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.anjz. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2010 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
A very warm wecome to all of you to this forum and post.... Hug Hug
I am a relatively new member to this forum..... and i hardly know anybody.... and after having gone through posting sum names for Nominations for the Twilight Member Awards... i realised that we need an introduction here...... Many members have come during Twilight, New Moon and have disappeared now.....
so I would like the new or old/existing members to kindly introduce themselves so we know eachother better and make this a friendly place.....
My Introduction
My Name is Anjana.
You can call me Anj/Anji/Anju...
i joined IF long back..... but have been an active member only in the Dill Mill Gayye Forum.... now a silent member there..... i come to IF these days only to chat in a CC.. and catch up Twilight Saga news from this forum.......
I am in Love with Edward Cullen...... Embarrassed  LOL
I have read all twilight books... atleast 2-3 times.. in the past less than 1 yr..LOL
Crazy Twilight Addict.....Seen Twilight movie. more than 20 time....LOL  in love with it... and have almost byhearted the dialogues.....
well, this is all i can think of as of now... so anything else.. u wanna ask... sure.. go aheadBig smile
PS to the Mods: i know that there's a Member's Slambook..... but that is quite old.... and there are many new members including me... and this will be helpful for us to know eachother better.....Tongue
Do reply.... and let eachother know abt youSmile

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ROBlicious. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi, My Name is Harsha Embarrassed aka Mrs. ECP. I am very innocent girl that will one day Marry R-Patz and Go to Isle Esme for My Honey Moon. YES it will Happen. ROFL.

I am a very freaky little girl. I like to Stare at R-Patz all day long, i Love watching him smile, I dream about Edward Cullen watching me sleep and I dream that I am Bella and R-Patz is My Ed. It is a very normal thing for a Teen to be crazy over 'The Sexiest Man Alive'.

Before we begin i would like to say a few words to MY Team Edward Fellows.

Dear Team Edward,
                  I know how we all feel about Edward Cullen and think it is very normal to behave in such a 'unique' manner. We love Edward because he is a very true, sweet, loving, romantic, crooked smile Vampire, mind reading and perfect boyfriend. Team Edward was created after the release of Twilight Saga: New Moon (The book), the only reason this team was created was to see who won Bella. So We all know who did win her. Our very own Edward Cullen, whom we adore.

Reason to be Team Edward are simple: Edward has the perfect crooked smile, He likes to watch his girl sleep, He is old-schooled, He is cold and sparkles. Over All Edward Cullen Is Our Perfect Romeo. There is NO comparison between Edward and a Wolf.

If Anyone brings up New Moon i will kill you because he left her for her happiness now that is Freaki'n sweet.

Team Edward4eva <3

P.S. If you think Twilight is for little girls, let me clear one thing. Twilight is very well known amongest Males, Females of all ages and even Mothers. (F.Y.I My Mother is a very loyal member of Team Edward<3 ). Also I am a 19 Year old.

Peace <3

Mrs. ECP (Edward Cullen Pattinson)

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hi guys i m disha aka Mrs Taylor Lautner/ mrs Jacob Black from india. I am 18(just like taylor). I love reading, painting, singing and writing...n watch movies. I joined India forums basically after becoming a balika vadhu fan and i was totally unaware of the twilight forums existence here coz i thought this forum caters to only hindi soapsConfused so i was quite excited and amused on finding this forum. And today i am really glad i found it.  i m a big(i wuldnt say huge but i m quite a big fan) twilight saga fan. Though i would admit that the books are not extraordinarily written but the uniqueness of the plot attracts me to itSmile(i guess this goes for all of us here).
I am a huge taylor lautner(jacob) fan and so u guessed it i m Team Jacob. Though i like edward too but jacob is someone who i guess i would want as my BFF or BF or even husbandEmbarrassed.

Reasons to be in team jacob--- he is warmWink, cheerful and an ever smiling guy, ready to do anything in the name of friendship. he has his strenghts and weaknesses(anger) which makes him quite real and helps me connect with him. He is funny, persistent and a guy with whom a gal can be frank and can trust. the best part of him is with him a gal can release her inner child(i mean with him a gal can be immature and laugh out loud and be like a kid). thats what is best abt him.Clap In short he is just the type of guy i want in my life.

Reasons to love taylor lautner---- well there are a million reasons for thatSmile. he is sweet, cute , extremely hard working, persistent, humourous and lives his life like a normal teenager as even after getting back from shooting he does his chores.He acknowledges all his well wishers. he is humble and very friendly and just like me he gets nervous when he is in front of the worldBig smile. Even after being so famous he is down to earth and is humble and leads a very normal life.

Reason i love this forum- there are a lot of warm, friendly people here talking or discusing with whom really makes my day. the best part here is that even though we are like team jacob and team edward but ultimately at the end of the day we turn out to be team twilight and the thing which really makes me love this forum is that despite people having different thinkings and beliefs or even people hailing from team jacob and team edward, there is no fight here. people respect each others views which is what is needed. In other forums usually there are fights regarding two characters but here its like a family who respect each other and thus maintain peace.So thats the best part of it.

Team Taylor/ Team Jacob
and ultimately Team Twilight

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-Appsy- IF-Rockerz

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WHOA!!this was indeed
Hi,m Arpan ...Mostly everyone here on IF address me as "Appu"..(Funny? i know)

I joined IF coz of BIdaai....and m a huge fan of Kinshuk really a freak LOLSilly
I wanted to introduce myself too but never got a chance on that..

Ok now coming to Twilight..
m damn damn damn crazy for this movie..this saga..i love it to da core..
m not much interested in watching english movies but yep when i saw twilight i went like Silly
Yesterday i saw before yesterday too i did. I think that this is da best movie ever..
it can not lead to boredom even if i watch it a hundred times..*any doubts??*
The twilight series is amazing,,
M reading the second part..and my craze is arising even more every passing day.
In short m Addicted to it now..
Edward and BElla..2 sweet..Heart

My #1 character obviously has to be Edward Cullen
aww..he is such a hunk man,,,,m always drooling around for him..
the best thing i love about him is his "Charm and his possessiveness towards Bella"
such a sweetheart he is..and dere's nothing as such to be disliked about him..his character is unique and most importantly hid "killer looks" are to die for LOL Embarrassed.

M a silent reader over here but i love this forum. Hug
hmm i think dats enough as of now..

Wanted to introduce myself..and even struggle to know u all better..Big smile

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eshaaax3. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 12:04pm | IP Logged

My name is Esha; in other words: MRS. TDL/JB, and im 14 years old. [dont be shocked. Jacob's only 2 yrs older than me, and Taylor 4, dont crush my DREAMS/my reality!!!!!!]Silly LOL I love to read, i think its like my first passion, im in luv with the Harry Potter Series, ive been reading the series since i was 7, i luv Twilight, to extents, and as well as other series and books, and then i luv to write, and i guess thats my second passion to reading. i luv music like an ordinary girl, also use make up and all that girl junk. LOL I'm a Benaglie Muslim, who is , in just two words; OBSESSIVE & AGGRESSIVE [as well as an emotional soap opera freak, ] LOL> joking on that one LOL

I joined IF long time, ago, like two years ago i think, and i honestly dont rember why i did LOL
i roam around The DMG forum, as i luv SR's jodi, im not too active on that forum, but im there. Im always at the Avatar and Signature Forum, i make signatures and avis; another hobby. I love to come to the Twilight forum, just another place im usually found at.

Twilight? Why do I like it?

Firstly, i dont like twilight, at all. I hate it. Dead. i mean the first book.LOL hehe. When i first read Twilight, i was like, eww. do these things happen? and i literally read twilight only once! I got hooked to the series like a giggling idiot when i read new moon! AHH. JACOB! since NEW MOON, ive become what u cud say, a Twilighter? yh. my favrite books from the twilight Saga, are Eclipse and New Moon, depends on my mood when i say i like new moon as my favorite, or eclipse as my favorite.
My favorite character, obv, is Jacob Black. NO this is NOT because TAYLOR LAUTNER plays Jacob, you cud say to the other fake Team Jacobians out there who only like Jacob because of Taylor, and have no freaking insight on Jacob's character, not to me. I luv Jacob for who he is, for the 16 year old, immature, warm person he is. [go ahead, disagree with me, I knoe i love him!] Now getting to Taylor Lautner, Ive loved him since he was around 8-ish. his martial arts was like WOW, and still is. I luved his first official break as a kid star- Sharkboy and Lava Girl [omg, so many memories. ] then came along Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and i strted to fall even more in luv with Taylor. Then i came to noe he was in the Twilight Franchise, and i lost it. i became like TEAM TAYLOR!! and then new moon, and now eclipse, he just keeps getting better and better. from his priceless smile, to his body, to his acting skills, to this martial arts, i love him :) Embarrassed

Im not a silent reader on this Forum, i guess people here noe that, lol. LOL

Hmm. thats all,

Team Jacob, Team Taylor, Team..uh twilight?

-With Love, Mrs. Taylor D. Lautner/ Mrs. Jacob Black :)

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Beet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 3:29pm | IP Logged

Hi I'm Daania. I am 16 years old, and truly obsessed with Twilight (And Edward <3). My hoobies are reading and writing. These are two things i am really passionate about. Other than this, listening to music, surfing the net, watching TV, etc etc.  I joined IF for MJHT as I loved that show. Ultimately I discovered the Twilight forum. And found it a nice place to share my obsession.

Coming to the Saga, I am madly in love with it (mainly Edward<3<3<3) and a proud Team Edwarder. He is my most favourite character in the entire series ( I am sure you all must have guessed by now, with the not so "subtle'' hints I have been leaving.)  He is the most perfect guy. The sort evry girl dreams about (atleast I do LOL). He is loving, caring, protective, romantic, sweet, gentlemanly, square jawed, crooked smiling, sweet smeling, mind reading, dazzling and the most perfect and flawless guy, I have ever seen. *sigh*

I simply adore him. He is old-school, has perfect English, beyond gorgeous , He has the most wonderfully crooked smile in the world. The best Vampire ever. THE most perfect lover.
Coming to RPattz, I simply adore that guy too. He has a perfect sense of humour.  He cand azzle people too (courtesy the video provided by Harsha LOL) I could not imagine a better Edward Cullen than him. He is just amazing in his own way. I have been his fan since HP days, He is an awesome an out of this world actor and his expressions are too die for.* deep sigh*
So this was a bit about me, and more about the resons I love RP and EC. <3<3. Hope that I get to know all of you on this forum well.Big smile

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guju_girl1 IF-Rockerz

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oooohhh GREAT post

I am Shraddha also known as Shradzzz or Shradzooo ( whatever ya'lls want to call me!)
I am a sielnt member o this forum so thanks to you Anju I can introduce my self =)
Coming to Twiight: I am what you call a COMPLETELY OVER THE TOP OBSSESED fan hahahaI was hooked from day one! I am madly in love with Edward soo yes I am totally Team Eddy haha I have nothing against jacob but tell you the truth I never really liked him till Breaking Dawn since you actually see his POV and what the poor guy is going through! but Edward is THE best he is the perfect guy! Every girls dream. After him I would have to say Emmet is my FAV character he is a funny protective, sweet, cute teddy bear haha poor guy barely get any space in the story! =(
Though I must say I am not tooo fond of Bella she just seems way tooo dependent on both the guys! If she isn't wiht Ed she is wiht Jake like come on get a life!! ( sorry to bella fans) BUT I ADORE Kristen Stewart I am a HUGE fan of hers! people seem to not like her but I think she ROcKS So do Rpatz and Taylor ( Love the trio they look soo cute together!)
Whew K I think I am done haha
( hoping to make new friends! )

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
I'm not going to write as much as everyone else because i can't.LOL Soo....
My name is Harjot but i go by my nickname: Jot. I have been on IF for 2 years now...i think.Confused I love Twilight but ever since i'v read/watched The Vampire Diaries, i like it better than Twilight. I used to love Edward but have slowly fallen in love with Jacob Black; my big, bad wolf!EmbarrassedLOL Umm...i live in Canada and love reading for passing time. I am obsessed with Damon Salvatore, the bad boy from TVD. I cannot live without my laptop.LOL Renesmee..and i strongly believe SM should have written more scenes of Edward and Renesmee. Umm...yeah.LOL I am usually found at the FF forum because i LOVE writing FFs, especially on AK, my fav jodi-they are the main reason i'm here on IF.LOL And..yeah..=)

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