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Sr FF-Forever yours!Part 7-Pg.26(7/10/10)

Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2010 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Hey Hug
Before you all read it i should warn you it's a sad ff!
I hope you all like it Embarrassed

Part 1: PROLOUGE: it was 5 december..the 5th anniversary of sidhant and riddhima..dey had given dia(their four year old daughter) in the care of naina and shilpa..and had gone to The Taj ....Mumbai..for their date!!

The Date Riddhima was getting ready... wen Sidhant came in Sidhant was mesmerized by what he saw..his wife..riddhima..had very elegantly dressed herself in a black gown . and had left her hair opens he was not looking less dan angel..and he was the one..the angel loved..he felt like the luckiest man in the whole world
Riddhima was happily singing: "sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye ho..sajna hai mujhe."
wen she saw Sidhant's reflection in the mirror staring intensely at her..with loads of love.. by mistake she dropped the earring she was about to wear....and turned and looked straight into Sidhant's eye..and blushed Sidhant came forward..and picked up the earring..and he very carefully slid it through riddhima's earhole..he bent down and kissed her very lovingly on her cheeks.. her blush deepened

Sidhant bent down and said "mrs.riddhima modi ..will you go out on a date with me??"

Riddhima replied "i thought you would never ask" Sidhant smiled as she slipped her hands into his and got up..he gave her a small twirl..hearing her laugh..he felt..he has everything in the world...

The Taj: they were at THE HUB.....music was playing..... Sidhant was

lip-syncing..this song: "bachna ae haseeno lo main aagaya husn ka aashiq husn ka dushman aapni aada hai yaaron se juda heyy..hoo..!!"

Riddhima smirked and said-"bachna tumse,hmphh..yehh ryt" Sidhant grinned..and replied-"baby dont you say..you are already crushed by me"

Riddhima blushed the food came they ate it in silence..letting their eyes do the talking

it was 2 in the morning..and they had left Taj atleast 2 hrs ago..they were at d JUHU beach Riddhima holding her shoes in one hands..and the lower layers of her gown dat was stopping her from running in the other, Sidhant was trying his best to catch her...actually make dat pretending to try..as he knew she loved it wen he cudnt catch her... finally tired...riddhima stopped running..and sidhant bumped into her.falling with her into the soft sand...he pushed away the strands of hair from her face.... the moonlight shadowing her face..she looked more beautiful dan ever..he couldnt resist kissing her....and dat was what he did.. riddhima was suprised..

but anyways she responded to the kiss he pulled away from her and very softly whispered "happy anniversary..wifeeyyyy" she blushed and

said "but our anniversary got over 2 hrs back"

Sidhant said "in love..d date and time doesnt matter.." she just smiled and got up..and dusted the sand off her
Sidhant 2 got up..and said "madame...shall we leave???" r
riddhima replied "what sid...we just came" sidhant: "just cameeee???uhhh..huhhhhh" Riddhima: "okiee okieee....we have been here since 2 hrs but still i dun wanna go back home!!"

Sidhant gave in he again sat down..and pulled Riddhima into his lap.. Riddhima put her head against his shoulder & said: "5 years...siddhant..i just cant believe we have been together for that long..suprising..na??first we couldnt stand the sight of each other.
" "& now we cant stay away from each other!!"sidhant completed the sentence for her......

riddhima blushed sidhant pulled her chin upwards..and showed her the wonderful sky..stars covering the sky like its shadow and the moon adding to its significance... rahul pointed to the sky..and tracing the letters-SR..4EVA!...he said-"riddhima..i will always..always be there for you..no matter what comes..may you put on 50kgs,loose all your teeths...or something like dat....i will be by your side...never think that i dont love you wen i fight with you...its just that sometimes i cant control my anger...i love you lots..and i always will...even if i die..my soul will love forever..dont think my angel.....dat someone can love you more than me..as that is not humanly possible"

riddhima was deeply touched...tears poured down her eyes..all she could say was-"i love you Sid "and she hugged him he hugged her back..

it was 4am..and they had finally left the beach..as they were really sleepy now..Riddhima was already sleep in the passenger seat.. Sidhant just removed her hand from the clutch so that he could drive properly but it woke her up!!
riddhima-Sidhant..(she said this with all her chudailgiri)
Sid -sorry sorry Riddhia..i didn't mean to wake you up
she just smiled and was going back to sleep...but then saw a drunk driver driving his car recklessly.. Sid to save them from a accident moved towards the right..but the drunk driver too took a right wen Sidhant's car was just behind his...Sidhant's car turned..and just in 5 mins..we see Sidhant outside the car..lying motionless..with bloods dripping from his arms..and legs..and forehead while the blood is coming out of the back of riddhima's head..and at various other places...her body is in a rather strange postion..half of her body is in the car..and the other half outside the car!!

we see an ambulance..and a crowd of people at around 5 in the morning..... Person 1-"ohh myy god..dis looks like a really serious accident..both the husband and wife...are unconcious..pray for them Person 2-"yes i noe..pray" everyone prays..while the couple is put inside the ambulance *

Thank You all for reading itEmbarrassed
and couldn't think of a title..
suggestions are welcome Embarrassed

Dr.Keerti-oh my god.Dr.Sidhant..Dr.Riddhima....!quick..nurse..call all the other interns...dr.jp..prepare the O.T..and inform dr.shashank.....right now!!"
Jp ran as fast as he could to dr.shashank's cabin
Jp-"sirr..dr.sidhant riddhima...very serious accident..blood...unconcious..."
shashank panicked-what ?what happend to them?nothing can happen to them
jp some how controlled his own bout of terror and comforted Dr.Shashank
Dr.Shashank treated Riddhima.While Keerti Treated Sidhant

(guys wont go into the medical details..hve no idea about them)
keerti-dr.jp..check the BP..and tell me immediately if it gets low
dr.jp-yes dr.keerti
keerti patches up the fractured areas in Sidhant's body..and stiches d cut no his forhead
and heaves a sigh of relief!!!

shashank also patches up the fractured area...and stiched the cuts across..her forhead..stomache..and cheeks
but that wasnt all...d  CT scan showed...something very serious.."
the interns had reached long ago..and suvarna and shilpa were crying..while armaan  was  trying to control them
Shilpa hugged Armaan..Armaan patted her head and whispered everything will be ok nothing will happen to Sidhant or Riddhima i promise
Suvarna was in total shock...the two people she was closest to very fighting for their life..
Suvarna -N...No..Nothing..Nothing will happen to my bro and bhabi
Armaan hugged her-Yes nothing will..they both are strong
Shilpa whose only family was Riddhima and Sidhant except her husband Amraan ofcourse
was in a state of toal numbness ...after ages she had finally got her sister..but now..her sister and her jeej are fighting for life..

Switch to Dr.Shashank:
He read the CT scan report...his tears just would not stop..he slowly brushed his hand against Riddhima's forehead and hair..
Dr.Shashank-Nothing..i promise..nothing will happen to you!
and with that he started crying..!after awhile he finally stopped crying he knew he had t be strong for Shilpa for Sidhant and for Dia.!
Sidhant...he didn't know how he would tell Sidhant.!It will break Sidhant
Dia..his heart broke thinking of a four year old girl without her mother
He went out of the OT room .....immediately Keerti ..Arsh and Suvarna..JpJ surrounded hims star
Dr.Shashank(He kept his hands on Amraan's shoulder)-Riddhima is in a coma
Armaan..shilpa..suvarna..keerti..Jpj just looked at Shashank in pure disbelief
Armaan-Sir..are you sure?
Shashank showed the CT scan
all they could do was cry.....
Armaan wanted to break down his best friend Riddhima may never open her eyes again or if she does then how much time will she take?his heart ached for Sidhant and Dia....

Sidhant  woke...feeling very dizzy..feeling like he was in a dream..everything was going round and round infront of his eyes........he opened his eyes,,..and the rotating stopped...
he recognized  where he was...he was in one of the sanjeevani's private room...
suddenly..dr.shashank came in
dr.shashank-Sidhant..how are you feeling?
Sidhant-I am fine..how is Riddhima ?Is she fine?she is fine na?
dr.shashank (in a voice ..which seemed very distant..full of pain)-Sidhant we all are there for you ..everything is going to okay(Sidhant was thinking the worst he heart felt like it was going to explode)Riddhima..she..Riddhima is in a coma
Sidhant closed his eyes..even tears didn't  come out of his eyes..he just couldnt say anything..not even a word..all he could do was say-Riddhima

Sidhant had not said a word since he came to know about Riddhima slipping into coma.just tears kept on streaming down his face.
the silence of rahul was getting to everyone..they dint know what to do..they know what he had lost..well coma is as good as dying for few years and then coming back from the death?as god released them from the world of heaven.....
Sidhant(in a hoarse voice)-May..May i see her?
Shashank and everyone else were relieved that Siddhant was finally saying something
The nurse brought a wheel chair..carefully armaan helped Sidhant  into the wheelchair..made sure he was comfortable...then they went to Riddhima's room
ON THE WAY TO Riddhima's ROOM:
Armaan-Sidhant..dont worry..Riddhima will be concious soon..be strong?
Sidhant-what do you want me to do Armaan?party?you don't know how it feels like..!
Armu-I know ..i know its hard
Rahul-harder dan anything armaan..harder dan anything?I dunno how I will survive without her..my love..my life..my everything?how will Dia live without her??is dia fine?where is she
Suddenly a voice came-PAPAAAAA!!!!!!!
A girl came running towards Sidhant
Sidhant  picked her up..kissed her and hugged her tight..tears streaming down his face.!
D girl-papa..why are you crying?
Sidhant-Dia..papa is not crying?he drinks milk..he is strong?and men do not cry..
Dia-seriously papa??if we drink milk we will be strong..and we wont be able to cry??
Sidhant(gave a small smile)-yeh?dint you know that??now go and tell shilpa masee..to give you your milk..
Dia-okie papa..byeee?she got off from
 Sidhant's and ran towards Shilpa!
Armaan-woaah!Sidhant !!what crap were u speaking??
Sidhant-she is drinking her milk na??dats all!!
Sidhant-what am i going to do Armaan?how do i tell Dia what has happened to Riddhima?what will i do when she wants her Mom?
Tears started forming in Armaan's eye the last thing he wanted to was to cry infront of Sidhant!
Armaan-Eveyrthing will be fine..we all are there for you!
They reached Riddhima's room..
Armaan-this is where I leave
He patted Sidhant  on his back and he left..!
Sidhant slowly sat on Riddhima's bed he.held her hand...the sight just made his heart break even more..!blood vessels..liquid food pipes(which was needed to keep her alive..as she couldn't eat anything as she was in coma..and she does need food to be alive!!)his Strong chudail Riddhima looked so frail so lifeless..he cried his heart out..holding her hand tightly he remembered the night..wat all he said at the beach and said in a traumatized voice:
Riddhima I stand by my promise..and I always will..even though you are in coma..i love you the same?will always be by your side..and I am soo sorry..for driving recklessly!if I hadnt then most probably you wouldn!t have been in such a state!!..i am sorry..very very very sorry?
He bet he could hear her replying back-Sidhant I too  will always love you 2..concious or unconcious..alive or dead..my soul will always remain yours forever?.and its not your fault..it is the fault of that stupid drunk driver..dont blame yourself..please don't!!!?
He definetly thought he had gone crazy.hearing Riddhima's voice..who was in coma?who maybe could hear ot maybe not..even doctors couldn't tell!!!......he kissed her forehead..!!kissed her hand!..he turned to see his sister in tears!he got up..his sister motioned him to sit down again..
He sat down..she walked to him.hugged him..he couldn't  hold it all inside he broke down..he cried so much that he couldn't breath..near to fainting..weak due to all the injuries..the shock..it had all become to much for him..!!
His sister called armaan and told him to take Sidhant back to him room..but Sidhantl obviously protested..but no one paid attention to him..and took him to his room!Sidhant exhausted from everything..feel asleep!pain etched on every corner of his face!

A special thanks to kaheela di for the titleEmbarrassedHug

I promise the next part will be better!

Thank For readingHug

Do commentEmbarrassed

P.s-If you want a PM when i update do tell meEmbarrassed

Part 5-Pg.21
Part 6-Pg.23
Part 7-Pg.26

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papia Goldie

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Very romantic one. Thanks. But the last part was really shocking. Hope they become well and leave together forever and nothing can interfere their happily married life next and now their bonds become even stronger

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NusiSg IF-Sizzlerz

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hmmmmmmmmmat least u cum up wit a story n situation of siddhima which dis CVs dun hv............da 5 yr leap in ud SR story was fantastic...........n dey r still togeder,, Day Dreaming .....but hey u need to write its 2nd part......the happy ending.... Thumbs Up

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Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

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@papia-thank you Hug Embarrassed
@nusrat di-aww thank you Hug sr will be together forever not just for five years Embarrassed

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-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing pragzie!!!!!!!!!!!!...but after such a wonderful date...why the accident?...curious to know....please continue na... love mayuri

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-alimabi- IF-Sizzlerz

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awsome FF sweetheart love it

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---ayesha--- Goldie

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Beautiful ff pragzieClap,but it has such a sad ending.Cryplz continue..............

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luvkasu IF-Dazzler

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very very nice ..
yeah y the accident..? continue writing plz!
sorry cant think of a title either.. lolxx

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