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Passionately Longing:A Series of Tidbits:Day 2:P6 (Page 6)

blueocean_787 IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part!!!

Deizy Goldie

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hey thanks for the pm:)

awesome ! very diferent..........
-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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DAY TWO: Part 2/2

'Turn the car back, NOW Damon, Or I'll' She was cut off before she was able to finish her sentence.

'Set me on fire? You could, but we both know you wont' He smirked. 'Admit it you wanna know where we're going' his smirk widened even further.

He was right. She did but that was besides the point. 'I mean it Damon, TURN AROUND' She ground out. He was SO infuriating!

Damon shook his head.

'No, can do my sassy little witch'

'Are you sure about that?' She asked, getting ready to make him regret 'kidnapping' her.

'Ok, Ok' How about this' Just wait until we get there and then' If you still wanna come back I'll bring you back, ok?'

He turned to her with those intense, beautiful blue eyes of his and before Bonnie could think what she was doing she'd agreed, it sounded fair enough she reasoned with herself. Damon turned back his smirk wider than ever at having got Bonnie to agree, fiddling with the radio he whistled along to the song being played.

Bonnie watched as they passed house after house, which soon turned into endless rows of fields. She was sure they were no longer in Mystic falls anymore.

A little while later the car came to a stop, Bonnie was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even realise.

'Bonnie, my sweet little Bon-Bon' Damon called out to her, bringing her out of her thoughts.

'Don't call me that' she said annoyed.

'Calm down honey, we're here' he smirked again.

Taking deep breaths to calm herself so that she didn't end up strangling Damon, Bonnie looked around.

She was completely shocked at what she saw.

- | Nayab | -
"SURPRISEEEEEEEEE!" shouted everyone.
"Wha-" Bonnie began, overwhelmed.
She looked around the open field to find a large open marque, filled with people, music and food.
"Happy Birthday my fiesty lil BonBon" he whispered into her ears "see ain't you glad you came" he said tapping her nose with his finger, before winking and dissappearing into the crowds.
Bonnie was still in a state of shock when Elena, Caroline, Matt and all her friends and family from Mystic Falls came up to wish her.  Regaining her senses, she realised that this must have been organised by Elena. I mean who else could it have been. Damon was probably just escorting her here.
Excusing herself from the crowd of people still wishing her, she shouted "Elena".
"Yes hun"  came the chirpy voice of her best friend Elena.
"I just wanted to say thanks." Bonnie smiled.
"What for?"
" know, for organising this"
Elena looked confused for a moment " Bonnie hun, you got it wrong, you should be thanking Damon, shockingly enough it was he that organised this party."
" mean Damon... as in Damon Salvatore, the badass vamp" stuttered a shocked Bonnie, this only caused Elena to break out in a fit of giggles.
"Well atleast your response is better than that of Stefans, the poor guy nearly had a stroke, when Damon told us about this".
Then turing serious, she looked at Bonnie.
"You know these past few days, I've been noticing a change in Damon....i don't know how to explain it but beneath all his cold attitude...i keep on seeing glimpses of....well there's no other word for but ...humanity....... It's kinda odd....considering this is Damon.... you wouldn't happen to know what caused this sudden change now would you?"
Now what was Bonnie supposed to tell Elena. That she and Damon have been flirting alot and been sharing secret passionate kisses. Sure they're best friends and they don't hide any secrets from each other. But Bonnie didn't know how Elena would react. Hence she replied, "No....ofcourse not... why would you think that I'd know?"
"Oh know...Damon...well his not exactly the type to go around doing nice deeds every now and then... and all of a sudden out of now where... he is organising this surprise party for you" proclaimed a skeptical Elena.
"Erm..." Once again Bonnie was lost for words...."I'm not sure Elena" she finally whispered.
"You sure there's nothing going on between the two of there anything you wanna talk about?"
"Of course there's nothng going on", Bonnie laughed nervously, " who knows what goes on in Damon's mind..... but seeing as he has gone to all this trouble...i suppose i should thank him right."
"Sure" Elena didn't look convinced but she figured Bonnie would talk to her when she felt ready "Well i guess you should go and find him" Elena smiled before walking off to find Stefan.
Bonnie felt rotten, she really wanted to tell Elena about Damon....but she herself didn't know what was goning on between her and Damon.
She was lost in this thought when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around only  to come to face with the devil himself.
"Sooo BonBon, how you liking the parrr-te" he smirked taking a swig of his beer.
"It's nice......Thank you"
"I beg your pardon... i seem to have gone temporarily deaf...could you repeat that again" he smirked teasingly.
Bonnie just rolled her eyes and went to stand in a quite corner as she felt a headache coming on.  She was fingering one of the flowers from the table when she felt a prick of pain. Before she could assess the injury, she found her finger being enveloped by Damon's warm mouth.
She felt her breath hitch. She could literally feel Damon humming in pleasure, the look in his eyes emphasing the naughty and flithy thoughts running through his head.
Bonnie gently pulled her finger away from his mouth.  A blush spread across her face when Damon slowly closed the gap between them.
- | Yaz | -

They were so close now they could feel each others' breath. Bonnie could feel Damon's gaze on her as she continued to looking down, trying to avoid the feelings she was beginning to feel every time he was near her. 

"Bonnie! Caroline I found her! She's over her!" Elena shouted.

Yes! Saved! Bonnie thought to herself, she was so happy to see Elena and Caroline make their way towards her. She had never felt so glad to see them; she could almost kiss 'em! She grinned widely, finally escaping Damon's presence as he groaned inwardly. She almost felt a twinge of sadness leaving him like this--almost.

"So, Caroline and I got this for you, specifically for today! & don't worry this isn't your actual present yet!" Elena smiled.

"This is going to be the best birthday party ever! I just can't believe it was Damon who planned all this. I mean the guy steals his girlfriend's blood because he's so careless and here he is planning such an awesome party for someone he claims to hate so much! So, am I missing something here? Did you tell Elena and not me?" she pouted.

Elena rolled her eyes her Caroline "I was actually wondering the same thing. Bonnie claims she has no idea but every time we bring up his name she begins to fidget, like now. Seriously Bon, is something going on between you two we don't know about? Is he'messing with you again?" she asked genuinely worried.

"We don't have anything going on! He's' I'honestly I don't know." It really was the truth, okay so maybe not the whole truth, but still. She had no idea what he had up his sleeves, but she was sure going to find out soon, even if it meant continuing this little game they were playing. And no, it was not because there is something going on between them, she tried to make herself believe.  "What is this?" she said changing the subject. When she opened the present she found a pink bikini to her surprise' "Uh, guys, what exactly we are going to do'?" she asked nervously.

"No time for questions Bonnie! Just go change!" Caroline said excited.


"No buts, either missy" she continued giving her a little push this time.

"Okay, okay, I'm going, chill. Just tell me where we're going first, please? It is my birthday, I deserve to know don't I?" she made a puppy face.

Elena rolled her eyes giggling, as Caroline answered her impatient friend "If I tell you, will you hurry up and change'and promise no arguments?"

Bonnie was worried now "Oh-okay'I-"

Now she was the impatient one because she immediately cut of her friend once she got the answer she wanted "Kayaking" she squealed, like it was the best idea ever.

"I know how you feel about the water, so I asked Stefan to be with Damon, so I can ride with you" Elena smiled reassuring her best friend before she tried to excuse herself out of this activity.

"Don't be scared, it'll be fun!" Caroline smiled genuinely. Bonnie knew there was no point arguing at this second; they would forcefully make her change here if they had to. So with dignity-and vowing to come up with a plan to get out of it-she goes to get in the 'suit.

But when she comes back out, with a decent excuse to dish out, she noticed everyone has left'well everyone expect Damon that is. He smirked seeing her, walking her way with nothing but swimming shorts on. "Hello sexy! You look mighty hot today Bonnie. Mmm'Damon-likey!" he bit the air in a purring voice.

She tried to roll her eyes but her attention was elsewhere, the growing pain at the pit of her stomach to be exact. How will she get out of this one she panicked?

"You okay?" Damon asked.

Bonnie knew he didn't really care, so she gave the best bravado answer she could "Of course I'm okay", giving him a look she continued "What would make you think I'm not?"

"Okay," he shrugged. "Get in, I'll help you."  He said as he tossed her a yellow life jacket.

"Elena is going with me, you're going with Stefan."

Damon put on his sunglasses, "Yeah? Well, change of plans sweetheart" he smirked mischievously.

And before she could process anything he picks her up and throws her over his shoulder, jumping into 'their' kayak.

- | Dhruvi | -

Bonnie bit her lip worriedly, trying her hardest not to shift in the seat Damon had plonked (yes, plonked, that insufferable, annoying, insanely and ridiculously attractive vampire!) her down. She started going through spells to cast on said-vampire in an attempt to avert her attention from the oncoming disaster (witches and water were just not mixed, it wasn't right!) and just because she was sure if she began to mutter under her breath, Damon would hear. So of course, she started to list spells designed to torture her - no, not her, why was she thinking that? She didn't want him, not like that [Not at all! ]she berated herself - to torture the, the vampire.

Damon smirked as the little witch cursed him under her breath. His eyebrows raised as the spells she came up with grew more and more inventive and, he winced slightly, painful. It was a good thing she wasn't actually casting these spells. He had a feeling that they'd be more effective than usual with her emotions running as high as they obviously were.

They joined the others out on the water, and Damon let out an uncharacteristic (or maybe it was characteristic, Bonnie thought to herself, because Damon never did anything conventionally) "Yee-haw!" She was shocked to see and hear Stefan let out a bark of laughter, and then answer Damon's cry with a battlecry of his own. Bonnie saw her best friends both look stunned as Damon, Stefan and Matt began to plot a race together. 'Who saw them getting along in this century?' Bonnie mused. 'Or ever.'

It took Damon shooting her a cheeky look, and asking her if she was ready for Bonnie to realise that the race meant that they would be travelling fast, on water, in a rickety kayak. Barely containing her mounting panic, Bonnie shook her head.

"Come on, Bon-Bon," Damon smirked. "You're not scared, are you?"

Bonnie shot him a defiant look. "Absolutely not, she snapped at him. 'I'm terrified!' But she couldn't say that outloud, so she left it there, and Damon readied himself.

The three kayaks shot off when Jenna smacked her oar onto the water, showering Jeremy unceremoniously with water. Bonnie let her body fall into a rhythm with Damon's strokes, focusing all her energy onto keeping the kayak moving. This kept her thoughts from drifting towards where they were, and what they were doing, and the fact that they were surrounded by water!

She wanted to squeeze her eyes shut, but her terror prevented her from doing so. She kept her arms moving, and tried to regulate her breathing, but she could feel a panic attack coming, and there was no Caroline or Elena around to help her calm down and to tell her that everything would be okay. All she had with her was a competitive, psychotic and homicidal vampire who had no idea how deep her fear of drowning ran. Or even that she was afraid.

Bonni's fingers tightened around the oar as she realised one thing.

She was screwed.


It was as if the water was trying to convey them a message. Play rough and you shall feel the wrath. The raging waves crashed so high, Bonnie was soaked, drenched from head to toe. In a way she was thankful for the water being cold, as it gave her body a reason for her teeth to chatter. She can easily convince Damon that it was not from fear but the icy waters, though she knew otherwise.

And to test her exact thoughts, he leans over and puts his arm over hers, "You okay there Bennett?" She tries to ignore the gentle touch and the warmth of his hand, so contradictory to his personality. "I'll be much better once you get your claws off of me" she snide, though she wants anything but that. Strangely his arm is comforting; reminding her she is not alone out here, she is safe, well as much as she can be with Damon.

"Oh Bonnie, always the affectionate one! I hate to ruin this heart touching moment we have, but I have to break it to you, we vampires don't have claws, I always told baby brother to stop going to school, they teach nothing but lies there" he snorts, "Anyways, if you feel as good as you claim, I need you to stroke faster, all that shaking is slowing us down woman."

"Slowing us down? Are you kidding me?! We are so far ahead; none of the other kayaks are in sight!" Afraid or not, she rowed with just as much force and strength as he, and dammit he should be more appreciative! "In fact, you should be glad I'm your partner!"

He gave a short laugh, "And who do you think rearranged the seating chart at the last minute?" Though he would never admit it out loud (not for his pride, but to subdue the little witch's cockiness) she was his equal matched. "Mutt and Blondie were never any competition to us. But I expected better from Stefan. I guess they got caught up in the birthday mood, if you catch my drift" he smirked devilishly. He read confusion on her face and continued "I honestly wonder if this innocence is act, surely that maiden body has had some experience. If you must look so lost, I'll have you know one of the greatest birthday present since the birth is and always will be the birthday suit. Since we are so ahead as you claim, why don't we kill some time till the others catch up? Admire and share each other b-day suits."

Horror crossed her face as she finally caught on, "You are so gross! Why is everything about sex and blood to you? Even on my birthday I have to deal with your perverted ways!" she replied disgusted.

He sighed heavily, "Lucky little witch, you don't have to deal with my 'perverted ways' any longer, we're here."

It was then she realized that the whole trip, her eyes have been glued to the water, watching it's every move. Finally looking up, she noticed a little piece of land, almost a tiny island, a mere 20 feet away. It was beautiful, but had this always been here? And why is no one there? "Where exactly is here?"

"Welcome to Symra Falls, the land of the Bennett lineage, passed from generation to generation on a witch's 18th birthday for nearly two centuries." He expected her to be speechless, and when she was quiet for a minute or two, he smiled on being proven correct.

Once it all sunk in she spoke up, as they both step on the private land, "Wait, so if what you say is true, how do you know about this place?"

"You are forgetting one big piece of this puzzle: I have been watching over your family for roughly the same amount of time. I have brought some of your ancestors here to safety in battling times. It is the one place where no harm can be done to a Bennett, and also the one place where the current witch can be with her deceased lineage."  He turns to her, not wanting to miss any emotion play across her face, and as he expected, all kinds of reactions played out. From extreme confusion, to understanding, to happiness, to pain, to joy, and so on and so forth until all the of the emotion spectrum had journey the little heart spaced face of hers.  

"Damon- ar-, are you saying I can talk to Grams here?" she stumbled on her words.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" he smirked, "if I say yes, you have to do something for me."

Bonnie heard what he said loud and clear, her senses, her feelings were becoming overwhelming. The thought that she could see Grams again, talk to her again, it was all too much for her. "Anything Damon," she almost whispered, yes, she would give anything to see her Grams again.

Above all he could see she was joyous; that she spoke the truth. She was willing to do whatever he pleased in order to see her Grams. He knew her Grams meant a lot to her, but he never figured so much so that she would give in so easily to his agreement. In all honesty, there really isn't anything he wants from her, not yet at least. This was part of his deal with Emily. He no longer owed Emily, but he owes little Bonnie now. Not for saving his life once, but twice. The stubborn little witch put her and her grandmother's life on the line to bring him out the tomb. And after the events later that night, he vowed to bring her here himself on her 18th birthday. If she lost her grams because of him, he was going to be the reason that she sees her again. "Then, yes."

That was all he had to reply, all it took for her to close the distance between them and wrap her arms around him. He had to admit, there is something sexy about a girl who isn't afraid to stand up to him, to put him in his place, but it's something different altogether when she's hugging you with such giddy. All his life, he's been second best to Stefan. His dad, Katherine, everyone back then, everyone here today, even Elena. And though, he knew there is no personal feelings attached in Bonnie's embrace, she still managed to make him feel appreciated, for the first time in his eternity, what he did mattered.

She let him go, looking up to meet her teary eyes with his now warm eyes. "How Damon? How do I see her?"


Stepping back a little he smiled at her, not his usual smirk but a genuine smile of happiness, happiness at seeing her so joyful, Watching her now he realized how much Grams' death had affected her, since the day her Grams had died, he'd sensed a constant sadness lurking behind her cheerful faade, but today, today it was as if the old Bonnie was back.

'Before you can see her, there's a few things you should know' He grimaced slightly at what he was about to tell her, hoping it wouldn't change her mood. ' You can only see or talk to the Bennett's on your birthday's or in times of great need.'

'Ok. Anything else?'

'Ok? That's all you've got to say?' he'd expected a reaction but not this, this wasn't Bonnie like at all.

'Uhhh Bonnie, are you ok?' Reaching over, he placed the back of his palm on her cheek.

'I'm fine you idiot.' Bonnie ground out, removing his hand from her cheek. 'Can you just get on with it?'

'Now now, my fiery little BonBon, calm yourself, too much excitement isn't good for such a skinny little body like yours' He smirked. 'you're like one of those jumpy little jack in the boxes'

'Stop it.'

'Stop what?'

'That eye thing, that you're doing'

'What, eye thing?' Damon asked innocently.

'Uggh whatever, Forget I said anything' Bonnie struggled to control the urge to set him on fire, after all she reasoned, she did need him to show her how to see Grams.

'So how do I see her?' Bonnie was almost jumping with excitement.

'You have to say this spell, 3 times' Damon took out a paper from his pocket and handed it to Bonnie. 'But, the spell lasts for 4 hours only, which means''

'' I can only see Grams for 4 hours' Bonnie finished.

Damon nodded.

'You know what? I don't care.' Bonnie grinned. 'Up until today I thought I'd never see Grams again. Now I can. So nothing you tell me will affect how I'm feeling right now.' She knew she was revealing to much of herself, her emotions, to Damon, but she didn't care, she was gonna see her Grams again!

'Ok, so close your eyes, say the spell 3 times and picture your Grams in your head, unless of course you're planning a Bennett Family reunion? In which case you better tell me now because I'm pretty sure Emily's still ****** at me for biting you, or rather her' His brow creased in confusion. 'I need to be prepared' He grinned, his lopsided grin at her.

Reading the spell over a few times, Bonnie closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

'I, call upon the powers that be, to bring together Bennett's past and present'

Low whispers started, As she repeated the spell, she felt the air change slowly around her, The ghostly whispers grew louder and louder, building to a crescendo, as she repeated the spell one last time the whispers stopped abruptly, she felt a whoosh of air go past her. Slowly opening her eyes Bonnie looked around.

Nothing. Just Damon stood in front of her grinning infuriatingly. Her spirits dropped. She should've known this was all a ruse to get her here. Just the two of them. That was low, even for him. Her disappointment and sadness was replaced by anger. How dare he! He knew how much this had meant to her.

'I swear to God Damon, I'm gonna make you regret making a fool out of me.' Her eyes flashed in anger.

Damon just stood there grinning at her, fuelling her anger even more. She advanced towards him, scowling. As she got closer, Damon moved away. Bonnie stopped dead in her tracks.

Grams stood in front of her.

The following minutes were filled with silence. Only the sound of one wave hitting another could be heard as Bonnie stared at her Grams in utter surprise.

For days after Grams death, all Bonnie did was cry and live in utter misery, mourning the one person she loved the most and thought of as her mentor. But now, Bonnie was more than overwhelmed seeing her Grams standing in front of her, with that soft wrinkly smile that she'd never thought she'd see again.

'Gr-Grams' whispered Bonnie, still unable to believe that this was actually happening.

'Yes my child' Grams smiled warmly, then seeing Bonnie's tears she frowned, 'I thought you would be happy to see me here child?'

'Of course I am Grams' Bonnie said coming out of her stoic trance, 'I just...I can't believe that your actually here', she continued smiling.

 Then not wasting another second she ran and pulled her Grams into a bone crushing hug. 'I missed you so much Grams, so much.'

Meanwhile Damon stood aside watching the whole scene quietly. He would have bought Bonnie here sooner, but back then she blamed him for her Grams death and wouldn't give him the time of the day. But as they gradually became 'closer' he decided the best time to bring here, to this magical island, would be on her birthday. Hence the surprise birthday party.

However what Damon did not count on, was experiencing this weird warm feeling, every time he saw Bonnie smile. He accepted a while back that he 'may' have some feelings for Bonnie. But he decided not to act on it. Well apart from the occasional playful kisses, he decided not to act on it! Damon had already loved once and had gotten burned by it, and there was no way in hell he was going through that ride again.  Hell in his opinion love was overrated! This love seemed to work for some people but not for others and he fell into the latter group.

Besides Bonnie was pure and innocent and he... well he was not...  She deserved someone better...someone who was not damaged goods....and that someone was not him.  Sure he had seen her giving him those intense looks when she thought that he wasn't looking and then deny it when he confronted her. Sure he had never met anyone as fierce yet caring like her. Sure he can't deny that sizzling chemistry they have, chemistry so strong that it made what he and Katherine had look like a small weak spark in comparison.

Yet he still decided to ignore his feelings.... because Damon Salvatore no longer believed in love. Damon Salvatore was a free man...  he may be fiercely loyal and go to any lengths to protect the people he cares about. But he would never let another woman have control over his heart. Not even sweet little Bonnie Bennett.

But deep inside even Damon knew that after 165 years he had finally met his match. That Bonnie Bennett was his equal in every possible way. And that if there was one woman that could truly devote herself to him...then that woman was Bonnie.

But would Damon give in...Or would he let his fears control him.... and throw away another chance at happiness????

As that last thought went through his mind, he felt a hand on his shoulder......


"Let's give them some privacy, brother. I'm sure they have a lot to talk about."

Damon hesitantly turned around to see Stefan and Elena holding each other and watching him while Matt and Caroline intently eyeing Sheila in a disbelieve look. He couldn't blame the poor humans, they only learned about the paranormal only a week before. For newbies they were taking this quiet well, especially when no one was given a heads-up on his surprise.

Speaking of surprises, Stefan was actually expressing pleasure! Pleased of Damon, pleased at what he had planned and arranged for the little witch! How proud he is of this change in Damon. By now Damon would be coming up with some snarky comment about how nothing has changed, to shut his brother up and walk away. Yet here he was nodding and smiling, pretending to care about what his brother had to say while really trying to eavesdrop on Bonnie's and Sheila's conversation.

Even using his vampire abilities, he found it hard to hear clearly, probably some witchy magic's doing. Still he was able to catch the jist of the exchanges.

Both women were sobbing, hugging, telling each other how much they've missed and love one another. Bonnie filling her Grams in, in on all the madness in Mystic Falls, while Grams expressing how proud she is of what Bonnie's been able to do. Not just her powers, which have progressed tremendously Damon had to admit, but on how well she's managed on her own. Yes, little Bennett's lived through hell alone. With her mother out the picture, her dad barely paying attention to the girl, and Grams, well, you know, she's done more than anyone can ever expect a mortal to do.

Funny, they're poles apart when personalities are considered, but they are so similar. All they hold dear and close is dead or is good as dead, the family they have caught up in alcohol or true love. And for the first time ever, both on the same day he should add, getting praises from everyone. For the first time in his existence, he too is pleased with himself.

Now if only he could make the witch proud of him as he is of her and himself, they could ditch everyone and make-out and maybe do more. He can hear her moan his name over and over already. "Damon. Damon! DAMON!" He felt a hand on his shoulder, grinning he replied "Yes Bonnie'"

"Grams, she wants to talk to you" she whispered shakily, which shook Damon out of his fantasy.

"Oh," was all that escaped his lips at this reality. He carefully examined the little, caramel, heart-shaped faced for a few brief moments, searching for something in those warm, soft, green eyes with his vertigo-inducing blue ones. "Okay," he finally said and walked over the Sheila.

Three hours flew by, as everyone took turns talking to Bonnie's Grams. At first, it was somber, a walk down memory lane. Which slowly transformed to happy reminiscence, it was after all Bonnie's birthday, so they daydreamed about the all the fun they'll have in life to look forward to.

And before they knew it, it was time for Sheila to leave. Elena couldn't watch this, it was like Dj vu. Bonnie crying, trying to 'fix' the situation, to find a way to make Grams stay. It was Caroline who stood behind Bonnie, ready to hold her down and comfort her.

Sheila excused them and took her a few feet away from everyone. "Child you know this is impossible. I can't possibly stay, I've had my time here, I have to go back to my real home now. And why treat this as a final goodbye? I'm not going away from you forever. I'll always be watching over you. You know better than anyone here, spirits always leave hints for their loved ones to know they are always watching them. Only for a year, then I'll see you back here again."

"Or sooner." It was not a question, Bonnie simply stated grimly.

"No! Absolutely not! I would rather us never be allowed to meet again like this than have you in such a grave danger. Never wish that, never you hear me?" Then her serious expression transformed to a soft one as she exhaled deeply. "Now, come give me a hug before they force me out of here."

Bonnie ran into her arms and started to sob uncontrollably, "I'll miss you so much, I love you so much Grams! I- I" more sobs broke out as she started to shake violently.  

"Shhh. Shhh. It's okay baby girl." Grams said while comforting her lone grandchild. "I know, baby girl, I know. I love you too. And I'll miss you. But I'll always be there, I'll always watch over you."

And then she took Bonnie out of her embrace and brought her back to the group who stood waiting a bit uncomfortably.

"Take care of each other, love one another." And that was all she said before a loud humming noise began. A gush of wind came into their view, shaking everything, taking Grams with it.

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Oh. My. God. That was the best FF i have ever read. Seriously, ever. You[ve truly encapsulated the essence of Bonnie and Damon... its as if i'm watching TVD ClapClapClap
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why hvnt u guys told me about it earlier????????????

its amazing guys!

loved it!

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