. Clutches his chest and limps inside again.

Maan crosses his arms in front of his chest and looks around, taking in the dismal surroundings..

The man hobbles out again, "Where is the girl?" Maan jerks his thumb towards his jeep. The man hobbles over and gasps, Maan cringes, he is immediatly near Geet who is bleeding profusely from the head. "She..She is.." The man seems out of focus "You shouldn't have brought her here, do you know who she is?" He looks at Maan, squinting in the darkness

"I don't care who she is, she was hurt and I couldn't just leave her lying around." His tone is brisk and no-nonsense.

The man seems to tremble "They will kill you..if they find out, The Handa family will kill you.." He is whispering hoarsely, when Maan loses his cool and grabs the man by his filthy collar, "Get me a doctor, OR ELSE.."

"Yes yes, He is on his way..the doctor is on his way."

Maan lets go of the man's collar and glares at him "Nobody tells MK what to do and how to do"

Just then a man comes into view, he is wearing the same dhoti and shirt, but his is much cleaner. He walks with a nervous gait and has a raspy thin voice "Where is the woman?"

With Maan's help they carry Geet inside, the hut is lit by a single lantern, She is moaning.

"She is Geet Handa..hurry up with the medications, we have to send her away quickly!" The filthier of the two whispers..

The doctor looks up, alarmed "The Handa family?? Oh no no"

He bandages Geets wounds, staunches her flow and applies medicines. And gives her a sedation injection.

For a moment everyone is quiet. Then the doctor speaks, his voice low "Sir, this woman belongs to a very protective and possessive family. They are well known people, very powerful and influential. The brother is a voilent man. If he finds out that you have been with her, he will definitely find you out and kill you, you should best be gone"

Maan gives a mirthless laugh. "Really? He will kill ME? and how would he know where to find me? I live miles and miles away from here..." He looks at Geet "It was just my luck, or should I say her luck, that I was passing that area of the forest."

He gets up and turns around to leave, the wheezy man grabs his hand, "You cannot leave her at our mercy! You have to take her with you! I don't want to die..."

Maan stares daggers at the man and roughly dismantles is hand from his arm "I cannot take her with me, you would be good enough to return her to her house."

he starts to leave again when the man sobs "Please sir, I do not want her injuries as a source of calamity on us. I have a family, two children. Please"

Maan smirks "Typical dialogue, a man with family is more vulnerable to dangers than a man without family is it? You people, always living under someone's shadow"

The doctor has his head bowed. Without a word he hauls Geet into his Jeep, gives the two men an icy glare. "You should be ashamed of yourself! Pathetic."

and with that he zooms of with Geet beside him, this time completely silent.

I tried depicting Maan with his arrogant nature and style Wink. Its the way they show him intially.
And since the people are terrified of Brij and his goons they shove Geet on Maan..poor guy has no choice but to take her with himLOL.


Two days later

Geet awakens to the sound of laughter, soft tinkling that of a child. She bolts awake! Vertigo hits her, she gasps and lies back down. Child! Her hand subconsiously moves towards her abdomen. She tries to see where she is, but the overpowering dizziness in her head evades all...

"You should remain asleep maam" She feels a hand on her head. "Where..Where am I? Who got me here? What is this place?" She panicks.
"Maam please! No need to panic, just calm down" But Geet was almost thrashing to be free..

She hears a loud beep "Doctor! Ward 112! Patient is awake and alarmed, needs to be sedated...should I proceed?"
A few minutes later she feels a prick. A longing sensation to sleep overwhelms her "Doctor? ward? I in a hospital?
My baby?" She falls asleep sobbing.

A week later - Some 100 MILES away...

"I TOLD YOU TO GET THE JOB DONE!" The man covers beneath the furious icy glares

"S...Sir...W...woh mein...C..chu..chutti, K...K..kal karlunga..s...sir, pakka! S...s..sorry!"
Adi, tries to look away from his boss.

Maan walks menacingly at the trembling figure "Jab tumko kaam diya jaata hai, jab karlena chahiye! I hate lazy people in my office!"
"B..B..But S..sir, m...m..meri ch..chutti thi"

"Then work OVERTIME and get it done, ye bhi koi waqt tha chutti lene ka?!" He growled. "Sasha!!" Where is the Noida construction file?"
'Yea MK, just getting it" She replied coolly "Don't get yourself worked up MK, things will go smoothly..Why dont you take a break? I'll see how things can be done"

Maan rubbed his forehead. "Yeah ok" He smiled a tense smile and went to his cabin. Not knowing what to do, He grabs a newspaper and tries to play crossword to kill time (Yeah, Maan does that.. thats one of his hobbies the first thing in the morning, playing crossword! ) He flips the pages...and stops flipping mid-page
His eye catches the name, and that piques his interest "Handa family worried ; Geet Handa goes missing - Whereabouts known of Geet, please contact the number below"
"Could this be the same Girl I saw injured the other day? It won't hurt to call them and inquire"

Maan takes the phone and dials the number it starts to ring, just then he sees the call-waiting button flash - International number. Muttering to himself he disconnects the call and intercepts the other number. "Maan Singh Khurrana"

"Good morning Mr.Khurrana, Im Rahul - PA of Mr Raj; Raj Manufacturers?  Im calling from London..I was wondering if it was possible, at such a short notice, that you can catch a flight here. We want to invest in your company, and the Market Value for Khurrana Constructions is pretty high up on the chart here.."

Maan closes his eyes, Too many things happening at once, he thinks, "How much are we talking about?"

Rahul - "A million Sterling Pounds.."

Maan bolts out of his lethargic mood. "A million? Why? Your company wasn't in our list of investors since the past one year..and If I go through my record I am sure I wont see any Raj Manufacturers either --- Whats the deal here?"

Rahul explains "Sir we are a big enterprise, we're Multi-National, we have over 35 branches spread across worldwide..and since KC (Khurrana Constructions) is a new and enlarging enterprise", He clears his throat " It still is only LIMITED to India"

Maan gets up from his chair as he gets a little annoyed. He feels his ego being bruised.

"Its not easy..Mr. Rahul, making a Limited company into an MNC, there is Paperwork involved..a lot of legal issues. Why am I explaining all of this to you..You know better"

Maan can hear the slight taunt in Rahuls voice "So should I expect you here..Sir?"

MK laughs mirthlessly "Mr Rahul..jaake apne Boss se kahiye, ke naye rishte banane mein waqt nai lagta, lekin ghamand aur takkabur koi rishte ki dor mazbut nai karte"

Rahul utters a surprised exclamation "Ye AAP keh rahe hain? Mr. Maan? Aap? Jinhone hamare clients ke blueprints isleye refuse keye the..kyunke wo aapke standards ke hisaab se nai the?"

Maan feels anger mounting.."Mere paas fuzul baaton ke leye waqt nahi hai, agar aap abhi chahte hain, ke mein ye deal final karne London aaun..Then Im on my way"

Rahul agrees but not without saying "Paisa insaan ka har faisla badal deti hai, aur agar badalti nahi..tho use influence zaroor karti hai" Saying so he hangs up.

Maan is staring at the receiver in his hand. He is angry and shocked at the words Rahul has spoken..
"How DARE he?! A mere PA..speaking to ME like that"

But then he realizes the hidden truth among the words... "Paisa insaan ka har faisla badal deti hai"

Maan slumps back on his chair. A jumble of thoughts racing through his brain.
Am I so selfish and arrogant?
Do I see nothing except my fame and fortune?
Am I always looking for expanding my enterprise, but my feelings towards my employees and clients ...

He hears a knock on his door..
"Sir I was wondering..if..if..I..c..can..Um..Sir?"

Maan snaps out of his reverie and stares.."Adi? Yes? What is it?"
Adi stammers.. then corrects himself, then stammers again.. all the while getting Maan irritated.

"What is it Adi?! Say it and GO..cant you see I'm busy here..?"
Adi blinks then stammers again, but manages a "Thats ok s..sir, I'll see you..l..later"

Adi shuts the door silently and walks away. Maan lets out an exasperated sigh  "Adi wait! Adi ---"

Maan rushes towards the door; as soon as he is about to open it, the door burts open, a stumbling Adi collides with a angry Maan and they almost (accidentally) kiss ROFL

"WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING!" Maan straightens his vest, Which Adi had managed to grab onto for support.

" Sir.. called S..sir?"
Adi seems terrified that Maan is gonna fire him now.

"Uh..Yea" Maan feels awkward now that he wants to admit his mistake of yelling at him, but then again why should he?
"You were gonna ask me something?"

" sir, I was..t...telling you something"

"Yes? What is it?" Maan goes back and sits on his chair.

"We have a new recruit for the Secretary post Sir.." Adi mumbles

Maan is going through some files "What happened to the old one?"

Adi blinks, does not reply. Maan looks up "I asked what happened to the--"

"You..f..fired..her.S..sir" Adi replies, utterly confused and afraid that he may be the next one to get fired.

Maan looks bemused "Oh yes, I did, I cannot tolerate inefficiency in my office..and that woman was too lazy. Who is this new recruit?"

Adi is deciding what to say. He tries to form coherency with his words.

Maan checks his watch "Adi I have a plane to catch.." He says each word slowly.

"S..Sir..She isnt from around here. S..she is from a different city. She's not qualified for a secretary post ..S..sir"

Maan looks mad again "Then why are you wasting My time Adi? Didn't you hear what I said? I need efficiency and class.. not some low grade small town folk. This is Khurrana Constructions. Koi kirana shop nai! Samjhe tum??"

Maan grabs his laptop takes his bag and is almost out the door when Adi speaks
"S..sir, jab aap ne ye business start kiya tha, tab tho ye kirane ki dukaan se bhi chota tha na Sir.. tab aap ke paas na capital tha, na investors the, na clients the, j..jisse  hum orders le sake.. Jab aap bhi iss small town ladki se kam nai the na S...sir"

Adi suddenly realizes that Maan is staring daggers at him, And stops. For the first time though he tries hard not to look away from his boss and tries hard not to stammer. "S..Sir..agar meine kuch galat kaha hai tho..Im..S..sorry Sir, magar ye sach hai na..S..sir"

Maan menacingly moves towards him, "You realized what you have just said, can cost you your Job Adi..You just insulted your Boss! You had NO right to go on like that about me and my past..Get it?! Your lucky I have a plane to catch Adi.."

Adi pales and breaks into a cold sweat but he still talks "I just want her to get a c..c...chance sir, She is new here, and alone..Im sure she will be capable to work in our "friendly envt" ..S..Sir"

Maan doesn't say a word..But his eyes are pools of black dark coal. Which no one has ever dared to read.
Adi looks away.

"Hire her"

"Huh?" Adi thinks he must be dreaming.

"I said..Hire her, Adi" Maan is staring at him.

Adi starts laughing *The way he laughs* "Heheheheheheheh"

"ADI! stop laughing like a moron..and come to my office tomorrow, when I return"

Adi stops instantly, paling again "S..S..sorry Sir, mera matlab galat nai tha..Im very sorry.."

"Come. To. My. Office" Pronouncing each word separately, Maan pulls the door open and a small almost unnoticeable smile forms in the corner of his mouth "You need a raise"

Saying so he walks away. Leaving a stunned, but delighted Adi in his wake.

"Raise? RAISE!..Heheheheheheheheheheheh"

I'm sorry guys , I know I took a pretty long hiatus. Confused
But I got busy between switching to countries..

So anyway, I know Geet has gone a lot further, and maybe Im just gonna fast forward those scenes. Start from where folks might actually be interested to read.
Right now I just wanna build Maan's character and Adi being a goof and a sweetheart (I adore his character) I wanted him to make Maan realize that he's a great big ass. Wink

Things are gonna take a twisty turn when Geet enters..


CHAPTER THREE - The Rich be damned

A girl steps out of the auto-rickshaw. Her hair is windswept and her eyes ablaze. She carries nothing except her small purse and a lot of determination.Its difficult to make out if she is for real or a facade.

She looks at the towering building in front of her "Khurrana Constructions"
Walking towards the gate. She hears voices buzzing inside, she sees people flocking in and out of the building. All them busy. All of them modern and cultured. She looks down at her simple Salwar-kameez.

For a small minute she asks herself "Have I done the right thing? Will I ever fit here? These people..the city.."
She feels someone shove her from the back and her train of thought is broken "Move it lady! Your blocking the entrance"

Flustered, she tries to see who shoved her, a sorry hovers over her lips, but whoever the person is..seems to have gone by now.

A small thought forms in her head "Are people here always in a hurry? Are they always so indifferent ..?"

"Get away from here you rascal!" A gruff voice yells
She whirls around, searching for the source of the voice.  Her eyes fall upon a small child, sitting by the corner of the building, obviously begging for alms. Barely 6 years old, there is nothing except a small stale piece of bread in her bowl and a few rupee coins.
The security guard yells again "Get LOST from here, If I ever see you in this place again..I'll kick you out!"

"Sir..Im only sitting here. Im not even begging Sir. Please Sir.."
The child pleads.

"Abey, ye koi gaoun ke khet, ya koi galli ya chawl nai..jahan tu apne marzi se baithe. Ye KC hai..samjhi? Yahan bade bade log kaam karne aate hain..tum jaise chote fakhir sirf bahar se isse ghur kar dekh sakte hain. Ab phuto yahan se!"
He grabs the girls arm and she winces in pain

"Excuse me?"
the guard turns around and stares at the lady dressed in a simple salwar suit. "Yes?"
"Kya aap yahan ke security guard hain?"

"Ji haan..aur aap?" He eyes her clothes disdainfully. "Who might you be? I dont think you work here"

The lady stares right back at the guard without batting a lid "I do work here..mein Mr. Maan Khurrana ki Secretary hoon."
The guard immediately changes his expression. He salutes her. "I'm so sorry Ma'am, wo mein..aap nai hain shayad, isleye mein aapko pehchan nahi paya.." He smiles embarrassed

The lady smiles "Jab pehchan pata nai thi, tab aap ne mujhe bhi koi shayad..fakhir se kam nai samjha hoga"
The guard stammers "N..nai maam, aisi baat nai hai..wo actually, ye log yahan aake baith the hain..and Maan sir ne strictly mana kiya hai ke--"

She folds her arms "Kya meine aapse pucha? Ke Maan Sir ne kya mana kiya hai aur kya nahi?"
the guard blinks confused.

Her demeanor softens "When something is explained to people lovingly and with soft words, even the most hard-hearted person would understand.." She gestures towards the girl sitting in the corner utterly terrified and on the verge of tears "Is she here often?"

The guard turns to stare at the girl with an angry face. A face that says See-what-I'll-do-after-she-leaves. "Yes, she does.."
"And is this the way you always treat her?"

The guard gets flustered and angry "With all due respect Madam, she is a nuisance. And beggars are NOT allowed inside the gates of KC.."
But she isn't listening anymore, she walks towards the girls and kneels down in front of her "Hey..whats your name?"

"Jamyle.." and then she sobs "Please don't hit me"
She shushes the girl "Why do you think I'll hit you?"

She points to the guard "He always hits me.."
"And yet you keep coming back here, where is your mother?"

The girl hiccups and stares with innocent eyes "She..she isnt there. She died in an accident last year."
Something tightens in the lady's chest, she feels tears well her eyes. "You miss her?"
The girl nods.

With that Geet straightens up, "I miss mine too.."
The girl looks questioningly at her "Where is she?"

Geet's face hardens "I dont know..I dont want to know"
Her previous expression is back, eyes ablaze. "Go from here..find someplace where people wont bother you. Remember to stand up for yourself Jamyle. The world is a cruel place..We think we know people since we're little, but in reality not even a lifetime is enough to understand them.. They are suddenly strangers"

The girl has a confused look on her face "Your a stranger too.."
Geet suddenly realizes she was rambling "Sorry sweetie, come on..go now..or else the security uncle will get mad again. Doesn't he look a lot like an inflated bull when he gets mad?"
The girl giggled through her tears.
Geet laughed as well

"But where will I go?" she mused
"Where do you stay?"

"I live in a small hut, but its far away..and If I go there, my dad will beat me for not earning well today."
Geet swallowed the lump in her throat. She opened her purse and took out 20 Rupees. "Here take this" She handed it to the girl who looks at it wide-eyed. Probably never seeing so much money ever in her life "For me?"

"Yes for use it wisely, and promise me you wont sit here again from tomorrow." Geet hates herself for talking to the girl like that. She feels she just bribed her only to leave one place and beg at another. But what could she have done?

There is a greedy look in the girls eyes. But she looks up at Geet and says something completely overwhelming "Not all rich people are bad...I like you"
Before Geet can utter a word, She runs off..

Her voice echoes in her head "Not all rich people are bad..I like you"

The guard is amazed "Madam aapne tho chamatkar kardiye, pichle ek mahine se mein iske peeche pada tha.."
Geet smiles. "Have a nice day. I am already late for work"

The guard salutes to her smiling.
Geet enters the gates of KC.. unaware of the person who owns it.

Unaware also that a Man had been observing her all along. A tall handsome man in a black waistcoat and blue shirt. A man who dripped of solemness and pride. He had watched the entire way she had dealt with the small girl. A feeling, the same alien feeling, at the night in the forest grips him. Tenderness touches his heart as he sees her dealing with the small girl.

But he soon spans out of it and only one thought processes his mind "What is SHE doing here??"
Stepping out of the car, Maan crosses towards the gates. The guard salutes him "Who is she?"

Guard blinks "Who sir?"
The lady in the blue  suit..who was she?
The guard laughs "I think you're being funny sir"

Maan stares angrily at him "Answer the Question!"
He stammers "S..She is supposed to be y..your secretary."

Maan stares, stumped, a shocked look crosses his face "She WHAT?"
He grabs the guards collars "Dont you lie to my face!"

"Im..Im not lying sir. I thought you knew! She said it herself, she is your secretary.."
Maan lets go of his collar.

An internal conflict starts within him, something new for him;

"Whats wrong with her being secretary?
She is a mere village girl, what work would she know? Would she even know how to handle computers? Has she even seen one??
Give her a chance Maan, What Adi said was right...if she is alone here, she needs work. And KC needs a good reputation. Why not think of it this way?
NO! think of her inefficiency..her lack of judgment, her poor skills. She will NEVER fit in.
No one is born with those characteristics..they inherit them later..
You weren't perfect Maan..You've made mistakes as well. Many many mistakes."

He bangs his hand against the wall. "Dammit.."
But then he remembers her words, her words in the forest. "Please save me"

"This girl is gonna drive me crazy". Are the words spoken by Maan as he enters into his building. Completely unaware of how true that statement was going to turn out later..


"Oh emm Gee!" Tasha mutters staring in the direction Geet entered "Is that 'thing'..gonna work here"
"Hush Tasha!..not a way to treat our colleague" Sasha smirks "We should welcome her, after all Adi was the one who got a raise for recruiting her, maybe she is special"

Tasha doesn't get the joke, but laughs all the same "Silly me!"

Geet steps nervously into her cabin, Adi ushers her in and shows her around.
"This will be your cabin, its right next to Maan sir's---"

Geet looked at him questioningly "Maan Sir?" A vaguely familiar chord struck her at the mention of the name.
"Uh yes..he is MD of Khurrana constructions, Maan Khurrana" Adi smiled "and boss to you"

Geet meanwhile was trying to rack her brains on as to why the name Maan sounded familiar to her. "Oy Geet, tu na pagla gayi hai..Maan naam ka sirf ek hi aadmi hai kya iss duniya mein? Chaddo.."
She smiles, "Thank you Adi sir.." She looks around "I hope I am an asset to this company"
Adi shakes her hand "Your welcome Geet, and its just Adi"

Geet nods her head. Adi leaves.
 "Not bad" She picks up a KC catalog on her desk "Infact, this place is amazing..I wonder how rest of the colleagues are?"

She hears a knock on her door "Yes?"
Enter Sasha along with her sidekick Tasha "Well well, if it isnt Miss Geet Handa!" She grins snidely "Hello Geet, Im Sasha, Asst. MD and this is" She clears her throat "So, I see that you "She looks her up and down "Are going to work here.."

Geet looks at her warily "Yes, today is my first day..Ma'am"

Sasha scoffs "'re already late" She checks her watch "By five minutes, Do you know Geet" Sasha walks upto her "that we set our time according to when MK arrives?"
Geet looked confused "Er..has he arrived?"

Sasha smiles thinking "This is gonna be fun!"

"Why do you think I said You are five minutes late?? Get a move on now" Her tone changes from sickly sweet, to downright rude..
"We don't have all day for nicecities, MK has arranged a client meet" Geet gets flustered and tries to grab a pad and pen but somehow manages to drop the pen, Tasha giggles.
"They're thinking of investing a large sum in our company and no stone ought to be left unturned in persuading them to continue.."

Geet looks lost, Sasha smirks. "Ma'am could you please repeat that"
Sasha fakes looking confused "Dear me, I forgot!" She smiles that sickly sweet smile again "Good luck!..Oh and the meeting is in 10 minutes, which means your time starts now"

She quietly slinks out the door, while Tasha scoffs and walks out behind her.

Geet seems near tears "What am I going to do? I have no idea WHO is the investing company and where is the client list, heck...I don't even know what MK looks like!"

She walks out of her cabin to look for Adi, but he seems nowhere to be found. All the people seem indifferent. No one even looks at her. They probably dont even realize there is a new secretary in the office. She gulps.

Geet walked over to the elevator and looked at the Legend;
B - Basement; Car Park

G - Ground floor; Cafeteria, Rec room

L1 - Level one; Reception, help desk, ATM, Sales Dept

L2 - Level two;  MD, Asst MD, Secretary

L3 - Level three; Blue room, Interiors

Thankfully the elevator was open, someone was entering it.."Waiitttt!..please hold it open!"

Maan turns around to see who is yelling like a banshee, but before he can realize or comprehend whats going on.
The next thing he knows, someone collides into him.

Geet slammed into some guy in the lift, and instantly felt herself being shaken by her shoulders "Cant you Watch---"
she blinked uncertainly and looked at the face who stopped yelling at her midway.

Maan felt like he had entered a void. He stared at the soft brown and scared eyes of a familiar face..a face that had been bruised and hurt. But now looked completely healed, Eyes that had held raw pain..but now seemed well under check.
His eyes left hers and traveled lower, he recognized the small scar on her bottom lip..that hadn't healed so well. He saw them trembling.

"Geet?" he whispered

At the mention of her name, She glanced at the black coal eyes of the stranger holding her. The emotions that raged within them frightened her..They seemed cold and heartless, but there was something else...

For a moment that seemed lost in time, that seemed to stretch forever, All Maan wanted to do was hold the girl close...
so close that their breaths mingled, so close that he could see and feel the pulse on her throat..
so close that he could see the trembling of her lips,
so close that he could see the innocence in her brown eyes.

And then the moment ended. Just as it had began.
He let go of her and she stumbled "Woh..mein..Im sorry, Actually, today is my first day of work and.." the words seem to tumble out from her "I have no idea where is the client list, I thought of finding Adi sir, but he isnt anywhere here.." She looked at him "Then I thought of going to the help desk.."

Maan felt something snap within him "Help desk??" He gritted his teeth "The help desk is for people who are CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS here..Not for YOU!" Geet looked perplexed "B..B..But, how will I--"
"That's not my problem! You wanted this Job, you got it, and you should consider yourself lucky.."He stared at her unflinchingly. Geet blinked and looked away "Not everyone gets lucky enough to be my secretary"

The lift arrived at L1. Maan walked away, leaving a mortified Geet behind "THAT was Maan sir?? OMG...what was I rambling in front of him. He must think I'm a moron" She slapped her forehead.
"You seem worried" came a chirpy voice.

Geet looked in time to see the elevator door close and a girl enter it. Before she could reply, the girl spoke "Hi! Im Pinky!" She smiled, Geet glanced at the bag of chips in her hand "This is my best friend" Pinky continued, indicating her bag of chips. She grinned "'re Geet right?"

Geet looked wary at first, seeing the likes of Sasha and Maan..but she eventually relaxed. "Yes, Im Geet..everyone already seems to know that.."
"Oh thats coz your so new and confused, its evident.." She was munching on mouthfuls. Geet raised a brow. "Evident?"

Pinky shrugged "Newcomers look like they are about to walk the plank..or to put it in a more graphic way, they seem to be in a warp and have no idea what to do and when to do you know, stuck in a limbo" Geet bit her lip.

Pinky turned to her and smiled "You know, I like me what is it that is bothering you?"

Geet sighed "I cant seem to find the client sheet, for Maan sir, the meeting is due--"
"--In 10 minutes! omg!" Pinky almost dropped her bag of chips. She grabbed Geet's hand and as soon as the elevator door opened, almost dragged her to her cabin. "Its right here in your cabin Geet, didnt Adi tell you?"

Geet shook her head, at her own idiocity of not looking hard enough "I guess he must've said it, but I was so busy admiring the office..maybe" She shrugged. Pinky took her to a drawer underneath her desk, "This is where your important files and sheets are present..and.." She whirled her to a different drawer in a cabinet "If you cant find anything anywhere, then you will definitely find it here"

Geet was already going through the drawer at her desk "Pinky please, help me with this.."
both girls started looking for the sheet and at last Geet found it, buried underneath a wad of rubbish. "Why is it all the way down there??"

Pinky had a knowing look on her face "That is definetely Sasha"

Pinky had a warning in her tone "Stay clear of Sasha..Never ever get on her bad side. not that she has a Good side..but whatever, just dont ever annoy her, or bug her..just steer clear from her"

"But I just arrived! What can she possibly have against me?" Geet felt aghast that she'd already made an enemy, doing nothing.

"Haha Geet" Pinky dove into her chips again "Sasha has a problem with everyone and anyone who tries to get near DD"

Geet screwed up her head "Near whom?"

Pinky suddenly gets a wistful look on her face "DD Geet; Dhak Dhak" When Geet still looks confused, Pinky laughs "MK!"

"Oh!..." Dhak Dhak?? The guy looks like he just came from hell in a golden chariot. Geet almost chuckled

Pinky snaps out of her dream mode and excuses herself leaving Geet with the client sheet, and less than four minutes to clarify everything.
Following the directions, Geet enters the Conference room. Seeing it Maan-free she heaves a sigh of relief and gets to work.

At sharp 9.00 am- Exactly 10 minutes later.

Maan enters the room and notices something immediately different. Too bright. Too sunny.
He feels cool air blowing his way and glances at the air con. Only to realize its switched off.
He sees the window open a bit.

His jaw ticks. He closes his eyes and tries to count backward to ease off the anger.
"Maan Sir!, Im so glad your enjoying the breeze--" His eyes open to see a Smiling Geet in front of him balancing two files and a writing pad in her arms. He glares at her
Geet continues, uniterrrupted "--You see I brightened the room a little bit, it was so dark, and I had to open the window, it smelled musty too!" She makes a gagging gesture.

Maan continues to stare, his hands balled into fists.

"And these are the files you wanted Sir, information about Client history? And I even got refrences from the other companies, incase you needed those as well" She stopped and looked at Maan, who seemed to be made out of marble..unmoving. "Er Sir..are you ok? You seem unwell. You can sit---"

She is stopped short when Maan puts his hand over her mouth "chup. bilkul chup"
Geet's eyes widen to the extent of popping out, subconciously her hand moves to the one holding her mouth, She tries to remove Maan's hand from her lips and finds hers getting gently enclosed in them. Maan curls his fingers over hers.

Time seems to stand still again.

He realizes he didnt notice the small beauty spot on the left side of her cheek.
Or that her hair is not completely brown, that its part brunette.
that her lips speak of perfection...his fingers itching to trace their contours.
His eyes meet her frightened gaze and he realizes her irises are outlined with black too.

"Sir...?" Its almost a pleading squeak.
Maan flinches, stunned. He backs away from her and lets go of her hand immediatly. Shock washes over him at the depth of his thoughts.
"Have I gone insane! I barely KNOW this woman..and.."

He runs his hand through his hair, Frustrated.

Geet meanwhile has gone from Happy, to shock, to fear to confusion..
"What is the matter with him? Is he always like this?"

Maan whips back up to look at her, his cold look is back. "Just what do you think you're doing?!"
Geet stammers "W...woh mein..mera matlab, I tried to brighten the room a was Dark and..and ..m..musty.."

Maan feels his jaw clench again "Women - fools!"
"Its supposed to be dark! Geet..its supposed to be dark" Geet looks at him confused and scared.
He walks towards her and grabs her shoulders, making her turn around "Look at that projector?" He points to the big white screen in the front "And that screen?"

Geet manages to nod "Well THAT Miss Geet is for presentations and the one that is about to take place..Did you, ever, in your dimwitted mind, think, how the HELL will we watch a presentation on" he points a finger to the screen again "That screen...if you make it, BRIGHT AND SUNNY?!" He practically growls the last words out.

"B..but sir--"
Maan cuts her off "Dont! Dont ok. We have overhead lights Geet" He points at the lights above "Incase it gets TOOO dark. And.." He turns her around, roughly, pointing to the air conditioner on the far end of the room "THAT Geet is an air conditioner, it takes care of the musty smell in the room. IF you switch it on."
Geet feels her heart hammering inside her so hard, she is afraid Maan might hear it.
"Do you KNOW how to switch on an Air con?" Geet blinks and realizes he has asked her a question.

She turns to reply and finds him smirking at her, almost in a challenging way, and that is when something snaps in her, something that she had been holding onto for too long.
"kya aapne apne paida hothe hi chalna seekh leye tha..Sir?"

Maan feels his smirk evaporate "Kya?"

Geet realizes angry, that Maan was trying to demean her, show her down. "Kya aap bachpan se sahi aur galat mein fark jaante the?"
Maan starts to talk "Dekho tum--"

Geet conitunes speaking, as if he had never spoken at all "Kya aap bachpan se MD the? Kya aap sab kuch pehle se hi jaante the? Kya aap ne galtiyan nai kari ...Sir??"
Maan stares at her getting madder by the minute.

Geet contunies, but this time she gives him a smile..a cold one "aap mein aur mujh mein zyada fark nai hai Sir, agar fark hai, tho bus itna ke aap ameer hain aur experienced...magar hain tho insan." Her eyes take a distant look "Jo meine is zindagi mein dekha hai, wo shayad aap sapne mein bhi nahi soch sakte.."

"Geet mere paas tumhare bakwas sunne ka time nai hai," Maan avoids her gaze "Clients ko andar bulao, mujhe late horaha hai"

She looks at him, notices that his expression has turned from arrogant to angry to guilt to angry again. "Jee sir..."

She walks out of the conference room and realizes she had been rambling again
"Oy Geet, tu apni zindagi ki bhadas dusron par kyun nikalti hai? Maan sir ne tera kya bigada hai? Wo tho sirf tujhe bata rahe the tune kaunsi galtiyan ki hain..tho phir..tho apna gussa unpar kyun nikalrahi hai, Wo tere boss hain! koi dost nahi..aur wo jaisa bolrahe hain, waisa kar na..kyun teer marrahi hai."

She bites her lip "I think I should apologize"
Geet goes to the gate to welcome the Heads of the company. But something nags her, "Why does Maan seem so familiar..?" She thinks back on the coal eyes.."So many much conflict.." Annoyed at the direction her thoughts flow, Geet shakes her head and continues to wait.

A month later: CHAPTER FIVE - The emotions underneath

Maan felt his eyes literally ache, they screamed for sleep. He stifled a yawn and checked the clock. 11.00 pm. He was used to staying up past mid-night, then what was the problem?
His eyes searched his room. And then they rested on the girl, She seemed lost and stood near the water cooler, holding a glass of water in her hand.

A small involuntary smile touched the corners of his lips. A reaction he had quit trying to get rid off.
"Geet!" Maan barked out her name that made her jump a foot high and the glass of water, that she'd been holding, slipped from her hand and with a sound that seemed excruciatingly loud..shattered on the floor.
Maan sighed, exasperated and Geet readied herself for another lecture on careless attitude and inefficiency.

Almost a month had passed since Geet had entered this building. But Maan's mood and temperament was always new to her. She could not keep a finger on any particular reason why Maan always seemed so angry, moody or sullen all the time. She wondered why he had to brood so much, when Life had been given to him on a silver platter. She witnessed his angry outbursts towards his employees, his nature of working over-time. His arrogant demeanor... It intrigued her to no end, as to why and what was the reason for him behaving the way he always did. She had never seen Maan Khurrana smile genuinely, she was sure if he laughed, she wouldn't recognize him.

She recalled the incident at the party where the food had gotten mixed up. She flinched when she remembered the way Maan had asked her why she always made those mistakes. She remembered how Pinky had come to her and given her the Sari to wear, not knowing that it was Sasha behind the whole scenerio. Geet had known that it was her. She had develoved feelings of enemity within Sasha since the day she arrived..
Reason being: She was Maan Khurrana's personal secretary. And Sasha was jealous. It made Geet laugh out loud that a Head architect would be Jealous of MK's PA..what did she have to lose? Nothing.. while She, Geet, had lost something so precious to her...

Her mind whirled, she remembered how Maan had danced with her. Why had he danced with her?? Why? He was mad one minute and the next minute, they were dancing..
Suddenly Geet felt goose-flesh erupt on her arms, a feeling completely alien, overtook her, she closed her eyes, annoyed with herself..
flashbacks passed her eyes,
The way he had held her.
The way he stared - unflinchingly at her, without batting an eyelid.

The dance was not a gentle one, It was filled with...she tried to find the correct term. She could not. The only word she could think of was "Hate".

Does Maan Sir hate me too?

No! thats stupid..I've always tried to be reasonable...I've done my best for everything he asks. I've obeyed his every order..then..why does Maan sir always...? She didn't finish the sentence. She was snapped out of her train of thoughts by a tap on her shoulder.

She looked, only to realize that Maan was standing a few inches away from her.. "What is it?"
Geet realized he had asked a question again "N..Nothing"

"Then why are you crying?" The question was a concerned one.

Geet blinked and felt wetness as she touched her cheek, "Why am I crying? When did I start crying...I didn't even realize it"

She looked at the hard face, she couldn't read the eyes..they seemed..empty.
Geet looked away and wiped her tears "Nothing sir..its just.."

Maan waited patiently, he didn't know what had happened in the past few days. Or the past month. He had hated the sight of this woman..
Just looking at her, made him infuriated. Did she know that that he had saved her life? He presumed not. He didn't care. So why does he care now?
Why does it matter if she is crying?
Women are always crying...they just need a lame reason to start bawling.

So what was it with this woman? Why does he care? Or need to know whats hurting her? Maan gritted his teeth in an attempt to conceal his concern for her.

"I..Sir..Can I leave? Its quite late.."
Geet whispered her request.

Maan glanced at the clock. " can go..I shouldn't have kept you so late"
Geet blinked..was she expecting an apology from her boss?
"Why are you staring Geet? You can leave!" He almost snarled.

She smiled inwardly "Expecting an apology from him was like expecting it to rain in December in Mumbai.."

She noiselessly picked up the remnants of the glass pieces and deposited them in the trash. She took her bag and walked off..
Maan stared at the direction she left. He felt uncomfortable. With himself.
Why was he feeling awkward around her? And why did his brain always temporarily seem to stop working when she is around.. he decided he needed to visit the doctor soon. This girl was driving him crazy by the minute.

Suddenly he felt weary. Another problem. Since the past week, he hadn't been able to work past 10 pm..his body felt stiff and sore. He made a mental note to ask his doc what the problem was.

Closing his laptop he subconsciously looked at the flowers in the next cabin...the flowers that he had yelled at Geet for bringing. Which she, upset and annoyed, had put in her own cabin. He hated flowers. Their sight disgusted them.
"So why do you have one in your drawer?" His thoughts taunted him

He opened the drawer and took out the almost wilted white rose, its petals seemed to have started falling apart. He tried to block the memory out. But it was impossible. It stuck to him. Engraved.
Shaking his head, trying to clear it. Maan put it back carefully and shut his drawer. Something else was nagging him.

He realized what it was. Without a second thought he walked swiftly over to the exit and saw a tired and weary Geet waiting for a taxi at the Stand.


Geet tapped her foot impatiently, "How in the world will I get a taxi or even an auto at this part of the night?"
She hoped someone took pity on her and stopped a taxi was getting late...and she was getting worried.  She was beginning to get wary as, a few Bikers and hooligans stopping near the signal quite close to her.

"Need a ride babe?" One of them sneered. She chose to ignore him. "Hey! you seem to be all alone...need a lift?" His friend lazily drove his bike around her.
Geet started walking away, but the biker who had spoken first stopped her path, Now when she looked at him closely. It creeped her out. He had a deep gash right across his cheek. His mouth seemed to be twisted in a permanent sneer.
She gulped.. "Let me go!"
His friend laughed "Aww come on..we're just trying to be helpful you know..No consideration these days" He addressed his pal "All we're doing is asking her to come..and she is rude.."

The guy looked at her in a way that made Geet want to vomit. Her insides crawled with repulse "Leave me alone!"
She started walking but the bikers got close. "Maybe we ought to teach you manners..honey" He said the endearment word in a low sneer.
Geet felt bile rise in her throat.. She looked around..but in the darkness she couldn't figure a way out. She knew she had her red chilli in her bag..but her hands were shaking so much. She probably will drop it if she removed it.

The guy with the scar grabbed her hand..she yelped. "Let me GO!..Please! Let me go!" She felt her resolve melting..
his fingers seemed to be digging into her flesh..harder...she felt them pierce her skin. Her eyes pooled with tears.  Pain and panic made it difficult for her to comprehend the situation.
The guys friend had been laughing..but his laugh was suddenly cut short. She saw someone in the darkness. Her eyes were blurry..and in her haste to run. She yanked her hand from the guys grip

"Oh no you dont!" He clutched her bag, Geet turned around to free it -- And she saw him.. In a state that she was, The only thing any girl would notice would be the terrifying way he came. The anger on his face was so evident. It seemed to radiate off him. Maan Singh Khurrana.

"Let her go" His voice was quiet, so unlike the way he usually yelled.
"Who the hell are you to tell me to let her go?" He grabbed her bag tighter.

Maan moved closer to the biker. He grabbed Geets bag and pried the man's hands off it. "Let her go...or else.."
The guy laughed "Romeo huh? Come to save your Juliet? She is pretty..." and with that he looked at her again, all over.

Maan lost it, he grabbed the guys collar and punched him. Once, twice, thrice..and then he stopped counting after that. The only thing that his dim memory filled with rage recalled was Geet distantly yelling him to stop. That the other biker fled in terror. That his mind was whirling with an outrage so surprised him.

Maan had been seeing the whole scene unfold in front of him like a movie. Typical. He thought wryly. Lonely girl gets teased on by hooligans and perverts. At first he chose to ignore it, he thought it was better off if she learnt to deal with it herself.

Then why Maan, did you come looking for her in the first place?
He gritted his teeth. If this question would have been asked by another person, he would've told him to just Shut the hell up and get lost. But how do you tell your own mind to shut the hell up?? It was annoying, his conscience was actually laughing at him..pricking him..planting doubts in his mind.

Her voice made him look up, actually it was the panic in her voice. "Please! Let me go"
He saw it then, he saw how the bikers fingers dug into her hand..he saw him sneering. He saw him looking at her in a way, that made him wanna punch the living daylights out of him. The pervert.

and then he called her "Honey" Maan didnt know what happened. All he knew was something snapped in him, something went pop inside him..and he felt all he wanted to do was Hit the f**k off the guy for abusing Geet.

His reasonable part of the mind told him to talk to them tell them to leave her alone. He tried. But when he saw Geets terrorized eyes, when he saw the Tears slipping off them..when he saw the panicked look. He lost it again. He realized he wanted to hurt the guy so much..he wouldn't remember who he was when he came around.

Then out of nowhere he felt someone tugging his hand..begging him. His rage filled mind looked to see who it was, ready to hit him as well. But when his eyes fell on the face. He felt himself drawn in another parallel Universe.

Her face was drenched in tears, panic and worry. "Please'll just kill him. Stop sir"
Maan realized it was Geet.. He blinked through the folds of his fogged brain and looked at the mess of the biker. Feeling repulsed he let go and the guy dropped..Unconscious.


Geet looked on horrified, she had never seen a man so outraged in her life. She knew if she didn't intervene, Maan would kill the guy,
She tugged on his hand "Sir! Stop! You'll kill him!"
He didnt seem to listen
Geet tried again..this time he stopped and then he looked at her. His face was awash with an emotion she couldn't place. She sobbed "Please'll just kill him. Stop sir"
Maan let go of the guy, he crumpled, unconscious to the street.

It was quiet, too quiet, the only sound of Maan breathing hard and Geet sobbing quietly.
She tried to block out everything that had occurred within the past few minutes. Her mind refused. She closed her eyes hoping the searing pain in her arm would stop. And that is when she felt him touch her..

"Does it hurt alot?" His voice wasnt his..
"N-No.." she hiccuped "I-It doesnt..Im..f-fine" She tried to stem the tear flow.
"The hell you are.." He gingerly touched her arm. His eyes widened when he saw the fingernail impressions of the guy, he swallowed his rage. His disgust.
"You need a Tetanus shot.." he murmured. "The guy practically clawed.." he stopped when Geet yanked her arm back "Im..Im f-fine Sir..I'l just g-go home..I can be ok..if-if I wash my hand"

Maan clenched his jaw "Geet, don't argue with me, we are going to get a TT shot, and thats that.."
"But Sir I---"
"No buts!" he bent down to retrieve her bag "Get in the car.."

Geet knew there would be no reason arguing with him. It was stupid trying to make Maan convinced of something "With all due respect Sir..I am perfectly f--"

More awed than scared, she got in his car.

He looked at the girl sitting next to her, her braid had come undone and wisps of hair seem to be falling on her face. Tear tracks were frozen on her cheeks...and she still managed to look beautiful.
"Huh? What the hell am I thinking?"

Maan forced himself to look out the window..

Geet meekly looked at the strange expression of his face. He seemed so...determined. But now that she looked at him closely, she saw the sadness in his eyes..along with a look that she knew she could never place. "You're reading his eyes a lot lately aren't you?" Her mind beckoned
She immediatly tried to think of something else and her mind replayed the scene that happened earlier. A small whimper escaped her lips.

Maan whipped his head around "Are you alright? What happened? Does it hurt?"
His onslaught was so unexpected, Geet stuttered " it doesnt hurt"

Maan blinked, he seemed a little..embarrased?

"Thank you.." He looked at her quizically "For everything back there" She said quietly.
He looked half amused at her "Even for beating the crap out of that guy?"

"Yes..even th-- No! I mean..No..I mean you shouldnt have..I mean good that you did..but not so much" Maan looked more amused.
"And how much would have been enough..according to you?"

Geet looked at him, as if analysing him "A punch would have sufficed..after all, you are scary" She muttered the last words to herself rather than him
"Im what???" He looked angry again..

"Nothing! I you Sir" she said again, this time genuinely with all her heart. "You don't have to thank me Geet, I wouldnt have stood any of my employees being treated like that..and I guess any person in my place would have done the same"

Geet realized this was the first time Maan wasnt taking any credit for something he did. She thought she might have glimpsed his soul.

and then they looked at each other and for the first time, which Geet thought she might be dreaming, she saw Maan's lips twitch, the beggining of a smile played at the corners of his mouth..

Ok Maaneetians and Geetians.. I will allow you guys to throw tomatoes and boo me..coz I know this part was pretty lame. Reason being, Im tired out of my wits..
and second most imp reason, I adore it when Maan becomes protective of Geet. Embarrassed

This part was similar to the part where he grabs her and puts her in the car. But here I sort've elaborated the scene.

Scenes similar:
The Flower scene, when Geet brings the flowers to his cabin.
The Kurbaan hua dance sequence.

and I raced it a month forward. Well in the actual show, its been 2 months..coz I remember in the episode where Geet says "Mein naukri chod dungi" Maan says "Ek mahine se ye ladki....etc etc"
So yea, its been only a month and a few weeks in the real GEET LOL Weird.

But I am gonna have to put a lot of months in the middle because basically, a relationship needs time to grow..
Sorry if it seems a bit raced or fast paced..but had to!


BTW..The story from now onwards will have a Maan's POV and a Geet's POV!

Precap- Chapter 6: Geet staggered under his weight, she felt his heady chuckle. "Do you know Geet? that you're the sole reason for all my problems?" She bit her tongue from saying anything.
"You screw up my brain you know..I cant think straight when you're near." His voice was slurred. An evident thing that he'd been drinking.
She felt his her weight shift as he staggered.. "Why Geet? Why do you do this to me huh?"
Geet swallowed, she kept reminding herself that he was drunk. That his words werent supposed to mean anything. But she remembered something her mother always told her "Men always speak the truth when they are drunk.."
So what exactly, was Maan saying?

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amazing prologue 
sounds really intresting
poor geet has had to deal with a lot but atleast know maan is their to take care of her.
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Its still in the very basic stage, so the major parts, the ones that we love Wink come pretty later.

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add me to ur pm list.
loved it.
plzz dont make geet pregnant wid dev's child

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