FF: Yugantar - the Saga, Chapter 21,pg 9,uptd 23/8 (Page 4)

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hey tintiny i dont know why but for the first time i'm liking the chemistry between krishna and malini more than krishna and pratigya only in your FF. may be thats because in your FF prats is a practical girl.i have started liking malini she is so innocent. i would love to see krishna falling for malini.

shruthiR IF-Rockerz

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It was a very nice chp.Oh no!This Malini is deffinitly coming in KriYa's wayDisapprove.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
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that was very interesting update.whats wrong with rudra.eagerly waitnig for the next update.plz continue soon.
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Chapter 7

He should be guilty after all he is living on our land for free, ha the girl comes to massage ma at times but then takes more in return, Malini, thora sabzi le ja, take some achar, chawal khana hai toh bana hai, khake ja…..Rudra mocked….it was followed by uneasy silence, Krishna looked away and Ma left nodding her head.




Sambhu Kaka looked at Krishna blankly…sitting in the office of the godown he looked at the younger son of his late malik.  Too many questions and he is clearly not satisfied with the answers, what is he trying to get at is something different, as Krishna got up, Sambhu said, Chhota babu chhoti muh badi baath, I know you are not happy with my answers, I am from old school of thought I too have apprehensions but then Babuji did not share many things with me, he kept his secrets close guarded, I am afraid to say somethings which may contradict him, I respected the man too much….instead keep your ears and eyes opened….


Krishna walked out of the godown, climbing on to his aged bike, he kicked started it, it seems from the strategist he has to turn into a detective but then something is there, land sharks are all around and it is not as if babuji was not affected by it, Rudra bhaiya said he is a project consultant but what kind of project?  He is not very forthcoming, Ma knows but does not know…as he drove past a house, he noticed it was being decorated with flowers, yes this was the house his father had purchased when the owner wanted to move to town and needed money….Malini is getting married tomorrow, the face floated in front of him, her jaws fell when she realized he was naked under the water, Krishna smiled, such an innocent girl, what has fate in store for her…he went to his favourite spot, to think and to talk to Pratigya….




I spoke to Papa, he is of the opinion speak clearly to your mother and get a clear picture about your assets, baki baad me dekhenge, the faster you are back the better for you and us….


The hair was coming out of his scalp, it felt bushy, Krishna scratched it….when his eyes fell on Malini sitting and watching the water…..


Hey what you are doing here…..he asked….


She quickly straightened herself, then said should I look or not look at you? 


Errr I am clothed…..he replied, smiling at her words….


She looked at his direction, cooling myself….today there was flowers in her hair and her hand was designed with mehendi, she was looking different a bit grown up….


Lovely mehendi, nice colour has come out…you know what they say if the colour comes out nice….


She smiled shyly….


Lucky girl, your husband will love you a lot…then he peered from the distance he could see her eyes glistering….You are crying?


No just remembering my parents a bit, what would have my life been incase they were alive…


You are scared……Krishna asked….


She looked up, Krishna got up and sat next to her… must have met him, you must have liked him enough to say yes…


She twitched her fingers and fingered her mehendi…..


See my babuji was a reasonable man, I am sure he was not putting pressure on your grandparents of any sort….I mean, your grandfather looked quite fit to me…..I want to say, he took deep breath, what is the hurry..


Pata nehi sab kuch thora achanak huwa, I mean to say dadaji says he is not getting younger and to be frank, I mean I have seen babuji many times lately he was  a bit aloof, maybe dadaji felt it too, so he must have thought after him who will take care of me….


Hmmmm what happens happens for the best…cheer up, he patted her back, the skin felt like silk….




The bike stopped midway, he pushed it to the shop, the mechanic was too pleased to see him after such a long time, they have stopped making machines likes this, nowadays it is use and throw….where is the patience, kaam nehi ho rahe toh hatao samne se….


Krishna sat down hearing his chatter and making calls to his friends.




As he parked the bike he felt it, it was just like before the storm, he made minimum noise and walked in cautiously, the twins were sitting on the swing hugging each other, seeing him they came running and hugged his leg….Rudra's voice rose….Babuji never thought me a man enough, will you also treat me like a piece of shit?  He thundered…..his wife's voice rose, it is hardly 15 days that Babuji is dead kuch toh sharam kijiye, think about your mother at least…how will she bear all this….


Areh vah you will not support your husband or you also think for me babuji has died.  I am responsible….


He was worried about you…..


He never thought anybody to be capable of….those who did not believe in his ideals were not worth the man and specially us the children…when their mother entered the room….


Mere pass yeh hai, isse jaida nehi hai, babuji has not left much, this is the amount I can give without any promises about the future…


Not to worry, we will not run dry, the money from the crops will be coming in a day or two…Krishna saw Rudra stuffing his pocket and run out, starting his bike he left in no time…his face was red with excitement…


The twins looked relieved, papa har time mummy ke upar gussa karta hai….Krishna ruffled their hair and asked them to play….


He went upto Rudra 's room, both his mother and bhabi were sitting, his mother was saying I hope now Rudra understands, he is not a bad man but just misguided….a bit….


He is a father of two children, when will he grow up my patience is running out…..Sapna was weeping silently…




I thought he was into business of giving advice but what does he need money for….Krishna asked his mother….


Hmmm looked busy, packing something for Malini, a sari with matching blouse, if your father would have been alive, I could have given a bit more but then …she tucked in few cosmetic items…


He is not drinking, is it women then….Krishna persisted…


Hai ram, don't say this, Sapna row degi, his mother took out a silver payel to put it onto the tray, alongwith the sari….

Then what it can be….


His mother remembered something and moved away taking out a silver plate and a small bowl, this I will give it to the groom…


You are planning to attend Malini's wedding….


Well Malini wants me too, she has no one close Ma sighed, I want to mourn my husband but then life has to move on…..


If it is not drinks, not women then what it is…Krishna asked


Gambling, another ancient vice still rotting the mankind….



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It was a nice chp.Looking forward to the next oneSmile
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that was very good update.waiting for the next one,plz continue soon.
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Chapter 8

If it is not drinks, not women then what it is…Krishna asked


Gambling, another ancient vice still rotting the mankind….




Krishna's eyes were burning, his brother is a gambler, babuji was paying of his gambling debts but then why was he killed, is he so involved and Ma being a mother is naturally protective….


The girls giggled, areh Malini kitna sundar lag rahi aaj toh jayamala ki waqt hi jija ka hosh ud jayega….


Krishna turned his head to watch Malini, she was coming down the stairs, he never realized she could look so pretty, he nudged his bhaiya…..


Rudra was talking to someone, asked what….Krishna handed over the tray their mother had sent, jake de do….


Why me?  He frowned….


You are elder….Krishna pulled him towards Milini…seeing them she blushed….


Ma could not come, much as she wanted but sent you this….Krishna said as Rudra handed the tray over, Malini, touched their feet in response, while Rudra blessed her, Krishna stepped back, rehna do rehna do, he was not that older to her anyway….her grandmother asked her to go and put it in the almirah….Krishna looked at Rudra, let the groom arrive, heard already is on the way de kar chala jayu…when they heard voices, what proof do you have, Chaudhuriji was shouting at someone…


As per his basic instinct Krishna leaped ahead to go to the outer room …




The police showed them photographs, the lady was crying, he is my husband, mujhe ghar me nehi lete, I stay with my parents a bit and is not divorcing me also, every time I go to his parents house they refuse to give me his new place of work address, he is supposed to be a school teacher look what kind of teacher he is….I am sorry to come like this, I only came to know today morning, had to take leave and have come running, please please do not ruin your daughter's life….


The police was  taking statements and waiting for the groom to come and they could arrest him….


Chaudhurji was shivering, please no scene here, please arrest from outside the village, aur kitna baadnaami sahena hoga….


No wonder they wanted marriage fast, his wife cried out….when someone called from inside Malini has fainted….


Being a natural leader Krishna took over the situation, he directed one of the boys to accompany the police to arrest the man outside the village, he asked made Chaudhuryji and his wife sit down and asked the girls to splash water on Malini's face…when one woman asked Krishna, you have asked the police to arrest the boy but then who has told you the woman is right, maybe they have divorced and …


Agar divorcee hai, kyu bataya nehi chaudhuryji ko?  I know these things people want to keep under wraps but this is the question of some one's life and then they are not going to arrest him, just take him to custody for questioning…


And what if he is innocent, asked another…


Keeping his past marriage secret, I mean his divorce secret is a crime itself according to me….


Lekin Malini ka kya hoga, this is apshagun who is marry her now….


It is not Malini's fault….


Of course it is her fault …bhagyadosh….


Now you cannot blame her for this, in this century….Krishna protested, Malini was looked at him in frightened eyes, her khol already smudged making it look darker…


The girl is orphan, somehow her grandparents arranged her marriage, it is turning out into a fiasco who will marry this unlucky girl….


I am sure someone from this village will be willing…there are so many boys…..


Half of them are now married and the other half is studying outside, the remaining not of marriageable age….except of course you….


I am mourning and I am…..


Exactly beta before sending the police after the groom you should think what you can do more or what should be the outcome….an elderly man advised…..


Krishna's temper was rising…..usne apne yeh baath chhupai….


Since you chased away you get married…the Sarpanch now leaped forward ……


Tauji aap aisa kaise keh sakte hai, my father is dead barely 15 days ago….


If your father would have been alive, I am sure this is what he would have done….


I am not working even and I have other commitments…..


So does so many other people beta…lekin musibaath jab ati hai, nikalna humme hoti hai….you have done the right thing so far but that does not changes the girl's status ….


Krishna looked at Rudra…..


Who told you to poke your nose, he growled….


But this…..


Abh tum khud hi sambhalo….


Just then Chaudhuryji flung himself on Krishna's feet....




It was pitch dark the house was silent, except for stray dogs and snoring of people the night was quiet. Krishna lay on the swing, did it happen, did it not?  Was it a dream or a reality?  He pulled his hair, rubbed his face with both his hands, the door opened with a its hinge making a noise, Krishna turned his head, Malini was standing with the light from the room behind her, she was still wearing her wedding sari, crumpled though, she was watching at this direction, maybe she could see his outline in the dark, she kept on staring, Krishna watched his new bride, her tired face, her half opened hair, he had plans, plans for his future, he wanted to be someone in politics, a national level player and here he is married to a girl whose IQ level he has doubt about, silly and not matured….Kya jaroorat tha mujhe leader banne ki….in village no matter in what century you live in things don't change….but the Sarpanch, well did he take a revenge as more than him people heard my father, logo ka kya kehna, they do not take time to change camps, suddenly everybody was concerned for Malini…..




In the morning Malini came to the kitchen, freshly bathed and changed, her mang filled with sindoor, Sapna smiled seeing her, uth gayi, now take this tea for Krishna, he loves to have tea in bed….


But then he is not there….Malini replied….


Sapna frowned….he is not there?  Then where can he be?  He is not an early riser…..


Malini looked frightened…he was not there in the room last night, in fact I think he was …..she stopped, her face crumpled, Sapna ran out to see if Krishna was by chance sleeping  in his mother's room…..


No he was not in the house…




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omg aab pratigya ka kya hoga Shockedpls yaar bachari prats ke baare main bhi kuch sochho brilliant ff i just lub itThumbs Up

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