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AR OS: My World, Your World

KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Hey... I am maryam and this is my first ever os... actually i wrote this for two best friends Riddhan and Pooja and they told me to post it, too. So here it is and ya..plz press the like botton and do comment.

Several years before someone said," Sometimes in life we have everything, wealth, fame, health but we still wish for that one thing which is far more important than this all. It could change our life forever; it could be anything, maybe a min, a sec, a thing or a human. But sometimes when it comes to us, we don't notice it and when we finally realize it, it's too late for that."

That day I didn't get that meaning of it, but today when I am here, standing between millions of people. I know what it means. Today, even though I am between I am so many people, I still feel alone. I feel like a part of me is going away.

I, Armaan Malik, am a rock star and did my concert around the world. I was a arrogant, spoilt, careless, irresponsible and a guy who doesn't respect his fame. But I am not like that anymore. I am totally changed. I don't when all this happen but a girl from my world, without entering my world change me totally.

I didn't even realize when I started falling for her. It was beautiful. Those ten days were the best days of my life. In those days, I got to know myself. I got to know the difference bad to good. I got to know how to respect women, who I use to think were a time pass. I got to know that Love, is a beautiful feeling. The feeling which I made fun of in my whole life is my Life now.

But alas, my happiness had their end. The girl, whom I love the most in the world, actually, who has suddenly turned into my world is going away from me, forever. She is going to get married, today.

With that line, I started singing, this song:

Tadap, Tadap ka isse dil say aah nikal ti

As the song ended His next song started Tera bin and after that he sang another song bheegi bheegi si.

The concert ended. Everybody could feel pain in his voice. He walks out of back door, without attending his fans. He just started walking in a lonely street, without knowing where it will end. There when he was walking, he remembers those ten days days and how he met her.


We are one month back. I was really very frustrated; I can't see Mom like this. I was so sad and wanted to be alone that I got out of my home.  I was walking in some random street in Masuri. I didn't know where I was heading.

It was snowing really badly there, at that time. I was wearing a black suit with a red shirt, but I was still cold.

Suddenly, I saw a girl, decently wearing a jeans and a full sleeve tee with a jacket on it. Her hair was open, she was running looking behind. I was shock to see her at that time of night. I mean, she looks like from a nice family, so she should not be out at this time of her house.

She came running and crash in to me.

It was so sudden that I couldn't handle the weight and fall down with her over me. At that time, I saw her from close. She was holding me tight from my jacket and her eyes were close. I saw, she was really pretty. But it was not like, I was falling for her. As that thing was not possible in my story as I Hate Love Stories and more then that I hated the L-word. So, there was no chance that I will fall in love on the first sight.

Suddenly she got up, crushing me down with her elbow. She didn't even look at me once, but I saw her, her eyes were beautiful. She mutters small thanks and ran away.

It was weird; I mean I never saw a girl like her. Ahhh, she even crushes her elbow in my ribs. It hurts. The strangest thing of all is that, she didn't notice me. I mean everybody knows me. I am the rock star but then why didn't she recognize me??

Anyways, I went home, with her in my thoughts but I was really mad at her, too. I mean, my poor back, it really sucks to fall on snow and I did with her over me. Aaahhhhh I hate her God plz I wish We never ever meet again.


God didn't grant my wish.

Next day, when I got home I was surprise to see the same girl, sitting on the sofa with mom and talking to her.

"Hey mom," I said as I came and totally acted as I didn't saw anyone else in the room.

"Hey son How are u and where did u go yesterday night?," asked Mom

"Umm... I am gud mom and I just went to take walk yesterday," I said eyeing that girl...

"Oh now son meet this beautiful lady Riddhima Malhotra The only heir of Malhotra Empire," said Mom

"Hmm... Interesting.. Hey I am Armaan," I said

"Hello," said Riddhima

"Armaan come in my room right now," shouted Riddhan

"Oh... @#!*% ... I am dead now... Bye ladies... Will catch u later," said Armaan as he ran to Riddhan's room

"What happen????," asked Armaan as this time he couldn't remember what he did wrong

"Don't u dare to flirt with her, she is married and is not all ur types," warned Riddhan

"Oh boy well anyways I not gonna do that," said Armaan

"Cool ok did u see Pooja.. I mean I trying to find her from the past half an hour but can't find her," said Riddhan

"Oh she went to the market," said Armaan

"Ok," said Riddhan

And that was our first official meeting other then the first one.


Next Day, I was really bore and was talking to Mini, when suddenly out of nowhere she entered my room.

I was really mad at her. Does she know anything about manners? Riddhan told me she is from US, and I am sure their people are more mature and mannered but why is she like this?

"Oye hello... Do you know how to knock?,"

"U are asking me that? I have been knocking from the past ten mins and there was no reply. Are u deaf or what?,"

"Oopss sorry... Maybe I was too much in a conversation. I will be out in two mins,"

"Ok... I am waiting outside,"

I quickly said bye to Mini and got change.

Today, we needed to go out. Actually, I was her driver. Would u believe it? I am a driver?

Anyways, we went on the drive, which was super boring. I was driving and she looking out the window.

In the whole drive she said two words,"Thank you,"

After an hour or so, we got to the destination. It was a temple. I don't know the name as I not really into this stuff.

As soon as, I parked the car, she covers her head with her stole.

"Would u like to come?," she asked

"Umm no thx u go... I will wait for u here,"

She goes up and do pooja and then comes down after twenty mins or so.

She told me to take the Prasad but I politely refuse.

"So now where do we need to go?" I asked

"Ummnowhere if it is possible plz just drive around, I wanna see masuri,"


We went to different places and after a while it was not that boring anymore. I was having fun, too. We talked not a lot but we did. We were not friends but we were not stranger either.

We got home around 8.

She went to her room and I went to mine. She would be staying in my house; actually her dad was by dad's friend.


Like this we meet every day with different reasons. But one day something bad happen. She saw my bad side, which I was hiding from her, or actually I was changing.

That day, I was in a restaurant with my family, Riddhan's, and Riddhima's family.

Suddenly, I got a call from my co-singer. She told me to come outside. I excused myself and went outside.

There was she, Tina.

"Armaan, why did u do this to me?? Why? Why? I loved u so much,"

"What did I do to u Tina? I never said anything about love? Did I ever say I love u? Did I? No na so"

"ha ha ha ha I should have known for u girls are like clothes u wear then and throw them the next day,"

"hey tina.. chill I didn't do anything bad I just told u that I don't love u U r really sweet and u will get a better guy then me,"

"But I don't want anyone else,"

"I am sorry Tina... I can do anything about it... Plz forget me Look u r a really nice friend of mine but I never thought in any other way about u,"

"Armaan.. Plz don't do this to me.. plz,"

"I am sorry tina if u wanna work with me u can do that if u want money I will give u that too but I don't know anything about love as I don't believe in it, I am sorry,"

By saying that I turned around but was shocked, there was Riddhima standing with tears in her eyes.


But she went inside. She heard me. At that time, I felt horrible; it hurt to see tears in her eyes.

I went inside. But after that day we never had a talk. We were stranger again and this hurts.

When a stranger, who becomes a good friend of yours; suddenly again turn into a stranger hurts. The same was happening with me.

I use to see her but couldn't say anything.

I tried one to explain it to her why it all happens and she believes me but the things were never the same.

I was willing to do anything to get things normal but nothing was in my hand.

I was lost and suddenly I started missing her. She was someone who changes me completely. I use get up early just to get a glimpse of her when she is doing pooja.

I use to stay home in my room, other than going to parties which I use to do. I use to go to office every day, because she goes their too, even if I don't have any work to do there.

Something, weird was happening with me. I was really missing her and when ever her fianc touches her or hold her hand, it burnt me. I couldn't see that. I was really sorry and wanted to say sorry to her.

So I went to her sangeet it was plan to be down in a different place.

I was really umm I don't know some feelings don't have a name. It was really strange. I got their and there were a lot people.

Some of my fans were their too, which were shock to see me there. I gave them the necklace I got for her and asked where is Riddhima?

One of the girls told me she is up and pointed towards the stairs.

 I walked up and suddenly the lights went off.

I went to the room, where I saw was some moon light and I saw her dress in a Green lagenga.

I went to her, but before I can say anything to her she started saying.

"U know what I am glad the light went off Maybe I wouldn't have able to say the things I wanted to tell u directly looking in ur eyes. I am so happy that I got u as my life partner. I know u r not the person, whom I dream about my whole life but still now I will spend my whole life with u.

U know u r so different. I met Armaan. I thought he is a really nice guy with a sweet heart but I don't know I really don't know is he sweet? I mean a guy who hurts someone in front of my eyes and on the other side is really nice to others.. how is he? I couldn't really understand him.

Anyways u said I should hold ur hand right so u go I am holding ur hand," said shilpa as she put her hand in my hand and brought it up in front of her eyes.

She could only see my eyes

"U know what I always thought that the persons hand I will hold for the first time will also be the person who's hand I would like to hold in the rest of my life,"

 Suddenly, the lights went on. Riddhima was still holding my hand

Then she suddenly left my hand. Her fianc came and he seems to be a big fan of mine as he drags me down with him, to take a photograph.

I didn't even get to say sorry to her.

I went with him. There I saw Riddhan, too. Actually, everyone who lives in my house was there. After some photography I went out. I could bare the closeness of Riddhima and her fianc.

I was walking out. On the road when suddenly Riddhima called me, from behind

"Armaan, wait,"

"Congrats, and I am sorry for that night,"

"Thanks and forget that night,"

"Actually, I wanted to tell u something,"


"U don't believe in love right?"


"Ok, u know what if u believe in love or not.. some day it will happen to u,"

"How is it a disease?"

"No dumboit's a feeling which just happen,"

"Just happens?,"

"Yait's always in ur heart,"

"That's funny if it is in my heart I should I know it,"

"It's not all funny ok close ur eyes,"


"No questions... Do as I say... Close ur eyes,"


"Ok now put ur hand in your hand on your heart," I did as I was told," now hear you heart beat now see if you can see a face in front of your eyes,"

I saw the Riddhima as I saw her for the first time, then that mandir trip, then when she left after hearing me talking to Tina, then I saw her again dancing with her fiance.

I quickly open my eyes.

"So did u see a face,"

I didn't answer

"Oh well maybe someday u will and that will be ur love I hope its not a guy's face..hehhee thx for coming to my sangeet now I need to go,"

With that she went.


That was the last time I saw her.

I cannot live with her. Those days I spent with her were the best. God, now as I can't be with her, I wish the person who she is marrying will keep her happy and if he doesn't then it won't be good.

I was walking when suddenly, I saw a car pass by and if I am not wrong then it was Riddhima's fiance.

I started following that car. I had a bad feeling about it as it was snowing right now, too. The car was going slow.

I ran in the snow which was risking but nothing was more important then Riddhima so I did.

I ran and ran after ten mins. I was in front of that car.

As the driver, saw me, he stopped the car. As the car got stopped, I went by the car and open the back seat door. There was Riddhima's fianc with a girl in a condition, which I never expected to see him (ahem ahem). Suddenly, His phone rang, before he can picked it up, I got his cell and saw it was mom(his mom), I picked the call.


"Hey son, where are u? Come home soon... Don't forget u r getting married to day, for the second time..hahhaha.. those idiots.. think u r all nice and one girl person they don't even know that they are going make her daughter marry to u and then it's the end of her happy life and end of our sad life. We will be rich as his dad is gonna give all his property to ur name, come home soon son I am waiting, we need to end this game today," said his mom and hanged up

I was shocked @#!*% shocked I will never ever let this wedding up till I am alive.

I gave his driver a thousand rupees and told them to take him to the wedding right now.

The driver agrees and went. After that I called Riddhan and told him about ti and told him to send go their get hold of his wife.

I also went there.

When I got there, Armaan wasn't their and Riddhima and his fianc were about to take those seven rounds around the fire.

I came up from the crowd, when Riddhima saw me. She said,

"hey Armaan u here for my wedding,"

I went to her and took her hand, brought her close to me. She saw standing right in front of me,

"I can here but not to attend in this wedding but to stop it,"


"Yes, I love u Riddhima and u can't marry this guy,"

"What? Are u out of ur mind or what?"

"No I am saying what the truth is,"

"Armaan how could u do this to me? You r just doing this to stop my wedding?," said Riddhima and slapped him

But I didn't do anything, I was waiting for Riddhan.

"Son, what are u saying?," asked Riddhima's dad

"whats wrong uncle, I said I love her and the biggest truth in the world,"

The groom mom got up and said," sorry I won't let marry my son with this girl, suddenly from nowhere a guy comes and he says he loves ur daughter?,"

"plz plz don't say that mother in law," said Riddhima

"Oh shilpa don't be sad, marry me, I have everything, and I always keep u near me,"

"Oh plz leave me, u r disgusting,"

Suddenly, Riddhan made his entry with that lady. That lady comes and confesses that she is that guy's wife. That guy refuses to accept it but then after a while he also confessed it.

Now, everything was over. Riddhima was crying badly. His father was worried if no one will marry her anymore. But at that time, I said, I will marry here right now, but before that I want to talk to Riddhima.

Riddhima's dad was happy, but then he looked at Armaan's parents but then seems happy with that, too.

"Riddhima go with Armaan he wants to talk to u," said her dad

I took Riddhima out of the hall, in the lobby and made it empty.

Now, there were only both of us.

"Riddhima, look I know I am not ur Mr. Perfect. I always make mess. I do mistakes. I earn enough money which can fulfill our both of our needs. But see I love u a lot more then anything is this world and if u r with me then all the wrong things will be right all my mistakes will be ok. Maybe life wont be that take difficult anymore.

I don't know u love me or not. But plz marry me I promise u my love would be enough for both of us. We both will make our own world. There wont be my world or your world. It would be one, OUR WORLD.

Plz say and marry me. I promise u, I will change. I will be just like u want me to be. I promise I will try my best not to hurt u and not to let a tear fall of ur eyes.

I wont promise u that I will drop roses on u but I promise u they won't be thorns. I promise u love ur life with me.

I will love so much that the sadness wont even dare to come near u. Plz  plz marry me," said Armaan, on his knees bowing his head low in front of Riddhima

"Armaan, I love u too. And I trust u I know u will make everything right. And I will marry u," said Riddhima and hugged Armaan

Armaan didn't have a ring to give it to her so he got a ring out of his finger and put it on her's.

With that they went out and they got married on the same mandap.


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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
hey sweet heart Mini
thanks a ton for writing this os
i really loved it
just too perfect
especially Armaan's proposal soooooooo much
thanks a ton for writing this one for me
love u too much


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riddhan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
the OS was mindblowing ClapClapClapClapClapClap i loved armaan n ridzs character Wink

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divkashfull IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 3:01pm | IP Logged

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RKDramebaaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
omg.....tu toh bahot shaani nikli yaar..!
lol JK...
u are awesme mary....
kya OS likha hai..!!!
keep up the gud wrk..!!!!


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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
awesome os
loved it
armaan is so sweet
loved the ending
do right more
thanks 4 da pm

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sameera_12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
It was an awesome One Shot!!!!!
Especially Armaan's proposal...Embarrassed
Thanks for writing it down and when r you updating shades of love and hatred???? I am waiting for it....
Update soon...


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