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HumraahI-Rajeev-Aamna FF-Triple Update-Page-147!! (Page 5)

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The Introduction Part Is Coming Up In Five Minutes..Smile

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Hiii Guys…. Jaise maine aap sabse promise kiya tha that I'll post the 'Introduction' of 'HumraahI' soon, so here it is…. Sorry thoda late post karr rahi hoon.. darasal yesterday I was not at home, I was out shopping, I came back only at 9 in the evening…. Aur saare din ke chehel pehel ke baad abhi main free hoon tho socha kii I should start typing the 'Intro'…  aur jab start kiya tho my sister called aur baat karthe karthe raat ke 2 baj gaye…. Sorry for the delay…. guys thank you all so much for such sweet response for 'HumraahI', it was absolutely over whelming… I never knew I would start a fanfic so soon, but it is because of you guys that I'am starting the fic, you have been so supportive.. thanks a ton… now talking about this fanfic, well you must have understood the base concept after checking the first look… but guys don't think that it would be a sad story, I promise you it would not be a sad fanfic, may be there will be share of sad moments in the fanfic, but the fanfic will be as lively & happy as possible… but the question remains that will this particular fanfic have a tragic ending… ab yeh jaanne ke liye tho we have to read tho story & know what exactly is 'HumraahI' about… so without much ado let's start my 4th fanfic 'HumraahI'……  

****HumraahI – Introduction****

The Garewal's…. Yeh hai Garewal parivaar… is parivaar ke sadasya ek saath nahii rehthe hai… is parivaar mein aisa kuch hua tha che (6) saal pehle jiske wajah se yeh parivaar aaj saath nahii rehtha… lekin bhale hii yeh log saath ho ya na ho lekin ek dusare se pyaar bohat zyada hai karthe hai… alag hoke bhi mushkil waqt mein ek juth hokar khade hothe hai…. Garewal parivaar mein hai paanch sadasya…. Aur woh hai…

Chetan Garewal (Played By Deepak Parashar):- He was a man of principles.. he loved his family very much… chetan always wanted to give his family a luxurious life, he has strived hard for it until he was alive.. taking care of the responsibilities chetan died very young… at the age of 45 he lost his life, under mysterious circumstances.. when he passed away, he made a fortune for his kids & wife… so that his family could lead a comfortable life… chetan's life revolved only around his family & best friend, Avinash Gujral's family until he was alive… chetan's death left his family with a void which could never be filled in their lives… he & Avinash had started a small manufacturing  company named 'The Garewals & Gujral Cooperation' in London, but just before his death, partnership was consolidated….  though both the families still remained friends, the partnership was broken & reason was only known to chetan & avinash.. during chetan's life time the company had become a mediun size cooperation, which had started to expand it's work & business in different areas…… chetan passed away in the year 2000… (yes the garewals were situated in London back in 2000)…. [the character of chetan will come only in the later stage in a flashback….]

Veena Garewal (Played By Madhavi Gogate):- Chetan garewal's wife….. she is the one woman whose support system used to be her husband.. but with her husbands sudden demise, she had to take charge of her house & kids… though looking at her people would feel she is weak, but she managed her life perfectly after her husbaand's death.. if anyone would ask her, how she managed things after her husbands death, then she would just smile & attribute everything to her husband chetan… veena garewal & chetan garewal crossed their toughest times & were a couple who were happily married… but fate did not let it remain that way, 20 years after their wedding chetan passed away on the dreadful night… & from that day onwards veena has emerged as a strong women… she has taught her children right & wrong… she has given her children the freedom to choose what they want but if she feels that her kids are not right then she just stays away… she is a kind of person who is very strong & who always supports the right… at the age of 60, veena is settled in California, USA, she moved from London to California six years back…   

Prerna Garewal/ Basu (Played By Sweta Tiwari):- The eldest daughter of chetan & veena… a girl who is just like her name, prerna, the girl who became her mothers strength at the age of 19 when her father passed away… she handles her fathers business along with her younger brother… her siblings are very important to her… while her mother handled the home front after her father's death, it was prerna who took up the responsibility of her fathers firm.. though her father's friend (avinash) offered to help with the business at that age prerna stood firm by her decision & she managed the work front… & today at the age of 29, she was a married woman, a successful entrepreneur, a wonderful daughter, a mother like sibling & a mother to a five year old daughter… she was handling each & every responsibility with perfection.. she was married to Anurag Basu, a businessman she met during business meetings. It was a love marriage & today both are happy in their life… prerna is settled in 'San Diego', USA… the basu's frequently visit veena in 'California'….     

The Extended Garewal Family…  The Basu's… the Basu's comprises of a small & happy family…. The people in this family are emotionally attached to one another, it is a close knit family…. Prerna Basu, Anurag Basu & Sneha Basu…

Anurag Basu (Played By Cezanne Khan):- A businessman, who knew nothing but business before he met his life partner, prerna, it was prerna who taught him how to live life happily… anurag is very close to the garewals, he is like a son to veena.. he is the guide for prerna's siblings.. anurag even has a naughty side to him.. he is the one who keeps teaching his saali sahiba to play pranks on her 'B's' best friend…. Anurag protects the garewal family as the eldest son…. Six years back, anurag, prerna along with veena moved to the US from London… anurag has been the pillar of support for prerna… their relationship & business has seen all the up's & down's but still their love for each other always remains… after prerna if anyone is close to anurag then it is prerna's younger brother… anurag has been a friend, a guide, a philosopher, a role model for prerna's brother… he met prerna when she was 21 & he was 22…. It was love at first for both of them…..  they both got married in the same year….  anurag & prerna are married for eight years now… for anurag prerna & the garewals are his only family, he lost both his parents at a very young age……. At 30 he had a family he dreamt of having one day…

Sneha Basu (Played By Shriya):- She is Anurag & Prerna's daughter… she is five years old, though she is a kid she understands one's feelings very well… she is the partner in crime along with her muski maasi to trouble her best friend, best friend… she is the apple of everyone's eyes.. Everyone dotes on her… once in a year she goes to India to meet her favorite maamu… she likes going to India once in a year, she stays there for a week at her maamu's place in Delhi… she goes there with her parents, but sneha has always observed that there is a sense of awkwardness between her parents & her favorite maamu.. but sneha being the wise one has never voiced it to anyone…. Sneha spends that one weeks time in her maamu's place having a time of her life, where she is pampered by all the inmates of the house who have now become her maama & maami's… apart from her parents the closest person to sneha is her dearest maamu & her best friend…

Now Coming Back To The Garewal Family…
Well in the Garewal family there are two more member… first talking about the youngest of the two garewals……

Muskaan Garewal (Played By Dhrusti Dhami):- At the age of 24, muskaan, known as muski, is the youngest garewal & the chirpiest of them all. She is a junior doctor at the California State Hospital…. She had moved to California six years back along with her mother, when a decision changed their lives… she loves her family the most… she can go to any extent to protect her family… she may be the kid of the family but still when it comes to standing for what is right & wrong, she takes a strong stand & believes only in supporting the right even if it means going against her dear one's… muskaan has not spoken to her elder brother nor has seen him in the past six years.. though she loves her brother, though she longs for her brother but she knows that what her brother did six years agao was  not right & so she has broken all ties with him… earlier she used to have only one aim in her life & that was to annoy her elder brother, but now her aim in her life is to annoy & irritate her 'B's' best friend along with sneha… muskaan is very close to her 'B'…. she shares everything with her 'B'….      

& Now finally talking about the other garewal… Chetan & Veena's Son, Prerna's Younger Brother, Muskaan's Elder Brother, Anurag's Brother-in-law & Sneha's favorite maamu…..
Agni Vashist Garewal (Played By Rajeev Khandelwal):- Agni Vashist Garewal, the son of the garewals…. He stays at Delhi away from his family… at the age of 27 he has everything one person would wish for in life, but the thing he misses the most is having his family close to him… he stays away from his family.. he just cannot blame anyone from his family for the differences & distance that has been caused between him & his family… at the age of 17 he lost father.. at that time he became his elder sisters support & that made him reluctant, hesitant, arrogant, rude, responsible at the same time.. being the support to his elder sister he had just forgotten to lead a life which guys generally of that age lead… he was a introvert to the outside world but only the people closest to him knew how witty, extrovert & naughty he was.. he liked to be pampered by his mom, dii & jiju.. while he in turn he spoilt his younger sister to bits until she was there with him.. when he was 21 his life changed with in matter of six months & his family decided to move away from him… he knew that the decision he would be taking will have drastic effects but he did what he thought was right… after his family moved to US, he did not want to stay in London any longer so thus he shifted his base to Delhi & he manages his work from Delhi…. for him now his family were his friends, Prithvi & Milind… he has been living with them for the past five years in there home 'Utpal Villa' in the outskirts of Delhi.. yes he had a family, his friends whom he had met 5 & a half years back were with him, his friends were married & happy.. but still there was something missing in his life… though he had a smile plastered on his face, that smile never reached his eyes nor that smile was from the heart.. life has been like this for him for the past six years… he takes care of the garewal industries branches in India, apart from that he has opened a big media agency, which involves the print, the radio, the newspaper & the magazine sector… this agency was opened with a partnership with his best friends, prithvi & milind… yes the place where he lived looked like a home, because he had such good friends who take care of him, but still something was missing… & he was missing this aspect in his life for the past six years now… Agni's anger was just like him, if he was angry he can destroy everything around him.. he was just like his name, Agni Vashist, his anger always got the better off him & even today he regrets his anger outbursts which caused his family to move away from him six years back… being young or old did not matter to him he always made his mark in the business industry.. along with his friends he manages 'The SDP Media Home' which right now was riding high along with the garewal industries… agni is a kind of person who is not interested in girls… his friends wives, Damini & Prachi always keep forcing Agni to date girls, but he never seems to be interested… people who see him envy him & think that what more could he ask for…. But Agni knows that if he could ask for something then it would be to revert back to the day which changed their lives six years back & set everything back in a proper order… he never shares his deepest & darkest secrets with anyone… agni was like that he would share his happiness with all.. but he never would share his pain with anyone… though he was close to his friends he never mentioned to them about what happened in his life six years back nor they ask him… this was just his way of life, whether happy or not did not matter to him he was just living for the sake of living… his life lacked something, he knew what it was but he believed it is too late now… this is how he was & this is how his life was from the day he returned to Delhi from London six years back….  His anger was dangerous for people who were at the receiving end but only people close to him knew his tender & lovable side… he laughs the most when ever he thinks about his niece sneha or spends time with her… Agni Vashist Garewal had a tender side to him, apart from being the ruthless hard-core, workaholic business man he had a life which he has hidden with in himself & from the world for the past 6 years.. but what he did not know was that life changes with in matter of seconds & he just has to wait for the right time… kya, kab, kaise, kyun ho jaye yeh koi nahii keh saktha…. What comes your way, you never know…..  -- & that is what 'HumraahI' is going to teach him….  

Agni Vashist Garewal's Present Family… His Friends…
Prithvi Saxena (Played By Gaurav Khanna):- At the age of 28, he runs one of the leading ad adgencies along with his best friends… he was a struggling ad designer, his life changed when he met Agni, agni who had a liking to the field of media saw the passion for work in prithvi five & a half years back.. then later prithvi & agni became friends & they started gathering all that they required to open a media firm… once prithvi met agni there was no turning back to his life, all he saw was only success & more success.. yes life had given him many things which he can cherish forever, it had given him two friends who were his family.. he had met Damini, when she had joined the media home as a assistant ad developer… damini & prithvi fell in love & thus got married… prithvi had no family as such, he had just some distant relatives who had funded his living.. but now prithvi did have a family, his family were agni, milind, damini & prachi.. they completed his world…

Damini Saxena (Played By Chandana Sharma):- Prithvi's better half… she had met prithvi when she had joined 'GSM' Media Home… later she fell in love with prithvi… agni is a brother figure to her.. being the only child of her parents, damini always missed having a elder or a younger sibling in her life.. when she had joined 'GSM' Media home, as a assistant ad developer, she never knew life would take such drastic turns.. & today she is a integral part of 'TheSDP Media Home'… at the age of 26 she manages her professional & personal life with utmost care… her dearest friend is prachi.. prachi & damini always keep telling agni to get married but agni just runs away from there… damini has taken a oath that she will get agni married at any cost & that too soon… Damini's mother stays at Manali, her father passed away when she was very young.. she is married to prithvi for 3 & half years now..  her life was just as she imagined it to be beautiful.. she had everything… she had two protective brothers to take care of her.. a best friend in the form of prachi & a caring husband.. now all she wished for was to get agni hooked with a girl….

(guys for whose who are confused about the 'sdp & 'GSM' name… actually the SDP' media home was earlier 'GSM' Media Home, but later the name was changed, why you will know that in the parts of the ff)

Milind Mishra (Played By Shabbir Ahluwalia):-  At the age of 27, milind would have been doing nothing if he had not met agni… milind was the son of a very big industrialist Mr. Shekar Mishra, milind had met agni & prithvi for the first time when agni had come to his fathers office in Newyork, for a deal… it was five & half years back when all milind was doing was wasting his fathers hard earned money… it was milind's father who forced milind to stay with agni & prithvi & take training in business & to learn the tricks of the trade… milind was not interested to go, but when his father forced him milind accepted the offer & thought that it would be a good holiday for him back in India… but what milind did not know was that during his stay in India for 6 months, he would become so close to agni & prithvi that he would decide to stay with them itself… & that's how milind became friends with agni & prithvi.. later he met prachi at damini's wedding, he fell head over heels in love with her & the rest was history.. milind & prachi got married on the same day a year after damini & prithvi got married..

Prachi Mishra (Played By Panchi Bohra):- At the age of 25, prachi was milind mishra's wife… she was the youngest in the Uptal household & she was taken care of by one & all… prachi was a distant cousin of damini who had come down to attend damini's wedding & at that time she never knew that milind fell for her & would come looking for her to woo her.. prachi never had feelings for milind right away, after a year long of courtship she had finally admitted that she loves milind & she got married to him.. prachi had lost her parents in a tragic accident just a year back, when she was getting to know milind.. & at that time milind was her support.. she had got two elder brothers in agni & prithvi.. she had got a friend cum elder sister in damini.. all stood by her side & pulled her out of the crisis.. along with damini even she has taken a oath to get agni married… prachi & damini keep making plans of how to hook up agni with a girl while agni keeps looking for ways to escape them… prithvi & milind have a hearty laugh at the situation of agni between damini & prachi..
This was the 'Utpal Villa's' way of life.. they found happiness in every small thing… their togetherness was their biggest strength…

Now Talking about the other family….. The Gujral's.. well the gujral's have been in London, along with the Garewals… their houses were right opposite each other.. the gujral's though a family cannot be considered as a close knit family.. the gujral home consisted of 4 people… the eldest one being, Avinash Gujral…
Avinash Gujral (Played By Kali Prasad):- A man who is a staunch businessman.. for him his family does not matter… for him if at all something matters then it is his money… he was chetan garewal's best friend… the reason why chetan & he broke his partnership are known only to him & chetan.. he is a man who does not value relationships… for him relationships are like just another business deal or contract… he does not like the interference of his wife in his matters.. he is a person who sees his benefit in each & everything he does… he always longed for a son, but he loves his elder daughter very much… but his second daughter is non existant to him because he did not want a daughter but he wanted a son the second time.. he was just providing his second daughter with luxuries & comforts but never did he nurture her with care nor he understood that..…

Suman Gujral (Played By Geetanjali Tikekar):-  A wife who never opens her mouth in front of her husband…. She was just a silent spectator to all the happenings around her.. she is avinash's wife, but she knew what a kind of person avinash was so she never had any expectations from him… she knew it very well that when she was pregnant for the second time her husband wanted the child to be a boy, but there was nothing one could do… God blessed the gujral household with a girl child.. & she very well knew that her husband differentiated between their two daughters.. she also knew that her husband never paid attention to their second child.. but there was nothing which she could do.. as a mother she tried to treat both her daughters with equal love & care, but her husband never allowed her to give much attention to their second daughter.. the elder daughter was pampered to heights while the younger one was left to the care of nanny… suman knew it was not right, but she never voiced her opinion about it.. she was friends with veena back when the garewals were in London… even today she remains to be the same type of person…

Rewa Avinash Gujral (Played By Jasveer Kaur):- The elder daughter of Avinash & Suman Gujral… a girl who is a spoilt brat.. pampered by her father she gets what she wants in life… her father has pampered her such heights that she is not even allowed to carry a bag or enter the kitchen in her home… from childhood, she has been seeing her father treating her younger sister like a out caste & seeing him all through the years even she does the same with her sister.. she does not value what her mother says… for her, her mother keeps giving her boring lectures… she is the princess of the house.. she gets everything with her fathers money.. she is proud, hot headed & arrogant… she has not learnt polite behavior in her life.. for her money is everything… she would go to any levels to earn money… she is 27 years old.. she thinks that she is the most beautiful person on the earth… she feels she is the diva, she always tries to show to her sister that she is better & more loved while she (her younger sister) is unwanted.. she is highly ambitious & she does not care for anyone's feelings not even her father… she is selfish & self obsessed… right now she is on a world tour as her father has sent her on a paid luxurious holiday….

Now talking about The youngest Gujral… she is Seher A G…  in short her pet name is 'SAG'
Seher A G (SAG) (Played By Aamna Shariff):- Seher the sweetest of all in the gujral family… but she is the most neglected one… she is 26 years old… since childhood she has been seeing the differentiation done between her & her elder sister.. though it hurt her a lot initially, but she slowly got used to the fact that nobody in her home loved her… as a child she always longed to be in her father's arms, but her father never picked her up, it was always only her sister… when she tried to find a friend in her mother she started observing that her father never wanted her mother to be with her…. Thus seher's best friends became her toys, her nanny… seher was the daughter every parent would wish for, but as a child she failed to understand why there was a disparity between her & her sister.. but as she grew up she understood the fact that she was unwanted in the gujral household… books became seher's best friends, so much so that her love for books reflected in the specs that she wore… the mother figure which she could not relate to in her own mother, she started seeing that figure in her veena aunty…. Veena & chetan loved seher like their own, they tried telling avinash & suman not to neglect seher but what ever they said about seher was just unheard by avinash… seher bonded with prerna & muskaan very well… but she never could bond with agni…. Prerna took care of seher like a elder sister, while seher took care of muskaan… these three had formed a strong bond between them… but rewa could never be a part of the gang… rewa was always the center of attraction & when prerna & muskaan gave more importance to seher, rewa did not like them… on the other side, seher had developed a crush on agni in her teens, she never told it to anyone.. not even to herself.. but in her teens her first crush was agni… seher knew it very well that agni never even looked at her… agni was always with rewa ganging up against her teasing her.. seher used to get hurt, but she was used to it.. so koi kuch bhi keh de, kitni bhi ghalat baat kyun na keh de but seher would always smile & brush it off.. she was the target for Rewa everytime… people who were not attached to her made fun at her expense, but seher never cared…. She was just a girl who lived in her own world & did not care about what the world around her thought… she was agni's golu-molu, agni's chashmish & she was happy to be that way.. chetan's death affected her a lot, because chetan was the father figure in her life.. & then life carried on until she was 20 years of age.. at that time her life changed with in matters of seconds… just in a period of one hour her whole world turned upside down… everything around her changed… there was a drastic change in her life…. & after that a time of six months passed by, these months which she thought would solve her confusions, gave rise to more problems in her life.. & one day changed everything for her again… but she did not regret anything, she knows that what has happened is for the better, may be not for her but for the person she loves the most… so thus today seher is living a life where she is smiling through her tears.. her tears have dried up a long time agao & today she is just living for the sake of it… Seher A G, in short SAG for friends lives in California, she left London six years ago… she lives with veena & muskaan… she is muskaan's 'B', veena's best daughter, sneha's best friend… anurag's younger sister, prerna's support through thick & thin…  aur in sab ke beech woh seher kho gayi thi joh khulke muskurathi thi… aaj joh seher aapke saamne hai woh bas isliye hai kyunke woh apne apno se behad pyaar karthi hai… sab kuch hone ke bawajood bhi seher kii zindagi mein kuch kami hai… seher jaanthi hai kii woh kya kami hai lekin iske bawajood bhi woh apni zindagi aise hii guzaar ne ko taiyaar hai… as she feels that joh hua sahi hua… seher tho hai hii aisi, khud ko takleef pohanchakar dusron ko khushiyaan dene waali… seher works with 'Maan's Media Firm' in California… she was the lawyer for the firm & apart from being a lawyer seher was also the creative director in the firm.. she did not want to work with the garewals, so she had joined the maan's group after she finished her courses.. she finished two courses side by side once she came to California.. she was a girl of todays world, she knew how to face the world… but still she never left her traditions & values behind… in these six years she had made a new friend, Maan Khurana… they met as strangers, slowly became friends & today they are the best of friends… it was only maan, muskaan & sneha's who could make seher smile… seher had no hopes in life, she knew what has gone cannot be reverted back but what she did not know was if things cannot be reverted than atleast they can be 'Reconciled'… -- & that is what 'HumraahI' is going to teach her…
(This was the kind of specs seher used to wear, before leaving to California…. But now seher has groomed herself….
The image)

Maan Khurana (Played By Gurmeet Choudary):- Maan, he is Seher's best friend.. he calls seher Sags, while he was seher's 'BF'…. Seher shares her sorrows with him… he knows that though he is Seher's best friend but still he is not closest one to her… he knows it very well that seher chahe usse kuch bhi kahe but her deepest sorrows are hidden with in her… he understands seher very well.. he met seher during the evening classes for the 'media' course.. they developed a bond, after meeting everyday & in these six years he has become seher's best friend.. & a part of the garewal family… at 28 years of age maan runs his grandmothers firm.. maan stays with his grandmom in California, his parents are divorced & separated, they have no time for maan.. so since his childhood maan has been with his grandmother most of the times.. for maan seher's house is his second home… he gets annoyed when muskaan teases him.. but still that does not stop him from going there, because they are a part of family.. & he in a way enjoys the attention which muskaan gives him.. maan & seher together run the 'Maan's Media Firm'… maan is a kind of person who will go to any extent for his near & dear one's…   

Ab yeh kahani hai 'Agni aur Seher' kii, unke rishthe kiii… unke jazbaat kii… unke toote vishwaas kii… unke toote umeed kii.. unke apno kii.. yeh kahani hai rishton kii kasauti kii… yeh kahani hai gair se apno kii.. apno se gair kiii.. yeh kahani hai pyaar kii… yeh kahani hai takraar kii…. yeh kahani hai us saath ko pane kii jis saath ko paakar harr premi apne premika se kehtha hai, harr pati apni patni se kehtha haii 'Haan Mujhe Apne Saath Janmo Ka "HumraahI" Mil Gaya Hai'….

Jeevan Ke Is Safar Mein Kuch Apne Honge….. Tho Kuch Gair…..
Ussi  Safar Mein Kuch Gair Apne Banenge.. Tho Kuch Apne Gair Bann jaayenge…
Lekin Kya Zindagi Ke Is Safar Mein 'Agni aur Seher' Ek Dusare Se Kuch Is Tarah Judh Paayenge Kii Woh Saathi, Humsafar, Humkadam Bannkarr Hamesha Hamesha Ke Liye "HumraahI" Bann Jaayenge???

""Life Is Never Fair, & Perhaps It Is A Good Thing For Most Of Us That It Is Not – Oscar Wilde"

So guys here ends the Introduction part "HumraahI"… sorry thoda late post karr rahii hoon.. a lot of thought has gone into the introduction part.. I wanted to make it perfect, issi liye thoda late hogaya… I hope all of you like the introduction & the characterization…. I'll be eagerly waiting for your comments…. The first part will be posted next week… thank you… enjoy reading…


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Wow lovely charcter amazed.... wht happened 6 yrs ago?? very very curious to knw.. plzz continue soon..

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Nice one !
Very interesting characters !
Continue soon !!

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gr8 intro suri..

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superb. after reading the intro just cant wait for the fic to begin.

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Mind blowing superb

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Hieeeeeeeeeeeee diiiiiiiii Hug Yeshh i changed my username...!! Big smileWink 
Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii u took my two fav. hottie's Rajeev khandelwal and Gurmeet..!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Dey both are toooooooooo awesum..!! i think dis ff will b my fav. one LOLLOLWink
Loved evry bit of the introo..!!StarStarStarStarStar it was soooo very well explaind..!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap soo evryone's dark past is wat happened before six years ShockedShocked It willl b interesting to read...
I thot app kal[13 july]Wink ko 1st part posht karoge LOLLOL but apne toh next week ki date dediiShockedShockedShocked ab next week tak kaise intezaar karein..!!OuchOuchOuch

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