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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plsss dooo continue!!!!
its soooooooo goood n sensible!!!!!!!

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hey ur ff is wonderful and i really like it ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStar

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Thank you friends for your encouragement Big smile
Chapter 18

She looked up, her eyes were hurt, filled with unshed tears…..He kept his hand on her head….we need to speak but believe me I never asked Pratigya to come down, I don't blame her though….come see the cloud is covering the moon, it will start raining and you will catch the chill…Krishna got up, stood till Malini got up after a bit of hesitation….




Pratigya came back running to her room, he went down and called her….is it a nightly event? it did not seem like it, he was looking for her!!!  Why?  What was the need, they are not husband and wife even, Pratigya remembered Krishna following Malini into the bedroom and shutting the door…..I cannot let Krishna go, I will not let him go, I always got what I wanted in life….




The chirping of birds woke Malini, as she opened her eyes fell on the profile of her husband sleeping, she stared trying to recollect….


Yes when he closed the door last night, Malini looked under the bed to pull out her mat, it was not there, she looked here and there, under the almirah etc., Krishna asked what was the problem, Malini told him…


Well no issues, you sleep on the bed, you turn that side and I will keep to my side…


But the mat….


God knows I was not at home, maybe Riddhi Siddhi have taken it somewhere, they are always playing with things they are not suppose to touch….


For the first time they shared one bed while Krishna turned to his side, Malini remained awake watching the ceiling, the feeling was queer and she knew Krishna too was not sleeping but then she was too tongue tied to start a conversation….


Malini got up, as she stepped down from the bed she realized her pallu was caught her Krishna's weight, she tried to pull it out slowly when Krishna's eyes opened staring at her partly open blouse….


After a bit of hesitation, Malini muttered…Ji mera pallu….


Krishna turned over releasing her pallu and closing his eyes once again….


As she opened the door and got out, pulling the door shut quietly, Krishna watched her retreating back….




As Malini came down she found Pratigya sitting with Ma on her mat in front of the kitchen and having tea…..


I could not sleep, new place, I have this peculiar problem….


Malini greeted her as Ma asked her to take Krishna's tea…tell him to get ready fast, we will have breakfast together, Rudra came greeting them, calling out his wife and sitting on the mat to wait for his tea.




Pratigya watched Krishna coming out of his room after a while, he stood watching the surroundings quietly, he looked so different thought Pratigya, no longer waves but still and deep water, Malini came out, handing him a light shawl, he wrapped it around, not satisfied, Malini adjusted it on him as he looked on…once satisfied he climbed down to join them.




Pratigya's plan was ready, as the breakfast was ready, Pratigya now dressed in a crisp sari, freshly bathed started narrating about their college days, Krishna's many escapades and of course her father's plan for him, my father has made all plans for Krishna to be made as the Youth President of the party wing of the state…he will become direct successor of my father….


Rudra was listening to Pratigya wide mouthed.


Infact my father has sent me to say that he can take uncleji's murder to CBI but Krishna…


Nehi beta the local police is capable enough, they just need sometime…


Yes of course but make sure they do not get time to relax, you know how police is…


They are interested we only have some issues for which we are unable to come out clearly, Krishna spoke atlast….


Why Krishna?  What is stopping you after all this is the case of your father….


Hmmm Krishna looked at Rudra….who was nodding his head vigorously, no nothing will delay things now he was saying….Krishna observed him before returning to his food


Good, you see Auntie, Krishna's greatest asset is his decision making capabilities, his willing to lead from the front…these are rare qualities…..


Malini moved away to the kitchen, she did not know her husband and Krishna did want to speak to her, obviously she does not belong to their world, she cannot fit into it…


My god, did you hear, what Pratigya had to say, Sapna entered the kitchen, the girl is real god sent, she has brought business proposals, handing over the files prepared by her father, the man is also ready to sponsor....I am sure if Rudra has something interesting to do he will not go to those places again….hey bhagwan aapne mere sun li….


Sapna was so happy, obviously more concerned about her husband than to care what Malini might be thinking, why does Pratigya's father want to help Krishna, the answer was very obvious …..


Rudra bhaiya come lets sit and discuss the projects, I need to know a few details from you, since you always remained here you can help me more….


Malini watched Pratigya leading the brothers towards the office room while Sapna looked very happy, Ma's expression could not be read, ……




They waved Pratigya goodbye,  it was not easy, Ma was not feeling comfortable, Sapna was disappointed with Ma's feelings, Pratigya should leave now, too much rumours, Ma muttered…..


Our house why should we care what others she can stay for a day or two, Rudhra would have stayed at home, my life would have been in peace….


But this cannot be the solution, can it?  Ma could not hide her displeasure….


Sapna grumbled and growled, why cannot people see me happy, at last Rudra is taking interest in something, she glared at her mother-in-law when Agasthya Garodia decided to pay his inlaws a visit….


Mr Saxena's daughter is here and I thought why not invite her to our house for a small get-together…


She is returning in a while, Ma is just packing something for her to take on the way, Krishna said loud and clear, taking everybody by surprise including Pratigya, being smart she recovered fast but did not counter Krishna…


Agasthya was his sarcastic best, of course, I understand, such powerful friends, and Krishna got entangled in the mess, otherwise we would have taken the baraat to Saxenaji's house, iske liye naseeb hona chahiye, which of course my brothers-in-law does not have, neither in cards nor in cash….


With my father around…Pratigya was about to say something when Krishna pulled her up, come Pratigya get ready


While Ma ran to please her son-in-law others got busy making arrangement for Pratigya's departure….Malini took her change which was now washed and pressed alongwith the presents Ma had got, local sari and some fruits and sweets…but stopped outside the door, Pratigya and Krishna were talking…she wanted to walk away but then saw Agasthya was looking up with great interest…she knew everybody in the family was wry about Agasthya, so Malini remained rooted on the spot….




I understand Krishna that you are not too fond of your brother-in-law but that is no reason to chase me out of this house….


I am sorry Pratigya, this is a village, you know, please forgive me but yes my brother-in-law is someone whom I do not want you get friendly to…..


I am happy Krishna that you are thinking this about me, Pratigya replied huskily….oh My God Krishna when do I see you next….


We are making slow progress on my father's case but then….


Oh Krishna please solve your marriage issue too, I mean that girl can give you nothing, I am not saying she is a bad girl but then she is not meant for you, cut out to support you in your political ambition, your brother and mother should not stop you….


Noone is stopping me Pratigya it is just that I am…you know I am tied with too many things….


I understand you honey and remember I am always by your side…..


It was followed by a kissing sound, Malini could no longer stand, she cleared her voice and walked get into the room to see Krishna looking flustered and Pratigya smiling gleefully….


Ma has sent these things for you to take back home….she kept the things on the bed and walked out….going down to see Rudra shuttering his replies to Agasthya who was literally making mincemeat of him and Ma and Sapna running around to serve him something which will divert his attention from Rudra…


Malini crept out of the house she was feeling like an intruder, going towards her favourite spot….



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Good one as usua!!!
Keep updating!! :-)
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Chapter 19

Malini crept out of the house she was feeling like an intruder, going towards her favourite spot….




She knew she was not the world's luckiest girl, her marriage was a fiasco but hearing the same with your own ears is not pleasant, it was the truth but harsh truth, she wanted her grandparents to have a happy life which it seemed was not possible in this life…..she had become road block in somebody's life, she could see the expression on her grandparent's face, she knew though they have been hearing and guessing many things but still they hoped everything will be ok soon….


The rustle of leaves told her she was no longer alone, the shadow fell on her, it was Krishna, her husband?


Why did you come away…He asked….


For you to say goodbye to your girlfriend properly…she replied….


She was your guest and you should not have left, she was looking for you…..


She is my guest or am I her guest, Malini replied looking upto him


Krishna stared back, she must have heard more than he thought, see Malini it is like this….


Please take pity on me, don't you think I have seen and heard enough, you have a big man with a fat purse and a beautiful daughter waiting for you, I understand you are here as Ma wants you but are you here really?  I know my grandparents are indebted to your family, I know I should keep my mouth shut and bear it with a smile, lekin….she got up to leave checking her tears….


Krishna pulled her down trying to stop her, she fell on him instead losing balance, immediately trying to break free…


I am sorry, Krishna said looking into her eyes…..Ma will not forgive me for hurting you but I am truly sorry….


She wiped her tears with the back of her hand, trying to control herself failing to do so….Krishna bent and kissed her on her lips….




She was lying on his chest, trying to hide her face in his shoulders, Krishna looked down, today he did what he never did before, making love in the open air in broad day light and losing his self control, as her legs went around him, looking into her passion filled eyes, he thought he never had seen such a desirable face….


It started drizzling, Malini move, Krishna tickled her, making her giggle, it is raining she squeaked, so what…....Krishna replied rolling over and entering her once again…




Prabha Devi stood in front of her husband's portrait, since his death or to be precise his murder, today she had a satisfied look, staring at his big portrait which hung on the wall, she murmured, it worked, she smiled, I wish only the girl came earlier, no you don't tell me it is all my fault, in a bid to protect my children, I overlooked the need of another…you were always blaming me by saying see beyond your children, think beyond your family, the only thing I always replied to you, since you are looking so much beyond, I need to keep an eye on my children…today I made the most unhappy one happy, I will not take any credit for it but then she used to cover it very well, with her childish behaviour, unconcerned attitude she used to mislead her onlookers but I am a mother and I saw how unhappy she was, as if losing her parents was not enough then straddled into a marriage where she was not wanted….thank god Pratigya came, I guess she was god sent in a way….

Lighting some incense stick Ma went around the room, showing it to her gods…..when Pratigya stepped into the courtyard she knew who she could be to Krishna, she also knew Malini must have guessed and Krishna was in a fix, though he did not inform them precisely who this friend was but as a mother she knew he did not know what to do, he was in a fix. While Pratigya was showing how cool she was, she was nervous and excited, Malini insecured, unhappy and trying her best to live upto being his wife…which she was not in true sense of the word. Oh yes Prabha knew, she knew as she happened to pass one day their room when she noticed Malini was folding the mat after getting up. Her son was not prepared for marriage alright but then he cannot be that saint that he would not use her for his carnal desires…since the expression of Malini's face did not change, Ma was getting puzzled till Pratigya arrived…..

Seeing Pratigya the pulses of the family members increased for various reasons…Prabha Devi too was not liking her presence too much, the family was not ready to welcome guest with inquisitive questions but then she did one thing, she sent Riddhi Siddhi on a secret mission. The girls were excited when their dadima asked them to bring the mat from Chachu's room and keep it under their bed and not to tell anybody, the desired result she got as little ago Krishna and Malini returned sitting on the bike, completely drenched, but glowing, Malini was blushing frequently while Krishna after changing his clothes sat on the swing sipping tea and observing her as she carried on her chores.


Rudra came and stood in front of Krishna, you know what though I hated Agasthya arrival and invitation but you should not have chased Pratigya away….she could have stayed a few more days, have you seen the files her father has sent?

Not yet, have you?

Yes very good proposals, cement plants, brick factory, even …..

Krishna saw their mother frowning, their babuji was a proud farmer, I feed people he used to say…

Rudrabhaiya, very good you are taking interest, read the files carefully and then we can discuss but then two things, one you will not discuss it with anyone, nobody should know outside this house, Krishna observed Rudra was already looking a wee bit guilty so he must have already shared it with his pals and another thing what business does Bali do, I mean I do not recall to have seen him before, he does not belong to this area.

You know Bali, you met him? Rudra asked already looking uncomfortable….

Not really he came to the market the other day so somebody introduced us, casually, hi hello….but he has got a money it seems, brought a lot of stuff and paid by cash, wears gold all over….

Well he is into trading….

Hmmm trading of what….

Goods mainly…..

Hmmm outsider but runs gambling business here…Krishna added thoughtfully

Who …I mean who told you he runs the gambling business…

Well that is his real business or is it trading, Krishna asked….

I don't know, I don't need to know but why are you so much interested in Bali suddenly…

Has it ever struck you that an outsider doing gambling business here cannot do so without strong local contact? Have you ever thought about it?

NO, I have never because I have better things to do, you spend hours in the market why? Have I asked you why?

No you have not but you can ask….I am planning to buy a shop….

Shop? You want to become a shopkeeper and where is the money…..Ma is always crying bank is empty, Rudra looked towards his mother…

So it is…we are indeed living on buffer….

And you want to buy a shop….

Yes so that Malini and Sapna Bhabi can be self reliant….

What you mean they will run the shop….what experience they have…where is the money to buy the shop….

Krishna saw alongwith Ma now both Malini and Sapna were listening to their conversation…

He took out a piece of paper from his kurta pocket, this I think you dropped, your handwriting….the calculations shows that you are in debt again, now we have no money to pay, you will land up in jail, me too will have to follow you as they will be after me, so it is better the girls become self reliant…get something to support themselves….the bank offers special loans to women…

Kyu dara rahe ho….why will you go to jail, there is Saxenaji he will help you….

Saxenaji is first of all a politician, too scared to tarnish his name, he will help us till the point it suits him….anyway since you are interested in the project we have give it a try, study well the files and see what can be done……I will be waiting for your input and …guidance….Krishna added it as an after thought….giving one glance to the ladies he went upto his room.


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Ooops now what will Pratigya do?Confused
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Interesting chapter!!
Was very good!!
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Chapter 20

Saxenaji is first of all a politician, too scared to tarnish his name, he will help us till the point it suits him….anyway since you are interested in the project we have give it a try, study well the files and see what can be done……I will be waiting for your input and …guidance….Krishna added it as an after thought….giving one glance to the ladies he went upto his room.






Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

Chan Chanana Choori Bole
San Sanana Purva Dole
Gunje Yeh Dharthi Aur Gagan

Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

Chan Chanana Choori Bole
San Sanana Purva Dole
Gunje Yeh Dharthi Aur Gagan

Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

Kabhi Chalthi Ho Cham Cham
Kabhi Chalthi Ho Tham Tham
Dhadaktha Dil Hai Dham Dham
Jo Pyar Mein (aaa)


Malini entered her bedroom for the first time feeling a lot excited and bit apprehensive, for the first time after her marriage she saw the two brothers getting into a quarrel, there was a tension in the house, she understood with their mishap in the family and her sudden marriage to Krishna, Rudra bhaiya's mysterious ways, the family was indeed facing testing times…..Malini softly locked the door….


Krishna was standing looking outside the window, he did not turn on hearing her arrival….Malini went about the room making the bed, removing the bedcover, pumping the pillows, he did not turn, Malini stood in uncertainty then slowly she went and hugged him from behind resting her head on his back…..




Sapna entered Prabha Devi's room, her daughters were already sleeping and Prabha Devi was making saying her last prayers for the day….seeing Sapna she sat up straight and gave her a questioning look….

Things cannot be that bad can it?  Sapna asked her mother in law……




When I got married to Rudra my parents were told by everyone that you were the biggest landowners of 10 villages around here but then what went wrong…..why is Krishna Bhaiya saying all nonsense….


Ma turned her prayer beads, staring at Sapna….


I am sure Rudra has not spent all his share and he still can have his share and still not go to jail…..I think we are entitled for our share, aren't we or are you with Krishna of couse, you were always closer to him….


Dekh Sapna…


No Maaji, I know Rudra has many faults but Krishna should not take liberties, he should not make us feel that we are indebted to him, Rudra is also son of the family, he also has his rights…..


Yes of course Sapna he has his rights but as his wife I expect better from you, keep a hand on your heart and say even if I am sitting here and dividing the land, Rudra can keep his share, remember once he gets his share then he is on his own, keep it, spend it, sale it, it is his wish… mai jayungi kuch bolne na Krishna jayega….aur ha aur ek baath sun le, the day I sit here dividing the lands, remember Anupama and Nirupama will also come wanting their share, no matter how well off they are, koi apna hissa nehi chhorega so if you are thinking you will get a big share, remember it will be not so…..


Apko Rudra par bharosa nehi hai….


Mujhe Krishna par bhi bharosa nehi hai, as he is still to prove himself but as a mother today if I have to take a side I will take say Krishna's proposal is better, we women should become self reliant, after all we are supposed to put the food on the table, men don't realize how tough it is to see the family going hungry to bed…..


Sapna looked puzzle….


Ma continued, my father was an ordinary service holder, when I got married your babuji was just another farmer with all the problems a farmer has, yes there were days I had to wait till your babuji returned home to hand me over the ration to be cooked, yes there were days we had hand to mouth existence, yes inspite of being the largest landowner your babuji could not leave much in the bank as he was always helping someone or the other….not that I agreed to it all the time but yes he had seen atleast that his children do not go hungry, utna toh unhone meri suni, I would not have it otherwise…now this is your life, your children, your husband….baki tu dekh le….




 Malini traced Krishna's profile, who was staring at her face, the room was lit with a night lamp, the sound of the rain falling in a constant force…..


Malini how strong are you….Krishna asked….




Krishna sighed…..Pulling her closer he asked how strong are you, not physically but mentally….


Malini gripped Krishna's shoulder, her nails dug into his skin….what is he getting at, she wanted to know…but somehow she lost her voice to ask….




Krishna stopped the bike in front of the Panchayat Office, Malini got down, she gave him a nervous look, swallowed a bit, Krishna's expression did not change, he started the bike and left.  Malini's hands were shaking as she watched Krishna vanishing from her sight….gathering her thoughts, she somehow climbed the stairs of the Panchayat office, the people sitting there were busy gossiping, some reading newspapers and others drinking tea…..Malini waited observing them, waiting for them to notice her but it seemed either she was invisible or she was too insignificant….curling her palms into a fist she walked in saying I would like to speak to the concern person who can guide me regarding the schemes available for women's self reliance….




Krishna stopped the bike in front of Agasthya's office, locking the bike he juggled the keys as he walked into his brother-in-law's office, Bali was sitting there talking to Agasthya, Krishna waving at them, he stood looking out of the window trying to hear what they were talking about but they were speaking very softly, after minute or two Bali took leave….


Tell me Krishna what brings you here, without any intimation or invitation….


Well I am sorry I did not know that I needed an invitation to come to my brother in law's office, anyway it seems you know Bali….infact I wanted to ask you about him only and it seems you know him makes my work easier….


Why are you interested in Bali?  Agasthya's eyes narrowed


Oh I am not interested really, I have been told by many that Bali runs the local gambling dens…..


Your elder brother is a regular there, I mean in one of those who should be able to give you some information sitting at home…


That you too can or anybody else….no I do not want to know from my brother or lets say he will have nothing more to tell me, I too know Bali, we have met briefly but now seems your business is growing in this area I thought why not ask you if you know Bali, our father did nothing much except farming, you have variety of business so the possibility of knowing him is higher……


Agasthya said nothing, he waited for Krishna to finish…..


I do know him fleetingly, I wanted to go with you and inform him that he should not let Rudra bhaiya enter his den's as none of his debts are going to be paid…..well what should I hide from you, you know father did not leave much as cash in the bank and ….


Rudra has got land, I mean his share of land, ….err I mean I tell Bali….uuhhmmm he will not believe me, everybody knows your babuji was the biggest landowner of this area….


Krishna's kept quiet pondering for a moment or two before replying that he was indeed but Rudra's property is not his own, I mean it is joint property, inherited from his father, all his children have got equal rights and why should we waste our land on paying debt, Saxenaji has come up with good proposals, to implement those we need land, Rudra bhaiya is very much interested, he is studying the files and once he is ready we will sit with him, I would also ask bade jijaji to come over, I mean since …..


Just a minute Krishna you mean that we are to get…..


Well I don't know how things will be in the future but the basics…I mean we have to study and discuss but then we should not close our options…..


You mean to say that you …..


Future lies in industries and we should strive towards it….


I do not think your elder Jijaji is cut out to do business….Agasthya was already curling his moustache…


Hmmm you are right but with Ma around she will not like to see are depriving badi didi  but we can think of something later …I mean so will you speak to Bali or should I get somebody else to speak to him, you know I do not want to give Saxenaji any false pictures, in business understanding should be transparent after all you know his reputation….


Do you think Saxenaji will be interested doing business with you still, I mean his daughter and then ….


Pratigya loves me very much, Malini is there I know but Pratigya is one headstrong girl and it is here Saxena uncle cannot do anything, he is totally helpless in front of his daughter….aap kahi se bhi puch sakte hai….or you must be knowing it is no big secret…..


Yes I have so heard, your romance was talk of the town….


Krishna looked embarrassed…..


Theek hai let me deal with Bali….


You will deal with Bali, I mean I can do just if you will introduce me with him….


Instead of Rudra I think you should study the file, well I will not hide but I don't think too highly about my elder brother-in-law, and regarding Saxenaji, I know but you do not know the girls of today, they can un-love you in no time so yeh love rehte rehte we should do the deal… concentrate on that and let me take care of Bali….


Ji bahut bahut sukhriya, kandha se ek bojh utar giya, I can now go home in peace…


Ha theek hai theek hai you concentrate on that project now….


With a big thank you Krishna left….




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