Goodbye Rishta.com Season 1-Farewell Post!

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Hello to all the wonderful members of Rishta.com forum. I'm making this topic on behalf of every Rishta.com viewers who are/were attached to the show, its characters, actors and everything else. Describing Rishta.com is a very difficult job because good things can't be described in words. Still, I feel we must give a proper farewell to the most amazing show ever!

Okay, if  I correctly remember, Rishta.com was first aired on 1st of January at 8 PM in Sony TV. As for me, I was flipping through channels and right at 8, I stopped at Sony and the name plate of Rishta.com was being shown. I thought let's see what it's about because I wasn't much fascinated by the YRF launching shows because I never got to see the promos of Rishta.com before it started as I was least interested in Sony. But the glitz & glam in the name plate itself charmed me and once the episode started, I was glued to it! In just an hour, don't know how I fell in love with the show, its character, its story & actors!

The next thing I did after watching the episode was searching the web about Rishta.com & the next big thing which happened to me was joining I-F. I joined I-F on the 3rd of January. (Sorry, I'm rambling too much about myself but I think I need to tell all this in order to proceed with the farewell postEmbarrassed) Anyways, after joining I-F, the biggest thing which happened to me was finding out that Kavi has his own account in facebook and that he replied to all his fans and since then every thing regarding Rishta.com became special, very special! The show, the characters, the actors, the forum, my friends here, Kavi, Shruti, Rishab, Kavin, Kiren & just everything associated with this marvelous show ever is unforgettable!


Rishta.com as a show has been the changing phase of television for me. Before Rishta.com I was an avid watched of "so-called youth shows" which just seemed to portray reality. Rishta.com is that one show which was an eye-opener to me and I believe to many others as well. Every scene of the show has always been so real and so simple that it would always touch you in some way or the other. With its amazing plot and story line, people could relate to them. Rishta.com showed different shades of life and character. It gave us an outlook of characters and would always provide us with food for thought. It had no dramatic effects or tacky, insensible humour. Rishta.com had been a perfect balance of reality, humour, and drama! All in all, a complete package of entertainment. Sundays brightened up once Rishta.com started and then the show was shifted to an awful time slot of 11 PM on wednesdays but nevertheless, its loyal viewers stayed glued to the show and followed it religiously! A seasonal show of just 26 episodes in one word was just PERFECT! No dragging, no over-dramatic effects and most importantly no sickening rona-dhonas! Rishta.com had been a a very refreshing change from the soppy dramas currently aired on Television! And I'm sure, Rishta.com would stay fresh in our memory as long as we live.
Kudos to the team of Rishta.com. And sincere thanks to YRF production team for coming up with such great concept!

RISHTA.COM - The Forum

Rishta.com as a forum, according to me is the most intelligent forum in I-F. Though I'm not an active member of all the forums of I-F but I do visit some of them once a day. This forum has very few members compared to some of the massive ones but as it's  said "quality is better than quantity." This forum has a set of very intellectual and matured members who believe in constructive and healthy discussions. Though a small forum, it's very warm and open-hearted to everyone which includes the newbies as well. Thanks to the great development team this forum has, it maintains a clean and friendly atmosphere. And then there is the hugely popular KAVI SHASTRI'S CRAZY BUNCH! LOL Personally named by the star, Kavi himself! This is one forum where everyone is level-headed and matured though there's a crazy lot as well! LOL And I believe this is the ONLY forum where actors of the show personally visit and interact with their fans. Thanks to Kavi and Shruti for that! So, I would like to congratulate all the members of our forum for making this forum one of the best in IF though it's nothing official. But to its members, this forum would be loved a lot even though the show has ended!



 The witty, humorous, intelligent, stubborn, ever-charming, naughty, sarcastic, very straight forward and the one and only ROHAN MEHRA. The owner of Rishta.com along with his partner Isha and probably the only match-maker in Rishta.com who doesn't believe in love. Rohan is the typical guy. Charming and is always in a constant hunt for girls but hates the idea of commitment. Rohan has been the popular guy since college where girls swooned at the sight of him and guys envied him. He never misses a chance on line-maraoing girls but Isha had never been in the list of  "his type" of girls and that is the reason they both solely believe to have been able to work together for so many years. As the show proceeded, different shades of his character was shown. From jealousy to concern to betrayal! According to Ruchika, "Kameena hain lekin sweet hain" is the tag line for Rohan and it suits him perfectly. Rohan is adorable but can get on your nerves, he's sweet but can be really sarcastic, he's dumb but will knock sense in to you, he is believed to be insensitive but is trapped with a baggage of emotions inside. Rohan is a perfect friend. He is the best friend one can ever ask for. I'm falling short of words to describe him, so I'll stop here, you guys can describe him further. Smile


Isha is classy, independent, organized, professional, sensitive, egoistic, short-tempered & stubborn. Isha, along with Rohan started Rishta.com and is the owner of the company. Though being completely opposite to Rohan, Isha and he had been the best of friends and are efficient match-makers. Isha was brought up mostly by her dad as her mom died early. But she grew up to be a responsible and sincere woman who holds her values strong. Isha strongly believes in love and though at the age of 27, she had never been on a serious relationship and she hates the idea of one-night stands and occasional dating. Isha believes in commitment but only when she's sure about the guy. She can be really stubborn, judgmental and moody at times but is very soft-hearted and caring. Rohan rightly calls her as "Aunty" because she is really matured and basically a workaholic. But still Isha is caring and would listen to the problems of her clients and would go crazy till she solves them. She has a habit of getting involved with her clients to a great level. Isha to be described in short is the new age modern Indian woman who is strong, independent and efficient but holds on to her traditions and values.


Huzeifa Ali is sensible, workaholic, a little wacky, innocent, professional and really adorable! Huzeifa being the head of accounts department would make us tickle with his "cost-cutting" business and the "Great Rishta challenge." He always made us laugh and adore him with his cute ways. Be it giving a xerox machine as a prize or be it talking over the phone and crushing on Sureena.LOL According to me, Huzeifa is the most adorable character in Rishta.com! Huzeifa is looked upon by Rohan, Isha and Ruchika to be the most matured one among the four of them. Though he is quite unknown about the fact himself. Huzeifa might not have advices on love but he can surely advice on life which indirectly solves problems regarding love/relationships as well. Huzeifa seems to be confused at times but he is very attached to his work or rather with everything he does. He has always made us go "aww" with his cute and adorable looks and ways. Huzeifa is "adorableness at its best."


Ruchika is sassy, sexy, modern, intelligent, calm, emotional and easy to take advantage of. She's the sexy siren or rather pataka of Rishta.com. LOL The ever charming, Ruchika with her beauty and moves never fails to impress a guy. Or well, if she gets unnoticed by a guy, then the poor creature feels the world has come to an end for her. LOL Ruchika with her witty nature and naughty ways has always made us chuckle and love her. Ruchika is adorable in her own way. Though being the "I don't care" types, she's a soft hearted woman who is really caring and emotional from inside which was very well portrayed when Tyson, the pug came in to her life. Ruchika is an encyclopedia about boys. Need any advice or suggestion regarding dating and boys? Then go ahead and ask Ruchika, she'll have an answer for all your queries. As we all know, Rohan, Isha and Huzeifa had been friends since college days but as for Ruchika, she joined them in Rishta.com and then became the best of friends with them. Ruchika is one woman to look out for.



Okay, where do I start from? Kavi Shastri who debuted as Rohan Mehra in Rishta.com gave us the most loved character of television. Though being a new comer, he never seemed to be one. He's one of the most upcoming promising actors of this industry be it television or bollywood. Kavi managed to smitten us by his extreme charm and flawless acting from the first episode itself. No one can imagine Rohan without Kavi now. Kavi Shastri is the man who gave life and soul to the character of Rohan. He has made us laugh and tickle, made us adore him with his constant bugging of Isha and Ruchika, had made us gloomy with his sad face, had made us smile with his concern towards his friends and has made us cry as well. And of course, his HOT British accent can't be forgotten. I strongly believe Kavi will grow up to be a super star of India in the coming years. Our best wishes are with him. Not only is he a wonderful actor, but he is a wonderful person as well. He has always been extremely sweet and kind towards his fans. He read their mails, replies to them, actively participated and wrote to his fans in the forum quite often. Thanks a ton Kavi for interacting with your fans and making them feel special. We all love you. Embarrassed And oh yeah, he visits his own FC very often too and we were named "Crazy Bunch" by the star himself. Big smile


We have known Shruti Seth since the Shararat days and she had always been a great actor. With going days, Shruti had become an extremely matured and sensible actor which was seen very well in Rishta.com through her portrayal of Isha Mirchandani. She played the character of Isha with much ease and made her likable for the audience. Isha was one character with whom most of the girls could relate to in some way or the other. And Shruti made the character even more prominent. She did a commendable job in Rishta.com. Thanks a ton Shruti for giving us a character like Isha. You have surely made an impact on our memory with your character. Shruti too like Kavi would often come to the forum and interact with her fans. That is extremely sweet and kind of her knowing the tight schedule of an actor. We wish you all the very best for your future Shruti. You make us proud. Smile


Kavin, the cute and bubbly guy in the Sprites AD always made us smile. Likewise, in Rishta.com, he made us adore him with his even more adorable character Huzeifa Ali. Kavin gave us the cute and adorable "cost-cutter" matchmaker of Rishta.com named Huzeifa Ali. And I'm sure we would always remember him for this memorable character he played. Kavin's another matured and experienced actor. His portrayal of Huzeifa was a fresh breath of air to the story. He has made us
shout in surprise with his tiny cameo in MNIK and quite a major character in IHLS. (Well, at least I shouted in surprise. LOL) Kavin in his facebook account interacts with his fans as well. We wish this chubby and very adorable actor all the very best for his future. May you succeed in each and every aspect of your life Kavin. We love you. Smile


Kiren, who played the beautiful and modern Ruchika in Rishta.com would surely be remembered by one and all.
Kiren came across to be a very natural actor and she was appreciated by the audience for her amazing portrayal of Ruchika. Kiren too was a newcomer along with Kavi but just like Kavi, she never appeared to be new or inexperienced. Kiren too would be remembered for giving us Ruchika. She has made us laugh with her amazing tactics and has managed to make us aww with her sudden outburst of tears. Kiren holds a promise to her audience with her wonderful acting skills to be better and better in the following days. Thank you so much Kiren for giving us Ruchika. You would always be remembered by all Rishta.com viewers and your character would be cherished forever. We all wish you the very best of luck! May you go ahead to become a really successful actor one day.



And now, the man behind this awesome show Rishta.com! The extremely talented and brilliant RISHAB SETH. Words will fall short to appreciate him. Rishab is the creator of Rishta.com. He is the one to give life to the story and characters.
He is the one who made Rishta.com possible. He is the one who made us fall in love with each and everything associated with Rishta.com. He is the God, the creator of Rishta.com! We can never thank him enough for gifting us with the best show ever. His talents can't be described by mere words. Kavi rightly said that Rishab is the real Rohan Mehra. I'm falling in short of words, so I would conclude with a big thank you to Rishab for giving us a show which we would remember as long as we live.

Well, that's all everyone! Please post in your views and appreciations for the show, forum, characters, actors and director. Would look forward to your active participation in bidding a proper farewell to the Season 1 of Rishta.com! Thanks to everyone associated with Rishta.com and that includes the forum as well. We would keep the show alive in our memory through the forum.

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Lovely post...I agree whole heartedly with every word u say!
Big smile
This show has literally BEWITCHED me over the past 6 months...and even though season 1 has come to an end, i still can't stop thinking about it.
All I can say is, i fervently hope that season 2 is made, and we get to watch these unforgettable characters once again.Smile

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No one could have summed up the Rishta.com experience more beautifully!
Wonderful post.  A pleasure to read.
Big smile

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Ahhhhh! Triplet, great post!
Dude, I'm going to miss this show soooo much! I swear I want a second season back with the cast because they were just such a lovely team together.
I realy wish that this show didn't have to end right now..but as they say..all good things eventually come to an end. Since this season has managed to come to it's end..I'm eagerly waiting for a second season to come by soon.
Talking about the actors..I'm so glad that this show had such a wonderful cast. The actors were all so lovely and sweet. And I think it was the sweetest thing that Kavi and Shruti and everyone else would interact with us on this forum and twitter. The sweetest thing that actors can do! They found time out of thier busy schedule and they communicated with us!
This show has definately been close to me since I found such sweet and great friends in this forum. I managed to make such great new friends and enjoyed myself a lot while visiting the forum.
Thank you for this show and I really hope to see a second season if it's possible. =)

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Great job Riya, like I told you already! *hugs* I'll edit this soon Embarrassed

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Thank you Amrinag, musicalrain, Triplet and Meera Di!! Big smile And the rest of u ppl? Where r u? Come on, we ALL should write a farewell post to this wonderful show and forum! Smile

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Lovely post, Riya.....you've summed up the journey we've all been through with Rishta.com very well and described the characters and actors beautifullyClap

I feel at a loss for words as to where to begin to talk about this show....in some ways I feel talked out....lol......

Re-runs are currently airing and as I watch the epis randomly out of order again, I just miss this show like hell....like reallllllllly badly....there's like a tangible sense of loss that we don't have this show with us anymore....and I feel really bad about that.....I watch some Rohan-Isha's scenes from back then.....the Sukrit track....and I see them all in a different light now.....I watch and marvel at the character evolutions we got to see....the layers and stories we got to see in every epi.....I think we gushed more than enough when each epi aired also.....lol

This is silly but I randomly realized that the first epi of R.com began on a morning.....RoSha waking up and their contrasting views on life and every other thing.....lol.....and it ended on an evening....a night....where they realized that they can't imagine life without each other.....I don't know if that was intentional on part of the writers or it's a random co-incidence that I'm finding poignant.....lol

Anyways, I miss this show like anything....and when I do, I make random stuff like this to express that:

Please come back for another season, guys.....we realllllllllllly miss you! Life's just not the same without R.com to brighten up our Wednesdays.

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Originally posted by nureat01

This is silly but I randomly realized that the first epi of R.com began on a morning.....RoSha waking up and their contrasting views on life and every other thing.....lol.....and it ended on an evening....a night....where they realized that they can't imagine life without each other.....I don't know if that was intentional on part of the writers or it's a random co-incidence that I'm finding poignant.....lol

Nice observation!Smile

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