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Friday 23/7/10

NS is slowly getting up from her bed. AK is concern personified.
Well, NS is all set for her water beating session. AK says that
she can not touch another drop of alcohol - " You will die, gotcha?"
NS says that she can not accept all that is said by the doctor -
"avanga velai yen velai yai pakkaren....Kudikkame 100
varusham vaazharahtai vida, kudichuttu seekiram pOi serrarathu 1000 times better " Sonny boy supports mommy " correct mummy, only now you speak my language .... enna yya doctors ivanga??? Medicine kuduthutta apramum no water beating??? Mummy, we have a job on hand. Let us find a doc who gives us pills and prescribes alcohol, say what?" Though mummy is game. AK does not find this funny (yeah sure) - tells sonny boy "not a drop of
alcohol in this house, any more. Now you are young ..konjam
vayasu aana apram theriyum un health pathi... vethanai thaan minjum" Sonny boy has a valid point "if u stop me from drinking now....ippOve vethanai thaan enakku" AK collects all the bottles
from various store houses  ( bathroom le toilet flush tank check panniliyaa??) - surprisingly there are only 3 or 4 bottles !!! - (che, bar bar nnu ithukku thaan peela vittingalaa??/ Roja kku vekkama irukku !!) Goes out to dispense them. Sonny boy reminds "ayyo ellam romba costly , daddy". AK cares two hoots. NS is seething. Sonny kku oru chinna sabalam " mummy yethanum cutting?? Olichu vaichu irukkengalaa??" NS nondhufies her vithi "ayyO magane, theriyaame pOche da " (Rojaaaa, avanga mind voice unakku epdi kettuthu??)

Aavudai household is getting ready for the much awaited wedding. EnnamO romba muraiya nadakkara wedding mathiri - Pearl says
that she still has not got the feeling of attending a wedding "summa Kovilukku pOra mathiri thaan irukku" Beach chides her for not decking up like a Christmas tree. No sweat, Kavitha is all decked
up. Garden says that Valli will attend the wedding - "all of a sudden decide panniyaachu...Hotel..... paarkka..." Now it is "goading Aavudai" time - who refuses to attend the marriage "Amutha thaan
kannile, me not coming" Finally Bell talks sense "appa, you think about Amutha, what about me??? That wedding was imposed on me. I do not love Amutha. Apdi paartha , my wedding with Kavi was stopped cruelly !!! Can't you sympathize with Kavi??" Aavudai stands his ground. So, the rest leave for the temple. Homam ..manthras.....tying of the noose happens. (adeyappa, at last !!) Kavi's mom and bro praise Beach and Pearl to the skies. Kavi's mom wants Kavi and Bell to do namaskaram - "annan anni kalaile vizhunthu aasirvatham vaangunga.." Bell is ready..Kavi is not game ..but finally obliges mommy. The Snake slithers in.....much to the chagrin
of Beach.

The snake has a gift too - all decked up - Beach Oda money ellam enge pOchu nnu paarungappa ellarum. Beach is livid - the slithering snake cares two hoots, anyways. All the eyes are on the snake. Beach is curt " why are you here??" But snake ignores all that , makes some pleasant conversation with all. Kavi needles - tells Bell
 " Ivanga unga annanukku right hand..ivanga VELAI romba pidichu
pOchu, so neriya perks kuduthu nalla VAICHU irukkar" Snake looks uncomfortable (habba, for a change) but manages to say that she came to get some cheque signed. Pearl's mom rightly observes "cheque??? the way you are decked up??? Give me a breakkkk" Snake says that Beach was casually talking about the wedding at
the site " aathaan, cheque signing um attend pannina mathiriyum nnu.." Beach draws her aside and stings " I know that you are not here for some signature, spill ...NOW..." Snake hands over some papers...all eyes ... on the snake..


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Tuesday 27th july 2010  update

Worst ever episode in tamil serial historyAngry
Appanae muruga indha maadhiri scenes ellam update panradhunala ennai naragathula thallidatha ppa....un mela sathiyama enakkum indha serial kkum endha sammandamum illai....
AV-Sneha akkapor going on....AV pulls sneha down....Beach comes to rescue....He helps her to getup and starts his verbal fight with his dad....Beach asks AV whether this is chellamma's idea...AV says yes ,chellamma will always do good for u...Beach gets irritated...says whats the need for chellaama to interfer in my life??....AV says she is very much worried abt ur life...She feels thet this sneha is a dubakkooor...she wants to save u from  this lady....So she sent me here to explain u....Beach not ready to listen....Talks in support od sneha....AV continues his arivurai...Beach looks around...Koottam vedikkai parking....
AV porumai izhandhu shouts....Leave this "nadathai kettaval" and come back my son...Beach warns his dad not to call sneha as "nadathai kettaval".....AV again calls sneha like that...Beach rombha tension aayyitar...He shouts Appa and gives him a tight slap...(WTH???Where is our tamil serials going???We have seen lots of loosu thanamana,kevalamana,muttal thanamana scenes in our tamil serials..But son slapping his fatherShockedShocked.....this is the first time..This is very wrong..very sad to see such scenes..Eventhough this is a serial,there should be a limit...OuchOuch).....
Everyone shocked...Even sneha  is shocked.....Koottam uch kotting and watching...AV gets up and cries  infront of his son.... Beach says "i tried to stop u...but neenga overaa pesikittae poneenga"....AV says "naanada overaa pesinen?unnai thirutha dhaan vandhen...But u...oru appa nnu kooda parkama ennai adichitta...en sothu la irundhu unakkum un thambigalukkum onnum kidaiyadhu...I'll give everything to an orphanage".....Sollikittu AV leaves theplace crying and polambing......Sneha comes near beach and says "ennanga ippadi pannitteenga...see him...eppadi porarunnu...".....beach says "pona pogudhu appannnu partha overaa pesikittu poran andha aalu..adhaan adichen....".....he tells everyone to go back to their work....
Kuruvukaramma(KK) in her home...Restless....Daughter comes and asking something and KK shouts at her...Son comes....she tells him that she cant sleep without having a drink(sarakku)....but her husband refuses to give her..that's why she is not able to sleep.....
Sivasu and siva comes with sarakku bottle... KK tells watchman to allow them in...They both comes in and KK  tells them that she cant sleep without water beating....avasara avasarama siva opens the bottle and KK  takes the glass...Siva says "mam..wait ...not yet added water"....KK says "yov...naan appadiyae saappiduven"LOLLOL (KK:aamam...azhagirkku kaaranam water beating....water add panna vendam appadiyae saapiduvenLOLLOL).....and suddenly a voice stops her..."madhu"....
Her husband there....Elalrum shocked....AK tells S&S to get out....KK shouts at her husband ...says sheis not able to sleep....AK sad.....S&S says "sir....thavicha vaaikku thanni kudungo sir....giver her a cutting or a quarterLOLLOL...for her we have bought costly sarakku...pls let her drink"....AK sends them out.....
Kuruvikamma turns payitha karamma...She shouts and cries that she wants to drink....AK tells her to go to her room and sleep...KK goes to her room and takes sleeping pills bottle...She tries to swallow all the tablets...AK comes and stop her.....He shouts.."oru pazhakkatha marakka innoru pazhakkama?try to sleep madhu...u can...Close ur eyes...Count from 50-1...u will sleep"......he leaves the room...KK starts counting...50......49....48...47...46.....Cries..."mudiyalae..."(Goodacting by KKClapClap)..
Beach's kadal  house...beach coming back from office....Wife welcomes and straight away she takes himto the dining tableLOLLOLBeach tells her wife to call his appa....Pearl says appa innum varla...Beach silent....pearl says "ur dad morning ponavaru innum varla...i think  he is in chellamma's house....warn him not to go there once he comes back..."....Beach says "I think he will not come today" Everyone looks at beach's azhagu face...Confused....

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Wednesday 28/7/10

Beach and Co - house No 1. Pearl complains that Aavudai has gone nuts. "inge nadakkarathai ellam Omni kitte report panrathe velai ya pOchu ivarukku " Beach looks like a scorpion bitten thief. All wonder as to why Aavudai is not back home. Beach slowly says that he
wont come back. The family jumps "why so??" Beach is at
a loss for word...but the ever obliging Pearl gives a lead "vera enna??? Omni thOondi vittu iruppa" Beach yaaru??? kOdu pOtta road podaravar. He now has an idea. Says that Aavudai came to the site and fought with him. "namba Omni kku yethanum seyyanumaam. He wants some property to be given to Omni. I said no and he started threatening me. Ella sothaiyum ava mele ezhuthi vaichudeuen nnu mirattaraar...." The clan is heart broken (athu sari, sOthu thaane mukkiam. Beach kku house no 2 iruntha enna ?? illatta enna??) Beach directs - "Garden and Bell, go and see him tomorrow. Get the documents ready - saying that all the properties are transfered to our names. Get him to sign the documents, ok?? ( apram appan epdi pOna engalukku enna??) Both the brothers play boom boom maadu.

Omni at the garments. Chithappu, GM and Vaasu - "General Body" (paavam namba chef, ithukku kooda koopida maattangalaa?? At least to supply some coffee and tea??) meeting - How to improve RS garments? - Vaasu says that they should increase the no. of employees. Omni asks the GM who just wants to spite Vaasu - says some thing that hurts Vaasu. Omni as usual vakkalathu vaangufies - " it is easy to criticize some one's ideas. But what is difficult is to suggest some thing better. Athukku neriya velai seyyanum. Neenga thaan velaiye seyyame sambalam vaangaravar aache.." Turns her attention to Vaasu - says that they do need more people .."but before that we should have more orders.." Just then the officials from Lotus Bank descend on Omni. Omni gets to know that the owner has cheated them and the GM guy played along. The bank officials talk about sending innumerable reminders " no response absolutely from the owner. So, we just have to seal this place" .A "big fight" ensues and Omni dismisses the GM after some choice gaalis (habbbaaaa, at last !!!!) Omni appeals to the bank guys and gets 2 days time. Operation "stop izhuthu moodal" gets discussed. And Omni decides to meet AK (vera???? yen sir, unga advocate enna sothai advocate aa?? Documents sari paarkkum pOthu ithellam paarkkaliyaa??)

AK gets briefed - decides to accompany Omni to see the cheating owner. Prefers to consult the advocate and so both go to the same advocate who sothappufied - Now he says that Omni should not talk "rules and regulations" to the bank guys. "unga kudumi avanga kaile. Why should I pay his debts nnu aarambichaa, izhuthu moodal is imminent. So, do some soft peddaling with the bank, ok? Now, about the owner, cheating case pOdalaam, can take him to the court. But before that, let us talk to him. Masinji varatta..irukkave irukku court.." AK suggests that they should go with the police force but advocate would much rather confront him with out the police. The trio goes to the Owner's place....Owner sees them coming......


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thursday 29-07-2010
The cheater (garment owner) in his house keeps the cigarette in the ash tray and looks through the window; there comes our CM with AK and the Advocate. The cheater calls his wife and says to her if anyone asks abt him tell them that he had gone to foreign and hides in a room. Then the door bell rings and the lady for 1 and half minutes she gives a weird expression then she set up her mind to open the door. CM comes and calls the cheater and questions his wife where he is? The wife says that he went to foreign. CM is like I didn't ask him where he went then y giving me this answer. Again she gives a expression that makes CM to find out she is lying (or I can say the lady doesn't know how to act dir sir shd have taken care abt her acting).
CM sees the ash tray and questions the lady abt her character now the lady cries for her husband and now the cat is out of the bag. All the three asks an explanation for what he had done and this man admits that he couldn't pay the loan.
Now the four leaves to the bank and meets the bank manager. There the manager asks the owner whether he could pay the loan and again he give the same answer. Then the manager gives them an idea to CM(which I too expected) to pay the loan and take the ownership. But CM says it is difficult to pay 2croes.
AK takes CM out and asks her whether she is interested in being an owner of the garments. CM says she is interested but how can she pay this much loan and cries to AK how much struggle she had undergone. AK gives her confident that they can ask the cheater the deposited amount 50 lacks and the remaining will be paid by him. CM hesitates to get this much amount from AK. But AK informs her that he will be a partner of the garment. CM agrees. And AK tells to the manager that he and CM will be the partner of the garment and will pay the loan. Further he asks the cheater to give the deposited amount. Cheater agrees to give it with in 2 days (I hope he won't cheat this time). The manager ask the cheater to give the documents in bank name later they will change it to CM's name.
They all leave the room. And CM is very happy about this and thank AK for helping this much. And tells to AK that he is the one putting all the muthalidu for the business where as she couldn't do that. AK tells not to worry as she put all her hard work in this business.
episode ends.
Appada now CM will be succeeded in her target while her anni will be busy in finding beach's leelaigal and madu will be worries abt her condition for not having sarakku.

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Friday 30/7/10

Bell and Garden at the door steps of Omni. Chithappu extends a
"warm " welcome. Omni is summoned. "arumai brothers visiting
you, 8th world wonder, vaa vaa " Omni comes out. Brothers categorically say that they have no intention of cootchi cooing with Omni. " We want to see daddy.  Wait , wait, you can keep him with you for ever, we just want some signatures, got it??" Omni being Omni does not answer straight - "avar signature ?? ethukku??" Garden rightly points out " not your concern, just send daddy out" Omni says that daddy is not here "enna da pannininga??? appa enge da??? " Garden and Bell do not believe this. Bell gets smart (apdi pOdu) Decides to go in and search (for once he does some thing without being told !! ) Well daddy darling is missing. Omni learns from her brothers that Aavudai fought with Beach "unakku support panni pesi irukkar, annan thitti ttar. Appa joot vittuttar......" (story so far ...Rojaaaaaaaa) The bros ask Omni to inform if dad
is sighted (signature vaangittu pOidarOm, engalukku vendam poosani kai ) Vadai, the chef arrives,  (veggie shopping , paavam
avar kavalai avarukku, he has to keep the home fires burning !!)

looks at bell and picks up a fight for demeaning Amutha. Fist fight ensues. Omni stops him " manushan kitte sandai pOdalaam,
cadaver kitte sandai pOdalaama??" Garden defends cadaver Bell but Omni has the last word " manushan nna ..must understand and respect other's feelings !! Amutha loved him so much....and he cares a tuppence??" The brothers leave and Omni gives the judgement " Amutha is happy only after getting rid of this extra baggage, so no sweat" Omni the James Bondy now gets the picture "maama, appa would have confronted beach about the snake. So, Beach would have shouted at appa. But beach veet le pOi mathi solli.... appa joot vittu...." All go in search of Aavudai.

Chithappu, Chef and Omni are going jalan-jalan - Aavudai engiyaanum camerkat vaangi sappittu kOnde paraakku paarthu kOndu irunthaal??  - Missing Aavudai missing thaan. Omni and Chithappu decide to go to the police (hmm uppukku sappani Omni kku maang kOttai Chef ai ithukku kooda kootti ttu pOgalai??!!) AK's house. Anjali comes with her BF Karthik who refuses to come in "Ennai paartha unga amma "sky-earth" jumping pannum, why kindle her?" Anjali forcefully brings him in. NS calls YOVV , shouts at Anjali. But Anjali could not care less. Tells mommy that she is extremely transparent about her love. Asks permission from daddy " have some thing important to discuss with Karthik, if you permit, i will take him upstairs" NS jumps the gun " I can not permit" and Anjali points out " I asked for daddy's permission !!" AK allows. NS jumps some more but both AK and Suresh leave the arena - asking NS to shout to her heart's content.

Police station. Omni gives Avudai's photo and asks the inspector to search. Inspector is in a mood for stories ( akkang, ippO personal Qs kekkatta.....apram eppO??) Probes and learns about "moraipaadu ....daddy can not drink green water in Omni's house... blah blah" Just then a call comes ...yesssss, u guessed it - a body has been found on the railway tracks " 60 - 70 years aa??? face is ok??identify panna mudiyumaa??" Omni and Chithappu kku BP is 1000 degrees. As the inspector leaves, they want to tag along. Inspector pours ice cold milk  in to their tummies " dont fret, body oru lady.." Omni heaves a sigh of relief ...


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