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7th July - SR/Arsh/JPJ- The Sound of Children

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 12:59pm | IP Logged

Shilpa's Mills&Boons dreams for SR continue and so does her replay of 300 against Armaan. While she lovingly and dreamily draws hearts around her sister and her jeejookins , she pouts and sulks looking at Armaan's picture. While SR symbolize everything fairytale-ish , loving , romantic and beautiful for Shilpa, Armaan reflects everything angry , aggressive and arrogant. Even the picture that she has of him is angry which reflects that even though she sees the real SR , she is prejudiced against Armaan. Just like Riddhima was against Sid. She dreams of dusting SR with pink fluff clouds and whacking Armaan with hunters .....simply because she doesn't know Armaan, or how he is or what has been his history and his connection with SR. LOL
Moving to Riddhima Modi.... it seems the whole hospital was expecting hurricanes and earthquakes with the new assigned duties to the original chudail. It is hilarious to see her jhaadofy the maintainence staffer and whole staff for that protruded iron rod... matlab... rod kya ho gaya... Sanjivani ki history ka sabse badaa crime ho gaya. Even the rod was thinking... main yahaan hoon to aakhir kyun hoon, somebody seal her lips... errrm.. Dr. Siddhanth , where are you? The best part was the three reactions that came from Sid, Shilpa and Armaan. LOL

Sid - Ghabraane ki koi zaroorat nahii hai. Meri wife apne kaam ko kucch zyaada hi seriously leti hai. Strict hai. Ouch

Bottomline - She is this, she is that , but deep down i know how she is and i take her as she is- with the good, the bad and the ugly. Embarrassed

Shilpa - Waah! Koi chillaana seekhe to Dr.Riddhima se seekhe. Shocked

Bottomline - I am yet to know her like I want to. But whatever I know of her , I am in awe of her. Clap

Armaan - Maharani Sachindridevi. Bilkul nahiin badli. LOL

Bottonline - Bless you Riddhima. Whenever I will think of you , it will be a fond thought. Big smile

Siddhanth could have gone and cooled her head but JPJ did not let him go to Riddhima. Lolz. The funniest part Sid behaved like Riddz for a few moments as he lost cool with JPJ for a few seconds.... Koi kaam nahiin hai tum logon ko? Go and do your work!.... Ah, well. Riddhimafied Sid. Wink

And can I say I just LOVE SidMaan? Male bonding and that too as innocent , stirring and beautiful like these two men's is a treat to watch. Tired of Riddhima's chudailgiri, Sid comes to the cafetaria , grumbling and muttering , planning to take his wife to the nearest anger management therapy centre. .... and guess who is waiting for him? Dr. Cootchie Coo. Sid wondering about his husband-giri is teased by Armaan. And reminding the audience that when Sid said that Armaan was his elder brother , he meant it , he pouts like a sulking child and throws his arms around Armaan ... a cute boy hug that shines of nothing except affection and brotherhood. Armaan also gets into his cootchie-coo mood and pulls Sid's cheeks... teasing him...stressing on his big brother seniority and irritating him by reminding him of their gay jokes and how colonel uncle could lock them together. Sid gets itchy in a cute way .... and mind you, Sid has hardly ever thrown these kinds of tantrums with Riddhima. He throws these bratty tantrums with Armaan only and Armaan humorously plays along because he gets a kick out of seeing Sid blow hot and cold and yet cling to Armaan. LOL
As Sid and Armaan try to dissect Riddhima's gusse-ki-beemaari, Armaan's Dhanno arrives with fanfare and he is dhoondoing some jagah to chhupaao his munh. Right now, the last thing he wants is to get into a war of words with Dhanno and run for stocks of Disprin. And Sid is no less when it comes to teasing - You are cool. You are THE ARMAAN MAALIK. Why should you be hiding from Shilpa? Armaan, pumped by Sid's teases and puffing up decides to face Shilpa and bear her baaton ke teer but... but.... aakhiri waqt mein himmat jawaab de deti hai and Armaan prefers hiding under a table than face Dhanno's badi-badi gol-gol aankhein and uski kabhi na khatam hone waali baatein. But alas! It was not to be. Shilpa met Armaan who was picked up from the floor by JPJ and they exchanged akhiyon ke teers and talwaarz.....how they hate each-other's guts , man ! But here there is ceasefire as nothing major happens except exchange of some cheeky one-liners. As Armaan goes out , fluttery and loving Shilpa returns as she pumps up Sid with the next steps for Mission Siddhima. And as soon as SR are in place, Shilpa jumps to her second obsession - Armaan. The cake is still fresh in her memory aur ye Armaan ke liye acchi baat nahiin hai. OuchLOL
JPJ should be WHACKED for their ULLUNESS and LADKIGIRI. Shilpa is making such a fool out of them and making them guinea pigs in Mission Armaan and they see nothing beyond her beauty and her naazuk nakhre aur adaayein? Men, i tell you! To some of them just fluttering of some beautiful eyelashes is enough to lose all their senses. Armaan should beat up JPJ soon.

And then come the vintage and signature SR. EmbarrassedWink

Riddhima is busy checking patients in the general ward ( waise bhi iss hospital mein kahaan kisi ward ka kkucch pataa chalta hai) when her eyes rise from the progress chart in her hands. She feels she is being watched and she can sense whom she is being watched by. Immediately , she gets unsettled by the gaze and as she turns , she sees Siddhanth staring at her - the vintage intense and passionate Sid , looking at his wife with the most stirring expression on his face. She looks at him and you see the shy , demure and much-in-love wife get ensnared just by the gaze of her husband. She tries to keep her attention on her work but nah! It's not happening. Sid can make her lose her senses when he wants to and this has happened time and again... this time is no different. Her face flushed and her eyes reflecting the flutter in her heart , she looks again but Sid is not there. Making a sulky babyface that she has imbibed from her husband, she gives 100-150 abuses to him in her mind and just when you think she is going to return to her chudailgiri , Sid appears within breathing distance - the gaze of love , passion and desire much closer and so much in her face. Riddz is besotted with him... she has been besotted with him ever since he blew life back into her veins. And often she looks at Sid, love-struck and that's how she looks at him now. The chemistry is undeniable , so the surrounding patients also get to see a free show of the M&B story..... When Sid resonates her thoughts by saying that she has been looking for him, hasn't she, you know that he is answering her thoughts instead of posing questions. It is significant in a way... whenever Riddz has looked for Sid , he has been there , whenever she has needed him , he has been there and today he reinstated her faith that he will be there by her side, even before she can look for him......and as Sid lovingly puts her hair back on place behind her ear, she looks up at him and you realize that Riddz is still grasping the reality that Sid is with her , that her life is beautiful again. It is still surreal to her and yes, very precious.

As Sid goes away telling her that he will see her at 8pm , Riddz doesn't really move a muscle and see Sid walk away.....a luminous smile on her face as she touches herself where Sid touched her - she feels his touch linger on and it is almost as if she wants to hold it there - right there. And that her happiness is the happiness of her repaired soul shows in her reflection on the adjacent glass. Sid marked her heart and stamped her soul when he put her  back thread-by-thread and this truth glitters through her entire being. Embarrassed

And after this intense scene, we are back to Dhanno Rani. LOL.... She is obsessed with Armaan , i tell you. All her day is spent in making grandiose plans about turning Armaan into a dukhi-aatma. Duties kartee nahiin. Riddhima se flower pots aur paani ke jug padenge zor-zor se. I mean , she looked cho-chweet as she day-dreamed about Armaan getting hurt by that nail. Wicked, wicked Shilpa. Armaan ka khoon bhi bahaa diya.... Umm... kya kahenge? ... Haan. Khoon ka karz!Embarrassed.....And JPJ, are her lalloo-chappu , pyaar mein andhe hokar Armaan ka band bajaa rahe hain. I love Shilpa's thought bubbles and they were extra cute today... i kinda phorgot to feel bad for Armaan.ShockedLOL......Shilpa has to be a gold-medalist in her MBBS. Medical knowledge ka maximum use yahi madam karti hain. LOL......Poor Shanky. I prefer this loud, annoying , prankster Shilpa any given day over that depressing little girl that pops out of her from time-to-time.

Anyway, i enjoyed the episode , SR were the hottest , ArShi were the cutest and JPJ were the funniest. Innocence ....just like children.

Precap: SR are heating up the corners of Sanjivani with no khabar of the zulm-o-sitam on Shanky. ArShi are babysitting Shanky........Ab bolo kya hoga? LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

P.S- For some days , i'll be making clubbed posts on DMG as am kind of short on time and energy.

Love and luck always to everyone,Heart

GOD bless everyone.

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
as always
hilarious post
loved it so much

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TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kweetrockstar

as always
hilarious post
loved it so much

Thank you , sweetz. I am glad that you laughed.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
I am gonna post what i posted in the SR AT thread, coz it sums it all up, lol - and just added bits and bobs to it
Shilpa's first scene - continued from yesterday, but in more depth
Of all the pics of Armaan they had one of him looking like fighter, with a mean expression - i think that this point that pic works well with the ArSh track LOL - Shilpa's dialogue was significant prior to her and Armaan, she is intended on breaking Armaan forget his heart at the moment (heart chakkar will come when Shilpa gets to know exactly how his big heart is - hence AR past and letting go, someday she will have to know, and i see her being taken back in the sense that despite everything Armaan is still surviving on, and i think Shilpa will understand that and also be shall i say proud in a way)  she says his heart is and eyes is full of anger, well no wonder due to her, but like i say his heart she will get to know and so will he when Shilpa's inner sadness and truth comes out
Also like she said he is sher, and he needs a sher-wani, yep the sher-wani is Shilpa LOL
Shilpa is gonna use everything to get to Armaan, remember the hatred between SR, ArSh seems to be the on the smiliar track but with ArSh its not bitter hatred, just annoyance and dislike, and get one over each other - and in getting to Armaan,both ArSh will be each other's healer - Shilpa hasnt had love by the looks of it, and been neglected of that, but here Armaan like you all say is every girl's dream lover, takes you into another world of love, and this is where him and Shilpa will so be great together - Shilpa craves that deeply

Hence all the ArSh will be a build-up to alot of things but all in form some gehra connection, she is def Armaan's unchained melody

Now for SR
Hitler Ridz Modi is here - me thinks Sid is gonna have some tough (little nok jhoks) and good times with her like how she is and then how he can def calm her down LOL - me loved Sid saying she is my wife, she's taking her work serious, well this is the real focused Ridz that Sid needs to see and adjust with her now LOL
I love how SR are calling each other to other ppl, she is my pati - she is my wife, and Shanks made it clear who she is yesterday - Dr Riddhima Modi, and thats was a big enough statement to all!!!!!!!!!!
Well what a beautiful heart-touching scene, its been ages seeing Sid gazing at his wife like this, and that too with Ridz shall i say feeling his presense or something - we all know when it comes to senses Sid overpowers her and everyone around her, and Ridz knows those eyes and the way they were looking at her, hence thats why she was cautious when she was doing her duty, and then her searching for Sid when she thought he left was great, that expression on her face said it all, and then there he is always, behind her, beside again - again that look in his eyes, and you get help but get lost in them, and time stands still (and nothing else matters and who they are amongst - its showing to everyone as well they are hubby/wifey), loved Sid asking 'were you looking for me' in a tone that says he knows, and it amazes Ridz each time he knows, and the way he brushes her hair and says she is beautiful well says it all, and he leaves with a subtle mention of 8pm this time (thank god no jhaap routine going on LOL) the way she touches her hair and the bit where he touched her, again Sid left his mark and Ridz cant help but do what she does, is smile and highly effected by it
See Sid calling Ridz beautiful, lets her glow inside her - feelings rising - happiness, getting butterflies in her stomach and a smile, an reassurance of love from Sid, and again i say isnt this what Sid needs as well, something from Ridz as well, some loving words from her as wellSmile
All in all Sid today wants to get close to his wife, in the sense kiss her, touch her but mostly importantly hug her, cuddle and just hold her, let his heart become at peace and i do believe Ridz will want the same, to be in those arms, like you say Pocu - Ridz is besotted to a point - the lingering of his touch, let her get some peace and warmth and love in those arms, SR are ready for this junction in their lives nothing beyond that yet Smile
Also you mentioning Ridz eyes searching for Sid, reminded me of a scene long back where Sid told her whenever you open your eyes or lift your eyes - you will see me, and as your rightly put it Sid has been there when she has not needed him to realising when she did back then she needed him, and all the times after she needed him - he has been, however far or near - he has been there constantly, beside her and is reinstated to her he is there for her
Enjoyed the canteen scene, all interacting - SidMaan are SidMaan (also both are gonna talk about Ridz, and also Shilpa now - but in themselves they know where they stand and overcome it) (like i said Armaan is protective over SR and so is Shilpa now), you cant help but like them and respect them coz how they see one another, and again you see a bondness of big bro and lil bro, and this kind of bond will be so usefull and handy when the storm sets in between SR and ArSh and when Shilpa's truth comes in
Like Pocu said SR and ArShi destinies are entwined, they will always be connected but the cut off like it SR as a couple and ArSh couple - also if you look at this way, its kinda like a one big family in the sense
And you have to give credit to DMG in the way they have handled SidMaan and came out of the phase of SRA, in a logical way for a drama serial lol, and also what they are doing with SR and ArSh building them up, and also the RiShi past as well, like i say both couples will be connected but will get through it hopefully with SR being there for one another and ArSh being there for one another - thats how it should be and i feel will be
Also SidShi friendship seems to be building if what we saw today of Shilpa wanted to keep SR together, coz obviously adores them, and who they are, and helping Sid out, friend to friend advice
Can i say i love JPJ, they so dont get much credit LOL
PRECAP - Well thanks to Shilpa's sleepwalking injection we are gonna see a song sequence of funniness and romance
Me cracked up with JP trying to romance Shilpa, par uski future bhabhi hone wali hai WinkLOL
SR romancing, Ridz is in the mood, but i am not surprise judging by how she reacted to day with his touch and his gaze, she is glowing - hence more comfort level setting in

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
as always amazing post
well written
really funny
ur the best poco Heart

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
unreservedBig smile
can I say I loved todays episodeeeeeeeeeee.......the Sid we all know and love was back and how......he was so ready to take on his wife's  anger and allll....even when JPJ were holding him back....and looks like ridhima is rubbing off on himLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL....jao kaam karo
and then he comes up behind her quietly and stares.... all lost in her eyes ..and tells her you are beautifulllllll...and brushes her hair back oh so delicatelyyyyyyyyyyyy.....and turns back to go after saying see you at 8Day DreamingDay Dreaming....that was my fav scene of the day.....and why not this is the Sid we have been waiting to seeeeeee
Shilpaaaaaaa..is going to make mince meat of armaan or you can say make khichdi (for all vegetarianssss) either waysssssss....she is out to get himLOLLOLLOL.......
ridhima and shilpa are soul sisters.........both know how to scare their menROFLROFL
Shilpa is on mission unite SR and destroy Armaan........SR on mission *ahem* unite
armaan is on mission impossible coz he is trying to do his job....with shilpa around him.....impossibleeee.....ROFL
Ab shaky tho so gayeeeeee..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no awaaz kahin paapa na jaag jayeeeeROFL
she laughs her way through lifeeeeeeeeeee...trying to hide her sadnessss....her dream is to find  man who will make her smile...she sees her fairytale through their eyes...and hopes that her knight in shining armor will give her a story just like theirs is.
Little does she know....that itni takraar hi degi use bahut saara pyaar.......love is in the airrrrrrrrrrrrBig smile

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

NitzoooooooooooooooooooHug.....................yaar is it safe to say that today was a perfect DMG episode that I would love to watch day in and day out without getting bored of it...........As much as well balanced and enthralling ur post is.......same goes for today's epi......SR......ArShi....JPJ were all characters that were given equal footage and some well defining plots to work with.....

Shilpa is simply too adorable.....and like u even I loved her cute mind bubbles that pops in from time n again.....I am so ready to see her like this everyday.......full of life and colors......but alasssss........we all know that there resides a loner yearning to be loved that has been masked with these colors......*sighhhhhh*....but that besides the point......
Today while she is swaying and merrily painting love hearts for those that she loves (SR).....she gives an equal or maybe more of the exact opposite reactions to Armaan....

She spoke quite a heavy line today...."armaan ki ankhon me sirf gussa or nafrat he" which immediately reminded me of wat I wrote in ur post yesterday..........."Time will come when she will know why Armaan is like how he is (AR past) and thats the time she will create a soft corner for him and slowly fall for him"......for now......its exactly as she says....."tumhe kya pata Armaan ki tum sher ho toh me sava sher hoon"...........how very true......

On the other hand ......Armaan is no far behind ......as he avoids her in the canteen saying "yaar bahut paakati he".......he has no idea that her non stop bak bak and fly over dead body attitude is simply her defence mechansim to hide her true...sad and lonely self from the harshness of the world.......as I had mentioned yesterday....."Time for him will come when he will see her real identity and thats when he will be able to relate to her".......

So for ArShi........its pain relating to pain which will give a head start to their love story.....
Oh and btw........Sidmaan are just too lovable and its simply a awing sight to see 2 men with golden hearts intereact the way they do......its in the tough times that these 2 bonded and atleast for this reason I will thank those times......Loved the coochie-coo hugs.......awwww...
Now coming to SR..........
These are the words that describe them today......The ward scene redefined SR .....their body lingo....their facial expressions.......their eye lingo and their soft n subtle behaviour with one another.......They yet again proved that soulmates need no words to know wat the other is thinking.......they simply connect.....
Ridz today fully engrossed in her work sensed Sid......and this marked the pioneer for me as Sid has officially taken over her senses.......coz this was random....she was not expecting him to be there and yet she felt his presence....and she turned to look......and found herself melting in those eyes full of love for her....Later when she bumped into him not expecting him to be there....his close proximity yet again sent shivers down her spine and she found herself lost him ..........and that too an extent that she forgot all about her surroundings.......
Simple yet profound n heartfelt few honest words from Sid "tum bahut khoobsurat lag rahi ho"........immediately calmed and soothed Ridz's fluctuating heart beats and as he left her with his aura around her.......the divine smile that she gave polished his attempt of making her feel his presence.....with her.....for her.......
Thats the works of passionate Sid.......he rules her heart.....mind......soul and soon her body...
And this scene affirmed my believe that I had spoken yesterday......that this new role of Ridz will not be the reason of any kinda distance between SR..........but indeed will be the very reason giving Ridz new insights of wat Sid is.......wat importance she holds in his life......how much he loves her and values her.........
The way I see this scene is it being a foreshadow of how SR are further going to progress in their bond deepening it further.....
Today when Ridz was going bonkers over that mere piece of iron rod......apart from wat Armaan n Shilpa commented......wat caught my eye was wat Sid commented....."dont worry...........she is my wife who takes work very srsly"......and u can tell that this guy knows his Ridz.......he knows her without her having to tell him .......he can understand her and the most importantly.......he knows she loves him and thats more than enuf for him to be content with.......so now if in future when ridz throws her new authority over him and maybe ignoring and neglecting him unintentionally in the way......he will not let that affect him in a negative way.......and how so ever she behaves with him..........he will be seeing love for him in all those gestures.....he will calm her down.....sooth her like a balm by showering his immense love for her just like today........and this is bound to take her by surprise to see so much love he has for her and do nothing but simply fall deeper n harder in love with him.....strengthening that bond they share.......gaining that confidence in Sid to be able to cry over his shoulders and know that he will be there for her in all her misery.....pain ......so when the storm strikes in the form of her relation with Shilpa ..........she will immediately feel the need of Sid.......she will only think of him........to be there for her.......
I in future see a responsible husband in Sid, a strong pillar of support for Ridz for the tough times that are awaiting to be unfolded......
As for the precap.......apart from seeing shanky as a zombie which cracked me up.........I will take a pause for now........I need to collect and gather my breaths......will need them when the song seq airs......coz wateva bits I saw today........was SCINTILLATING n LETHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

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supercool3 IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
yet again another beautfil post Clap
The way you described Shilpa is so true. For her, SR seem to represent perfection and she adores them so much. But her reaction to Armaan is quite opposite. She sees him as a tough guy who is insensitive to the feelings of others. And like you said, it's proved through the picture she used for him. As she continues her with her attemptes in breaking down Armaan, she will realize what he really is. And from there onwards, the emotional journey would start between ArSh as Shilpa truly discovers Armaan.
As for Ridz, i loved the reaction that Sid, Shilpa, and Armaan gave to her. What's special about that was the three of them are very fond of Ridz and most of the time do place her as the centre of their universe. So just even a single thought of her brings a smile on to their faces. Be it Sid, Shilpa, or Armaan, the three of them observe her a lot and are fine with the way she acts. Because this is how they like it.
SidMaan needless to say. This bonding between them is just too hard to avoid and they totally bring it alive.  Armaan's big brother influence on Sid is soo cute. Armaan is sort of that shoulder for Sid to lean on, and that's why Sid is more comfortable with Armaan than he is with Sid.
 And all of the sudden, seeing Armaan hiding under the table after seeing Shilpa does confuse Sid. Once again you said it, I mean he is Armaan. Here he is calming Sid down and then all of the sudden decides to hide under after seeing Shilpa? LOL
The ArSh eye lock after was pretty intense. In Shilpa's eyes you could clearly see revenge. She is definitely waiting for that one moment where she can get even with him, and it's building up in her. But just like you mentioned, her prejudice against Armaan is the main reason for such thoughts. Even yesterday she didn't trust Armaan with the cake and when he accidentally got it onto her face, it confirmed what she had been thinking. So yes, the cake incident is still fresh and Shilpa' not going to get over it soon.
The SR scene that followed was very significant. Earlier after Ridz is shown blasting that guy in the hospital, Sid is sort of shown as being the cooperative husband who'll just follow her around. But during this scene it's proved otherwise. Here you just see that romantic Sid who just sweeps Ridz off her feet with a single look filled with love. Sid doesn't always have to be Sexyface or Badtameez to balance with Chudail. Just one look like that is enough to make her melt.
Shilpa is definitely obsessed with Armaan and the girl still hasn't realized it. Thinking about him all day and making plans against him, it's obvious that he has already become part of her world. And when she realizes this, she'll be completely in love with Armaan. Once Armaan reciprocates, Shilpa's world will finally come alive. The love Shilpa is craving for will be provided by Armaan. For Armaan, Shilpa will just be another chapter, while for Shilpa, Armaan will be the book itself. 

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