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19th July : SR & Arshi : Love stories and how.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

A beautiful young girl with glitter eyes weaving a fairytale on the ashes of a man's past whom she is destined to love and get broken to pieces. A princess who permanently sits on pink fluff clouds a la Juliet , transported to another world of romance , poetry and happily-ever-afters by a man who no longer believes in love. And as she sits waiting for her Prince Charming , her innocence doesn't know that she will have to be a lady-in-shining-armour to the man whom she is beginning to love , whose magical voice flutters her heart and knocks at the vaults of her feelings. Today, that's Dr. Shilpa Malhotra  for you.


A graceful, sensitive , evolved and happy young wife who lives her love for her husband whom she has come to love, respect , protect and hold as precious as her life. She has surrendered herself to the man who stood by her through her worst , bore with her through her ugliest and gave her hope and life when she had convinced herself this was the end. She handles her past with tender care , hugs her present with a love that knows no words and looks forward to her future with her husband. She is a woman who may not have lived life on her own terms and done her share of blunders , but when life hugged her , she screamed back from ever fiber of her existence ' I love you. That's Dr. Riddhima Siddhanth Modi for you.


A carefree spoilt rich brat from the palatial houses of USA who got transformed into a man of word , man of responsibility and man of honour as soon as a wounded woman stepped into his life like a hurricane. He hated her , he fought with her , he hurt her and then, in that one reckoning moment that separates lions from lambs , he married her , knowing fully well that he maybe destroying his life. But his wife fell in love with his goodness and soul purity that could melt mountains. She made him believe in her and he made her believe in his love for her ' a love which came after a trip to the worst roads that life can send you to. And now this child-man , merging Peter Pan with Dumbledore walks this earth a happy man ' his original purity still untarnished. That's Dr. Siddhanth Modi for you.


A dreamboat in motion ' a merchant of love and dreams straight out of a poet's most cherished work , he stands for everything that symbolizes love in all it's beauty. A man of a million roses and very few thorns , he is the stuff that fairytales in books are made of. He has always tried to see only what is beautiful and lovely in life and he invested all his beauty and heartbeats in a woman. And today , when she belongs to her healer , he smiles at her face , hops around with her husband but holds on to that time gone by in quiet dark corners. Being the man that he is , he tells that woman and her husband everyday that he is happy and that he has moved on. Little does he know that he cannot move on until he has somebody to embrace , hug , love and splash in rainbow waters with once again. And as he kicks that used coke can on a lonely dark road, a beautiful princess with glitter eyes gets under his skin ' to force him to hope again , live a new lifetime that is beautiful. That is Dr. Armaan Malik for you'..


What flawed and amazingly beautiful people. Aren't they?


Well, what is there to say about today's episode? It was resonant and resounding enough for the sensitive , sensible and soul-o-holics to understand'.Whatever the episode stood for has been summed up in my take in the characters above. Still'.


Armaan is letting go off all the dreams , hope , beauty and love that he stood for because what he dreamt of is somebody else's reality now. He cries in corners , lowers his eyes in denial  at the mention of what SR share and is beginning to hate the very idea of love ' he is only human' understandable. But unknowingly , the ashes of what he is burning are creating a mirror image Armaan in Shilpa who is falling in love with him and is consumed by this lover with a magical voice. And as Armaan gets filled with fury and a vacuum believing that he will perhaps never feel again , Shilpa is diving deeper into the waters that she thinks can be nothing but beautiful. Infact , today , while reading Armaan's letters ,she closed her eyes, trying to feel him'. She became the voice of his heart as he had a conversation with Riddhima about Sid, Shilpa and what has gone by. Armaan thinks he has gotten rid of all that was lovely but no'.... he has just passed on that beauty and passionate intensity to Shilpa and one fine day , all this will come back to him with full force through Shilpa reminding him that fate has her own designs but we  can never kill the original us. After all, didn't Riddhima say that Shilpa was Armaan's female version?


Siddhanth learnt to keep friendship and his profession apart and it was good to see him in that avatar ' that is the beauty of this man. You want to see him at his best? Pile him up with responsibilities and see the man behind  the boy unfold. And little did this man know that in some corner of Sanjivani , his darling wife is talking about him fondly , glowing in his love , as she sits next to her past dream and her present friend Armaan.It is because she believes in herself , in her marriage and in Sid's love that she can sit comfortably with Armaan and talk over anything and everything under the sun ' ...be normal. All this strength and sensibility has come from the faith and hope that Sid has filled her up with by telling her how much he loves her and taking her home. And because her present is so beautiful and her future so gloriously hopeful with Sid , she can look back at her past with fondness , a big smile and wish him well. Love gives you faith and the continuous reassurance of it that every morning when you get up , he fills you with a tenderness that moves your soul gives you the strength to face anything. Riddhima can be normal with Armaan today because Sid is right next to her '. Or rather slipped onto her finger.


Shilpa, Riddhima, Sid'. All three of them make such a beautiful picture today. Armaan does not . Here's why'.


Yes, Armaan should move on '. BUT HOW?  Now, you'll say that if Riddhima could move on with Sid , why can't he'. THAT'S THE CATCH ' " WITH SID". When Riddhima was at her breakpoint , with no wish to see the next morning sun , Siddhanth Modi came to her life ' forced her to feel , even if it was anger and hatred , took her life by a storm , held her hand like a saviour , stood by her through thick and thin , married her , affected her to an extent that she began to feel sunshine and he became the anchor that she holds to till date for her dear life. He healed her and as time went by , she realized that Sid is the center of her universe , her new life and that's how she came to love him and live again'. As Lennzie, says, the woman Armaan sees today is Siddhanth's Riddhima , put back to life brick-by-brick, thread-by-thread.


And Armaan? Whom does he have? What does he have? NOBODY and NOTHING. There is nobody to listen to him , to hear him vent out how he feels inside , to help him deal with what is no longer there. There is nobody to hold his hand , heal him , keep him in an embrace so that he stops crying. Not to forget Armaan has never been emotionally stable owing to his childhood. This is the reason that he is running in this vicious circle of moving on and not moving on. There is no anchor in his life , just radars that are going off everywhere.He needs roots once again to find an emotional footing from where SR appear as beautiful to him as they do to Shilpa.


Shilpa is that anchor , she is in Armaan's life what Sid is in Riddhima's life. But it will take time'.she is under Armaan's skin and she has attacked RAW Armaan and that exactly is his road to recovery. And as CZ says , once Armaan crosses that heartbreak bridge , his story with Riddhima will appear a saga of some other lifetime to him.


I know many SR fans were upset when Armaan said that SR had no love story , just marriage but we must not forget that Armaan was not around to witness the SR story , he has no idea what happened between them and how they have evolved into what they are today. He doesn't know their profound history and hence  his refusal or rather denial to acknowledge the depth that the SR bond has. It's not that Armaan doesn't know that SR love each-other '. He does' and he has witnessed some deep moments between them but for now , he'd rather not think about it. Armaan is NOT alright and that's why his worst behaviour comes out with Shilpa , that's why he goes on a defensive with Sid in the elevator and that is why Riddhima tells him to take care of himself.


Lastly, if Sid could teach a shattered Riddhima  to live again, then, Shilpa is made of similar silks. She will teach Armaan to be Armaan again and after that just as Riddz knows no life without Sid , he will not know a single day without Shilpa. When healers come , they take over your entire being.


Love and luck always to everyone,Heart


GOD bless everyone. Hug

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
NIce post Poco..you always have wise words to share.
Armaan has always been a free soul, he'd go and do what he wanted, rather what he felt.  Armaan has always relied on his feelings to tell him what to do next..jo bhi kiya dil se kiya..aur jo bhi socha dil se... He is a man who actually has stepped out of a fairy tale but alas no where does he see his princess but rather a malibu barbie irritating him to no ends. 
Shilpa is strong as Siddhant is.  They are both made of joy and happiness and want everyone around them to feel the same.  The joy for them is giving and seeing others smile.  As childlish as they seem these people are rock hard when the roof comes falling they know what to do at the hardest of times and know not to break.  Its their forever will to fight and optimisim that keeps them going.  They are not afraid of anyone/anything, be it rain shine or thunder or someone senior to them.
Riddhima is what a girl is.  She is what a woman is.  She is human.
She loved, she lost, and she loved again.  Once bitten twice shy, yes she's taking it slower this time w/ Siddhant not because she doesn't love him, but rather I think she's thinking to set harder and steadier foundations with him before attempting to make a monumental love. 
Armaan needs to hurt and he needs to cry... we all thought those days of burning had gone down to ashes but as soon as shilpa came in one spark lit the entire thing again for armaan...he is again hurting and feeling alone.  rightly should be..who does he really have? shilpa needs to tear him apart..inch by inch and rip him out of whatever he's trying to hold on to and start building him back up again... right now armaan's living off a broken building that is waiting to crash any moment now...
It is good shilpa is loving the man that is in the diary.. this is the real armaan..the gentle and everloving armaan.. once she realizes that she won't back off right away but rather prolly be intrigued to know what happened..and then she'll hurt just like siddhant did..but 'zakh kha ke hum hote hai javaa right?

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Ohms Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 3:41pm | IP Logged

Oh my God, what an artistic way of analyzing the emotion that each of the protagonist is playing.

You have a dissecting/ inquisitive brain and also a flare to write. These two together is dangerously contagious.


Your post captivates me and I get lost in your words of wisdom which only a wise person can write.


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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 4:05pm | IP Logged

wonderful post Pocu and beautifully wriiten

yes Armaan doesnt know fully about the SR love story and also like you said he doesnt want to acknowledge or accept the love SR have for one another, yes he knows about it but doesnt want to admit it, hence his behaviour in the current track

i loved shilpa line to Armaan today that in india 90% of marraige love happens after marriage, well said. today's episode had all hints of ArShi, like we have had for siddhima, loved how shilpa prayed to God to make the guy fall in love with her, Shilpa will heal Armaan in such a way that he himself wil be suprised

looking fowrad to SR and ArShi love story, its getting so interesting


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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
poco !! wonderful !! i am speechless with your piece of writing and you said it all !!
just want to Sid-shilpa bonding and their encounter !! find both of them similar in terms of life !!
Sid find Ridz on worst time !! Shilpa also finds Arman in his down time !!
Shilpa has another story behind this story !!
Like Ridzie she is going to suffer !! but she is Ditto like Sid ...!!
She is strong and wonderful character like SID !!
So all the hopes on SID and SHILPA bonding and their friendship ...i will be finding doing wonders !!

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Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
Poca i have no words to say now u have described them so well i am lost of words now awesome topic

Yh today was proved when AR were talking to each other bt in actual they were not talking thmself Ridz was talking abt her dear hubby and Armaan was talking abt Shilpa and at the end of episode he also said dat this is all fantasy nothing of this kinda happen in real so again Armaan Malik is back he doesn't believe in love again bt very soon he will with Shilpa

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 5:20pm | IP Logged
lovely nitzooooooooo..........Clap
I have literally no time to put in any of my chavanis but I am here due to my loyalties to u........
However...................U have summed it up very beautifully and very poignantly with utter depth.....
Here's just a few words from me......
Today Armaan stands at a junction that once Shanky had told him about Ridz.........and that is "To face n embrace ur past.....make it ur strenght and then move forward".....
Ridz today in that AR scene propelled and accomodated the "make peace with the past" process........and Armaan has not yet  and cannot fully begin his moving ahead in life till Shilpa enters his life at his rawest best where the wounds are at its root fresh......the process which began on thursday in the elevator.......
SR are now already in their comfort zone and are simply merrily swaying away in each other's love as they talk about each other.....
A beautiful epi it was.....Embarrassed

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 November 2004
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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Hey Pocu EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedSmile
Beautifully said this whole post, i dont know what else to say coz you have summed it up to how it will be and should be
All 4 characters - both couples SR and ArSh and the past, where it all stems from - Destiny is where it all comes down to, and i mentioned earlier looks like both Armaan and Ridz were destined to meet two ppl with the same initials SM - Siddhant Modi and Shilpa Malthora
Ridz was destined to be RM, but Riddhima ModiDay Dreaming, and Shilpa would be Shilpa Malik Wink
Shanks words come to mind when i see Ridz today (and what she has achieved and the woman i see today, living and happy)when he said once to Armaan, that Ridz has to embrace her past and all the memories and face them, make it a strength and then on she can go forward and move on and now its Armaan's turn now to do that..........
Riddhima can be normal with Armaan today because Sid is right next to her '. Or rather slipped onto her finger.
That is one of the reason, she has moved on, moved on with Sid, her husband, in her marriage - that love, and hope she feels, and the love that Sid has filled her up with, and as you say Pocu she lives her love for Sid, no words are to describe how exactly she lives her love for Sid, its to see it and feel it - SR's love is beyond words
She has this smile glow in how Sid is with her - this peace and contentment, her affectionate coming out on how he is at home etc - and you can sense and see SR are settling down, and have set into a routine, and a in a comfort zone - thats her world, SR are on a different level together from the rest
Ridz can look back on her past and smile, no bitterness, no regrets as such, and no thinking it was a loss and it cant ever be all this, coz then she wouldnt have been led to her finding her life-partner Sid Modi - a man she immediately formed a bond, which based on alot of emotions, but such bond that got deeper and strengthen as time went on, not once did it break, they are soulmates, and they have that pull to one another
As you say Pocu, Ridz anchor is Sid - he's her lifeline, and Ridz is his everything - she is Siddhant's Riddhima, he is consummed with love only for her - he is filled with immense love that spread through him only for her and to her, he fills you up and moves you from within and that is what he does to Ridz, and that is SR for you - and you look back on their journey and to what they have come through and are finally with one another, in love - in marriage - you see how precious it is to see them this way today - happy and content with each other on the basis of love - yes it is slow, soft and subtle, but its this built up of foundation (esp from Ridz pov) of love which will get stronger and harder and more concrete as time goes on - this is what i feel Ridz is laying down and taking her time to do, she is steady and flowing
LOVE COMES SOFTLY WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
How surreal we also have Armaan talking about Shilpa in this moment - what a coincidence
Ridz talking about Sid, and Armaan talking about Shilpa
When healers come , they take over your entire being.
Exactly, Sid and Shilpa are the healers, they give you hope, love and to feel again, to live again - to see a new world, a new lifetime (they are also ppl that are strong, they have child-like innocence but when the going gets tough and hard times fall, they will not know how to break, its their fighting sprit and unconditional love that will win and shine)
Also the healer's partners will also become the healers themselves one day - we have seen with Ridz and Sid, that when Sid is hurt or in pain, Ridz is the only who can heal his wounds and same will have to go with Armaan towards Shilpa (because we can all see the deep sadness that lays in Shilpa and those eyes that fill up with so much emotions says alot)
Bottomline is Ridz cant help Armaan anymore then she needed to and that was saying a goodbye, and she cant fix him or heal him, she isnt his healer or anything more then just a old friend shall i say, RIdz cant do anything more then do what she did today, was be herself and thats good enough as you can see Armaan talk to Ridz like he did etc
Shilpa is that anchor , she is in Armaan's life what Sid is in Riddhima's life. But it will take time'.she is under Armaan's skin and she has attacked RAW Armaan and that exactly is his road to recovery.
The one to heal Armaan will have to be Shilpa, she has opened him (which he needed to be open and face the past and the reality) and she has seen the bitterness Armaan throws at her and that too on about love, we can see that Shilpa loves love, the very essense of it - and she will be Armaan's Unchained Melody, his reason to love, laugh, hope and feel again to see another lifetime
Doesnt Shilpa who has been neglected of love as it seems from such an early age, and the one who loves love, and the essence of it, deserve someone like Armaan who is how Pocu says a Dreamboat, that he is the very essence of love, he is her Armaan, her desire for her own dreamworld with love all around
And as CZ says , once Armaan crosses that heartbreak bridge , his story with Riddhima will appear a saga of some other lifetime to him.
And just like Ridz, Armaan will one day look back on his past and smile, no bitterness, no regrets as such, and no thinking it was a loss and it cant ever be, coz then it wouldnt have been led to him finding Shilpa his second chance at love and life again
As for understanding SR and where they have stemmed and risen from, no one will know but Armaan will get the gist of it when he himself learns to love again, hope again - and sees exactly what is it that is SR and also himself and Shilpa when he thinks about it and understands it how exactly you evolve
And this sums up what it is and what it will have to be....... this is the bottomline
Lastly, if Sid could teach a shattered Riddhima  to live again, then, Shilpa is made of similar silks. She will teach Armaan to be Armaan again and after that just as Riddz knows no life without Sid , he will not know a single day without Shilpa. When healers come , they take over your entire being.
Pocu wonderful post, again i say it sums it up, whatever i have said wont even be justice to what you have conveyedClapClapClapClapClapClap

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