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Eternalsiddhima's: Dance under the stars

EternalKarSim Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 2:51am | IP Logged

Hey guys! This is my new OS. I'm continuing from the part where sid has not expressed his feelings yet. I have dedicated this for the siddhimaaholics and Siddhima fans. Please read it and comment/criticize whatever you want.Big smile


Eternalsiddhima's: Dance under the stars


Sid and Riddhima were treating the patients. Well they are staying together. Riddhima continuously looked at Sid and got lost with him. She completely forgot to treat the patient. The patients looked like nothing had happened to them. They all looked at Sid and Riddhima and were thinking that they are the cutest couple ever! Riddhima was thinking, " aaj sid ko aisa dekh kar bohot acha lag raha hai.Kitni ajeeb baat hai na? Humare rishte jab shuru ho rahi thi tab kitni gussa thi tum. Aur aaj tum kitni khush ho. kab tum tumhari dill ki baat mujhe kahogi?" Riddhima thinks and smiles. Anyways Yuvi and Sue are together now and Armaan and Shilpa are both in love with each other. The gang are at the canteen and are sitting at the table and having fun. JP and Jiggy order hot and spicy pakode. Riddhima says," JP, tum kabhi khane ki siva aur kuch socha hai kya?" JP says, " Kya karoon Riddhima flowerji, aisa lag raha hai ki pet me chue dor rahi hai". Everybody laughed, then Armaan said," JP tu kabhi nahin sudre ga". Then Sid had an idea. He said, " Chalo aaj hum sab dinner par chalet hai. lekin normal kapro se nahin, aisa kapre pehen ke aana ki hum sab ek special occasion me ja rahi hain." Riddhima said," Ha! chalo na bohot maza ayga!" She knew that Sid has a plan ready for them and she knew he is going to surprise her. The gang agreed. Sid said, "Chalo hum Dr. Keerti ko bhi invite kare." Then JP says, " Are Dr. Keerti ko manane matlab bhuke shair ke muh me haath dhukana." Sid said, " You're right. Dr.Keerti ko hospital sambhalna hoga. So everyone coming?" The gang replied, " Yes!". So nightfall came. Sid reserved seats in the restaurant. Sid and Riddhima were in the locker room. Sid said, " Riddhima aaj tum Sue ke saath ghar jaana mujhe todha kaam hai." Riddhima agreed and went home with Sue. In the meantime Sid went to D'damas jewellery store and bought a beautiful diamond necklace for Riddhima. He wanted to surprise her. He drove back to his house and saw that Riddhima and Sue were changing. So he quickly went to his room. He looked at his closet and saw a white Cool Cat shirt with white Cool Cat pant. He knew Riddhima liked him to see wearing white colour shirt. So he pulled the shirt and the pant and a white suit and white shoes. He took a bath and wore the shirt and the pant. It looked dashing on him. He sprayed himself with Axe deospray and wore the suit. He smelled good and he felt good. He can't wait to see Riddhima. He quickly ran to her room. He saw she wore a red sari with white sparkling designing and she was glowing. He entered the room. Riddhima felt his presence. She turned around and saw Sid. Her mouth was slightly opened because Sid was looking so handsome and dashing and cute and hot that she got lost on his image. Sid came closer to her and helped her to pin the aachal to her blouse. He finished and Riddhima still looking at him with her mouth opened and said, " Tum aaj bohot handsome lag rahi ho. Is that Cool Cat?" Sid said, " Yeah! and thankyou." Riddhima said, " I love Cool Cat Shirts." Sid said, " Me too! acha bohot bate hui hain ab main todhi samay ke liye ye patti ko main tumhari akho me badhungi." Riddhima didn't hesitate because she knew that he is going to surprise her. Sid tied the cloth on Riddhima's eyes. Riddhima could hear Sid opening something. Her smile widens when she feels something sliding up on her neck and Sid tying something. Sid takes her in front of the mirror and opens the cloth. Riddhima gasps and looks at the necklace. It's glittering and it's shinning on her face. Riddhima couldn't believe it. She knew Sid was going to surprise  her but she never imagined on giving such a big surprise. Riddhima said, " Sid… tum ye sab.. tumhe sab nahin karna chahye tha.." Sid said, " Riddhima, hum pati patni hai. Aur pati patni ko khush rakhna pati ka farz banta hai. Ye necklace maine tumhare liye aana hai kyunki main janti thi ki ye necklace tumhe hamesha aisa glow karwaygi." Riddhima looks at him with love and affection. Later the gang arrives at the restaurant and have a great time. They laughed and smiled and Riddhima kept looking at Sid. Sue looked at the necklace and said, " Wow bhabi kitni sundar necklace hai. Kisne diya hai? Let me guess. Bhaiya ne diya hai right?" Riddhima  said, " tumhe kaise pata?" Sue says, " Agar bro kisiko bohot pyar karta hai, to woh aise thara se pyar ko express karte hai. this is just an example of his feelings." Riddhima looks at him with love and happiness and smiles widely. Everything finished and they are all set to go home. They all said goodbye to each other. Sid pulls Sue and Yuvi to a corner and says, " Yuvi aaj tum Sue ko ghar le jana. Main Riddhima ko ek aur surprise dena chahti hoon." Yuvi says, " are vah! tum to bare romantic nikle!" Sid laughes. They all get up in their own car and Sid and Riddhima sets off to the road. Riddhima said , " Sue kaha hain?" Sid answers, " Yuvi usse drop kar rahe hain". Riddhima quickly realises that he is not going to the direction of their home. Riddhima says, " kaha jaa rahe ho?" Sid says, " Ek jaga dikhana chahti hoon tumhe." Riddhima smiles widely. They go to a place where they can see the whole of Bombay and stars twinkle up their heads. Sid parks the car and help Riddhima to get out of the car. Riddhima says, " Kitni khoobsurat jaga hai." Sid claps three times and light which are decorated in the trees turn on and Riddhima looks around surprised and shocked. Sid says, " Would you like to dance with me?" Riddhima laughs and says, " lekin yaha to koi music nahin hai." Sid says " Ek minute." He goes to the car and turns on the music player. And the song So Close starts. Sid offers his hand and Riddhima accepts his hand, his other hand holds her hip and starts dancing. His suit making him look fairer and Riddhima's red sari with diamond necklace making her glow. And they start to dance like in the movie Enchanted. And the song starts.


You're in my arms, and all the world is calm

The music playing on for only two

So close together

And when I'm with you

So close to feeling alive

 Riddhima looks at Sid and gets all blushed. And Sid smiles at her for seeing her get shy.


So close was waiting

Waiting here with you

And know forever I know

All that I wanted to hold you

So close


Sid bends down a little and whispers in her ear , " I LOVE YOU. AND I WANNA BE WITH YOU. Do you love me? Riddhima closes her eyes and smiles. Finally her heart got the answer. She whispers in his ear, " I LOVE YOU TOO. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KI KOI TUMHE ITNA PYAR NAHIN DE PAYGA. Itna der kyun laga di bolne me?" Sid smiles. Tears flow from his eyes. Tears of joy and happiness.


Now you're beside me and look how far we've come

So far

We are

So close


Riddhima close her eyes and agrees to the song that they have indeed have come so far together, so closely. The song finishes and they finish their dance. But the atmosphere keep on echoing to the song. Riddhima said to Sid, " kabhi nahin socha tha ki tum mujhe aisa I love you kaho ge. main iss rath ko kabhi nahin bhulungi. Tumhe koi andaaza nahin hai ki main kitni dino se ye bath tumhari muh se sunna chahti thi. I love you so much. Aur main bhagwan ko shukriya aada karna chahti hoon kit um jaise husband aur companion mile hai. I love you Dr. Siddhant Modi." Sid says," I love you too Dr. Riddhima Modi. I love you very much." And they both hug each other. Riddhima closes her eyes and feeling peace and tranquillity in his arms. And the background music starts

Ever ever after!

Storybook endings fairytales coming true

Deep down inside we wanna believe they still do

And a secret is taught

It's our favourite part of the story

Let's just admit we all wanna make it true

Ever ever after!

If we just don't get it our own way

Ever ever after!

It may only be a wish away

The world can be your's if you let your heart

Believe in ever after!

No wonder your heart feels it's flying your head feels it's spinning

Each happy ending is a brand new beginning

Let yourself be enchanted you just might break through

To ever ever after!

Forever could even start today

Ever ever after!

Maybe it's just one wish away

Your ever ever after!

Ever ever after!

I've been dreaming of my true loves kiss


Riddhima breaks the hug and says to Sid, " aaj sa hum ek naya zindagi shuru karenge. I want to break all the barriers between us. From now on were going to sleep in one bedroom." Sid gets all shy full and says, " ok".

They arrive home and Riddhima lying on the bed waiting for Sid to come out of the bathroom. Sid was taking a bath and he came out only wearing a ash colour check pant. Riddhima looked at his body and got blushed. Sid had the intention of showing his body to Riddhima. Riddhima got lost on his looks. Water dripping off from his body. His biceps showing. Riddhima  thinks no wonder Sid doesn't feel bothered by pulling me on his arms. Then Sid wears and the same colour pyjama with hood and he looks at the mirror, feeling odd. He looks like a kid. Riddhima was snickering. Sid says, " Tum haas kyun rahi ho?" Riddhima says, " bohot cute lag rahi ho. Ab light off kardo, humari morning shift hai." Sid turns off the light and prepares himself for bed. He feels nervous sleeping beside her. Riddhima sensed his nervousness. She smiles and comes closer to Sid. She slowly rests her head on his chests and sleeps there. And Sid kissed on her head. And Riddhima glowing and both were smiling widely.


                                            THE END!!


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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 4:08am | IP Logged
This Is Brilliant & Awesome.Clap
Sweet,Simple,Cute & Very Romantic.
Well Loved the Entire Story & All the Characters.
Very Good Idea of Yuvi-Sue too.Wink
Amazing & Nicely Written.ClapClapClap
God Bless You.Hug
Continue your Good Work.Thumbs Up

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kasucrazy Goldie

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Simple yet very very BEAUTIFUL.
thankyou for such an awsome OS>
keep up the great work

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 6:50am | IP Logged

Dis is beautifulClapClap

Brilliantly written, vry sweet & romantic

Loved it to d coreHeartHeart

Keep up d good work !!!!

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 6:52am | IP Logged

this is beautiful, loved reading it

keep it up


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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 9:32am | IP Logged
awwwww.....I loved it... especially the dance nd the ending....the song was just perfect..I wish something like this happens in the show too...!!!!!!!!!

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ka7eela IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
WOW..this is so amazing Clap . Clap ..i love it..i love how you narrate each situation in details..keep the good work yaarClap

n hey i suggest you should add (SR one shot) in the title so more members get to know that this is a one shot story of SR!..and more Sr fans will get the chance to read your lovely story

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it waz amazing it waz very romantic and cute


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