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Back 2 claim love-Armaan riddhima 4ver

armanlover Newbie

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Posted: 06 July 2010 at 8:02pm | IP Logged

As we all know, armaan has amnesia and he forgot the 2cepted and said sorryrs of his life. So when he got to know he loved riddhima and had the roka with her he was shocked and he kinda insulted their love as how can he love teacher (Riddhima).

but later he accepted his mistake and said sorry 2 riddhima but she was deeply hurt

Also dr.shashank had made arrangements 4 riddhima 2 go back to where she was born.......


b4 RIDhima came to mumbai and went 2 medical college and becamea doctor she used 2 live in americaand used t study at a medical college and was known asa dancer.

She had a dance group with 8 members but after she had left he dance group2 cum2 india every1 in da group kinda went and started thinking about their futures.

B4 riddhima went 2 america she had contacted with all of them and decided 2 bring back the group 2 gether and dance again...

Its been 8 months and the group is again dancing and entertaining people,. Dey have got a lot better and have grown a lot 2.

Their group is call RANGEELA and the members of their groups are, actually they're defines by couples, so the couples are. Riddhima-Prashant, Payal-Ranbir (Ryan), Sharmita-Ashish and Preity-Aakash. Sharmita and Preity are sisters. Preity's good name is Pushpita.

Rangeela has been traveling all over the world dancing.  They're pretty famous too.

Riddhima has a bigger sister name Anushka. Sheis also Pdma's real daughter. She knew what happened to her mom and then she later got married to riddhima's step dad Dr.Shashank.

Riddhima sayed with shashank but anushka never wanted to come to india because she always felt America was her home.So when riddhima went back to America, she stayed in Anushka's apartment.

Infact after Anushka got married to Avinash(Riddhima's Jiju) She and him bought a really big house and all the members of their dance group stays in that house.  They even have a really huge room to practice.  Also a year and a half aftetr Anushka and Avinash got married, they gave birth to a daughter and they call her Ankita.

So 9 months have passed Riddhima's been staying in America, she really misses Armaan and Armaan misses her even double as he has his memory back now.

Also Anjali's wedding is fixed with a guy name Dhiman. He has done all his studies from Australia and Anjali met him when she went there for a conference. Dhiman fell inlove with her and then they came to India fixed their weddings.

Anjali's wedding is going to be glamorous because she was the first daughter getting directly married frm the gupta house.

Padma had informed Riddhima, Anushka and told them to bring the Rangeela group along.

In America

Ridz: OMG! Anushka di, you know I can't wait to attend the wedding.

Anushka: I know even though, maine kabhi use dekha nahi but I have a felling shes great.

Ridz: Haan di, Anjali di bohot achi hain.

Anushka: Riddhima, ab to tum india wapas jarehun, ab tum chaho aur na chaho, tume to armaan se evntualyy milna hoga

Hearing this the excitedness, the smile dissaperead frm her face

Ridz:Di, main waha usse milne nei jareyuin, apni behen ki shadi attend karne keliye jareyuin, so mein usme busy hongi, mera paas koi time nei hoga, phir shadi jab khotom ho jayega, Main as soon as possible yahan wapas chali auyingi.

Voice: Ridzi

Ridz: Ankita and she hugs ankita

Ankita: Hi mamma

Anushka: Hi meri sweet girl, school kaise tha

Ankita: Ittwas great mom

Ankita is 4 and a half years old and shes anushka and avinash's daughter.

Avinash: Hey girls..

Ridz: Hi Jijaji

Anushka: Ttickettttts book ki tumne

Avinash: HAAN, next week Friday yahan se fly karenge

Ankita: Yayyyy

Anushka: Vaise Indi akaise hain, Riddhima

Ridz: Di, bohot achi hain, tum bas wahan chalo, tumhe boghot maja ayenge'

Avinash: Haan, Anu, India bohot acjha hain

Avinash: Vaise hamare Rangeela peoples kaha hain, yahan to sirf eak hain.

Riddhima: Who actually Prashant, ryan sab boys upar video games khelrahen  aur lardkiyons shopping karne gayen hai, India ke liye

Avinash: Really Ridz, Ican't wait to meet your boyfriend

Ridz: what?

Avinash: You know tumhare jo boyfriend haina jis ke vajase tum yahan aye ho, main to use choronga nahi, mera itna Chand jaise saali ko royaa usne.

Ridz: Jiju, its not funny ok.

Avinash: Main kab hasreyuin, he he he

Ridz : Ab

Avinash: Ok ok ok sorry,  but really I can't wait to meet Padma Maa

Anushka: I know main maa konkitne dini ki baa milungi, vaise maa ka siva mujhe aur kisi ko nei pata waha

Ridz: Its ok di, tum jaan jaoge………

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armanlover Newbie

Joined: 08 June 2010
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Posted: 06 July 2010 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
guys i kow is kinda boring but don't worry kahetha haina save the best for the last
-Priyaa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2010 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
Nice story line. and love the title. Is Armaan gonna get his memory back? He better. Update soon.
ankitajain94 Goldie

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Posted: 07 July 2010 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Continues soon
Plz add me 2 ur pm's list
armanlover Newbie

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Posted: 14 July 2010 at 8:11pm | IP Logged

On Friday, they reach india, Mumbai and are looking to find shashank and Anjali


Ridz: Dii

Anushka:Kya hua Ridz

Ridz runs 2 anjali and hugs her and then hugs dr.shashank forgetting everything that he had said to her before she went back 2 america bcz in da wedding she didn't want no problem or any depressions or any sadness bcz of her.

Dr.Shashank: Yea Anushka hain?

Ridz: Yes dad

Anushka takes his blessings

Dr.Shashank: Kaise ho tum beta,

Anushka: Acchi hoon d umm umm

Dr.Shashank: Call me dad beta.

Anushka: Acchi hoon main, dad and dr.shashank hugs her.

Ankita: Mujhe bhi hug chahiye.

Dr.shashank: Don't tell me yey Ankita hain and laughs

Anushka: laughs Meri beti Ankita, Anku say hi to your grandpa

Ankita: Hi grandpa

Dr.Shashank: Hello beta and picks her up and kisses her fore head and sais eye toh hamari choti si Anushka, bohot khub sundor hain

Ankita: Thnx.

Anjali: Hi Anushka di

Anushka: Hi Anjali

Riddhima realizes that they feel kinda weird talking 2 each other as they don't know each other

Riddhima: Aww!! I'm so happy ki ham tino behen eak saath hongi aab and hug anjali and dr.shashank understands what riddhima is trying to do and pats her in her head.

Anushka: Dad, yeh Avinash

Avinash: Namste

Dr.Shashank: Oh yes! Mera badi damat

Riddhima: Aur yehhain Rangeela pointing to her group members

All: Namaste uncle

Dr.shshank: Hello beta, thank you all 4 coming.

All: No problem

Payal: Vaise its been a long time hamne india me ayehe

Dr.Shashank: Ok guys lets go home, Padma wait korke honge aur aaj shamko hamne Maan ko family ko dinner ke liye invite ki hayen.

At home

Someone shouts Ageye hain sab lok

Riddhima: Mom, mommom mom, I missed u so much, kaise ho aap

Padma: Main theek hoon beta, tum

Anushka: Mamma

Padma: Anu beta, Avinash

Anushka and avinash hugs padma

Padma: Aur eye Ankita hain?

Anushka: Haa Maa

Padma: Ankita, kaise ho tum beta and kisses her forehead

Ankita: Tum kaun ho?

Anushka: EYE tumhare nani hain

Ankita: Ohh Nanny, ok

Payal: Namaste Padma Aunty

Padma: Arre Payal, kaise ho tum sweet girl aur tum sab kaise hoon, kitne dino ka baad milre yo.

Padma: Ok ok sab chalo, Maan ko family ko dinner pe bullaya, woh ateye honge

Riddhima: ok

Anjali then shows every1 their room and riddhima goes 2 her room, da room where she used 2 stay with Anjali.

Riddhima then takes a shower and she is now taking out what she's going to wear in the dinner and suddenly a phone rings, it was anjali's phone and riddhima goes to pick tiup and looks at the called id and sees that it says Armaan. Riddhima is shocked as she doesn't know what to 2 do. She runs out of the room as the phone is still ringing.

Later in the evening, every1 is dressed bcz it was a small dinner party where a few of the close realtives only attended.

Anushka: Maa mujhe dijhiye main kathi hoon salad.

Padma: thikhain beta, eye lo kato.

Anushka: Maa main apse eak baat puchna chato hoon

Padma: Pucho beta,

Anushka: Maa eye Armaan ko invite ki hain aap lokon aaj shamko

Padma: Usse kaise invite naa korti, Anjali ki shaddi fix hone ki baad who hamesha hamareghar mein kam karke jareheyin aur woh riddhima ka honewali pati haina…………

Padma then crosses her tounge as if she wasn't supposed 2 say nothing

Anushka: Honewali Pati, Maa applokito armaan aur riddhima ko dur kardiya aur aaphi eye kahereyuin.

Padma: Nei nei beta, mera matlab kuch aur tha in a really scared voice

Anushka: Maa aap kuch chupareyuion na. MMa chupm math rahena, jochi hain riddhima ko paata dena,Maa woh meri saachi behen hain, ain usse dukhio nei dekh sakti , aur agar aapko himmat nei hai, usse batane ke loiye, aap mujhe bataiye, main usko bata deto hoon.

Padma: Main tumhe bataungi liken tum riddhima ko bata nei sakte

Anushka: Kyu

Padma: Kyuinki tab main meri promise tordungi jisne maine kisiko saath rakhatha.

Anushka: Kise saath, maa

Padma: Armaan ke saath

Anushka: What in a really shocked voice.

Padma then pulss Anushka out of the kitchen and drugs her into a room and says

Padma: Riddhima jab chala giyatha, Armaan ne usko rokne ki koshish ki liken who chal agiyatha aur tujhe pata hain, akhri bar ke liye humne usse kahatha ki riddhima sab tumhare decision hain aur who America wapas chali gayi. USS raat ko Armaan nasha pithi aur unhone aap ni ghar wapas chale janejoi decision leyithi liken woh nasha mein gari chalA rahe thi aur uski accident hui jisne uski sard par bohot chot lagithi. Aur eye uski yaad wapas kardiya. Phir Armaan ko sab yaad aya, uski memory loss, riddhima ko chala jana sabkuch. Phie unhone mujhe au rtumhari papa ko kahatha, agar riddhima kabhi wapas aye to main usse wapas meri korlungi liken who nei chati ki ham riddhima ki batade ki armaan ab thik hain kyuinki armaan ko toh abnei pata ki riddhima usse pyar korti hain yaa nahi.

Anushka: Maa ridhima abhi armaan se bohot pyaar korti hain, maine esa pyar kabhi nei dekha.  Maa app loko k asaath hoon , main armaan aur riddhima ki wapas milayuingi.

Padma then smiles and has tears in her eyes and tthen hugs anushka.

Every1 then starts coming, Maan s family comes.

Anjali: Maan, eye hain Riddhima

Riddhima: Hi

Maan: Hi, Oh my god you look so beautiful

Riddhima: Laughs, umm thanks you too are really good looking.

Anjali: Aur eye hain meri sabse badi behen Anushka.

Anushka: Hello

Avinash: Hi, Anjali, tum mujhhe kaise bhul sakte ho?

Anjali: Ok sorry baba aur eye hain meri pyari jiju Avinash

Maan: Hi

Avinash: Hello Maan                        

Riddhima: Aur eye lok meri dance group hain.

Prashant, Payal sharmita aur Preity

Maan: Hi, you guys rock

Koel: thnx

Maan: Bas ye lok liken tumhare group mein toh 8 members hain yahan toh sirf 5 aur baki sab kaha.

Riddhima: Oh Deb Ashish or Ryan ki baat kprreyuin jiju?

Maan: Haan

Riddhima: Waha rahen who lok

Maan: Hi guys

Ahish, ryan, deb: Hii

Then the door bell rings and riddhima runs 2 get it but as soon as she gets near he door she feels breeze and opens da door and trips but not on da ground on someones lap but is oo scared 2 open her eyes but thenshe opens her eyes ands seess a pair of blue eyes which are staring at her with love nd pain


Its Armaan and she gets up and they stare at each other for 5 minutes and someone calls riddhima and riddhima runs away from there with tears in her eyes and both anushka and padmahav been seeing this.


Padma: Armaan beta, kaise ho tum?

Armaan: Aunty woh Rid ridhi

Anushka: Haan woh riddhima hain, kyu apne ankho ko believe nei kor sakte. Vaise tumhare ankhes to bohot cute hain.

Padma: Armaan eye meri badi beti Anushka, batathyana maine tumse, riddhima ki asli behen.

Armaan: Oh Namaste Anushka di

Anushka: Hi Armaan

Armaan: yea hi

Anushka: Armaan, mujhe dekhke tumhe nei lagta, tum kuch wapas paoge?

Armaan: Huh!

Padma: Armaanbea,maine ANU ko sba kkuch baa diya, ab woh hamari madat karenge.

Armaan: SACH?

Anushka: Yes bro, don't get too excited..

Armaan: Can I hug you?

Anushka: Yes broher

Avinash sees them hug ans comes

Avinash: what the hell is going on here? Anu eye kaun hain?

Padma: beta eye ARmaan hain. Armaan, eye Anushka ki husband

Avinash: Oh toh eye hain Armaan

Anushka: AVINASH

Avinash: Im kidding, Im kidding

Anushka: Kya kidding kidding eye Armaaan hain aur tum isse juch nei kahoge

Avinash: Aise kaise Au

Anushka: AVI!!

Avinash: Dun worrym main kuch nahi karongi, vaise main tumn aur mom kko baat sunithi guest room mein. Tum shayat bhul raheheon hum niche guest room hete aur mein bathroom use karreyinthi

Anushka: Kya

Avi: Yea and I agree, armaan ke saath, hume riddhima ko abhi kuch nei patoge pehele unko yaha normal hona hoga u know with Armaan being around.

Anushka: Avi, I love you.

Avi: Tumhe sharam nahi ati, asi baat bado ke samne karti den smiles

Both Armaan and padma starts laughing.

Avinash: Ok Armaa, with a big brother around, you have nothing to worry about

Armaan: I hope so

Avinash: I know so

Then both armaan and avinash does a handshake then avinash and anushka introduces him to riddhima's dance group and he is getting alone very nice with them

Then riddhima comes out of her room, her face all red but shes looking cute. She has a white salwar suit on a whie sleevless short kameez and a white chiridar nd a white nd mostly silver colored dupata on. She has her loose and its nice nd wavy and also roddhima colored her hair brown and golden highlights which makes her look adorable.

Then she has silver big earring on nd whte heals .

After she comes, every1 is looking at her as they look at the bride when she comes to the mandap. Riddhimas cheeks r turning red as Prashant does a thumbs up sign to her. Armaan sees this and gets really mad and suspects something about prashant. So he decided to go and ask avinash

Armaan: Avinash da

Avinash: Yes

Armaan: Riddhima aur eye prashant ko beech kuch hainm ya nahi.

Avinash: Haan

Armaan: Kya getting all mad

Avinash: I mean woh dono dance partners hain aur sab lok kahetha ki I mean audience ki roddhoma aur prashant looksda ci=uest couple ever. Lok samajhthe hain ki woh dono u know bf nd gf liken sach mein esa kuch nahi

Armaan: U sure na

Avinash: Yes I'm sure.

Anushka: Tum dono yahan ky akarreyon

Armaan: Batton

Anushka: Vaise Armaan woh kaun hain, u kniw one with da black shirt, He's such a flirt.

Armaan: Woh maan ki bhai beimaan

Anushka: Laughs, sachmein beimaan uski sacchi naam hain

Armaan: Are nahi, uski naam hain Sagar, who thori beimaan type ki haina iseliye ham uski piche use maan ki bhai beimaan kahethe

Avinash: Lene Anu,  tumne kahatha he'sa flirt, kya kaha usne tumhe? Batao bato

Anushka: Oh Hes like oh aapki hair color bohot cute hain, aap ki ankhe bohot khub sundor hain, aap dangerously sundor ho, kya aap abhitaak single ho kya.

Phir Preity ayatha and she was like uski mang me sindoor nahi dekha dete hain tumhe, aur phir preity ko saath flirt karma shuru kare aur we all knoe Preity, unhine us sagar ko bohot kuch kahe diyatha

ARman: Oh shit, ab jakar maan ko kahe diya hoga

Anushka: Toh, mainbhi Maan ko kahoongi, unhone kya kiya

Avinash: Ok guys les think about riddhima

Anushka:; Oh haan

Avinash: Armaan tumhe usse jealous karma hoga

Armaan: Leken main riddhima ki siva aur koi lardki ko acchase dekhto nahi

Avinahs: Toh main kab kaheruyin ki dusri lardki ko accha dekho  Armaan how about umm ummmmmmmmm ummmmmm Alisha, YES HOW ABOUT ALISHA, tumhare admirer sabko batao ki eak lardki hain Alisha aur woh tumhe pyar karhti hain, riddhima toh bohot jalenge

Anushka: Avinash tumkabhi nei sudhroge, eye unrealistic hain, kuch realistic dikhya karo.

Avinash: L.I.K.E

Anushka: Armaan, tumhe hamari groupse kaunsi lardki sabse khub surot lagti hain, mera aur riddhima ka sivai

Avinash: WHAT r u up 2 Anushka darling?

Anushka: SHUT UP!!!

Armaan: woh sab bohot sundor hain,

Anushka: Comeon Armmaan batao naa

Armaan: Ok ok I think Preity looks really cute but of course mere dilmein riddhima is the beautiful girl in the world.

Anushka: ok ok, tum jake preity koi saath flirt karo, ok

Armaan: Kya

Anushka: Gooooo

Armaan: ok

Armaan: Hey preity?

Preity: YEAH, oh hi Armaan

Armaan: Is sucha coinceidence na tumhare nambhi Preity hain aur tumbhi pretty ho

Preity: YEahhhhhh, eye mujhe sab kahethe hain

Meanwhile Riddhima is hearing all this…..

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Posted: 17 July 2010 at 11:50am | IP Logged
pm me wen u continue
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 July 2010 at 12:16am | IP Logged
simply superb....
do continue n add me to ur pm list...............
crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 July 2010 at 2:28am | IP Logged
hey cute story.....continue soon n ya Pm me wen u update next...

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