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Chellammae 13th july 2010 update
Starts with kuri solra amma's badrakali look towards vadai....Vadai agrees that chellamma has done saami kutham,but she did so only for good...And he asks that manjula(kuri solra ammaLOLLOL)....sammy mannikamaatangala??Manjula shouts back..."why r u asking this to me...(Adhanae...Manjula enna  god oda perosnal mobile number vachurukangala??udanae kettu solla??Silly  vadai???)...Go and talk to Aatha....She will decide whether to forgive u or not".....
Vadai slowmotion la gets up(Becoz this is a mega serial...Mind it...edhuvumae fast aa irukadhu...Neither the actors...Nor the storylineDeadDead)......Vadai comes and stand befroe amman and starts polambing.....He kottufies all his feelings to god...Asking sorry onbehalf of chellamma...Ellathayum vida pughal paading chellamma...Chellamma did that,Chellamma did this..She is like that,this.....And after polambing paagraph  is petition  paagraph.He prays "forgive us,forgive chellamma,Nothing should happen to her and our baby".....After saamy kumbidum padalam is over..he starts moving...And majula calls him....
Vadai comes and sit before manjula...Manjula says saamy kitta ellathayum sollitta everything will be solved,....Dont worry.....Tie this kayiru in ur wife's hand...Nothing will happen to her".....Vadai  rombha rombha happy ....
Vadai coming home...Chithappa visaruchufying abt kovil trip..Chellamma joins hem...Chittahppu asking which temple..vadai says "Ponniyamman kovil"....TottidoyinggggggLOL...Chellamma's sabadam flashback....She recalls her sabadam .....Vadai says ponniyamman god is a very powerful god....Enna vendinalum nadakkum....he gives prasadam and saamy kayiru to chellamma...Vadai tells chellamma..."With this kayiru in ur hand,amman will be with u always".....Chellamma gives her lovelove lokku towards her hubby darling......
KK(Kuruvikaramma's scene)
Ivanga alapara thanga mudiyalada saamyCryCry
And yesterday she was......OuchOuch
Yaam petra thunbam peruga en IF friends...
ClapClapPictures by EclatClapClap
(Her bday gift to meLOL)
Pearl and visalam waiting for KK....That two dubakkors comes with KK....No comments on her costumes....neengalae andha kodumaiya paarunga makka....parthu ensaaaaiiiiLOLLOL
ok....back to story....LOLLOLKK coming with sivasu and co.....paraspara introductions over....KK says that she heard abt chellama kku  poison kudutha  matter...KK says she wants to discuss abt to ozhuchi katting chellamma....pearl asking KK abt her virodham with chellamma...KK tells them abt her story....Says "en pillainga madhikka maatengaranga,en husband ennai parthu bayapada maataengaaru"(amma thayae....ulagamae unnai parthu bayapaduthu...un husband bayapadatti ippo enna????AngryAngry) la problem,police station kku ponen...blah blahs blah blahs....So i thought i need a kkootu kalavani for this....Appodhaan sivasu told abt u.....(Yes...Perfect DiscoveryDead)
Visalam and pearl konjam struggling to accept her kalavani offer....Sivasu recommend panraru to accept the offer...Visalam says ..."from now chellama is our podhu edhiri"...KK and sivasu Happy.....
Chellamma coming to her garments factory and everyone welcomes her....4 mens mattum moraiching her(Edhukku??Confused).....Chellamma praises them for working sincerely in her absence....oru sir comes at that time and chellamma takes him inside...and that sir says "i thought u will pay the money in right time...but onnum nadakala ..iam yet to recieve last month percentage"......Chellamma and sithappu shocked...
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Chellamey Updates,
14 July 2010, Wednesday.............
In CMs office,
Old owner comes and asks for his monthly money. Says CM hasnt kept her word. CM is shocked. Says that she had already given the cheque to her manager to hand over it to you. But old owner says he didnt get that. CM calls the Manager and questions. Manager gives a school boy answer - forgotten. CM gives left and right to the Manager. Manager accepts his mistake. Old owner goes with the Manager to collect the cheque.
In Beachs Big house,
Beach trying to ice veching Pearl. Calls Pearl for a cuppa. Visalam brings and tells that her daughter is angry on him. Ratna comes to Beach. Beach tells Ratna to call Pearl. Pearl comes and says that she has a lot of work in the kitchen blah blah...Beach says to Ratna that her mother is fond of Jewellery, so he is taking them to Jewellery shop today. Ratna asks for her a jewel.Beach agrees. But, Pearl denies. Beach tells to Ratna that because of Pearls angry look only he married her. Atlast, Pearl laughs and gets ready for jolly suthing with his hubby. Beach says himself that it is very difficult to calm down a woman.
Kili Josyam -  CM and Vadai,
Vadai and CM comes to visit Mariyamman. They have her darshan.Poojari offers aarati. Aarati puts off when CM tries to take it with her hands.Vadai is tensed with this apasakunam. But, Poojari lights it again and offers to the pair. Vadai tells that he is very upset this.But CM samalichufies that because of heavy wind,aarathi was blown off. They are roaming in the temple. Vadai finds a Kili josiyar.Says we can go there. CM laughs,says all this is trash. But, Vadai insists. They both sit and Kili josiyar asks Kili to come and take a card.
Kili comes and takes the first card.Kili josiyar is tensed. Shows Kunthi devi photo with a child in basket leaving in a river. KJ says its not a nalla sakunam. Vadai is further tensed.Asks to go for a second one. Again ,parrot comes and takes the second. Again KJ is tensed. Shows the card with a Cobra rounding a baby. Tells again it is not a nalla sakunam. CM observes Vadai and tells him to be cool. She advises Vadai that we should not believe all these (What about Morappadu????)
and orders KJ to take another card. (Third time Kili parandu poyidumonu nenache nalla vela innu irukkuBig smile)Kili comes and takes the final card. KJ is happy. Shows the Shiva-Parvathi-Ganesa photo. Vadai and CM happy. Now, CM tells that Kili doesnt know anything. It will take the card. One time it may get good card, one time may be bad cards. CM gives money to KJ and asks him to tell soothing words to Vadai. KJ tells that Vadai has a clever wife and he will have the courage to face any circumstances.
CM leaves Vadai that she has an urgent work in the office and asks Vadai to go home. Vadai says ok.
Vadai in tensed mood. (Might be thinking which curry to prepare!!!!!)

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Friday 16/7/10

Omni's today's avtar is James Bondy - follows Beach
and Sneha , finds the house and waits outside.
(paaraa Ushaar..paara ushaar.... Roja shouts) Sneha
slithers into the house and Beach plays Mary's lamb.
Beach wants coffee but Sneha is in no mood for any such
" - goes inside and brings out a load of jwellery -
"IthO, all that I bought..go and give it to your wife..." Beach
is livid "you don't understand, do you??? My worry is about
Pearl playing CBI !!! Now, she is going to pose zillion Qs as
to how my account went dry !!!! " Sneha hisses (athu sari,
slithering, hissing....Rojaaa, ivalukku Sneha kku bathila
plain snake nnu per vaichu irukkalaamO?)
"look purusha,
chinna veedu vaichukka aasai patta, periya veedu kitte
epdi yellam pOi sollanum nnu kathukkanum . You are such
a coward !!! Unakku ethukku yya chinna veedu aasai??"
Beach is stunned - not just that !! Sneha also tells him that he
should have checked with her before parting with his money
for such costly stuff "I maintain your accounts, after all !!"
(venum katti kki venum, vengala katti kku venum - Roja gloats)
Sneha egirufies Beach hoists the white flag " Ipdi pesina sure
aa sandai thaan ( Pray what term do u use for what is happening now?? Roja blinks !!) So, let me go..." leaves. Time for James Bondy to enter.

James Bondy comes in, has a close look at the ..
knows that it is Periyanayagi. Confrontation starts. JB wants to know
as to how the snake is slithering on the Beach. Snake says that
she is the chinna veedu " I aborted a baby because I did not want
beach to have MORE trouble...does that answer your Q??" Snake
goes on to say that she is twisting Beach around her little finger -
"just so I can punish him in my court" JB says that she will tell
Beach the truth and snake has the last laugh - "enna solluve???
enna vena sollikkO, Beach won't believe you..he is under my spell.."
JB says that things wont be like this always "one day our family will
be one and....appO irukkudi unakkum un appanukkum.." storms out.
Snake is thinking... calls beach on his mobile and asks him to
rush back "on the double, gotcha??"

Beach arrives and the snake is on to its Nth act. Tells beach that his
007 sister knows "every thing" . Beach has a small ray of hope "does
she know our relationship?" Snakes answers in the affirmative and Beach exceeds his anger quota for the day " Why would you do that?? You should have denied !!!" Snake further hisses " why should I lie ?? If it were Pearl I would have done a TJP (Towel Jump PromiseEmbarrassed) and denied . Because Pearl is some one (apdi pOdu) dear to you. But this woman..... who is she to you??? You have cut her off totally !!" Beach is still skeptical but wants to know the whole scenario - "so, when you declared that you are my chinna veedu, what did JB say??" Act No.  N to the power of N is on...Snake starts
crying and says that JB has vowed to "adichi thorathufy" the slimy character - " we will not be always like this. Once our family gets together, I will show you my mettle apdinnu solraa..... I am mad about you..will you throw me away ?? Will you listen to your sister??" Beach has fallen head over heels.. (kashtam da sammmyyy) Tells the snake that he will never leave her - " for your sake I will sacrifice anyone but I will not sacrifice you for any one" Time for the snake to have another (??!!)  last laugh -


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thursday 15-07-2010

Starts in jewellery shop with Beach, Pearl and Rathna happily selecting Jewells. At that time a couple arrives to the same jewels shop and the lady stared at beach family (kannuvathufiing) and complains her husband how that husband is buying and giving his family expensive  jewels without any budget but u are telling me buy the jewels with in the budget (if the lady knows beach story she wouldn't hav told thisEmbarrassedWink).

After selecting the jewels beach settles the bill of Rs.7lacks and something with his card but the casher says that u are having less amount in ur account Beach and Pearl get shocked and beach says I will check it in my bank and calls the bank. There he comes to know that 2 days before Sneha (P.A) has withdrawn 9lacks and something (OMGShocked) and now he has only 36thousands in his account. He is shell shocked and calls sneha and asks abt this she coolly says she had taken this to buy jewels. He shouts at her and asks her to bring the money left for business. Pearl asks an explanation abt this but Beach says her to keep her mouth shut and asks her not to talk this matter here (wife kitta than ithelamOuch). Before sneha could come the family members get some avamanam in the shop.

After sneha arrives to the shop he says munja parruROFL I will see u afterwards and asks her to give the amount. After settling the amount Beach says pearl to go home and he has some work in the site. Rathna remains him abt lunch in hotel (poor childCry) beach pacifies her and leaves.

In the car Beach shouts at sneha how could she do like this. Don't she know its others amount? And says he had high hopes on her that's y he signed in blank cheque for business and also believed that she will stay with in her limits. Sneha asks him to stop the car if not she will jump out. Beach stops the car and sneha walks to her house. Beach stops her and asks her to come to the car but she is adamant asks him to go to his wife itself as his wife is important to him than her. Beach catches her hand and asks to come and she is folding her two hands and asking him to leave. All this happen in nadu theru.

There come our CM in an auto and sees her brother happily but her happiness faded when she saw a lady talking to him. She asks the auto driver to stop and she watches them from a distance what they are doing and beach takes sneha to the car and leaves not knowing that he had been caught by his sister. By this CM comes to know something is fishy and asks the driver to follow the car there she finds her brother going inside the house with the lady (sneha) and CM is shocked.

The episode freezes in CM's face.


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Tuesday july 20 2010 update 

Mrs illegal ...kavitha mottai maadila standing and in deep thoughts....tensed....Mr.bell comes there...asks kavitha..."what yosanai kavi?"...Kavi says that she is thinking abt amutha-bell divorce case ....Bell says no use...Anyways amutha will not give any divorce...i think it will be waste of time....nalaikku court kku poga vendam....Kavi shocked....but just for 1 sec...Bak to her villiface...says "naanae ivlo dhairiyama irukkumbodhu ungalukku enna?That amutha will defenitely give divorce for u 2morrow.."......Rendu perum maathi mathi thittikaranga...All becoz of u...all becoz of u....Bell says amutha is angry now..Ellam unnalathaan....Chumma chumma vambu izhutha illa..."....Amutha says "neenga mattum enna?Ava yaar kooda bike la vandha ...why u r getting angry?U should be angry if u see me coming with some other guy...Amutha vandha ungalukku enna??(ConfusedConfused1 doubt.....Yaaru legal wife?Amutha or this kavitha??).......Bell says "i dont care abt her...but u why avasara paduthara?"......Kavitha shouts..."loosu purusha(??) few more days everyone will come to know that iam pregnant...Then pearl akk will throw me out of this house..."......Bell tells her not to talk wrong abt her anni......Kavi says...stop this useless talks...Think abt 2morrow....".....She moves away...Bell shows some expression...sad?thinking?confused?....god and bell knows.....
Within a sec next day vandhachu....Next sec court um vandhachu.....bell,kavi and amutha infront of the judge......oruthara oruthar morachukittu sitting.....Judge amma says "u both want u decide whether u go for mutual divorce orlawyer vachu divorce vaangukireengala?".....bells looks at kavi...Kavi looks Amutha...Amutha sad.....Bell tells lawyer that he wants divorce from amutha....Amutha says no mam...i'll not agree for this...Judge amma asks amutha "u dont want divorce na u want to live wuth u husband aa?"....Amutha saysno....Judge amma tells her not to confuse...bell says like this she is torturing me judge amma....Amutha says "who ? me?torturing u?"......Amutha ottufying her soga movie to judge amma....Says her avamanam flashbacks....Crying cying talking....
Judge amma says "if u want to live with him,i will talk to him..."...Amutha says "no judge amma,before divorce these two are living together..."Judge amma morachufying both..Bell and kavi thiru thiru...Amutha continues..."Anyways this bell will not come back to me...But i dont want them to be a legal husband and wife...that's why i dont want to give divorce...."....
Bell...The super duper husband of amutha says "no mam...iva sandoshathukaga  vasu nnu oruthana vachurukka..."Ellarumae shocked...Kavi eyes alayae telling bell to continue......Amutha says abandama pazhi podatha....But bell goes on kevalama talking abt amutha and vasu....Bell tells judge amma that amutha will not talk...becoz she very well know thet she is wrong....I want divorce fom her...the she can live with anyone...."....Judge amma giving a kevalamana look towards bell......Kavi rombha sandoshama hearing all this....
Amutha shouts...Enough....unnai rombha love panni kalyanam panninen...naan unakku drogam pannuvena?Nee ivlo pesinavudan naan divorce kku sari sollanna adhu enakkudhaan asingam".....She takes the divorce paper and signs it.....Bell standing like sand..Kavi kku vayellam teeth.....Ambuttu aaaapppy.....DeadBGMwas "sarvamangala mangalyae......Yaaruppa moosic diraducker??....After signing the papers amutha immediately leave sthe place.....Again bell is giving some expression sathiyama enakku piriyalaConfused....Kavitha rrrombha aaapy....
An auto comes and heroineee of this show chellama and gets down...Vega vegama running to meet amutha...amutha comes there crying...Amutha tells her abt her husband' s potruthal and thootruthal.....Chellamma and shocked....Amutha saysthat shehad signed the divorce papers....Adhukku one more time chellama shocked... 
Bellandkavi comingout....Chellamma kovama looks at  them....comes near them....Bell againacuuse amutha infront of chellamma...Chella scolds bell for this....Says  nee thappu panra....pen paavam polladhadhu....etc etc ....orders  bell to go  and ask sorry to vasu and amutha...bell says  no....Chellam  gives a tight slap to bell.... Kavi says "how dare u?en kannu munnadiyaeen purusana adikara?"......Chellama kavi kku giving some dose....Kavi calls amutha asodukaali...Chellamma  gives onemoreslap..This time its for kavi....
Chellamma talks in favour of amutha...pottu odaching all the vandavaalams  of kavi....Bell stops his  akka...says "let me live my life...".....Chellammagiving saabam tobell...says nee nallavae vaazhamaatta.....Kavi  takes  bell from that place....Chellamma stops  them and brings amutha nearbell... "idhukku mela ivankattina thaali venumannu neeyae mudivu pannikko venuma ".....Again some expression  in bell's face...Amutha shocked....
 Sorry if  there is any mistake in  the update....

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Chellamey Updates,
21 July 2010, Wednesday.......................
At the court,
Ammu takes the thaali and hands over it to Bell as ordered by our CM. She reminds the flashback scenes btn her,Bell and CM. (Really nicely directed).Vasu is there, see all this and feels more for Ammu.He feels that he is the cause for all these probs since he dropped Ammu at her college. CM says that if it somebody also who dropped her at the college, Mattamana Bell would have talked like that only. CM tells him not to feel sorry for all this and tells him to go home. Ammu and CM leave to their house.
Vasu comes to his house. Glycerine tank amma is chewing pan parak or something shit i dont know. Now she is not Glycerine tank amma. She is Pan parak amma.Vasu explains the court scene to PP amma.She thinks a while and ottuffies her manasula irrukka matter that Vasu is the correct jodi for Ammu.(ClapClapClap PP amma. Unakku crying mattum thaan teriyumnnu nenache.)Vasu is shocked but tells that Ammu is wealthy and educated. How can she marry me? PP amma tells that CM may have the thought of marrying Vasu and Ammu. We can ask that punyavathi. Vasu says no need. If they have that type of thought, they will come to us. Untill, chew the pan parak only,not my brain.
At CM veedu,
Ammu sogama crying. Vadai is furious. creates a scene that he will beat Bell since he abused her Thangamana thangachi. CM stops him and advises Ammu to be bold in this time. All disperse. Ammu crying.............
At AK sirs house,
AK comes to the house from a temple early morning. Gives viboodhi to his daughter. NS wakes up at that time. Daughter says that everything is happening reverse in this house.,Normally, women goes to the temple early morning, Sonny boy comes there. Night fully water beated. Still in hangover. Ak tries to put him viboodhi and notices the smell. Questions him same old dialogue why r u drinking like this? He replies that he is an young man and is unable to tolerate the happenings in his house. To forget all these things, he is drinking. Finally says Already Superior (NS) is there in the house, Why r u asking Junior(me)?  AK comes to NS and questions the same. NS transforming into a badrakaali. thittufies AK and goes to the fridge for a bottle. Takes it and faints calling ''Yov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''
Thodarum..........(Enna water beating pannamale kick ericha?????? illa NS pregnanta LOLLOLLOL)

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thursday 22-07-2010

Hello friends how are u all? Here comes my update

Starts with the previous epi last scene where NS faints and she was rushed to the hospital with her hubby and son leaving her daughter in the house. In the hospital Dr says that her lungs and liver got damaged and enquires whether she is taking drinks or not. At this question NS feels uncomfortable and her husband replies yes. For this the doctor gave some advice and asks her whether she is taking 2 peg pre day? And her loving mummy boy compliments his mother by telling that his mother wont sleep with out drinking a full bottleTongue. Then the doctor strictly tells her if she takes alcohols she will soon face her death. And prescribe some medicines and injection. After leaving the room NS yells her husband that they want to humiliate her that's y they bought her to the hospital. For this her son gave her naughty comments and after that she is taken to put injection leaving her son to pray for the protection of his dad from his motherLOLLOL.


In AV's house bell and kavi come there happilyAngry and offers them sweetsAngry and says that bell got divorce from amu. Pearl questions them how she gave divorce. But the couple excuses them self not to talk abt this as they wanted to start a fresh lifeDead. All are happy abt the divorce except AVCry. They offered him sweet but he refused by telling that how can he take sweet as his sister's daughter life is spoiledOuch.

Then kavi tells them to do there marriage 2morrow itself as it is an auspicious day. For this cunning pearl says that's not possible so we can keep the marriage after 3 months. Kavi matum sumava she says that if it takes 3 months her stomach will show off to everyone that she is preggy before marriage. And blackmailing queen blackmail's beach by her double meaning words that she is not such kind of girls who will abort the child as it will affect there lover's life and live with them without marrying. Beach understood her talks and agrees for the marriage by 2morrow in a temple with there family members. AV leaves the place in disagree. Bell and kavi leaves to make arrangements and inform kavi's house.

Beach calls his second channel and informs her abt the marriage and he wouldn't come to the site and asks her to take care of 2morrow site works. Sneha uses her opportunity and asks him that she will also come to the marriage as a staff member and will not talk to anyone especially to her loving sisterTongue. Beach says her not to come to the place as it will make more confusion. Sneha unwillingly tells yes and cuts the phone. Beach becomes confused as the answer was not in a proper tone.


Kavi and bell reaches kavi house and tell the information. kavi mother and elder brother was happy abt the divorce. And further bell remains kavi's brother abt his so called promise(stupid promiseAngry... akka mela pota promise ah kappatha mudiala evanalam... oh god my BP is raising) in the police station as he wont leave kavi in any situation. And tells abt there marriage is going to take place 2morrow. But kavi bro and mom are not happy as there brother and father were out of station and it is impossible for them to come 2morrow and asks her to postpone the marriage. For this kavi tells her mother that if she postponed the marriage again problems may come and makes her mother and brother to agree by telling that her father and brother can bless her through phone.

The episode ends at kavi's face.

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