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FF: I hate love storys.. UPD50 (Page 49)

WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 October 2010 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
ohhh thanks a lot for the words girls
means a ton for me
love youuu
don't have time to reply but will update before monday ;)

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Zees-Dbn Groupbie

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

Great Job Parm!

Wow...i lovd it. It was full of emotion and my heart was beating so fast as i read down the page.Loved the phonecall part between Arohi and Arjun. U captured her emotional turmoil so well.

Cant wait for the final update. Pls update soon and make it romantic plsStar.


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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Parm...its Sunday lolz.. xpecting the final update 2dayTongue since KMH2 begins moro..Embarrassed

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 3:25am | IP Logged
hey Nami,
have to PM 1st to Shreya...will update after few hours LOL

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 3:45am | IP Logged
sent the PM to shreya...will updates after 3 or 4hr
love you

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 5:09am | IP Logged
updating now lol
WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 5:10am | IP Logged


Good Afternoon My Crazy FellowHugHugHug

Finally here with the update of the FF but before updating I want to give *Hugs&Blessing* to all those who appreciated my work. Thanks people.


And now here the LAST updates.

Read and Enjoy and Comment.

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WildestDreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 5:12am | IP Logged

Sadka Kya

Life goes on and nothing can make this change, no tragedy will stop the world. No joy will stop the world. The world will live, even when it seems unjust and wrong, the world continues to live because everyone is entitled to a second chance.  


"As a child I dreamed of Prince Charming, I grew up I learned that he didn't exist. As a child I cried because of scraps knee, I grew up I realized that you bring the  wounds in the heart." I said concluding my talk.

"Oh Arohi ... You do not know how sorry I am, come here"  Arjun took me his arms with a disarming delicacy while I still can not believe that I was able to tell the biggest tragedy that has affected my life: the divorce of my parents.


I still remembered clearly the night in which I saw for the first time mom and dad arguing, the night in which dad slapped mom, the night in which I lost the faith in love. "You're not a princess Arohi, stop living in your fairy world, here there is no Prince Charming.... Life is arduous, fraught with obstacles. Even the best friends you believe and you can give your fullest confidence, they can hit you from behind when you least expect it. And what remains? Nothing. Remains only you. Alone. With your hopes and dreams shattered. Grow up."

That was the last night I saw him....after that night, I didn't feel anything but for my mom I continued to smile even that were fakes smiles. Only after I moved to Mumbai, I started to live really.

"You're a fantastic girl Arohi, in spite of all your suffering you continue to smile for your mother, you must be proud of yourself. I am proud of you. " Arjun whispers gently warming my  soul "I want to see you always smiling and I want to help you, if you want my help of course." He ends pointing his magnetic eyes straight into mine.

I do not know what to do, what to say. ... I am moved, excited, happy and sad at the same time. Arjun managed to wipe out all my strength, to knock down all my barriers, to trust at him with a glance, without even make me realizing it. And most of all to make me want more than ever to start to really live, to smile again, the real and sincere smile. I need him, I need Arjun and this dependence frightens me.
My eyes suddenly became lucid, I didn't know exactly why. Or rather, I know but I don't want to admit. I whirled around, I didn't want that Arjun notice that I was  about to cry and in the meantime I tried to fight back the tears. What the hell is wrong with you, Arohi? You always managed to control, protect yourself behind a mask but with him I can never stop myself. And the more I try to deny what I feel, the more my feelings emerge.
A light touch on my shoulder makes me wince. I feel the breath of Arjun around my neck and a multitude of chills spread on my skin breaking down and causing only unique feelings. The beat of my heart inevitably accelerate ... All my thoughts disappear in a moment, we were only us.
Arjun around my waist with his arm made me forget my name.
I just feel my heart went crazy and his chest stick to my back. Without realizing it, I let me go to his embrace. He began to move his face up and down on my neck and I feel insane emotions so strong that the soul was shaking me. Brushing was able to make me completely lose, I dare not imagine how I would feel his lips on mine. New thrills and chills come up to my heart, still beating frantically while the rhythm of my breathing was accelerated. The attraction between us was palpable, as I'd like to let go completely.

I turned, one more time my body does just the opposite of what my rationality suggests. I look at Arjun whose  eyes are closed, with a blissful expression on his face. I have never experienced a moment so wonderful ... And when Arjun opened his eyes, all logic went down the drain. We never exchanged a look so intense, I do not understand anything ... Our faces got closer, my lips...

"Wait!" I said. Arjun repeatedly slamed his eyes as if he were awakening from a dream. His expression was so annoyed that make me smile. I bring a hand on my heart to try to calm it down, still beating so fast that I fear can breasted out.

"I do not know how to define what I feel for you, I can not give it a name. Maybe because I have no comparison. It 's all so new to me ... but that does not mean that I'm sorry or repentant. In fact ... I like you too much Arjun." I said quickly.
"You want to find out together, then? Would you like to search with me to give a name to these feelings? " he said and made me turned. I lost myself in his green eyes.
"Yes," I said firm.

He rested his forehead against mine. His eyes shone with a special light, like two stars in a soft and smooth night

"My mother once said to me, when at some point in your life you will realize that everything around you is gone like a breath of wind, then stopped to think, look around, open your eyes and ask for silence ... because love has arrived. It is there, waiting that you give the right hand."

I was touched from that words. "Close your eyes" he said. I did as he said.  "And listen to your heart. You'll know your feeling." He whispered.

I isolated myself from the world. In that moment I was only there.....and silence...I suffocated all the voice of my mind...and an image took shape in that instant...a face, to be correct and a voice...


The melody of the heart is the voice of the person you love ...
... Is that sound comes from your soul ...
... The song you sing always...


I open my eyes immediately...Arjun has still his eyes closed and his forehead was rested again mine.

He would never have been enough for me. For me he was like the air we breathe. For me, he was like the mainland for a castaway, an astronaut to the moon, the water for fish ... he was my sun, my moon ... every his smile, for me, was as important as any star in the sky.
I did not live without him. In front if me I had a future, a person who spread warmth and love....and I'll accept me feeling for him...I approached to his face

"I love you" I said and nullified the distance between our lips.

Everything was perfect and wonderful. The right person, right time, right place ...


Two hearts now beat in unison.
Two lonely souls and injuries were found



After 6 months


I was in the car that Arjun sent for me...we have to dine together. I was worried as since a week he was behaving strangely with me....I was damn scared that he'd leave me.

"Madam" said the driver "We're arrived"

I took a deep breathe and went out of the car...and I was puzzled...Arjun's home...we don't have to dinner in a restaurant. Please God....

Just near the stairs I was hit by a series of strange perfume: they seemed different types of flowers whose aroma, however, was mixed creating a perfect olfactory harmony.

I saw petals of rose on the steps. I arrived at the door and opened it. The trail of roses continued up the stairs and over. I was shocked. The handrail of the stairs was completely surrounded by dozens of white roses, woven to the  wood from satin ribbons. Although each step was covered by white petals of the same hue.
But what the hell ...? I saw a sheet inside the shape of heart designed by the candles.
I bent down and picked up the slip of paper at my feet.
With trembling hands I opened it.

"The white symbolizes your purity, your kindness, your perfection. White is the color of angels ... what you are to me ... "

With my heart in my throat and I run  in the living room.


Everything there was blue: hundreds and hundreds of roses tied with blue curtains, the TV, lying on the couch and whose petals formed a soft blue carpet that made the room seem an ocean.
I noticed a card attached to the TV of the same color. I moved there and read

"Blue is the color that I love the more you wear. The color that lights up your face, the color that lights up your smile ... The color of the sky above our night when you said "I love you" ... "

I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes sting. Arjun had spent the whole week to arrange this surprise, as I was to make me feel special to him ...and I had doubt of him.

I grabbed a blue rose and shook with the white one that I had took before: I didn't even risk to hurt me since all the plugs were removed one by one ... how sweet and thoughtful!
I followed the candle that took me in the kitchen.
And I was almost blinded by the color that struck me: Yellow, Yellow everywhere.
I blinked and looked bewildered sunflowers that occupied every inch of every flat surface in the kitchen. They were beautiful, large and shiny. They gave me a sudden burst into laughter and happiness.
At the center of the dining table there was one huge that where was a note attached, which was also yellow.

"My sun... my only sunshine you're my love. The sun that has illuminated my days. The sun warmed my life.. The sun ... as well as men can not live without it, so I do not survive away from you ... "

"Oh Arjun .." I whispered. My heart was about to burst with happiness in my chest: I did not think I can try a lot of joy and love in an instant ..
The candle went upstairs....

Red. Rose red covered the room
I routes carefully the few meters that separated me from the goal. I arrived and I opened the red cardboard. This note was longer than the others.

"Red ... this color  remember you. And is the color of your cheeks when I hold you, when I hug you, or when our breaths meet in unison.
Smell the red rose that you have in your hand.
Its fragrance will capture you, stun you, whisks you away into a whirlwind of passion and desire. And this is what I feel whenever you're with me, every time I buried my face in your hair. Apparently the rose is frail, but inside it has a strength and a power that no one cannot imagine.
That rose is you Arohi.
I believed you're fragile and need to be protected ... but the reality is that the really strong between us is you. The one who never gives up, the one that showed me dozens of times now, the girl who is so brave...

You'd ever ask the stars  to stop to shine? Or river to stop flowing? Behold, I could not ask to  my heart to stop loving you. The heart would not listen, and then, I would not dare. How do I ask my heart to stop beating for heart will always beats for you

I love ... Yours forever.
Arjun "

"Oh Arjun," I almost whispered "Arjun ... I love you too ..."

"I was hoping to hear that, you know?" The voice that I loved most in the world made me turn.
He was in front of the me, less than five feet from me and stared at me with his smile.

When I saw him kneel in front of me, I nearly had a heart attack. And once he had pulled out a blue velvet box from his pocket and open it , revealing a ring, I began to think seriously that I would not be able to breathe.
"Arohi" started Arjun "you know what I feel for you, I've said before and repeat until I'll drop: You're my only reason to live, the air I breath, my morning, my evening, my night. My whole life revolves around you, you are my sunshine, beautiful, so bright to blind me. You're all I want, my little, sweet, tender love. I wish I could spend with you the rest of my life, to live together every day, wake up every morning by your side. For this I ask you, Arohi Sharma, will you be my wife?"

I felt that I couldn't do it, I would not have done. The world around me was losing its lines, everything was blurred. And here they are, the damn tears, always there, ready to betray me. He's a great guy who had just asked for my hand. What could I do? I loved Arjun unconditionally, and I want nothing more than to tie him forever, but it was right? Among my doubts, a name taken shape in my mind...Mrs. Arohi Arjun Punj.

Arjun at that time was waiting for, he'd probably suffering for my silence and my tears.
With a gesture, I wiped my face and then pointing it at him. I took his hands and got up him, and only talked when we were face to face.
"Yes, I want to marry you. But above all, Arjun, I love you, love you."
There were no words to describe the happiness we both felt at that time.

It was me and him. Together again The hug the strongest and delicate we ever had.. And we gravitated together in our universe apart.

"Thanks Arjun ..." I spoke
"And for what?" he looked at me puzzled.
"To love me and let me love you. Thanks to give this overwhelming love for one person."

"Do not say it. You don't have to thank me for anything. The important thing is that now you are here, I'm here. I love you. " he whispered.

"Me too, Arjun".


After 2 years


" Arohi .." Arjun said, with his sleepy voice..
" It's your turn to go ..." he continued, completely covering his head. I snorted, then I got up and shuffling up to her room. Her tears came to my ears now. Her room was fully lit, the curtains made the pink color of the room even more harmonious. I went to pick her up to cradle and rock her. She calmed down a little, but not entirely back to sleep. She looked at me with her big green eyes, as if expecting me to do something. I smiled, immediately she returned me her smile and I went back to Arjun.

Kiran, perhaps was the best thing that ever happened to me, after Arjun. Green eyes and black hair of her father's. So like me, but totally like him. I remembered Arjun's words when he knew that the baby was a girl: "The next girl that I'll love you still on this earth will be our daughter"

I lied in the bed taking Kiran in my arms when Arjun held me, kissing my cheeks, and cuddling the girl in the head while she was asleep.

"Good morning Mom " he whispered, giving me another kiss on the cheek.
" Good morning Dad"  I replied, laughing.

My life, so sweet and perfect.





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