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ArTilicious ArTi CC #22 : ArTi RULE forever!<3

relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 July 2010 at 12:39am | IP Logged

 Our 2nd ArTi CC Theme :
"You don't know how it feels to be around you all the time, yet not confess my true feelings to you"
 (For this ArTi theme, please make sure each member to use this siggy, and update your signature too)Tongue :-
Credit : --Pari--
 This chat club is for all crazyyyy Arjun-Rati (ArTi) Fanatics who completely love and adore their chemistry whether ON or OFF screen!!! , their Simplicity, their passion, enigma and most importantly their Sizzling chemistry! We the Hopeless ArTi Fans are proud to be a part of this CC, no matter what we will always believe that ArTi are the best and will continue loving them!!! Day Dreaming Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Our ArTi CC warning! Big smile
We do NOT believe in bashing anyone who dont belong to our ArTi CC, be it members or actors. We ONLY Believe in loving and appreciating our FAVS who are none other than ArTi . If you cannot say anything nice about our sweethearts, please dont enter this CC.
This Chat Club is strictly for Arjun-Rati Fans, Invites ONLYSmile
2. No bashing, po*n, sexually explicit content please.
3. No stalkingSmile
4. Don't open a new CC, PM me if you want to join this CC
5. Be a regular
6. Talk about Arjun-Rati and anything related to them, their charm and bubblyness! Blushing
7. Never stop praising Arjun-RatiEmbarrassed
8. No fighthing with other members for any matter
9. Have fun interacting with the Crazy lovers.Wink
 10. No Bashing/criticising any other Actor/actress.
11. Please maintain all the rules on this CC, and do follow them.
12. This CC is strictly for Arjun Bijlani & Rati Pandey FANS, if you are not their  fan, please stay away from visiting this CC, and please dont leave any nasty comments here. Simply avoid.
A very Special Icon Siggy Made by Nidz! It has all the gorgeous ArTi/MayUr moments in it Day Dreaming thank you Nidz...Hug
A Veryy Special VM made by AISHO for me..on ArTi..Song -Tera Intezaar..MUST WATCH

Links to the Previous CC's :

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
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Posted: 12 July 2010 at 12:40am | IP Logged

 Most Active ManiacsROFL
1.Yamini (Yamini.Arjun)
2.Palak (Shinz)
3.Avu / Avani (cutie_nikki)
4.Nidheya (NidzCole_ArTi)
5.Roshni (xtaurus429x)
6.Shweta (mjhtnupurmayank)
7.Yash.k (yash.dilse)
8.Mandy (Julybaby22)
9.Pia (dmg1_mjht)
10.Ayesha (riddhima_sukirti)
11.Debzz (debolinaroy08)
12.Aru (Aranya)
13.Vaishu (Chokonesta.)
14.Maryum (maloo19)
15.Meghzz (Mainu)
17.Shamsa aka Sam (ArTiToTheEnd)
18.Nidhi (Hgrhr)
19.Amina / Amzz (Miss_universee)
20.Abhinaya (Naya177)
21.Pebo (pebolovesmayur)
22.Aqsa (awsumgirl)
23.Varsha (KrazyRiya)
24.Mahak (mahaklovesmayur)
25.Amy (amyluvsmayur)
26.Lina (rkmnsg)
 27.Kajal ( ..-Kaju-.. )
28.Rabia (Cat-11)
29.Nikki (Nikki028)
30.Fatima (cool82d)
31.Nori (angeldmg16)
32.Shilpa (shilpa mehta)
33.Aparajita (aparajita.s)
34.Roma (romiebee2002)
35.Yuvraj (-Yuvvraj-)
36.Kiran (kiran_artifan)
37.Aisho (..Aisho..)
38.Lekha (-Destiny-)
39.Cornia (CORNIA)
40.Muneefah (meepha)
41.Bhavana (bhavana92)
42.Rachna (utfracks)
43.Susmi (susmi-lovemayur.)
44.Nehuu (Divzfan)
45.Karishma (karishma23)
46.Rabi (
47.Abanti (Luvarti)
48.Divya (myownarea)
49.Anu (annie07)
50.Somu (371768)
51.Shruti (ShruAtIF)
52.Nishi (Nishithini)
53.Shama (--shama--)
55.Varsha (rose.three)
56.Trisha (trisha.89)
57.Stuti (stuti123)
58.Aishwarya (ashmayur)
60.Lanzz (LanaBurak)
61.Komal (kasuartifan)
62.Fiza (mayurian-artian)
63.Nidzy (mayurarti)
64.Khushboo (kasuforever1)
65.Ayesha (2112ization)
66.Sonal (Mystique)
67.Aneesha (theaneesha1992)
68.Sehrish (sizzlingsis)
69.Aish (aish129)
71.Deepti (princess_dj)
72.Sanaya (mohit.great)
73.Lulu (artiinluv)
74.Maanya (maanya1)
75.Esha (dmg_mjht)
76. Soma (FunLuvingGirl)
77.Fariaa (fariaa70)
78. Kanky (vanillamuffin)
79. Devyani (loving_mjht)
80. Maanya (maanya1)
81. Daksha (.Daksha.)
82.Surbhi (surbhi123)

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
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Posted: 12 July 2010 at 12:41am | IP Logged

Arjun Bijlani (born on 31 October 1982) is an Indiantelevisionactor. Bijlani plays the role Mayank Sharma on the show Miley Jab Hum Tum opposite Rati Pandey. He has previously had a role in Left Right Left.

Bijlani started modeling for pocket money and appeared in many print advertisements for BPL Mobile, Sugar free, LG and Samsung Phone. He got his first break in Television for a cameo role in Remix and a big break with Left Right Left where he earned accolades for his brilliant acting skills and caught the attention of many a viewer. His role as Mayank in Mile Jab Hum Tum made him a household name in no time.

"Acting happened by chance and when it did I realized I didn't want to do anything else. It became a passion," says Arjun. His long list drooling fans can easily be the envy of many an actor!

Young Achiever's Award for Best Actor 2009 (In Delhi)
  • Nominations for Best Actor Popular Category 2009 (Indian Television Academy Awards)
  • Fresh Face of the Year Male 2010 (Lion Golden Awards)
    Kalakaar Awards 2010
    Rati Pandey -

    Rati Pandey (born on 11 September 1982) is an Indiantelevisionactress who is best known as playing the role of Nupur Bhushan in the college romance, Miley Jab Hum Tum.
    Pandey was born in a small town in Assam, but later brought up in Patna and Delhi. Although from a small town, her parents were very liberal and supported her a lot in her dreams of becomign an actor. Pandey's friends say that she is a practical, fun-loving, bubbly and chirpy person. Having studied commerce, Pandey was always interested in doing business but acting happened to her by fluke. She acts very well and caries her role well. She also has a very melodious voice.

    Pandey came to Mumbai from Delhi to try her luck and got noticed by Ajai Sinha, but her project with him didn't work out. She stayed back and tried her luck with other production houses and offers started pouring in.

    She made her debut with television with Deepti Bhatnagar's show Shaadi Street. She played a leading role in the Zeetelevision seriesHar Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai.[3] Currently, Pandey plays, one of the main characters of the series, Nupur, a bubbly, fashion enthusiastic and Hindi film loving girl in Miley Jab Hum Tum.

    Pandey was also offered a role in Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan, to replace Divyanka Tripathi but Pandey declined the offer.

    Nominated for ITA Gr8! face of the year 2008
    Young Achiever's Award for Best Actress 2009 (In Delhi)
    Varun Mehta's Open Viewer's Poll Choice Awards for Best Actress 2009 (On Internet)

    Someday, Love Will Find a WAY Heart

    Sometimes we wonder, when two people meet , what clicks the most between them - their personalities, their thoughts & ideas, their working relationship , great friendship? Is that all? NO, its not - when two people meet their relationship, friendship and offscreen moments are ONE, and that is the case in Arjun Bijlani and Rati pandey's Offscreen relationship. Are they just great friends? I dont think so, they are way more than that. Arjun always compliments Rati no matter how good or bad she is, he always proves a point for obvious reasons , why does Rati always shy away? Does she love Arjun as a person...well never mind, we CRAZYY ArTians are always available to speculate ROFL
    Here's a really CUTE conversation cum interview of our very bubbly ArTi :
    Its an OLD one, but till now we see these very facts between them :

    Rati: I knew him even before we started working together for Miley Jab'We had met two years ago through a common friend at a party. At that time, I did not really think much about him.

    Arjun: But there must have been some thought that came to your mind. I know it would have been something good. So please tell what you thought of me.

    Rati: Someone is eager to hear praise but that is not coming in.

    Arjun: When I first saw Rati, I felt that she is a nice sweet girl and when I came to know that I will be playing a role opposite her, I felt that it will be fun working with her.

    What is the equation that you share with each other?

    Arjun: We feel very comfortable with each other. Not every one is comfortable with their co-actors but we are. As actors, many a times we have to do scenes where there is a physical proximity and girls generally feel uncomfortable in such scenes. For example, there were lifts in the salsa dance sequence and she was feeling totally comfortable because we share a great comfort level with each other. I am lucky to have a friend cum co-star in her.

    Rati: Thank you for saying that. I too have to say that we share a good friendship and comfort level.

    How different are the two of you from your characters Nupur and Mayank?

    Arjun: I am quite the opposite of Mayank. I was not at all studious when I was in college whereas Mayank is too studious. Mayank is not even interested in love whereas that is not the case with me. I totally believe in love. I think love is the most beautiful moment that we all go through. You know something? The best part about love is to love.

    I hope someday I get a chance to play a character that is similar to me. The only similarity that I share with Mayank is that both of us are good at dancing.

    Rati: Like Nupur I too am very bubbly but unlike her I am not ignorant. I love the character that I am playing as it is so very similar to me in real life. I am also getting to do something different as the role I am playing is unlike from what I played in my previous serial Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai.

    One thing about him/her that you don't like?

    Rati: He does a lot of wrestling with me on the sets. His hands and legs are always on the go which I completely hate. But he is really a sweet guy.

    Arjun: She is nice but she gets hyper and extra sensitive at times. She gets upset with me about minor things and I have to try hard to change her mood. Whenever she gets upset I have to plead for atleast 30 minutes before she relents. Another thing that I don't like about her is that she applies too much of make-up.

    Rati: He is lying. I hate wearing too much make-up.

    Can you name one song that suits him/her the best?

    Rati: Bachna Ae Haseeno' Now I don't have to tell you why as the song says it all.

    Arjun: Khuda Jaane' from the film Bachna Ae Haseeno as it is her favorite song. This song always reminds me of her as she likes this song and I have heard this song very often with her.

    One thing that many people don't know about him/ her?

    Rati: That girls need to be cautious of him (laughs). I am only kidding. I can't think of any such thing. Arjun you tell me what is that one thing about you that many people generally don't know?

    Arjun: People generally don't know that I am extremely short tempered. Not many people know that she is very sensitive. She appears to be a fun loving, chirpy and a loud but she is very sensitive. As I mentioned earlier, she gets hurt with even minor issues.

    Do you guys have fights and disagreements?

    Rati: Yes, as actors we often have disagreements related to work but nothing major. We sort out our differences by mutual understanding. For instance, if we are having a difference of opinion pertaining to a particular dialogue, we would talk it out with each other and with the director and sort it out.

    Arjun: It is the level of understanding that helps solve our disagreements.

    The cutest thing about him/her?

    Rati: It is his smile. He has a broad and cute smile. When I see his smile my anger vanishes.

    Arjun: I love her nose. I rub my finger on her nose during the shoots and her make-up gets wiped on my finger.

    Rati: Oh my God! Are you are teasing me about my nose? I will have to get a plastic surgery done now


    ArTi THEORY by Roma (romiebee02)
    ArTi The BIG BANG THEORY- Two sources full of positrons & electrons that stimulate a magnetic attraction for each other and that when they come together there is an immense catastrophically powerful impact that makes people's eye pupil's dilate, leaving millions of mouth's open in amazement ~
    ROFLROFLROFL This is the theory of our madness for Arjun-RatiROFLROFLROFL

    Below are ArTi themes which will get updated here whenever anyone comes up with one ROFL(Anyone is free to give their ideas and suggestions for a theme, but please PM me before making changes) :-

    relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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    Posted: 12 July 2010 at 12:42am | IP Logged

    Credit - Aisho
    ArTi SBS 19th may 2010 Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

    relentless. IF-Stunnerz

    Joined: 12 August 2009
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    Posted: 12 July 2010 at 12:43am | IP Logged
    ArTi VM specially made for this CC by our dearest Aisho (..Aisho..) Love you so much for making this, you're a true gem !! Muaaah Hug Its an ArTi one on Kuchh Khaas/Uff teri Ada
    shinz IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 12 July 2010 at 2:42am | IP Logged
    22nd! Approve

    we ROCK!!!

    theaneesha1992 IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 12 July 2010 at 3:10am | IP Logged
    Congo guysParty
    aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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    Posted: 12 July 2010 at 3:15am | IP Logged
    YAY! Shhoo fast LOL Credit mainly goes to Anee and me..for filling up pages FAST! LOL

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