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Indian Idol Chat Club # 39, Special Msg from Zubi

ZoobiDoobi IF-Addictz

Joined: 08 June 2005
Posts: 59364

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:15pm | IP Logged

Hello Everyone !!!
As most of you know I will be leaving to go back to my motherland tomorrow for a Grand wedding of my cousin. Dancing I just wanted to take this opportunity and let everyone know that I am really gonna miss each and everyone of you so much. I may not be able to come to CC at all for next 1 month, OR I may sneak in here and there, depending on the Internet availability there and of course Electricity. Embarrassed
I have gotten really attached to this CC since the past 2 months. I found my family here made some behans, Bhais, Buddy, Besties. Hug Had a huge crush and then breakup/ditched me, Naushad. Cry I share pretty much everything with you guys here. Anything on my mind crosses CC before it reaches anywhere else. LOL Even when I'm mad or sad, I say it all here. TongueDisapprove

Every one of you represents a special place in this CC and I will think of you guys a lot, I mean it.
Angel -- My First Best Friend on IF. She was the first one to find out about the wedding, about the saree, and even she is the first one who saw my pic on FB. And she was the first one to spoil the spoiler of Vishwas to me. Will miss you so much bestie, work hard on your Botany classes and don't miss your parents too much. Tongue

Bahaar -- Shivam "Hamara" Hai aor hum dono shivam ke. When I'll watch Indian Idol there and see Shivam going to Top 2, I'll think of you the most. And remember he will sing something special for you soon. I hope you enjoyed his Zoobie Doobie as much as I did. Dancing
Song for you:
Axeion -- First person I met in real life at Starbucks, I never told you this, but I had butterflies in my stomach while I was waiting for you at the Starbucks and then you showed up late. But when we started talking, it felt like I've known you for so long. I was kinda upset with you that u didn't go with me to watch Milenge Milenge Angry but I've gotten over it now. Will miss you and don't worry I'll have one more lunch with you in Tysons before my office moves to Crystal City. Smile
Sahil -- Although he doesn't come to CC but we have become good friends over the past few weeks. He argues with me in almost every post on IF. I try to respect him because he is my Punjabi instructor but sometimes I wanna curse him so bad. I just wanna wish you best of luck with your Masters Program. I hope your Animals on Farmville on FB survives when you are gone. And I will think of you whenever the AC isn't gonna be working and Electricity will go out because it was you who wished that I suffer there in that scorching heat. Just know that Jaspal pa ji and I will miss you. If Rakesh wins Indian Idol, then I'll be so happy and thank you and Jaspal pa ji. Smile
Neeta '- You trusted my work and motivated me to write an opening speech, but I tell you, "I hate writing." I did it because of you and because of everyone else. Yaar hum tou accountant hain and we don't know anything about literature. We'll tell u at the end of the year if you made Profit or had a Loss, but writing long long crap is not something for us. But to my surprise, everyone loved it which just made me happier. That even encouraged me to write today too. I'll miss you Neeta and Thanx for beautiful siggies, I just love them. Smile
Rani -- Before I miss anything else about you, I'll miss your Rakhi Sawant kind Drama. You are a great person, a bit too sensitive. Sometimes I feel like telling you "grow thicker skin" LOL Don't worry, someone told me the same thing a few years back and I have gotten stronger because of whatever life did to me. We met for a few minutes but it was really nice seeing you, we'll meet up again after I come back, then u can treat me Cheesecake. Do you want me to bring anything for you from there? Wink
Song for you:
Sid -- the minute you make an entry on CC, I start laughing and keep laughing with each and every post of yours. LOL Your knowledge about cars is incredible. I actually learned a lot and believe it or not, you have really helped me narrow down a car for me. It took me 5 years to decide which you just did in 2 months. We will discuss more cars once I come back as I will know more about the models in Asia vs. America. Smile
Song for you:
Digi -- My gujju teacher. I tell you one thing, you have one creative head and you should use your creative mind more often. I loved my Avi and gonna send u some pics of Bebo once I'm back to create a nice siggy for me with some Gujju on it. Tongue
Song for you:
Deba -- My neighbor, my partner in crime (Naushad's fan). I am more excited to meet you than I was to Rani and Aexion. I don't know why, its just you are one hell of a funny dude. And ofcourse we gotta talk about my BF too right. And your patni ji. Then I'll take you to Diamond store too. WinkLOL
Sapna -- my punjaban friend. Tenu aa kar saara kuj dasan di, o kheetan di khusbo, o nehar da thanda paani, o mango ghar de, o farm de janwar. That's the stuff I miss so much. You helped a lot in packing discussions.Smile
Song for you: 
Empti -- Keep coming with your big old words and I love teasing you man. I don't know why though. And don't worry im finally leaving now. Since u wanted to know If I have really left or not.Tongue
Jaspal Paa ji -- A friend, a brother, and an advisor. Aap woh sab ho jo ke hona chahiye. Thank you for everything and most of all thank you for being you. Aap se sab baatein aa kar share karun gi and I'm sure you'll love hearing them. Sugar cane ka juice peetay waqt bhi apko hi pehlay yaad karun gi. I'll get ur Raakhi ready too. Smile
A special song for you:
Kuhu '- yaar aapko bas yehi kaun gi, you are truly a koel, you come, make your presence felt and then just fly away. Love your songs that you dedicate us. Smile
Mou -- Meri Pyaari Behnaa, Finish up ur studies fast so I can find a nice suitable Bengali guy for u. Weisay u can check out his pic from my facebook profile too. Rozay shuroh honey waley hain, get ready, will miss you.
Song for you:
PinkStuff -- We used to talk a lot back in the day. Where r u these days? Gonna miss u and I think my Wedding dress will b light pink too. Tongue
Raju -- hahahah I'm gonna have so much fun and you stay here and keep getting jealous. Will take lots of pics of all the hill stations and other places in the big cities. Then I'll post them for u on FB. Glad I got to know about u before leaving, it was fun talking to you in details about everything. LOL
Song for you:
Rachna -- In the middle of the night, when my ass can't fall asleep and keep updating status on Fb, you take time to read them and comment. I just love it. We need to work together once I come back to promote "We Are Family" for my bebo and ur Kajol. Smile
Song for you:
Someone -- Behnaaa ' Dekho hum dono kitney lucky hain na. You will be really lonely without ur Online Hubby and Now I'm leaving too. Don't worry I'll b back and then there will be plenty of stuff to talk about. Add me on FB so u can see my clothes. Smile
Simi -- Hamesha daanti hai k zubi job per Chatting? Yaar now that I'm an accountant ' which is one of the most boring work in the world, I land in CC. Ab iss main mera kya kasoor hai. Oh and I made sure all the bags r below 55 Pounds just to be on a safe side. Best of luck with ur concert and go watch Milenge Milenge. Tongue
song for you:
Simi -- Pagal one ' Bachaaa, candy le kar aaaon aap ke liye? Gonna miss u bcz u r the only one who calls me didi. Infact u r the only one, I ALLOW to call me didi. But it sounds so cute and I love it. I really hope Shivam goes to Top 2 and give a really hard takkar to Shreeram. Then it'll b fun. Don't work too hard on swimming and dance practice. I'll think of you when I'll be sitting in Nehar (river) in my village swimming with buffalos and cows. Actually that's what I miss about Swimming pools here. Dance ' Wish me luck with Zoobie Doobie dance. I will definitely send you the video of it. Dancing
You are our little star of the CC:
Slumdog -- I think your next ID should be "Sapera" You go out of ur way to mock these Spammers like ni4ni, Sreeram gone, choots and all. Its like catching a snake. Will miss ur jokes and don't be too kadak on these ppl while I'm gone.  LOL
Millionair song:
Woh Ajnabee -- Behnaaa ' Yayyyy I'm finally going and so excited too. Ramadan is starting get ready babes. Take care of my buddy Xo and if he tells u to "geddout" then u kick his ass. Angry Will miss ya. Smile
Yippee -- Anu di ' aap tou ab busy hi ho gaye ho. Lekin trust me I really miss you already. Don't worry u'll get to see my saree pics soon on fb and then u can comment on it too. Take care of ur sweet hubby and we still gotta talk about some serious stuff about these guys that we never got a chance to talk. Hug
XOBIL -- I wanted you last since it'll take me about an hour to write about you.
Where do I start? You are the BEST thing that happened to me on India Forums. I still remember our first argument on flirting, your first pm requesting me to vote on Female Indian Idol, and I got mad because you called me "Didi" lol, then your first song you ever sent me "Bohat Pyaar Karte Hain" after reading my comment on Female Indian Idol. Then our major fights and all. I came back to CC because of you and now am super addicted.
But I tell you, you are the CLOSEST person to me on IF. You stood by my side when I was flying happily, and then when I was crying my heart out. I've gone through a lot in my personal life last few weeks and believe it or not, you have helped me a lot. If it wasn't for you, I would have still be in tears. Every song u sent me will always be special to me. I will think of you a lot whenever Udit ji's song will be played anywhere.
You are a very nice person and that's what matters the most in life. I will think of you while eating Gulab Jaman, Ras Gulla, and Hey remember the Jalebi joke. That day you really made me laugh even when I was crying. Did you download the Textplus Apps on your iphone?
Best song I could have thought of for my buddy. Udit Ji special just for you.
Yeh Dosti Tere Dam se Hai.
"Main Kitna Tanha Tha Aey Dost Tere Bina
Tera Dil bhi Tha khaali Khaali eik mere Bina
Mohabbat ki bahaaron se yeh Daman bhar diya tune
Meri Veeran raahon main ujala kar diya tune"
And how can I forget my Lata ji's song? She is the queen of all sad and romantic songs. Couldn't think of anything better than this one.
bin Tere, Tere Bin Saajanaa
saans Mein Saans Aaye Naa

jab Bhee Khayaalon Mein Too Aaye
mere Badan Se Khushaboo Aaye
mahake Badan Mein Rahaa Naa Jaaye, Rahaa Jaaye Naa"

Thank you for everything Xo. I mean it. I know I am not that easy to get along but you still dealt with me. I will miss you the most from anything or anyone, my Buddy.

There will be so much gossip to catch on once I'm back, There will be more shaadiyan, divorces, bachey, separations, child support, Grandkids, and all. Someone should keep a log of these and brief me on it once I'm back. You guys must reach CC # 70 before I get back. I wanna see how fast these CC's will move without the Yak Yak Yalkar. LOL
I will be really happy if anyone of them three will win Indian Idol. Rakesh, Sreeram and Shivam. Best of Luck and I will try my level best to stop by on India Forums somehow to celebrate the victory of whoever wins with you guys. Smile
Gonna have loads of fun at the wedding. Just hoping that I don't get sick a lot. Will miss you guys so much. Tongue
Please do leave your comments below after reading this. Luv ya all. Smile
Stalkers and MIDs are not welcome. 

Cutiepie Rani
digitalone 33


*Woh Ajnabee*

P.S - If you want to come and be a part of the club, please PM any
of the existing members by sending them a request to join.

Edited by ZoobiDoobi - 19 July 2010 at 2:39pm

Angel-likeDevil IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 29688

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
FIRST! .. Tongue Tongue Tongue
Angel -- My First Best Friend on IF. She was the first one to find out about the wedding, about the saree, and even she is the first one who saw my pic on FB. And she was the first one to spoil the spoiler of Vishwas to me. Will miss you so much bestie, work hard on your Botany classes and don't miss your parents too much. Tongue
Aww.. Zoobie! :')
I dunno what to say!! Hug 
And yes, I'll work hard on Botany classes, you still remember that I was scared of Botany?? LOL Embarrassed .. I guess I'll miss  you more.. :(
Take care Zoobi.. Hope you have a blast at the wedding and I wanna see beautiful you on yor beautiful saree, soon!! Tongue Wink LOL ..
Just enjoy yorself, sister dear! Hug .. And I just have no clue how the CC would go on without you. Ouch .. we'll miss you! Hug Hug 
Here's a song from me.. Embarrassed
I'm sorry.. I couldn't find a better song! :)

Edited by Angel-likeDevil - 19 July 2010 at 2:49pm
-Aaliyah- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 March 2010
Posts: 16346

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Hey Zubs! Girly best message ever ! Hug


Have fun in India!
digitalone 33 IF-Rockerz
digitalone 33
digitalone 33

Joined: 02 December 2008
Posts: 7268

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
this spamming mess cant get me here,...........

I m here too
digitalone 33 IF-Rockerz
digitalone 33
digitalone 33

Joined: 02 December 2008
Posts: 7268

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
i will read all when time permits me but i hope you have written best as all time..........heehhee
-Aaliyah- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 March 2010
Posts: 16346

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Xobile bhai,

That texting app..

PM the numba once you get it :D
ZoobiDoobi IF-Addictz

Joined: 08 June 2005
Posts: 59364

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
yeh spammers kahan gaye sab? Ermm
-Aaliyah- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 March 2010
Posts: 16346

Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ZoobiDoobi

yeh spammers kahan gaye sab? Ermm

Who knows!

I wanna talk to my bhai! LOL

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