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5/07: Life lessons, love lessons...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
The episode opens with our "Siddy", as he referred to himself today, discussing tactics he will use to impress Riddhima on his candlelight date. Taking flowers is not an option...been there done that.
What to do so that Riddhima takes their relationship to the next level? It's hilarious when Sid has these little pep talks with himself, he's so blunt and he can only be true to himself, with Riddhima he becomes an introvert, fumbling to tell her what he wants how he feels. He refers to his magazine which tells him to "say I love you often" and give her a "look look" but he still isn't convinced. I need to so something different so that "Riddima aur main dono se--". Sid is unable to finish his sentence...instead he guilt trips himself by imitating what JP would think of his "tooch vichaar". Bechara. He is a married man, there really is nothing "tooch" about his "vichaar".
Sid confuses himself further when the magazine tells him "ladkiyon ke dil ka raasta uski naak se hoke guzarta hai". LOL Being a ladki myself, I have to say I agree with the statement. Smelly boys is a big no no. Ouch
Having said that, sometimes too much DO can be slightly overwhelming so whilst Sid does take the hint, I'm slightly unsure when he continues to douse himself in his lynx deodrant, defining douse I would say around 10000000 sprays? He remembers Riddhima and runs off to meet her...

Swtich to......
Armaan with his patient whom is now conscious. He asks her how she's feeling, she responds telling him that shes still suffering some pain, but only a little. It's a very humble answer considering her wounds are so deep and so vast in number. Armaan tells her that she'll be better soon, and then proceeds with, "actually mujhe aap se kuch poochna tha". Immediately there's panic on the girl's face and you know she's troubled. Armaan clearly wants to know where all these injuries came from, and he's unimpressed when she halfheartedly tells him she fell down. Probing her further the story gets slightly too simple to explain her intense injuries especially when the patient tells Armaan she fell off her bike, when her alarmed mother is seen telling Shilpa she fell down the stairs.
Its just not adding up.
Even Shilpa senses something fishy, composed she asks the mother the same. If she fell down the stairs then how come there are wounds over her whole body? Shilpa is being professional yet empathetic, how doctors should be with such senstive issues. Understanding is key in any relationship and it plays importance here too. We saw Shilpa in Friday's episode dissuading Armaan from informing the police since it was the family's personal problem. Yet we're human beings and when something is undoubtedly wrong, it's moreso a doctor's social and moral duty to try and rectify it. Shilpa tells the mother that until she doesn't help them, they won't be able to help her or her daughter. Sometimes to open one eyes to the situation, drastic action needs to be taken so I won't judge Shilpa when she informs her that had her daughter not been brought in on time, she could have died. The mother is torn and weakened by the news so much that she has to sit down. It's the worst thing for a parent to hear.....but there are still parents out there who don't take a second to subject their children to cruelty of a nature we wouldn't have even imagined.
The mother is shattered, "I know what your saying, but as a mother who can understand my helplessness?" She continues to speak of the two monsters she's escaped whilst trying to rescue her daughter. Shilpa's astonished by the news. The truth is finally out. Armaan was right.
On the other hand, the patient clarifies the identity to Armaan, "mera bapu aur mera bhai".
And why? Why would a father and a brother want to harm their own daughter and sister respectively? Because she wanted to marry someone of a lower caste. Because it would be dishonourable. Because of honour. Such a little word for something which holds such magnificent meaning....and I don't believe in it. Referring to Pocu's post from a while back, honour really is sucidal. And there cannot be something more disgraceful than a human treating another human using this word as a justification. It's simply inexcuseable.

Shilpa and Armaan now stand watching the sleeping patient from the window. Technically I would say, great direction of this particular sequence, the way the story was exposed and the ArSh scene. Clap. Shilpa highlights the contoversial moral and social issues surrouding such cases, how parents can treat their children worse than their enemies, how your own can reject you and push you away from themselves. She snaps at Armaan when he tells her he understands, she's a hard one to read, for one Armaan was the first to presume that there was more to the case than met the eye. Having said that though, I suppose Shilpa has found a way to relate to the case herself, how "the person who gave birth to you, leaves you all alone....jab aapko apni ladai khud larni parti hai" It's nice to see her opening up to Armaan though....and in turn, Armaan's saddened to see Shilpa like this. 

Switch to...
Sid moonwalking through the Sanjeevani corridorsLOL and he stumbles upon Riddhima, who is completely engrossed in her doctor-giri and her files! Donning his "dude" persona along with the hip and hop hand gestures, he approaches her. He's not even within a foot of her, and Riddhima
sniffles, clearing her throat, looking around confused, turning up her nose she asks the nurse sitting before her, "sister, aap ko kuch smell aarahi hai?" The nurse looks up to see Sid standing behind Riddhima smirking to herself who happily says, "smell nahi, khushboo". Haha!
Hearing him, Riddhima turns and leans forward to check herself and has to step away quickly...she tells in so many words that he smells. Really bad. The smell is just "too strong"LOL.
Sid is disappointed to say the least, "mujhe laga tum mujhse kahogi, Siddhant yeh world ka best DO hai". Aww, bless him. Riddhima thwarts him, literally with her file, but he still hasn't finished. Moving closer, he tells her "is DO se, bauhaut kuch hota hai" Riddhima replies in the affirmative, yet much to Sid's disdain, she verifies whoozily, "mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain". She sternly orders Sid to "go. now." and Sid's reaction is adorable when he woefully looks at her with those big brown eyes, and asserts, "par maine to yeh sab tumhare liye k-kiya" Riddhima looks at him, touched, yet Sid misreads her reaction, dejected, he asserts "nahi... jaa raha hoon". Riddhima is hesistant to stop him yet smiles to herself, "pagal hai".

Switchh to : Sid with his magazine. Uff. Yeh ladka bhi na...
So he "learns" that males should send their other halves, "pyaari pyaari letters, gifts" and take them away on holidays. What is his favourite dish? Rajma chawal, and the magazine asks which animal do their counterparts relate them with?  Sid's baffled. Riddhima mujhe kaise yaad karti hai? "Kutha hoga". LOL Unhappy, he decides he'll ask Riddhima himself....

Swiiitch: Armaan and Riddhima discussing the case.
Shilpa requests Armaan not to involve the police, it will only worsen the situation. Yet Armaan begs to differ, involving the police will guarantee them some protection...ArSh's relationship has improved. I'm not saying they're the best of friends but they're definitely not fighting immaturely like they have been since the day they've met. This one scene shows that they're not on the same page still but they're giving each other a chance. Even if it is as colleagues. Armaan supports when he tells Shilpa, "If you have a better solution then tell me, I'm open to it"...Shilpa contemplates to herself....

Shilpa, the patient and her mother in their room, Armaan enters...followed by the police. The patient, I should know her name, but I don't. Have they told us?Confused  Anyway, the patient clings on to her mother's hands for support and resassurance and she tells her not to worry, the police are there to help. Armaan urges her to report all past and present incidents to the police who will then be able to arrest her father and brother. The patient goes on to describe the ordeal, and then goes on to thank Armaan for giving her the courage to speak out.Big smileClap
Armaan and Shilpa share a smile. Aww....big jhappi!

Switch: Sid and Riddhima checking patients, well, rather Sid checking Riddhima checking patients.Wink Finally catching her attention he tells her he was simply observing, he goes to leave and asks her whether he should. "Jao please" comes the response. Instead, he tells her, "hum chalein? exotic location, badiya holiday pe". How persistent....for Riddhima though, paranoid Riddhima, he could be commiting a crime, discussing holiday plans before a wardful of patients.  Haww. ShockedOuch
She angriy dismisses him. But not before a last question, "tumhe kaunse janwar pasand hai?"LOL Riddhima returns to her patient, meekly apologising for "Dr. Modi's" behaviour. The patient is a wise old woman whom notifies her that " wo ladka josh mein hai" and is simply trying to impress her by establishing her likes and dislikes. Riddhima innocently replies that the "ladka" is her husband.Embarrassed  The patient asks her whether she's been on her honeymoonWink, apparently it explains the odd behaviour on behalf of Siddy Widdy. Riddhima's horrified when the patient tells her that she musn't have consummated her relationship! She akwardly tells the patient she needs to take rest and moves away...whilst the patient laughs to herself, clearly amused.

Switchh: in the ward, Armaan tells the patient that there's another suprise and invites her partner in the room. Shilpa unites their hands and Armaan disappears....Shilpa looks to see him go he turns to close the door and they both smile at one another again. Its good its great! Star

Commming up:
Shilpa in thought, tells Armaan, some children don't even know why they come into the world, whom their parents reject..."jaise..."
Personal comment: She's talking about herself, no doubt, and I'm intrigued. I want the truth now! My impatience gets the better of me sometimes...Embarrassed
After the break: In the locker room,  Sid makes some loud motions to attract Riddhima's attention. Which he does, yet she's worried. "Tum teek ho na, itne ajeeb kyun behave kar rahe ho". For everyone who noticed Sid's changed hairstyle he confirms, "mere baal bhi straight hogaye"LOL. Miss. Conservative Riddhima doesn't like the change though and she tells him, "wo bhi ajeeb lag rahe hain". Sid composes himself and tries again..Riddhima is irked and urges him to tell, Sid contemplates to himself, "maybe she wants the same, bol de!" He hesitantly makes her aware that they should move onto "level 2" now. He asks her whether she understands and she says she does, cue Sid doing a victory dance ...in his mindLOL.
Riddhima taps his shoulder, and he tells her, "date tomorrow, you and me, me and you". Riddhima mistakes him again, she's ecstatic at the prospect of another date. "How sweet". Whilst Sid counts his blessings, "mujhe yakeen nahi hota, Riddhima itni jaldi maangayi". They reiterate the details and Riddhima leaves. Trigger happy for Sid, and...he raps! Another one to the add to the "Sid's many talent's" list. How pathetic the rap actually was? I'll let you be the judgeWink

Comingg up: CAKE FIGHT!
In the cafe, all staff are present including ArSh, Sid-Riddhima. Armaan encourages Shilpa to have some cake, whilst taking a slice towards her he slips and we see Shilpa's face covered with icing ha! Shilpa irritated, throws back a piece which hits RiddhimaShocked whom then proceeds to wipe some icing on Sid's face and even throws a piece at Armaan who cunningly ducks, and it hits Shilpa.

Personal comment: cannot wait. The awesome foursome and J-J in one frame where Riddhima isn't acting like Dr. Kirti's cheli. Wow wee, should be interesting.

Afterr the break:
Armaan and Shilpa walk through the corridors, Armaan is disgusted. He tells Shilpa how he can't understand parents mentality when they hurt their children like that...Shilpa informs him that not everyone has good parents. Precap scene and Armaan's taken aback by Shilpa's revelation..."jaise"...Armaan looks confused, but she doesn't finish becausee..
Episodo Finito.

Kal dekhiye: Part I-cake scene. Extended, Shilpa takes a slice and throws it.....it flies and hits Dr. Shashank on the shoulder, runing his suit. Deja vu much? He's not impressed. Is it just me or does "Riddima's" stunt double make a presence here? LOL
Part II: Shanky addresses the staff at the reception area. "Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I don't keep check on you guys". Wow authority at its best. Shanky I love. Embarrassed He tells them he isn't happy with their work and turns to Riddhima, endorsing her with the responsibility to improve their functioning and results.


Applause? Clap : The social message. KSG, SA acting. ArSh scenes....the development in their relationship even if its the improvement in civil attitude. KW is a treat to watch.

Rotten tomatoes! Ouch : Erm with SR...I may be wrong but the mistaken "date" could make things better Big smile or worseOuch for their relationship. Would you say they were romanticy today? I think it was all "Sid and his prep"Wink.

Bonus! Star: The social message! Clap

Lesson! of the day:
It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them.
Dalai Lama

Thank you for reading!

Apologies for any mistakes, strictly no bashing of anykind whatsover. Having said that I am open to personal criticisms and commentsSmile

Over and out!

Love luck and blessings! N xXx

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 1:07pm | IP Logged

enjoyed reading your analysis/take on today's episode

yes it was ncie to see the addition of the social msg into the show, ArShi awesome chemistry, Shilpa seems to have had a bitter childhood, looks like it

Sid was too cute, i agree the magazibe was a little too much, but i adored kw expresions

loved when rids smiled and said pagal hai, and when she siad yeh ladka mea pati hai. awwww

The SR locker room scene was my funny  yes i too feel due to the confusion, something is going to go wrong, but then with SR whatver happens happens for the best it too  wil eventually lead to positvity
brilliant chemsitry between SR as always


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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Lovely take nm21
As for Sid's level 2, in his mind i am pretty sure its their first real kiss - lips involved
Sid's level 2 is a kiss and Ridz thinking she is going on a date and nothing looks like a date and then when she thinks of level 2, she will think of what aunty said today LOL
Sid we know wont even think beyond then just a kiss at this junction, he knows himself where him and Ridz are at, and thats where his maturity comes in
All in all whatever SR are being shown these days esp Sid, to me a certain comfort level is setting in, in a way and for RIdz to see how innocent and how true her statement was when she told her dad that Sid's heart is like a child - and that she will adore him like that
Everything he has been doing is for Ridz and Ridz only - we have to remember Sid has not once see Ridz smile at his gestures, she always does smile when he leaves, so he isnt getting to see her glow and smile
As for ArSh, something about Shilpa's eyes gets to me, when they go sad - sometimes the happiest ppl are the sadness ppl in the world and she seems to be carrying alot of that inside her

Edited by Lennie - 05 July 2010 at 1:20pm

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bamboocopter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Great post....was a delight to read. todays epi was amusing...especially Sid.
Though i think going as far as saying SeCensored was a bit much...but sids pep talks are always fun to watch, because we get to see whats going on inside of him. The episode had a good balance with the seriousness of the case that Arsh were handling.
It was sweet that Ridz realizes that everything Sid is doing is for her....now i am looking forward to this "level 2 date"...because clearly Sid has other things in mind LOL
The cake fight seems a bit immature...but it will surely be fun to watch. Love how comfortable Ridz is with sid now and yes that rap was pathetically hilarious ROFL

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bajlooka Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
nice post Clap Thumbs Up Hug

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ginac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
nm21 I absolutely loved your post. Loved the way you analised SR and Arsh. Arsh scenes were so beautiful today and I loved the way they both were concerned for their patient and then for Armaan to reunite the two love birds was beautiful to see. SR are simply to die for. I love these two to the core. Sid is every girls dream man. He is so adorable trying to woo his Ridz. He would go to any lengths to do so. Am dying to know what Sid considers to be level 2 and I am sure it will not be what Riddhima thinks he is talking about. I can see another drama happening but you know what everytime there is a funny situation it some how brings them so much closer.
BEAUTIFUL POST!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angelic_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 6:17pm | IP Logged

Have I ever told you I am a fan of your writing since long now?Tongue Haven't been here much lately but have read some of your recent posts - they are a treat to readBig smile so thank youHug

Although I am not a fan of ArSh but I do love your take on them along with SRTongue with the only difference being I am kind of irritated with the current stupid track going on between SR so I don't even enjoy Wahi any longerStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile Hopefully they get back on track SOONStern Smile

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