FF: Yugantar - the Saga, Chapter 21,pg 9,uptd 23/8 (Page 6)

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that was very interesting.waiting for net one.plz continue soon.

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Originally posted by krihaan_lover

very nice ff.

Krishna getting married to Malini and Pratigya from the city reminded me of "Virasat" movie with Anil Kapoor and Tabu getting married and Pooja Batra has to get out of Anil Kapoor's life and in that too they had Dilip Dhawan as a brother who was a gambler.
I loved Virasat too and you are right this portion is very similar to Virasat...was Dilip Dhawan a gambler or alcoholic?  Never mind one and the Virasat Pooja left but here, well lets see TongueWink
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Chapter 11

Yes and ask for police protection, good to see that people have faith on us still as more and more people are depending on private security agencies….




The strange attitude of his brother with him, his unwillingness to cooperate with the police, his mother's fears are pointing more and more fingers towards Rudra…police he understands but Rudra is not liking his presence, what does he think, that mother does not trust him and Krishna will put a check on him, or Krishna will ask for his inheritance and leave.  He has to get hold of Rudra, much as he was thinking that Rudra will come out on his own, it was not happening, he had to now move fast, the faster he leaves this place the better it is, he did not want to get tangle with messy things, even Saxena Uncle is of the same opinion, just put things on track and comeback, rest you can monitor from time to time, need be he will start spying on Rudra, will follow him and then force his confession when Krishna noticed his wife came and flopped down on the banks of the pool, so she still comes here, he observed her, when she looked up to see him watching her….


Malini got up…abhi chilayga mera mera bolke….everything is his except me she muttered


Can you speak a little louder I can not hear you…Krishna spoke….




Kya bol rahi thi mujhe sunai nehi diya…..


Her face turned red, she kept her head bowed….


Krishna came and sat next to her, she pulled her pallu properly…..


You are upset with me it seems…..


She did not reply….


See I was not supposed to get married and sudden turn of events confused me and I went away to think……


Babuji was also murdered suddenly, Maaji did not run away….she replied softly….


Krishna looked at her….oh my god, she knows how to fight all right…..


Ma did not have the option, I had I went away, I had to inform my fia….my friends…..


I understand but what I do not understand why have you come back….kisliye?


My father has been murdered, I had a life out there, I had commitments and in the midst of all this I had to marry you and now you are showing me your temper…..Krishna barked at her, she shrunk away… you realize my position…..


I only know my grandparents are distressed and they are aged people…..her voice nearly chocked…..


Damn them, Krishna wanted to say, he could see she was biting her lips, then realized she has no family other than them….


He lightly kept his palm on her back…she shivered and then steadied herself…..




Ma was pleased to see them enter the house together, watching Malini getting down from the pillion….


Kaha mila tujhe …Ma asked  Malini…..ji woh mai….Malini stammered


Mil giya kaha kaha ghumti phirti, shaadi ke baad bhi nehi sudhra, Krishna added….while Ma laughed aloud, Malini gave a shy smile….before running off in some errand, Krishna went and sat on the swing, he felt somewhat good as he watched  that his mother smiling and instructing Malini something….


Why did he have to say such a thing, he wondered but at last he did bring some smile on her face, she looks nice and somewhat relaxed….the atmosphere of the house eased too….




Nirupama frowned, Krishna was online, Agasthya wants police protection?  Why?  Of course they do hold quite a bit of land too, he is under threat and Agasthya did not inform the family.  Of course Agasthya hardly spoke to the family members except for rendering orders….


After a bit of hesitation Nirupama dialed her husband….


Hmmm…he answered


Are you receiving threats?


Who told you this, he barked in his usual style


Ji Krishna, I mean the inspector told Krishna….so he was asking me…


Listen tell your worthless brothers that I am delighted to hear their concern for me, I can take care of myself….he disconnected the phone, looking at his aid he smiled though….




The banging of door made Krishna sat up, his dhoti had loosened, at home his mother insisted they wore dhoti as she did not like them to see in bermuda or shorts which he normally wore in the hostel, he  watched Malini who also sat up with her sleep filled eyes, he was nearly tripping over the dhoti as went to open the door tightening the dhoti, his mother was on the other side…..


Just before dawn Rudra left home on receiving a call on his mobile he is not yet back nor answering the phone she cried…..


What it is barely dawn but…..


Mujhe bahut chinta ho rahi hai beta she was shivering…..


Malini handed over his kurta, as he wore it he noticed his sister-in-law pacing up and down, why did you let him go alone, you could have called me…..


He did not want to, as it is with your coming he is upset she blurted…..


Why so?  Krishna narrowed his eyes as he picked up the keys of his bike….


Sapna swallowed she had no intention of saying it but then it was too late…nothing….I think you better inform the police first…


Bhabi tell me has bhaiya said anything, Krishna was firm…..


Sapna looked at her mother-in-law, then said he feels sad that being the elder son, nobody has faith on him…her voice shook….


Krishna looked at his mother, Malini was holding her….  Krishna started his bike…




Mr Shyamji Saxena was doing his pranayam, his mobile rang, his man servant answered it….Sahab is busy now cannot be disturbed….kya Krishnajit, matlab….the man looked towards his master, Saxenaji's ears were alert, abh Krishna Sahab ko kya ho giya?  Unka Bhai…


Lakhan give me the phone, Shyamji Saxena called out….taking it he announced Saxena on the speaker….


Hmm ok….disconnecting the line he turned to Lakhan, see if Pratigya didi is up, I need to speak to her urgently, ask the ayah to wake her up if she isn't…




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that was very interesting update.what happened to rudra.waiting for ur next update.plz continue soon.
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Chapter 12

Hmm ok….disconnecting the line he turned to Lakhan, see if Pratigya didi is up, I need to speak to her urgently, ask the ayah to wake her up if she isn't…




The Sarpanch and other officials of the panchayat gathered on the field, the men scanned the area, the police inspector stood making calls, just then one SUV came and stopped, Agasthya got down, what is the meaning of all these things…..he charged the inspector….


Well nothing, according to the reports your brother-in-law Rudrajit received the call on his mobile around 4 o'clock in the morning someone in your voice asking him to come fast as you are apparently got involved in an accident…..


What a fool of a man, he surely has my number, he should have checked….Agasthya looked at Krishna, Krishna looked blankly at him….


Times are bad inspector, I informed you yesterday and now you can explain would I have called Rudrajit of all people, a nervous wreck, won't I call my aides first?


You did not share with Chhoti didi that your life is in danger…Krishna suddenly remarked….


Oh thank you for informing her….why should I involve my whole house unnecessarily?  Agar tumhe milta what would have you done, you disappoint me Krishna I expect better of you….


Krishna's mobile rang, Sapna was on line…..someone just now called on the house telephone, saying your brother is lying next to highway unconscious….


The police and the whole party scrambled in their respective vehicles and drove off…..




Krishna paced in his brother's room watching him sleep, the doctor said he has been injected with sleeping medicine…there are minor scratches over his arms.  Pratigya has been calling, saying they got information, my father's ears are everywhere so he wants you back here, you can go later from time to time when the police calls regarding your father's case…..


I cannot leave my brother…..


Your brother should be up any moment, you come only when he is up….


Can I speak to you later Pratigya, Ma is calling me….his brothers eyes were flickering….




Pratigya looked at her father….beta I want him here because knowing his nature he will soon get too involved with the politics there, once the pandora's box opens it will be too difficult for Krishna to leave his village…



Krishna watched is mother and bhabi feeding Rudra, who was sitting on the bed, while his mother fed him with broth, his wife was crying silently,  you should not have got out Rudra, times are not good, if someone could kill your babuji, that person is still not caught ……


Ma the point is I was very sure it was Agasthya, you cannot make a mistake with his voice the nasal tone at the end of each sentence and his sarcasm….


You were sleeping and it was not his phone also, Sapna cried out,


He was calling from another no., and in sleep too nobody can mistake Agasthya's voice, not even Yyamdoot himself, Ma you know how Agasthya is, he wanted help saying he is injured, how could I have refused,  Krishna come here, tell me where I have done wrong, he is the damaad of the family, mera farz banta hai to help him and then if I do not go, he will call me coward….he does not think much of us anyway….


Krishna put his hand on his shoulder's Bhaiya no excitement….what did he exactly tell you….


Rudra looked at his mother, then he said, he said he was returning after attending a wedding with one of his driver, he has met with a small accident, the driver was injured and Agasthya was a bit drunk so he wanted by help to take him to the hospital and drop him home….


But Agasthya was sleeping next to Niru, I mean Nirupama said that to me…..Ma cried out….


Bhaiya what has happened has happened, lets not tax him anymore, he needs to rest….




Krishnajit watched the wall blankly, what to do and what not to do, he picked up his mobile and then put it down again, nehi I have to have patience, when the phone came that Rudra was seen lying next to the highway they ran to pick him up, Agasthya was also there, he took Rudra to the hospital, Krishna said he is following them in his bike….when they left, Krishna stood observing the area, due to rain tyre marks were prominent,  the police was more interested in taking Rudra's statement, did he see the face, when his face was gagged from behind etc etc., Krishna studied the area, they must have kept Rudra somewhere hidden before bringing him out on the highway, the  marks will go away later, he crossed the highway to the other side,  he followed it, through the ups and downs of 'kachcha road' cutting the fields etc., he came to stop in front of a big godown, casually asking the darwan whose godown is this…


Agasthya Garodia's….


Krishna sighed, he was no detective, what he did was very basic and it was not proof enough, Agasthya was not only his brother-in-law but the husband of his sister to whom he is closest till she got married and became virtually prisoner of Agasthya household.  What proof does he have, Agasthya has all alibis working for him and he is family…


Malini entered the room and closed the door, barely glancing at him, she loosened her sari, combing her hair, she wiped her face, then picked up the mat and put it on the floor….


It is raining and not too hot either, you can lie on the bed if you want…Krishna said, the girl has been running around the whole day, trying to manage the kitchen on her own as both mother and bhabi ….


Where will you sleep….


Err on the mat, I don't mind…


One and the same, so I am used to it….


I meant to say….


You already said you need time, atleast I understood that, toh koi baath nehi, why should you lie on the floor…she lay down turning the other way round..


She almost snapped, Krishna frowned, he did not like it, gritting his teeth he lay down, in no time Malini was asleep, he could hear her soft snores, she understands she says, does she really, does she have any idea what is going on in his mind, if at all Agasthya is after them, then why?  Why will he do such a thing, he is not dumb and why will he want jeopardize his social standing, is it him at all….


The game is big and complicated, he has to be patient, should not assume much but have to be careful, kuch na kuch toh hai, no he will not call Saxena Uncle now, if the family is involved he cannot hurt anyone, without being absolutely confirmed….




Krishna could not sleep in the night, he got down from the bed and stood watching the dark night outside, did Babuji come to know, did he also assume something, is Agyastha involved in that too….no no he did respect Babuji in his own way though….his head was throbbing running around since early morning, too many problems…..when he felt someone was standing behind, he turned to see Malini, what happened he asked…


Can't you sleep?  She asked…


I will sleep in a while, you go back to sleep….


Should I massage your feet, maybe that will help you, you know my grandfather…

Oh god,  I am not your grandfather he wanted to shout….instead he went and lay down …Malini sat watching him till he fell asleep…



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Interesting Tongue carry on
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Chapter 13

Should I massage your feet, maybe that will help you, you know my grandfather…

Oh god,  I am not your grandfather he wanted to shout….instead he went and lay down …Malini sat watching him till he fell asleep…



Awasthiji finished his morning routine, after having his breakfast, he sat down on the table waiting for his wife to bring the tea, this they will have leisurely, discuss family issues, pressing matters and their routine for the day, after

which he will leave for office and she will go to volunteer in the NGO she works…


The mobile rang, he glanced at it, normally he does not take calls at this time giving full attention to his wife, except for noting the name to call back later…..seeing the name flashing he frowned….


Yes Krishna, everything is alright with you?


I am not sure Sir, I think I need your advice….


You think?  I mean what went wrong…..Awasthiji was frowned Krishna was a guy who thought he knew best, he was a leader and an aggressive leader, sometimes due to his overzealousness he got caught into trouble…


Krishna started to say…the moment he said he thinks there is hands of relatives in the sudden murder and disappearance of his brother briefly, Awasthi stopped him…


Beta not over phone, and not over our regular nos. This is not safe and you are assuming,….. …


Disconnecting the phone Awasthi felt good, the boy respected him, just like any other student, he was more interested in remaining in Shyamji Saxena's good books, he saw his future political career under him but this is not what he expected, Krishna atleast showed that much brain not to go overboard with his assumption, good boy, he felt proud, his morning started with a good note.




Rudra watched his brother leaving in the morning to go to the field, he told their mother that he will return after meeting with some of their clients whom Sambhu Chacha wants him to meet….


His mother asked him to offer his salutations to the family diety and asked Malini to get a bottle of water for him…return in the afternoon for lunch beta, that is the custom of the family….


As he followed his mother's instruction,  Malini handed over the water bottle to him…kick starting his bike, he drove out ….he will indeed go to the fields but before that he has some other work to do…





Nirupama watched her husband completing his morning chores, his exercises, eating of health food, then will sit for the man servant to do massage on his body, in between he will answer few calls, make few calls…


Rudra Bhaiya said he was sure it was the voice of Agasthya and nobody could mistake his voice, it was true indeed, specially for her family and her, Agasthya was a demanding and very hard to please son-in-law…



Inspector Sahab I told you I received threats now I know to do business it is not easy to please everybody, see my brother-in-law has been attacked, why will I call him in the middle of the night, ask my wife, I was lying next to her, of course her testimony you will not believe, a true Indian wife who protects her husband under all circumstances but then that is the truth…


Yes first Babuji was murdered and now my brother-in-law is attacked, not to say about the threats, Inspector who will give explanations to our families  if by chance something happens to either of us?


Nirupama was laying his clothes, she looked up, first he denies any sort of threats to her and now he is saying the same thing in front of her, it means he wants her to know, this was Agasthya's another habit, if he wanted her to know something, he would simply discuss the matter in front of her with someone and she is not supposed to question him even then…




Thank God Rudrajit did not go out today, Ma was happy, another week or so if Rudrajit behaves this way she will call her sons and ask them to decide who will look after what, till she is alive she will  not allow to division of properties, her husband did not want it and she will not support it, after her bath she will sit for her prayers and thank her god as she passed Rudra's room she heard her son shouting, now Ma is allowing Krishna to take over, that is why she prevented him from going back to the town….


You cannot blame her, if you do not mend your ways, your share will be taken away by your younger brother, I have seen this happen often and I have been telling you this since the day babuji died…


Oh you are going to boss over me also, you are the only person left to do so, kal Ridhi Siddhi bhi karenge…


Ma ran to her room and shut the door, crying she sat down on the floor….




Krishna parked his bike, drinking water from the bottle he locked the bike, walking in casually to the Bank, he could see Agasthya chatting with Manager on the other side of the glass partition, he casually went on doing the bank work he brought from Sambhu Chacha as he waited for Agasthya to come out…


Awasthi Sir said he careful you might be the next target, but then he knows he has to start from somewhere and why not Agasthya…




Nirupama knew something was not right with her mother, she could not speak on the phone today, what has happened?  Why she is upset…she became worried as she disconnected the phone when it rang again…


Your brother thinks he is too smart, he wants to play with me, whatever politics he did it was in college, ask him to mind his own business here…Agasthya barked and disconnected the phone…


Nirupama stared at the receiver, now in what way Krishna has rubbed him…




Krishna smiled as he drove towards home feeling happy, when Agasthya saw him in the bank, in his usual sarcastic way he greeted Krishna, Saale Sahab, everything normal it seems, I thought you would be sitting with the Inspector to catch the culprit, what is your worthless brother saying…


Well he is resting, the drug is having its effect ….


And the police? 


Krishna looked around, in the bank people were obviously hearing their conversation, Agasthya loved to display….


Bahar chale, I don't want to discuss this in front of all these people…


Don't worry everybody knows after all we are in news now, Agasthya led the way, Krishna followed…


Agasthya Bhai I have given all the evidences I could to the police including the tyre marks that was around Rudra…obviously the police was more excited to find him alive, you know I did say I am following you, actually I followed the tyre marks, as they say they are like finger prints, I took some pictures in my mobile for the police to make a detailed study, and the front wheel had a particular patch so it was easy to decipher….quite interesting it went a long way down the highway through the fields…hmmmm


And?  And What has Rudra told you….


Krishna was admiring Agasthya's SUV, new model, grand but for long distance travel ….Rudra bhaiya is not talking sense now but saying he was overpowered as soon as he reached the place, it was too dark etc etc…Oh Agashtya Bhai congratulations for your new godown, I think biggest in this area, I never knew you are interested in farming related businesses…is it a cold storage…seemed like it from outside….


Agasthya's face darkened…


Krishna started his bike….Oh I have to hurry Ma is waiting for lunch …..he bid his goodbye and rode off…..




Malini was waiting for her husband to be back, Rudra bhaiya left home in a huff and Sapna bhabi shut her bedroom door out of frustration, Ma came to say feed Ridhi Siddhi, I am not feeling too well, you eat also and serve Krishna when he is back…


Krishna returned, quite satisfied for once Agasthya was speechless, not that he implied something, without saying it all he said it all, it seemed, its better instead of going full steam like the way he did it in the past, be discreet and be careful, remember once you shoot the arrow you cannot bring it back……


Malini jumped up hearing his bike, she quickly picked up the mug filled with water and poured as he washed his hand, handing over the towel…..


I am sorry I am late got caught up with things, he said as he wiped them….


Hmmm she replied as she served his food….


He started eating, home cooked food is something he is liking the most since him leaving the hostel, he was hungry, Malini was watching him, attending to his needs, suddenly he asked , have you eaten….


She looked at him with a look like saying 'dumb fool  how can I eat without you'…..


Err I am sorry, I should have come back earlier, but I am glad Ma and Bhabi have eaten, you should also eat, don't stay up for me, I will not mind…


Ma expects it….


Well convince her, it seems she likes you….


She is a loving woman, I guess she wants all of us to be happy


He smiled, one thing is for sure Malini does not have high expectations, good for him, she will understand he hoped when finally he speaks to her…


He got up, I am through, good food, now you eat, he thought he saw a fine glow on her face as she poured water for him to wash his hands….


Sitting on the swing, he took out his new mobile, taken in the name of Malini Krishnajit Singh, his wife whom he wants to present but actually he will use this to talk with Mr Awasthi, a number which he will not share with anyone, if only the mobile companies did not want so many details would have been much more better…


He noticed Malini still not eating but watching the closed doors of his babhi and mother's rooms….


Kya baath hai Malini khana nehi khana?


Err Maaji and Babhi have not eaten how can I eat….




Err Rudra Bhaiya left home though he was asked to stay….




Hmmm Maaji and Bhabiji are very upset


Krishnajit stood up to look at the direction where Rudra's bike is normally parked, it was not there….


You moron, you should have told me first thing when I entered, Krishnajit lost his cool….




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that was very interesting update.waiting for the next one.plz continue soon.

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