FF: Yugantar - the Saga, Chapter 21,pg 9,uptd 23/8 (Page 3)

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that was very interesting.waiting to read about the truth behind all this.plz continue soon.

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Gud going Tin
Wtg for d mystery to unfold
Rama D
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Chapter 5

Everyone is behaving strangely but why?  What do they know which he does not?




Just before lunch his brother returned, asking his wife to get the water ready for his bath near the well, to give him fresh set of clothes, yes in his house, thing were still a bit ancient, men bathed from the well though there was bathroom for women….


Oh Krishna you are still here, I thought you must have left….


Yes but then I wanted to speak to you…..


Regarding what….his brother asked…..


Since babuji is no longer there, I think we should be sharing some responsibilities, is there anything particular you want me to do….


Oh yes there are several things like as…..Rudra suddenly stopped looking past Krishna and then lowered his voice saying you finish your exams and then you and I will sit…..picking up his fresh clothes he went to pour water over his body, Krishna turned to see their mother standing and watching them.




As he lay next to his mother in the night, he said if I do not go tomorrow I have to skip the examination this semester, but then you know something more than I do….what is it….if you can give me a hint…..


His mother lay quietly for sometime then got up with great effort, switching on the light and then opening her almirah she got out a file….it was his father's bank statements…..


As he went through it, he frowned, all of a sudden for the last few months the expenses have increased, why so, his father was a reasonable man, with simple living, they did not have the lifestyle of what Pratigya and her family had, not double, triple but almost 5 times…aisa kyu?  He asked his mother…..


Mai nehi janti but then she sighed, something is not right and I do not want to make wrong assumptions…..


Krishna lay down, his father was a man who faced the world himself but if he was in trouble he should have shared it with the family, he should have at least told his sons, if not his wife, or was it this he wanted to say….


You did not tell the police about this, why?  He asked his mother….


There was no reply but whimpering, like every night, she was crying herself to sleep.




Disconnecting the phone, Mr Awasthi looked disturbed…well Krishna told him just now he will not appear for the exams, he cannot leave his village at the moment, now Vishwa's death was sudden and brutal no wonder Krishna was disturbed, it is natural to be, though when he went to pay his homage Krishna had looked calm, his elder brother would not speak coherently, that is also natural, poor boy he had to see in what gruesome way his father was murdered……


Vishwa always said his elder son was a nervous person, not a man enough, no wonder Krishna wants to stay back, the poor boy will lose 6 months, he can only appear then….this is fate, what can be done but have to speak to Mr Saxena, elections are coming, he must be wanting to involve Krishnajit, already known as his to be son-in-law, have to tell him to spare Krishna for some more time, let the poor boy clear his college, his father wanted it…




Shyamji Saxena patted the shoulder of his daughter, it is okay he said, he knows what he is doing, you have to give him sometime and moreover he is intelligent and in politics degree does not matter, let him settle his issues, once he gets involved in here he might not get enough time to visit the village….




Rudrajit was upset to see  his brother deciding not to appear for examination, yes it is understandable he nodded but then it is a matter of 15-20 days, I would have managed things here…you know….wiping his sweat….


Yes I know but I am not in a mental frame, I would have submitted blank answer sheet….Rudrajit patted his brother on hearing this, I understand…he replied, Krishnajit looked towards his mother who was sitting on the swing with her eyes closed…..


Where is her fear, what is she fearing, to whom was babuji giving money…..


Bhaiya Ma was telling me yesterday night that lately babuji was giving someone a lot of money, do you have any idea….


Rudrajit stopped chewing his breakfast then said, there are few things, few charities babuji did without informing us…….


Krishna looked towards his mother, she was remained unmoved…


Ma is not sure about that….


Hmmm, best is go to bank and check it out yourself, they have all the details……


They were drawn through self cheques…


Well Babuji had many charities, the last great one was settling down Malini and her grandparents on our land…he did not ask me, I am also a father of two children but then may his soul rest in peace he was a man who did not think I am his worthy son….Rudra's face was flushed ….


Krishna was surprised, Rudra was a laid back person without any temper, a kind of man who did not commit himself to anything or did not want to get into anything…..


Krishna noticed their mother was unmoved…..Malini is this the same girl who came yesterday to massage …..


Yes her father was supposed to be our father's childhood friend, his parents had left the village  and moved out long back but then our father decided to do charity and who am I to stop him….


Toh kya kare, with her parents dead in accident, it is difficult to bring up a girl in the city for an aged couple without any income just pension….Sapna, his bhabi spoke


Rudrajit told his wife to take out his clothes…..


Aaj na jate toh….Sapna bhabi wishpered, Krishna is here, you could have seen to some work what needs to be done…


I did not ask for your opinion, I just want my things out, if you cannot do it, I will wear what I can lay my hands on…..


Sapna bhabi darted a glance towards Krishna and swallowed, quickly going towards the bedroom…




Krishna walked down the field, wheat was planted, they were yet to ripe, but then …..he was speaking to Pratigya, sharing with her the family problems…..


I understand you need to be with your mother for a few days but your future is here at the same time ensure your presence is not needed in the village quickly as you are going to get very busy here…..


I have to appear for my exams….


Papa says you do not need a degree to join politics…and I will marry you for what you are and not for your degree….they giggled and laughed when Krishna realizes he was standing in front of his favourite spot, the small water fall which formed a pool….oh so many times they used to come here for picnics with their parents, here he tasted his first drink with his friends, his first drag of cigarette, he inhaled deeply, disconnecting the phone he ran down the slope, the sun was already mid sky, hot nobody would be around, dropping his mobile and flinging his shirt, he took off his jeans, with one last look his underwear, and jumping into the water, it was so cold and lovely he swam with long strokes and then lay back on the water  and watched the blue sky above, there is something somewhere but from where to start and for how long can I stay back in this village, though to go for election is one year still but committees were being formed and he wanted to be there from the beginning….


Suddenly there was a sound and the water splashing onto to face as a reflex action Krishna  turned lowering his body into the water to see Malini wading into the pond


Hey bhagwan my clothes, Krishna thought shouting yeh ladki what are you doing in my pond….


Malini startled, crying out, what are you doing here, she put her hands in front of her, clutching the petticoat which she wore from below the armpit…


Aap …she squeaked what are you doing here…..she asked again


That is exactly my question, what are you doing here …..


I come here everyday at this time for my bath…..saying so she started crying…


Oh what a cry baby this girl is….oh shut up, just shut up….I have not touched you and have no intentions of doing it….you should have seen before getting into the water…


Nobody is here around this time and I thought you must have left the village, heard you have got exams, she whimpered…..


With my father dead what am I supposed to write on the answer sheets….


Hmmm I know, I faced the same situation…. she replied softly…..


Your father was murdered?  Krishna could not help but to ask…..


I am not sure, he worked for Public works dept, contractors were often after him for contracts, his was a run over case, with my mother, going to the market…..


What did the police say?


Malini half turned now still clutching her petticoat, police cannot get back my parents can they, she asked and when …..


And when?


And when your own people go against you what can you do, overnight my grandparents came back to this village bringing me along, they are too old to run after the police and I am too young…..


Krishna kept quiet, they stared onto each other then suddenly they became conscious….she half dressed and he naked……


Err I think you better get going, I cannot get up with you around….


Why?  she asked


What do you mean by why?  He glared….


Her jaws fell…..nothing she indicated


I did not know you will be showing up and I was just walking past…..


Hehhehee she giggled scrambling out of water trying to control her laughter, displaying her shapely legs and picking up her dry clothes covering herself somehow she ran up….


Krishna waited for sometime and then crept water, wearing his clothes quickly he climbed up, he looked around, the area was deserted, hmm girl has left, when his eyes saw a flash of colour from the bush, he stopped that bush overlooks the water body below…damn the girl….Krishna cursed, Malini was getting dressed, her bare back was visible, she wore her blouse and wrapped her sari, as she picked up her wet clothes, her eyes fell on him, she blushed then turning back she ran out, her hair flying towards her home….




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It was a well written chp.I hope this girl doesn't come between KriYa.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
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Woahhhhhhh!!! What A Girl!!!:@ I Bet She'll Come In Between Kriya!!
Update Soon x
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Chapter 6

Krishna waited for sometime and then crept water, wearing his clothes quickly he climbed up, he looked around, the area was deserted, hmm girl has left, when his eyes saw a flash of colour from the bush, he stopped that bush overlooks the water body below…damn the girl….Krishna cursed, Malini was getting dressed, her bare back was visible, she wore her blouse and wrapped her sari, as she picked up her wet clothes, her eyes fell on him, she blushed then turning back she ran out, her hair flying towards her home….





After having lunch Krishna sat on the swing, to watch his Bhabi closing the kitchen and going upto her room, where is Rudra, still not home, usually men returned for siesta in the afternoon…the incident which happened a little while ago played in this mind, that stupid girl, much have been watching him coming out naked from the water, not that he was ashamed of his body, during his boy hood days they swam naked after a football match and then followed by his life in hostel and affair with Pratigya….Malini's bare back floated in front of his eyes, putting on her blouse, he had seen Pratigya getting dressed in front of him…but somehow….the house became silent, Krishna got.  As he passed  his eyes fell on his  mother sitting hurdled in her room in one corner looking at the empty bed, their father usually returned for lunch and siesta, she was watching the bed….Standing in the doorway suddenly he remembered her saying when your own people are against you….what can the police do….


He came and sat before his mother……Ma I want to know something, is there anyone you think is responsible, if so would you like to take that person's name to the police ….


Fear flickered through her eyes, police ?  no there is no name to give to police, I have already said what I have said….


Yes I know, you see Ma I have some very good connections, they will help me, I just have to tell them, is there any kind of pressure or some big names involved…..


Your father was not into politics, he was a non-controversial man

Yes yes I know, but then staying in the village where things are changing fast, it is very difficult to stay away from many things….


Your father wanted to speak to you…


Yes after my exams and my exams will start from tomorrow…


His mother became quiet….


Dekho ma, I don't mind missing my finals, I can appear later but then if you do not open your mouth hath me hath kaise dhar ke baitha rahu…I am planning to seek help, the faster we act is better for us….


Are you sure it will be better for us, his mother had unshed tears in her eyes…


Krishna looked on…..she was biting her lips….




Krishna you cannot be that blind, can you?  When you were small nothing escaped your eyes, what now…


Rudra bhaiya….


Is something wrong with Rudra bhaiya….


His mother starting whimpering, as if her floodgates opened….


Oh my God, what is this….Rudra Bhaiya cannot have murdered babuji…..


No no….I cannot believe my Rudra….his mother could not speak….


Then …why are you saying…..


Beta mujhe bahut dar lagta hai, mai nehi janti but then I am scared for Rudra… a mother I feel something is not right, I wish your Babuji would have been more frank with me…




Krishna's head was spinning, Rudra bhaiya, his meek brother who cried at the sight of blood how could he kill his father, this is not possible, is ma making a mistake somewhere, why did she earlier say your father's murderer is still not caught, how can you go….and now she will not speak to the police…what is she afraid of, protecting her son…why ?  Why is she holding him back??


The court yard was deserted, his brother not back yet….his mother was too upset to speak anymore….

Hhehehehe, the giggle brought him back from his thoughts, Malini was standing holding a bundle in her hands, she was going towards the stairs,


Moron, thought Krishna angrily….he glared back, I thought I told you not to peep, he whispered fiercely….


With her hair now tied in two plaits, she giggled, many people take bath in that pond but I have not seen anybody naked….


You go there to see boys….


Why should I see boys, I go there to take my bath, in this summer I take bath at least 4 times,  dadi shouts if I use too much water from the well, so I go there….


And change in public…..


Her face flushed, she murmured something and fled upstairs taking two steps together….


Krishna watched her feet adorned with silver anklet making tinkling noise as she vanished from his sight…




Rudra entered the house after dusk, as he parked his bike, he looked up, God Krishna what you gave me a start, I thought it was babuji if it was not for your head…..


Hmmm he watched Rudra minutely, he seemed to look very fresh and fit, what was he doing and where was he…..


Bhabi gave him water, he drank and handed back the glass, He did not look drunk either…..


Where did you go bhaiya…the whole day I did not get to see you….


Kam tha bhai…


You have taken up a job?  Krishna asked casually….


Arrrhhh, not really, Rudra came and sat on the swing next to him….


I am trying to do business…..


Business, that is good….what kind of business….


Well nothing great but being the father of two daughters I thought I might as well do something, you will have your own family, you will get married too…




So this proposal came….


What kind of work you do…..


Hmmm help in project work……


Project work?


Namaste Thakur sahab, thakurain hai kya an aged looking man entered the house….


Both Rudra and Krishna stared at each other looking a bit puzzled….


Arrh you mean Ma….I will call her, Choudhary sahab have a seat…..Rudra got up to call her….


Maine aapko pahechana nehi Krishna hesitantly said …


Ji mai Malini ki dadaji hu…Malini ko shyad apne dekha hoga…


Hearing Malini's name Krishna blushed for no reason …yes ji ati rehti hai….


As their mother appeared Chaudhury offered his salutation bowing deeply, even though he was much elder to her….


Ji bataiye, his mother asked softly…


After much hesitation Chaudhury said he had come to seek permission to go ahead with Malini's marriage plans which is two days away, if he had the power he would have postponed the marriage with this unforeseen tragedy but things are not for him to decide…


She is a kid, itna bhi kya jaldi hai…Krishna remembered the doe eyed innocent looking girl who was obviously not matured enough to get married…..


She is 19 and we are not getting younger….Chaudhury looked sad…..


Their mother stared at them when with a bit of hesitation Rudra started….The man is dead and it is imperative what you think and how you think, this is the ways of the world and it is normal for the people to forget the dead, the favours but to move on in life…..


Chaudhuryji was shocked he was vigorously shaking his head, nehi nehi mai….


Krishna too was surprised to hear his brother….he came forward Chaudhury ji, no hard feelings, it is big day for Malini, she has our blessings as somethings we understand cannot be postponed and has to take place, we understand our mother understands….Krishna glanced at his mother, she was smiling…..


Chaudhuryji looked relieved….


After another round of apologies, as Chaudhuryji left, Rudra was mad, what different was I saying, I also said the same thing?


Yeah but


He should be guilty after all he is living on our land for free, ha the girl comes to massage ma at times but then takes more in return, Malini, thora sabzi le ja, take some achar, chawal khana hai toh bana hai, khake ja…..Rudra mocked….it was followed by uneasy silence, Krishna looked away and Ma left nodding her head.



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brilliant chapter StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Good Goingg!
This Malini Is Creating Something Fishy In My Head!!
Update Soon x

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