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Posted: 16 July 2010 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Great job you girls, love it!!!!!!

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whens the next MM out?
-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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^ wondering the same thing!
sourpuss IF-Dazzler

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*clears throat nervously* Uhh...Lemme check with Radz...

*digs a hole and disappears into it* Embarrassed
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*clambers out of the hole*

*clears throat*

the next MM should be up soon. Uni starts next week, so we'll try and cover as many episodes as possible within the next few days, and even some when uni starts. Hopefully, we finish the entire season before season 2 starts, but if we don't, we'll cover season 2 and season one simultaneously.

*jumps back into hole*

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@ Aashi - *coughs* no comment.

Originally posted by Angad-Kripa#1

Hey! Finally!!LOL Okay so yes, the opening wasn't as spooky as the previous episode but i think that this episode was more about the characters instead of the storyline....Confused
Ooh, true. I think they're focusing on developing the characters alongside the storyline, so the storyline slows down a little so we can get to know the characters more. Does that make sense?
Damon was quite pyschotic in the beginning episodes and i seriously love the way his character changes through the episodes.
Yup, true. Though I have issues with some of the chages. *hides*

Wow, i never really thought about Vicki using Jeremy. I always thought that she was rather confused of what she really wanted because Tyler was nice to her at one moment and she'd be like, yeah he likes so and stuff and the next moment she'd realized Tyler is a jerk and Jeremy is the one who cares about her. Steven did a good job though. He did so well being the heartbroken and messed up little brother whos parents just died.
Okay, I agree, to some extent. She was confused yeah, 'cos Ty's an idiot (albeit a really hot one) but she was always using Jer to some extent because she knew how he felt about her, and she was stringing him along, and using him as a fallback. At least, that's how I saw it.
The Tanner-Stefan scene was really funny. I loved that. It was amazing how Stefan was so calm and Tanner was so desperate to be right and he so badly wanted to prove Stefan wrong.

Tanner/Stefan scenes are awesome. End.

I felt bad for Tyler at certain scenes as well but then he'd ruin everything by being the jerk he is.LOL...sometimes. I think Damon killed Tanner (who was the nearest human) because he felt "weak" when Stefan said he still had his humanity.
THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT TOO ABOUT THAT SCENE! *gets all excited* He felt emotions, didn't want to feel emotions, so he attacked the nearest person. All to prove little brother wrong.

Elena: We're a pair. I quit, you start.

Stefan: We're a work-in-progress. We'll figure it out.

I agree with you Bhav. That was a really cute. It really shows how much they understand each other. Stefan obviously still cares about Damon and we all know that Damon cares about Stefan too, it's just that Stefan likes to show it while Damon doesn't.

*dances* brotherly lurve.

I like how Bonnie is realizing that being a witch is serious and she's strong enough to handle it because in the book Bonnie was a bit too vulnerable and so i really like this show Bonnie.

idk, I like both Bonnies. The book!Bonnie steps up to the plate about being psychic really well. Yeah, she's frightened and all that, but she's so strong in other ways. I'll dissect her character in the books thread though. LOL
show!Bonnie is fierce, and awesome.
Get well soon Radz!!!! I hate being sick too. It really sucks.LOL I loved the Mystic Musings you guys!! Wonderful job! If i was you Radz, i don't think i could have done as much as you have dispite being sick.
Thanks Jot! I'm sick, again. LOL But I think it's more because classes start next week. dnw. *hides* and thanks again Jot!

Originally posted by dhruvi.

RE-tothe-SERVED. Betcha it'll be soon.
Aweee, Radz GET WELL SOON! I was super sick two days again, cold, sore throat the whole bang. Not good, anyways, sleep on it, lots of Vi-C, you'll be a whole lot better. (:
aww, thanks so much D! I got better - then now I'm sick again. *hides* LOL I'm just awesome like that. LOL But I'll be alright soon!
Awwwe, Bhav, I like your Twilight refrences. What I just realized, even though we may not be fans, nicest way to put it, we sure do use TR a lot, especially me. Werid really. BTW I like all the nonsense ramblings, related or not, I find them extremely (always) fun to read from you! (:
 Okay can I say I loved how they intro'd this week? It was simply amazing. I loved everything about how they executed this scene, pure brillance. As for the side comments, I'm covered with your comments.
Nice to know we think alike. *winks at the soul sister*
I really felt bad for Jer there. But even though she may/maynot use him. I always shipped her with him. In fact, as much as I love Jer/Anna, Anna took a lot of warming up to me because I was still stuck on JV shippings.  Though I knew she was dead and they didn't have this huge thing between them.
really? I never really shipped J/V. Maybe 'cos I started the show late and I knew Anna'd make an intro - and I love Malese. But something about Vicki rubbed me the wrong way. *shrugs*

Hahaha I abs LOVE all the Stefan/Tanner scenes. Always crack me up. Stefan never failed to make me smile. And yes I agree, I would love for him to tutor me. I would love to invite him over to my place (;
down girl! LOL
 I think in the back of my mind. This is were I started wanting a Jyler friendship. I seriously thought, given the right circumstances and chance if they would just talk like us girls do, they would toally understand each others rejections and such. Anyways, I have to say I always figuired there is HUGE back story on why he is the jerk he is. And like Caro, I stood behind his facade. I cared no matter the jerky things he did.
yesyesyesyesYES! *pumps fist in the air* Jyler bromance next season please? It's necessary - they're both alike, and not, and there is so much potential to build on! They both need someone solid to depend on with all the crap in their lives rather than punching people's faces in. and Ty just needs a hug. (I volunteer!)

Bhav! Love what you said about the sisterhood. How I wish we get a scene this awesome for S2 from our lovely ladies. And Radz, yepp you make perfect sense, I totally get you.
Fave scene and actor: same, ITA with 'said' explanations.
Fave Quote: okay so this is a real toughie for me. I think what's the hard part is that the support behind said quote being you fave is excellent. It makes it harder for me to choose because I agree with both. So I'm picking both , because I can, because I'm Dhruvi and you'll love me regardless.
if you say so. *sticks out tongue*
So I know I've said this a million times, but I don't want any of my comment readers to mistake me for one bit. Paul is my actor, but Damon is my vampire. With that said, my fave character of this epi: Stefan. Though Bhav, I kinda in a strange way want that, so you're not weird, if you are, I'm with you. The way Radz put this about Stefan, I felt that tug at me, so I went with my instincts that said I like Stefan here this one time. (:
I - don't remember what I wrote. But it must have been awesome to get you fav-ing Stefan over Damon. *preens*

This is where I start noticing Bonnie more. The witch storyline was kicked off with an awesome start. You know how when she touched Stefan she felt death? And then these numbers. Though Damon killed Tanner, Stefan is part linked to the death as well. He may have not been the one to kill, but he was the reason behind the kill. He in a way provoked Damon, non-intentionally of course but still did in a way, since D only did so to prove S wrong. Now am I making sense? Or reading too much into this? Anyways, I agree with you last part Bhav, how you compare taking the witch ancestry lightly to more seriously now. But I have to agree more with Radz, because I didn't find it cheesy, but handled very well, it was genuis connecting vamps with witch.
Ohhh - this, this so much! I love the way you've read into this! I always thought Bonnie felt death from Stefan because of the whole vampire thing (hence sensing it from Ben too.) but she never really felt it from Damon right? I don't remember that - so maybe this is why it was stronger on Stefan?
My last note: I want replies to my edition of this *whip* get to it girlies. Because like I promised when I reserved this, I am done with it soon. Prolly before you are up this morning. So when I'm up, will I get replies?
BTW as always, loveyouuu both dealy. Your, Dhruvibear<3(:

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Originally posted by Rachu_1987

Hello, hello, all you lovely people out there, and welcome to the third edition of Mystic Musings! First things first: Radz has been feeling a little under the weather lately, so don't forget to include a 'get well soon!' Get Well Soon Radz!!!!!! 
Thank you Rach!
awwww Vicki and Jer was something I really wanted to seriously they should have showed more of them before illing poor Vicki off, but hmm i reckon it was more than just the drugs....she was confused, poor Vicki....poor Jer

 I think you may be right, with Matt and Caroline together, maybe these two got to spend more time together, hence Jer growing to like Vicki, and although she prob doesn't realise it at first, but Vicki grows to like Jer...more than Tyler? maybe the same amount I think

I think you mean Matt/Elena. LOL But yeah, probably. Though I don't know. Never liked Vicki as much as everyone else seemed to. She was so - flaky? Insecure? Annoying? LOL She just didn't click with me.

This has to be my favourite Stefan scene! I even went to lengths to get it from youtube, convert it and put it on my iphone, along with several other scenes....but I love how he blasts Tanner down....showing him he's not just good looks....and yes maybe he did cheat cuz he was around all those years mentioned...but Tanner doesn't know that hehe

Rach! LOL You have it on your phone? Brilliant! I should do that too. LOL And it's not cheating, it's using things to his advantage. *grins*


Am I good enough?

I don't think anyone has picked up on this yet...Did you notice how at football practice Tanner told Tyler off for not being good in History or football? (Let's not comment on Tanner as football coach, mmkay?) Poor Ty...First we see this, and then later on we see that his dad doesn't think he's good enough either...If you want to give Tyler a big hug right now, then get in line, ladies! Let's also not comment on how he's such a good friend to Matt that he's giving him ideas on how to make Stefan look bad... poor Ty hey....he's jus misunderstood i reckon...which may be why he is the way he is.....his way of acting out against his dad and teachers


On the other hand, when you see Tyler acting like such a douche to JerBear, taunting him with Vicki and all (oh, the UST!), it's hard to really feel much sympathy for him. Heck, he's horrid even to Matt, and Matt's his best friend! Tyler's character is an interesting one, isn't it? Kinda like Caroline, he's at first presented to be this stereotype; in his case, JerkJock. And then as the episodes go by and the layers slowly fall apart, you see just what it is in his life that prompts him to use this JerkJock facade.  UST? Tyler is a bit confused i reckon, he values his friendship but then he doesn't realise what he does....but looking forward to seeing more of him next season


On a separate note, hot damn, Tyler's arms. *blushes hard* i agree :P


Tyler is mine, back off! *glares*

This, this is why I love Tyler despite how much of an arse he is. His father is so tough on him, his teachers (or at least Tanner) hate him, so he falls into a stereotype - at least the students at school revere and fear him. But beneath that douchey-ness is a somewhat decent guy (sometimes). He values Matt's friendship, obviously, and I think Vicki means something to him, more than the other girls he hangs around.  yeah u can clearly see his feelings for Vicki, cuz even if he doesnt show it, he doesnt like her hangin with Jer, and Vicki's death hits him as well :(


A part of me thinks that he hates Jeremy so much because while they're both from Founding families, they were raised so differently. The Mayor put so much pressure on Tyler, and is constantly belittling him, but Jere was obviously loved by his dad - and Tyler hates what Jeremy got despite their similarities. Again, purely speculation. hmmmm interesting theory...i reckon its more to do with Vicki....


Velociraptor Sisterhood

Yes, I know that phrase is from the books, but I honestly think it applies to the friendship between Show!Elena, Bonnie and Caroline too. In this episode, you first see Bonnie looking out for her best friend by warning her about Stefan. Then you see her making an effort to be nice to and get along with Stefan because he's dating Elena and he makes her happy, something she hasn't been in a while. Caroline in this episode is a little harsher, for lack of a better word, to everyone, but nevertheless in her scene with Stefan at Elena's house, she explains to Stefan about Matt and Elena, something that Elena probably didn't. Later on, when Damon disses Caroline, Elena sticks up for her, even though Caro is being really mean in that episode. This is what friendship is. This is how close the three of them are. They would do anything for each other, and this is definitely put to the test later on in the season. Velociraptor sisterhood? Yes, please.  lol i can't even pronounce that word.....yes we see the girls friendship cannot bebroken, and we see how much they value each others friendship and how much they don't want anything to  come between them....even in later episodes where Bonnie and Elena are fighting...its Caroline that mkes them talk and everything....same when Bonie and Caroline are fighting

I hate that Damon keeps trying to break this friendship - he never succeeds, but now that he's started 'dating' Caroline, because he keeps compelling her, she puts him before everything else, and her friendship with Elena and Bonnie suffer. She's meaner, and not their Caro. Does that make sense? its not Caro's fault....but i dont wanna blame Damon either :(


Fave scene:

Damon's humanity scene. Do I honestly need to explain why I picked this scene? Yes? Fine. *sighs*


I positively love this scene. Damon is SO creepy, and I think part of it has to do with Stefan being spot on about Damon having humanity because he still loves Katherine. I totally agree with what Stefan says, but personally I think Damon has...progressed...from loving Katherine to being obsessed with her. Nonetheless, the fact that Damon feels anything at all, and especially an emotion so strong as love, is indeed his humanity, regardless of how much he tries to deny it.

Same scene! I think what I loved about this scene was that I got the sense that the only reason Damon attacked Tanner was because Stefan was right about him, about his humanity, and Damon did not like being 'weak' in that sense. And so he lashed out and attacked the next human to come his way, to prove his brother wrong. yeah that was a good scene....i personally didnt feel bad when Tanner died (i know im mean) but he was a jerk..but yes this is the beginning f seeing Damons humanity

Fave quote:

Elena: We're a pair. I quit, you start.

Stefan: We're a work-in-progress. We'll figure it out.

Betcha thought I'd pick a fave quote from the humanity scene, didn't you? Well, I was gonna, but then I changed my mind. I think this quote is really, really cute because it shows how Stefan and Elena complement each other, how they complete each other. Yeah, short reason, but not much else I have to say for this quote that hasn't been explained in the previous line, so yeah... lol yeah i liked that quote too...but personally my fav quote was when Elena asks Stefan to try ut for the football team and he says "haven't you heard, i'm a loner"


Stefan: I felt there was hope that somewhere deep inside... something in Damon was still human, normal. But I was wrong, there's nothing human left in Damon. No good, no kindness, no love. Only a monster... who must be stopped.

Stefan's voiceover at the end of the episode was my favourite, because it shows just how much he wanted to be wrong about his brother, and how this lack of regard for humanity and people from Damon has hurt Stefan. I feel that Stefan just wants his big brother back and Damon going out of his way to prove Stefan wrong hurts Stefan tremendously, more than anything else does.


Fave character:

Damon, clearly. His character in this episode was just so..merciless...although a little less psychotic than the previous episode. I liked how he does indeed have some humanity left in him, and it's all for Katherine. Granted, his love for Katherine borders on obsession, but he LOVES her. So much that he wants to make Stefan's life miserable. Wouldn't it be sweet if a guy did that for you? No? Am I the only weird one then? *looks around awkwardly* Um...Right...Moving on...*nervous laughter* ahhh Damon......:)

Strangely enough, as much as I love Damon, my fave character of the episode was Stefan. Something about the way he interacted with Damon in this episode told me that despite 145 years of torture and misery from his brother, Stefan desperately wants there to be good in him [and I'm going to ignore the cheesy StarWars joke I can make here] and it hurts him everytime when he's wrong. He wants so badly to trust his brother, to get his big brother back but Damon doesn't care. And that hurts Stefan more than the fact that Damon goes around killing people. yeah Stefan is willing to do what he can to get his brother back...and what cheesy star wars joke?

Fave storyline:

Bonnie getting more in tune with her witch ancestry was really cool. I'm gonna ignore the whole 8-14-22 thing because it was a little cheesy for reasons that are somewhere in the back of m mind, but apart from that, I liked that part of the episode. Previously, like Radz said in the first episode, Bonnie and Elena treat her witchiness really lightly. But now, as these images just keep haunting Bonnie, she gets a little freaked out by it, showing how she's taking it more seriously. So looking forward to Bonnie embracing her inner witch!

Agreed. Except on the cheesy bit. I thought it was handled better than other things (none that I can think of at the moment, except maybe The Covenant, but that had hot guys so I liked it) and that Kat acted brilliantly. She handled how freaked out Bonnie would be about being wrong to take her whole witchy heritage so lightly. I like the development of Bonnie's powers, it's so far being handled really well. lol i found the whole numbers thing a bit weird...and random, but yes its good to see Bonnie getting in touch with her witch powers more


Fave Actor

Candica Accola - I mean, come on, the beginning, with how freaked out she was? Brilliant! Then we have compelled Caroline, and snarky cheerleader!Caroline all in one episode. Candice was wonderful. as always :)

Famous last words:

This episode wasn't as bad as the previous one. Which wasn't really bad, per say, but it wasn't as good as the pilot. Anyway, I liked this episode for two reasons: 1. Damon's humanity and 2. Bonnie's powers becoming stronger. The reasons for why I like these two storylines have already been mentioned, so I'm not gonna repeat myself. I think I shall give this episode 4 stars. Gold stars, because Glee has ended and I need something apart from Bohemian Rhapsody to keep me sane. *nervous laughter* Yeah, that made no sense...*shakes head* Please go ahead and ignore Bhav and read Radz's overall thoughts! lol u have a tendency of going off topc hehe


Radz would like to apologise, firstly, for her review not being as comprehensive as usual. The joys of being sick. She got lazy - and basically just added on to B's analysis.

That said, Radz remembered enjoying this episode quite a bit (but then Radz enjoyed all the episodes) thought Radz especially loved the end of this episode. Not the end-end mind you, but the bit where Damon kills Tanner, and we have everyone all upset despite the fact that he's hated, and we have Tyler looking remorsefully at Matt, and Bonnie all freaked out, and Stefan disappointed in Damon, and Elena scared - Radz liked that the plot of the episode, the mystery if you will, was somewhat concluded at the end of the episode and that there wasn't a cliffhanger.

For that, and for not focusing on only three characters but having development in ALL storylines, Radz gives the episode a 4.25. The point25 is just because she can. and why is Radz talking in the third person I thought that was Bhav's job?

And that's it! We here at Team Mystic Musings would like to thank all of you lovely people out there for supporting us for the past two editions, and sincerely hope you keep enjoying our humble and totally insane thoughts! We'd love to hear what you have to say with regards to our analysis or the episode, and maybe you've got some points you think we should have raised. Whatever it is, please hit the 'like' button or drop us a comment that we will most definitely reply to!

And Bhav is totally gonna stop rambling now. *nervous laughter*

See you at the next edition! looking forward to it!!!!


Bhav and Radz (:

P.S. The faster your comments come in, the faster we'll put up the next edition! ;)

P.P.S. If the format is messed up, please let me know and I shall fix it! I'm still trying to get a hang of my MacBook...*shakes head*

Okay, so I was too lazy to go through the whole thing and delete appropriately to where I wanted to reply so, I'll encompass it all here and say thanks for replying Rach! *huggles* and the Star Wars joke - I don't remember it. *hides* LOL [btw, UST is Unresolved Sexual Tension. You've got to admit, Jeremy and Tyler have it in spades. LOL]

Originally posted by -Bee-

Omg, Radz, are you ok now? I see you've also been visiting the phandooh-at. Hehe. Anyway, get well soon *hug*
I miss that AT! and yup, I got better, and am recovering from my second bout too! thanks Bee!

Okay, I'm afraid this is going to be very short, because I'm insanely busy, atm (college opened again, unfortunately)
I know the feeling, we start next week. *pouts*

So, yes, I personally LOVED the Stefan-Tanner showdown as well. I can't describe what exactly it is about these li'l showdowns that make me so excited, but I just love them. I feel like screaming HA! at Tanner, every time Stefan gets the better of him.LOL
lol. I should do that the next time I watch that scene. Nevermind that my family will think I've lost it. LOL
However, my fav scene of the epi is Damon killing Tanner. There's no doubt in my mind that it was just to prove Stefan wrong. Stefan struck a nerve when he called out Damon on still being in love with (or perhaps obsessed with,I completely agree with Bhav here) Katherine.
It was to prove him wrong, I think that too! Especially with what we find out in the later episodes about vamps switching off their emotions and Damon supposedly switching his off as well. If he did, he wouldn't care about Katherine so much - so Stefan's words definitely struck a nerve.

Although the opening wasn't as overtly creepy as the pervious episodes, I feel this was just as effective, as it involved Caroline, a long-running character. I must say hats off to Candice for this episode, because her terror as Caroline, to her actions as compelled-Caroline, were marvellous.
Candice (and Caroline) is awesome. Just saying. Wink
Btw, I agree, that as a whole, I loved Stefan's character in this episode. We got to see a fun side to him (I loved that little football catch stunt with Tyler. Heh) Though, I love Damn, I have to give it to Stefan for having so much faith in Damon, despite the eternity of torture, and all.
I feel really sorry for Stefan, because in the end he really does want his big brother back. Everything he's become is because of Damon - if he had Damon, I don't think he'd be so stiff and broody.
Overall, I would also give this episode a 4/5 (or maybe 3.75, if Radz will let me) simply because I felt very satisfied at the end of the episode. Much more than I had been at the end of the last epi.
You may give the episode a 3.75. *is gracious* LOL
Umm... I'm not sure this turned out as short as I had intended. I'm going to turn out like E, if I'm not careful. Oh, and I must ask, but why is Radz also talking in the third person? Bhav, your influence has spread... to the Pope, no less! LOL (I'm sorry, talking about E has made me miss her like crazy!)
I miss her too! We should spam her PM dhabba! And Radz speaks in the third person because she can - and don't you dare bring the Pope thing here as well! *hides* To think it started as a joke... LOL
On a completely unrelated note - Omg, Bhav, you watch Glee too?! I guess we watch a lot of the same shows, then. LOL
*edit add*
This is completely random, but I just remembered another scene that I liked. The whole Stefan fixing his pinky finger scene LOL It kinda made me go Ick! But I liked it. Weird and random, I know, but I did! So there! LOL
Okay, that was ick - but a nice touch. They so did not have to do that, but I think it was effective in reminding everyone just what Stefan was.

@ Anj - thanks sweetie!

So sorry for the delay on everything guys! I got distracted by real life. Which is a shock in and of itself as Bhav could tell you. LOL

Next Musings should be up tomorrow! (Singapore time)

-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2010 at 11:47am | IP Logged

I want too see the Bonnie dissection! Not physically, lol, but the one your talking about doing in the book thread. Eagerly, and patiently waiting now. o:)

Sick again? Get well soon, again! (;
Yeah knowing that Anna comes and she's better for him changes things. When I watched I never knew about her. I just knew that Ty/Jer were fighting for Vic and she was better of with Jer because he would change her for the better rather than bad with Ty. Anna comes and changes Jer is much more appealing now though. I even remember I had a friend who actively for a strange reason shipped Vicki/Elena, don't aks me I never understood. I miss Vicki but I miss Anna more. I love Kayla but Mal much more.
Girl you know you can 'down girl' me when it comes to these TVD things: Paul, Bamon. & no 'if you say so' because I know you love me too much for that BS, so have this:  =P
ITA on eveything Jyler you stated. And thanks about the reading into part. You know now looking at it I also think that it was because he's a vampire. Because she's in agony when he's feeding her his blood and caresses her face after Damon attacked. She was feeling death, not only from what Damon did but from Stefan touching her. And speaking of that, I just realized Damon never touched. They haven't had any skin contact. When he 'caresses' her face you can see that he does it ever so light going over her hair, avioded her cheeks so she doesn't get the vibes that she got from his brother. This'll make the first time they touch even more amazing now! ( don't look me weird you know you think so too )
By the way I have a major confession to make. And this will shock you. *gulps* Guess who wants Stefan to be her eternal soulmate now? .... yeah me! Weird nahhh?

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