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SR- I Feel You! -One Shot- Last update 29 NOV

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hey friends this is my new one shot..hope you guys like it..i will update it later Smile..this is a sequel to my other one shot..here is the link in case you haven't read it yet..SR- Within My Heart -One Shot

Sid looks in a shocking surprise to the foreign couple, who he was about to knock down!.."Wooh!..you have scared the hell out of us mate!"..a man in his mid twenties says in a auzie accent!..while the woman who was with him was still shaking covering her mouth in shock!!..Sid still shaken him self says in a shaken voice:'' same here dude!! same here!!..and what the hell are you guys doing out here..at this time?!" and before the man could answer..he asks him to wait..and runs back to where Rids was hiding..

He asks her to come down lending her a helping hand..Rids tells him that when she heard the screams, she got very panicked and she wanted to climb down..but she didn't as she promised him!..she asks him who the intruders were...he tells her about the Australian couple..and says shaking his head:'' in idiot o ke wajah sai kitna darr gaye tum"..she smiles and sighs in relive and thanks God!..he holds her hand as they walk toward the couple..

After a brief introduction and hand shakings..the man John is an accountant and his wife Kristen is a teacher..they both are from Sidney and are holidaying in India...the man says that he and his wife were having a tour around the place and were going back to Mumbai when their rented car suddenly broke down..he tells them they waited for any car to pass by but in vain!..and then his wife started to take some pictures of the lake and somehow they got lost in the woods..and they kept looking for their car but didn't know the way back!..and this went on for several hours before they decided that it would be better if they find somewhere to sleep..that's when they saw the fire from their camp

They all walk back to the lake..where their tent is.."you guys look very tired" Rids says in a concerned voice..John smiles:"yeah we are..actually we checked out early mornin and haven't rested yet..and last night it was all party"..

"I told you it would be better to go by a coach but you as usual didn't listen to me" Kristen says in an irritated voice..John shakes his head and smiles:"women!!..as usual blame it all to me..wern't you the one who said it would be better if we travel by car..and that's way we can stop whenever you like to take some shots"..both Sid and Rids smile listening to their picker..

As soon they reach the camp, Rids offers them some drinks and prepares a small meal for them..Kristen helps her out..:"so you both are doctors..thats nice!..so you have two doctors in the house"..Kristen says and giggles..Rids smiles and says:"and we both work in the same hospital too"..

"woo then it would be difficult for both of you to concentrate on your work"..both giggle..it sure is! Rids thought..both have a friendly chat about their work and lives..and share a laugh..she looks at Sid and John who were engaged in a conversation too..Sid was laughing..she smiled..it's strange how its easy sometimes to bond with total strangers..maybe when they are extra nice and friendly like Kristen and John..then it becomes really easy to be friend with them..Rids thought..

Soon the couple have a bite..feeling very thankful for finding Sid and Rids..both couples gather around the fire..Sid places both sleeping bags near the fire..John and Kristen sit comfortably on one while he and Rids on the other.."wow you guys have an extra double sleeping bag!!..you guys are our guardian angels!..we were lost and really famished ..our water supply has finished too..i wasn't expecting the damn car to broke on us..and my wife was too scared to be out here alone at night and here we find you good folks"..

"Its ok man..you both are our guests"..Sid says smiling.." I was not scared..you were!"..Kristen says..Rids giggles and says:" its ok to admit that you were..i frankly was scared too!"..to which John says:" listen to her she is one wise lady!.and I admit I was scared too and that for your sake ma love..we are strangers here and know nothing about this territory.."

" it's nice to get away with your wife from all the city hassles from time to time and camp away in wilderness isn't it mate?..a good way to revive the romance",.John says and then winks to Sid..Rids get embarrassed..if only he knew how they ended up here!..she thought..Sid looks at Rids his eyes playful like he knows what's going on in her mind and with a naughty voice he says:"it sure does" he was sitting right beside Rids so he wraps his arms around her shoulders..Rids looks at him..what is he up to now!!..she thought

John:"then we are very sorry for spoiling your special moment mates"he winks

Sid still in his naughty mode:"naah! its ok man we were only going to sleep, when we heard your voices"

John:" sleep at this time!..you must be kidding!..who wants to sleep in this beautiful place and romantic night!"

Kristen:" yeah right! you will be the first to doze off"..she teases him and giggles!

John shaking his head :" do you want me tell them what we did last night?..the whole night"

Both Sid and Rids get embarrassed and look at each other..Sid smiles while Rids is shocked at the bluntness of this couple!..Kristen notices this, she bursts into laughter.."now see what you did..you gave them the wrong impression"

Then John says:" oh no I didn't mean that!..well hmm that was in the early morning..but we danced the whole night then we took a swim too"...they all start to laugh

John: "Tell you what..are you guys sleepy?..if not we will start dancing here"

Sid confused:"dude we don't have a music player with us!"..

John:" we have..i never leave home without it"

Kristen looking at Rids:"he means his better half, his laptop..he always brings the work at home!..even when we are holidaying..this is what I get by getting married to an accountant!..at least your hubby doesn't take his patients home with him"..Rids giggles imagining both of them bringing sick people home to treat them!!

John:" yeah, yeah!..and who brings the kids homework home all the time..and don't let me go through the class projects"jokingly he says then he adds:" at least I never ignore you..i always do the extra work when you are busy or sleep"..she giggles and nods

John:" let's see..what do you folks want to listen to?..this baby has thousands of songs!..aah this one is perfect"..he puts a catchy salsa song..and stands up while moving and shaking a leg'offers his hand to his smiling wife who stands up and they start to dance like proffsionals..while Sid and Rids watch them all smiles..after few minutes the song finishes..Sid and Rids clap for them..he kisses his wife on cheek and both take a a bow..and then sit thanking them!..

Sid:"wow you guys were perfect!'perfect steps..wonderful!"

John looking fondly to his blonde wife:" we took dancing classes together..she has a thing for salsa and tango..hey now your turn..what music you wanna dance on"

Rids gets taken back and looks at Sid..they have never danced before!..except for the few minutes when they slow danced in their pent house with Sue and the rest!!

Sid looks at her with a challenge in his eyes daring her:"what say Riddhima?!..will you dance with me!"..Rids looks at him irritated..he continues sheepishly:"my wife feels too shy to dance in front of you guys..she dances with me at home..when we are alone..actually she is not that confident about her dancing..i am because i know i dance very well..I was the best dancer in my collage back home at USA"..he says with full confident..

What a show off!!..Rids thought..getting more irritated now..feeling that she was being challenged!, she says:" oh really!, let's see now!"..she stands up abruptly..Sid surprised at her reaction with a big smile on his face stands up and whispers innocently in her ear:"kya kar rahi hu!..dance karna ata hai tumahi..kaun sa dance steps jaante hu tum?!"..to which Rids retaliate with a challenge in her eyes:" sab kuch, aur tum sai behtar"..Sid twitches his mouth in a naughty smile!..mission accomplished..he thought!

Both John and Kristen cheer for her!..and john asks them what tune would they dance on..before Rids could say anything Sid looking deeply into Rids eyes says:" Argentina tango"...Rids get nervous.."good choice mate..very romantic"..John says then he and and Kristen get busy looking for a proper song for them..

Sid notices her nervousness and he whispers to her:"sab kuch aata hai tumai..tum nai yeh kaha ta na!"..he winks..he was daring her again..Rids starts to have second thoughts!..she bites her lips nervously..this type of dance is very intimate..back at school she used to love to dance and she took classes for most of the dancing steps including this one..but she never actually danced with any man to its steps!..because it's a very passionate dance and involves too much closeness and leg crossing!

John:"Here a song for you..but I must warn you it's extremely hot..it's Kristen's favorite and a bit slower then the usual tango tunes..so basically it's more fun mate so enjoy"!..he winks and softly laughs

Sid with confident:"bring it on" and with his naughty smile stands facing Rids who was looking down while playing with her hair nervously!..what a mess I put my self in!..she thought..she was unawre that Sid already knows that she knows how to dance!

Sid leans and whispers in Rids ear:"mere taraf dekhon Riddhima..iss dance mai eye contact buhut zarore hai..agar tum sharmati hu..aur naach na nahi jante hu..tu phir it's ok..kuch bahana daekar hum dance nahi kartai hai"..then he backs off and keeps a distant between him and her

So he threw the ball in her court now!..as he waits for her reply..Rids feels that Sid was mocking her so she gets furious a bit ..so he thinks I cant dance!, I will show him..she thought..John says:"guys are you ready"

Rids looks with a challenge in her beautiful eyes towards Sid and says:" yes we are"..Sid's smile widens..as the music starts both dance to it's tune slowly looking deeply into each others eyes!..twisting and turning..holding each other..touching each other gently and intensely!..feeling and teasing each other with their gestures and touches!..coming closer then parting and again coming so close in a jolt!..like she was a part of him!..sometimes her hair touching his face..

They both get so lost into each others closeness and touch!..the passionate dance and the hot song tantalize their senses and they breath heavily as they continue dancing near the fire..Rids feels all her senses are awaken!..waves of pleasure were dazling her whole being..never in her life she felt this way!..

They were dancing on this song

Tarrango ..
we never want to be so close..
cause we knew what would happens then..
loving in this tense ..nothing can save us..
terrango we are lost..terrango just you and me..

We are so near..I can feel what yours on mine...
that even though it mare us.. we want it this time..
tarrango..we lust.. tarrango

My blood is boiling..
my brain is over heated..
i am not master of my senses..so I can't be guilty ..
tarrango..just you and me

Tarrango..throw away your bid fuss..just feel in
Tarrango..throw away your bid fuss..just feel in

As the song comes to a stop..they were very close now..their faces were only inches far away!..they were looking deeply in to each other's eyes!..gazing intensely!..her arms were around his neck..her hands feeling his soft hair..he was leaning towards her..one of his arms around her waist while the other holding one of her legs up into his waist..both were heavily breathing!..

"Wow bravo!..that was wonderful"..the sound of the cheers and applauds by Kristen and John cut their thoughts and brings them back to reality!..they both look at them and part from each other smiling awkwardly!..

"Now that was hot!..hey fancy a swim just to cool off " Kristen says giggling as she stands up..John says:"don't be crazy..its cold"..to which Kristen retaliate:" we have two doctors around us, so don't worry, come on now! don't be a wuss John..and you two come on guys..the last one to the lake is a rotten egg"..she runs to the lake while shedding her clothes..wearing only her under garments that looked like a one piece swim suit!!

John shakes his head and then follows her running after her..both Sid and Rids giggle still standing and still breathless watching them as they jump into the lake screaming.."dono pati aur patni belkul pagal hai" Sid says smilingly..and then he looks at her..both sigh..he says:"tum buhut acha naach te ho"..Rids looks at him smilingly and then says:" tum bhi"...

Sid looks at her with intensity trying to figure out how she felt!..she was standing there, her face glowing as the burning fire cast it's reflection upon her!..she looked so fragile and beuatiful in that sleevless top and short pants..the cold breeze was blowing away her hair gently!..

Rids looks at Sid..he looks soo mystresuouly attractive and tall tonight!..the way he danced with her made her breathless..it's so overwhelmingly exciting to dance with him!..to be in his arms and to feel him!..she thought

It was a very sensational dance that they shared..a passionate encounter..her closeness drove him crazy..and he knew that she felt him too!..i know that being close to me affects you!..but do you love me Riddhima..Sid thought!

The way she makes him feel..the feelings that she arouses in him are so heavenly!..he never ever felt this way with another woman..he never wanted a woman the way he wants her or needs her!..although he had his share of girlfriends while he was studying..all he wanted now is to take her in his arms, kiss her and tell her how much he loves her..he thought..

His heart still bounding fast as her..he felt that he can't bare to hide his feelings from her anymore!..he needs to come out and tell her!..he knows for sure now that he means allot to her..this single day that they shared with each other showed him how she feels about him..he knows she cares about him..and she truely and whole heartly wants to be with him and him alone..her past doesn't matter to her anymore!..moreover, he knows how his closness affects her as a woman!..all these things are enough for him for now..but he has to tell her how he feels about her..how much he loves her!

Sid comes closer to her slowly..holds her hands, lift them and gently kisses them..she closes her eyes..he lifts them up placing them gently on his shoulder..then he holds her waist "Riddhima" he calls her name softly..slowly she opens her eyes and looks up to him..their eyes meet..she trembles from the passion that burn in those deep eyes:" mujhai tum sai kuch kehna hai"..Sid says..he pauses then he says in his husky voice with so much passion:" mai nai kabhi pehli kisi aur kai leyeh essa feel nahi kya hai Riddhima..mai tum sai buhut pyar karta hu..I love you so much!"!


this one is for you ZeeniaHug hope you like it, and will update the last part  soon, and that will be the last thing i write for SR ever!

( a request to my all wonderful SRiansEmbarrassed, guys i don't want to write any FF about SR anymore! hell i don't want read anything about them too, as i whole heartily hate Rids character!, and i loath how SR ended! so please don't mind when i dont compel to your requests of updating my other one shots!Embarrassed  ..love you allHug 

Rids looks at him, her heart beat getting faster by minute, she releases a huge sighs and smiles lowering her gaze, he cups her face with his hands, and she looks up at him , she whispers: "I love you too Sid, i am so madly in love with you" he gets taken back by what he said as he didn't expect her to come out about her feelings so soon, tears gather in his eyes as he bends his head to kiss her, but she feels shy and buries her head in his chest, he smiles and hugs her tightly!, feeling so happy and so relived! His heart beat becoming faster, and he kisses her forehead!..

The laughter and the noise of the Australian couple coming from the lake side, make them realize that they are not alone, so he parts from her!, both looking awkwardly at each other with a big smile on their faces

They cuddle up near the fire her head resting on his chest, he strokes her hair gently, Sid longed to take her in his arms and kiss her but he didn't want to rush her, i can wait Ridhhima, whenever you are ready, he thought, Rids yawns feeling happy, relaxed and finally at peace with Sid but mostly with her own self!, "what a day" says Sid" you must be very exhausted! ", he says, his voice full of concern!

She shakes her head:" it was a wonderful day!"

he chuckles" are you sure?, even the part where i threw you in to the lake" she moves her head nad looks at him with a naughty smile" that too because i made you fall and you got wet too!" she giggles

He yawns:" naah! i made my self fall on purpose, so i can be near you" he winks, to which she realities punching his chest softly:" jhoot mat bolo and admit that i made you fall!"

He laughs, God i love his laughter! she thought with a smile, he pulls her closer, embracing her, his eyes playful, he grins:" i didn't mind one bit!, how many times do i get the chance to be so close to you and that too when your are looking all wet and sexy!", he says in his husky voice, his words send a shiver in her spine!, and she trembles and Sid's smile widens!  


last update..hey freinds this is the last update hope you guys like it and sorry if it was below your expectations!Embarrassed

 p.s sorry for the wrong alignment i have been trying to fix it for more the half an hour but it wont budge, i dont know whats wrong with my account, it has a mind of its own or maybe somone in IF doesn't like me hence they have done something with it to bug meLOL

Then suddenly they hear Kristen screaming loudly, both look at each other puzzled and then run towards the lake!

To their surprise what seemed to them like a cry for help, was just Kristen's way of protesting, as John was tickling her! they were both laughing and having fun, she tries to splash water on him and he grabs her and kiss her passionately, unaware of Sid and Rids who were watching them, Rids looks at Sid and then looks away embarrassed!, while Sid smiles and coughs making them aware of their presence, both the husband and the wife look at their direction now" hey are you joining us mates?" says john!

"Nope! But Kristen's scream sure scared the hell out of us" says Sid trying to catch his breath, the man laughs "she is quite a screamer my Kristen, but you can't quite distinguish her screaming whether its cause of joy or pain!" he winks

Rids feels more embarrassed, and walks away towards the bonfire and stands there, looking at the blazed fire feeling awkward, Sid slowly walks towards her smiling, he stands right behind her and then slips his arms around her waist, she gasps, he pulls  her closer to him till her back was glued to his chest, he rest his chin on her bare shoulder sighing deeply  and says in his husky voice,"Kya soch rahi hua"

She shakes her head feeling shy, "kuch nahi", her heart beat becoming faster by second, he then turns her around in one quick move jerking her so she faces him, she gasps again, he embraces her in his strong arms,  his eyes were mischievous now his lips were curved flaunting his beautiful smile, as she looks up to him, he bends his head to kiss her,  she shys away whispering " Sid woh log eidhar hai" her voice trembling and breaking

 So she is shying away from him because of their unexpected guests, and not because she isn't ready, he mischievously thought with a grin! he looks at her with intensity! she looks at him feeling she was getting hypnotized by his gaze, he whispers in his husky voice impatiently "don't worry they are far away, they can't see us nor hear us" but Rids couldn't feel comfortable knowing that they might barge in on them any moment, she breaks the eye lock and lowers her head

He lifts up her chin with his hand, his thump stroking her, while still holding her with his other hand, she looks up now feeling that she can't breath, he says with a voice full of passion in his husky tune, "they are too busy in there own masti to get bothered about us" he bends his head still holding her chin, his gaze shifts to her lips, she looks at him feeling breathless, the fire was casting an orange glow on his features, matching the fire that she can see in his intense gaze as he looks at her, he looked so mysterious, her gaze shifts to his mouth and she closes her eyes, her lips trembling waiting in anticipation

He looks at her face with burning desire in his intense eyes, he lifts his hand and traces her beautiful face with her fingers gently like he was drawing her on a canvas, he bends and kiss her forehead and then press his lips gently on her closes eyes lids kissing them softly, then he kisses her nose . Then his mouth shifts to her cheeks, his warm lips gently teases her, then he pauses.

Both were breathing heavily now, she opens her eyes slowly she was trembling, he was smiling now a gentle smile he whispers:" you are so beautiful Riddhima!" she gets taken by, by the passion that she sees in his intense eyes and his husky words sent a shiver down to her spine and she closes her eyes in passion, he looks at her flushed face and closed eyes and then at her trembling lips

His heart was beating so fast like he was running, he has waited so long for this moment!, to take her in his arms and kiss her, he wanted to kiss her gently but the passion that he was feeling inside his veins, the emotions that he has been locking inside him for so long now, burst out and he kisses her hard, his mouth captivate hers in a passionate lock, as his lips savor hers, sucking them and teasing them

He pulls her closer embracing her, crushing her fragile body against his strong chest, she gets taken back but soon she too gives in, as she raises her arms helplessly and wrap her arms around his neck, her hands digging in his curly hair! Pulling him closer to her, she kisses him back shyly and gently!, she felt so weak and felt that she would have fallen if he wasn't holding her in his strong arms.

He gently breaks off her and then whispers softly in her ear, I love you so much Riddhima I need you so badly" pulling her closer, she pulls her self , off of and then looks at him shyly still breathless, her flushed face was glowing, her heart beat still beating so fast she swallows hard and bites her lips and then holds his hand gently and leads him to the tent!, Sid looks at her trying to comprehend what she was trying to do! he holds his breath and feels like his heart skipped  beat, she looks down smiling shyly he couldn't believe that this was the end of his waiting and he gasps and whispers in joy:" Riddhima!" and then he sweeps her off her feet into his arms as he slowly enters the tent while both looking at each other with so much love and so much passion!

That night they become one, as Sid makes love to her gently and passionately, and as the morning sun rises above the sky, both look at each other as they are embraced in each others arms inside that small tent and that tiny sleeping bag, both were smiling peacefully, Sid was stroking her hair gently, Rids raises her head and looks up at Sid with loving eyes, with a smile on her glowing face, thinking there were no roses on the bed or beautifully decorated room, there were no scented candles or band or ceremony, but she couldn't care less because all that doesn't matter to her! as last night was her own special 'Suhag Raat' that she would cherish for the rest of her life!, and it was so special that it was the best she could ever imagined!

Both look at each other with so much love and passion, and as Sid turns her and bends to kiss her neck , his eyes full of desire, they both knew that what happened wasn't just a bonding of two bodies, but it was something beyond that, it was a bonding of two lost hearts who found solace in each other, it was a bonding of two souls, that the destiny lead to become part of each other against all the obstacles that they have faced.

They knew from now on nothing, and no one can ever separate them from each other, no matter what, from now on they have become truly a husband and a wife, from now on they will live together and grow together till death do them apart.

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hey amazing update......lovely!!!!!!!

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Clap Clap

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mabel Goldie

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wow...its sooooo romantic....luvly...
tango is a beautiful dance form...always wanted 2 learn....hopefully i will in de near future...
i luvd every single thing u wrote here...it was mesmerising...
keep writing honey...luv ya

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Clap Clap Clap


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simple yet so BEAUTIFUL..!!
very very romantic.. loved and njoyd reading it.

Keep up the great work

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beautiful and very romantic

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Too romantic n how I wish the Sid being shown right now is also the same Smile
Anyways lovely OS Embarrassed

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