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1/07: Thoda Pyar, Kaafi Takraar...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Anyone else watch Desperate Housewives? Does anyone else see the slight resemblance in the features of Jenny Winget and "Bree"? As the show starts today, I see it again when Jenny leans on KSG's arm in the opening title.
Getting back to the episode, we return to the tense atmosphere of the OT where Shilpa has just found out that what was supposed to be an operation gone wrong, was in fact a deliberate attempt by Dr. Armaan to get rid of her. Put yourself in Shilpa's shoes, you're a happy go lucky kind of girl, a barrel of laughs, your favourite game is to make everyone around you smile even if it is at someone else's expense. And one day, as you go about you're business you find that a patient you were treating will now be left paralysed, and it was solely your fault...his life, your career, ruined. Just as you begin to accept the guilt and decide to live with it, you find out that someone was playing a "prank".
Shilpa stares at Armaan, disgusted. The tears still fresh in her eyes. I know I annoyed you, and targeted you with my jokes, "par aap? Apne pranks ke naam par, meri life, mere career ke saath jo game khela...it's unbelievable". JP tries to justify Armaan's action, the neutral party in all of this...like I said, Armaan's intention, like Shilpa's, was not wrong. He just executed his motive in the wrong way...Shilpa holds up her hand, preventing JP from saying another word, she doesn't want to know. And JP actually stops talking. Wow, a new intern and already such authority...kya baat haiWink.  
 Shilpa continues with the fact that she left the OT thinking solely about Armaan, how he shouldn't be blamed for her mistake, and it would be wrong of her to take the brunt....which is why she came back. If Armaan wasn't feeling guilty before, he definitely will be now. And yes, Armaan's unable to look at her and just stares at the ground...As she finishes speaking, the two look at each other. For Armaan, I know that there is a difference between guilt and regret. Armaan feels guilty for making Shilpa feel bad....but he doesn't regret it because according to him he was only trying to give as good as he had got. Shilpa tells him, "atleast aap ki asliyat to samne aagayi", completely repusled by his actions, Armaan shakes his head in disbelief. Shilpa continues telling him that she would never play jokes of such nature on anyone, she only wanted her working experience to be enjoyable...and yes, you as the senior doctor proved your point-you can do anything you want, and that's exactly what you did today. I wish Armaan would defend himself, but I think he did infront of JP and Jigs yesterday, which is when Shilpa overheard so clearly she is indifferent to his opinion. She turns to leave and Armaan stares at her...I wonder whether he regrets what he did now? Armaan calls out to her hesitantly but fails to stop her.Ouch He looks back at JP/Jigs who give him their best "disappointed" look...Jiggy even adds a little shake of the head, and they both leave Armaan to wallow in his remorse. Ouch.

Swiiitch to:
Shilpa in the fire escape. Wow, it feels incredibly comforting to see her there...does anyone remember when Dr. Riddhima is scolded by Dr. Kirti for promising Mrs. Singh that she'll ensure the delivery is successful of her baby back in 2007 eventhough its complicated? Riddhima comes to the FE and  I'm reminded of that scene here...I think that was the first significant shot they did in the FE. Anyway...
Shilpa cries to herself, its the aftermath of the staged ploy against her. People handle situations in different ways. For some/alot of people, it's awful to find out that someone dislikes you, it's bad when you think they have no reason to and its the worst when that person does something deliberately to make you feel bad about yourself. And that is what Shilpa is experiencing...she didn't mean any harm, then why did Armaan make her feel sick with herself, for ruining the patient's life, for letting Armaan take the blame. She's not a bad person, then why did he imply she was one? She thinks about Armaan waving the wires, delighted that he compelled Shilpa to almost leave Sanjeevani. How can he dislike her that much, as he referred to her as "meri life ki sab se badi problem". Shilpa opens her tight ponytail, trying to soothe herself.
Armaan, on the other hand, is shown enquiring about Shilpa's whereabouts from a nurse. She asks him who he's talking about. He describes her appearance, her "badi badi aankhen", "jiska gussa hamesha naak par bheta rehta hai", the nurse doesn't know who he's talking about. Frustrated, he says, "arre jisne hospital ko apne pranks se sar pe charha kar rakha hai". LOL The nurse figures who he's talking about..haha! She informs him that she saw Shilpa heading towards the FE. As Armaan approaches the FE door, he looks through the glass window as Shilpa sits on the stairs with her head in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks...I'm reminded of a little girl. Shilpa really is a little girl though, fun and games and when she cries she really does "cry like a baby"Disapprove. Armaan face shows pure regret and sympathy, I can only imagine how bad he feels. He opens the door, and the noise disturbs Shilpa, she turns to see who cares to join her. She doesn't want to talk to him, not right now anyway, wiping away her tears she moves down the stairs to leave. Armaan tells her, even if you walk quicker, there won't be any point. "Wo exit band hai". LOLWell, its a good job there's not been a serious fire in Sanjeevani then, the purpose of the FE is pretty much defeated with this revelation! Armaan walks toward her and is about to talk when she turns back round and runs up the stairs to move past him. He calls her wanting her to listen, I love how Armaan makes up his own nicknames, pehle basket ab "Dhanno, I mean Shilpa". She stops in her tracks, right beside Armaan, a slight breeze blowing her hair back into Armaan's face. Contemplating, she turns around to face him and, now that he has her attention, Armaan struggles with his words. He deliberates and tells her, "agar mazak karne ki aadat hai, to mazaak sehne ki bhi himmat honi chahiye". Not what Shilpa wanted to hear, a frown on her face she looks away from him. Armaan knows he has offended and looks at her...so when she looks back at him, he bursts out with a  "sorry"Smile. Aww, Arman tells her he didn't want to make her cry (Pushpa (Shilpa), I hateee tears), but was just messing around, but admits that maybe he did go too far but he was just trying to finish what she started. When she glowers at him, he tells her he isn't blaming her for everything but, they both are to blame..."shayad". Armaan notices Shilpa's still upset and provides his hankercheif for her, at one point holding it out to catch her falling tears, its really adorable. I love him, our cute, caring Mr. Supercool. Embarrassed
When he walks around her to offer her the rumaal, Shilpa's reaction is one of a kind. Even the music changes from a soft piece to something more dark and dangerous, intense. A word of warning,  don't expect the normal rothi dothi-ness from this one, no siree. Armaan is uncomfortable when she doesn't immediately take the offer and instead stares him down. She tells Armaan, "mere aansoon par mat jao Dr. Armaan". When we can't control our heart's desires, then they form tears and flow from our eyes. But the water dries up just as quickly too, "so no big deal". Shilpa's always defined "independence" and "solitude". A girl who can take care of herself whether it's big nasty gunde or whether its to reboost her own self esteem. When she's in trouble she'd rather solve the problem herself and when she's down she doesn't need your shoulder to cry on. Sometimes its good to have someone there....but really hats off to her. Clap She verifies the same, "like other girls, I'm not inclined to cry over every little thing". Touche! Armaan seems impressed with the little fire in her eyes, the animosity still there...from her end anway. With a swift turn, she struts up the stairs, confidence in her every move once again...and leaves. Armaan contemplating, staring back down at the place where her tears have soaked his hankerchief...

Switchhh to night time in the Modi house.
Riddhima sits at her dressing table moisturising her arms. Hain?....Inki to date thi na? Have I missed something?!Confused Ok, I'm assuming they'll explain. So anyway, whilst doing so she glances at the framed photo of her and Siddy on their honeymoon. We see her walking up and holding it in her hands, she playfully talks to 'it' saying, "pagal ho tum...ek dam stupid". You invite me for a date, but you don't even know how to light a candle. They show a "flashback" of Sid in the white Tee from yesterday lighting the candle on the dinner table when Riddhima enters. They see each other and Sid's distracted, in awe, not even blinking, the infamous O ho's in the bg setting the mood. Riddhima notices the lit matchstick in his hand and gestures to him to be careful, Sid, albeit just in time, composes himself and successfully lights the candle, a beautiful decoration piece I have to say, simple yet effective Smile. Present time, we see Riddhima, smiling to herself at the memory. They show the candle again, this time as Sid lights it, Riddhima stands close with her hand shielding the flame...they look at one another smiling. Symbolic? It implies: I'm here with you, as long as we're together like this, nothing will go wrong. If it does, I'll be with you, providing help and support to make everything easier...
Present time, Riddhima tells the photo again, "cake ko bhi jala diya, upar se ulta kar ke present kiya". They show a scene from the date, an upside down cake in a platter, and Riddhima asks Sid whether he made it, he tells her, "for you". Riddhima's touched but she poitnedly asks him why it's upside down...precap from yesterday. He informs her, when you weren't in my life, my whole life was upside down, but now that you're back...Sid takes another platter placing on top of the cake, he manoevers it, turning the whole thing over and..*taa daa*. The cake is now face-up...she smiles at his gesture, Touched. Embarrassed The next part is Sid feeding Riddhima a slice, her face expression is hilarious. It's clear she doesn't like it..but she doesn't make it obvious. Bless. When Sid offers her more, she softly shakes her head and confused, she offers him a bit instead, "try it yourself". LOL And yes Sid clarifies, "itna bura taste", bechara. He looks over at Riddhima, but she's actually amused, a slight humour on her face and they both burst out laughing...Now sitting on her bed, Riddhima recalls again, "Kaise ho tum? Cake mein namak, soup mein chini". Sid sits sipping on his soup and his eyes widen at the "different" taste..Riddhima's reaction is the opposite, she clenches her eyes shut...but when she looks at Sid she can only smile and continues eating. No matter how bad it tastes..its the effort that counts. Riddhima acknowledges the same aloud within the walls of her room, "tumne jo bhi kiya, mere liye kiya"...you make me feel special. And it's a feeling I treasure...she cuddles the photo frame, tight, to her chest...aww!

Next day, bright and early in Sanjeeavni.
Sid, is that a new hair cut/style? What are your thoughts? He looks "dude"ish, it's straighter that's for sure..he tells Armaan and JP, that eventhough he made the worst cake and soup, Riddhima still seemed to like it. Armaan dismisses him, telling him he must be lying. Sid spits back, you're the liar to and JP defends, "Armaan bhaiya jhoot nahi bol sakte", Sid gets kiddishly protective and states, "Biwi meri hai yan uski?". The conversation over..Shilpa appears and automatically a staring competition commences between her and Armaan. On the other hand, Dr. Riddhima also shows up she explains that Dr. Kirti is attending to some other work outside the hospital so she will be assigning duties. Is this the first time the "new" gang are all in the same frame? Wah..Anyway, JP gets allocated work in the general ward, Sid in the OPD but before Shilpa is given work, Armaan interrupts telling Riddhima that Dr.Kirti was going to inform him of the intern who would be assisting him in the emergency case. Riddhima corrects herself and tells Shilpa she is that intern. Immediately, Shilpa stares at Riddhima, a close up on her face, Armaan is indifferent, of course he already knew. JP and Sid are well aware of the conflict so seem quite entertained by the news. Arsh both stare at one another....again. 

COooming Up: Precap from yesterday- Shilpa asks Riddhima whether she can possibly change her duty? "Main inke saath kaam nahi kar sakti". And Riddhima has been taught well, Dr. Kirti's cheli reminds Shilpa that the duties are decided by the senior doctors. Armaan orders her simply, "emergeny ward. 5 minutes." Pow Pow.
Personal comment: Well it's as if the senior doctors position in comparison to the interns position is finally appararent. Riddhima and Armaan acted as a tag team putting the intern in her place. We decide what happens, a mere intern's request will go unheard, professionalism is priority. Boo ya. And whilst Shilpa is far from happy, Armaan is partially smug. Wink I love it.

After the break: As Riddhima turns to leave, Shilpa calls out to her. "Excuse me...kya aap please meri duty change kar sakti hai". Shilpa has got guts, and she is proud, looking not at Riddhima but at Armaan she says all this. And getting duties changed has always been a biggg deal in Sanjeevani, especially when it's an intern who pipes up. Whilst Riddhima looks surprised by her appeal, Sid's has a great intuition and looks up at Shilpa worried as to what's in store, JP frowns, confused. Riddhima is generally concerned, "koi problem hai aap ko", are you ill? or maybe your dog's poorly? You can tell she's thinking only of extreme extenuating circumstances to excuse Shilpa of what she has been assigned. Shilpa puts it bluntly, "Haan, problem Dr. Armaan hai" I can't work with him. Everyone pretty much open mouthed now look at Shilpa, speechless. Shocked<<<
Now convinced that her justification is simply not good enough, Riddhima informs Shilpa that only the senior doctors decide who works with whom and accordingly she turns to look at Armaan and asks him, "aap ko inke saath kaam karne mein koi problem hai?". Armaan tells her simpy, "no not at all". Shilpa is adamant, "par mujhe inse problem hai". This girl is not going to back down easily. A close up of Armaan's expression, Senior Doc Number 1, followed by Riddhima, Senior Doc Number 2. I have to say, acha hua ke Dr. Kirti wahan nahi hai...I'm sure, she probably would have fainted at Shilpa's audacityLOL Shilpa and Armaan just stare at one another....they're like kids in high school. Riddhima's uneasy but she tells her again, "You're not going to a mall, where you will choose the friend to accompany you". This is a hospital, you are an intern and remember you're not working alongside him, but you are learning. Note: she's making the differentiation obvious, clearly presenting the hierarchy before them all.  Shilpa replies again...but how will I learn if I'm not comfortable working with him. Big smile Honestly, I love her guts, of course I know she's going to lose the intern vs senior doctor battle but its her self respect and her attitude which puts her aside from the rest. Armaan is quiet through all of this, he understands the work etiquette and Riddhima is the one whose speaking on his behalf right now. Riddhima concludes now giving a different take on things, don't think about yourselves, your patients are the priority. Duty comes first...But I suppose you've come here with a different intention altogether. Shilpa looks at her thoughtfully, no honey she hasn't figured it out. Picture abhi baaki haiWink You will assist Dr.Armaan "and that's an order". Ouch Defeated Shilpa is schtum and looks at the ground. Riddhima, content, leaves. An Eerie silence behind her...awkward. Armaan shakes his head, what a waste of time. Shilpa thinks to herself, the purpose with which I have come here is not a joke. It's the biggest and most important purpose of my life. She looks up at Armaan accusingly....as if to say, I won't let you get in my way. OooOO....interesting.

Coooming up: JP and Sid sit on the locker room bench, JP reads aloud from the magazine Sid holds, " Aap ki umar kya thi jab apne phele bar kisi ladki ko *pouting* kiya tha" (kissy/boochi) He probes Sid, who stammers embarrassed. JP questions his response further and concludes, "aapne kisiko kiss nahi kiya?" and laughs to himself.
Personal comment: Arreee wah! Wasn't it Sid who belittled Riddhima in the BB court, if I'm not right, "Isiliye tumhara status hai...never been kissed before". Leh! The words "Pot. Kettle. Black" seem to come to mind. Bigging himself up and look he hasn't ever experienced the same! Cheeky. It's cute to see him nervous through JPs questions though.....I wonder if he'll tell Riddhima?WinkBig smile Atleast she will know they're in the same boat! Mwahaha...

After the break: Sid and JP leave ArSh at reception who continue the staring competition. Armaan tells her "Emergency ward. 5 minutes" Again the smug vs the angry.

Kal dekhiye: A woman tells Armaan that the patient lying on the bed is her child and she would prefer it if he didn't interfere in their personal problem. Armaan isn't convinced and stands with his arms folded his expression stern. Its the "honour killing" case I read about in an article on the forum. And further ArSh conflict when Shilpa in a hushed tone advises Armaan not to stretch the matter and leave the family to their own devices, Armaan also responds quietly yet tells her not to interfere and do as she is told. If she has given an injection to the patient then she should take her to get an xray done. Loathingly, they stare at one another....

Episodo Finito.


ApplauseClap?  : Honestly, I loved the episode today.  We had SidMaan both making an effort. Armaan in the FE, Sid at the date. Cute. Sid-Riddhima's date sequence is definitely worth a watch...I loved it. Simple, and it shows the problem is only as big as you make it. So just smile and everything becomes better. Big smile*Ting!* Shilpa's attitude is also entertaining to watch, have the strength to believe in yourself. Love yourself. The Senior Doctor vs Intern storyline is spellbinding!

Rotten tomatoesOuch! : Ermm...the only negative was Shilpa crying. But even that was for a positive reaction in the form of Armaan's apology...what can I say? Even the wrong things were there for the right reasons today no obvious flaws unless you can tell me?

BonusStar: Armaan's cuteness...........Sid's cuteness.....!! And some pretty laydeez to accompany them its an allrounder for every viewer Tongue

Line of the day: There were many but simply for a confidence booster, live by the rule, "I'm stronger".Wink  (Courtesy of Dr. Shilpa in the FE)

That's all Folks! Please do comment/criticize, add your own views I love reading them!

Thank you!

Love luck blessings and big warm jhappis!

P.S. Strictly no bashing!

N xXx

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Ohms Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
wow, a very lenghty post...
I appreciate you patience and the way you have elaborately described the whole episode with your interpretaton.
grealty appreciate this
I do watch desperate housewives, bree.... humm
this sunday/wed is the finale of this season here

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

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bajlooka Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
nice post Clap . i appreciate your patience. Thumbs Up

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bamboocopter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
I love reading your takes.

They explain the scenes so well.

Your Bree - comment got me thinking doesn't Shilpa remind you of Gaby then LOL.

Shilpa's self confidence I really liked - she certainly has a lot of inner strenght and she is not going to let Dr Armaan get the better of her.

As for SR their date so well shown when I heard it was FB I was irritated but when I saw it all I could do was help and smile. It was so sweet and simple, sutble yet so great to watch.

ArShi - I can see them having a few more collisions before they realise the other person isn't a bad person LOL

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mole

wow, a very lenghty post...
I appreciate you patience and the way you have elaborately described the whole episode with your interpretaton.
grealty appreciate this
I do watch desperate housewives, bree.... humm
this sunday/wed is the finale of this season here

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
Aww, thats so sweet of you to say. Until your comment, I didn't realise I was writing so much...honestly you're going to have to tell me when to stop, I'd hate to be boring you! Embarrassed
I thoroughly enjoy writing it all though so as long as that isn't a problem you don't have to thank me, the pleasure is all mine!Big smile But thank you so much for the appreciation.

I think I'm like 2 episodes behind this season due to exams so I'll have to catch up but yes will be watching the season finale on Sunday too!

Glad to know your another fellow fan!

Lots of lovee, thank you! xXx

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zeenia

I love reading your posts!! You go through so much effort and just to let you know its greatly appreciated!Big smile

As usual you've said and described everything  wonderfully!Embarrassed

Hey zeenia!

Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well!
Thank you for taking the time to comment, and such a lovely comment at that!

I honestly enjoy writing it but I'm grateful that my effort is appreciated too...as long as you continue reading my posts and find them interesting I'll continue to write! Smile

Big warm jhappi! xXx

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