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|AN Writing Challenge~Closed*UPDATE pg 150* (Page 4)

wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 2:23am | IP Logged

Hi Annie thats was wondeful scenes.I loved it.Abhi is always good when is angry becuase of jealousy.LOL

His jealousy always bring out his emotion out.U hold his weakness very good now u know how to get emotion out from him.We desperately waiting for that.Continue dear.
Sorry for late reply but i m not here on sat n sun.

ratika89 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2010 at 9:49am | IP Logged
I stepped out of the locker room, all by myself. I went to see my first patient. A girl had met with an accident, she might be 23 or something and was badly injured. I had to attend to her, being a doctor it's not difficult to deal with their physical pains but when I look in their eyes or in their loved ones ....It's Hard to deal with their pain, I can not fix that. All their hope is on the Doctor. This girl had her father and boyfriend with her. As it is in our job to find out what was the reason for such horrible injuries, I had to question them. They were lying to me, I knew that since they were very nervous and afraid about us calling the Police.
She was fine after two hours, we had performed a small operation and few stitches but she had to stay at the hospital. I requested her mates to get out then as I had to talk to the girl. She was drowsy, still was able to talk to me. I had to be human to feel her pain and that's  all I had tried to do in my last 3 internship but guess what ? even in the world's best job, Admins asked us to be JUST DOCTORS! Give them medicines, fix their wounds and don't get personal!....I wanted to fix their inner pains as much as I could. The girl told me about how she did not want to loose either  of those men from her life but she had to make choice, she ran ...Where, Why..? she didn't know, She just RAN, she was angry. When she returned home , she saw her boyfriend standing in front of her father and asking for her hand, her father and he went kept arguing. When those arguments became heated, she could not take it any more, tried to run again and fell from stairs and then crashed into a window. The  last thing she remembered was she was lying on the road.
I told her  things were fine now,  both were  worried about her and I guess her Boyfriend's tear melted her father's rock solid heart.
I was happy seeing all three of them come together.I always felt this is a doctor's job. Luckily I never met such accident because in my frustration, I ran from three different hospitals. I Lost my mom when I was quite young, then I ran away from my father, His endless domination of me, his lack of  time for me, so I decided to run. Then from Hospitals which were not letting me be Human along with being a  Doctor. And Now  here''SANJEEVNI is good, I can be human here.
BUT MY LIFE WANTS ME TO RUN and I had to run away from Armaan. I reached the empty hall where we organise parties sometime. Like the room, my life was like an empty vessel, only ,I knew to make noise. I wanted Armaan to fill it but I had no choice.
I was crying,tears flowing down and Nobody was their to wipe them away. Nobody was there to fix my pain. At that moment all I could think was NOBODY WANTS TO BE HUMAN.
I was shattered, I thought if an accident can make those two tough men bow down before a girl, a daughter,a beloved''.I wanted to meet with an accident too. For a short period, atleast, I will get Armaan by my side.
I am not so lucky.
Tears were rolling down and he caught them now, EACH ONE OF THEM. He was right behind me.
" You will dehydrate, better you stop crying." he said to lighten my mood and he was so pathetic at making the situation light.
"you didn't even know how to make a girl smile" I sob, " That was such a pathetic medical joke".

He smiled.
" I am not good at it, I am sorry!" he said in a soft voice
" Now would you like to tell me, why you left 3 internships before?" he asked with concern in his eyes
" NO" I was straight. I wished that he could have read my mind just few minutes ago.
" Ok" he breathed and turned to leave.  Even if it was for a moment, I didn't want him to leave, I was alone then. My eyes followed him till he reached the door and saw me awkwardly facing away from him, he turned " Oh, I have  bad news for you, you are going to visit some people in village with me, we have to teach them something about first aid and all" he smiled and left.
I didn't know how but seeing him smile, I smiled too.
He quickly returned to the door, half leaning " Tomorrow morning, first thing."
I didn't reply because I was smiling.
" WHAT" after a while, I came to realize what he had told me and I had been was smiling on that?I approved of it?
Something was wrong, this morning was wrong " What is happening to you, NIKITA?"
I left the room, rushed to meet him, "he can not take me with him, what he think of himself..? I AM NOT GOING WITH HIM." I muttered all  the way.
I knocked on the door, no one replied, without thinking much, I entered and slamed the door hard.
He was not in his cabin.
I stayed their along the same chair, I was standing next to, this morning. His room was empty , but I could feel the presence of his aura. Air in the room made me feel good and I was smiling again..for no reason.
I tried to stop myself from thinking about him but I wasn't able to. I could clearly see those moments in front of my eyes...our hands met yesterday, his eyes chained me at nurse station this morning, he was sad for me, he wanted me to fall in love with someone else, he caught tears rolling down from my eyes.........WHY?
He opened the door, I heard the sound and turned..I looked at him, coming my way.
He was waving his hand in front of me when he was next to me, I snapped out.
" Is there anything, I can help you with Dr. Nikita?" he asked, he was cold this time.
" Y-E-A-H" I was thinking, what I had to say to him and then suddenly, I went on being the real me "I am not going with you tomorrow"
" I didn't ask for your wish Dr." he replied, he was still cold as if my wish did not matter at all.
He leaned towards me with his hands crossed " you are going with me" he smiled and proceeded to his chair.
" But, I don't want to.Why don't you take someone else? Why me? I am not going with you . "JERRR...k."I retorted,then caught myself.I wished he did not hear that.
He smiled again...What had happen to him today, why was he smiling so much..I wondered.
He exhaled and calmed himself and said " Nikita, I don't want you to fall, STOP RUNNING"

How did he know that? I was shocked, It felt like he had read my mind before he had shown his presence to me in the hall.
I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. We were having an unspoken communication between us, he told me he felt very protective of me, if I fall, he wanted to be there for me.
I couldn't answer him back, throughout my life, all I had wanted was this, WHEN I FALL, SOMEONE WOULD PROTECT ME..
I lowered my eyes, I lost to him..turned to leave the room.

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ANfan_1810 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 12:23am | IP Logged
Hi rati,
that was a beautiful update. I loved the way you described the emotions Niki was going thru. Ab ... next update mein write about what Abhi is feeling too ......Smile

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Wow Rati its was wonderful.I loved it how u expressed both feelings of Nikki very well.One unknown attraction n one hatred toward Abhi who always caught her thoughts at right moment.
Rati u deseve thisClapClapClapClap
U all inspiring me to write but can' do it as I m running out of time.This is feeling is just pathetic where my mind is fill with lots of idea but i don't hav time to penned it down.
Common guyz show some enthusiasm towards challenge.I need time to write my own creation.But if anyone need idea than they can pm me.

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ANfan_1810 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Part 3

At 5 in the evening she walked into Sid's cabin. Surprised to find him, with his legs crossed and placed on the table. He was lounging back in his chair, deeply engrossed in a file. As soon as he heard her walking in, he looked up from his file and said with a long sad face.

'Nikita, where have you been? I was waiting for you to go for a cup of coffee. I was so lonely, there was no one to talk to for the whole of the afternoon. On top of it all these numbers and figures are giving me such a headache ', he expressed dramatically, pressing his temples with his fingers. 'Wish someone would be nice enough to get me a coffee and give me a head massage.'

Nikita could not hold back her laughter at seeing him dramatizing the situation and making a sad puppy face. 

'How about calling your mom? I am sure she will be very glad to do the needful?' she replied jokingly.

Sid straightened up immediately, pushed his legs down and sat up straight,

'You got to be joking !!! Anyway, why don't u take pity on me and atleast have a cup of coffee with me before we start work'. Sid replied pleadingly.

Nikki could not refuse him and agreed to go for the coffee.  To her luck, Abhi saw them while they were returning. He caught them when Sid was making fun of her and they both were laughing. But as soon as she sensed that someone was looking at her, she looked around and saw Abhi. He gave her a cold stare before proceeding towards the exit.

So he was leaving for the day.... she was relieved ... and gave a sigh of relief. He can no longer get angry at her or give her any more duty till 6:00 am tomorrow morning.... she thought.

How the next couple of hours flew, Nikki didnot realize. It was so much fun working with Sid. He was easy going, always so light hearted and making jokes all the time. But at the same time he grasped things very fast. He was very sharp, excellent with numbers and understood how business was run ... he asked the right questions ... and put things in the right perspective. They covered a lot of distance in a couple of hours.

It was different to work with Sid compared to Abhi. Around Abhi she was always tense. Getting distracted by his closeness. She was nervous that she would make some mistake. But at the same time she loved working with him. She was always amazed at his intelligence, vision and eye for details. All the time she worked with him she was learning something new. She just could not understand, why she was so reluctant to work with him in the beginning. She had thought it would be so boring to work on the New Sanjeevani project. She rather spend time with her patients. But now she was so glad that Abhi had decided to have her on this project.

She realized that  it was 7:30 pm and her stomach was growling. She was feeling really hungry, so told Sid that they should wind up for the day since she also had an early duty tomorrow morning. So left his cabin and walked towards the exit, Sid offering her to drop her off, but she thanked him and told him that she had her own car. As she passed Sister Lovely, telling her a 'goodnight', Sister Lovely stopped her and asked her where she was going.

'Why Sister, I am headed home. My duty is over at 5.00 pm itself. Will be back at 6:00 in the morning for a meeting with Dr. Modi", replied Nikki.

'Oh Dr. Nikita !  I am sorry ! I did not realize that Dr. Modi had not informed you that he had put you on the night duty. He had changed it in the afternoon.'

Nikki was shocked to hear this. Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes. She was tired after the whole days work. Her stomach was growling, she was so hungry. And she wanted to sleep. She had not slept at all the previous night after the horrendous meeting with Abhi. She had  already used up all her reserves. Where will she find strength to carry on for one more whole night and a day - tomorrow? She was on the verge of a breakdown, but suddenly checked herself realizing Sister Lovely and Sid were watching her closely.

She smacked her for head with her palm and said, 'Oh, yes Sister, how stupid of me, I completely forgot about it. Dr. Modi did send me a message. There was a critical patient in the ICU today, and he wanted to make sure that I was here to keep a close eye on him, and incase of any emergency call him too'. Saying that covered up with a lie.

She told Sid to go ahead and leave,  she will be fine here in the hospital and proceeded to the cafeteria to grab some food before her duty started at 8:00 pm.

She sat at the table, sadly thinking about Abhi. She did not know she had this coming. She knew that Abhi was angry with her, but could not imagine that he would become so inhumane towards her. Didn't he realize how difficult a night she would have had after their fight. Did he think that she would have been able to sleep a wink after what had transpired between them?  She looked up, closed her eyes, joined her hands and prayed to God to give her strength to take all this and more. She did not want anything to go wrong when she was on duty, least her patients would be ones to suffer.

She headed to her favourite place. Children's ward .... whenever she was down, she would find herself here. As soon as she came here she forgot all her worries and enjoyed playing with the kids. They were such a happy lot, playing and singing happily inspite of all the pain they had to bear. 

As she walked in, all the kids chorused, 'nikki didi .....'. They were so happy to see her. Each one wanted her to go to them. She started moving from bed to bed, completing each ones wish. Someone wanted her to give them medicine, someone wanted her to play a game with her, and someone wanted her to tell them a story. She made each of them happy. As she reached her favourite patient, Aysha! She had noticed Ayesha's eyes had followed her, how she had patiently waited for Nikki to come to her. She had known that Nikki will come to her last, but spend the maximum time with her. As soon as Nikki reached her bed, Aysha, sat up, hugged Nikki tightly, and said,

'I have been waiting for you for so long, Nikki did, where were you? Nurse had informed us that, it was your night duty today, and that you will soon be coming for the rounds. I was so sleepy, but didnot want to go to sleep without seeing you.'

Nikki's eyes were brimming with love, as she looked at Aysha. She pinched her nose, tickled her, and said,

'Sorry, princess. I know I am late and it is way beyond your bedtime. But now I will be with you till you go off to your fairy land, ok?'

Aysha gave her a big smile, held her hand and asked, 'Promise?'

Nikki said, 'Pinky promise!!!' crossing her heart. She slowly lowered Aysha on the bed, started stroking her on her head with one hand. Aysha held on tightly on to her other hand as if she would never let her go.  Nikki told her a couple of her favourite stories. Nikki talked to her about her day and told her about Sid. She told Aysha, that she will bring Sid around tomorrow.  

'And Boyfriend? I did not see him for the whole day today !!! He didn't even come once! Did u see him?' asked Aysha curiously.

Nikki suddenly felt her heart start to beat fast, and was lost in her thought of Abhi, remembering how angry he was today with her. Aysha call Abhi 'Boyfriend' and Abhi called her 'Girlfriend'. She had never seen Abhi so relaxed with anyone. Aysha brought out a softer side of him, which surprised her everytime. He was completely opposite of that with her. She brought out the toughest side of him. He was always on the offensive with her. She knew that she deserved his anger .... but was not sure for how long she will be able to take it. She didnot want to break down before him.  Suddenly she heard Aysha's voice,

'Nikki, what happened? Did you two fight again? Was he angry at u?' Aysha asked worriedly.

'Oh no, Aysha. We did not fight.' She lied to Aysha. Nikki knew that Aysha will be very upset if she came to know how Abhi and Nikki were always fighting. Aysha hated it if two of her favourite docs were fighting.  'Infact, I too did not see him much today except for a few minutes. He was very busy thru the day. Maybe thats why he did not come to see his girlfriend.  Ok sweety, now be a good girl and go to sleep, ok?'

Saying that Nikki kissed Aysha's forehead and her eye lids, indicating her to closed her eyes now.

It was a long time before Aysha was sleeping properly. It has taken her a long time today to settle down. As soon as her eyes drooped close, she would wake up startled, looking for Nikki, thinking that Nikki had left her. Nikki was not sure what had put Aysha in such a fretful state. She started going thru her medical records. After looking at them, she was worried about some of the parameters, which had changed drastically in just one day. She will have to talk to the senior doctors tomorrow about it. 

 Even in her sleep, Aysha, refused to let her hand go. So Nikki decided to be there, holding her hand as the child slept. She told the duty nurse to inform everyone that she was in the children's ward, incase there was an emergency or if anyone needed her.

Sometime during the early hours, Nikki dozed off in the most awkward position, holding Aysha's hand. And this is how Abhi found Nikki in the morning for his morning meeting with her. He was passing thru the corridor, when he looked inside the children's ward. He was mesmerized by the sight. Both of them holding on to each other. They made a picture of pure innocence and beauty. Both of them looked so amazing together ... they had long dark hair, soft white skin, beautiful pink lips, and the most expressive eyes that he had seen ' which to his relief were closed right now, letting him to see them to his hearts content. He just couldn't get his fill, looking at them, their long dark hair partially covering their faces, and a sense of peace on their face. He had a hard time holding himself back, from moving the stray hair from Nikki's face. He did not want to move or disturb either of them. But he knew that he had to wake Nikki up.

He walked upto Nikki, and placed his hand on her shoulder. Giving her a slight shake ... Nikki moved a bit and mumbled something in her sleep and went back to sleep again. Abhi again gave her a gentle shake ... trying to wake her up. This time she opened her eyes, saw him, gave him a smile in her sleep and said,' Abhi, pura din to pareshan karte ho, abhi raat koh toh mujhe sone do! Kya mujhe neend mein bhi dantoge aab?' saying this she went back to sleep.

Abhi could not believe what he just heard. Even in her sleep, Nikki was thinking about him. So did that mean that she was not immune to him, that she actually cared about him? He kept looking at her for some time, staring at her face trying to find an answer. But suddenly the past broke the bank and crashed into the present. It reminded him, of her betrayal, how she had tried to use him, and how she cannot be trusted. Behind this innocent face, there was a scheming mind. He was not going to let her make a fool of him once again.

He went to the duty nurse at the nurse station, told her to wake Nikki up and tell her that he was waiting for her in his cabin.

Part 4 :

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Hey Nice one Annie.Loved it dear but i find it something similiar to Minni role in AR story.
Well its good atleast u n rati making this thread moving.
Love u both.I m soon goin to join u guyz.Hug

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ANfan_1810 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 4:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by wow123

Hey Nice one Annie.Loved it dear but i find it something similiar to Minni role in AR story.
Well its good atleast u n rati making this thread moving.
Love u both.I m soon goin to join u guyz.Hug
Hi thanks .... dear. But I am not aware of the role of minnie in AR story, since I was not watchin DMG then. But this role is inspired by the little girl in 'Cheeni kum'. I loved that girl...... she was so cute. But since this is a short story, each character has a very small part ot play ..... I will not be dragging it very long.....

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2010 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Wow Rati...I loved the last part! Excellent! Clap
The whole build up to the situation was good...LOL at his pathetic joke Dead LOL LOL LOL It was horrendous, but still so cute...and SO like him Embarrassed LOL
But the last few lines were beautiful. Great job, Ratz! Star
Waiting for the next part! Big smile

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