FF: Yugantar - the Saga, Chapter 21,pg 9,uptd 23/8

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Dear Friends,
Some of you may know me, many of you do not.  I am Tintiny from the Kasamh Se forum.  After KS got over, I watched Agle Janam for sometime but then the show is going down the drain so my friend whom you know as 'the-rain' told me to watch this show,  I was like no more hindi serials for me but she convinced me.  I was busy launching my own forum with some friends, now that forum is about 5 months old, running well where members can indulge in their own creativity and have some fun, the-rain reminded me of my promise that I will watch this show, once I started now she demands I write FF as I used to write for KS forum.  Pichhe hi par gayi, so keya kare, this story is my latest in the other forum, I thought of editing it a bit and making it suitable to post here as I catch up with the show.  Now let me also tell you, though I use the characters to write my FFs, I seldom follow the storyline showed int he serial.  Do let me know your views and observations.....Love Tin

 Yugantar - the Saga


Asato maa sadgamaya
Tamaso maa jyotirgamaya
Mrtyor maa amrtan gamaya
Aum shaanti shaanti shaanti

"From the unreal, lead us to the Real; from darkness, lead us unto Light; from death, lead us to Immortality. Om peace, peace, peace."




The Principal looked at the boys were standing with their head bowed, all hurly burly youths with latest hair cuts and dressed in trendy clothes with their body language of defiance, clearly though they were standing in front of him, he had doubts how sorry they were'


This is your last year in college, most of you a bright career in front of you, you will be taking up responsible positions, you are no longer boys, discipline demands I take strong actions against you but then '..


In case you are even think of taking actions, Sir, forget it, you know you have to reverse it only'.a cold voice said from behind''


Prof Awasthi's face became red, Manish give me the credit of knowing my students, remember boys you are future of the nation, today you choose to take up fights and be rowdy it is okay as you are college students or still college students, this kind of behaviour is not called for specially from boys with your parentage, specially from boys this college, it was merely a friendly match, what was the need to make it a big issue, why did you have to take out your past issues, today I have called you not to punish you but to request you not to take up law onto your hands, you have influential parents no doubt, tomorrow you are likely to take up the mantle of your family, remember that time you have to use your head and not your muscle, Prof Awasthi could see the boys were hardly paying any attention to him, he sighed but continued what all he had to say, after he dismissed them, the boys with their customary thank you left his room'.the principal slumped on his chair.


His secretary came and poured a glass of water and placed it in front of him'..


Thank you Jagan he replied before taking a long sip, putting the glass down he shook his head'..


I did my duty Jagan, I told them what as a teacher I should be making them aware but then '..


Sir, every year we get some students like these, 'Bade bap ki nalayak bete' but this batch was specially too rowdy, they seem to own the world'..


Yes they do, except with your and my hard earned money, the fathers are so called running the government hence their sons own this very country'.


You should have rusticated them''


I would have loved to but with them some good ones would also have gone'..


Sab ke sab nalayak, not even one is good'..Jagan cursed'.


Awasthi kept quiet then said you know Jagan somehow I feel responsible for Krishnajit'.in Krishna I do see a lot of potentiality and not only that I promised his father''if I had to rusticate them, it would include Krishna also'.


Please forgive me Sir, you think about Krishna as your own son, you are always very protective towards him but does he care for you, if he did he would not have started the fight, sare musibath ki jar toh wahi hai'.Jagan was furious'.


Awasthi sighed leaning against the back rest of his chair he watched the ceiling of his cabin, did he see a lot of potential in Krishnajit or was it his debt to his father which makes Awasthi protective and in turn shielding the boy even when he knows he should have taken strong action'..




Their exams were approaching, their last exam before passing out college, instead of studying most of the boys were sitting on the terrace with bottles of beer and other drinks in their hand, kya kar saka Awasthi ne, sirf lecture hi diya na, they mocked and made fun what Awasthi had to say'.kyu re Krishna'..tu chup kyu hai, bura laga unka chahida student'..


Nah, Krishnajit drank directly from the bottle, I was not thinking of him, in fact I was thinking about the phone call I received from my father'he wants to see me as soon as my last paper is over'.


Oh that means you will not accompany us to the trekking trip to the Himalayas'..


I am not that old yet to renounce the world but then I have to talk about Pratigya to Pitaji'.


You are serious about Pratigya, one boy asked'..


Hot and sexy Pratigya commented another who was nearly drunk'..


Oh shut up, yes I am, in fact Pratigya is the one who wants me to be serious about my political career, her father sees great potential in me'.


Hmm doesn't have a son so wants to handover political mantle to you'.


Krishna shrugged whatever, finishing off the beer with a long drag




Prof Awasthi once was travelling for work into the interiors of the country going to inspect a college before the university grants its aid.  He was the principal of one of the famous colleges with long history. He could have taken the car but since road was not good he decided to take the train instead, matter of few hours, carrying some journals and few newspapers he got up on the train to take a seat opposite to a man who looked very much like a villager'.


During the first an hour of their journey they stuck to themselves, he into his books and the other man munching some titbits, watching the landscape outside'when he sighed and commented that these people only give assurances and do nothing'.


Prof Awasthi had looked up from his journal, the man caught is glance and then explained what he means, they just have to extend the canal upto here, see hardly few kilometers it would have been so much better for the farmers, they could have saved their crops this season too with poor rains but then each political party wants to outdo each other and take the credit'.the result is the canal is not built and dead crops this year too'.soon they started speaking sharing each others problems when suddenly with a ear deafening noise, they were thrown out of their seats, for few seconds he felt numb and then thought he was dead as a grueling pain shot through his body when he felt, somebody pulling him up, Sahab Sahab get up, the train has met with an accident, come we have to jump before the bogie tilts fully'..I cannot get up, Awasthi thought he had mumbled but a strong pair of hand pulled his up, they were sitting close to the door, he remembered he was pushed out of the compartment, as he got back his senses he saw the man virtually throwing the children out, Awasthi then saw the engine with two/three other bogies had fallen off the bridge into the river below, this bogie was just outside the bridge but was sliding down due to the downward force'.it was at the nick of the time he jumped down'..


Yes they survived one of the worst train accidents in India and Awasthi knew if he was living today it was for Vishwajitji's  presence of mind and effort, he was badly injured, when the relief came Vishwajit ensured he was taken to the hospital in the first lot, since it was quite interior, the terrain was difficult the hospital was overflowing, after getting necessary medical attention, the Vishwa arranged a car and took Awasthi to his home which was one hour's journey'.


Being head of an institute, Awasthi met variety of people, people with connection, education, class etc etc., Vishwajit was class apart, Awasthi felt, he was a simple man, with basic education but with high thoughts, his good intention, honest to the care and very helpful.  God had given him strong well built body, he ensured he used that, from the morning he worked on his field, worked for the community, helped others in their field if need be etc etc.  His family consisted of his wife and four children two daughters and two sons, the eldest daughter was married off'.


What can I do, sometimes you have to relent to family pressures, the community pressure, but then the family is good, so I thought though a bit early let me marry her off but she is 20, I have not broken any law'


You know what you should join politics, you will make a good leader'..


No that I will never do, I cannot make false promises, I do what I can within my capacity, if I cannot I come away, I still can sleep well in the night, I do not want to lose it'.


After two days, Awasthi and his family who had come on hearing the news were allowed to leave the village after Vishwa felt he was well enough to undertake the journey.




Pratigya moaned as Krishnajit slipped his hand under her kurti, their kiss went from hot to hotter, Krishnajit was already unbuckling his belt when the servant knocked on the door, Pratigya Beti, Sahab is calling you, Pratigya pushed him away Krishna papa is will go out for a meeting, lets meet him first'.


Give me a moment to turn into human, Krishnajit straightened his clothes, Pratigya giggled you and human, have you lately seen yourself, your hair needs scissors, you need a shave and as it is your aura itself is of animal, sometimes I feel


Yes I should have been born as a monkey instead I am born as a man, come now lets go and hear what your father has to tell me'..




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Wow, you started a FF here....good good LOLLOL, I was counting days...

I'll start reading after exams.....if I start reading now, fail korar bhalo chance Wink

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It was a nice and long ff.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
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that was very interesting and very well written.waiting for the next chapter.plz continue soon.
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Dear Friends,
I hope you are liking it, please tell me your opinion so that I can take them into consideration if possible in the future parts...
Chapter 2

Yes I should have been born as a monkey instead I am born as a man, come now lets go and hear what your father has to tell me…..




It was about 6 years ago Mr Awasthi hear Jagan announced that one Mr Vishwajit Singh has come to meet him, hearing his name, Awasthi came out to receive him, Vishwa was as same as ever, change very little from the last time they had met, as they greeted each other, Awasthi noticed Vishwa had a lanky boy sitting next to him, the structure was like his father except the face had a softer look. I want to discuss something with you, Vishwa indicated he wanted some privacy, they entered in his chamber asking the boy to wait in Jagan's room….


Awasthi Sahab I have brought my son, my youngest child with much hope ….I want him to get admitted here……


You can very well do but let me tell you, though our college has name and fame, it is very politically active and you do not like politics…..


Vishwa kept quiet for few seconds and then said, well you see Awasthi Sahab there are many things I do not understand, never understood, I live my life in my way, but then time is changing, I want the boys to move with the changing times, I tried my elder son but then…..he stopped…he sighed….it is my fate, my elder son Rudra lets say has not turned out to be a man whom I can …I mean the village is changing, mera aur kitna din,  aaj hu kaal nehi rahunga, I want Krishnajit to become someone, in the village he will remain, kuch karega nehi, khali masti and end up worthless like his brother…..


In this city the temptations are no less….


Yes I know but then meet Krishnajit, not because he is my son but he has potential what he needs is proper guidance….


Krishnajit was summoned…..Awasthi saw his mark sheet, spoke to him, yes Vishwajit was right, indeed the boy was a bundle of energy, his eyes sparkled, he spoke intelligently aware of all current affairs.


As he left the chamber once again to fill up the forms, Vishwajit told Awasthi, I want to make him a man, don't give him over protection, let him grow up, sabse chhota hai ghar me, my wife thinks he is still her baby……




In no time Krishnajit grew up, he was good in sports, fairly good in studies but he was a natural leader, first one to get into trouble too, at times becoming over zealous, Awasthi had trouble in controlling him, but somehow most of the students loved him till he got linked up with Pratigya Sharma, the daughter of Mr Shyamji Saxena, Shyamji Saxena was also in the board of directors of the college and Awasthi was not too fond of him.


He was the regional head of the political party he represented, a businessman who have cheated his siblings out of the business and has several court cases in his name.  Pratigya was his only daughter.




Krishna come  in come in, so what did Awasthi say to you all…..Shyamji Saxena called out….


Nanamste Uncle, the usual nothing much, gave such a good lecture, about our future responsibilities etc etc…


But it was a master stroke to invite them for a friendly match and settle scores instead…


Krishna smiled, yes it was his plan indeed, for the last 5 years they shared arch rivalry, it was a tradition too but in the last hockey match they played, Krishna and his team were fouled and lost as one player went out seeing red card, now they cannot pass out from the college losing to their arch rivals can they, hence this friendly match….more than winning they were interested


You know Krishna, the best politics is your opponent does not know your move, cannot smell your intentions, today you are General Secretary, I hear your father wants you to visit your village after your examination…


Yes….he wants to tell me something important…


Good, talk about us too and I hear you have quite a bit of land back in the village, Pratigya is my only daughter and I want to enter food processing business, we can do something you know together….


Krishna nodded his father was a peculiar man, always wanting to stick to his roots and very honest….


Udit poured a drink and held the glass in front of him, when you come back from the village I will make you my chief election campaigner as election is round the corner and spokesman for my office….


Yapieeeeeeee Pratigya exclaimed….


That is very kind of you uncle but then I want to start at the ground level….


That you are already beta, now you have to start taking more responsibilities….




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Good to see you here Tin, great going
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It was a nice chp.I wonder how Krishna's dad is going to react to all this.Looking forward to the next oneSmile
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Sounds Great!
Will Read Whhen Im Free x

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