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|~The Epitome of Beauty: Nina Dobrev~| (Page 2)

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Posted: 10 July 2010 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Nina Dobrev On Season 2 of "Vampire Diaries"
In a recent interview with Fearnet.com, Nina Dobrev (who we all know as Elena from the Vampire Diaries) shared all sorts of goodies with us bloodthirsty fans. She dishes about her castmates, how she feels about playing Katherine, what she'd like to see in season 2 and more! Have a look:

Having seen the three of you on stage here in LA at this year's PaleyFest, I noticed the camaraderie you share with your costars ' Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder ' is very strong.

We're all really, really close, and we've become like a family, and we hang out a lot and work a lot together. That's the way you develop these great friendships ' you get to know all these people. Luckily, I'm surrounded by an incredible group of people who are not only talented and professional and successful, but are also sort of great down-to-earth people.

In the show's flashback sequences, set in the town's distant past, you get to play a different character, Katherine. For an actor, how much fun is that?

I love playing two completely different characters. Especially because Katherine is so conniving and narcissistic and selfish ' which is so unlike me, I would hope and think. So it's really a challenge and it's interesting to step into those shoes and be that person every now and then. But I think that the corsets and the costumes and all that really do help and ad to the character. Because as soon as I put that costume on, I feel like a different person, as soon as the makeup and the hair is all done. I even feel like I change a little bit. And it's so much fun. It's so much fun to go back and explore a different time and age and be a different person.

Is there any particular direction in which you'd like to see Elena go in the second season?

Yeah, I definitely want to see how her relationship between the two boys progresses; and if at some point enough will be enough, and if she will decide that being around these two individuals is really worth all the pain and heartache and all the difficulties that they really put on her life. She had problems before they showed up. But it's definitely complicated things a lot, their presence. So I'd like to see whether or not she will call it quits or keep going and fighting for what she loves.

Read the entire interview HERE.

If you're anything like me then you're probably even more excited for season 2 of Vampire Diaries. Can't wait!

- Moonlight

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Posted: 10 July 2010 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Nina Dobrev
Q: Stefan or Damon?
N: Defan - the other brother.

Q: You were in The American Mall...
N: It was a musical movie, it was really crazy. It was three weeks of singing and dancing. Really fun!

Q: Do you like the flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries?
N: They're my favourite! It's a rare opportunity to find a cool character that you love. Somebody dresses me - it's like Halloween. Lots of fun.

Q: Did you have lots of (dance) training in The American Mall and the Miss Mystic Falls episode in The Vampire Diaries?
N: We had a dance instructor. Paul (Wesley) was terrified at first.

Q: How did you get into acting?
N: I had a dance background. I was a really hyper kid - my parents put me in classes. I love gymnastics and I took courses to be on stage/dance. I got an agent.

Q: Do you work long hours on-set?
N: It's a weird schedule - TV in general - The Vampire Diaries especially. Lots of nights/days. Sometimes we'll shoot from 6am to 8pm, sometimes 4pm to 5am. 14-15 hour days.

Q: In The Vampire Diaries books, Elena is blonde and bitchy. Do you prefer book or TV Elena?
N: I was excited to play book Elena. Kev (Williamson) and Julie (Plec) wanted the audience to love Elena and sympathise with her so that's why they changed her character a bit and made her nicer. Also they wanted Elena and Katherine to be two different characters.

Q: Do you think it'd be a challenge to act out Katherine and Elena scenes when they're face-to-face?
N: Yes. Not sure when it will happen. Would be cool and challenging.

Q: What was your first impression of The Vampire Diaries and how was your audition?
N: I read the Twilight books and I wasn't skeptical since they (The Vampire Diaries & Twilight) have a lot of similarities. I met the producers and read the script. I kept fighting for the role.

Q: What's your favourite episode of The Vampire Diaries?
N: Children Of The Damned and Lost Girls. Vicki is in that episode (Lost Girls) and she is my best friend and ex-roommate. Now I live alone.

Q: How was the audition process for The Vampire Diaries and what was a role that you wanted but didn't get?
N: Audition was gruelling. This was a TV show that everyone was talking about - lots of my friends went for it (the role of Elena). I did it in front of the studio, network, producers, executives. Paul was the only guy not schmoozing with me and offering me coffee. He was in a corner going over his lines. I was there for 12 hours. Paul and me had the best chemistry. Ian and Paul had the best chemistry. I've done tonnes of auditions that I haven't gotten. I almost got the role of the female lead in Percy Jackson - they actually filmed in the same building as we film The Vampire Diaries. It was awkward.

Q: How difficult is it to fit in friends/family - social life?
N: Social life sounds really cool. What is that? (jokes) It's very hard. The cast are my friends/family. We're close and we get along.

Q: Do you like Katherine or Elena better?
N: Both. Elena - great many layers, nice girl that looks out for everyone. Has to deal with so many different things. Boyfriend is a vampire. Boyfriend's brother is a vampire. Friend was killed because she was turning into a vampire. Best friend is a witch. Katherine is crazy and I'm not. I normally don't play that role.

Q: What do you think when you watch yourself acting?
N: It's odd. Very cool. I enjoy watching it (The Vampire Diaries) - I get involved in the storyline.

Q: Do you have any tips for future actors/actresses?
N: Practice, train and lots of hard work. Have a thick skin. Be prepared for knockbacks. You have to REALLY want it to be successful.

Q: Do you have any similarities with Elena or Katherine?
N: I'm more like Elena - a regular girl.

Q: Did you do any sightseeing in Australia?
N: I went to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast - spooned a kangaroo, went to the Great Barrier Reef - found Nemo.

Q: What do you do off-set?
N: Sleep. I can sleep anywhere. A chair, the grass...

Q: What do you think of the other actors?
N: They're cool. They're some of my best friends. Awesome and smart. Everyone's so different.

Q: Is it weird to have instant feedback from fans when you use twit-a-long?
N: Yes it's weird. It's interesting to see how involved they are. We don't film months in advance.

Q: If Elena moved into the Salvatores', would they have to be invited in by her?
N: No because she's not the owner.

Q: How did John inherit Elena's father's ring?
N: John could've stole the brother's ring. I have no idea.

Q: What kind of pranks were there on-set?
N: We pull a lot of pranks. I can't tell you. One of our castmates believe aliens exist - we had somebody call his cell phone and it shows up on his phone as his own number calling himself. We left a creepy message. Guy thought it was real and got freaked out. This prank went on for three weeks. We sent him a rock and told him aliens wanted him to keep that rock with him at all times and he carried the rock around.

Q: Mannerisms for Katherine/Elena?
N: Elena has only lived 17-18 years in a modern city whereas Katherine has been around for ages. More confident.

Q: If you could play any other vampire in The Vampire Diaries, who would you play?
N: Vicki. You got to see how she was turned.

Q: What kind of music are you into?
N: The Fray, Kings Of Leon, Lady Gaga. Glee. I'm a musical fan.

Q: How did you feel whenever your brother (Jeremy) tells you off on The Vampire Diaries?
N: He's always mean to me. I feel bad for Elena. She's the underdog. Nobody loves Jeremy except Elena though. Both of his girlfriends were killed.

Q: If you could play any character in any movie who would it be?
N: Angelina Jolie action movie. Wanted/Salt. Kirsten Dunst in Interview With The Vampire.

Q: What's your favourite Glee song and why?
N: Don't Stop Believing. I play it a lot when I'm on the treadmill.

Q: Did Elena choose the right brother?
N: She still hasn't decided at her age. Why choose when you have two of the hottest brothers after you? She's all Stefan, all the time though - she loves Stefan. Stefan's a little stuck up. He's always looking after her .Both (Stefan and Damon) have different qualities. Stefan will always protect her.

Q: How did you celebrate getting the role of Elena?
N: I went to Miami with the cast - then I needed a vacation after my vacation. I went to Cuba.

Q: What are your nicknames for cast members?
N: Candice - Candy Cola/Candy/Cola, Kayla - KK, Michael - Trevino, Steven - McQueen, Matthew - Davis. We call a lot of them by their last names.

Q: Were you nervous about being hung upside down in a car?
N: I love to do my own stunts. I was trained for stunts from growing up with a brother. He was my personal punching bag. I grew up as a tomboy. Not pretty but fun.

Q: Is it fun going to work?
N: Actually it is. Bittersweet. We have a Wall Of Death in the production office.

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Posted: 12 July 2010 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Hey- awesome fan club- i'm joining- love nina- here's an interview i found of her
Nina Dobrev has revealed that playing two roles on The Vampire Diaries is a challenge.

Dobrev stars as both Elena and Katherine in the show and told DS that she enjoys the opportunity.

"It's kind of confusing," she said. "But it's exactly what I want. It's the biggest, most welcome challenge."

Dobrev added that Elena and Katherine are completely different characters.

"Both characters are very multi-dimensional and layered and complicated and flawed," she said. "One is very sweet and a girl next door who has issues and tries to deal with them to the best of her abilities. And she has a lot of pressure coming from different directions but somehow manages to plough through and protects everyone and rises to the occasion when it's difficult. She's very strong and courageous, I think, and I admire her persistence.

"But at the same time, Katherine is this kind of twisted, maniac, crazy, narcissistic, selfish, vampire, bloodthirsty killer who sees the world as her gourmet buffet and she just has to have a taste of every single flavour, so she does."

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Posted: 12 July 2010 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Dobrev: 'Vampire Diaries cast are family'
Nina Dobrev has said that she considers her Vampire Diaries castmates to be a "tight-knit family".

The actress revealed that the show's long shooting hours have enabled the stars to get to know one another well and grow very close.

"We spend every waking moment together. With the boys, with the girls, everyone," she told the National Examiner.

"It's just a chemistry that you develop with your family, when you see them and you get to know every single little thing about them because you see them in the morning, you see them at night, right when you finish work."

The star went on to say that the close relationships have even come across between their characters on screen.

"You know the in and out of the person, it definitely translates into the show and onto the camera between the characters."

Dobrev and her Vampire Diaries co-stars recently admitted that they feel pressure to make the second season as good as the first.

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 1:11pm | IP Logged

Siggy Contest

Hey guys!! I'v decided to have a little siggy contest!! The fanclub isn't very active and we don't have much members anyways..Oh who am i kidding? Its just the 5 of us!LOL Soooo PLEASE participate!
*They aren't any specific rules for the contest so just make it! LOL*
Anhdara13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2010 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
sounds like fun Jot! I may participate if I get inspired. :P
fly_chick Goldie

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Posted: 14 July 2010 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Ok- Jot- i'll try to participate- i'm not that good at making siggy's though
fly_chick Goldie

Joined: 20 November 2007
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Posted: 17 July 2010 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Dobrev 'feels lucky on Vampire Diaries
Nina Dobrev has revealed that she loves playing two characters on The Vampire Diaries.Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries

Dobrev stars in the show as both Elena, who lives in the present day, and Katherine, a vampire from the 1860s.

"It's a very rare opportunity that I feel very lucky for," she told TV Squad. "It's hard to find one character that's challenging, gritty and amazing, and I have two amazing, contrasting characters."

Dobrev explained that she loves having the chance to explore two different personalities.

"I play Elena, a sweet, nice and lovable girl who's also very courageous and will take care of all the people around her," she said. "She's very selfless. Katherine is the complete opposite - she's selfish, narcissistic and very crazy - and she does everything for her own pleasure and amusement. The world and these boys are her playground."

She added: "It's interesting and fun to explore two completely different things, and when it comes to Katherine, really be someone so far from myself. It's beautiful. I love it.

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