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Passionately Longing:A Series of Tidbits:Day 2:P6 (Page 4)

deepaanand Groupbie

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Clapexcellent work............loved it.....

thanks for PM
update soon

yattri IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for the PM yasu =)

update soon <3

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Thanks for the pm!!!!! loved it....

-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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DAY TWO [ Part One: Dream ]


The moment he'd being waiting nearly an hour for: she finally woke up. She looked at him sleepily and rolled over to the other side moaning. "That stupid vampire," he made out. Swift! He was at her bedside now instead of the window seat he laid so model-like on before. He scooted her over, lying next to her and whispered her ears so seductively "Hello Bonnie."

She must have thought she was sleeping because she jolted upright. "Damon? What are you doing here? How did you get here? When did you-"

He sat up as well, facing her and placing a finger on her lips, "Shhh' calm down, I haven't had my breakfast yet and your blood racing like this is making me thirsty."

She had to be thinking this was a dream because she listened to him, she calmed down, looking into his eyes, and until now she didn't try to escape. When she tried to get off her bed, he grabbed her in a quick and easy move and placed her in his lap, locking his arms around her waist so she couldn't squirm away.

"Sit still. When I want a lap dance I'll gladly ask for one." Though he didn't plan for any sexual response so earlier, he was quiet proud of this one, because she immediately stopped moving and sat still with a very angry expression on her face, even for Bonnie.

"You are such a creepier, let go of me now!"

He grinned widely and moved inches closer to her face instead "Oh come on! Your Edward Cullen is right in front you and you're not turned on like Bella yet? What's wrong with you woman?"

"I don't like Edward Cullen, and even if I did, you are not him. As for the Bella comment, I am not Bella. As pretty as the vampire may be, I don't find them attractive, and neither do I find one sneaking one in my bedroom at night watching me sleep attractive either. Which brings me back to my questions: how did you get in?"

If it was possible he moved even closer to her face, trailing his finger across her jaw bone. "Are you sure about that my little Swan? Because you are the one who invited me in," he smiled genuinely now.

Bonnie on the other hand, was shocked, wide eyes, open mouth, after a couple seconds of recovering she was able to get out a response "The hell I did NOT!" She caught his trailing finger and pushed it away.

Damon's expression grew darker "I beg to differ, because here I am, in your room, with you on my lap." He smirked.

She was appalled now, as if she just now realized she had allowed herself to sit on his lap. She used her powers to get him away from her. "I don't know what you're trying to pull her, but I'm in no mood to play games right now. So you better start talking."

"Oh Bonnie, always the drama queen! Don't look so appalled yet, wait till you hear about my invitation in!" His expression grew wilder.

Second went by "Argh! I've already told you I'm not in the mood for your little game today. Dammit tell me now before I set you on fire Damon!"

"Aw, but I enjoy seeing you fired up like this! Can I just have a minute to enjoy this view of sexy Bonnie?"

Her gaze was intensely fixed on his chest and he started feeling pain, almost as if his insides were burning..."Wait Bonnie, stop, I'll tell you!"

"That's better! Start talking."

"Geez that's the last time I try to protect a girl! If you must know, I dropped by this morning to check up on things here, make sure Katherine was around to mess with...things. When my supernatural instincts told me she wasn't here since last night. Last night...was also the night we kissed, not once, but 3 times. Deny it all you want in front of me, but your pulsing heart tells a complete different story. So I walked around all the windows listening for your heartbeat and found this window. Must have been standing there for maybe 5 minutes before I hear you mumble something in your dream. Tuning in, to my surprise, I hear my own name. And the next thing I knew I was able to get in through your window. What could have been a better invitation that this?" he ended with the biggest smirk he would make do.



Damn, she thought, thinking back to that steamy dream she had about Damon. She must have moaned out his name during said steamy dream, and such was her luck that Damon actually heard her!!!

She began recounting her dream. And what a dream it was, filled with much *ahem* physical activity in *ahem* the kitchen, bathroom, living room, staircase, bedroom... *OH MY* 

 This only caused her to blush deeply.

"Hmmmmm" purred Damon, swiftly pulling Bonnie towards him and pinning her down on the bed with his own body.

"According to your blush...that must have been a very enjoyable dream" he whispered, raising one eyebrow.

Bonnie struggled underneath him. "You're delusional....get off me"

"Nah, I don't think I will...I'm feeling rather comfy like this, and besides I'm not letting you go until you tell me what you where dreaming about and why you were moaning my name." He smirked.

"Listen Vamp, I was not moaning" Bonnie gritted out angrily.

"Tut Tut....According to my super hearing abilities you were my sassy lil witch" Damon replied chidingly.

"Damon, I'm warning you.... GET. OFF. ME"

"Or what?" he said with a challenging glint in his deep blue eyes.



"You know what? Or nothing; you win Damon. I'll tell you all the deats to my dream." She moved her face up to his biting her lip just like the one Damon called out on as a tease face. "You see in this dream, there was me and you, and you and me, all over the place." She smiled with a glint in her playful eyes now. She rolled him off of her; instead she was on top now. "And we were...very" she bit her lip harder.

With his eyebrows perked up and smile so wide, he replied "Yes Bonnie, what...what exactly were we doing?"

She trailed her finger around his face this time "Oh you know what we were doing Damon, you know. Something we've been wanting to do all long since we first kissed yesterday...I'm ready now Damon. I- I can't deny what I feel any longer. I want you Damon, I want you now!"

"Oh baby, what are we waiting for?" he smiled bigger, as he inched closer, and closer. Bonnie closed her eyes seductively' rolling over so Damon can have his spot on the top again.

Zhew. Damon was lying on the floor now, being tossed of Bonnie across the room.

"You little tease! And you have the nerve to call me a whore? Ha! Hypocrite of the year goes to...drum rolls please' Miss Bennett.  Cheers, round of applauses, and standing ovations please, ladies and gentlemen."

"Puh-lease, 'I'm ready now Damon. I- I can't deny what I feel any longer. I want you Damon'' tell me you seriously didn't fall for that crap!" she ended reenacting.

"I fell for it all right, I fell for the truth. You were right, you can't deny it anymore. You want me, but unfortunately for you, I'll be leaving now with the infamous 'Bonnie exit'' 'I'm outta here.'  He mimicked back from a previous memory.

Just like that Bonnie had the house to herself again.



Bonnie wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed with Damon's departure. And as soon as the thought crossed her mind she banished it. Of course she was relieved! Why would she be disappointed that the homicidal, psychotic (insanely attractive) vampire had stopped bothering her?
"Even when he's not here he's managed to annoy me," Bonnie grumbled under her breath. She flopped back down onto her bed, blowing a stray piece of dark hair off her face in a harrumph. She buried herself under the covers and tried to go back to sleep for the few hours she had before school, but the Sandman eluded her. Growling to herself, she flung the covers off her bed and padded to the shower (and tried to ignore the direction her thoughts took at the thought of no clothes, water and a now free to walk in at any moment blue-eyed vampire). "Damn you Damon Salvatore."
Outside her house, said vampire smirked to himself as he heard his little witch curse up a storm. As the sound of the shower reached his ears, he wondered just how badly the witch would burn him if he joined her. He could practically hear her indignation at the mere thought.
His eyes lit with an unholy delight as he indulged himself with the thoughts of caramel-colored skin and barely restrained magic, and sweet tasting blood.
"What the hell?" dark eyes flashed dangerously at him from the window.
Damon grinned wolfishly. "Why Bonnie, did you miss me?"
"What are you still doing here Damon?" she hissed. Damon nearly purred as he felt her anger - manifested in barely restrained Power. She had absolutely no idea what that did to him.
He gave her his most insincere smile. "I was just about to leave when I noticed that your car had a couple of flats," her gaze drifted to her beloved Prius, which did indeed have flat tires (no doubt his handiwork, she thought bitterly), and then back at him. She raised an eyebrow, telling him to go on. "Being the wonderful person - vampire - that I am, I thought I'd offer you a lift to school. Elena is going with Stefan," he couldn't help but wink cheekily up at her. She rolled her eyes and shut the window.
Damon felt oddly disappointed. Then he heard her footsteps, and leant against the wall to wait for her. She stopped next to him, and he adopted a disinterested look.
"Let's just go," she snapped.
He let himself smirk as he followed her, reading the tension in her body. This would be fun.
Would it be bad to admit, Bonnie thought to herself, in the most private recesses of her mind, that some tiny, small part of her was shivering with anticipation at being in such close quarters with Damon?



He sat in the nook waiting for Bonnie to finish her breakfast.

"Are you sure you don't want anything?" she spoke up before gulping her remaining bowl of milk and cereal.

"Positive. Though speaking of which, you wouldn't happen to have any B around here would you?" he asked with a knowing glint in his eyes.

"None that I'm willing to share with you," she sighed. "Don't you have anything better to do than to drive me to school? Your sudden interest in me is really creeping me out." She eyed him while washing her dishes.

"Oh, I have plenty of things to do actually, but they'll always come second to my new favorite person!" he smiled.

Bonnie rolled her eyes as she grabbed her Jansport backpack.

"Why do you always go out of your way to hurt my feelings Bonnie? It really hurts knowing that I'm the only one who makes an effort to keep Team Donnie working!" he said dramatically with a coy smile on his lips as he followed her outside the house.

Anything she was about to say left her brain, because she stood stunned, jaw dropped literally. "This is YOURS?" emphasizing, "You drive this?"

 Damon smirked wider, "Well of course I do!" he eyed his beauty with an equal awe, "I need a car that lives up to my dashing looks and reputation. You like?"

Sure enough he got the answer he was looking for. "That is the most gorgeous black Ferrari I've ever seen! We're going in this?" still shocked but squealing like a happy little child.

"Anything for you my sassy little drama queen," he chided as he opened her door for her.

Bonnie got in happily, ignoring the last comment, because let's face it, she was sitting in the most spectacular car she had ever laid her eyes upon and she wanted to enjoy this as much as possible regardless of who was in the car with her.

"Buckle up little bird, because you're in for the ride of your life!"

Bonnie grinned back to him; maybe he wasn't as bad as she was making him out to be. But she thought too soon, because seconds later Damon flew past her school.

"Damon, stop! You passed the school!"

Damon looked over at her with a lopsided grin and eyes light up like never before "I know" he simply stated.

"What are you-"

"Shhh, no'll find out all in a good time. Till then, this is my revenge for your little game you played with me today."


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u threee bibibibibbi write it so well let me take anothe ride and feelll hihihi
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me Second yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

Great part
u ppl r fab writters .
Keep up the good work . :)
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hey nyc part
just lyked ur writing
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wow yasu supperb dear loved it keep it up dear

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