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Zindagi...Do Pal Ki ...[MN OS] Pg 63 [17/Nov] (Page 9)

-Mansi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2010 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Ur Valentine/Reunion and the Rakshi ones were sooo beautiful! I seriously loved dem so much!!!

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Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 September 2010 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
SPEECHLESS !!! <3 <3 <3

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--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 September 2010 at 7:24am | IP Logged
valentines day os-
loved it like nything

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--Mahima-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 September 2010 at 7:31am | IP Logged
mayur reunion os-
unique and cute

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much guys.Smile
i'm really feel very lucky to have friends & readers like you.
thank you so much for ur love & support.Smile
i love you guys.Smile
now i'm going to post a weird type of os.......... it was really ridiculous & childish & bakwas & boring os.TongueWinkLOLConfusedOuch i knw u shockedShocked to see verious xpression, but it's true.........ths was my real xpression before post this os.
here it was -
scrool down

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 1:41pm | IP Logged

                      Once Upon a Time :    (a Mayur os ? goes Indian Cinderella wayTongue)




"Maaaaa, don't touch my hair." Mayank got irritated as his mother ruffled his hair.

Shilpa giggled and ruffle his hair once again, "mera kaam kiya? Tune who photo dekhi?"

"kaunsi photo?" Mayank again glued on laptop's screen.

"aareeee Nupur ki photo. Jo ussdin Sohini tere liye le kar aayi thi." Shipa again trying to ruffle, but failed as Mayank dragged back on last moment.

"Mujhe shadi nahi karni. Main aisa hi thik hun." Mayank replying some important business mails.

"hey Bhagban, iss ladke ka kya hoga." Looking upward, now back to face her son, "dekh, main aur tere papa party me jaa rahe hain. Wapas aake mujhe tera final answer chahiye-" Mayank open his mouth to tell something, but Shilpa cut him fast, " aur mujhe iss baar na nahi sunna."

Shilpa about to leave from Mayank's room, then turn, "aur haan, hume aate aate der ho sakti hain. Khana thik se kha lena,Samjha?"

"yes Maa." Mayank nodded his head, "bye Maa, bye papa, enjoy the party." Mayank shouted.

"thanks beta." They leaved.

Mayank took his dinner after completed his work.

11:30, Mayank sighted. His cell ringing, his papa, he informed him that they will be late.

Mayank enter his room and saw an envelope on his bed. "yeh zarur Maa ne rakha hoga, shayad issme Nupur ki photo hai." He took the envelope and placed on the study table, "sorry Miss Morena, main tumhe kaal subha ko hi dekhunga." He turn off the light and immediately slept, due to a hectic day.

Mayank feel someone bushes his hair so softly????.he slowly open his eyes and saw, his mother sitting on his bed, and brushed her soft hand on her hair, a motherly smile playing on her lips.

"uthiye rajkuma, aur kitna soyenge aap?" Maharani Shilpa devi ask to her only son.

"Maa, thori der aur sone dijiye na." Mayank put Shilpa's hand on her hair again, "hum kalhi to gurukul se laute hai."

"hume pata hai rajkuma, paar Maharaj apka intezar kar rahe hai. Hume apse kuch zaruri baat kari hai."

Mayank woke up, "thik hai Maa, hum abhi ate hain." He went to washroom, after some time he went to his father Maharaj Somedev's room, Maharani Shilpa and other handful of men also there.

After taking elders ashirwad, he sat near Shilpa.

"well, here we are for discussing something about our beloved Rajkumar. He finished his gurukul.." Maharaj Somedev paused, then he begin, " so, its now the time of his marriage. So Gurudev-" addressing their family astrologer, "can you please trying to find out a Rajkumari for our beloved son?" he finished softly.

Everyone's eyes on Gurudev, and the other hand, Mayank blushed, but there is a happiness inside him.

"well" Gurudev clearing his throat, "Rajkumar, can you please come with me?"

Mayank nodded and follow him, Maharaj and Maharaani also follow them. They reached their terrace, they stood in middle, as Gurudev waved his hand and mumbled something. They saw, they stood in middle of a beautiful room, the room is quite strange, its roof painted with glittering stars and floor painted like shivering water.

"Rajkumar Mayank, here is the image of top ten beautiful Rajkumari of this world. You choose." Gurudev said.

Mayank sheepishly smile at Shipa, she little pushed him forward.

Mayank start choosing his Rajkumari. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is best among other. But he didn't satisfied, he roam entire room and notice an image of a Rajkumari on the corner. He come near, and dumbstuck?there is an image of an unknown beautiful gorgeous princess?her dress was simple, she wore a simple white gown, pearl neckles and pearl crown?her innocent eyes are full of sorrow?her angelic face was far from happiness.

"here is my princess." Mayank pointed his finger to her. Everyone reached near him happily, but after saw her photo, they become scared...and the room immediately vanished.

"Rajkumar, you didn't found any other princess, except her." Shilpa yelled on him in broken teary eyes.

"clam down Maharani" Maharaj said, " this is his destiny. Lets allow him to handle this to his own."

"whats the matter? Is she that bad?" Mayank asked to his father; he couldn't understood a bit.

"well, this is your destiny Rajkurmar." Maharaj start to telling him, "she is not bad. She the most beautiful Rajkumari of the entire earth. She is Rajkumari Nupur form Morena kingdom. Her father Maharaj Yashwardhan is my gurukul friend. We fixed your marriage with her, when she took birth. With time she become beautiful to more beautiful?her sparkling beauty portrait her inner beauty and polite behavior. But when she was her early teen??a demon kidnapped her from her place and flew away. Who was trying to rescue her, they never come alive."

"where is she now?" Mayank asked.

"I don't know." Maharaj swing his head.

"I know, where is the demon's palace." Gurudev said, " I will tell you tomorrow, when you will ready to leave." After saying that he leave and Maharaj also left with his wife and son.


Next day, Rajkumar Mayank ready with full of energy. He was immediately fall in love with her, and now he ready to go to her.

Gurudev come near him, and handed a beautiful sword, " this is not a ordinary sword. It has a power to cut everything?.and when you touching it, you should be a mind reader." He how told Mayank the direction.

Bid to everyone Rajkumar Mayank left with his favourite horse Ranvijay.


He went long long long?far far form his kingdom ArunGarh. He went as the direction which Gurudev told.

As per Gurudev's word Rajkumar Mayank reached near a huge empty ground, there is nothing, not even a tree or bush. Mayank runs his horse with full force, but stopped by a ugly dwarf demon, he has only an eye.

"who are you? Why you standing on my way?" Mayank ask angrily.

"don't angry Rajkumr. I know, you are going to find Rajkumari Nupur. I have a power. Please, take me with you, I will be help you in future."

"which power do you have?"

" my have a super eyesight?I saw everything on the world. Then my name is Far-eye." The demon answer.

"ok, I take you with me. Now, tell me, how are my parents?"

Far-eye look at the direction and said, " your father consoling you mother, she is crying for you."

Mayank become sad, but next moment he drive away his sadness and run his horse.

After two day, there is vast river with a too speedy current. Mayank jumped down form his horse, and thinking what to do? Even Far-eye couldn't help him.

Suddenly they feel the earth was shaken. But its not a earthquak?..its something strange?.shaken after regular interval. They look back and spotted a very fat demon come near them. He is very fat, the earth was shaken in his footstapes.

"are you going to rescue Rajkumai Nupur?" the demon asked. Mayank nodded.

"ok, then take me with you. My name is Fat-belly?and I have an ability to drink water of a whole ocean."

Mayank take him, and approaching his target. He found another demon, named Long-foot. He had a power to longer and shorter his legs when he wish.

"so friends, how far we are from Rajkumari Nupur?" Mayank asked.

Far-eye said, " by horse, we will reached there after three months. But if Long-foot carried us, then we will reach there in evening."

Long-foot agreed to carry them. They reached there in evening?they reached near demon's palace?.. Mayank  enter into the palace and his three friends hide themselves in nearby jungle.   


Mayank enter into the palace. He was surprisingly watch everything?.everything is perfect there??and also most beautiful?.the show pieces??.the flowers?.even the designs of the golden wall is also unique.


Mayank lost in front of beauty. Suddenly he heard some harsh noise??he quickly enter nearer room and peeping through between gaps of the door. He saw an ugly fat demon passing from corridor?..suddenly he stopped and immediately spotted Mayank.

"who are you?" the demon growled.

"I am Rajkumar Mayank form ArunGarh?.and I want to marry Rajkumari Nupur." Mayank bravely answer, straightly look into his eyes.

"hmmmm, I agree." Demon said, "but I have a condition, you suppose to guard Rajkumari for three nights, if you will successful, then marry her."

Mayank agree, the demon took him and dropped in front of a room.

"you must entre and start your duty. Its almost night." The demon left.

Mayank enter into the room, and saw very beautiful girl sitting near window??she is much much more beautiful than her image. Mayank come to her, "Namaste Rajkumri Nupur." He bend his head.

Nupur shocked to see him. Mayank notice she was very happy, then become sad in very next moment.

"what happen Rajkumari ji? Are you not happy to see me?"

"no Rajkumar." Nupur sighted, " I am sad for your future. Why you come here? Just go ? go back to your home."

"no Rajkumari. I am here for you ? for rescuing you." Mayank one step forward to her, "by the way, I am Rajkumar Mayank form ArunGarh."

"hmm, nice to meet you Rajkumar." She went near bed, and slept within a moment.

Mayank was surprised to see this. He remember the demon's word and start guarding her. But in midnight?.Mayank's not feeling well, his head become heavier every passing moments, his eyes dropped in fatigue. He triyed hard to awake, but fallen asleep soon, under influence of magic.


He wake up with a jerk??.its almost pre-dawn?..he was hell shocked to see the empty bed???Nupur was nowhere.

He immediately went to his friends. Far-eye said, hmm, I spotted her. Far from here??.a very deep jungle???.there is a mango tree?.there is a one mango?..and the mango seed is Rajkumari."

Long-foot quickly grabbed both Mayank and Far-eye?????.went there, choose the special mango and back into minutes. Mayank quickly cut the mango, take the seed and ran toward the palace.

The first ray of the sun, the seed become Rajkumari Nupur. She yawned and got out form the bed??.in the moment demon enter into the room. He is hell shocked to see Nupur there. 

He become very angry?..he tighten his jaws. "two night more?.be careful" he left from the room.

Mayank was very happy to see his success?..their success. He was more happy that he will spend entire day with Nupur.

On the other hand, Nupur was also happy to see Mayank all right??she realized Rajkumar Mayank was different from other princes?..because he won first condition.

Entire day, Mayank and Nupur was busy with chatting..they fall in love at first sight. Mayank was very happy to see Nupur's glowing face, Nupur also happy to see a brave human after long time. She silently prayed to God for Mayank's success. She was happy, but scared too, her fear overshadow her happiness.

At evening.

"Rajkumari ji, you are looking little sad. Why?" Mayank asked finally.

"for you Rajkumar. I am afraid to your destiny. Tonight will be a big night for you???because the demon was really angry for you. He must be planned something wrong." Nupur's eyes are moist, "please, Rajkumar, go away from here. I couldn't see you in pain."

"so do I " Mayank replied. "trust me Rajkumari ji. I will take you away from here?..promise" he paused for few seconds, " then you will become forever mine."

Nupur blushed hard, but before they continue their conversation, Nupur slept under magical influence. Mayank sighted, he was disappointed to see Nupur asleep fast, he want to continue their conversation. But he know, it was not Nupur's fault, she is under the influence of magic.

Mayank start guarding?.but in midnight, he again slept.


Mayank wake up and see the empty bed again. He rush to his friends.

Far-eye said, " I can see her. Far far from here, there is an ocean, there is big pearl island under the sea, there is a tiniest pearl is Rajkumari."

All four friends are gone there. Fat-belly drunk the ocean, Long-foot taken Mayank to pearl island and Mayank took desire pearl with help of Far-eye. They come back with the pearl?? Mayank rush to the room.

Just few seconds later the demon entre and again shocked to see Nupur on the bed.

Now he become more angry, "be aware Rajkumar, today is the last night."


Whole day passed with love talks between two. They really fall for each other???

They sat near window?cool breeze blowing?..ruffeling their hair?Mayank come close to her and sat beside??Nupur blushed, looking everywhere else Mayank.

Mayank placed his hand to her. She shivered in his touch, blush crept on her milky chek.

"Rajkumari ji. Do you marry me?" Rajkumar Mayank asked slowly. His voice full with love. Nupur lowered her eyes, a sweet shy smile playing on her lips.

"Rajkumari ji, plz tell me." Mayank was curious, he knew Nupur too love him, but he want to hear the answer to her lips. On the other hand, Nupur become very shy, her cheeks become crimson, she hide her face between her palm after nodded in yes.

Mayank was very happy. he removed her hand from her face. He place his finger under her chin made her to look at him. Her face was glowing in happiness, but a fear still on her teary eyes, " the demon is very dengarous." She whisper, tear slipping down from her eyes, Mayank remove it, "don't cry, its pierced me." He place her palm on his cheek before kissed it, " don't worry. I'll snatch you from demon. Believe me."

" I believe you, more than myself, more than the world." She smile painfully. They lost in each other eyes, unaware of the time??their eye lock ended only after Nupur slept (she's under magical influence). Mayank lift her and placed on the bed.


Mayank open his eyes, he saw again Nupur wasn't on the bed. He immediately reached to his friends. Far-eye rounded his head to found  Nupur, but there was not any sigh of her.

"where is she?" Mayank frusted.

"I don't know. I couldn't spotted her. May be she is not in the earth." Far-eye said.

"what do you mean by ont in the earth?" Mayank shouts, suddenly an idea hit on his mind. "Far-eye, plz scan the demon's place. I thought, she is there."

Far-eye spotted her in seconds,  he smile, "Rajkumar, you are right. She is in the palace."


"with demon. He is wore a pearl necklace?.the most beautiful pearl is Rajkumari." Far-eye said, "but the problem is the demon is awake. If you want Rajkumari, then you should fight with him and kill him."

" I agree. Wait for me." Mayank rushed to the demon's room, saw he is moving furiously with sword.

Mayank entre into the room, "hey demon. Give my Rajkumari back." He shout. His voice visible with anger.

"if you want her back, the fight with me." Demon grin, "if you won, I'll give you her."

"I'll kill you." Mayank shout and jump on him. They start fighting??their swords sparking, both are sweating and breathing heavily??

Suddenly Gurudev's word echo on Mayank's mind, 'the sword has a power to cut everything & it's a mind-reader.' Mayank immediately took out sword. He notice the demon's face was pale after seeing the sword.

"I'll save myself from this. It was almost dawn, so after sometime Rajkumar lost his bet. So I'll try to waste time." The demon thought.

Mayank heard everything, he silently thanked to God. Without wasting any moment, he jump on the demon and shoved the sword on his heart. The demon shouting panting in pain, blood flowing down like river??..after some time he is dead. His body slowly disappeared in the air when the first ray of sun hitting his body. The pearl of the necklace now become Rajkumri Nupur. She smile at Mayank, then scared to see demon's disappearing body.

Mayank went near her, hold her hands tight, " its ok, Rajkumari. He was dead. You are free now." He smile. Nupur also smile freely after long time.

"I want to see my parents." She whisper. "off course. Come with me." Mayank took her nearby jungle, where his three demon friends waiting for him. Nupur become scared to see them, Mayank assured her, they are very nice. Long-foot brought them back to ArunGarh.

Maharaj & Maharani, both are very happy for their brave son & world's best daughter-in-law. Maharaj Somedev decide to send Nupur to her kingdom back as she was far from her parents so many years. Hearing that Mayank become sad, he went to Nupur's room, saw she is standing near window.

" Rajkumari" Mayank said. She turned, a smile on her lips, but it vanished soon as she notice Mayank's sad face.

"what happened? Why you are so sad?"

"you leaving me." He said like a childish way. Nupur laughs, ruffle his hair, "I wont leave you. I'll back only if you'll come Morena as my groom." Saying this she blushed, Mayank too. But he was very happy, he went nearer her & trying to hug her, but the same time Nupur moved aside made Mayank fall on ground. His forehead hit on the ground?.

"ouch" he screamed loud.

"ouch" he screamed loud, open his eyes to found himself on ground. He quickly stand when he heard a hard laughter. Shilpa laughing really hard to see him, "tu itna bada ho gaya abhi tak baccho jaisi harkat karta hai!!!"
"maa, tum jao" he rubbing his forehead which was paining little, " Aaj Sunday hai to no office & dont disturbed my sleep." Shilpa went form there, holding her laughter.
Mayank slumps on the bed, he was no more sleepy now. He thinking about his dream, wired dream. Nupur & Morena, these two words ringing on his mind. "kahin to suna hai maine yeh words yaad nahi aa raha hai." He thoughts, then give up, "pada hoga kahin!! Forgot it dude." He stretch his hand towards the table to took his mobile & found the envelop on the table. Unwillingly he open it?..He was shocked to see the photo. It was the same girls photo whom he dreamed. Slowly a smile crept on his face as he remember his dream, the fight with demon & freed Nupur from prison.
"mayu?" shilpa was there to holding his bed-coffee.
He run & hug her, "maa, I agree to marry Nupur."




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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
so guys!  thats all !!!  finished the OS!!!
hope it did(not) disapoint you.TongueWink
sorry for the mistakes. i havent read it after writing! just posted!
i knw this OS was kinda chilidish & bakwas type. u feel sleepy Sleepywhile reading. but you are my friends na!!! plz bare me with my pathetic update.
plz do click the LIKE tab n dont forget to comment. feel free to throwing slippers or rotten veggies or rotten eggs.
i'll be waiting for ur reviews..Smile
 Heart Suja Heart

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abb01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
he he 
imagination mayank rajkumar and rajkumari nupur from morena 

cool dear
it was sweet 

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