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(12th July '10 - 16th July '10)

Salaam, Namaste, Hello & Hii to all My Lovely YRKKH-ians & all our Rishtedaars.
We take immense pleasure in presentin' the "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" Weekly Newsletter. We started our YRKKH NL as "Tempations" but due to some issues, we couldn't continue the NL. Today, we are re-startin' it & we hope to continue this till the end of YRKKH. Since this is a Re-Tempting' NL with so many changes in YRKKH & the storyline, the relationships, NaKsh, ShaVa & MohIni are married couples now. The YRKKH NL "Temptations" is now "Temptations-Reprise"Big smile So, here we are with the very First Edition of our "Temptations-Reprise"
I wouldn't miss the opportunity of Thanking all my Lovely friends & specially the DT Members Roku, Preeti, Manasi & Ami for their continous support & believin' is us. We'll try our best to serve the India-Forums in the best possible manner we can. & Finally Thank You so much for all the Approvals be it be for the NL, various contests, GOTW, etc. Thanks....enuf, enuf...control kar yaa...ahemm..ahemm.. ok lets continue the NL Segments. So Happy Reading & Enjoy
Don't Forget to leave in your feedbacks, Comments of appreciation & criticisms.
All are heartily welcome. Big smile

P.S :: My Heartfelt apologies to all for presenting' an Incomplete NL in terms of the layouts, Links & the Prize Siggies. Bt its my bad-luck, my internet connection isn't working well past few days, so just couldn't get the Pictures/Images/etc for the Prize Siggies. I Promise to be back with a better & improved with all the things required next week. Sorry for this Time. Embarrassed

Credit :: Maheen (Summary of the Week...)

Akshara went to Maheshawari's house to stay there with her parents as they were going to London on a Holiday Trip. Naitik gets upset on this because he wanted to spend some quality time with her Wife. Naitik convince Sneha for sketching the Jewellery Designs for his company. Akshara to make Naitik happy comes back home the very next day and then both share some sweet and romantic moments with each other. Nandini's pag-phera rasam date get finalised. Varsha feels that she is pregnant and she tells this to Shaurya also. NaKsh plan to go for some shopping but because of Naitik's work both didn't go and share romantic moments at home with each other. Bhabhi Maa asks Naitik to talk to Mohit about Singhania's gifting a Car for Nandni. Akshara went to Nandini's house to take her for pag-phera. Naitik has to go to office urgently thats why he couldn't accompany them.. How will Nandini's In-Laws react to this ? For the answers, keep watching YRKKH Mon. to Friday 9:30 p.m.

Credit :: Manasi (The Best Scene of the Week)

This week we had very sweet YRKKH scenes...!!
The scene where Naitik-Akshara MU gets sorted out was the best this week, apart from the NaKsh kiss scene...Akshara brings a glass of milk for Naitik in their room.Naitik doesnt take it at first.However he drinks a sip when Akshara gives it to him in his hands.Then he says it has less sugar.Akshara drinks it to check.She finds it alright but still says she'll add some more.Naitik stops her and tells her to leave it as it is.He drinks the milk in one go.LOLAkshara looks surprisingly at him!Naitik says now it was sweet and tasty too..EmbarrassedHe says that they are so used to this sweet nok-jhok nw, and there is no fun without this..!EmbarrassedHe holds Akshara's hands and kisses them.

He continues that he very well knows why Akshara came back so soon from her Maayka and for whom..EmbarrassedAkshara's eyes are filled with tears..Both smile cutely at each other and hug each other tightly..Day Dreaming..

This scene was very well presented..ClapThis patch-up was shown in a different way,unlike previous patch-up(s) and hence it stands out to be the Scene of the Week...!

Credit :: Manasi (Best Dialogue of the Week)

Meethi nok-jhok ki toh aadat se ho gayi hai.. Naa ho...
to mazaa nahi aata..

Naitik said this to Akshara after she returned from her Maayka,
Meaning :: Now they are so used to the sweet fights that there's no fun without these cute fights..!And how true!
The dialogue well explains that the meethi nok-jhok brings in a spice in every husband-wife relationship.Thumbs Up

Credit :: Shikha (The Character that stood out from the Rest)

N a i t i k   S i n g h a n i a

This week Naitik Singhania played all the shades one could have really well whether it be an Angry Young Husband/Son, a responsible Businessman looking for the Jewellery Designer on some urgent basis, a possesive Husband longing to share some good moments with his Wife. A caring man helping Sneha in the best possible manner he can, geting her Car repaired & dropping her inspite of him geting late. The most adorable of all, a lover & a Romantic Husband for Akshara. So many different shades in one Character...He Deserves to be the Character of this Week.

Credit :: Shikha (The Actor/Actress that outshines all for his/her Acting Skills)

K a r a n   M e h r a  aka  N a i t i k   S i n g h a n i a

Karan Mehra, the male lead of the Show. He can potray so many different shades of a character really well. ranging from really destructive Angry boy to a Young man full of love & romancing elements. He has got that charm & cuteness to win hearts of so many young girls. The girls would drool over him even for hours just for his Cuteness & adorable face. He is Cuteness personified with some worth appreciating Acting Skills. He is capable enough of taking YRKKH to another higher levels of Success & Entertainment.

Credit :: Sia (Best Dressed Character)

A k s h a r a   S i n g h a n i a

She was looking pretty with a small part of her hair tied behind.Her sarees were really good and she looked beautifull.

Credit :: Vanshika (Best Jodi for their Chemistry)

N a i t i k   &   A k s h a r a   : :   N a k s h

Naitik & Akshara shared some cute & adorable moments of love this week. They had a great time while all the other family members were away for some Shopping & all for Nandini's pag-phere.
Their scene was so Chemistry-licios...Heart

Credit :: Shikha (Best Song played of the Week)

"Waqt Jaane ye humko kese mod pe laaya hai,
jaane kab milengi woh nazdikiyaan... Pyar Ik Duje se hai..."

Picturised on NaKsh when Akshara leaves without Naitik from Singhania Sadan to meet her Parents. Naitik gets really upset & Akshara too is feeling very bad. The song added some extra "Udaasi" to the scenes, & gave us one more "Khamoshi ki Bhasha" moment for Naksh.

Credit :: Manasi (Rishta of the Week)

This week we saw a beautifully sketched Pati-Patni(Husband-Wife) Rishta.All the 3 young couples shared a very sweet,yet very unique relationship.The interesting part was that this same rishta was portrayed in 3 different ways for the 3 couples.

Naitik-Akshara : "Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi..."Tongue

This week we saw different shades of NaKsh rishta.It had MUs,sweet nok-jhok,roothna-manaana,romance,care for each other.....Naitik gets upset with Akshara,but Akshara leaves aside her ego, and returns from her Maayka to her Sasural just to make Naitik happy.Naitik does get happy and cutely tells her that he is aware she has returned back just for him.Big smileLater, both plan for an outing on Sunday.Though this plan gets cancelled due to Naitik's meeting with Sneha, NaKsh spend special moments together in the absence of other family members in the house.Day DreamingAlso, we saw Akshara encouraging Naitik about discussing with Mohit regarding the 'Bhabhimaa desiring to give MohIni a car' issue..
Shaurya-Varsha : "Aayi re aayi re Khushi..."Dancing

This week had cute ShaVa moments where Shaurya oils Varsha's hair and massages her head.EmbarrassedIt is finally revealed this week that Varsha is pregnant.She is hesitant to approach Shaurya to tell him this good news and is worried about his reaction.But to her (and to our) surprise, Shaurya is overwhelmed with this news!Big smileWe saw Shaurya-Varsha sharing their 'soon-to-be-parents' happiness with each other.
Mohit-Nandini : "Tere liye..."Approve

Nandini shows herself to be happy and contented with Mohit when she meets Bhabhimaa in the market.She is already sacrifcing her pleasures for Mohit and this time, she happily agrees travelling in an autorickshaw so that Mohit's self-respect isn't hurt by travelling in the car with Gayatri-Bhabhimaa..We could also see Mohit taking proper care of Nandini and her needs.

Credit :: Manasi (Most Lovable Romantic Moment)

Koi nahi hai iss Ghar mein, kya haseen mile hai pal,
Aaj shararat karne do, kaam baaki karenge kal...Embarrassed

Probably, this song explains this week's Romantic Moment.Naitik and akshara plan for a movie but this plan gets ruined due to Naitik's meeting, and also because Gayatri-Bhabhimaa go to the market, leaving NaKsh all alone in the house.EmbarrassedNaitik gets happy knowing this that they are alone in the whole house.WinkHe holds Akshara's hand and pulls her closer to him, in their room.He kisses on her neck and then places a gentle kiss on her cheek.Day DreamingAkshara runs downstairs, Naitik running behind her.Naitik acts as though he got hurt.Akshara runs to him to help him and Naitik hugs her..LOL..In the kitchen,Naitik tries to help Akshara and some cute moments are shown.EmbarrassedIn the room, Naitik gives a rose to Akshara.Day DreamingNaitik is about to kiss Akshara but Akshara indicates him to close the door.EmbarrassedNaitik closes the door..Heart..and we are left with dreaming and imagining the 'behind-the-door' sequence....Silly

Credit :: Manasi (BlushyEmbarrassed Moment of the Week)

This week's Dhatt Moment ought to be the Naitik-Akshara Kiss Scene!Day Dreaming Naitik and Akshara are all alone in the house. In their room, Naitik pulls Akshara closer to him.Naitik kisses on her neck and places a gentle kiss on her cheek.

EmbarrassedAkshara blushes and runs away from there and heads downstairs.Naitik runs behind her.While coming down the stairs, Naitik acts as though he has got hurt.Akshara stops and runs to him.Naitik hugs Akshara.Akshara blushes while trying to free herself from his hold.

Credit :: Nikki (Emotional Moment of the Week)

Naitik refuses to go to Maheshawari house to meet Rajshri & Vishamabhar.
Akshara had to leave alone Ouch ....both Akshara & Naitik get upset & sad.

Credit :: Nikki (Funniest Moment of the Week)

All ladies r helping Rajshri to pack the luggage for London trip.

Dhaniya : "Badi Maa get me ghagra-choli from London" LOL

Sunaina :"Dhaniya if u want sumthng frm dere thn ask for jeans n t-shirts..coz ppl dere wear dis only"Big smile

Akshara adds: "Maa dun forget to get make-up items for Dhaniya"Tongue

To this Dhaniya embarrasses n says" haye mori maiyaa"EmbarrassedLOLLOL n all laugh!

Credit :: Mari (Biggest Blooper of the Week)
- - N o n e - -

Credit :: Bhavya (Best Siggy of the Week)

The Wining Siggy for this week is by CAQueen. It's Video Siggy.
Awesome work Buddy. Keep Rocking.

Here's you Prize Siggy, Do Use it

 Credit :: Bhavya (Best Avi of the Week)

The Wining Avatar/Avi is by Manasi. The  Avi is So Cute & Naughty. Well Done.

Here's Your Prize Siggy, You can use this all this Week

Credit :: Bhavya (Best Video-Mix of the Week)
- - N o n e - -

Here's the Prize Siggy

Credit :: Shikha (Best Writer for the Week)

This week the Best Updated part of the Fan-Fiction was Jaadu ye kya chal gaya
So, Shreya Ji, aapka bhi jaadoo chal gaya... lolz.. very well done.. keep writing & entertaining all of us. So, the Best Writer for this week is DaZzLiNgShReYa

Here's The Prize Siggy, do use it...

Credit :: Shikha (Most Active Member of the Week)

ahem...ahemm...** so guyz ready for this one... well, the Ristedaar of this week is our very dear friend Nikki... dunno bt m feel like nick namin' you Nikki... n the one n only name that comes to my mind is 'AmmmaJi" ROFL... NaKsh & ShaVa ki Deewani !! Have a great time n njoy

Here's you siggy, use it to Flaunt it...

Credit :: Shikha (Most Active Thread of the Week)

-!YRKKH's Rishtedaari - Chat Club # 3!-

All our Rishtedaar(s) had a great time doing full-on Gup-Shups, Chit-Chats. Great Going Guyz,

Credit :: Shikha (New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum)

Guyz, lets welcome the Newbie of this week naksh_sajan
aka Nelum
Welcome Nelum to YRKKH Forum on India-Forums. Hope you'll have a great time. Enjoy

Here's Your Welcome Siggy, do use it all this week

Credit :: Manasi (Prediction for the Week)

This week, it is being predicted that Mohit's mother will create a li'l drama and will taunt Akshara about Naitik being so busy with his work these days that he didn't even come to pick Nandini for her Pagphera rasam.
Naitik and Sneha will be working together with the jewellery designs and this might create an insecure feeling in Akshara's mind.It is almost sure that Naitik will not fall for Sneha, and vice-versa might also be almost true looking at Sneha's reserved nature.But Naitik will use this trick to drive Akshara's attention to him as adviced to him by his friend.Though some articles suggst of MUs between them, the YRKKH Team still says this will only strenghten their bond.
Now that it is revealed Varsha might be pregnant, and if her pregnancy is confirmed, this might push Rajashri-Vishambhar to drop their plan of London trip.
Bhabhimaa is desiring to gift a car to Mohit-Nandini and now she has told Naitik to discuss it with Mohit.Naitik might discuss this with him, but there are hardly any chances Mohit will accept this.It would be possible only if Mohit' mom really really compells him to accept this car.

Credit :: Sia (Best YRKKH Segment for the Week)

N a k s h ' s   R o m a n c e 
Naitik pulls akshara towards him.He kisses her on the neck and then kisses her on the cheek. She blushes and runs down the stairs. Naitik runs behind her and then he sits on the stairs and acts as if he's hurt. Akshara rushes to him and naitik hugs her.

Credit :: Manasi

This week the episode aired on 16th July 2010 is undoubtedly the Episode of the week!StarIn Naitik-Akshara track, we got very romantic and lovely scenes, with 'Jaadu Yeh Kyaa Chal Gayaa' playing in the Background.Day Dreaming

In Shaurya-Varsha track, we got a good news that Varsha is pregnant.PartyMoreover, to our surprise, Shaurya willingly accepted this and was overwhelmed when Varsha disclosed this to him!Dancing
In Mohit-Nandini track, the Mohit-Nandini fans could catch a glimpse of MohIni after quite long!Tongue Both seemed to be very happy with each other, caring and sacrificing for each other, and also compromising for each other's happiness.Big smile
The Singhania as well as Maheshwari family seemed to be very happy with their respective life.

Credit :: Shikha (Quiz Contest for the Week)

So, the Quiz/Contest for this week would be the on-goin' Caption Contest in our Forum ::
..::..YRKKH Caption Contest..::..

Do Check it out & Do Participate. Hope to see some really wonderful participations from all of your. Good Luck.

Finally, the Special Segment of our NL, the DEv. Team Member of the Week. Its none other than Our Sweet & Adorable Roku, for managing the forum so well... Thanks ClapClap

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special Thanks to Lathiks for the Images/Pictures.
Written & Video Updaters, honey_16, manasi_3, sonyfan, Nipun97

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you all had a great time & enjoyed reading this NL. Thanks To all my NL Team Members
Manasi, Maheen, Sia, Vanshika, Bhavya & Evryone. Hope i'm not missing out anyone's name. Sorry if i am. Hugz to alll Hug

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pheww..... finally i'm done.... Sorry for not including the Prize SiggiesEmbarrassed, wil be updatin it soon... EnjoySmile

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 me firstDancing
hey Shikha........such a nice NL yaar.......m again speechlessClapClapClapClapClapClap
can say only.......wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
hey congo 2 all participantsHug
Congo 2 all d winnersHug
now m waiting 4 next weeks' NL

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wow yaar really nyc NL all hav done der bestThumbs UpClap

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Congratz 4 our very own NL..Clap

thnx shikha di 4 presenting awesome NL Thumbs Up
n congrtaz Nikki 4 da rishtedaar of da week.. njoy my raashu..Dancing

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Congrats all for our new Temptations...Party
Awesome work NL team....HugHug

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wowww...congo grlss!

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 1:46am | IP Logged finally we have our NL This week ..

And shikha di u have made it superb di..thank u soo much....

All have done their best ...


And congratulations nelum and nikki di......

and u have presented and put up everything awesomely---mindblowing di....


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