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Khaty Bhai RIP - Eulogies Thread, All welcome

Summer3 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 44425

Posted: 13 July 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Khatarnak

Here is a small gift to all of you

yeh dil ab bhi dharakta hai short circuit nahin hua
Malaysia sey canada tak teri dua ka asar khoob hua

Doston tumhari mohabat ka asar hum par yeh hua
Tum sey milnay ko hum sey sabar hi nahin hua

mehfilain hain bohat magar is forum jaisa koi na hua
aur phir WA jaisa member of the week bhi koi na hua

Ab hoti hain yahan shadiyan aisa kabhi nahin hua
ROA aur CG jaisa ab tak paida bhi koi nahin hua

har taraf hai dhoom serena ki aisa writer toh koi bhi na hua
jo karta hai har post ko like aisa dewana Asma ka koi na hua

Rafi hai agar music ka khuda toh OBJ jaisa parastar koi na hua
magar sonu ki chahat mein dewani jaisi aashiq paida koi na hua

Khaty Bhai - May your soul rest in peace
Ah if we wanted to know a person who truly believed in practising what he preached or followed dharma as it should be applied with wisdom and gentleness then Khaty Bhai was the one.
Dear friends, brothers and sisters,
Several persons who have known Khaty Bhai want to say something about him and have asked me to open a thread on this.
Kindly feel free to express yourselves in this Chat Club Thread about one such person.
 I first knew Khaty Bhai in the Saregampa 2007 days when he was using the name Jojo then. He was working doubly hard in a Finance Manager post in Edmonton. He introduced himself to me and we started chatting on MSN Messenger. He was a super worker and easily got bored after finishing his works. If on any day I did not appear he would message "Kahan ho yaar ?"
He loved music especially ghazals as he was a great tabla player and also a Urdu/Hindi shayari writer. Words would come out naturally and he always made a point to explain the difficult Urdu words in a glossary. He hated controversies on the thread and people arguing over nothing or quarelling and creating problems; sometimes he would ask me to pm the individual and at times he would use his most famous lines "Let me handle this" or "I will fix him". He would say I was too nice to the trouble makers and only encouraging them. Sometimes he advised "just ignore those nonsensical topics and threads" such as India and Pakistan or other political controversies. He wanted peace all round.
But most times it was his shayaris that entertained us and he would sometimes ask my opinion on what he wrote; that that was a joke as I myself had to ask him to explain its meaning. As usual he was as patient as Job. Though he never spoke much of religion he was a true Muslim who believed in the oneness of God and goodness.
Explaining to me about ghazals he introduced Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jehan, Ustad Amanat Ali and his sons and students, Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan, and so many great ghazal artists. He used to attend Mehfils too and would sometimes play the tabla there, but he found the places rather smokey. He himself was averse to any drinks or liquor of any type.
Over 2 years back he once told me that he was very happy and I asked him why.
He said that he had got a new job and it meant greater responsibility. But soon after working there for a few months he was admitted to the hospital with some breathing problems. Here was where the problem started and he underwent an open heart surgery, they did a bypass.
Surgery seemed successful but in less than 6 months he was in and out of the hospital due to him not being fully fit.
Still during this period he was sporting enough to take part in IF competitions or be bakra for the MOTW. I knew he was not in the best of health and often offered to help him in answering the questions. Once we were both in the some online competition set by NF, my god he was in a terrible state of health then, so I had to help him with his set first and then do my own too. But it was fun and he did do a few himself too. he always risked his own health for various projects and friends.
(Much later his brother complained to me that Khaty Bhai was always risking his health  not realizing how much pain and suffering his own family has to go through).
One of the best pieces he wrote at this time was:
"Khatarnak maiden chodke bhagtey nahi...."
It is lovely to be able to remember everything in full detail and to me it seems that he is always with me and I keep hearing his advise all the time. Personally I have never met him and yet it feels I have known him for ages. He too knew me well and could read me like a book and ask me to stay away from certain troublemongers; later sometimes he would say "Sorry I am a bit too harsh"
I shall write more about him again for like the Ramayana his story is very long.

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kuhu.kuhu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 January 2006
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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 9:59am | IP Logged

Jojo...The Man I knew and admire ....

It was just after 26/11 mumbai attacks and in  midst of SRGMPch 9 .. Forum got heated up and flooded with people whose agenda was not music but to disrupt the peace of music lovers..I noticed members trying to bring some semblance  and Jojo was one of them...He always was stern to people who went off topics ...but he  was always cordial...When the forum stabilised a little bit i noticed Jojo in his usual witty self ..He had great raport with Akanna ( Aku , where are u Confused)..I enjoyed their light banters ....slowly i started to gel in..getting friendly with Jojo , Aku, Summer Antar and the bunch....It was during Antar's icecream game thread that i noticed a hilarious satirical post of Jojo on was an absolutely harmless post but i saw the danger of people like dawgs lurking around and create a mess of that post ...resulting that  thread getting  locked!!!!!..So i sent my 1st PM to Jojo requesting him to edit that post and explained why ....i was apprehensive at 1st because somehow i painted Jojo to be a very reserved type of a guy( though he was very fun loving with his friends)....but within 2 mins i noticed that cow essay was deleted and  just a one word reply came to my inbox... "thanks" with a smiley..I heaved a sigh of relief ....
After that  occasionally we used to have exchange of words with regard to singers ...and whenever he wanted to show me some posts he would PM me the link telling me to take a look at it....He called Akanna Rani and started calling me Pari lols ...will try to dig those posts...then on his MOTW thread he referred to me as Billi ...and i was like what's that ...he says u r a cat with claws hidden  ....i replied rest assured u r not one of the target..he replied "ohh I know that ..for me u keep ur chappals ready" ..and I said "u got that right"...he was so full of life then ....He used to be online a lot and I asked him "Jojo ..don't u have work to do ..what does ur boss say"..he replied" I am the boss , I run the whole company ",,,I knew he joined a new company ...
He was very intelligent day when he was very sick i learnt that he had  3.9 GPA graduating from cetennial college , Canada...He played tabla ..recently his bro revealed to summer that had he practised tabla as a profession he would have been an international name to reckon with!!!!...He told us he didn't have a musical voice but his bro mentioned that's an understatement...which means he was a good singer too...He was so well read...and a musical genius ..His urdu shayaris were so good and at times difficult to understand ...but he always left the translation for novice like us....
What I liked about him most was his respect to women...His favorite bollywood actress was Sushmita Sen...and I asked him why sush??....He said because she is the epitome of what modern women should be ...bold and beautiful...confident and life on her own terms and doesn't hesitate to raise social issues even if she faces brick bats...and I liked his analysis....recently when i was watching sush in I am She grand finale talking about the future of today's women I remembered Jojo....He was deeply religious ...always fought with poeple on the forum if he notices unpleasantness but very modern in his thoughts specially issues on women, children, and oldage ......
He was sick ..but he always bounced back....once he told me .."koel yaar..tu mujhe bhaii mat bana."...i think Summer posted one such posts here also...I told him"Jojo , u remind me of my eldest bro in law ..He is also very charismatic but very caring towards his near and dear ones ..Pat came his reply "good..saali..andhi gharwali..I like that "....That was Jojo... 
Jojo cared for everybody ...He was khaty bhai to some , kat bro and Jojo to others ...but his brotherly "umbrella" gave shades to all who needed ...He loved all..Never heard any ill talk about anybody ..If he finds somebody was rude or being childish he would straight away PM that person and tell him/her to calm down ..He believed in taking matters in his own hands and not talk with 5 other people about it ....He was ready to lend his helping hand and offered advice to people he cared.....and he cared for all...
As my words r getting blurred on the screen I  remember one of our conversations we had last summer ..In one of his good days he asked me "Koel , tu mujhe teri shaadi pe bulayegi "..I aksed "Jojo tum aogey"   ...'kyun nahi aaoonga ..Zaroor aaoonga ..ek baar bulake toh dekh"...I replied .."o.kk ...then, that's a promise "...
That one promise I know I will never be able to keep.           

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Summer3 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 44425

Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Khaty Bahi's most favourite singer, may his journey be as smooth too
Mehdi Hasan - Saamne Aake Tujh Ko Pukara Nahin
Good Bye Khaty Bhai may your soul rest in peace and stay safe in Allah's Heaven.
There never was a finer gentleman.
Friends, bros and sis, thank you for your prayers and support but unfortunately Khaty Bhai has been called home.
He led a rich and full life and had been a great blessing to the world.
He was multi-talented and a prodigy who was an expert in many fields.
But he stood out most in his musical knowledge and Urdu shayaris.
Also an exert tabla player who played at professional levels.
I was conversing with his brother and within  that those few moments he left us.
His spirit will always be with us.
Please leave your condolences for his family. 
Rest well dear friend for you have made our lives richer

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mittijalebi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 May 2006
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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:27am | IP Logged

i've been thinking all day about kathy bhai and about what to write here.  but i figured i just write whatever comes to my mind....just let my heart flow.

i first came across kathy bhai during the srgmp days and i took an instant liking to this new member....khatarnak.  i loved his shayari, his way of saying things, the respect he gave everyone.  he was truly a gem of a person.
a lot of times we take individuals for granted....and i think i took kathy bhai granted.  i never took the time to get to know as well as i wish i had.  i know he was a truly wise individual....a real fighter.  and i know that had i bothered to send him a PM more often than i did.....i would've learnt alot from him.  however, kathy bhai is gone....and i have lost that chance forever.
i have never met khathy bhai, i have never heard his voice, don't know what he looks like....yet i still feel his loss....yet i was still down all day.  i guess this goes to show the power and charisma of kathy bhai.
RIP bhai....tumko jannat naseeb ho gayee.

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Summer3 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 44425

Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mittijalebi

will write back later when i have my thoughts gathered.
Waheguru, You are as sweet as your name.

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esseesse IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 September 2009
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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
I still m out of words summer 3, but dedicate a song for him.

Summer3 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 44425

Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cosworthkid007

I still m out of words summer 3, but dedicate a song for him.

Sahi kaha bhai. Lovely song.
It takes a while for it to sink in eventhough mentally we were prepared.
Khaty Bhai kept telling me that his time was limited but he wanted to go to Africa and help the poor and hungry there and also make a trip to the middleeast where his mum and sis are living and come down all the way to India and Pakistan again.

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Summer3 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 44425

Posted: 13 July 2010 at 11:07am | IP Logged
A nice summary posted by Vinu ji, Mr. Believe
When we hear like this news...its realy feel pain, Hum rote nahe hey but my heart is crying now......I still remember his comments n views in DM and other sections and now just gone through his PM's......cant express the words....!
Some of His topics and Comments:-
And more............
Originally posted by Khathy bhai

Mods please do not close for a day or so

I am really sorry and embarrassed to every one that I was not here, have so many PM's to answer but sorry I am still not up to it.

I am still not well (still critical), I am not getting any better and am feeling very week both mentally and physically, I have survived so far but not sure for how long (I am going to be away for a while)

All a want is a healthy life (which is becoming really hard) - any ways I don't want any one getting worried

I really have no regrets and have live good life and been helpful to people all my

I am really thankful to every one for being so considerate and can not forget you guy - you all are so loving and have always given me utmost respect (which I really do not deerve).

Please forgive me - Khatty Bhai really thank you all (from bottom of hi heart), I hope I can come back soon

I am sorry


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