Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 07/02/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Hi Friends,I can't bear Armaan's halat anymore...your heart will tear apart too...


Armaan is yet recovering from the slap when Maddy quips in: " Ho gaye armaan pure? (all desires fulfilled?) What a junglee beast has ventured into the territory of us decent people! Armaan Suri, you must be renamed as Armaan Churi!! Dead "

Armaan is still looking at Jassi with eyes that would pierce into your heart. Jassi helps a bruised Nandu to get into the car. They leave. The gang too scurries inside, Maddy still supplying comments like "taporis" etc.

Armaan is left alone. His cell rings. He shouts at Mallika that no, he CANNOT come. He tells her to make an excuse for him..to tell his parents anything, that he is not in a mood.
"Yes!! Yes!! I've been drinking!! Do I have to take permission from you?? Leave my back Mallika...for God's sake, leave me!!" he shouts. He hangs up.

A completely shattered Armaan starts walking towards Ruby's doorstep. He looks deathly pale, and runs his hand through his hair in despair. "Oh God!!" he stumbles upon the doorstep. "What have I done??", he looks as if he'll cry. He sits down on the step, completely distraught. " Is this love or jealousy?" he asks himself repeatedly.
Armaan Suri clearly is a beaten man.

Excellent acting again. Clap Clap


Jassi is driving! With Nandu sitting and wiping his face. Nandu says that it looked like Armaan had lost his senses today, he nearly killed him. He comments what a scene Armaan created tonight. Jassi says that she was the one who created a scene, by slapping Armaan. Nandu says that what she did was absolutely right, or else Armaan would've surely killed him. He says determinant that the battle is not over, tomorrow he'll come to GM and clear all scores with Armaan. Jassi tells him to only look after Kohinoor's balances, she says that she wants to finish this game soon now; she wants him to give her every tiny detail of Kohinoor's finances.
Just then, Nandu's cell rings. Jassi says that surely Range Baal might be calling. She is. Pari sweetly asks Nandu where he is and that she's waiting for him. Nandu says that he was on his way, but got into a fight with some guys on the way, she knows how so many are jealous of him, he brags. He then says that she need not worry, he is a lion and a lion knows to lick his own wounds.LOL] Pari sweetly tells him to hurry up, as she is waiting to dress his wounds. Nandu looks very happy.


Gang is discussing the fight. Maddy says that that drunkard (i.e. Armaan) can do absolutely anything. The gang starts off again. Ruby mom chides them that they stop it now. She reminds them of the coming collection and the loads of responsibilities on each of them and tells them that none of them should bring up the topic the next day. She asks them to promise her, which they obediently do.


Pari welcomes Nandu. She starts fussing over his wounds and says that she'll dress them. She asks him who was responsible for this state of his. He says that she knows the person very well. It is Armaan Suri. Pari's face is like...remember typical Pari??



Armaan's face actually looks swollen and he looks anemic. He is telling Raj about the last night's fight.

Raj: But tell me Armaan, what were you doing there at the middle of the night?
(Good question, Raj).

Armaan (stammering): Umm..Actually I was tensed about the board meeting and so I had gone to talk to Jassi about it...

Raj: All right, so ended up beating up that rat like a dog?

Armaan: When I was beating him Raj, I felt I should go on & on...I just didn't feel like stopping.....till I pulled out his teeth and bones.....

Raj: Oh really? Then why did you stop?

Armaan: Jassi stopped me.

Raj: And how did she do that?

Armaan: The whole office knows how, Raj, and now you will too...(painfully honestly) Jassi slapped me.

Raj (looking like a bullet has hot his head, eyes wide open, mouth wide open): WHAT???!!! JASSI SLAPPED YOU???? Shocked
(his expression turning from surprise to anger)
And you took it? First she was turning you around for Kohinoor, but now slap????
If I was there in your place Armaan, I would have...(moves his hand as if slapping back)

Armaan (angrily): Enough Raj!!! It's OVER!! OVER!! and we can't do anything about it. I agree that what happened was very bad, but we can't change it now, right??
( Raj looks all the more surprised at his changed friend. Armaan almost looks like he knows he deserved the slap).

Armaan: I really don't understand what to do next.

Raj shrugs his shoulders in disbelief.


Bindiya and Nazneen are still discussing the hot topic. Jassi arrives looking solemn. Bindiya starts questioning her on Armaan's behavior and why he fought with her boyfriend. Jassi says that it was all a misunderstanding and the result of overdrinking. She says that Armaan Sir wanted her to go back to the office and work on the board meeting, whereas Nandu wanted to take her out for dinner and hence didn't approve of Armaan's demand. So the two got into an argument and a fight. Bindiya says that she even slapped him, with what face will she go before him now? Nazneen tells her that maybe Armaan Sir may fire her and her job is at stake. Jassi says coldly that she doesn't care about the job; he can do what he pleases. She leaves. Bindiya and Nazneen look on shocked.

Meanwhile, Pari sees Armaan and greets him gleefully. Armaan makes a face and says that this is the first time she ahs arrived on time. Pari says that he may be right, but can she know what is wrong with her face? "Nothing!!" he barks and flees. Pari grins to herself.
Mallika arrives and Pari wishes her a good morning. It's definitely not a good morning for Mallika and her face shows it. Pari asks her how the night was. Mallika says that it was pathetic as Armaan's parents were expecting Armaan as well as Aryan for dinner and both failed to turn up. Pari asks her if Armaan didn't tell her where he was. Mallika, embarrassed says that she knows he had been drinking and turns to go. Something in Pari's voice makes her turn back and she asks her sharply if she knows something. Pari starts her show of how people think she adds spice to what she says..Mallika snaps at her to tell her quickly what she knows. Pari tells her that Armaan had got into a fight with Nandan Verma. Mallika can't believe her ears.


Armaan arrives, a letter in hand, looking like a little kid who's just come home after fighting with his friends.(very cute)
He tells her that he is really very sorry for his behavior the previous night. She says it is no use discussing that and that he should forget about it. Armaan says that he can't, he knows that what he did was wrong. Jassi says that she knows that he did it because of the hatred and mistrust he has for Nandu. She tells him not to worry and that Nandu will give him every detail of Kohinoor's finances.(Damn Jassi!! Angry ) Armaan looks very distraught. He says painfully that he does not want any of that.....Jassi reminds him that he did speak something about Kohinoor & it's money yesterday, to which he looks like a little boy again. He tells her honestly that he did it because of jealousy; can't she at least make an attempt to forgive him? Jassi asks him that isn't he worried that the whole office may talk of this? He says that the whole officeis talking already....Jassi then tells him that she has told them that it was all a misunderstanding :Armaan Sir wanted her to go back to the office and work on the board meeting, whereas Nandu wanted to take her out for dinner and hence didn't approve of Armaan's demand. So the two got into an argument and a fight.
Armaan looks very grateful and smiling faintly says that does this mean that she does care for him? (Oh Armaan!!! he can melt the whole country...) Jassi looks away. (Damn Jassi!!). Armaan then bends close to her and says that he has put everything down in this letter, can she read it? She is still contemplating on whether to take it; he is close to her with a pleading look, when Mallika shouts "Armaan!!" .Armaan closes his eyes hopelessly. He keeps the letter on Jassi's table and goes out.


Mallika asks him what happened to his face. He is still finding an answer when she mocks, "Did he get into a fight? With a taxi driver? Oh well, I have got into the habit of not expecting anything from you Armaan...."
Armaan shouts back that he did get into a fight with Jassi's boyfriend. She asks him why and he gives her Jassi's explanation. Mallika sneers that wow, what a great boyfriend Jassi's got, look at you..she says. She congratulates Armaan on elevating their class and caliber. Armaan says that he will never let such a thing happen again, he has even apologized to Jassi. This enrages Mallika further who storms out with a " This is RIDICULOUS Armaan!!"


Jassi is reading Armaan's letter. The words will rip your heart apart.

" It's not my fault that I acted like that Jassi..it is because of the man you've made me..the man you've made me by refusing to accept me..by rejecting my love...(At the same time we can see Armaan , looking lonely and morose in his cabin) I can't see you with anyone else Jassi...I have broken down completely...you have melted me Jassi...lease Jassi...restore me my sleep, my dreams, my peace.....restore me my life!
I love you Jassi." Heart

"I love you Jassi": the words keep ringing in her ears. "What deceit!! What guile!! Just for a balance sheet???" she cries.

Armaan then comes into her cabin. She tells him that she will believe in every word of that letter, but only is he tells everyone what he has told her in it. Armaan looks behind, taken aback at her words. He walks up slowly towards her, and says softly that he will, he will tell everyone.....but....after the board meeting. "I knew it!!" she smiles sarcastically Evil Smile making poor Armaan hysteric again. "Try to understand Jassi..this is NOT the right time to tell everybody about our relationship! Wait till the board meeting is over!!" he says helplessly. "Relations cannot be created by force Armaan Sir," she says, " Leave it, your balance sheets will be ready in five minutes." "Try to understand Jassi..." he continues but leaves it.

Raj and Armaan are waiting desperately as Jassi is finalizing the balance sheets. She finally walks out and hands them to Armaan. Armaan flips through the pages, looking shell-shocked. At the same time, we are show Mr. and Mrs. Suri walk into GM. "Jassi!!!" Armaan cries, "These are the real figures!!!!" "They are, very much, Sir," she says crisply.
"But I had asked you to forge the figures!!" he looks on hopelessly at her.

The episode ends.


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loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Thanks daisy!!!
Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:13am | IP Logged
 wonderful as usual!!!!!!!!!Clap!! i would like to add something! in his letter in the last line he wrote, i want my life back , i want my jassi back.......i love u jassi!!!
Paheli Senior Member

Joined: 08 November 2004
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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:15am | IP Logged

Great update yet again, Daisy. Thanks!!! I agree Armaan's halat is bad (Armaan Buri), but it is his own doing.  I wouldn't believe him either if I were Jassi!

jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
...can't wait for tonight.....

so beautiful..."" It's not my fault that I acted like that Jassi..it is
because of the man you've made me..be the man you've made
me by refusing to accept me..by rejecting my love...(At the same
time we can see Armaan , looking lonely and morose in his
cabin) I can't see you with anyone else Jassi...I have broken
down completely...you have melted me Jassi...lease
Jassi...restore me my sleep, my dreams, my peace.....restore
me my life!
I love you Jassi."     
poison ivy Goldie
poison ivy
poison ivy

Joined: 13 January 2005
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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:24am | IP Logged
super duper!! damn nice!! i missed parts of the show but it was almost like as if i watched it, while i was reading!! i would never have been able to type out such a meticulus update!!! n withen such short time!! thanks!!!
sukh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged
thanksksksksks a lottt daisy Wink
pujas Senior Member

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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot Daisy.

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