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|AN Writing Challenge~Closed*UPDATE pg 150* (Page 34)

ANfan_1810 Goldie

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Part 10

Abhimanyu Modi was shocked, when the truth hit him! He knew that Nikki had become an important part of his life. But he was in love ..... with her? He just could not believe it! How .... when did this happen? He had not even realized it himself! He kept on staring at her, looking deep into her big expressive eyes, unable to have his fill of her. She captured all his senses! She looked unbelievably innocent, her eyes wide with shock, cheeks flushed with the rushing blood and lips swollen after being thoroughly kissed.

He lowered his head once again, this time very gently placing his lips over hers. Coaxing her lips apart he showed her how much he loved her. He was so gentle, pouring all his love into the kiss baring his heart out for her to realize how much he loved her. And as Nikki realized what was happening, a lone tear slipped thru her closed was amazing how they both were communicating without saying a word!

It took a lot of resolve for Nikki to bring herself out of his arms. She had been completely lost in Abhi's arms, drowned by his loving kisses. She had forgotten everything else .....she was in a heaven of her own.

'Abhi ....' she said, consciously, trying to move her face away.

'Nikki ....' Abhi said in a husky voice, his eyes clouded with unconceivable desire for her. He refused to let  go off her.

'Please Abhi ....' she continued, trying to move out of his arms 'please, let me go. I just came to give you the cake which Ayesha sent for you'.

'Nikki ....' Abhi was having a tough time putting his thoughts together. He was not sure what to tell Nikki and how to say it. But before he could proceed, Nikki interrupted him once again.

'Abhi, don't say anything....please. This is already so difficult  for me - I have no idea what is going on in your mind, nor do I know what you expect from me? One day you tell me to keep away from you .... then the next you yourself come so close to me. I do not understand you at all ' one day you are angry at me, insulting me and accusing me for using you .... and then the next day when I am unwell you are so caring that my heart just melts. You confuse me .... I have no idea what to expect from you .... you are such a complex man!'

'Nikki ...... listen ..... I know a lot has happened between us .... we have hurt each other deeply .... but that is only because we both care .....' but before he could say anything further, Nikki interrupted.

'Abhi .... care? What do you understand about caring? If you care for a person, you need to understand and trust that person! And as far I know both these things are lacking in our case. Even if I might agree that you cared for me, looked out for me, protected me and helped me .... do you think you understand me or trust me? I do not think so!.'

They both kept on looking at each other silently. Abhi could not deny that what she was saying was true. They were a long way from understanding each other or trusting each other. They both had been at fault in the past ...  him more than her. He had hurt her deeply with his wounding words. But how can she deny what was there between them. He moved closer to her, threateningly looking into her eyes. As she tried to move back, he found herself once again trying to balance herself between his table and him. She put her hands on the table to support herself. But it landed on the cake, and she pulled it in the front immediately. Disgustingly she looked at her smudged hands, and told Abhi angrily,

'Now look what you have made me do, yuk .... what a mess!'

Abhi slowly took her hand in his. Brought it close to his mouth, and ate off the cream from her fingers ... all the time looking into her eyes. Both could not hide the effect this intimate touch was having on each other. He could see the color rise in her cheeks, and lips quiver. Immediately she lowered her eyes, to hide the way his touch was affecting her. Abhi looking at her intently, did not let her hand go, but pulled her closer instead, then bringing his lips close to her ears, whispered seductively, making Nikki breakout all over with goosebumps,

'Dr. Nikita Malhotra, are you trying to telling me that you are not affected by me? Do you think I do not know how your heart is beating crazily right now and how your blood is rushing thru your head making you dizzy ..... I can take you in my arms right now and never let you go .... and you will not be able to do anything about it! Can you still deny the fact that is something between us?' He kept on looking at her, seeing desire rise in her eyes. But suddenly she blanked her eyes and looked away from him angrily.

He realized then that she was not going to accept him easily. He knew that he needed to do something drastic to make her see her own feelings for him. So he suddenly released her,  turned away from her and took the empty glass on his table. He kept on applying pressure to it till the glass broke and pierced his palm! Nikki gasped with shock. But he did not reduce the pressure ...... she could see the blood starting to ooze from his palm and his face twitch with pain. His eyes revealed how painful it was but he kept on staring at her, without releasing the glass.

'Abhi, what are you doing? You are hurting yourself! Why did you do that? Have you gone mad? Let go! Give me your hand .... let me see .... Oh my god! You have cut yourself badly .... please ...' she moved towards him grabbing his hand gently, with tears in her eyes, looking at him and then his hand. She just could not bear to see him bleed .... her heart was bursting with pain and tears kept on flowing incessantly from her eyes.

'Nikki, it is okay. I am fine! It is not as bad as it looks! It doesn't hurt!' He lied, seeing her in pain.

'Abhi, just shut up! I don't want to talk to you. You always do this to me. You always hurt me  ..... you know I cannot see you in pain  .... but, no, why should you care? .... you enjoy hurting me .... making me cry ..... making me unhappy, na? Now just keep quiet and sit down. I will go and get the first aid box', angrily saying this, she wiped her tears and ran out of his cabin to get the first aid box.

Coming back she, she sat down opposite him. Once again taking his hand in hers, gently started wiping the blood away. She saw a huge glass piece stuck in his palm .... and with a pained look she said,

'Abhi, there is piece stuck in your palm. I will have to pull it out .... it is going to pain like crazy!'  she said, her eyes softened, she was scared of hurting him anymore and once again there were tears in her eyes.

'Nikki, it is okay! I can take it. Go ahead. You are a doctor, and you have done this many times before .... so why are you scared now?'

Nikki knew immediately why he had done this. He was trying to show her how much she cared for him. He was trying to show her, how much it hurt her to see him hurting. He was trying to prove to her that inspite of everything that had transpired between them, she loved him and cared for him more than anything in the world.

Suddenly she got more angry at him, 'Dr. Modi, you are disgusting! And one day I am going to kill you!' she retorted.

'Ok, ok, ok .... first fix my hand ..... than you can kill me' he said jokingly.

As she slowly started working on his hand, her heart beating at a super fast speed, her own pain reflecting in her eyes everytime she saw him flinch with pain, he could not take his eyes away from her at she gently attended his wound. Since the cut was deep, she needed to take a few stitches too. With each stitch, he cursed and could hardly bare the pain. Nikki's heart tore as she saw how she was hurting him. Then finally when she was done, she bandage his hand properly, so that he won't hurt it any further. 

'You need to eat something and then take an antibiotic and a painkiller to make sure that you do not catch any infection', she said avoiding his eyes, when she was all done. She started putting away the box, all the time avoiding looking at him. She knew that his eyes were on her, knowing exactly well how upset she was seeing him hurting.

'Atleast, have the cake now. Ayesha sent it especially for you. You can take the medicines after that.' She said still avoiding his eyes.

'No', he blurted out stubbornly and Nikki looked up with a surprise.

He raised his bandaged hand indicating that he cannot eat it with the bandage on his hand.

'Oh!' she said but no voice coming out.

Slowly she took the cake in her hand, and moved closer to him, to feed him. All the time his caressing eyes which were full of love not leaving her. But she kept on avoiding his eyes, conscious that he knew exactly how his closeness was affecting her.

'Ummmmmm, yummy!  Did you taste it?' he asked with a satisfied smile and teasing eyes.

She just nodded, not uttering a word, kept on feeding him. Shivers ran thru her whenever she felt his lips touch her fingers with last few bites he took. When he was done, she just wiped her hand with a tissue, gave him his medicines with some water and told him that she had to go ....

'Running away, Nikki?' Abhi asked her knowing fully well that that is exactly what she was doing.

'Abhi, please .... you have proved your point  ..... but please understand ..... we both do not understand each other nor trust each other. There is much more to a relationship than just caring for each other! You know what I am talking about!'

Saying this she got up, and walked out of his cabin without even looking back once ...... leaving Abhi in deep thoughts. Abhi knew that she was right. They both needed time. They had to start all over again .... taking small step at a time .... learning to understand each other, accept each other and  trust each other.

Nikki walked out of Abhi's cabin, once again tears running down her cheeks, unable to understand the confusion which was going on in her mind. She wanted to be in his loving arms, forgetting the world, forgetting their past differences, forgetting his distrust, just believing that all will work out between the two of them. But she was scared. She was scared of getting hurt once again. She would not be able to take it if Abhi got  angry at her once again, fighting with her, mistrusting her and insulting her.  She had to make sure that there was complete trust between the two of them without even a miniscule chance of misunderstanding cropping between them.

They both decided individaully to work towards this so that nothing in future would keep them part !!!!


Part 11 updated -



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dm_hpcrazy Senior Member

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omg!! I shall term this mini confession LOL

I hope sid doesn't interfere Disapprove (although I like his character)

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AbhiNikiLuver IF-Dazzler

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ummm....nj? did our update run off into the wild? LOL

i can so imagine the bunch of papers dressed in a bikini heading off to the beach and you calling out after it!

seriously? where'd our update run off to?

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
awwwww Annie....this was so touching!!

Abhi hurt I liked Nikki's argument about understanding and developing a relationship!!

excleent going!!

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mitzification Goldie

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I was driving and this came to me , it dosent have a part two ..unless someone actually sends me some good suggestions .... I am not that creative to continue .......LOL
 Nikki sat in the locker room bench, she had arrived a bit earlier than the others and sat waiting. Her mind drifted to the previous days events 'she had had so much fun at Armaan-Riddhimas roka . Her mind drifted to what had transpired between Abhi and her shortly before that but she stopped herself. It was a random event and it was best forgotten. Soon her friends started to arrive and she forgot all about it.

 During the day she was confused about the line of treatment to take with a particular patient ad thought of consulting someone ......Dr Keerti , DR MODI ! something inside her suggested ........well why not he was also a Doctor after all and she could consult him ........ could ? , should !,.......she should consult him, he was a senior and talented ....... Must be talented to be at the position he was ............And it was most natural thing to go and consult him .. and that's what she should do.

Nikki  knocked at the cabin door and entered , Abhi looked up a little startled and hurriedly put something in a box lying on his desk . Nikki walked in and stood next to him and started to talk about the patient, she looked into his eyes and they looked back at her neutrally. Nikki was disappointed, had she been expecting to find something there? She had easily defied him when he was a sadu boss and over the past few days they had become a little more friendly ? He hadn't been the high strung boss then , he had been just another member in their gang ,albeit a bit distant but he had reveled in the fun and games and had become a bit more''bit more'''........Not a stranger ! But now she had found nothing like that in his presence. The person who listened to her and suggested treatment was some new Dr Abhimayu Modi , who was calm , courteous and......and distant.


Abhi sat thinking on his seat ......What had he been thinking ....... How was he allowing all this to happen, Yes he had let his guard down and become part of the gang .. ..and yes ...... he was closer to their age group than he was to any of his colleagues and it had been .... ..Fun ! But what he had allowed himself to feel for Nikita was just not done, he was a senior........., she was an intern..............and there were so many other things.........


 Nikki sat at the canteen table enjoying herself with her friends when she saw a chocolate cake dance in front of her eyes followed by chocolate cookies , stickjaws and so many goodies that her mouth watered .........suddenly the goodies stoped appearing and Atul's head appeared instead.....she heard something that sounded like working with Dr Modi on some project ........and she saw herself nod her head and reach for the chocolate cake .

"Nikki .....ou will work with Dr Modi ?" Armaan's voice cut in .

Work with Dr Modi ? , well yes she could do that ....... she had done that in panchgani . She had been angry and frustrated at people refusing to be treated by her and she had masked it with nonchalance................Abhi had quietly taken over. She had been tired of working and demanded a rest and he had quietly kept working till late evening........she blushed at all the trouble she had caused him, how she had thrown away his car keys , How she had let him search for them all night ........ "Nikki ' do you really ?......"YES" she said pretending it was because of the chocolates.


How had he allowed Atul to talk him into this .......other names had come up Rahul , Ridhimma .........but Atul insisted it would split up the pairs and break their hearts .......since when was he bothered wether people died of heart break ?....... then her name had come up .....Nikki..... And feelings of softness , concern , warmth and protection rose in him.........Nikki ! What are you doing Abhi careful ..... this is not right .....she is an intern .........she's a spitfire....... She is beautiful .......Yes all reasons to stay away from her .........dont forget Dr Modi .........Dont forget !


This new Abhi was very difficult to deal with ,her arrogant boss she could defy , Abhi of Panchgani .....she could unruffle his feathers and have a good laugh ....... but this new guy .....This new Abhimanyu who neither showed the stuffy arrogance of a boss not the pretended disinterest of a friend? ..... He was another deal all together ......he was  distant like the old Sadu but courteous....... Explaining things to her patiently like she would have expected Dr Shashank to do. If he would have been the old boss she would have riled him , if it had been the friendlier arrogant Abhi she would have defied him .But how could she fight with him when he was so courteous and how could she be relaxed with him when he was so aloof ! Now she meekly nodded her head and went about her preparations. Things were not going as she had expected....what exactly had she expected ......she should get checked in with reality  He was the boss ......he would order, no ....ask ......she was assigned on this project she would obey  no..... follow, what else had she been expecting ? This was a professional relationship ......had he ever hinted other wise ......... had she expected otherwise ?.......She walked into the lift and noticed an extremely beautiful woman stylish and chic ! , she smiled admiringly ...... she always admired smart accomplished women.........but her smile was arrested before it reached her eyes and her lips curved down .....when she noticed who she was with  , she stood talking to Abhi who was smiling at her and he looked so damned handsome smiling like that.

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mitzification Goldie

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have you seen the yellow canary in tom n jerry who blows up her chest and strutters about ....... thats how i feel right now proud .......... im a genius
Khushboo ....... whats the story about geniuses the next shakespaears in the making .........whose only claim to fame is writing elaborate sucide notes ....................I m one of those ehhhhhhhhhhh

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mitzification

have you seen the yellow canary in tom n jerry who blows up her chest and strutters about ....... thats how i feel right now proud .......... im a genius
Khushboo ....... whats the story about geniuses the next shakespaears in the making .........whose only claim to fame is writing elaborate sucide notes ....................I m one of those ehhhhhhhhhhh
LOL Mitzi! LOL Keep writing if you get any more fact, keep driving! Wink But keep your eye on the road too...we don't want you to join Sheenu in the hospital! Ouch
I'll come back and read later on...and BTW, give that scene a title! Big smile
Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

ummm....nj? did our update run off into the wild? LOL

i can so imagine the bunch of papers dressed in a bikini heading off to the beach and you calling out after it!

seriously? where'd our update run off to?
WOW Sheena...hats off to your imagination! Clap
That's is the weirdest thing I've EVER read! Shocked LOL LOL LOL Good going! Tongue

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Okay so I'll read everything later on...
Now I just wanted to know who wants an extension. I know Shale really wants one.
Anyone else?
Don't hesitate to tell me. I'll gladly extend the date once more since Marausha is very busy these days and I haven't been able to contact her.

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