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Written and Video Update- July 14

Pyari_Zahra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2010 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

Written and Video Update- July 14th


Hey guys. It's been a long time! I hope you're all doing well. It feels good to be updating after such a long time. Sorry I disappeared for a while, but I am back now. Let's see what we have in store for us in the show today:



~:* Video Update *:~

(Credit: -Nipun97-)


~:* Detailed Written Update *:~


Part One


The episode begins with Anurag holding the letter and moving to the window, shocked as he watches, through the window, the wedding procession (barat) arrive. He leaves Ananya's bedroom. Scene switches to Ananya rushing away to some house, still covering her face with her dupatta. She knocks on the door and Ritesh opens it, stunned to see Ananya in front of him. He asks her what she is doing there and then invites her in. Inside the house he repeats his question, reminding her that today is her marriage and argues her that her family members would be upset, worrying about her. Ananya replies that she is also upset, telling him that the only reason she agreed for the marriage in the first place was because he had refused to accept his love for her, but now that she knows how much he loves her she cannot even think of marrying someone else. Ritesh tells her that their love could never culminate into marriage, as his loyalty to Shekhar is far more important to him than his love (Why does she love him again? LOL). Ananya angry yells at him to live with his loyalty whilst she dies with her love, but regardless, she will never back down, no matter what. Ritesh looks at her sadly (Yup, that's all you can ever do Tongue).


Scene switches back to the barat, where the members of the boy's are being greeted by Ananya's family, and Neelu is doing the arti. Anurag paces out of the house with the letter, moving towards the barat. Shekhar and Bankim embrace, and Anurag walks up to his father, telling him that he needs to talk urgently with him. Shekhar rebukes him, and demands why Anurag dragged him away from all the guests. Anurag hands him the letter, and Shekhar reads it with wide eyes (Literally, really wide eyes, haha ROFL). He dials a number on his phone and commands to speak to Ritesh. The man on the other end of the line informs Shekhar that Ritesh did not attend the meeting. As the barat enters the Ganguly house, Shekhar orders Anurag that this matter will remain just between the two of them. Anurag nods and Shekhar goes back into the house, rushing to his wife and pulling her away from Laboni. Laboni gets surprised, and Anurag also watches on surprised, following them.


Shekhar pushes Neelu into their bedroom and raises the letter to her, telling her to look at it, telling her to look at what their daughter has done. Anurag watches and listens from outside of the room. Shekhar rants about Ananya not leaving them capable of meeting anyone's eyes, and that her daughter has caused him to lose his respect and promise of word. Neelu shocked, questions why today Ananya is just 'her' daughter, and if so, how could he make the biggest decision of Ananya's life without even consulting her (Exactly Clap They always give Neelu amazing dialogues! Clap). Shekhar angrily reaches forward, but Neelu tells him that everything that is happening is because of his mistake, because of his stubbornness. She cries worrying about what state Ananya must be in, and Shekhar yells at her, asking how she could care about the girl who has tarnished their image, their reputation. Neelu tells him to stop it, to stop talking about reputation and image, as Ananya does not exist between all these talks. Shekhar begins pacing, mumbling about how he will not leave Ritesh, that Ritesh has only seen his good side and that Ritesh has no idea how bad he can become (My goodness, if that was his good side, imagine what his bad side would be like TongueLOL) , and that he will hand him to the authorities. Neelu gets shocked, but then suddenly a knock sounds on the door.


Part Two


It turns out to be Ananya at the door, Ritesh at her side. Neelu cries out her name and rushes to her, embracing her and asking if she is well. Shekhar raises his hand angrily to slap Ananya, but Ritesh grabs his hand and pleads him not to. Shekhar pulls out of his hold and steps away. Ritesh follows and tells him if he doesn't trust Ritesh, he should at least trust his own favours that he has done on Ritesh. He says that those favours are very big, and that he cannot make the mistake of forgetting them. (Have to admit, Nikhil is acting very well Clap) He tells Shekhar that no one saw Ananya leave and enter the house, thus no harm has come to his reputation and that he can get Ananya married at the same time and same place that Shekhar wished (Shekhar just stands there making stupid faces LOL)


Ritesh tells Shekhar that he never wished to come there- that he knew Shekhar had found about his relationship to Ananya the moment that Shekhar had called him to his office and had counted all the favours that he had done on Ritesh. That he had given Ritesh the signal to stay away from his daughter, but if only Shekhar had asked him once, he would have left Ananya that very moment. He repeats that he never wished to come to their home today, but yells that Ananya was considering taking her own life. Shekhar, Neelu and Anurag look on shocked. Ananya cries and asks is that the reason why Ritesh brought her here. She cries that it would have been better if he had just let her die. She turns to leave but Ritesh yells 'No' and stops her, telling her that he could not let her die as he loves her (Finally he admits it to everyone ClapLOL), and that her life is not her own, it is also her father's, reminding her that her relationship to her father is much more longer than her relationship to him. (For a second there I thought he was going to say that her life is not only hers, but his too. But nooooo LOL) He tells her to obey her father's wishes.


Ritesh steps towards Shekhar and tells him that Shekhar is not wrong, that any father would want their daughter to have all the happiness in the world, and that he is not capable of providing all the happiness to Ananya. He apologises for all the trouble that they have had to face because of him and joins his hands in front of Shekhar, promising Shekhar that he will not come back here again. He leaves, and Ananya fails to stop him. She rushes to her father and cries, begging him to stop Ritesh, that she cannot marry anyone else, and that she cannot live without Ritesh and will die without him. Bimal walks into the room, surprised that Ananya is not ready yet. He asks Shekhar if everything is alright. Bimal is about to close the door, but Shekhar stops him and tells him that the wedding will take place today itself. Neelu and Ananya look at him sadly.


Shekhar grabs Ananya's hand and tells her to come with him, pulling her downstairs along with him. Neelu, Bimal and Anurag follow. The boy's family, Laboni and the worker lady (I always forget her name LOL) look on confused. In the middle of the stairs, Shekhar halts and calls Ritesh to stop. Ritesh stops and turns to look at them. Shekhar goes up, with Ananya, to Bankim and his wife, apologising to them and telling them that this marriage cannot take place (Camera zooms in on everybody's shocked and confused faces. Typical Balaji LOL). Anurag smiles, looking relieved and happy. Shekhar tells them that he was about to make a very big mistake, that his daughter's happiness was already linked to somebody else long back, and that he was only able to understand it now. He tells them that they can punish him if they wish, but now this marriage will not take place. (WOO! DancingGo Shekhar! LOL)


Part Three


Bankim steps towards Shekhar and tells him that nothing can stop what is destined to happen, and that he has no complaints towards him (Okay, lol, but that would never happen in real life LOL). Shekhar looks relieved and they join hands, thanking him. Shekhar is about to apologize to Uttam, but Uttam tells Shekhar that he is not to worry about it, as Shekhar has saved three lives today by telling everyone beforehand. Bankim thanks the wedding guests for their presence and tells them that no marriage will take place today. Ananya hugs her father, then rushes to hug her mother.


Shekhar goes to Ritesh and tells him that he has chosen Ritesh for his daughter, and that will Ritesh make Ananya his wife. He says that it is not his boss talking to him, but a daughter's father. Ritesh smiles and reaches down to touch Shekhar's feet for blessings. Shekhar blesses him to remain happy. Laboni looks on annoyed, wondering what has happened to Shekhar, and why he wishes to get a boy like Ritesh married to Ananya (This woman really needs to take a look at herself first Confused Lack of money is no reason to declare someone as unsuitable Dead). Bimal pats Shekhar and Shekhar announces to everyone that the wedding will take place today only. The worker lady (Still do not know her name- Oh wait! Watched an old episode and it's MAUSI MA LOL) tells Shekhar to let the groom get ready first. Shekhar indicates at Bimal to take Ritesh. Ritesh leaves with Bimal to get ready. Neelu comes up to Shekhar and asks for his forgiveness, admitting that she said a bit too much to him. Shekhar tells her that she was right, that his daughter's tears forced him to think from his heart rather than his mind, and that he himself will bring Ananya to the wedding mandap.


Scene changes to Anurag walking towards Taani, telling her that he wants to talk to her, but Taani tells him to wait a bit and that she will come back in two minutes. She goes, only to have Subodh step in front of her, telling her to come with him (Chipku kahin ka! AngryLOL). Taani tells him that she has work to do, but Subodh stresses that she come with him. Anurag looks on. Subodh asks Taani who she has to give the plate to, and she replies that she has to give it to the priest. Subodh takes the plate from her hands and gives it to Anurag, saying that Anurag will give it to the priest. He tells Anurag is a lower voice that it is the least he can do, and that he has very important matters with Taani to discuss. He grabs Taani's wrist and they leave, leaving Anurag to stare on sadly. (I think I left the cooker on, I smell something burning LOL)


Auromita and Poromita (AM and PM ROFL I'm still upset that they changed AM Angry) come up to Anurag and tell him that Taani's mother rebuked them for going to watch the film with him. Auromita talks about how he took her to the movies and then complained about it afterwards, pouting and saying that it was not fair. Anurag apologizes and says it was just a misunderstanding. Laboni looks on and muses about how these girls were shouted at yet are still carrying on with their antics. Anurag hands them the taali and tells them he will just be back. The girls are walking but are stopped by Laboni, saying that they have a lot of courage, that despite being told to stay away from her 'motu' they still came close to him (She is acting as if motu is her husband not Taani's LOL). AM is about to defend herself, but Laboni tells her to stop talking. She points to the taali and asks if they had come to feed her 'motu'. She tells them to wait, and that it's her turn to feed them now. She takes the taali from PM's hands and is about to feed them, but they suddenly vanish (LOL).


Subodh leads Taani outside and she asks why he has brought her there. He takes out a gift for her and she asks what it is. Subodh tells her to guess what it is, and she guesses that it is a laughing Buddha. Subodh smiles and nods, and Taani takes it from him. She opens it and smiles, remembering the broken laughing Buddha in Anurag's room, which was given to him to Miss Meenu. She look at the Buddha and thinks that it will make Anurag feel better (Always thinking about her Anurag and his happiness, how sweet Day Dreaming). Anurag comes out to the garden and watches Subodh and Taani from behind a pillar. Taani thanks Subodh, telling him that he made her day and that he doesn't know what a big happiness he has given her. Subodh tells her that in fact it is her who has made his day, and that she doesn't know what a big happiness she has given him. He thanks her and tells her that he will always remember this day. Taani replies that she will also always remember this day. Anurag stands dejectedly behind the pillar, thinking to himself that this means Taani really likes Subodh, and that she has said yes to Subodh. Episode ends on his sad face (Cry Mera bechara motu).


RATING: 10/10


I actually really liked today's episode Embarrassed. It had everything, spice, sadness, happiness, light-hearted comedy Embarrassed. I'm happy Ritesh had the courage to admit in front of Shekhar that he loves Ananya, but also highly respects Shekhar Clap. It was nice to see the soft side to Shekhar, and Neelu was very good in the episode Clap. Laboni is really annoying me now Dead, she is not exactly wealthy herself, so why question Shekhar's decision to marry Ananya off to Ritesh? Confused And the whole telling off AM and PM didn't please me- they're just young girls, not exactly threats to your daughter's marriage, haha LOL Anyway, on the whole, good episode, I'm looking forward to the marriage of Ritesh and Ananya Big smile. I guess this marriage is shaping the track, helping to show how Anurag and Taani see their marriage- it's integral to helping them understand what love and marriage is about Embarrassed. I'm going to miss these kids when they grow up Cry, but am more excited about seeing the grown-up Anurag and Taani Dancing. So looking forward to it! Hope it comes soon! Big smile

Love Zahra x

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Thank for the update.   I hope even TRP goes up also.

I think all media are bashing poor Anu about falling TRP even though she barely had a couple of scenes
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thanks Zahra
its good to see you backk
Evn i liked the epi very much
I really loved the end how maturely Shekhar finally behaved
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thnx for the lovely update...loved reading it! another awesome epi i guess! :D
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Thanx for the grt update!!! Smile
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thanks for the wonderful update!
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thanx zahra 4 lovely update!
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thanks!!! i love your comments :)

and i'm so happy that ananya is marrying ritesh, but the boy shekhar chose seems to be nice too

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