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15th July - SR & ArShi: From Lennzie with love

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Hello my cuppycakes! Embarrassed

I am not making any post today as my life is kaam ke bojh ki maari these days.LOL... however , there is a brilliant writer called Lennie on this forum who never posts on the main forum. Her ability to see the good and the depth in every virtue and vice is marvelous. She has a beautiful understanding of not only SR but Arshi as well and she has written such a cool piece on both the couples that I just had to post it on the main forum for everyone to read. Lennzie ,Sajjo ( sajni786) and Sunny (Sun29) have a great grip on both the couples , but they do not post in MF. I hope that after Lennz, i'll be able to do the same for those two  as well.

Below is Lennie's analysis and please , this piece is my responsibility , so for the sake and courtesy of a peace-loving writer like Lennie, please fry your fury mushrooms in the oils of your own kind. If you are in a mood to show the world how low you can get, just LAY OFF. Embarrassed

SR were the adorable and cutest, its so beautiful and so precious to see them settled and contented in themselves and with each other - that they are, how they are there for each other, and with each other and happy
Comfort level has set in so much - still setting in, you could see it in their body language how they set with each other, all relaxed and talking (but one thing i have noticed that Ridz hasnt yet touched him freely, yes she's hit him, pushed him, tapped him but she hasnt yet touched his hand, his arms or shoulder, his face in a loving way)
Its lovely to see Ridz helping Sid out, and telling him this is how you do it, and Ridz waiting for a thank-you and Sid goes yah yah but goes off to talk about her not telling him she is leaving or waiting for him
Loved Sid explaining to her that she doesnt listen - and he is the only one who can tell her that and the expression and the way Ridz blows away her hair can see her annoyance at being told and also an example LOL
You knew it even if you didnt watch the precap yesterday that after Ridz agreeing to follow his rules so nicely she said it there would be a BUT......   but at home my rules will be followed and Sid's classic face and Ridz with her sweet smiling face saying Goodnight.....sweet dreams, he couldnt even say anything LOL
SR are gonna have some fun times teasing each other and RIdz annoying him (me thinks also for Sid's attention on her), esp with this rule thing, now that Ridz has messed with his beloved Playstation and broken his bat (aww at Sid's face) and bechare forked behind LOL - i feel Sid will get back to her in his own way - i think deep down Ridz cant wait to see what he does or will come up with, he does normally surprise her everytime LOL 
I loved RIdz knowing what reactions and the screams Sid will do and she even times the Riddhima shouting one LOL
Wow wow wow - she called Sid darling, well wrote it atleast thats something, its big something, she could of just put Sorry. but she put Sorry darling awwwww
I think Ridz went into sleep in Sid's room where he has been staying not the original thats why Sid saying how will i sleep in the bedroom and talks about the other bedroom and she has cleverly locked it LOL and left a note Day Dreaming - Ridz expresssion were priceless everytime behind that door
Sid telling her to come out was cute and funny, he was really trying to be serious and stern
Ridz Modi def knows how to get to her hubby, and i love the teasing thing she has going on now LOL - cant wait to see more Embarrassed
Chudail Wifey is here, and that is so great to see, such a typical wifey esp kinda banning him from his PS LOL
AS (with hints of SR WinkLOL)
I think i said mostly about Armaan yesterday in my analysis and also Shilpa and why this was all needed and today i say the same
When Shilpa says he is coming in-between SR, with all know what that means but to Shilpa all it means is Armaan is creating a rift between them in the sense Ridz has gone gussa on Sid again due to the pranks etc - and also Shilpa also said that imagine how it must feel for a wife to see her hubby in this state
All i can see is Shilpa is getting under Armaan's skin and unleashing emotions that needs to come out and confront them and confront himself (i do sense he has some anger to himself as well), yes ppl will say Shilpa is harsh or has no right but the way she sees it she is telling him, and she is ripping open something that she doesnt know, and seeing more anger in Armaan - but like i say all this will worth it for Armaan and also ArSh
I think he needs this more then anything - his flashbacks on SR kinda confirms that he has indeed kinda purposely shunned away from actually looking at SR fully or accepting them fully and how they are with each other,  Shilpa repeated words echoing in him esp saying 'that Ridz has love for Sid in her eyes' etc  - its effecting Armaan, Shilpa has got to Armaan where he refused to let anybody near in the sense rip him open but he so needs to be ripped opened fully to finally heal himself and someone to heal him
As far as i can see Armaan is open about his emotions and lets them out, so this is case he needs to let them out
I did think the Ishq Leta song and Shilpa following was well done, in the sense wind blowing and pulling Shilpa towards and fate again that she didnt see who it was, but found the white paper with lyrics on it, i have to say it was something else when Shilpa was reading from the paper - her voice saying those words was beautiful shall i say, and taking the white paper, thats another kind of clue that something will come out from that paper with that song it that she has
Shilpa's comment who can write these words and has a sweet voice has to be a sweet person as well - cant wait till she finds out its Armaan which i think she needs to find out herself, and also witness it and feel it
Now that Armaan been ripped open i do believe he will be having some fb's of Ridz, its natural in a way, esp as he is confront them, and emotionally pouring it out one by one, so in the future if we do see that and then only Shilpa can stop whatever mode Armaan will be in, and whatever condition - it might be harsh and it might be one of intrigue for Shilpa and it will pull her towards Armaan
Armaan's acceptance on SR fully will happen and is happening and like i said - Shilpa is proving those jolts and that too from an outsider who has noticed what SR share, what Sid and Ridz feel, the love they have for each other
Ridz still there, thats why the anger and flicker of hope he has, and that has been unleashed coz after the final bb goodbye, Armaan let go in a way, but never fully did - for himself he needs this, to do it himself with someone else's being there
Ridz cant help him and cant repeatedly tell him what she told at the BB court, she can wish he lets go and moves on for his own sake and hers - she cant help him, as her only step is forward and moving on with Sid, building her relationship with Sid - and she is doing that, as she has let go ages ago
Precap - Again you see the flicker of hope of Armaan, and the way he says Ridz - hoping she comes, and she does but she looks real as anything and Armaan with hope in his eyes and that smile says something else
I do believe Ridz has probably come to say something about Sid and the prank, i dont believe Ridz will lash out at him who knows but her facial expressions didnt give any sign of anger, just look of wanting to talk but i think she saw something else on Armaan's face eagerness which i think would make her feel uncomfortable
Maybe Ridz says something that confirms to him what Shilpa was telling him about Ridz love for Sid etc
As for Armaan saying she always misunderstands him, i guess its from his anger and hurt, something must of happened for him to get to the point but lets not forget he is already emotional and opened up, another eye-opener is gonna get him to the point we saw him angry in the precap
And i do believe tomorrow mostly everyone will bash Ridz, i mean why - she hasnt done anything wrong in the sense, yes Armaan is going through this phase now but i also think back to what Ridz went through and to the point of how she was going to end her life - and she also went through a phase - she was a broken, bitter woman, who forgot how to live, she was breathing but hardly living at all - and she was never her normal self
Now for Armaan ripping everything up, thats a good sign, coz it means in a way he letting the memories go, which he needs to coz he cant keep holding onto those mementos (slowly finally he is letting one by one go) - its kinda like how Ridz burned her and Armaan mementos at the wedding, that was her final goodbye, she turned all of them into ash, and did a final rites to them

Love and luck always to everyone,Heart
GOD bless everyone. Hug

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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Lenzzzoooooooooo. I'm so glad your writing and brilliant skill is finally coming out for the world to see!!! I agree with mostly everything..except a couple of parts. I'll come back to talk about those laterrrrr
Love You!!!
sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
marveloussssssssssssssss piece of arttttttttt..........ClapClap ClapClap
Thanks nitzoo for doing this for usHug........tho my eyes now opened in ur capability coz I may wanna secretly hide my thots from u .......WinkLOLLOLLOLLOL
Lennie is such a beautiful n poignant writer and the way she puts her words so simply and utter depth..........its a bliss to read Embarrassed

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JShukla IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Thanks at for the lovely post Poco.......... I too was desperately waiting for some teasing banter between the two.......... I just loved how Ridz settled comfortably beside Sid. But what I fail to understand is why she hirts him........... Teasing ok.........but hurting with a forkConfusedDisapprove
I did not really understand why she had to lock the other bedroom......... hurt him with a fork.......break his playstation and bat when the guy has had such a hard day at work.......... people teasing him so much ......blackening his face........... I would never do that to someone I love. And please I am not bashing coz I am truly an SR fan............ but sometimes I feel it would be good if I could get an insight into Ridz mind...........
I was so looking forward to some teasing between the 2........ but not with a broken bat. I mean I have a bf who is a cricket freak.......... and I would NEVER NEVER break his bat...........tch tch............
JShukla IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
Oh and Lennie........... I am truly overwhelmed with your post on AR.
Hmm Armaan's pain was so raw today........ And its true that he needed to be ripped open. His pain is almost like some kind of internal bleeding which a surgeon needs to cut before he can stop the internal bleeding and stich back the cut..........
In Armaan''s case the surgeon is our very own Shilpa who has now ripped him open.......... onc she gets to see his pain she will surely heal  him with her love........... sure the cut and the stiches will remain but minus the painHeart

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krishnaria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2010 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
thxx Poco DiEmbarrassed...Lennie's Post is  just amazing...it's beautiful...Embarrassed
we see SR setting into a comfort zone n Arsh yet to do so..bt the happenings is defo paving way to dat...SR wer Cutiee pies of the day..
day seemed so at ease wid other...it's gud to see them convesing abt all as wen Professional or personal self concered...we see the hesitation moving way...now we see Riddhima sitting close to Siddhant n speaking her heart...n their cute fights r a part n parcel of their life..SR r somehow incomplete widout it....the maoin thg Imp here is we see SR happy at the end of the day..in a way Riddhima mak'g it clear 4 Sid how she is ..Much professional n personal at times...SR r defo on the path of recovery n at far hav covered it too...
n 4 Armaan it's the beg of his recovery ..tud i thk the whole song seems to rejuvinate hm wid her memories...his song singing n Shilpa hearing the voice signifies dat it's Shilpa who is to tk Armaan's call..Armaan is calling 4 love...i really hope Tomz AR convo gvs himan ultimatum....somtyms Man's anger cums as his mark strength..may dis helps armaan hold his lif ewell n proceed paving way to Shilpa's heart..somewere Armaan still seems to b in sum mist or hope...so, he's nt able to tk it away....Armaan himself neds a final call...hope soon...
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