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|AN Writing Challenge~Closed*UPDATE pg 150*

Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:38pm | IP Logged

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged

Hello everyone!

Here is the theme for the first Challenge we're throwing your way! ;)

Yes, it's a song. We hope you like the lyrics, as they're very important!

You can think that I'm just playin' games
You can think I'll do you wrong
You can think
that I don't mean a word I say
You can think what you want [What you want]

But if
you think you're gonna stop the way
I feel about you
Baby, you're just wastin' your
Cause I'm not changing my mind

Can't stop the rain from falling down, oh
 Can't stop the world from turnin' round, oh
Can't stop my heart from loving you
no [No, no], no matter what you do, baby

You can trust that I'm gonna stay around
You can trust I'll treat you right [I treat you right]
You can be sure that I won't ever
let you down
Sure as there are stars in the night [In the night]

And if you ever
think there'll come a day
I'll live without you
Baby, you're as wrong as can be
Can't change the way that I feel

Can't stop the rain from falling down, oh
Can't stop the world from turnin' round, oh
Can't stop my heart from loving you
no (No, no), no matter what you do, baby

Can't stop a river running free, no
Can't stop this love I feel in me, no
Can't stop my heart from loving you
No, no (No,
no), no matter what you do, baby

Can't stop the wind, can't stop the sea
stop the feelin' I feel in me
Night needs the stars, stars need the sky
And I'll always
need you here in my life

Oh, oh, oh
Can't stop my love, can't stop my heart
I'm in too deep, I've gone too far (Oh...oh...)
Never gonna stop, never gonna stop
Lovin' you, oh, oh, oh

But if you think you're gonna stop the way
I feel about


Since this is the very first such challenge, we have chosen a very basic song that provides a lot of scope. So you may use it in any way you like. A few examples to help you further-

It maybe playing in the on the radio. Or one of the characters may be singing it. It can be included as a verse at the beginning or the end. It can be a recital by any of the characters. They may hum it. It can be incorporated in it as in a songfic. It may be from Abhi or Nikki's POV in their thoughts. Or, you may choose not to include the exact lines of the song in your work, but just make it relate to the theme of the lyrics. It's entirely up to you.


The main purpose of this Challenge is to revive the short scenes/FFs on AN which we'd been missing for a while, so we hope that we get some wonderful entries! 


Every member of the FC is welcome to write


- scenes

-short FF's

- caption stories

- dialogues




- The story has to be based on Abhi and Nikki. If not as a couple, they have to be important in the plot.

- If you intend on writing an FF, please do make sure that you finish it within time, otherwise it won't be possible to nominate it for the FF category awards.

Yet, if you don't manage to finish it, no worries. We'll be able to enjoy and what's more, you'll get a new FF started! Lots more to read!

- In case you need help writing or get stuck, please take all feel free to ask around. Also, to those who feel that they won't write or they're running short on time yet they have an idea, please take care to discuss your ideas in the AN FC or ask someone else who may have the time to write it. Both shall be credited.

 -You can also write jointly with a friend if you wish to. Both shall be credited.

- make sure Abhi and Nikki are the central characters of the plot, even if not as a couple.

- make sure you give your own work a suitable title (to make the voting easier)

- members can send up to 4 entries (max.)

- make sure your work is related to the song

- categories can be changed according to the kind of entries we receive

- all discussions, questions and comments have to be posted in the Abhi Nikki FanClub, don't make new topics


After the challenge is over, we shall be having an awards ceremony for the following categories:

Best Romance
Best Drama
Best One-Shot
Most Favourite
Hottest Scene
Best Overall
Most Passionate
Best Portrayal Of Abhi
Best Poem
Best Comedy
Best Portrayal Of Nikki
Most Original Story

Please feel free to contact us if you have any confusion.

In the end, this is all for fun, so enjoy yourself!

Happy writing! Big smile


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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 December 2009
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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Khushboo_AN (Khushboo)
hapinezz13 (Honey)
ratika89 (Ratika)
ANfan_1810 (Annie)
27dhanno (Lahari)
AbhiNikiLuver (Rhea, from Sheena's account)
wow123 (Shale)
naina.patel (Naina) and malluangel (Aishu) (Joint Participation)
Spln (nj)
mitzification (Mitzi)
Meera01 (Meera)
ManEet_KaSh (Yamini)
richasharma0991 (Richa)
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(Page 43)
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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 December 2009
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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
The deadline for this challenge was on 11th October 2010 12am IST.
This Challenge is CLOSED.
If anyone has any additional questions, please ask us in the thread or via PM, and we'll help you out in whatever way possible. We'll post it here too for the others should they need it.

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ratika89 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

 It was a usual day, we were at the nurse station, waiting for our duties, in winter. I can't tell why I wasn't able to control my shivering? It wasn't just the cold, it was my discomfort standing next to Armaan and seeing him flirting with Riddhima. We were all standing so close, he was next to me, whenever he touched Riddhima, his elbow rubbed on my shoulder. It wasn't helping me. I needed to control emotions. My fake smile was helping only my physical appearance not what was going on inside me. His one touch to her and I felt like he was enjoying taking out blood from my veins. HUH!

For a moment, I thought he was Vampire and was seeking my blood, not by biting me but by touching Riddhima on each and every part of her visible soft skin.

Suddenly he straightened himself ,maybe my blood was over .But Guess WHAT ? I was still alive. Phewww!

And then we saw the real Monster of the Hospital "  GOOD MORNING Dr. MODI" we all said in a monotone. He didn't look at us because he was busy shifting his eyes from one file in one hand to the other .He replied to our greeting in as cold manner as he could. As if the cold in the air wasn't enough for us.

My eyes were on him, the way he was shifting his eyes was incredible, it was at lightning speed like he already knew what's there in the files and was just pretending to be reading in front of us.....LIKE...LIKE...A SUPER HERO..!

WOW! What a start of my day, I felt the hero in my life was a monster and the real monster became Hero to me.....I was surely going to be admitted in Mental asylum and I was sure this MODI will put me there.

"Interns, I see that all of you are working real hard then what's lacking..?" he questioned in his bossy way.
We didn't understand what he meant but were sure something was there up his sleeves that he was going to unfold now and as expected..."


"We were called on for visits for few places and none of us was ready to leave... MAY I ASK ALL OF YOU WHY? I thought I have young Interns who can run and Chase me and sign Petitions to throw me out of this place...but no ! my interns are so old that they can't visit patients and throw their worries out of that place, hmmm! " he knitted  his brows from under  his glasses but his stance was still cool.

Atul gave a fake cough and right then Modi caught on to him. Standing in front of him, looking straight into his eyes "If I ever again find anyone of you acting in front me, I will make that person pay for it."  And fumes were coming out of Atul's eyes, ears and Nose and  uhmmm.. WELL.

We couldn't help laughing. He turned his eyes on me and I tried my best to hide my smile.

"Interns, I heard yesterday Dr. Keerti already announced the duties for today. So Please if you could do the honours!" his eyes were still on me as he gestured with his hands to the others.

We had fought yesterday, about me leaving Sanjeevni and he didn't approve of it. What was new in it? he never approves of what  I do and neither do I like it when he does. His eyes chained my legs, they were holding me tight, It felt as if  I couldn't escape from his gaze and  deep , at the bottom of my heart, it felt good, to become his prisoner. This happened to me for the first time, I began fidgeting with papers in the file I was holding. His eyes were not bossy, there  was something else in them. I turned my face to see hospital, the staff, my friends leaving me, people, nurses, ALL and felt time was running SLOW, suddenly.


He was moving closer to me, he stood in front of me and said "Come to my Cabin!" his voice was sharp, it wasn't slow or heavy like the time was. I blinked my eyes in approval. Within a fraction of second when I opened them, everything was back to normal, he wasn't in front of me. I saw him two steps away, moving toward his cabin and I followed him.

He opened the door for me and let me enter first. Quickly covering the distance from door to the very first chair I could see, I had numerous of things running in my head or maybe in my heart, I didn't know, I felt something was out of place, it wasn't wrong but it wasn't right either.  He never appeared so gentle, so,why did he open the door and let me walk in way first? I never really listen to what he says then how at the nurse station, I understood what his eyes told me?

"Dr. Nikita", he snapped at  me and I didn't realize I was standing next to the chair.
"I have to ask you something if you allow me to..." He said
"Do you really want to leave this hospital?" He appeared sad.
 We kept looking at each other , for how long , I didn't remember.
"Then why do you want to leave...?"
"Cause I....." I tried finding words for my thoughts without leaving his eyes for a second.
"You don't have to  do this for Armaan, fight with yourself, Nikita...find yourself. Try falling in love with someone else" he was straight and I was shocked, coming out of the hold his eyes had on me,I snapped back to  my own world, my problem with Armaan and his undying love for Riddhima and my fear of losing one more person whom I loved a lot.

" I...I..." Stammered, thinking what to say. I left from there. Slamming the door in his face as he was following me till the door.


Yesterday , I felt something deep in my heart when I touched his hand involuntarily.

BUT WHY and NOW THIS............WHAT WAS THIS...?

 I HAD QUESTIONS and no ANSWERS, I didn't Even Know Whom to ask, WHY WAS HE SAD..?

Those 15 Minutes... I Suppose it was 15 miutes ,felt like a life time to me..It had never happened before..I never saw Time running so slow even when seeing Armaan or for that matter any one else in my whole life.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME...? Why wasn't I able to control myself, my thoughts...WHY DID I WANT TO SAY I WON"T LEAVE, WHY.....


I reached the locker room in what seemed like eternity.....

One thing I was sure of... this morning wasn't same . WHAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS MORNING.?


 I accidentally pulled the half opened locker of Armaan's and there was this  Card which said "LOVE"
"What?" I shouted, shocked and then I was back to myself.....LOVE WITH THAT MODI, I Couldn't love him, That IDIOT, that MONSTER, that ...THAT...STUPID MAN...WHO JUST acted as if he does not belong to this world...ULLU DA PATTHA...What the hell...I knew I was insane but this morning turned me into....

I tore his card into pieces.......I WISH...I WISH..I WISH...I COULD... WHAT..No I don't wish anything for him..Pheww...get back to duty Dr. NIKITA..!


[will be continued... Big smile]

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2010 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Hi nice one Rati.
I really liked it a lot.I love all convo of Nikki about others specially about Abhi.
Starting convo of Nikki is like i m hearing Twilight story in totally different version.LOLLOL
And then we saw the real Monster of the Hospital - Dr. Abhimanyu Modi LOL.Yes this beauty goin to fall for this monster.Well we love this monster even Nikki is not a angel.Thats we like about both of them.We love to be devils at times like them.
Love it continue this devil n monster story LOL

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2010 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Ratiiiii Hug....sorry I ran off yesterday. Had to study for the test I'm going to flunk two hours later LOL
It's a nice take...Beauty and the Beast, eh? I like the concept. Want to know what Nikki is compelled to do next by the Vampire and the Monster. *wink*
When I first read it I was a bit confused, but on the second reading it really does make total sense...LOL it looks like I just had too much on my mind last night!
Do continue...would love to know where this ends up! Big smile

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ANfan_1810 Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2010 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Hi all AN fans,
Here is my attempt at writing a short story on AN. It will be 4-5 part short story with a few VMs.  This is how I would have like the 'After the 8 pm meeting' track to be. I didnot like Susu track at all ... I rather have ... well read on to find out that .....
After inviting Nikki to his home, Abhi insults her and throws her out ... a hurt Nikki is stupified and walks out, not knowing ehat she was doing.
Nikki was in a state of shock. She was in a daze. She didnot know how she had managed to reach home.  Tears were running down her cheek. She didnot know what to do ... her heart was paining, it felt as if someone was holding it in their hands and squeezing the life out of her ... she was in unbelieavable amount of pain.

All she could think about was Abhi's reaction .... It was beyond her to comprehend what had gone wrong. When he had called her at his place she had gone there  thinking that maybe he was ready to forgive her, maybe he was ready to listen to her side of the story, maybe he was ready to give her a second chance, maybe wanted to apologize to her for being so mean to her these last few days and and hurting her so badly .... but no! she could not have been more further away from the truth.

He had completely misinterpreted her intentions, her apology, her move to make up with him. She wanted to explain to him the confusion that was going on in her mind. She wanted to share it with him. She wanted him to understand her. She wanted him to understand her fears. She wanted him to understand how important he was in her life and how important it was that he gave her time to overcome her fears. With his love and support she would over come them.

But everything had gone wrong ... he had thought she was playing games with him ... she was there to seduce him ... she was there because she wanted something from him ... and for that she was ready to play with his feelings ... she had never felt so insulted in her life ... she had never felt so broken in her life ... no one had ever hurt her so badly ... but she did not feel any anger towards him ... all she felt was sadness ... this sadness that was weighing her down.

The same scene kept on playing in her mind over and over again ... she was sitting there, staring out of the window,  hugging herself, for hours now. She didnot know what she will do tomorrow. She didnot know how she will face him tomorrow.  She wanted to run away from him, from the hurt he had inflicted upon her, from the hurt she had seen in his eyes. His sad and angry eyes kept on haunting her and reminding her  that she was the reason for them. That hurt her even more. She could see that her inability to speak up for him, had completely shattered him. He was broken from within, and the only way he knew to deal with it was with his anger. She will have to wait for his anger to die down, before she will be able to make him see, how much he meant to her.  She wiped away her tears and made up her mind ... she was going to fix things between them. She was not going to run away. She was going to stick around him, haunt him, do whatever it took to convince him to forgive her and make him fall in love with her.  There was determination on her face as she remembered her favourite song ... and all the special moments they had shared. She will not let anyone take that away from her .... not even Abhi himself.

Click on the link to see the VM this song  '


Next day morning, Niki enters Sanjeevani with a smile on her face. She had made up her mind ' no more 'Rona dhona'.  It was going to be only fun, masti and winning back Abhi. Thinking about this she joins her friends at the reception. They were all chating, teasing each other, waiting for Dr. Modi to assign their duties.

Just then they see Dr. Modi walking upto them along with a handsome young chap ... dressed casually in yellow t-shirt with jeans. They were a pair to watch .... Mr. Sadu with a stern face, not a trace of smile and Mr. Charming with a most infectious smile. All the interns were looking at the pair ... curious to know who was with Dr. Modi .... they looked at each other questioningly to find out if any of them new.

'Good morning, interns'  wished Dr. Modi as he came an stood in front of the interns. All of them wished him back, Niki's voice a little louder and in a sing song manner, ' Good morning, sir!'    There was a 1000 watt smile on her face.

Abhi was surprised .... gave her a cold stare and continued.

"Well interns, meet Siddhant Shah. He has just come from US after completing his MBA. His father is a very big and successful business man owning a chain of hospitals all over the world. Siddhant is going to be with us for sometime, to evaluate our proposal on the New Sanjeevani project. If  we are able to convince him, he will convince his father to finance our New Sanjeevani  project. I would appreciate if you will help him around, show him our hospital, and take care of him while he is here with us".

Abhi introduces everyone to Siddhant, one after the other ....  Niki being the last.

'Siddhant ... Dr. Nikita Malhotra .... she is helping me with the New Sanjeevani project. You can talk to her anytime, get all the information u need regarding the project from her, she will be helping you going forward. '

Siddhant took Niki's hand, as she extended it for a shake. He held it ... for a bit too long .... looked into her eyes ... his own eyes full of mirth said,

"it is going to be a pleasure, working with you, Dr. Nikita"

Niki  became conscious and tried to pull back her hand, but Siddhant didnot release it.

" u all can call me Sid", he said looking around, and finally releasing Niki's hand.

Abhi was watching the whole exchange, getting angrier by the minute. He was staring at Niki, and if looks could have killed, Niki would have been dead by now.

'Ok, doctors, get to your duties immediately, they are available on the notice board' he told them angrily. As all them scuttled to find out their duties ....

'Dr. Nikita, just a minute', Abhi called out.

As all the rest walked away along with Sid.

"Yes, sir ?", Niki mutters meekly, putting on a act, lowering her eyes.

"Dr. Nikita, I am not sure what u r upto now. But be sure that I am watching you." He pointed his figure at her and said," one wrong move, and you are out".

Niki's stared back at him, her eyes becoming teary,  she says sadly, " Yes, I know ..... u want me out of your life, I heard that very loud and clear yesterday."

Suddenly she realized her mistake. She had promised herself not to think about or talk about what had happened between them yesterday. Putting on a smile on her face, she said, " Sir, I will not give you a single chance for any complaint, I promise. You will not have any trouble because of me."

Abhi gave her one of his coldest stares, turned around on his heel and walked away.

Nikki, was glad ... she could see that she was confusing him ... thinking aloud she says,

"Dr.  Modi, abhi dekho toh  sahi, agey hota hai kya. Dekte dekhte hee tumhari akkad niklegi".

Part 2 continued  at  .......

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