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These are the entries for fan-fic contest.

Fan-fic 1:

Theme: Dreams of a Child

Fan Fiction for: Harry Potter

Weasley in Wonderland

"Incy Wincy Spider

Tickled Ronnie's nose

Ronnie was crying

Like a leaky hose…"

 Ten-year-old Ron Weasley would have given up his entire Chocolate Frog card collection at this moment to punch Fred and George for inventing that horrid song. But, he couldn't do that now for he was hiding from Mrs. Weasley. As tempting as it was to give his brothers a black eye or two, Ron had no intention of facing his hot-tempered mother or cleaning his messy room without magic.

 As he crouched behind an old oak tree, he saw a slight movement from the corner of his eye. It was a garden gnome who stood staring at him for a long moment. Then, all of a sudden, it came closer and kicked him in his shins. "Why you little git!" he hollered, all thoughts of the twins and his mother knocked out of his head as he started chasing the bald little creature.

He took a giant leap to tackle the gnome and grabbed hold of its knobby legs. But, the gnome seemed awfully heavy; it dived into a hollow at the bottom of a large willow tree (which appeared to be smacking every bird that flew within its reach), pulling Ron along with it. The tunnel was slippery and the gnome managed to kick off Ron's grip. Abruptly the tunnel came to an end and he was floating in what appeared to be a long underground column with all sorts of objects and creatures floating around him.

A huddle of female house-elves bowed to him from the top of a cupboard and said, "Welcome to Wonderland, young master with red hair."

"What's Wonderland?" Ron asked, grabbing hold of a nearby lamp to keep gravity from pulling him downwards. One house-elf bowed. "Wonderland was created by a wonderful muggle by the name of Walt Disney," she squeaked.

 A loud snort came from Ron's left and a scornful voice said, "For heaven's sakes! Don't you read? A muggle named Lewis Carroll wrote about Wonderland. It was about a girl named Alice." Ron finally managed to swivel around in mid-air and was surprised to see a curly-haired girl of his age, glaring at the elves from behind a large musty book with a large H on its cover.

 "And you must be Alice?" asked Ron. She turned her attention towards him, her brown eyes cool. "I'm Hermione Granger. But, who are you?" He was annoyed. "Ron Weasley," he replied curtly. "Pleasure," she replied sarcastically. "By the way, you have dirt on your nose, did you know? And there's a spider in your hair."

Realizing that there was something crawling down the nape of his neck, Ron turned pale and bellowed, "GERROF ME!" Several things happened at once. The house-elves jumped on Hermione's desk in alarm, toppling over books, parchment and red ink which scattered into empty space and floated like a giant amoeba over Ron's head. In the confusion, Hermione toppled over with a scream started falling downwards rapidly.

         & ;nbs p;    Instinctively, Ron reached out to grab her wrist, decelerating her downward ascent to a floating pace. "How come you were falling down so quickly?" he asked. "It's the weight of wisdom," she said gravely. Absolutely mental, thought Ron with disgust. "Oh look, we've nearly reached the bottom!" said Hermione excitedly. Once they landed on the soft grass at the base, Ron hurriedly let go of her hand, feeling a bit embarrassed.

         & ;nbs p;    The sound of trumpets blaring in the distance captured their attention and they decided to see what was happening. "Wait! Hide behind this rock. We don't know if those people are friendly or not," said Hermione sensibly. "Why are you still following me?" he asked irritably. "Shhhh! Someone's coming!" She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him behind the boulder just in time to see an enormous carriage pulled by pythons and a procession of mountain trolls marching in their direction.

         & ;nbs p;    "All Hail His Majesty Draco Malfoy and Her Majesty Moaning Myrtle!" a boorish voice shouted. Ron chuckled. Was Draco a name? Hermione elbowed him angrily. It was too loud. "What was that noise, Crabbe? Was that a Mudblood?" the blond King asked. A loud sob distracted him. "You are so insensitive to my feelings! Just because I'm a ghost without any blood, it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart!" wailed his wife. "Oh no, darling, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

         & ;nbs p;    "Let's get out of here," Hermione muttered. As they began to inch backwards, one of the obese guards spotted them and alerted the King with a resounding cry. "Off with their heads!" shouted Draco and Myrtle in unison, their argument forgotten. "RUN!" yelled Ron, grabbing hold of Hermione's hand once more as they raced towards the forest, with the procession at their heels.

         & ;nbs p;    They slid through a narrow maze entrance, which slowed down the chase a bit as the wide carriage could not get through. There they saw a black-haired, bespectacled boy reaching towards a large trophy. "Oy! You there! Could you help us get away from that git King and his Queen?" yelled Ron. The boy looked at them and grinned. For some reason, Ron liked him immediately. "Here's my broom," said the boy. "Make sure you fly north-west till you reach a black lake, and then turn right."

   "Thanks mate," Ron said. "What's your name?"

    "Harry Potter," replied the boy. Ron tried to remember where he had heard the name, but was distracted when Harry and handed them his broom -- a top-of-the-line Nimbus 2000! "Whoa! This is a beauty!" said Ron in admiration. "How will I return it to you?" Harry smiled mysteriously. "Er..don't worry about it. I'm sure we'll meet again." Hermione merely eyed the broom with apprehension and muttered, "I hate flying."

         & ;nbs p;    They just kicked off the ground and into the air just in time to hear King Draco's howl of dismay. Hermione didn't make flying a lot of fun. Why are girls so clingy? Ron wondered impatiently. But, actually he wouldn't have minded her so much if she hadn't been muttering dark warnings throughout the flight. "Mind that tree!" she screamed suddenly. There was a crack of green light and all went black.

         & ;nbs p;    Ron blinked his eyes open and yawned widely. A large spider was staring down at him from the windowsill. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed. "Mum! Ickle Ronnie's in his room!" yelled George. "RONALD WEASLEY! CLEAN YOUR ROOM AT ONCE!" Ron grimaced and got off his bed, facing his mother, who looked like she wanted to box his ears. Without another word, he began to pick up the comic books scattered across the floor.

There was also a tattered old novel under his bed. Ron pulled it out with disgust. Ginny and her obsession with muggle stories! This one was called Alice in Wonderland. For some reason, it sounded familiar, but he couldn't fathom why. The spider on the windowsill was gone now, but he could see the twins sporting wide grins. Fred withdrew a large toy spider from his pocket. "Is Ickle Ronnie looking for his friend?" he asked in a baby voice.

         & ;nbs p;    "Shut up!" Ron said, his face red. The twins ignored him and started to sing again at the top of their voices:

"Incy Wincy Spider

Tickled Ronnie's nose

Ronnie was crying

Like a leaky hose…"

Ron gritted his teeth and savagely pulled the crumpled sheet off his bed. Stupid gits! I'll get into Gryffindor when I get to Hogwarts and I'll show them! With that firm vow, Ron dumped the comics into a large box in the corner and took his dirty clothes downstairs for a wash.

Fan-fic 2:

Distant Eyes

He watched her from across the room. She was dancing with Prithvi, her date for this evening's End of the School Year Ball. If looks could kill, Prithvi would have died the moment he had walked into the room with her on his arm. His eyes drifted slightly to the red head who also seemed rather unhinged at the sight of her and the famous Prithvi.

He let out a growl of frustration and anger.

It was no hidden fact that he hated her. What people didn't know was that he hated her because he could never have her. Somehow, over the past four years he had managed to fall in love with her spunk. Unconsciously, his hand drifted up to his face as his fingers touched the spot she had hit him the previous year. Was it sad that he was rather turned on by the fact that she would hit him? Most people in this school were scared to death of him. Many of the girls fawned over him because of his looks and his wealth. But then there was her…

She didn't give a crap about how much money there was to his name. Though, that could have something to do with the fact that she didn't give a crap about him.

Somehow, that too turned him on. He had always liked a challenge.

Still, he made no attempt to pursue her. She would never have him, and even if she did, his father would kill him if he knew the thoughts running through his head. After all, who gave him the permission to love the daughter of his father's biggest rival? It was purely unacceptable. For one thing, Khanna's weren't supposed to know how to love. Their hearts were merely an organ that pumped blood, there was no emotion hidden there.

Which left him with the frustrating question of why him. Why? Why did he have to have a heart that actually worked? Why her? Why did she have to be the one he secretly yearned for?

It was a battle that raged in his mind every day. It was an ugly battle of mind over heart, and his heart seemed to be winning.

He shook his head. It was foolish of him to think about her at all. Pointless for him to blindly give his heart to a woman that neither wanted it nor was, in the world's eye, worthy of it. He could laugh at the latter thought. Her not worthy of him?! That thought was mad. She was worthy of anyone; it was him who wasn't worthy of her. After all, what kind of man goes around insulting the woman he is in love with?

Angad Khanna, that's who.

He could never have her; it was something that he mentally repeated constantly. He had been hoping it would sink in, but, alas, it never had. Somehow, he knew it never would.
He was addicted to her. The overwhelming fact that he could never have her simply propelled his addiction and forced him into an automatic withdrawal.

Looking around the room, he seethed at the guys that were taking notice of her body that had been hidden under the unflattering school uniform. She definitely had a body, but somehow he had always known that. These guys staring at her now knew nothing. It was merely lust that was propelling them and that fact made him want to hit them, kill them… anything.

If he could just show her the inside of his mind and thoughts, maybe she would see… Maybe she would give him a chance.

He scowled and rolled his eyes. Those were thoughts of desperation. He hated desperation.

The only thing he seemed to feel more hatred for than desperation was the situation he was currently in. He was stuck. Minus his relationship with his father where he could never disobey his father out of fear of consequence, he had never been stuck in any situation. He ruled the school. In many ways, he ruled the entire student body of the music academy, in the same way his father ruled over him: fear. There was only a handful of students in the academy that would never fear him. She was one of them.

And, sadly, she would never know just how much he loved her for that.

He let out a sigh as he watched her laugh with him… with Prithvi… When he had first met Prithvi, he had liked him. But not anymore, not now… After Prithvi had managed to get the one girl he couldn't. The one girl he wanted.

Suddenly she turned as she looked in his direction. She could probably have felt his eyes staring at her intently. He kept his stance as for a few moments he managed to look straight into her eyes. He had no fear of her spotting him. She locked eye contact with him for a couple of seconds, but then threw a nasty look at him.

Shaking her head slightly, she turned her attention back to Prithvi.

There was nothing he could do but watch her, so that was all he intended on doing. Tonight was his night. No one would miss him as they thought he had fallen ill after dinner. They thought he was in bed. They were wrong.

Maybe someday he would tell her how he felt. Who knows, maybe someday he would actually stop caring about his reputation and start being nice to her? And maybe someday she would reciprocate those feelings? Maybe, someday… But that was someday, and this was now. And for now, he supposed, all he could do was watch her from distant eyes.

Fan-fic 3:

Spark, a touch, an… attraction!

Angad Khanna had spent the last two years with a deadly secret, one only to be kept to himself. It was finally his last year at the music academy, and he was still trapped. Angad had desired Kripa in the most careful, secret and loving way any enemy could ever love someone that loathed them. I hate her for her smile, he thought. That blasted smile always makes me want to kiss her.

It had started in their second year. I can remember it oh so well, Angad thought bitterly. It was a Tuesday, at dinner. It was the day we made the connection. That evening, Kripa had just walked into the canteen. After a while Angad found himself watching Kripa. For the first time, he watched her with jealousy. He couldn't stand her perfections; it made him irate beyond belief. As he sat down, he thought about why his anger and jealousy were hand in hand. He kept thinking and thinking, trying to understand. He shocked himself. She's happy without me in her life.

The thought was a double-edged sword; he found himself wishing it was different. Kripa turned her head and saw Angad looking at her as they made eye contact. Nothing was said under their breaths; no hatred in either's eyes. They looked into each other's eyes and saw one another as individuals. He found himself thriving on that forbidden emotion, the enjoyment of the fact that for the first time, he saw her as a beautiful person.

Angad tried to ignore that memory for two years, and as a result, it became powerful. He began to notice small things about her that made him fall for her. He had found himself wanting to be Prithvi Bose. The one thing that Prithvi had that Angad didn't was Kripa Sharma.

That was it. Angad would send her a message over breakfast the next day and tell her to meet him in the evening. He'd meet her by the lakeside and all that was meant to be would reveal itself.

The next morning Kripa walked to the Academy and went into the canteen where they were greeted all of their friends. Kripa looked up and saw a girl handing her a letter.

I need to talk to you about something.
Meet me at the lake after dinner so we
can chat. I look forward to seeing you.


Kripa gasped. Angad Khanna? Then it hit her. Kripa flashed back to the day a couple of years ago where she and Angad had made a connection. It was incredibly powerful, even if it was only for a minute or two. She had never felt that shock of pleasure with anyone else.
Kripa had been dreading this rendezvous with Angad all day. As she came upon the lakeside of the school, she saw the familiar brown hair waiting for her.

"Look. This is why I wanted to take a walk. We need to take a walk so we can have some privacy. I'm not setting you up for anything. I just need to tell you something, so perhaps we can solve a problem of mine." Angad said.

"You want me to help you?" Kripa asked quietly.

"Yes," Angad replied, almost laughing.

Kripa looked at him suspiciously to see if there was any ulterior motive. After a moment of silence all she found was Angad the way she saw him that one moment.
She walked to him and they started to walk around the lake. Neither of them said anything for a while. Angad tried to calm himself down while he walked with Kripa. He felt comfortable for the first time. He reminded himself that this was possibly the only time he'd get alone with Kripa.

"So what's this problem?" Kripa asked.

He wanted to just blurt it out. I love you, Kripa. And it makes me sick inside. He knew he had to ease her into this, however. Sworn enemies usually do not love each other.

"Well," he started. "It all started when we made eye contact."

"Well, I figured," Kripa smiled.

Gosh she's beautiful when she smiles, he thought.

"Wait, before I tell you this, I need you to tell me what you felt when you experienced it, and then I'll continue."

"Why me first?" she asked.

"Because it'll make everything easier for me," Angad replied.

They continued on walking around the lake. They were both delaying time; Kripa, because she didn't know what to say, and Angad, because he knew that this moment was possibly the scariest moment of his life.
"So," Kripa started. "You'd like me to tell you what I thought a couple of years ago?"

"Yeah," Angad said. "It'd be nice to know."



"I knew at that moment something had happened that would change everything, and I had always hoped that it would be for the better. I was hoping that you would stop playing devil's advocate. I wasn't looking for friendship, just a kind of understanding from you, like we had that brief instant. But the last couple of years have proved me wrong, and I'm incredibly disappointed. For a little while, I was hoping that it would happen again. I was hoping that you and I would talk about it much sooner."

"Well," Angad said, "perhaps we could figure something out."

"Why are you doing this?" Kripa asked. "Why are you taking the time trying to make me happy?"

All shall reveal itself in time, he said to her through his eyes. They stopped walking and watched each other look at one another. Kripa broke away and continued walking. Angad followed her.

"Since that day, I've fallen for you more and more," Angad said slowly. Kripa stopped walking.

"What exactly do you mean?" she inquired.

"You'll figure it out as I tell you," Angad reassured her. "You're smart." And beautiful and caring… he added to himself.

"Your existence itself made me irate beyond all belief and I just wanted nothing to do with you. But then I asked myself…" Angad hesitated. "I asked myself why and I surprised myself with the answer."


"I realized that you were happy without me in your life. And I was fine with that for the most part, but I also wanted it to be different. I think after we had our moment together, I found myself wanting to know you more, but I was sickened by that thought, so as a result, I took it all out on you," Angad said. "But what's more important is that I've fallen in love with you, and I'm angrier and more scared than I ever have been in my entire life."

He took a few steps closer to her and touched her cheek with the gentle fingertips. "I love you, Kripa. It's becoming more and more real ever since I first saw you simply as you."

"But I have a boyfriend," Kripa replied. "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"What would you have expected me to do, Kripa?" Angad muttered, clearly upset. "Besides, it's been torturing me. For two years, I've kept this secret, and now I've found more and more that I needed you."

"What if I had hoped for this when we first understood each other?"

"Are you saying that you loved me too?"

"I had a crush on you for years, Angad, more so during our 3rd year. But when Prithvi asked me out the following summer, I couldn't say no. This year I love him more and more every day."

"So it's too late,"

Kripa nodded. "It's too late," she said. She felt herself close the gap between the two of them and hugged him around the neck. Her loving gesture surprised Angad as he held her close to him.

"Any chance this may happen?" he asked her, looking into her eyes.

"Ever?" Kripa wanted to clarify.

"Yes," Angad cautiously.

"It depends," Kripa said.

Angad nodded in understanding. "God forbid," Kripa continued, "but if Prithvi and me do ever break-up, then maybe. But Angad, I really don't have any clues."

"I don't either,"

"I'm sorry, Angad," she said quietly.

"It's okay," he replied. "I love you, Kripa. You know I'll always wait for you,"

"I know,"

"Go. It's getting late and everyone's going to be going after my head if you don't come back soon."

"I don't know what the future will hold for us, but perhaps we can work together more."

"I couldn't knowingly go out of my way to hurt you anymore," Angad responded. "Not after tonight."

Kripa smiled. She gave him a quick peck on a cheek before she headed back to her apartment "Bye, Angad."

Angad watched Kripa leave. He knew that it was the right thing to do. He knew that letting go, letting himself be what was kept hidden had indeed been stupid, but he knew that he would never have changed anything if he had the chance. It was real, and it kept him alive.


Fan-fic 4:

No one gets hurt

They always met at the same spot. They met at the same time; religiously. The same dark, dank hallway; the same minute. Neither is sure exactly when it started, nor why it started, or whom the other was. One day she was walking from the library, and he was there. Just standing there. She glared at him as she walked past. He kept his face emotionless. All except his eyes. That was why she chose the same path the next day.

He was still there. This time she didn't glare as she walked past. She stared. The coldness in his eyes chilled her, but there was something under them. Something she didn't have a name for. That became her new path to her dorms.

She'd walk past, and he'd stare. And she'd stare. That's all they ever did. Stare. She was determined to figure out what it was in those eyes. What that raw, unnerving emotion was. She still hadn't figured it out, when one day he stepped in front of her.

"Let's just go our separate ways, and no one gets hurt," she tried to make her voice drip with venom, but it shook slightly. He smirked and shook his head. She raised her chin defiantly and stepped past him. He let her go.

He always let her go. Everyday he'd step in front of her, and everyday she'd walk around him. He was too stubborn to try and make her stay, because that would be admitting he wanted her to stay. And he couldn't do that. He couldn't admit it. It would be disgraceful.

She always left. Everyday he'd step up, and everyday she'd leave. She was too stubborn to see what would happen if she stayed, because that would be admitting she wanted to stay. And she couldn't do that. She couldn't admit it. It would be shameful.

She couldn't stop coming, though. Even though she couldn't stay, she'd still stare. She still hadn't figured out what was in his eyes. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, but you could always find them there. Staring. At each other. Past each other. Into each other.

It started to annoy her. Why didn't he do anything? Why didn't he stop her? Why didn't he at least say something? That's when she figured it out. "Fear," she told him one night. He raised an eyebrow. "That's what's in your eyes. Fear."

"I am not afraid of anything," he informed her bitterly.

"Yes you are. You're afraid of what else is in your eyes. Love," she said the last word as if it were a dare. As if she was daring him to stop her this time. To do something he had never done before. But he refused to admit defeat, so he let her go.

The next day he was still there, still blocking her path. By now she was furious with him. This time she was going to do something he couldn't ignore. She glared at him before standing on her tiptoes and kissing him full on the mouth. Once again she left; once again he didn't stop her.

The next day she stormed up to him, her cheeks tinted with anger. He smiled and she slapped him across the face. "You're a coward," she whispered.

"I'm a coward, am I?" he asked. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her. The kiss deepened; that was the first time he stopped her.

After that their meetings became more frequent and longer. She started reaching her apartment later and later neither of them mentioned the end of school; they didn't want to admit that their relationship was going to end soon. So they continued enjoying their last few days together.

"What are you going to do when you leave?" she asked one night.

"I'll probably do what my father expects of me," he said.

"You don't have to." she whimpered knowing exactly what his father wanted him to do.

"You know I couldn't." That was the end of the conversation.

In public no one knew about their relationship. There were glares, and no one noticed the hidden meaning behind them. They weren't friendly toward each other, but they were civil. Everyone assumed it was because she was trying to promote better relations. They didn't know just how much of a relationship was there. No one ever witnessed them together either.

As the day before the train arrived came, so did their last meeting. They kissed before she sighed. "What now? Are we over?" He didn't have to answer. "Before we leave, say my name. Not once this year have you said my name," she whispered.

"I couldn't. That would make this real; that would mean I'd have to say goodbye..." he whispered back.

"You don't have to! You can escape your father." She told him, but he shook his head and kissed her one last time.

"Like you said, let's just go our separate ways and no one gets hurt."

Fan-fic 5:

Good luck…Goodnight…

  The village was dotted with red and white lamps. Children lit firecrackers, letting out peals of laughter as the crackers disintegrated into bursts of light and energy. "One day, he'll be playing with them," a woman told her husband softly, gazing at her sleeping baby with tenderness. Stroking his wife's auburn hair, the man smiled as he watched the proceedings, but inwardly he felt uneasy.

         &nbs p;   There had been eleven murders this week alone. The sky over each burning house was branded with a glittering skeletal head, its leering mouth open to reveal a serpentine tongue. The Longbottoms had escaped in the nick of time. He remembered that they too had a son. "Do you think there is a traitor amongst us, Lily?" he whispered to his wife. Lily turned to look at her husband's pale and troubled face.

         &nbs p;   Bright lights of the village dotted the metal rims of his round glasses, but the hazel eyes behind the glasses held no sparkle that night. "It seems like an awful thing, but I do think that there have been too many coincidences. There have been several sneak attacks on Order members…" her voice trailed off as the baby began to wail. She gently rocked him in her arms until he fell back to sleep once more.

         &nbs p;   "I'm worried about you and Harry," her husband continued. "James Potter, I am no weakling," Lily teased him. He didn't smile. Once again, he was lost in thought. "James, let us live for the moment," said his wife gently. "Living in constant fear is never going to help us." James tried to relax and put his arm around his wife. But, his right hand was buried into his robe pocket, tightly gripping his wand.

         &nbs p;   Moments went by before a loud scream cut through the laughter and merriment. The Potters instantly rose to their feet as a group of hooded figures began swarming Godric's Hollow. "He knows!" James said hoarsely. "Sirius? Did he do this?" questioned Lily, her horrified eyes fixed on the jets of red and green lights propelling from the Death Eaters' wands. "NEVER! Sirius would DIE before he betrayed us!" James shouted vehemently. "Then who…?"

         &nbs p;   "Peter..." said James slowly, his face glowing with rage. "Sirius made him our Secret Keeper!" However, before Lily had any time to react to this information, a tall, hooded figure with red, glowing eyes floated towards them. "Lily, take Harry and RUN!" James shouted, ushering his wife and child into the house and whipping out his wand to face the wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort.

         &nbs p;   As Lily raced inside, she heard a high, maniacal laugh and a thud on the front door as blinding green light rocketed throughout the little house. She placed Harry in his crib and pulled out her own wand, her heart breaking as she realized that James was gone. Voldemort had killed him. A smell akin to decay filled the nursery as the murderer stepped into the room.

         &nbs p;   "Expelliarmus," he said lazily, shooting Lily's wand out of her grasp. Throwing herself in front of the crib like a human shield, Lily pleaded with him, "Please not Harry! Kill me instead!" Voldemort grimaced behind the hood. "Get out of my way, silly girl!" he shouted. Realizing that there really was no mercy in this creature, Lily screamed, "NEVER!" and leapt forward to attack Voldemort with her bare hands. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" shouted the hooded man, his cold, cruel voice filled with mirth.

         &nbs p;   "HARRY!" Lily screamed, as a jet of green light rocketed through her body, draining out the last vestiges of her strength and her very life. "Now, its your turn…Harry Potter," cooed Voldemort. The baby stared up at him innocently through his bright green eyes – his mother's eyes. Foolish girl, thought Voldemort. She could have made herself useful. "Goodnight..." Once more, Lord Voldemort performed the killing curse. It would be relatively easy, this one. Then no prophecy would be fulfilled.

         &nbs p;   It was only when the curse rebounded that he realized his fatal error. The Love Sacrifice. Lily's shield. Harry's blessing. His curse.

A blood-curdling screech was torn from his throat as his body turned to ashes. He was alive, but only barely. With a roar of fury, the shadowy form of what was once the most feared wizard of all time disappeared into the woods, leaving behind the burning wreck of a house.


Later on in the night, a tall bearded man wearing bright purple robes and a tall, pointed sorcerer's hat kneeled down on the front veranda of a neat muggle house at the address of Number 4, Privet Drive. Gently he tucked a sealed envelope in a basket where a sleeping infant lay, his black hair barely covering a red, lightning shaped scar on his forehead. The little one never knew what he had unknowingly gained and lost in the same night.

"Good luck to you, Harry Potter," the old man whispered. "And goodnight."

Fan-fic 6:


It's such a simple word and yet, it symbolizes so many things and resonates differently with everyone. For some, the word is a part of their reality. They suffer this word and all of its torment every day for the simplest reasons. Whether it's watching a movie, or winning a race. Tears can appear in the most unlikely places. Even love. In fact, love is often associated with tears because it is a reminder of pain, suffering, the unthinkable and even betrayal. For Kripa, love had become pain and pain had become love, there was no difference in the two; they sat side by side, like enemies joined together; black and white; Rich and poor. Angad and Kripa.

How did it happen? This question is perfectly understandable. But, I'm afraid I cannot explain it to you, for not even Kripa and Angad understood it. It just happened. Similar to the way lightning always follows thunder; there is no clear explanation. It just is.

Let me take you back in time. Back to when it all ended. For the beginning of a story is never as interesting as the end and I assure you, this is no exception.

Kripa woke up and made her way down the hall and into the kitchen of her four room flat.

Angad was waiting for her.

Kripa stopped. She and Angad had been "going out" for three months now after a very long, hard, distressing period of time in her life when she had been battling with the ways of fate. Angad had always made it a habit to call before paying Kripa a visit at her flat, and he never visited at 7:30 in the morning, under any circumstances.

Until now, that is.
"Hey," Angad drawled.

Kripa cleared her now very dry throat. "H-hi,"

Angad's smirk increased. "I needed to talk to you so I thought I'd stop by." He stood up from the chair he had been sitting in and made to walk over to her and kiss her on the cheek, but Kripa moved her head out of the way.

"Without calling?" she asked.

Angad loved this about her and the way she crossed her arms as she said this. Angad's smirk turned into a smile as he watched her adorable figure react to his snobbish, arrogant attitude that he could go where he pleased without bothering to consider other people's schedules. But this time there was a reason, a big reason. And it was killing him from the inside out. "I thought I'd surprise you when you woke up."

Kripa looked skeptical. "What did you want to talk to me about?" trying to cover up her fear

He didn't want to tell her like this, not now. But he had no choice. He knew Kripa well enough to know that she wouldn't drop the subject until he had told her every last detail.

Finally, he answered, without looking at her, "I'm leaving."

The tension in the room was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.

Angad cleared his throat and continued. "My mom is making me I have no choice."

Kripa's breathing was shorter now and she felt slightly dizzy at his words. Above all, though, she felt love and anger pulsing through her veins.

"It's not permanent, yet," Angad tried again, sensing her awaited anger bubbling just below the surface. The tears would be that part that would kill him. Angad watched as emotion after emotion washed across her face. Finally, as if deciding on the best-fit emotion for the situation at hand, she started to tremble in . Kripa shouted in Angad's face. "After everything that's happened, you're just going to forget about it? What about me?

He whispered. "I just don't know."

A day seemed to pass, then two. Kripa looked at Angad and said in a tone barely audible, "I love you, Angad. I love you so much."

Angad looked up at her and watched as the tears spilled down her face. His heart broke for what felt like the millionth time that morning as he watched her and drank in her words. They were the most perfect words in the entire world and he savored the way they had sounded from her lips.

She carefully kneeled down beside him and brought his chin up to look at her. His honey colored eyes peering back at her with pain and sadness. It felt like he was looking into forever. Kripa leaned toward him very slowly her lips inching closer to his. When she was finally an inch away, the door of her apartment flew open and Angad's mom stood in the doorway with a lunatic expression on her face.

"I can't believe you!," Naina said. "I just... I just can't. You would go behind my back. Your own mother's back for this low life scum!"

"MOM! Don't you ever talk about Kripa like that!" Angad replied with anger and venom at every word.

"Why?" Naina said. She reached out for his arm and pulled it, getting him to look at her. "Why not? What are you going to do? You are going to America and that is final! It will get you away from HER." Naina threw a reproachful look at Kripa.
"Kripa, listen," Angad said, lowering his voice and turning to face her again.

"No, you listen. I have done everything for you! You have no right to just leave on me. I love you and it will kill me if you leave."

His heart was torn by her words.

"Just answer me this, Angad. Did any of it mean anything to you? Or was it just a game?"

"Of course it did," Angad said. His heart shattered again at the idea that she thought he had never loved her. "I want to feel like I'm supporting this relationship and when I propose to you, you'll have money to live on."

"Did you just say you were going to propose to me?" she asked skeptically.

"I would do anything for you. I love you, you know that, right?" planting a soft kiss on her lips

"ANGAD!! She is a piece of trash!" trying to separate her son from Kripa.

Kripa smiled at him behind her tears. Both of them ignoring Naina, "I do."

 "I'm so sorry, Kripa. I have no choice."

"No." Kripa whispered, defeat evident in her voice. "Don't!" Kripa sobbed. He was determined to take away all of her pain and load it to his own shoulders before he left her. "No. Please don't,"
 Angad backed away, his front facing her the whole time as he carefully backed up toward the door. "I love you, Kripa. Don't ever forget that. I love you so much."

"Angad," she cried, her voice cracking. "Don't go. Angad, please." She sat there on the floor, she continued to whisper the same word, over and over again, as if trying unsuccessfully to engrave it in her mind.

And he was gone.

That was it. Kripa stayed on the ground in the kitchen of her flat for two days. She didn't sleep, she didn't eat, she barely moved at all. Alliyah came to visit her on the third day of her solitude. Still, Kripa barely ate. Her soul seemed to have followed Angad to America to a point of no return. A week passed and finally a letter came she opened it up and read the words inside.

I dropped a tear in the ocean.
The day I find it will be the day I stop loving you.
I will come back. I promise you. Wait for me until then.

Love is a strange thing. It can be a lifesaving experience or it can cause the ultimate suffering. For Kripa Sharma, love plagued her life. It turned her perfect, wonderful, beautiful life into a life she never wanted to look back on.

Naina knew that Angad was planning to go back to India. She decided to separate them once and for all. She sent an anonymous letter to Kripa stating that Angad died in a car accident there. Kripa broke totally. She lost all meaning to live. She then did the only thing that would give her mind peace. She committed suicide.

Angad did come back, although the condition in which he saw things when he finally returned was about as far from what he expected. Alliyah told him what happened. Angad knew who did this, and he sought revenge. Then having no goal left in life he too joined Kripa in heaven, and they laughed and cried together in heaven for eternity.

A tear is an interesting substance. Not many things are created from emotion. For a tear to really be a tear, it must come from eyes. Scientists can recreate its substance, but it will never be an actual tear until it's created by a person's body and emotion and falls from their eyes.

Only then, can it truly be called a tear.

Fan-fic 7:

Valentine's day

The day was not going very well at all for Kripa Sharma. Sure, it was a rare sunny occasion and people everywhere seemed unusually cheerful. But something just wasn't right. In fact, the abundant joy that bounced off every person she passed contrasted greatly with how life was treating her. Couples roamed the streets of London, sharing ice cream and holding hands. A young man helped an old lady cross the street; parents actually seemed pleased to be around their pestering children and more over, a well-to-do teenager just found a fifty-pound note. Everybody was having the best of luck.

But not Kripa.

She had just come out of a job interview for a position as journalist for The Times and it had gone terribly wrong. Not that she wasn't qualified for the job. It's just that when they started asking unexpected questions. She had found it a little difficult to deal with. Unable to think clearly due to the rise of sudden panic, Kripa had blurted out the first loads of nonsense that had entered her mind. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite recall the answers she fed them, it was all a big embarrassing blur now. All she knew was, there was no way she was getting that job.

This is what happens to people trying to make a living in the real world. They crash and burn. Quickly. Unfortunately, Kripa's passion for journalism had led her to having nervous breakdowns working for London's News. Then she had found out about her father's bad health and decided to live with them for some time. In the meantime she decided to look for work. Having a look around in news agencies, she had picked her favorite magazine: The Times. All these events led her to the current state; pushing her way through crowds to get to the coffee shop for some release. It would calm her nerves momentarily.

'Ah drats!' Kripa exclaimed. Two snotty street brats rushed passed her, snatching the paper wrapped sandwich that was to be her lunch. They disappeared instantly but it didn't matter, nobody had taken any notice. 'Just my luck' she muttered grumpily.

At the coffee shop she ordered a quick espresso and a slice of cheesecake. She felt it was the right time to spoil herself by indulging in sugary goodness. That was rare, for her mother was constantly at her about dieting and 'keeping the best appearance'. Well, what her mother didn't know wouldn't hurt her-or anybody else in the family.

Just when things started to seem a little better (she hadn't been robbed in the last five minutes), Kripa was interrupted from her state of cheesecake chewing bliss, by a voice that snapped her back to reality.

'Well, well, well. What a surprise! We have a beautiful young lady here sitting all alone!' The voice was a sarcastic drawl.

Kripa closed her eyes thinking, 'A surprise indeed.'

She tried to hide the bitterness that was clearly embellished on her countenance. 'Who are you?' She spat the last word venomously.

'Angad Khanna. I'm here working, and I noticed you all alone so I thought I would say hi!'

'At a coffee shop?'

Angad frowned. 'Actually, I'm taking my break. I work in the hospital around the corner. What's your name?'

'That's nice. My name is Kripa.'

Angad looked slightly uncomfortable. 'Where do you work.'

'Well I just came back from my job interview for The Times newspaper. Just my luck I didn't get it!'

'Yes well, these things happen.'

Kripa laughed. 'True, but what is up with everyone today? Everyone is so jolly!.'

Angad was interrupted from replying by a man carrying a huge blow-up love heart through the crowded tables. 'Oh, sorry! Excuse me!'

'What's that all about?' Kripa eyed him strangely.

'It's Valentines Day.' Angad sneered.

'So that's why everyone's been acting all happy!'

Angad rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. 'Looks like I've got to get going.'

Kripa took the last gulp of her espresso and stood up. 'Yes, me too. Mum expects me home soon.'

'You still live with your parents?' Angad asked incredulously. Kripa sensed his amusement, not sharing it at all.

'Yes, but-'

'No need to explain anything to me Kripa! It's your strange little life, not mine.'

Kripa wanted to punch his smirking face. To put a smudge on that perfect skin.

Unintentionally, they walked in the same direction, side by side.

'Am I really so attractive that you have to follow me everywhere?' Angad asked smugly. 'Oh, but of course I am!'

'Shut up, Angad. The train station's this way. I wouldn't intentionally walk with you anywhere!'

They were about to round a corner when a most unexpected thing happened. A camera crew with a small crowd of excited people bustled toward them. 'Ah, here's another happy couple!'

'Are they talking to us?' Kripa asked in exasperation. Angad seemed just as confused.

Her question was answered when one of the men jostled up to them with a microphone and started talking. 'What are your names?'



'Excellent! And I bet you two are having a wonderful Valentine's Day?'


'Well! Can we have a kiss for our home viewers? Come on, add to the occasion, and make your contribution of love!'

The man just wouldn't shut up. Kripa was ready to escape this incredibly embarrassing situation but was stopped. By Angad's mouth.

Kripa froze. What the hell was going on! Was Angad kissing her? The only problem was, she felt herself respond to it. Then it was over and the whole street seemed to explode in cheers.

Kripa's cheeks flames red. Oh God. The camera and its followers instantly rushed away looking for another willing pair. Not that she had been willing or anything…

'What did you do that for? 'She hissed in a low voice, not daring to meet Angad's eyes.

'It was the only way to get rid of them.' He shrugged.

Kripa began to walk quickly along the path, leaving Angad behind.

'Wait!' He called. When Kripa wouldn't stop he grabbed hold of her arm.

'What?' She said impatiently, still a bit flushed.

Angad took a few seconds before responding. 'Would you like to- I mean, would you be interested in- uh, what I mean to say is-'

'Just spit it out Angad.'

'Do you want to meet me here again same time tomorrow?' He mumbled quickly.

'What?' Kripa was now completely shocked. 'You want to go out with me?'

'Well, just to meet up as friends of course! I mean, I don't really know anyone else around here…'

'Uh, I guess.' The atmosphere was growing increasingly uncomfortable.

'Unless you want it to be a date.' He added slyly.

Kripa rolled her yes. 'Keep dreaming.'

'I must have been when you returned my kiss.'

She froze. What? She had SO not kissed him! 'Don't be stupid, I wouldn't kiss you in a million years.'

'Whatever. Look, I'll see you tomorrow, I really have to go.'


Kripa rushed off to her train, mind buzzing, face as red as a beetroot. Did Angad really just ask her out? Was that even possible? They had just met!

Furthermore, was that flutter in her stomach excitement? Surely not!

As she trotted off in a mad rush, Angad watched with mischievous eyes. But he too was rather surprise. Did he just ask Kripa on a date? Did he really find her attractive? They had just met too!

Fan-fic 8:
Dreams of a child.

The story is based in malaysia!

Dev & Tina are known as the world's best lovers! This is because they share everything wid each other!

Tina:- Dev, i made our family complete!
Dev:- i knw Tina! i love u! Thnx 4 being der!
Tina:- Hey Dev! i shud thnk u 4 being wid me! i love u!
Dev:- i just cant wait to hv my litle Tina baby!
Tina:- Excuse me??? i want small Dev boy!
Dev:- No! I want a little angel Tina!
Tina:- No!
Dev:- Yes! Tina, letz go & do sum shopping 4 our cute baby!
Tina:- v wil do shopping bt for a smart boy!
Dev:- Tina?
Tina:- ok watever bt i wil buy a football ball & also sum bats for cricket! i wil make him like Sachin Tendulkar! Dev:- & if its a gal den i wil make her a dancer like madhuri dixhit!
Tina:- Dev, v both wil love him so much!
Dev:- Tina, if its she or he, it doesnt matter coz it will b first prove of our love!
Tina:- yee! But Dev i m so excited about this baby!
Dev:- v wil make a new room for her in where she can do watever she wants!
Tina:- v wil also get for her loadz of toys!
Dev:- & ofcourse i wil papmer her if its a gal den!
Tina:- i wil pamper him if its a cute boy!
Dev:- i wil give her ice-creams everyday & also 5pocket money!
Tina:- Dev?
Dev:- If its a gal den Jannu!
Tina:- if its a boy den i wil give her loadz of love & den i m sure he wil also support me when u & me fight!
Dev:- If he wil support u den my lil gal wil also support me!
Tina:- i love u Dev!
Dev:- i love u too!

Fan-fic 9:

Long lost love returns

Ria:- i m missing u Rajiv! Wer r u? Plz return to me!

Sneha:- Ria wat r u doing? Cmon! Ria, Rajiv is dead! he is no more!

Ria:- He is alive! My heart's saying so!

Sneha:- Ria, in d tv channel it came & dey also showed it us live! plz forget it otherwise u wil turn mad! Plz!

Rohit:- Hello galz! wat u up2?

Sneha:- Rohit! wat else? This Ria is...

Ria:- Shur up! Rajiv is alive & he wil return to me!

Sneha:- u r mad Ria!!!

After 3 years!

Engagement party!

Sneha:- Ria, today i m so happy dat u r getting engaged to Rohit!

Ria:- u r happy but i m not dat Happy coz i stil love Rajiv only! I m doing al this just for u & my parents!

Rohit:- Sneha, v knw u r Ria's best friend but now leave her wid me plz!

Sneha:- sure!

Sneha leaves!

Ria:- Rohit, i want to tel u sumthin before i get engaged wid u!

Rohit:- Go on Ria...

Ria:- Rohit, I stil love Rajiv!

Rohit:- Ria, i m happy dat u told me d truth! I wil wait 4 d day when u accept me!

Ria:- Thnx!

After 5 years!!!

Rohit & Ria have settled der life & have also got one baby gal!

Kajal:- Dadi, tel Mumi to give me chocolate!

Rohit:- Ria, plz give her chocolate!

Ria:- Rohit u spoilt ur daughter & now u expect me to give her??? No way!

Kajal cries!!! Kajal leaves!!!

After few minutes kajal returns wid a box of chocolate!

Ria:- Kajal, who gave u this box?

Kajal:- this uncle!

Ria is shocked to see Rajiv back!


Fan-fic 10:

Two couples - Mixed doubles - wrong partn


Deep:- Uff!!! I just dun undersatnd wer everything is kept!!! Ajnaliiiii...

Anjali:- Deep y r u screaming? i m in d house only!

Deep:- wer is my towel?

Anjali:- it is in d bedroom cupboard!

Deep:- Look, i go for a shower in d bathroon so my towel shud stay in d bathroom only!!!

Anjali:- Fine! Den from tomoro start washing ur towel! Bye!



Anjali:- I just don't knw where d hel Deep is stuck???

Deep:- Anjali, i m really sorry!

Anjali:- u r 15 minutes late!

Deep:- sorry!!!

Waiter:- sir, madam wat wil u have?

Anjali:- orage juice & boiled eggs!

Deep:- water & chips!

Anjali:- Deep, its really not good to eat chips in d afternoon!

Deep:- Anjali, u do wt u want & let me do wt i want!

Anjali:- Ok!

Deep:- Look at dat Couple! der undersatnd each other so wel!

Anjali:- U mean i m nt understanding u?

Deep:- i didnt say dat!

Anjali:- bt u meant dat!

Deep:- Anjali! oK! Chil! Letz be cool!

Anjali:- Deep , v r arguying like hel & i think dat i cant marry u coz it wil be a big problem!

Deep:- wait! i want to knw sumthing!

Anjali:- like wat?

Deep:- do u like me?

Anjali:- yes! do u?

Deep:- yes! i like u! But i hate ur behaviour!

Anjali:- i hate the way u speak! it sounds so rude!

Deep:- so, u think dat v wil not....

Anjali:- yes! v will not be happy after marriage!

Deep:- aite! Fine! i give up! i m breaking it!

Anjali:- its all ova!

Deep:- Bye!

Anjali:- Bye!
Fan-fic 11:

love in death[a remix fanfic]

…………death…… of the biggest evils that people consider happening to their lives…………this word is generally related to gloom…….emptiness……sadness…….this one word has created so many speculations……what happens after death….no one knows……..if you ask me….i would compare death with night……..ya night…….some or many excepting a few…..consider night as scary….gloomy…a part which is many times compared to dark phase of life………but nite to me is beautiful…… is a sign of calmness….of steady state….mysterious yes it is……but if you look at it with the eyes of my heart……u will see nite the way I want you to……..and also the word called death………what is so scary about death?…….there is nothing to be afraid of…death does not bring in emptiness… does not make you devoid… does not drain you out of all the beautiful things……cos it in itself is beautiful……it is a beautiful trophy that life has to offer……it is nothing less than an Olympian medal……….it is just a gift offered by life…..after people beautifully finish living it…… can be put into these simple words…….when we exist…….there is no death….and when there is death we don't exist…but is death the ultimate end according to you?…….or is it a start……..well….it depends on the way you think….you perceive………I am rite now looking at this brave woman in front of me…..she has been a fighter all along her life………she is rite now staring at the pyre that is burning in front of her………her mind was in a burning furnace…….she was staring open eyed at the site in front of her………….. funeral of her husband…….she wanted to cry..but………she knew………sadness erupts out of weakness for something…….and by dropping a tear….she did not want to make her love a weakness……..she knew her love for her husband was true……….was pure……….they both called it eternal…..but…she was also human……….her mind was also caught up in storms often….she felt she was in a whirlwind………that it would throw her off……..the memory tormented her…the last time she had felt like this was when he had walked away from her life's pages only to return after years so that they bonded themselves in the pure relationship called marriage….but now…..she closed her eyes…she anointed herself with his words………he had told her"take whatever life has to offer with both ur hands…..don't resist anything…….by surrendering to it……….you outgrow it…… may seem like crucification….the pain may be excruciating…..but it cannot destroy you……….it may affect you…but you will only expand…… the horizon of ur awareness"

she was staring at his photograph………his gray curls falling till his shoulders…..the specs covering his eyes…..but beyond the specs…those eyes that she loved…..she still remembered his last words……..and amidst the pain that she was feeling……she managed to bravely put across a smile……she remembered………..he was lying on his bed……he was holding the key……..which was golden…that opened the doors to the palace of eternity……… yuvi was laughing…….his face appearing calm……poised……..controlled……even though he knew… a few minutes or hours he will became a stranger to the planet we all call earth……….

"ashi…….the life of ur love is not about possessing……attaining and holding in ur clutches……wt is important is…we have completed the circuit of our love when we unified our souls as one…..not even death can break this circuit……….when u love someone fully…..u do so regardless of whether that person is in ur site or not……….we can never truly possess nething ashes………to ashes…………….."

………….she remembered his body……that was just ashes now…….but those last words…..had stopped her from shedding even a drop of tear……..she understood she had savoured a beautiful part of life with him……and now…it was time…she created a panorama of his memories that she will never allow to become ashes……..we do make beautiful things in life……..shape our dreams and relate to others with love……….then our creations are one day destroyed…….and many let the emotional relationships to cool……..but ashi never allowed it to cool….she handled them beautifully…she glorified it in her heart…….and believed them to be permanent……..loss of his body couldn't stop her from feeling for him……….she just continued it forever…..till she became a stranger to earth….and followed her husband's path to bang the door of the palace of eternity……….
Fan-fic 12:
Long lost love..

In the words of Inder himself....

I woke up from my bed, stretching and yawning.It was still dark, but a scattered part of the world was awake.Rubbing my eyes,i tried to regain my focus and clear my disordered thoughts numbed with pain mingled with tired drowsiness.Getting out of my bed,I moved towards the window,leant with my elbow and stared at the world outside beyond the lonely darkness..Cold air stung my face and it almost reflected the empty,void feeling inside me.Despair,lack of identity,false hopes,delusive dreams,wistful desires-neverending thoughts.The world outside was slowly awakening.The milkman had started his daily rounds,the paperboy with an almost dull efficiency was casually throwing the newspaper into the houses,chanting of mantras and bhajans were heard at a distance,early morning walkers walked with forced briskness-some people were in a hurry,almost running,oblivious to the surroundings and some were in a pensive mood,lost in their own thoughts and some were in cheerful spirits,spreading the much needed warmth and smile occasionally,in the dark and dreary world..With a sigh i turned around and moved away from the window.Slowly walking across the room,the regular sound of my walking resonated and in the all pervading silence it sounded sinister.Dressing myself i went down..
    The emptiness, absence of life,joy and cheerfulness hit me hard with renewed vigour.Past memories came rushing to me at that instant.The love that I and Siya shared and the dreams we had of our future together..But they continue to remain as dreams.After losing Siya in a plane crash two years back,my life had come to a standstill..i had sunk deep into my own sorrow and had completely isolated myself from humanity.But somewhere in my heart i still believed that she was alive,had survived miraculously..Regardless of the constant barrage of harsh words and cruel looks of the society which considers me to be a man gone insane with loss of his love,i continue to exist my life clinging to that single thought..
    At that instant,the loud ringing of the phone pierced through my senses and brought me back to reality.I picked up the reciever.The news i recieved changed my life forever...Siya was alive.She had survived the crash but had been in coma for the past two years.Now she had regained her consciousness and the first word that she had uttered was my name..The intensity and enormity of the news hit me hard and left me staggering and i lost my footing for a moment..I started jumping about like a crazy man, totally oblivious to the amused and wondering looks of my family was a heartstopping moment .. With supreme effort i controlled my gone crazy emotions and rushed out like a mad man,possessed..Driving at breackneck speed,i reached the hospital in record time.I reached the room where Siya was recuperating..The realisation of her waiting for me on the other side of the door sent a strange feeling right to my heart.  I stopped, my whole body stiffening. My heart quickened.I found myself unable to catch my breath.. Pulling myself together and controlling my surging emotions- longing,regret,nervousness,
excitement and love, i very hesitantly opened the door..And there,i saw her waiting for me,alive,with tears of love and joy brimming in her eyes..her hair was loose about her shoulders in a wild array of waves, her cheeks flushed-the most beautiful woman i had ever seen..We stared at one another for a heart stopping moment.Our eyes met and a torrent of emotions flowed."Inder," her voice floated over to me like a silken caress.  "It is I, Siya.   I've come back.". "Both of us have come home.".Overwhelmed,I moved towards her and held her face in my hands,reverently,lovingly..Tears flowed,the age of loneliness has finally passed by,shadows of despair were gradually disappearing and my endless quest for life,love and Siya had finally come true.Neither of us knew who moved first or how it happened, but suddenly we were in each other's arms clinging to each other like there was no tomorrow...With a heart filled with gratitude and love, i said, "Siya,i love you..don't leave me,not now,not ever..I don't want to live without you Siya..  We were meant to be.  For always." and gently lifted her face and caressed her with a soft gentle kiss..Looking outside the window,out into the vibrant and lively world,i said a small prayer,"Lord,i don't know what i did to regain my life and love back..but,Thank you Lord..". And we stood there,locked in each other's arms making a silent promise of loving and being there for each other forever,with hearts filled with love and hope for a beautiful future.....

Fan-fic 13:
Ashi & Yuvi meeting for the first time –

Yuvraj Dev Singh was in a quandary. A cool dude, not getting emotional about girls, suddenly, for the last couple of days, he had been feeling the slight stirrings of his heart, an emotion unknown to him. Obviously, he was fidgety about it and Sid and Nakool were no help either. His eyes keeps drifting towards the computer screen and the Yahoo messenger to see if "Miss Attitude" is online.

Yuvi thinks to himself - "Miss Attitude", what a chick!!   Oops, I must not call her that… else I will get a long lecture on how to respect woman… OK. "Miss Attitude' what a bomb, what a girl man.. She is just so sufi man"

And as he says this, he hears a familiar pinging noise and finds his object of desire signed into Yahoo and his heart beats accelerate. Sid and Nakool come into the room and find Yuvi with a slight blush, a slight sheepish expression on his face, peering into the computer monitor. It was time for them to go online to meet their respective dates and they were keen to get Yuvi out of the room. But Yuvraj Dev had other ideas. He needed to be online to fix his date with Miss Attitude and he did not want his friends to find him mooning over a chick like this.

Yuvi to Sid and Nakool:- Hey dudes, whats up. I am sorry but I am just finishing some urgent work for my dad, and then I need to go meet him tonight at the farm house to finalise the deal on my new car. So sorry guys, wont be able to join you at the "ballu's bar" tonight.

Sid and Nakool (in unison) :- No probs dude!! We understand. Your dads work is important. (and thinking in their minds – Thank god Yuvi is busy tonight, becos we got only two chicks lined up and if he had wanted to come, we would be in trouble. Thank God!!)

Yuvi turns back to the computer to find a message buzzing from Miss Attitude.

Miss A:- Hey dude! Wassup. Whats going on in ur psycho mind today.

Yuvi:- Hey babes!! Just planning on going out.

Miss A"s hear skips a beat and thinks to herself – Oh No. Cool Dude is not going to be online. Why am I feeling so bad. Why am I suddenly feeling lonely"

Miss A :- Oh Oh. And here I was free and thinking I am free and we can speak and maybe meet tonight for a cup of coffee.

Yuvi almosts faints when he reads this message. Wow!! Miss A. wants to meet me. Is this my lucky day or what.. he promptly agrees and asks her for her mobile number. Miss A hesitates, asks for his number, which he promptly gives and asks for hers.

Miss A hesitates and instead tells him that she will call him. and his phone rings. Miss A is smiling to herself when she hears his phone ring, for the caller tune is "I am the best".

Yuvi hesitates to pick up the phone.. and then says " Hello. " comes the answer from the other side " Hey dude, its me Miss Attitude here". Yuvi is confused and says "Miss Attitude" from yahoo. My id is miss attitude.

Yuvi is thrilled and immediately starts shooting questions.. lets meet tonight, where do we meet, how do I recognize you, what are you wearing, what do you look like, how do I know who you are. Lemme know fast.

Miss A replies: Hey Bhaggu.. so many questions, so lil time. Wait u psycho. We just agreed to meet. So we will work it out. Where are we meeting.

And in his excitement, Yuvi just blurted out "Ballu's Bar" and Ashi agreed immediately. She replies "Hey, that's a cool place to hang out. I go there normally. Maybe we have met before also".

Both get ready to meet. It's the first time they were meeting face to face. In fact, it's the first time they had even spoken for the first time. Ashi thought, he sounds too kewl. When I heard his voice, why did I feel this strange tug on my heart, why did I feel that I have heard this voice before.

Yuvi arrives at "Ballu's Bar" and immediately finds his nemesis Madam Anwesha Bannerjee Ray entering the Bar. Yuvi thinks to himself "Oh NO.. why did she have to come here tonight. I hope she does not create any trouble".

Ashi enters the Bar and the first person to spot is Yuvraj Dev Singh. OH NO.. goes Ashi. Whats this psycho doing here. I hope he does not see me with a guy, if he does see, he will spread this information all through out in school!! OH no… why did he have to come here to ruin my date!! Stupid idiot. I cant even enjoy myself with the Cool dude. He sounds so kewl. So nice, so human.. not a pscycho like the guys in school and certainly not like this stupid idiot.

Anways, Ashi thinks to herself, there is no point at all in thinking about all this, when I spot the cool dude, I will ask him to go to another spot.

Yuvi is also thinking that Ashi is here and remembers that Sid and Nakool will also land up there and starts thinking of alternate places where they can go.

Frantically, Yuvi calls up Miss Attitude. He does not notice that Ashi standing at the other end of the bar receives the call in her phone. When she answers, he hears the sounds and the buzz of the place and realizes that she is already in the place. Yuvi looks around and sees lots of girls and his heart goes, wonder who amongst all of them is his dream date. He tells her to meet him at the "Lonely Bar" next door.

Ashi leaves the place thinking, good riddance to the Maurya High psychos and the stupid Idiot…. She is so absorbed in leaving the place quickly that she does not notice that Yuvi was also leaving the place. She quickly walks across to the Lonely Bar and once inside finds a nice place to sit down, quiet and out of the way, a good spot to observe everyone who comes into the door and yet not be seen the minute someone walks into the door.

Just as she settles in, she finds Yuvi walking into the door and gets immediately uncomfortable, yet a strange thought crosses her mind. Is he the guy! And her heart goes into overdrive. Somehow, she knows that is true. How and why her mind feels that, she knows not, but the warm feeling crosses her heart that it might just be him. Surprisingly, she thinks, even if he is psycho, on chat he is just so cute, he is just so heart wrenchingly cute and intelligent, he is so warm and caring.. he must be so in real life as well.

Yuvi walks in and immediately sees no girl in sight. Promptly he dials her number, and a phone starts ringing in the bar. Yuvi looks around and does not find anyone there.

Meantime Ashi realizes that she might just get caught. First she decides to cut the call, then decides to just face him, her destiny, the boy who actually set her heart and mind racing with just a lil smile on his face. She realized that all the time she was fighting him in school, she was just fighting their chemistry. That awesome feeling which ripped through her at that moment was just so much that a beautific smile made her face look like a full moon in the sky, all lit up, just waiting to see her beau.

Yuvi follows the sound of the ringing to the back of the pub, where he finds a girl sitting. She turns and its Ashi… and Yuvi's heart stops beating.

And Yuvi just smiles… and says Ashi… hey buddy, I should have known that it ought to be you. Who else could it have been who could have set my heart racing so. You touched a heart which no one else has been able to touch. Why did I not realize that it had to be you. You who knows me inside out, you who knows what I feel even before I feel it, you who knows when I am down and out and when I am all exited, you fight me so much, yet your fights exite me, and keep me going. You are my best friend Ashi and you set my world on fire…… But I don't know whether I should go down on my knees and propose or should I just hug you. You are my girl… yet you are my heart. You are my love, yet you are also my buddy. But Ashi, you are my dream.. You are my life…

And the rest, as they say, is your imagination

Fan-fic 14:

Long Lost Love Returns.

Two charcters are Samira and Sahil.

The girl walked upto the balcony doors and opened them, wind rushed in, she closed her eyes as her long silky black flew backwards. She smiled gently, she wore a silky white dressing gown, it was fresh morning and she could here the romantic songs of the birds. She smelled the fresh air and streched her body, then went back inside to a grand room full of photos, she smiled and walked upto one of the biggest photos placed on a small brown antique table. She sat down in front of it and reached out  and placed her hand on the shiuny glass., a tear dropped down her cheek, she leaned towards the photo a kissed it,

Samira:Tum abi bhi zinda ho, meri dil main...tum woh diya hoon joh meri zindighi ko hammisha roshan karthe hai.... tum jahaa kahi hoon tum phire bhi iss dil main rehte hoon.

She breaks into tears..

Samira:Sahil I still Love You....and will Love you forever....dehcko ajj..ajj main iss bari ghar main ahkila hoon..tum nahi hoon..par..par yeh ghar toh tumhara hai..tumhari liye maine yeh sab kiya..maine tumhara sapna pora toh ghar lot awo...

She carries on crying nothing was there to stop her, she had nothing in her life apart from him, she left her family for him she left her life for him and now...and now he is missing.

She stands-up and goes and takes a shower....

.......................................................... .. .................................................

The man sat on the plane, gazing into the clouds that he flied past....  today was the most happiest day of his life....he loved her loads, he couldn't live with-out her, yet he managed 5 yrs...but that he did for her happiness.... when she left her family for him, he had nothing, nothing to keep her happy, and now..and now he was wealthy he had all the money he needed to keep her happy..he could grant her every desire....He loved her alot.

He sat their dreaming of the times he had ever spent with her...the time when they first met...the time when they both revealed their love for eachother, the time they got married...he smiled of happiness his heart was dancing he laughes and rest his head on the back of his chair. Any momment now she will receive the letter from him telling her that he had returned!

.......................................................... .. ................................................. ...

Samira got changed into a white trouser suit, and ate her breakfast, she picked up her design file and stepped out of the door, ready to go to work.

A few mintues after she left the postman had come he left the letter....but she hadn't read it yet.

.......................................................... .. ................................................. ..

The plane landed the man ran into the airport and started laughing..he got on the elevator stairs and started singing and dancineg..

Sahil:Wahooo I'm back Home..I love My India..I love my jaan Samira...

.......................................................... .. ................................................. ......

Samira had finished work early and deicided to walk around her office, untill she saw a ice- cram shop she got an ice-cream and walked along the busy Mumbhai paths untill she heard a voice shouting her name...It was her freind Neha..


Finally when she caught-up Neha gasped for bresth..

Neha:Letter mille tujhe..letter..

Samira confused:Letter what letter..

Neha:Matlab leeter nehi poora..OMG...

Smaira:Bhaata bhi kya hua..

Neha:Sahil ghar waapas arra hai....

Theese words struck Samira.....and repeated in her mind..."Sahil ghar waapas arra hai...."..."Sahil ghar waapas arra hai...."

Samira takeing in the shock.,.....shed had no words to express her self she ran...she ran as fast as she coukd towards her house..she dropped the was important more then Sahil....

.......................................................... .. ................................................. .

Sahil knocked on the door.... and waited answer....knocked again...No answer...

Okay Sahil thought to him self....main ek kaam kartha hoon..main peeche ki door se garden main wait kartha hoon...

He couldn't beleieve it...this was his was beautifull...she stood infront of the lake....and lloked around at the beautiful garden..while waiting...

.......................................................... .. .............................................

Smaira ran straight through the door..the house was empty as she left it...

Samira:Hello Koi Hai...Sahilll

No place Samira thought to look was the garden...

.......................................................... .. ................................................. ..

There he was standing there throwing stones into the lake..she couldn't belive it..she didn't know what to feel excites?...Happy?..Sad..Upset?

She cooled down...he was unaware she had come.....

She walked queitly towards him...

Samira:Itna pathar maath pehko meri...I mean hummari lake main....

Shil dropped the hear that voice, he could do anything...he took in a deep breath..and turned around there she stood beautiful as ever...

..there he stood handsome as ever..

She runs upto him, and leaps into his arms.....he kissed her all over her face...she hugs him was as though the nevver wanted to let this momment go....

Samira:Kaha chalegaye the tum...?

Sahil:Tumhare liye woh khushiyan dhoodne...

Samira:Khushiya....?..Kya tumme itna bhi nahi paata...meri Khushiya sirf aur sirf tumhare saath waqt beetane mai  hai.... aur kabhi mujhe se dhoor math jhaana....

Sahil:Nahi jaogha....kabhi nahi...acha sunoo..

He puts her down..


SAHIL:I love..You... I Love You a Lot..

Samira:Acha kya kar sakte hoon meri liya...


Samira:Ayee mazzak main aisa math kehna....I Love You to..
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