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Monday 5th july 2010 Update

Pirai comes to chokku's house with policemen and says that chokku family is responsible for everything...forces the police to arrest them....police arrests chokku...gopi and pandi reaches the kalavara spot...pirai and sam says that gopi and pandi are the main accused,so arrest them also....pirai says he also doubts selvarangam(mahesh's mappillai) he should also be arested.....hearing this statement from pirai chokku and family shocked...chokku tells police that no connection b/w selvarangam and maha missing...he is mahesh's mappilai...nothing more than that..pls leave him....gopi says "u can do whatever u want with our family members..but pls leave selvarangam"...Inspector says why r u all overreacting on this selvarangam matter...something is i'll defenitely arrest that selvarangam too....sollittuhe takes chokku and co(except pancha paandavigal) to police station....oor makkal watching this are vey sad...only that jsiyar is happy...his mind voice says "saniyan aaramichachu indha kudumbathukku".....
Selvarangam's house...police comes there and calls selvarangam...Shanthi comes and police tells her that they want to meet selvarangam regarding passport...Selvarangam comes out and police arrests him..Shanthi shouts and says they are from gowravamana kudumbam blah blah....police not listeneing to her suyapuranam...police jeep poye pochu...Shanthi and her husband gets ready to go to police station....
Police station...PP makkal in police station...Gopi and pandi inside and kambi counting....Inspector yells at PP's ...says "vayasu ponna kadathittu ippadi onnumae pesama indha eppadi?".....Chokku and mayil says we didnt kidnap anyone...why otting the same record..neenga kadathineenga..neengadhan kadathineenga....somemore vaakuvadam b/w inspector and chokku....chokku tells inspector..."look us..if u really feel that we r the kadathal mannans need for any  visaranai and all...staraight away punish us"...Inspector says sandega padaradhu his thozhil....that too vayasu ponna kaanum..i'll visaruchufy like this only....
Pirai comes with his lawyer...he comes and says he is going to file habeas corpus petition...He says that police are not doing their duty i want to file this HB petition....Inspector tension aayitar...gets up and goes near gopi and pandi...asks them where is the ponnu...Gopi and pandi says we dont know...Inspector statrs beating them harshly....Chokku and mayil crying seeing this....deivanai and meenakshi comes there and they joins their husbands oppari session....pushpa pleads to pirai....pirai not listening....
Police bringing selvarangam to police station...Chokku and co shell shocked... selvarangam says maha ngara pera kelvi pattadhe illai...police beats him too....Chokku goes to inspector and kenjufies...punish our whole family....but pls leave selvarangam...he is our daughters life will be spoiled...Police sends eveyone out.....Gopi and pandi asking sorry to selvarangam...selvaranga says  irungada ungala vachukarenLOL
Shanthi and her husband reaches police station....Vandhavudan opens her DTS mouth...Shocked seeing her thambhi nilamai...Shouts at chokku's family....Pirai eriyira fire la potrol pouring....Mayil says our neram sariyillai...thats why all this are happening...pls maintain some porumai...Shanthi says "what?namma neram?u r a fraud family..we r gowravamana family...dont even talk abt us....see my brother..oorula avanukku ellarum avlo mariyadhai kudupanga...but inga....."continues her oppari.....punniyavan police tells everyone to stop....
Chokku tells inspector "u r wasting ur time is visariching us...evlo kettalum we dont know where maha is...when we all r here,maha va naanga enga olichu vakka mudiyum? fear is maha thappanavaga kitta maata koodathu...take steps to find her..we really dont know where she is...."
Chokku's house...Shanthi and her husband comes there and calls the girls out...Pancha paandavigal comes out....shanthi bajari maadhiri shouting...."moonjigala paaru..all are standing like "Deepavali kku pudicha thiruttu kozhi"....LOLLOL....Shanthi says "unga anna avala izhuthuttu ponadhukku why my thambhi should suffer"...Kamu replies"enga annan yaarayum izhuthuttu pogala".....Shanthi giving semma dose to those girls....again singing en thambhi kku 25 soverigns poda makkal ready...our thalai ezhuthu..inga vandhu maatikittom....our maanam mariyadhai ellam pochu.....ippovae ippadi irukku...innum nee veettukku vandha ellam  mudinjudum....en thambi mattum veettukku vala...i'll not behave like a pombalai....(oh...appo ivlo neram pombalayadhaan pesineengalaShocked).....dont eve think that this maraige will happen...adhu nadakavae nadakadhu....Maheswari starts crying....
(Roja akka...u r very correct...ellarum rombha pesaranga...MudiyalaCryCry)....

Tuesday Update


Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday 7/7/10 Episode No 55

Maha apologizes to Sokku - "never thought that such a drama will be
staged !!! I did this because I love Gopi athaan so much !!! I trust you.
I will go back home" Sokku is happy - habba oru Saniswaran vittuthu
da relief
- Maha goes to her dad, snatches the newspaper and says
"just wanted the whole world to know that I love Gopi athaan. Inimel
Canada, USA nnu mappillai kOndu vantha, I myself will show this paper to them. No one other than Gopi athaan can tie the noose around my neck, gotcha??" This makes Pandy very sad and both Peacock and Gopi look lost. The Piraisudan clan is getting back home. PS is angry that his probable trip to Canada has gone south. Father and son sing "yen soga kathai yai kelu" while mother and daughter look happy -  "mission accomplished". As they near their house, the village crowd headed by Pushpa's mother awaits.
Aal aalukku advice mazhai - finally Maha will be taken inside the house after some kulippattara sadangu !!!

Pandy is water beating - looks like a a maniac. Peacock comes
and invites Pandy to water beat at home. Tells sonny boy that
Maha wants only Gopi and gives some umpteen reasons as to
why a marriage between him and Maha wont work /happen -
uh huh segment. Pandy is beyond caring..crashes his beer bottle and tries to kill himself - screams at dad for not "buying" Maha
and of course dad promises to do the needful !!!

Selvarangam and Co - three women have come to "dhukkam visarikka" . Shanthi is livid .....the women insist on " kalyaanam
is not karasevu making"
Selvarangam is nursing his dharma adis. After the women leave, Shanthi announces that the wedding is
called off. Does a bonfire with the wedding invitations - much to the chagrin of the other three....



Update by Smlaksh

Episode - 56            Thursday - 08.07.10

Credits to

Maheswari is praying .. Chok's admires his daughter .. Meena comes with coffee & Gopi too joins them ... Chok's is proud of Mahes .. ivlo nadanthuduchu , she is not worried abt her marriage .. avlo trust on us .. Mahes says she was worried when cops took them all to station , but now is relieved as they all are out from problem .. Chok's says they must worry , as loosu Pirai got Selvarangam (SR) too involved in this issue .. Ragini updates him abt Shanthi's (SR's sister) sky earth jumping [vaanathu kkum boomi kkum kuthikkarathu Embarrassed] , the other day .. Chok's justifies her anger & says he is more worried abt Mahes now .. Mahes clearly says he , Mayil & Gopi are only important for her .. She is least bothered abt SR , whom he has seen only a day .. she is not even bothered abt her wedding getting cancelled .. Says , mandapam varai vanthu evvalavo kalyanam ninnu poyirukku .. mine is only in invitation stage .. no problem nu .. Chok's pathari poi odaraar .. Warns her not to talk like tht .. Meena too assures tht her wedding will happen at any cost .. Mahes firmly says , don't bend too much to them & leaves with sis .. Chok's feels proud of Mahes .. Gopi says they only must go in person & talk to SR's family .. Chok's asks him to wait , till the broker comes ..

Malar's home .. and she is sitting like asogavanathu seethai .. Her sister says Gopi - Maha marriage is her problem .. Malar , Maha voda thairiyathai parthu asanthu poi irukka .. Also chides Maha , for kappalething her maanam , herself Embarrassed .. odi poyi , paper la news vanthu , che che nu .. Sister grabs the chance & pin points Malar .. Says Maha is much better than her , as the former is very bold enough to express her feelings , where as Malar has hided her feelings from Gopi .. Sister praises Maha's samarthiyam .. nenachatha saathichutta .. Malar kku chinna hope , Says , anyways they'll ask for Gopi's consent naa [athu sari , avan appa , chithappa sonna boom boom maadu mathiri thalaiya thalaiya aattum Ouch .. Gopi yai nambine un gathi atho gathi thaan] .. Sister says , they don't need ur permission for their marriage .. un manasula onnum illa nu sollitta illa , then why do u bother abt them nu kekkuthu .. Malar nondhufies her fate for discussing this issue with her sister .. Sister asks if she'll discuss this issue with Gopi .. Malar says she doesn't have the need to discuss it with him nu & clears the arena leaving her mobile phone .. Cashew nut Sister , grabs her mobile , calls Gopi .. invites him home using the pretext of stitching some clothes .. Gopi , wings illatha cycle la parakkarar Embarrassed ..

Shanthi koluthina invitations nalla erinchu mudichachu .. broker gets to see them .. her kooja hubby says , wifey romba angry .. parthu pesu .. adi kidi vizhum nu warns him .. SR is combing his hair .. broker "maaple" nu koopida , he is all set to punch his face LOLLOL .. Akka busy aah karasev podaranga .. Sees broker & yells at him .. Says this marriage is cancelled .. ponnu moonjiye sari illa .. Mahes partha kothikkara oil face la ootha ready aah irukkanga [ Shocked typical naathanar] .. Itha kettathum broker rendu adi thalli nikkaraar LOLLOL .. Akka is very adamant , no marriage .. take a sample of the ash (invitation) & show it to Chok's family .. nalla mandaiyila uraikkara mathiri sollu , this marriage won't happen .. Broker says chok's family is innocent & Pirai is a padicha muttal Clap .. he didn't think of his daughter's life & did all this amali thumali .. Chok's family romba nallavanga .. Also points out their minuses , rented house , rented shop .. Further gives them idea to ask for more gold .. SR kku peraasai , appo bike nu kekkarar Angry .. Akka tells her demands , 20 sovereigns gold , Rs.25000 cash , bike .. And the whole whole of Chok's clan must apologize to her .. Broker says ur rajiyam till SR ties the knot .. Assures Chok's family will apologize .. SR tells him to bring Gopi & Pandi too [avar prachanai avarukku LOL ] .. Broker vanthathukku konjam karasev kettu vangittu , nadaiya kattittaar ..

Gopi loosu lands in Malar's home .. Latter gets to know her sister's thiruvilaiyadal behind his visit .. Smart sis , leaves them alone & goes in to get her clothes .. pora pokkula , malar ivar kitta yetho pesanum nu sonniye pesu nu sollittu , escapes LOL .. Gopi tholaichu edukarar .. Malar probes abt police station incident .. Gopi briefs her , in his vala vala style Embarrassed .. admits tht Maha wishes to marry him .. And she is very adamant is tht regard .. Malar kaduppayitta , eppo kalyanam nu asks .. Gopi says this marriage won't happen .. And tells her abt Pandi's love for Maha .. Malar face la 1000 watts bulb glowing .. feels relieved .. Gopi further says , his dad wants him to marry Maha .. but Mayil wants to get his son Pandi married to Maha .. Adds he doesn't know how to solve this problem .. Malar tells him to update Maha abt Pandi's love for her .. Also asks how can an elder bro marry a girl whom his younger one loves .. Assures Maha will understand their situation .. Forces him to talk to Maha first .. Gopi leaves after getting her sister's clothes .. Malar updates her sister .. And she confirms her sister's love for Gopi , Malarukku ulla malarnthiduchu nu , kindal vera .. Malar keeps blushing ...

Pirai's veedu .. Looks for Maha , who is busy eating pottu kadalai LOL .. Sarcastically laughs at her & says , periya vishayam ellam pannittu , ippadi silent pottukadala sappidariya .. Adds tht , he lives in a village , but his manasu romba visalamanathu .. he wishes his daughter's to live abroad .. en retire kku appuram [this is what he said , retirement nu sollala Embarrassed] , i wanted to spend my life in canada or america .. but you , karaikudi kooda thaanda mattengara .. Starts lending advices .. don't be so adamant in getting married to Gopi .. athu nee appakku seiyura periya dhrogam .. unnai pethu valartha ennai , back stabbing .. i can't control you .. at the same time , i'm not ready to thaarai varthufy you to tht thaiyalkaran .. Time for emotional blackmail .. shows a poison bottle & says he'll attempt suicide .. Maha still not lost her cool , busy grinding pottukadalai .. Pirai continues , promise me tht u won't marry Gopi , or else , i'll finish this whole bottle , won't even leave a drop .. Maha cool aah says "kudingappa , nalla kudinga" .. Pirai face la no fly dancing LOLLOL ...

Thodarum ...


Update by Anjkhoney

Friday (09/07/2010)

Sudan's drama continues and Pushpa Drinks Poison

Sudan is in full form,emotionally blackmail Maha by threatening her that he would drink poison if she was adament about marrying Gopi..Idhukellam asayamaataa namma Maha.. She asks him to drink the poison.. Sudan ayya samma shocked le, ponnu ippidi kooda pesuva nu avar kanavule kooda nenchirkka maatare (haha unga ponnaache..Summava?Wink)..

He again explains the consequences after he drank the poison.. Maha says that if her father wished to end his life in such a way,she would never be against it (Apidi poduLOL.Idhe kettu enga appa kooda sirichaaru. Oru ponnu ava appakitta Sonna answer nu paatha idhu konjam over thaanOuch but Sudan mathiri poochandi kamikkaravangalkuAngry idhu thaan badhil.. Kudippara nu papom) .

He asks her to drink the poison (adhaane pathain, indhaalavathu kudikkarthavathuAngryAngry...)She replies that she never wanted to die, she has to live her life as she wished.. Thaan virumbara Gopi athane kalyanam pannikittu avaroda oru naalavathu santhoshama vaazhandha appram thaan sagarthe pathi ellam yosipanga nu Maha replies... Idhu kettu Sudan forces her to drink the poisonShocked and Maha pushes her father.. Sudan gets up and thrashes her left and right.. Indha satham kettu Pushpa and others come to stop him from hitting her..

Sudan pushes Pushpa and takes Maha inside and thrashes her againOuch.. Pushpa finds the poison bottle and drinks it (Enna pa idhu, indha PP parambaraikku ku poison kudikkarthu payasam saapdara mathiriConfusedShocked)Santhanam finds out and alerts everyone about his mother who drank the poison.. Sudan is tensed now but she pushes him and tells she would rather die than see his dramas daily... Sudan asks his son to rush to the hospital and he carries her on his shoulders and runs...

Tharakar vandhu Sokku kitta Kara sev family demands pathi sollranga.. Mahe seems upset with itCry but others seem to agree to apologise and talk to them the very next day.. Mahe apologises for the trouble caused to her family due to her
(ahaa enna oru contrast .. anga Maha sonna answerOuch and inga Mahe sonna mannipuClapClap.. )

Pushpa in hospital and Sudan&his kids in the hospital with Pushpa...

Gopi receives someone's call. Yaaru nu paatha Maha.. She cries and apologises for all wht happened and asks Gopi to talk to her for something..Gopi asks again and again why she was crying and Maha Ooru kadai,ulaga kadai pesinaalum pesina aana thaan amma hospital le irukkanga nu mattum sollave illeAngryAngry..

She asks Gopi to meet her soon as she was dying to see him.. Gopi thinks about Malar's suggestion and decides to meet Maha to talk about Pandi
(Aiyo ivara mathiriAngryDead ...hmmm ennatha solla)He agrees and tells that he would inform her on the date of the meeting.. Maha tells that after all the drama she is happy after talking to him (Adi paaviAngry, anga unga amma unakku adi vizhuthey nu poison kudichu
ippo hospital le paduthirkkanga.. ippo thaan ulagathaye marandha mathiri santhoshama irukiyaAngryDead.. Nalla ponnu ma Angry..)

Sokku is ready with his wife and son to meet Kara Sev family and on the other hand thiruttu thanama Mayil with his son stands in front of Maha's house to talk about Pandy Maha matter (aiyo Pandy sir moonja paakanumeDeadDead.. )Mayil recieves a call from his anna and he mazhupyfies the fact that he was standing in front of Sudan's house to talk for his son.. Sokku also believes his words that he was in his house only nu..

Mayil proceeds and finds his amma locking the door. Enna nu ketta,Pusha veshatha kudichatha theriya varuthu..Pandy asks about Maha
(Aama romba mukhiyamD'oh..Athaikku epidi irukku nu kekka thonaadhoAngryAngry?)

Cycle gap le Santhanam trying to sight the nurse... Avangala varnikkarthu ada da ennale explain panna mudiyaleDead.. Avanga Kerala va nu kekka Nurse ille nu solla, Adhaane Kerala ponnungalku colour mattum thaan irukkum nu sollaAngry ... Kadala pottu thallararu.. Nursukku avar kitta pudichathey avaroda nadathaanam..She asks him to walk and show.. Koduma...He walks and she escapes....

Mayil goes with his amma to the hospital.. Sudan first stays calm but when Mayil starts asking en ippidi aachu etc he talks about his own daugther Kaamu who drank kerosine that day (aama andha kodumayum naanga thaan update pannom )Mayil takes Sudan out to have a talk and Pandy stays staring at Maha (Aiyo appidiye palaar palaar nu
podanum pola thonudhu seeing the way he looks at herAngry... Sariyana Psycho... Pandyoda Appa kooda at times andha psychic nature velila kondu varuvaaru.)

Mayil talks about Pandy's matter and gets sariyana replies from Sudan.. Sudan tells Gopi was even better as he had a job of his own.. Mayil stil talks about Pandy... Sudan asks him how he could take a talk for allaince when his bro's daugther Mahe's marriage got cancelled.. Otta Vaay Mayil,without knwing about Sudan's pottu vangara style olaryfies about Sokku and family who went for a comprmise..Sudan thinks about something (Sathiyama nalla vidhama think panna maataru. edhavathu villangama saguni thanama thaan think pannuvaaru)

Mayil requests him not to inform his Sokku annan about the alliance matter (Ahaa evalo nalla kaariyam senjaaruClapClap.. correctana aal kitta thaan indha vishyatha sollathey nu ketturkkaruAngry..)Mayil leaves and Sudan looks at him going (Avaroda andha paarva enna mean pannarthu nu naan sollarain 'Podi po.. Sambhandama pesa vandha? Sokku veetle vekkarain unakku katcheriWink)


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thank u shreeyakka for the kalakkal updateClapClapClapClap..
Thank u so much for reserving the place for meEmbarrassed

Adheppidi ka, ivalo periya epsiode paathum valikkatha maathri irukkenga?

Aiyo nondhu poyittein seeing the episode

Indha episode update panna ungalku

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raaspach IF-Rockerz

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en aauyir thenu...
evlo naal dhaan valikadha maadhiriyae nadikaradhu????UnhappyUnhappy

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thanks for super updates..even mondays epsd so boring. where is maha? may be pirai kidnapped her and blame pee pee brothers family. hope PP brothers forget selva and look better groom for maheshwary.  that joysiyar ..Angry

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Thanks Suma .. Maha enga poi tholanchatho .. u r making everyone's life miserable .. Pirai sariyana nuts ..

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Thanks laksh and roja akka.
Ewwww...this maha....sucha an irritating character and no doubt...big imsai....
How can a girl be like this??Dad with posion bottle...Daughter eating kadalai and says go ahead papa...cute familly....
Indha maha vukku ippadi pandi adichukaradhu adhavida erichala irukku...
only malar's character is nice....

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thanks for updates. at last maha back. hope for once sokku will listen to his daughter. dont bend so much to grooms family. they still has chance to get better groom. i dont think maha will marry pandi. she might marry someone else. And will hate gopi and his family. Pandi be a man and tell your feeling to maha, not to ur dad. he is not love cupid. liked to part maha and her dad, "kudingappa , nalla kudinga"
she is madly love with gopi and dont bother anyone.

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Thanks Anj.
Amma in hospital
Magal saying "athaan...i want to see you,talk to you,hug you..blah blah...
Ennanga idhu????
Ungalukke idhu konjam overaa illai??

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