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9/07: Khud ko kya samajthi hai..itna akar thi hai.

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Posted: 09 July 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged

Shanky explains to the assembled staff that the doctors suffer from an "indiscipline ki bimari" as a result of which he has installed CCTV in the hospital and that too for the day, could the timing be any worse? Ouch
A close up of each character's face shows the shock that has overcome them, whilst Riddhima looks over at Siddhant, Shilpa stares at Armaan, her mouth gaping open. In flashback, Armaan and Shilpa, JP and Jigs remember chasing Dr. Shashank through the corridors and dancing in the lift whilst Sid and Riddhima remember their loved up date.
See, had they all been carrying out their duties like good little doctors, they wouldn't need to be so worried by the news right now. Par afsos, we all know what they were actually doing in the hospitalWink...they all need to be weary of this "presentation". Then again, I love them all for their rebellious nature, especially our seedi saadi 'Miss Sachendri Devi' urf disciplinary officicer Dr. Riddhima.

Whilst Dr. Shashank tells them to 'sit back and relax and enjoy the er...movie' we can tell that his words fall on deaf ears, Armaan proceeds to bite his nails and the rest are all on edge anticipating the horror to appear on screen.
As expected, and shown in yesterday's precap, the dance sequence begins, a 'zombie' Shanky stomping through the Sanjeevani corridors and all at once, a confused grimace appears on the Senior Head's face. It's completely out of character for him, and he simply doesn't understand, questions surfacing in his mind-me? what? where? how? why? huh?! Confused
Riddhima is also surprised to see her father act this way, Armaan holds his head regretably, he was already aware of what had happened yet was unsure whether it had been caught on camera, his doubts now a reality. OuchShilpa shares the same feelings...anything could have been shown in their 12 hour work day yet it had to be the 5 minute song sequenceOuch daymmm!
Yet Sid's reaction is the best, he sniggers to himself at his father-in-law's behaviour then realising the intense situation looks down to compose himself. LOL
The whole staff is amused by the video, its completely unexpected and Shanky just stands looking fidgety and uncomfortable. It's not as if he can explain himself either...

Oh dear god, if Riddhima thought it couldn't get any worse than her Dad making a fool of himself then she was wrong and Sid isn't smiling either.
Yup, guessed right, the couple's private or not so private moments are now on the projection screen for the whole staff to see. Sid Riddhima are mortified to say the least and Shanky isn't laughing either....his humiliation is now turning to anger. Yes, an SR shub chintak he is of course, and he is the first to advocate for their relationship, but in his defence, firstly, no father wants to see his daughter romancing or rather being romanced and b) time and place please, this is a hospital!
I'm cringing right now, ArSh are gutted and indifferent respectively whilst JJ are in awe.....yet Riddhima's reaction is completely understandable, she closes her eyes in shame and looks at Sid for support. Ouch

The damage done, Shanky turns off the video in abrupt movement and silences the cheering crowd...at the minute, Shashank has just seen a video of himself acting in the strangest manner, but he will still adress the staff of Sanjeevani, it's his duty to and he will never shy away from it. He begins with the fact that in order to maintain discipline within the hospital, he had appointed a disciplinary officer *looks at Riddhima*. We know what's coming, "After seeing the presentation it is now obvious that the officer is simply irresponsible". Riddhima is unsettled and disappointed in herself more than anything. It's in her nature to give herself a hard time before anyone else...she is her own critic and impressing her father means the world to her. The fact that she started off really well in carrying out her role as disciplinary officer was evidenced nowhere in the video. It was only her failure that was witnessed by one and all....I just want to add that this may compel Riddhima to focus solely on her professional life, especially now that she has failed to achieve the standard expected of her.

Everyone knows that Shanky would never voluntarily ditch his professional etiquette, even he knows that there's a reason he can't recall acting in the way he did simply because he would never do so unless not in his right mind. He tells the staff the same, "I'm in disbelief that you have now started involving me in your silly antics, it's disgusting". Shilpa innocently justifies that they never intended on doing anything as such, which is true. Shashank was just in the wrong place at the wrong time…it was Armaan who had been the original and expected target.  

Shanky tells her to save it for the "apology letter", speaking to them all he informs them that they obviously require a disciplinary officer yet whom that will be, depends on their justification for being reckless. After reading their apologies will he determine who 'deserves' to be the disciplinary officer. It make sense, the person who seems the most remorseful, will be the person whom will want to make the biggest change to rectify their mistake…finishing with a sarcastic 'thank you so much' he dismisses them. Everyone leaves one by one, yet Riddhima remains seated…a daughter wanting to speak to her father. She hesitantly begins, 'Papa I'm-' but she's interrupted by Shank, "Dr. Riddhima, please leave". His position is clear, I'm not your father here, and no I don't want to talk to you. He looks away but Riddhima makes no move to go and he approaches her. Riddhima, he addresses his daughter, "I know you have a personal life", specifically telling her that the fact she was spending time with her husband is not wrong but "Dr Riddhima, shayad aap bhoolrahi hain ke aap ek hospital mein kaam karti hain". They stare at each other in acknowledgement…Riddhima apologises having understood her fault, and leaves.



Sid walks into the locker room and stops when he sees, Armaan JP and Jiggy sitting  on the bench. JP and Jiggy solemnly walk up to him and give him a reassuring pat on the back, a pause and……… then burst into hoots of laughter!

JP chuckles, "Sid bhaiya, aap to bare chup-e-rustam nikle" and they both tease a shy Sid with repetitive chants of, "naughty, naughty, naughty"…like I said before, everyone loves a rebel. EmbarrassedBig smile

I'll admit, although Armaan is present there, his expression is hard to read, simply because its blank. Before, Armaan seemed pretty gloomy yet now, nothing. Maybe it's less awkward when the taunts are directed at Sid and not Riddhima. Sid, delves more into his experience, "plan to acha tha, bas todi lighting kam thi". Armaan is taken aback by his simple response, now it's clear he's oblivious to the gravity of the situation. Laurel and Hardy continue to mock Sid to Armaan's dismay but then Riddhima enters.

"Tum logon ko bilqool sharam nahi". She's appalled with their attitude, she notices Armaan and enquires, "Do you want to shed some light on the matter Dr. Armaan". Yes, the little chat she had with Shanky really did come as a reality check for Riddhima. In the hospital, only work matters and with this is mind, she's back in form. Armaan isn't happy with the question, everyone else was there Dr. Riddhima so why are you asking me? I expected Armaan to say the same, it's not as if he found any of this amusing, nor was it his fault, why doesn't she ask the real culprit?  Riddhima verifies, "Wahan Senior doctor aap the, 'sab' nahi". And the worst, she is one of those to 'judge a book by simply reading the cover', with no definite evidence she wrongly accuses, "I bet it was your plan too".

Armaan asks her the same, "how can you be so sure?", and she returns the intimidating look, "kyunki main aap ko bauhaut achi tarah se jaanti hoon". Pshhht, clearly you don't honey. You can tell the issue lies with Riddhima alone, we were progressing fine so far, without any of those god forbidden misunderstandings, ruining the atmosphere in DMG and here comes another one, courtesy of Dr. Riddhima. The mood completely ruined. She supports her argument, "No one knows better than I, what you have been capable of in the past with regards to this hospital". Ouch

It's getting serious and the tension can be felt by all….Sid tries to intervene but Riddhima stops him, "Sid, please".

Armaan is stung by her blind accusation and he tells her that people change with time, (I agree), he makes a dig at her, hitting below the belt, but considering her comment I believe it was deserved, when he says, "I also never thought that the Dr. Riddhima who followed all the rules and regulations would dance around in the hospital", he's referring to the date, but it's still awkward for him to literally spell it out, hence for arguments sake, she was "dancing" and that is bad. Sid knows that they're angry for what happened and he rolls his eyes at the pettiness displayed by both. When acting as a professional, every moment that might have been fun at the time can be used to demean another and this was proven in today's episode.


Our fresh 'musibat ki jad' intern speaks up, "galti meri hai Dr. Riddhima", wow, I'm having dj vu. Shilpa is probably the one person who plans ahead for every occasion yet never gets the results expected. She never learns though…

I love her for owning up to her mistakes, shying away will not resolve a problem. She advances towards Riddhima, justifying herself, "I planned the whole prank for Dr. Armaan", Riddhima's shocked because she's been proved wrong, or whether because the plan is so ludicrous I'll leave to you to decide…

Shilpa says she wanted to get back at Armaan yet inadvertently, Dr. Shashank became the victim.

Riddhima sardonically states, "how can I forget, ever since you've entered Sanjeevani all the problems are associated with you alone".

Shilpa looks genuinely repentant as she tells her, "I would never have done it, if I'd known the consequences would have an impact on your life too". This is the sister talking, Shilpa has never meant to trouble Riddhima, everyone else maybe, but for each of her plans the down side has always been predominant in the sense that it has always done the unintentional. Since the day she entered Sanjeevani, Shilpa has wanted to impress if not appeal to Riddhima, which is probably why there have been these so called "problems" Riddhima refers to.

Riddhima questions her ignorance, "Of course everything in this hospital will effect me, since I am the disciplinary". Armaan mutters, "ex-disciplinary". The interns and Jigs are shocked by both his nerve and revelation. Personally, I love when the chudail is challenged (by chudail I refer to Dr. Riddhima, Mrs. Modi is a completely has a completely adverse persona). With regards to AR, I am reminded of their intern days, there was always this competition between them, mostly related with the ITOM award. I get the same feeling with the position for disciplinary officer.

Riddhima, now wounded by this comment, turns and asks him, "I'm sure that you're trying to find an opportunity in this mishap, you want to become the disciplinary don't you?" I don't seem to understand why Armaan spoke up against Riddhima but if  you think about it, no one likes a controlling autocrat, Riddhima has misused the position before and we know Riddhima isn't always like this. Being professional doesn't mean you act derogatively. With the role comes a stern Riddhima, someone who uses Dr. Kirti's "Hitler" technique to gather order around her and maybe that doesn't sit well with Armaan. Don't shout at Shilpa just because you think you have this position, you were as wrong as any of us and I will make sure you know that.


Now that Riddhima has made her point, Armaan tells her that the person who deserves the position will get it. Armaan isn't looking for an argument, Riddhima approached him with the wrong intention, an intention to confront. With this comment, he illustrates again that they both are at the same hierarchic level in the hospital and both have an equal chance of getting the position. Personal comment: I loveee this scene! One of the best so far, it's not because I'm some mad freak who loves to see people fight but the situation is so realistic, stuff like this happens all the time. It's better than the thoughtless non-humorous 'jokes' they tend to integrate in the episode.

Riddhima raises her eyebrows, "aur aap ko is position ki kafi umeed hai?". "Kyun na ho?" he retorts, if you loved the position so much you would never have behaved in 'this way'. Again, two points. Firstly, he's uncomfortable with spelling her 'behaviour' out, he's trying to act professionally yet personally at the same time with the little digs but secondly, it also shows how troubled he is by what he saw, hence he keeps referring to it in a degrading way. It's going to take time for both to get over their pasts that's for sure…for Armaan more so since he isn't linked to another….yet.

Everyone is again shocked by Armaan's comment, he never looks her in the eye when he makes a jab yet now they stare at one another hard and cold. Sid is disturbed by the conflict and Riddhima simply tells him, "All the best Dr. Armaan" i.e. this is war.  

Eeek I love I love it I lovee it! A zoom on each of their faces in turn, shows the two parties going out to battle. Their faces show daringness, determination and confidence to succeed.

Riddhima turns to Shilpa and mocks, "Aap ko bhi Dr. Shilpa", Shilpa stares at apprehensively. Riddhima adds that she doesn't need it since she's been paired with such a doctor *looks at Armaan who shakes his head* who will teach her everything in this hospital, that is against the rules. Touche. They really are having it out against each other. Riddhima continues, " You always apologise, yet I doubt you even know the meaning". It's true, but this is probably cutting Shilpa up, I can imagine her to be the person who would never apologise unless she really did regret her actions, which is why Riddhima has been the only one to experience the gesture. Consequently, I think it's harsh when she tells Shilpa, "phele mujhe sirf lagta tha, ke aap ko yahan nahi hona chahiye, par ab mujhe yakeen hogaya hai, that you don't deserve to be here". A step too far maybe? Does an (ex) disciplinary officer have the right to determine who should be a part of Sanjeevani and who shouldn't? Remember when Abhimanyu Modi sacked Dr. Kirti, remember the controversy that followed? Riddhima isn't inclined to say anything on the matter and so she shouldn't. I remember Sid saying, "Hum is ke Dad ke interns hain, iske nahi". The same applies.

Shilpa looks close to tears and Armaan stops her, "Bas Riddhima". It's gotten out of hand now. Riddhima turns to look at him, stunned. "Tum ek professional matter ko ek personal issue bana rahi ho". I have to say Armaan kinda did the same before but Riddhima is undoubtedly in the wrong, her personal conflict with Armaan, the fact that she was proved wrong has ignited a fire within her and consequently, Shilpa faces her wrath. Armaan simply tells her, "she has made a mistake which she has apologised for". Issue over. I remember saying in yesterday's post, it's the Dr. Shashank approach all over again, "its not the fact that a mistake has been made, it's the desire to rectify it which should be given importance". And that's what Riddhima needs to learn.

Riddhima defeated says, "I'll let it be" and leaves (clearly offended). Armaan notices and goes to stop her then falters at the last minute. He never wanted things to get bad between them and had tried to avoid any arguments but I'm glad he didn't go after her. Instead, Sid hurriedly follows her. Armaan is uneasy as he brushes his hands through his hair and Shilpa softly utters "Thanks" with a smile. Armaan is indifferent, he was siding with what he thought was right, it was a coincidence he ended up helping Shilpa. However, what has hurt him most that his decision cost him a pleasant civil relationship with Riddhima.


Switchhh: A new day in Sanjeevani, implied by Shilpa's change of attire. It's pretty, I love her collection of clothes, especially this rosy red dress. It compliments her. Whilst reading her file, she overhears a nurse and peon discussing whom they think will be the new disciplinary of Sanjeevani, and all three agree "Dr. Armaan". Why? "Because he's the best doctor and there's no one in this hospital who doesn't like him"

Shilpa looks thoughtful and she thinks to herself, he is a little strange "aur kitna pareshaan karte hain mujhe!" A flashback of their journey, their conflict in Sanjeevani, Armaan's prank, the cake incident. I love the background music, it's melodic and soothing…JEmbarrassed

She realises that "although he fights with me, infront of another, he'll fight for me too". She recalls the confrontation with the gunde at Kangraroos and the "haath" scene when she 'fainted', when he provided his handkerchief and when he spoke up against Riddhima for her. Shilpa looks really pretty. Walking through the corridor, she sees Armaan discussing a case with another doctor, she sees how whilst passing the file to the doctor, it falls to the ground and he quickly rushes to pick it up for her. Our helpful Dr. Armaan and Shilpa acknowledges him with a cute smile on her face. Kuch kuch hua me thinkst….kuch kuch ho raha hai! EmbarrassedShe follows him further and witnesses him walking into the children's ward and all the kids running over to hug him. It's tres adorable to see them all together…awww. Haha! Shilpa is in her own little dream world peeking from around the door, practically spying on Armaan and as the children surrounding Armaan notice her watching, they mirror her gesture. Haha! I must say Shilpa's hair is so 'dabur amla', did she every advertise for them? Armaan notices the children and confused turns to look at the door where they all seem to be 'mesmerised' by something (As Shilpa seems to be with Armaan). When Shilpa realises Armaan is staring at her, she blinks away in embarrassment, which makes Armaan smile. How much am I loving this scene and them two together? It's indescribable. He winks! at her and she smiles at the gesture. Okay,  I think she's dreaming…ConfusedShocked


Coooming up: Armaan walking over to Shilpa and "blowing" her hair from her face, whilst she closes her eyes.

Personal comment: I think she's dreaming and if she isn't woop woop, party time, although I don't see why Armaan would behave in such a way, especially now. She must be dreaming…she's dreaming. Right?Confused


After the break: Armaan winks at Shilpa and walks over, a coy smile on his face. She's unsettled as she realises he's moving closer and closer. She raises the file over her face to distract him…as well as herself. She can feel him close, she lowers the file to his "smiling eyes" and they stare at one another. Shilpa ko pyaaar ho gaya. That's a change, usually the guys almost always fall in love first. Naina was probably the other anomaly. Honestly, I know what 'smiling eyes' are, how would you comprehend the phrase…. I suppose its when your eyes "twinkle" with the creases at the sides. You know what I mean right?Smile


Comingg up: Shashank scolding Riddhima, "is hospital mein, interns ko nahi balke senior doctors ko bhi bauhaut kuch seekna baaki hai" Riddhima, Armaan and Sid look at him in anticipation, they all look towards the ground too, ashamed? Shilpa seems worried. Wonder what happened..He tells them he has decided who will be assigned the role of disciplinary officer.

Personal comment: Well…I think that Riddhima did let the control go to her head, I know Dr. Kirti's method is not wrong...but of course it's my personal view. Riddhima did take Armaan's words personally in today's episode so I wonder whether Shashank was witness to another immature argument of theirs, hence his words? Anyway, I think Armaan might become the officer…I don't think it will be Riddhima again. If not Armaan it'll probably be Jigs! Who said a male nurse cant be a disciplinary?!LOL


After the break: Armaan winks at Shilpa yet again. She is dreaming. No doubt. But thank you for showing a happy happy Armaan romancing Shilpa CVs, even if it is a dream. I appreciate it wholeheartedly. The precap scene where Armaan blows Shilpa's hair and she closes her eyes from his touch. Smile

Episodo Finito.


Agle hafte: Part I Shashank speaking to the staff and he announces the disciplinary officer.


"Dr Siddhant Modi aap"

Riddhima and Armaan are shocked. They both turn to look at Sid.

:ShockedShocked Sid?! Wow wee, ok personal comment: Riddhima wanted the role to futher her professional life. She wanted it so badly she challenged Armaan, who was pretty indifferent. Her husband now has that position, and he has always prioritised Riddhima over his work, which isn't bad but I dont think he cares about being a disciplinary. Why do I think Riddhima is going to let this affect her relationship? Ouch God, prove me wrong! Please!


Applause? Clap : The Armaan Riddhima confrontation, hands down and I also loved ArShi at the end. Armaan was my fave character today. No doubt.

Rotten tomatoes! Ouch: Theres always lots of SR and then no SR...apart from the recap in the little CCTV presentation they had no moments, Riddhima was being her Dr. Kirti's cheli self again and myeah. Not good.


BonusStar: I loved today's episode bar the rotten tomatoes, I think the precap for next week is going to be a good twist in the programme. Let's see! Otherwise...Armaan's wink is a definite bonus and him taking down the Queen B. Mwaha!

Over and out thank you for reading!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to let you guys know that this is my last post for the next six weeks as I'm going away on holiday. Will miss writing but more than that I'll miss reading your comments! So an extra thank you for readingSmile

Lots of love, luck and blessings to all!

Mwa xXx

P.S apologies for the extraa long post, I guess I'm making up for yesterday EmbarrassedDead


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U_R_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 July 2010 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Sleepy such a long post yaar tired of reading.......................phopppp

Edited by nikkylovsdmg - 09 July 2010 at 3:22pm

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Yes Long, but loved every bit of the analysis..so true to the story!!! Awesome job!

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Posted: 09 July 2010 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
nm21!!! i really should ask you your name after commenting on so many of your posts LOL!!!

don't worry for the length, good things can never be too much!!! 

i have so many times said this but each time u force me to repeat myself: i LOVE it!!!!!! i just love reading your analysis!!

and im so gonna misss your posts for 6 months Cry!! but loli understand holidays are a must!!!! so enjoy yourself to z max, and then come back after to post again your lovely analysis of each epi of dmg!!! and lol i hope by the time to return we get some decent track!!!

Sid disciplinary officer sounding soo good and promising!!!! frankly me im a sr fan, but in this matter if ridz over reacts or does not support sid,, im on sid's team!!!!

love girisha

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Applause? Clap : The Armaan Riddhima confrontation, hands down and I also loved ArShi at the end. Armaan was my fave character today. No doubt.


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bamboocopter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2010 at 3:48pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2010 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Thank you everyone for the comments!

@nikkylovsdmg -I know! I apologise, didn't realise it was going to be so long, but thanks for being brutally honest:P haha! xXx

@coolkitty_23 -Thankk you! I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for taking the time out to comment! xXx

@gimzy -Hello my dear, my name is Nish, I wholeheartedly thank you for the lovely comment! I Its sooo sweet of you, trust me I'm going to miss writing the posts too! Cry Aw, thank you for the wishes I'll make sure I write as soon as I'm back and pray that I come back to a good storyline.

Having said that I agree, I'm looking forward to Sid as a disciplinary.....it could go either way, I hope we're pleasantly surprised Wink I also love the Sidster, SidMaan are my favourite Smile Thanks again! Love xXx

@ CommonSense -haha! Glad you agree Big smile Thank you for commenting! xXx

@ MogliF21 -Aww, honeslty, no need to thank me, pleasure is all mine! Especially when I get to read your comments, I write for selfish reasons Tongue Thank you all the same for the wonderful comment. 

Haha, I agree with your thoughts but I think Sid diverges from the norm, he's such a likeable guy, Riddhima may obviously let her ego overcome her but I think Sid has learnt to handle that Riddhima in whichever way possible so I think it will be something to look forward to.

about the CC footage: btw, there r several CCCs fitted in Sanjivani; who did edit all the shots for Shanky??? i think there ain't no person appointed as an editor in cheap (oops! i mean chief) ;))

LOLWith regards to the above! I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks again honey!

Lots of love luck and blessings to all!

P.S  A big jhappi to all those who liked the post aswell! N xXx

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amazing analysis...summed the whole episode really well....

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