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 thursday 1-07-2010

Hi friends, I am going to give u the Thursday episode update. This is my first update hope u all like it.


Starts with yesterdays last scene were the police see sothai sivasu(ss) and and kutai sivakumar (ks). (I thought this police had found out who are s squads) The inspector ask the pc to enquire abt s squads before the pc asking the tea shop boy both tried to escape but they were caught by the police. The inspector asked "what trying to escape?" then ss replied that they were going home before it rains and why we hav to escape. The insp says that they were suspecting them for giving poison to CM. then ss says that who told this and the inspector replied vasu was the one who told it. By this they got an idea and told there story that they had probs with CM but that doent mean we had given poison to her. Still more story that made the insp to confuse and he too told that u are confusing me (it would hav been better if he had scratched his head and told these linesLOLLOLLOL). SS and KS tell that if CM says we are the culprits then we will accept it and the police ask the two to join them in there van.


Scene 2 shifts to the hospital the doctor comes out from the ICU and says that CM is perfectly alright. Everyone was happy and asked whether they can see CM. the Dr show his green signal and all enter the ICU. Amutha cries whenever I fall u were my energy tonic but now its u what I will do (athukumala pesa mudiala ammuku apidia stuck up akita). Then our great CM open her eyes slightly. Chittapu says a thathuvam once a person reaches his or her death bed and comes back to life no one can harm or no harm will come to them. CM sees everyone especially AK and says it's good that before u I had the food. AK says u don't want to prove urself as I believe u very much. CM says that I don't want to prove to u but I want to prove myself to others that I am not a bad person.


There comes our insp with s squads vasu and AK become furious and ask y they bought them and the insp answer them that they need to ask CM abt them. SS says that they need to talk to CM personally no one allowed them to talk but they insisted we are talking for CM's welfare and if we didn't say abt this then she will be worried. First the police also didn't allow but CM assures everyone that nothing will happen. (CM sonna pokithana aganum) then KS close the doors and SS says that yes we both are responsible for this poison but who told us to do is the issue and they said (as expected) that her anni and her mother was the person behind them. CM hesitates to believe this but when they show the recoded video she was shocked and polabufing to them (as if they were her close college friendsConfused) she says y they had done this to me this that she blabbers. Then SS asked whether I shall tell the matter but she told not to tell anyone that will affect her brother's family. After that police and the others asked what they told but she says that is not the matter what they said the matter is they are not involved in this case. Chittapu says we all are by ur side so pls tell the truth and added they must have cheated u and CM says that no one is cheating its we who act as if we are cheated and by this says that  they are not involved and SS and KS simles.(I don't like this KS simile it irritates me a lotAngry)

 the episode freezes on CM's face.

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Friday 2/7/10

Omni quotes vedantham " Yaarum yaaraiyum yematha
mudiyaathu maama , nambathaan some times yemantha
mathiri nadikka vendiyirukku  " ( Pray what does that mean??? ) Maama and Vaasu need more explanation but Omni is not forth coming " Don't ask me any thing just do what I say - ivanga
enakku visham vekkalai, period " ( just do what I say vaa???? Hmmm, vera epdiyanum yosittalummmmm) Vadai agrees to
withdraw the complaint. The inspector wants to justify his salary. "neenga withdraw pannitta?? Marupadi ipdi nadakkathu nnu enna nichiyam??" (Yovvvv, yen  arivu kozhundhe, Omni sonna maru pechu illame obey pannuviyaa ....ipdi kelvi kekkare??? Serial le irunthu galtha di yoyyy!!)  The S squared leave - Sivasu thanks but Shiva stops him " avanga thaan namakku thanks sollanum.." After they leave AK probes some more but Omni wants to rest. All leave Omni - who wallows in self pity.

Beach is in his legal house. Wants a cuppa from Pearl. Sneha
calls - rings...rings...rings... Finally Beach picks it up and barks "enna??" Sneha plays the hurt chinna veedu " You know that
it is me who is calling but ......take so long to pick up??? " Beach keeps quiet and looks like Sneha knows when she is beaten
( amma di, nijamma preggie aa??? illatta ithuvum act no. N aa??? Kozhappam da sammyyyy)
- Tells beach that she has aborted the baby and gives him the hospital details. Beach is heaving a sigh
of relief and rushes - Pearl and her mother aadi aadi oru cup coffee kOndu varranga - Beach would much rather have his cuppa with Sneha - hurries out. Aavudai is coming in - wants to convey the happy news of "Omni is very much alive " (as if we did not know !!!! ) The announcement gets a lukewarm response. No one is highly kicked about this feat !!!! Aavudai feels bad that he lives among a heartless crowd.

Arya hospital - Beach is hurrying to meet lady love ....but ...yessss...
 u guessed it... lands at Omni's room. Omni takes a minute to turn
and see darling bro and is maha kicked. Roja gets treated to the title song BG - the one which reflects annan thangachi paasam. Omni happily addresses Beach " ennai pakka vantheengalaa??? vaanga anne.." Beach says that he got out of  the wrong side of the bed
" I did not come to see you..... yen head writing, unnai paarkka vendiyatha pOchu !!!" ( awww, you had all the time in the world to
run away !!! Omni took one full minute to open her eyes !!!!)
kku innum paasam pOngarathu - "thats ok...but having come, you can kusalam visarichy fy !!!" Beach says that Omni is persona non grata - " You pushed my wife twice... if u do not respect my wife...
.I am a foreigner to you.." Omni says that he does not know the
good and bad in life... " One day you will know the real me" Beach grunts and turns back....only to see Vadai and chithappu eavesdropping. The duo come in and Omni praises annan and his paasam. Chithappu calls her bluff and Vadai the chef has brought
hot milk. Omni declines the allowed to sleep.....she actually chooses to cry ! ...

Freeze..... of course.....Rojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Tuesday July 6th 2010 Update

Yaarunga indha serial kku "chellamma" nnu peru vachadhu??.....ella ladies um villi's aa irukkanga...So better change the title of the serial from "Chellamma" to "Villamma"
Arya Hospital(Owner yaarunga??LOLLOL)....Amutha sitting near thoongamma..sorry..Chellamma.LOL..Nurse comes and sends amutha out...Amutha comes out and there stands kavi....Seeing her amutha walks fast...Kavi stops her and vambu izhuthufying...She says "why r u running amutha?enkooda pesa bayama irukka?"...Amutha says "pesu ma pesu...once ur kodi idai changes into big idai due to ur pregnancy...appo i'll see how u talk...."(vayiru perusana vaaykku enna problemConfusedConfused).....But kavi not worried abt anything...rombha cool aa replies.."yes,it will be difficult for me...but this baby will unite me and maniarasu....coz,this oor,ulagam will give respect to a mother not a maladi like u...ShockedShocked(nallathamma purinju vachurukka ulagatha)..Amudha sad...Kavi goes on talking...says "once this baby is born,i'll go beforethe judge and cry...sir,theriyama thappu nadandhu pochu..pls ennaiyum maniyarasayum sethu vainga nnu solluven...Then judge himself will apply for ur divorce"...(Indiya arasiyal amaippu sattathila imbuttu ottaiya irukku??Confused).....Amutha laughs at her words....Kavi gets irritated.... Amutha says "nee pinvailaivugala pathi ninaikama pesara...that day u acted infront of police that u r not u r saying that u will go to the judge with ur baby saying maniarasu is the baby's father....if i bring that police as my satchi what will u do?me mental or u mental(no fighting fighting....neeyum mental illa..avalum mental illa...naanga irukkomla....AngryAngry).......Amutha whatever u want...u will always identifed as keep(vappatti)...Amutha leaves and kavi shocked.....
Pearl and visalam(ingayumaShockedShocked) sitting in the vaspadi....Beach comes home...Without wasting a second pearl and visa starts complaining abt kavi...They says the kavi accusing them for chellamma's  hospital vasam....Beach says"what ??chellama is serious?i saw her in the hospital...she is fine"  ..Pearl and visa shocked...asks beach..what ?hospital?why u went there?...Beach samaluchufies...he says he went to meet his friend and also perumaiya tells his wife that he didnt talk to chellamma....(indha serial la yaarumae unmai pesa maatangala??)...Pearl tells her husband to warn kavi...if she(kavi) want to stay in this house,he should obey all of us....beach says ok and calls kavi...Visa says kavi gone to check-up....Beach says ok..i'll warn her once she returns.....Visa and pearl looks each others thirumugams...
Kuruvikaramma's scene...(no kondai today...EscapePartytoday open hair..papparapaaa nnu virindhu parakkum koondhal....CD in ears and road in forhead present..and also srima sonna maadhiri fisherman's net la thacha blouseLOLLOLLOL).....KK talking to 2 villains,siva and sivasu(am i correct??)....KK visariching them abt how they escaped from police's visaranai...Vellai veshti uncle says he is a born criminal...His kootali explains KK abt how they poisoned chellamma's food....changed poison ulla bottle with pearl kudutha bottle...KK surpriesd to know that chellamma is pregnant...says "preggy a irukkumbodhe ,she is torturing us so much...we should not take her lightly"....SIvasu explains "when pearl gave us the bottle..siva captured that moment in his mobile phone and we showed that to chellamma ....and chellamma beleived that...engala pathi police kitta sonna un anni pearl la police la matti vitruvom nu sonnom...chellamma off aayitanga".......KK aacharyama asking.."what,baby ya abort panna visham kuduthavanaga relative nnu therinjadhu...amaidhi aayitala??"....(enna kuruvi nee...ivlo innocent aa irukka....whether its ekta kapoor or vikki(CM's directorLOL)...avanga heroines avanga thala mela anugundu vizhundhalum happy aa accept pannikuvanga....Aana,avanga relatives mela vengaya vedi vizha kooda anumadhikka maatanga..aakkaam)....KK tells that she wants to meet pearl and visalam...kalavani's says that they will soon arrange meeting b/w mupperum deviyar to pottu thalling Chellamma...
Arya voda hospitalLOLLOL....vadai comes and meet doctor....Doctor tells vadai that chellamma is fine,but problem for baby....Vadai shell shocked...Doctor says "the poison which chellamma varinju katti eattunangalae,its a veyr powerful one(oh!!poison la powerless powerfull nu vera irukka??) chances of baby getting may born with some complications"...vadai shocked....tells doctor to save his child like he saved chellamma....Doctor says no possibilities for that....Doctor gives him a kevalamana to abort the child...Vadai shouts "Yov...."...Doctor samadana paduthufies vadai and advices vadai to think abt oonama porandha problem for everyone..for u parents and also for that its better to abort that child"(Doctor statement correct aa thappa ??).....Vadai polambing to doctor..."how will i tell this to chellamma?next second..ava uyira vittuduva...i dont want to lose my child and wife at any doctor....we beleive in eppadi porandhalum we r ready to accept....leave us...."....Doctor says OK..ur wish....vadai tells doctor not to talk abt this to chellamma....Vadai sogama crying....
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Chellamey Updates,
07 July 2010, Wednesday........
Vadai Sogama crying and comes out from the doctors cabin. Mams comes and visarichufies why crying. Vadai changes the track,tells may be because of morappadu CM is in this condition. He also says that CM should be taken to Pearls kulasami's temple and do some poojas.But, Mams tells that whatever the temple may be,God is one. Vadai decides to take CM to edavadhu oru temple.Confused
Beach sitting like a Lord labakudaas in the varanda, waiting for Kavi to come. Kavi enters.Beach stops her.Questions her why she is torturing Pearl and Visalam. He advises to give respect to Pearl and Visu since there are elders.Kavi tries to explain but Beach raise ayitte poraaru........Kavi thinks in her mind ''Overa aadaadu da unnaku ippo vekkapora aaappu paaru'' and reveals to Beach that she had seen his Keep Sneha in the hospital.  Beach is utter stunned.OuchOuchDonno what to speak and how to samalichufy. Kavi starts her usual blackmailing. Gives a warning not to involve in her matters and goes into the house. Pearl comes to Kavi and says that Beach is calling u and he has to talk something. Kavi replies that already she has spoken everything to him and leaves with a smiling face. Kavi and Visu are clueless.They run to Beach.
Beach turns the plate. Asks Pearl and Visu to behave like elders instead of sandapoding with that small girl Kavi LOLLOL.Pearl dont understand what her darling hubs is talking. Asks again. Beach gets kovam. Starts scolding Pearl and Visu. They both flee from there. Pearl asks Kavi what she had told to her husband. Kavi answers ''Until u know whats cooking btn both of us, u should be like this only''
At Ariya Hospital, CM ready to be Discharged from hospital.
CM clan present in the hospital. AK pays the bill. CM and clan comes to her house. Mams and Vasu leaves to Garments factory. AK leaves to his swarga illam.
Vadi and CM speaking. Vadai asks CM whether she knows the posion is mixed in the food, Whether she ate the food knowingly that poison is there? CM replies yes.'' I know that poison might be there in the food since NS had told that. Fault should not be on us. That is why I ate that food.'' Vadai is shocked. He tells he would have eaten that food. But, CM says ''How can I bear when my darling hubs is eating poisoned food infront of me. That is why I had eaten the rice without minding that I am a pregnant.'' Vadai is spell-bounded by this reply.Tears roll down from his eyes. He takes his darlings face into his arms. They both have a warm,soothing and soooooooooper hug.

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thursday 8-7-2010.

Starts with stupid Bell calling his darling from down and comes up to terrors to see her worried face (she looks like as if she had failed in counting the starsConfused) and asks her what happen Anyone scolds u? She says that she saw ammu in the hospital and she was teasing me. And asks him to vozuthufi his first channel. But tensed Bell says it's impossible to do that as she is dangerous and remembers her what she had done during there previous fight. Itellam en kathu katkathu damathiri kavi questions him whether he is trying to maintain both first and second channel (it would be nice if BG song is like nee ya pesiathu en anba nee ya pesiathu theyai vesiath en anba theyai vesiathu) upset by her talks Bell says why ur talking nonsense I itself done no what to do with her? She says by saying her she is dangerous u are becoming a coward and further adds that after giving ammutha divorce only they can live happily. Then she calls him to come down but he is totally not in a mood to come down.

Next scene in CM's house CM is checking some accounts and Vasu is waiting to get the note from her after checking. There Vasu says in there bank account money is less and they hav to give workers there payment and also they hav to buy the materials. Chithapu says to buy the materials in that amount and give the payment for the workers after two or three days. CM says that won't be good as workers are depending upon there pay they must hav planed some thing if we didn't give the money then they won't work peacefully and happily. And further says that for time we can manage by buying fewer materials. By this chithapu praises CM that knowing it wont give profit u are looking for the benefit of the workers u are a great human than a businesswoman. Vasu tells all workers are eagerly waiting to see u and they had understands u than the college students.

There amutha comes and sees her Anni. And tells her what had happen in the hospital and how she tried to be calm but that gone in vain. After that CM says don't listen to kavi. Chittapu says that they shd do some thing that will make kavi to understand amutha also have people to talk (eppidi pesi than ava vetula irruntha kavi ya bell vetulaya settle aguramathiri agidichu ithukumala pesannumaConfused) CM again doesn't want to make the way clear for kavi and replys that kavi is thinking she is too smart and that's y she is not respecting others by this she will lose everyone and stand alone and that time only she will realize her mistakes. Then ammutha asks her brother and how she is doing and CM replies to that her brother went out and she is also fine. After that amu says bye and tries to leave but CM advices her to stay home and go to hostel in the morning as it is late night. But she refuses by saying that her warden is very strict. Then CM says to go with vasu as he is also like one of there family member. First amutha hesitates then she agreed to go with vasu. (I know Radika madam y u created this sceneWinkTongue)

Vasu leaves amutha to the hostel and she says thanks. And he is like y saying thanks its not a big thing I had done. There a voice says very nice (who it will be? All of us know right! Yes its beach's senior in keeping 2 wives is coming to them)

Bell comes near them and tells her how many days u are doing like this? ammu is like what u want now? He is like I asked u before itself what I need from u. she says I cant give it. They have some argument in that bell salps ammu (how dare u do thisAngryAngryAngry) in the middle of the road (this bell seriously need to learn a big lessonAngry). This makes vasu to give him a tight slap (great vasuClapClapClapClap. But poor guy vasuOuch didn't know what they were talking abt as they didn't mention divorce in there argument.) When bell says still divorce she is his wife (D'ohanta nenaipu allam iruka) vasu is likeShocked. In there argument he says they are having a relation. Amutha tried to explain him but he is in no mood to listen. He also says he is better than herROFL as he is living with his beloved but she is telling everyone as his wife but having relation with other guy. Amutha replies him not to talk rubbish and so on again they argue and this time amutha begs vasu to leave. And after that tells bell she wont give him divorce and he too leaves the place by telling that he wont leave this matter as a simple one. (may be he feared that she will give him another slapLOL) The scene freezes in amutha's face (amutha u too need this for loving a stupid and useless fellowAngry).

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Friday 9/7/10 - Ithanaal sagalarukkum Roja arivippathu enna vendraal... Roja cut that out , just ask, ok??? Episode no enna ppa?? Any one has any clue??

Omni is sitting - looks pensive. Vadai the chef, brings milk.
(enna ppa,  muzhu nera cook aa maariyaachaa??? ) Omni
is not keen about the milk - she declares "enakku bayamma
 irukku" Like Roja, Vadai is surprised "bayamaa?? unakka?? no kidding.." Omni says that she is worried about the baby " Visha episode le na epdiyO thappichutten ( awwww, come on Omni ,
you are ThiruNeela Kandi - Lord Shiva kku apram, antha honor ungalukku thaan , Visham lam jujubi ungalukku !!)
But I am worried that the baby should have no deformities " Vadai blinks like a "scorpion bitten thief" - finally manages to say that he spoke to the doctor and the doctor assured a 100% perfect baby. Omni is happy and wants to know as to why Vadai kept this news under wraps.
Vadai says that he never thought that such a thought would cross Omni's mind. Omni says "no more secrets, gotcha??" Now it is time for Vadai to needle a bit - " but you are keeping a lot of things to yourself !!!" Asks her about letting the S squared  scot- free and Omni spills - " Pearl and her recording.. my anni...blah blah.." Vadai gets one of those rare fits of anger (ayyO paavam
ACD, ipdi oru meek role !!! Thevaiya ungalukku??? Antha furrowing of the brows kooda ippo poonai kutty furrow panra mathiri irukku !!)
and wants to confront Pearl and her mom. Oh yes, you guessed it, Omni makes him to promise - " you will never be the reason for the downfall of my annan/anni's life " ( Vadai sir, no sweat , athukku vera aal irukku...Registrar Office le wait pannuthu )

Sneha, the snake is waiting at the Registrar's office. House registration day. The owner walks up and down to sign on the
dotted lines - in fact both ex and present owners are sweating
it out. Waiting for the arrival of Beach. Beach nithanamaa kulichuttu kilambaraar. Pearl and her mom are busy in the kitchen. Beach
asks for a cuppa...Garden also asks anni for a cuppa....Pearl brings it... and faints. Beach orders Garden to take anni to the hospital "I have an important work , will finish and come to the hospital.." (neram thaan, unakku aana vayasukku, ipdi oru chinna veedu moham???)

Well, registration gets done. Beach wants to scoot right away
to the hospital but the snake makes slimy moves - " athu ippO
namba veedu. puthusa milk boiling ceremony must come home..." Ex owner sibarisu vera - "ivvalavu koopidaraanga..." (yovvvv, unakku full amount settled illiyaa??? Odi pOidu..) Beach agrees...goes with Sneha ...drops her at the gate and is all
set to leave. Snake does some more slithering but Beach stands
his ground.. "my wife muzhicha Odane ennai thaan theduvaa.....You boil the milk..." leaves. Snake is not happy....."epdi da antha veetu pakkame pOgame thadukkarathu?" - mind wheels are spinning...


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