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7/07: Tum Ser..to hum Sawaser!

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 3:41pm | IP Logged

Firstly I would like to thank 'norzar' for providing the excellent suggestion of typing up my post as Word document before I posted it onto the net. Thank you!Big smile

 I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who has faced similar blunders to the one I did yesterday where as a result of a "wrong click" I lost my whole analysis of yesterday's episode.


Moving swiftly on, the episode begins with a late evening shot of the outside of Sanjeevani. In the locker room we see Shilpa and her renowned "picture board" with the photos of Armaan, Sid and Riddhima. To Sid's photo she attentively asks, "aisa kya karoon tumhare liye, jisse tum Riddhima ki nazaron mein perfect lover boy ban jao". Ahh another Good Samaritan, wanting to aid Sid and his slow moving love life…or we could say she wants to be Sid's own fairy godmother, watch Shilpa turn a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage, mice into horses and Sid into Prince Charming…when Sid asked for her help, I have no clue, what I am pretty sure of however, is that he strictly told her not to interfere! Ouch

Furthermore, I doubt Sid needs to make much effort to show Riddhima that he is the perfect lover boy…his innocence does the trick for him, every single time. Just a simple sentence of downright honesty and she's won over.  Embarrassed

Thoughtful, Shilpa turns around and pointing to Sid's photo she says, "ek tum ho jis ke dil mein itna sara pyar hai…" moving onto Armaan's photo, "aur ek yeh, jis ke dil mein sirf gussa aur sirf nafraat". I love how for Sid, there is just a normal guy in a bright red t-shirt yet for Armaan, he supports boxing straps and a corresponding "Macho Muhammed Ali" pose. OuchYup, I have to say it's not the best piece of evidence to use in order to contradict Shilpa's statement. Of course, that doesn't mean she's even remotely accurate. Armaan has shades to his character with Shilpa his relationship comprises of an immature conflict…but even when he sees Shilpa's upset he forgets all animosity and provides a shoulder, if not a handkerchief. SmileAnd yes, as expected, Shilpa angrily squints at the image remembering all the instances where Armaan acted hostile towards her. Looking at Sid-Riddhima photos she decides, "in dono ka dil jod na hoga" and to Armaan, "tumhara dil tod na hoga". Ha, well pat on the back if you know what I'm going to say, Armaan's heart has already been broken…wo juda kab tha?ConfusedOuch

She glares at the photo, a staring competition with the photo eh? Anyway..


We switchhhh to:

JP Jigs and a patient in a wheelchair.

JP hurries Jiggy to transfer the patient into his ward before they encounter the "New Gabbar" urf Gabbar Behn. LOLBefore they move further, a thundering voice stops them, "aap ko kya lagta hai, ki aap agar mujhe yeh baat bataenge nahi, to mujhe nahi pata chalega". JP and Jiggy turn with their heads lowered in guilt. Riddhima continues to scold and it's not until she tells them to "look her in the face and talk" that they realise she's actually speaking to another staff member who stands like a lost puppy staring at the audience who bear witness to his public humiliation. Ridhimma blasts the guy for his inadequacy to follow safety procedures with regards to a metal rod, I feel so sorry for him. Her voice echoes and we see the whole of Sanjeevani quivering due to her voice, whilst Sid stops checking his patient, Shilpa stands frozen in the lab with her apparatus and Armaan looks up whilst writing his report all due to the disturbance. The best part, is that Riddhima isn't even on the tannoy! Haha!LOL

Sid is seen reassuring his perplexed patient, "k-k-koi problem nahi hai", my wife just takes her work a little too seriously. Eyes widening he warns, "Bauhaut strict hai". Shilpa talks to herself, "If you want to shout, then learn to shout like Riddhima, else don't even bother", and Armaan recalls his past, "Maharani Sachendri Devi, bilqool nahi badli".

Returning to Riddhima, she continues to address the whole staff and how it was also their responsibility to report the hazard to admin, even the staff look ashamed for their negligence but JP whispers to Jiggy, "it's a mere rod not an atom bomb for Riddhima to make such a huge deal about it". Hilarious. After all, it is Riddhima who has been given the responsibility and where Dr. Shanky is concerned, she knows that in Sanjeevani he is not only her father but also the Senior Head. If she impresses him, it's double reward! Therefore any extra effort, won't and shouldn't go in vain, especially when she, herself, has the authority to exercise control…Wink

Shilpa peers around the corner to where the crowd is and broods whilst looking at the rod, another plan me thinkst…

Sid approaches Riddhima yet JP and Jiggy hold him back, she goes on to dismiss everyone "back to their duties" and turning to the engineer orders him to cut the excess metal off. JP whispers to Sid, "loha garam hai, agar aap haath lagayenge to aap ko bhi lena parega…tetanus ka injection!" Sid's baffled yet Jiggy explains that he should step away for now, it may be that in his impatience things may become worse for him and Riddhima. She leaves and Sid is disappointed to see her go, he irately asks JP and Jiggy to get back to work. Wah, I see another similarity between Sid-Riddhima. He's a quick learner. Wink



An annoyed Sid enters the Caf, furious with himself for not being able to speak to his wife, sitting down he asks himself, "Kaise husband hai yaar tu?" Armaan walks over and does a mock imitation of him. Sid stands up and gives Armaan a tight hug. He's happy to see his buddy pal. The coochies united, Armaan lovingly asks him, "Kahan the tum??" Now uncomfortable Sid gets Armaan to release his hold! Ha, how I love them.Big smile Without the dostana track there would never have been this informality between them so I'm glad it happened. However, seeing Armaan amused angers Sid and he orders him, "mujhe akela chod de". Armaan comforts him and tells him that its because he's alone, "isiliye tere chehre pe 12 baje hue hain". Sid responds, "12 nahi, 8". It's entertaining to know that Sid is constantly thinking of his date, I wonder how he has been treating patients all day?! Anyway, now confused, Armaan tells him to share his woes and that too on Sid's conditions, "no touching, door se".

Sid frustrated asks Armaan whether Riddhima was always like this, he is unable to finish the rant, when Armaan notices Shilpa speaking to a nurse at some distance and she seems to be heading towards them. He excuses himself but on Sid's questioning he points to "Dhanno". Sid asks him why they always fight and whether he's scared of her. Now defensive, Armaan assures him he isn't scared, he, "Armaan Malik, yahaan ka Maalik", will go and give her attitude. He strides over then hesistates and does a U-turn back to his coochie. His excuse for not confronting? "Pakathi hai yaar". Ouch

Upon Sid's warning, Armaan hides under the table and Shilpa walks over, happily greeting with a "Hey Sid!", yet with no response due to his momentary distraction whilst he looks at Armaan hiding, she asks him why he's sad. Still no response she reflects on the situation with a "I know yaar" and hitting him on the shoulder, finally getting his attention, she tells him to "chill". She informs him that love takes time its like "aag ka dariya, doob ke jaana" wow, dramatic, as per usual. Tongue

Now Sid acting as a distraction, Armaan takes advantage and slowly sneaks out from under the table and on all fours crawls away from Dhanno. But Dhanno is not oblivious and she turns to see him, she tuts, "lagta hai kuch dhoond raha hai bechara", misunderstanding his silent getaway.

JP and Jiggy correct her, "hum madat kardein Dr. Armaan". They help a miserable Armaan up from the floor and drag him over to Sid and Shilpa. Shilpa mocks, "Oh so it's Dr. Armaan" and with the angry eye contact she curses under her breath. Armaan sarcastically tells them he will teach JP and "Sister" Jiggy, "Dr. Riddhima's second lesson" and leaves with them in tow.

Now alone, Shilpa asks Sid again as to whether he's thought about any techniques to pacify Riddhima. He looks so unsure and lost that she tuts at him again and beckons him forward. He leans over and she whispers into her ear, surprisingly, Sid's smile suggests that he's pleased with what she has to say. Yeh zaroor pitte ga… He grabs his lab coat and and leaves with his all new colgate smile. Shilpa grins, "yeh to set hogaya par"… she thinks about Armaan…


Switchh: In the locker room JP Jigs united with their female partner in crime Shilpa, discuss what must be done. Shilpa, happily sways between them, "Kuch exciting, interesting, fun" She giggles to herself, a new energy, a fresh desire to do something…troublesome. JP asks her what "samasya" prevents her from acting….Shilpa thinks and instantly deflated she answers, "which man would want to do something daring for a sweet girl like me". Wow, if you should learn to shout from Riddhima, then please Shilpa teach us how to be devious! Kya nakhre hain! And obviously, with such a statement, we need two buffoons to fall for her trick, and they also nod in agreement. In fact, JP stands on the bench to show her just how "daring" he is! They ask her what they need to do and she gives a demo, pulling the bench from under them before they sit down. She confirms, "aisi hi cheezein karne ki baat kar rahi thi main" She chuckles, having found her accomplices, or the fools to do her dirty work for her she tweaks their cheeks and waves goodbye. Leh. Ouch


Switchhh: Riddhima in the ward checking her patient.

She looks up, a change in ambience and she's pretty confident why. She turns slowly and we see Sid standing behind her. Cue 'O-ho's in the background, a close up of Riddhima's gorgeous blue eyes staring at Sid, who stares back at Riddhima with a smile on his face. My mum was discussing this before, has anyone ever had an "O-ho" moment themselves? Want to share? Smile

Anyway, Riddhima now aware of her surroundings, blinks, breaking the moment and turns away. Sid just stands watching her and as Riddhima nervously puts the patient's file away and moves across the opposite side of the room to observe another patient, she's still aware of his gaze and is uncomfortable. She turns around to where Sid was standing beside the door but she's disappointed to find he's gone. She sulks and puts the patient's file away, obviously she was just pretending to act indifferent towards him, with him absent why make the effort. Just as she turns to leave, she bumps into Sid, who was standing behind her the whole time. Awww….I could seriously give the guy a bear hug, too cute!  EmbarrassedBig smile

They stare at one another and he whispers, "mujhe dhoond rahi thi?" She is unable to answer and looks down timidly. Instead he moves hair from her eyes and compliments, "bauhaut khoobsoorat lag rahi ho". They look at one another….at this point I find myself annoyed. Everyone in the ward, patients, nurses and peons, have noticed the two statues gazing intently at one another and they stare in amusement. I suppose I can understand why Riddhima prefers her private life to be private, I'm jealous that these strangers are getting in on the couples little moment. Boo!AngryOuch

Sid Riddhima are still unaware so he continues to tell her, "Main tumhe 8 baje mil tha hoon", with a last smile he turns and walks away, leaving Riddhima completely mesmerised gaping after him. She smiles to herself and lifts her hand to touch the part of her hair where he moved it away. Good job, Sidster, fabulous job! Keep it up!StarClap



A close up of the iron rod, and Shilpa peeks out from the corner again, you know from this one gesture she's up to something. Conscience now donning devil horns tells her, "Step 1: Dr Armaan ko iron rod se chot lagegi". Shilpa happily imagines the plan in action, Armaan jogs into the rod, his hand gushing blood. Ahh, this explains the whole "wrong injection" malarkey.  Anyway, JP Jigs walk round the corner confused, it's funny when they actually walk into the 'thought bubble' and rub their forehead from the aftermath. Ha! Clever. They ask her what they have to do. She intolerantly answers, "waqt aane pe main batati hoon"….first I need to deliberate with the devilish conscience. She tells her, "Wo tetanus ke injection ke badle, neend mein chalne wala injection lega". Bingo…Again, JP and Jiggy shake her out from her imagination. She thinks to herself a last time, "he will sleep walk through the whole of Sanjeevani". Its funny that she thinks up such trivial situations, how pointless. Armaan will sleepwalk through Sanjeevani. So. What. Ouch

Moving on, now with a plan, she order JP Jigs to follow her. She explains that the lift will be the "adaa" and their job is to send any staff member into the lift who walks through the corridor, specifically senior doctors. "Tab hi to maza aayega". JP assigned to the lift, Shilpa take Jiggy into the corner and whispers into his ear, they give each other a "thumbs up" and he leaves. She discloses to the viewers, without him realising, I've changed the tetanus for a sleep walking injection. Good job Dr. Shilpa. She counts down from 5….4….3….2…..1. And bang, Armaan walks round the corner. She's amazed by her own intuition. ShockedBig smile


Commming up:  

Shilpa congratulates herself, "Well done Dr. Shilpa, plan successful". She states, they don't even know it's not a tetanus but a sleep walking injection.

Ok, I'm going to be picky, sleeping pills, I get…but why would a doctor ever, medically speaking, authorise a "sleep walking injection". Another plan original to DMG alone. Copyrighted. You have been warned. Ouch

Part II: The dance sequence.EmbarrassedBig smile

Dr. Shashank 'zombiefied' walks through Sanjeevani. ArSh J-J follow in pursuit, worried.

Switch-Sid singing to Riddhima on their date. KW suits Neeraj Sridhar's voice. A lot.

Can't wait. I complain about the justification, yet who can resist pretty faces, fab acting, great direction, excellent choreography?!ClapBig smile


After the break:

Shilpa directs JP to Armaan. He smiles at first, then he realises he's the senior doctor she wants transported in the lift. I love Shilpa's expressions and of course, some may complain they're exaggerated but so is her character. Smile

Look at the different faces she makes when saying "Yes".Clap<<

She thinks to herself, "Tumhara lift mein ponchne se phele, mera kaam ho jayega, Dr. Armaan".

Upon JP's enquiry, Armaan tells him he's going to the packlab. Consequently he forces him to use the lift, and en route, Armaan, as planned by Shilpa, walks into the rod cutting himself. He angrily tells an upset JP he will adminster the tetanus injection himself and leaves him crying whilst Shilpa is over the moon.

With Armaan gone, JP voices his distess to Shilpa, yet she tells him not worry, "main hoon na". JP leaves.


Commming up: Shashank approaches Armaan in the ward and tells him that Dr. Riddhima has prescribed him with a tetanus booster. Armaan, already holding the "tetanus injection" asks for permission to use it on Shank. Shilpa's shocked.

He uses it, Shilpa looks stressed. ShockedOuch

Part II- the dance sequence. Big smile


After the break: Precap scene, Shilpa laughs to herself, the whole debacle of the injection is mentioned and she stresses, "yeh tumhari sazaa hai Dr. Armaan".


Kal dekhiye: The dance sequence. Eeeeek! Yes, of course I'm excited about the ArSh JJ aswell as the Sid- Riddhima date.

I'm in awe of how well Neeraj's voice suits KW, expressions are out of this world!



ApplauseClap : Acting by one and all...the clowns are humorous, the lovey doveys are loved up and the strict are sensible. Good.

Rotten tomatoesOuch : Nonsense twist. Medically, unrealistic. Dance tomorrow should make up for it though! Big smile

BonusStar : The SidMaan scene blew me away. For the guys or fans in general, we have Shilpa and Jenny!

Line of the day: (Sid about Riddhima) "Aisa lagta hai serious pan ka diploma karke aayi hai". LOL

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bamboocopter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 4:10pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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bajlooka Senior Member

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
love your post Clap Hug

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
Totally loved your post..Smile
I really liked today's episode but some pieces from the show displayed too childish acts..
I feel the doctors are in Sanjeevani only to have fun...i am so not against this as without fun,a show would totally lose its appeal but too much irritable acts by doctors like JP and Jiggy sometimes lose the attraction that make you want to see the show..
Siddhima and ArSh were sweet but I felt making Dr.Shashank sleep-walking just seemed too fake and artificial..
Sorry as i don't mean to offend anyone,its just my POV..Smile

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 08 July 2010 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Thank you for the lovely comments! Glad you liked the post :)

@ Wafa_94 -no offence taken honey. And yes I agree, but every show has its low and high points, sometimes JJ need to be used to act as a distraction having said that at times I find them hilarious and other times simply irritating.
Nonetheless I look forward to the dance sequence today!

Thanks also to the people who liked the post!

Love luck and blessings N xXx

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awsome post hunny OMG SR were just amazing hehehe. ArSh are funny love love shilpa think bubbles.

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samicute IF-Rockerz

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thank u

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lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!!!! Clap

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