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My Untouched Desire (Maaneet) pt 18 pg 87 (Page 2)

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Originally posted by rituka7

update soon

thank u
yes, i'll update soon


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plzpm me next tym when u update

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Originally posted by rituka7

plzpm me next tym when u update

for sure
i'll send u a pm

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                  PART 1
Its a fresh morning, with new feelings in the air. Everyone is feeling differently, but, there's one common thing, the feelings are all positive. And here starts our story, in  the two special rooms of two big mansions of Mumbai. The first room is decorated in every shade of white, from the carpet to the furniture, everything is white. The other room is in red and black colour, everything is either red, or black, or both. The rooms represented the personality of the owners of the room. The bed in the first room is empty, very neatly made. It doesnt looks like anyone had slept there, and then we see a girl sitting in front of the mirror. She held a photo frame,

"Maa, today is another step towards my dream, towards our dream. My new college, 'Divine College', its the best in the city. It shall be my way to become the owner of a reputed magazine. I had promised u Maa, that people shall recognise me as a cherished writer, for my own magazine. I had promised to become a shining star in this society, and today, i shall start my journey to that top position, plz bless me and always stay wid me..."

"Geet, Geet beta, get down, u r getting late for college"

"Coming Badi Maa... Ok Maa, now i gotta go, Badi Maa calling u see, now i'll go down to join the most loving family one cud ever have. I never tell them Maa, but aap to sab jaanti hain, hain na. You know i love them all a lot, but i am scared. I lose everyone i love, and i dont want to lose them Maa. I'll always be greatful for giving me such a beautiful family, love u Maa"


In the other room, we see someone sleeping on the bed, if u call that sleeping, that is. It wud take millions of years to figure out where is the head and where is the foot. Anyways, a lady enters the room and opens the curtains. The person on the bed curls up at this, hiding his face with his hands,

"Mom, plz sone do na, i need to sleep"

The lady goes closer to him and brushes her hand over his forehead lovingly,

"Betu, its time for college, u'll be late, and ur friends must be waiting, nahi"

The person immediately gets up and shouts,

"Oh crap! Mom, jaldi uthana tha na, all my friends, they'll eat me, and today is the first day, freshers, oh my God, i am gone, i need to hurry"

"Areh Maan beta, aaraam se, dont worry, i've informed ur friends that u'll be late, relax"

"Oh Mom, u're the best mom in the world, thank u so so much, love u, anyways, Tara ko bolo get ready, she's going with me"

"But Tara is ready, and she wants to go by herself"

"No ways Mom, have u seen her drive, she's so rash. All earthquake, tsunamis, storms and cyclones hit the road together. Anyways, i dont want anyone injured right on the first day of new term, so, she's going wid me, now see u downstairs, bye"

"Ch ch ch, my sweetest son, i know u dont want to admit it, but its Tara u care abt. I am glad she knows how lucky she is to have a brother like u"


This used to be their routine, n it will continue the same, but, will their be some changes, who knows???


Geet descended the stairs to join everyone at breakfast. Mohinder was sitting engrossed in a newspaper, Aditya was busy reading his file, and Rano, busy in bringing the food, n Pinky was helping her.

"Morning Bade Papa, morning Badi Maa, morning Bhai-Bhabhi" (Geet respects her Chachu n Chachi more than her mom-dad, so she calls them Badi Maa, Bade Papa)

"Good Morning Geet Beta", Mohinder and Rano said,

"Morning Kiddo" Adi said and Pinky side hugged her,

"So Geet, all set for ur fist day at the new college", Mohinder kept aside his newspaper and asked her,

"Haan Bade Papa, everything is ready", Geet replied,

"So Kiddo, are u nervous?", Adi asked putting away his file, even though he knew Geet wont answer this question, but he still cudnt resist asking her. Pinky knew Geet didnt share her feelings, so she immediately changed the topic.

"Maa, dekh lo in baap-bete ko, i was asking them since so long to keep aside the paper n file, n start their breakfast, majaal hai thoda bhi suna ho. And just as Geet comes down, they throw away the things like trash", Pinky complained,

"Areh Pinky, its ok, humein apni position to pata chal gayi na ghar mein", Rano also showed fake anger, n this made Geet smile a little, the others were happy to see this.

"Areh Rano, ye sach nahi hai, u cant conclude ur position just becoz of this one incident", Mohinder seemsd offended,

"Ek incident, ek incident Mohinder, are u kidding me, u talk abt one incident, then u tell me just one incident where we have been preffered instead of Geet, sirf ek batao, n i promise i'll do whatever u want", Rano continued,

"Soch lijiye Rano, u and Pinky will have to do whatever we both say", Mohinder chuckled,

"Done, we'll do what u say, par aap ek incident to batayein, i know u wont get even 1", Rano high fived with Pinky, Adi and Mohinder scratched their heads,

"Adi, we are waiting, hurry up", Pinky said,

"Soch Adi soch, izzat ka sawaal hai...oh ho, ye cell bhi na, kabhi band nahi hota......haan Pinky, i have the answer, u both were preferred instead of Geet, i'll tell u when, remember the day we got married, haan, haan, then", Adi jumped in excitement,

"Areh haan Adi is right, we won the bet Rano, and ab, aap dono pe hamara ek promise udhaar raha, ok", Mohinder was equally happy, Rano agreed and went to the kitchen. Pinky knew something was wrong, but she saw everyone on the table, all were busy in buttering their toasts, which confused her even more (kyun bhai Pinky, breakfast table pe sab bread ko hi to butter karenge, ismein strange kya hai), she left from there.

All the three people on the table heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thank God dad unhe pata nahi chala, verna to hum gaye they", Adi said,

"Haan, u're right, pata hai, jaise hi tumne answer bola, i knew it wasnt u, itni intelligent baat tu nahi bol sakta", Mohinder said,

"Dad i agree ki is bar to Geet ne answer text kiya tha, but main bhi kam intellignt nahi hoon, next time i'll give the answer", Adi pouted,

"We knew it, tum dono ko answer aa hi nahi sakta tha", Rano and Pinky moved from behind the pillar,

"Maa, aap, aap yahaan kaise, aapko kaise pata", Adi fumbled,

"Adi beta, u n ur dad eating toast without any fuss, is like rain without water. And since this is next to impossible, we knew something was wrong. So now, since u've cheated, the deal is cancelled", Rano said,

"Exactly Bhai, Maa is correct, u both are cheaters, n the deal is cancelled"

Karishma came down n wished everyone, she side hugged Geet and settled next to her,

"Bilkul nahi, we won n thats final, kyun Geet?", Mohinder said,

"Haan dad, ye theek hai, chal Geet bata, who won the deal?", Karishma asked

"Umm di, wo, deal, wo Bhai aur Bade Papa jeet gaye", Geet answered with her head lowered,

Mohinder and Adi high fived,

"Areh Karishma, what else do u expect, ye Geet to inhi dono ki side legi, after all, this is their fantastic three, hum hi teen akele reh jaate hain", Pinky complained,

"Fantastic 3 nahi, fantastic 4 kaho bhabhi, main bhi to hoon", Abhinav came in and settled next to Karishma,

"Haan haan, tumhari hi kami thi, go, join ur gang, huh", Karishma said,

"Ok guys, enough of it now, finish ur breakfast n leave, tum sab late ho rahe ho", Rano said,


Everyone finished off happily, Karishma and Abhinav wished Geet good luck and went to hospital. Mohinder also left for the office as he had a meeting. Rano and Pinky moved to the kitchen n other chores, and Geet moved towards the door. Just then, Adi called her,

"Kiddo, wait"

"Haan Bhai"

"Wo, umm, wo Kiddo, its ur first day na, umm, all the best"

"Bhai, thank u, againnnnnn"

"Areh, why r u exaggerating it so much, i agree tht i have wished u almost umm (he counted on fingers) 49 times..."

"Bhai, including this one, 50 times, half century u see"

"Haan haan, so what, i know u r very good at accounts too, anyways, i wanted to give u something"

"Bhai aap bhi, subah se i've already been given so many gifts..."

"Bade Papa ne laptop ke naye devices diye, Badi Maa aur Pinky ne new suits diye, Abhinav aur Karishma ne naya i-pod diya, u wanted to say this, right"

"You knew..."

"Haan, sab ne tumhe ek doosre ko batane se mana kiya, but i know of it, dont ask me how, i know u dont want anything, but here's something i think u'll find useful", he gives her something,

"Bhai, this is...", she said softly,

"The latest i-phone from ***** company, its a limited edition, and it hasnt yet come to the market"

"But Bhai..."

"Kiddo, i know u have ur old cell phone, but plz accept this one, i know u love i-phones, and want to buy one for urself, trust me, when ever i feel tht u r ready, i'll ask u to gift the latest cell phone to me, from ur earnings. For now, plz keep it for me, to make me happy, like u've made the others happy"

"Thank u Bhai, i'll go now, i'll be late"

"Ok, all the best, and remember this is the first n the only day i am allowing u to go on ur own. From tomorrow, the driver will leave u n pick u. Now rush off", saying this, Adi left for office,

"I love u so much Bhai, i am sorry i didnt say it to u, but thanks for being there wid me, always", a teary eyed Geet moved to the bus stand.


The trip to college was fine, she sat in the bus wid her 3 most precious gifts wid her, her new i-pod playing her favourite songs, her cell phone hidden deep in her bag, n her lappy, well, her lappy in her lap. Geet had been gifted a very mini laptop, red coloured, by Mohinder, when she'd come to stay wid them. Mohinder thought it was the best way for Geet to let out her feelings by writing. Geet had loved it, n had carried it everywhere wid her, in her bag. She kept it updated with latest softwares, n all her written work was saved in it, n her 'lappy' was like her heart. She trusted her 'lappy' wid her darkest secrets. Whatever she felt, whatever she thought, was in her lappy, either in form of her writings, or in form of her diary updates. It cud be said tht her lappy was her life. So, like this, she reached the college.


"Guys, thank God the college starts late today, otherwise, we wud've missed our first meeting wid the freshers, nahi???", a guy sitting comfortably on the bonnet of his car said,

"Haan Maan, u r right, but thank Princi, not God", Sumit, Maan's friend said.

"Guys, lets not thank anyone except our juniors, who have been making our morning so full of entertainment. None of them cud do the tasks we asked them to do, n faced the punishment. No one can ever complete a task which we give, right?", one of the girls said,

"Exactly, Simran is right, i especially loved that nerd, his belle dancing was so funny, i am still unable to keep my calm", other girl said,

"Anny, tht guy was funny for sure, but trust me, that girl's dance was like, cool", the other guy said,

"Chako, the dance was not cool, infact, i think it was hot, what say guys?", Maan high fived Sumit, n they continued their banters.

This was the famous five of the 'Divine College', Maan (u already know him), Sumit (cool, decent as well as naughty), Simran (Sumit's gf, hot, nice, yet a bit arrogant), Chako (funny, n popular), Anny (sweet, n popular). All of them were harmless, but the devils of the college. Loved to irritate the whole college, but never really harmed anyone.

"Areh Maan, see there, another bakra, i mean bakri, eew, she's dressed in a suit, what girl wears a suit to college. God, she's behenji, it'll be fun wid her", Simran said,

"Maan, but we'd finished off, hadnt we, tht guy was supposed to be the last one, not her now", Sumit tried to justify,

"Sumit, relax, the classes are about to begin, and this chick is late, on first day. Lets have some fun before we go. People, everyone, gather here, stay for a few more minutes before the class, and meet our last prey for this year", Maan said,


Geet entered the college gates, her hand tightly holding her bag. She was very nervous coz she was late, n she did not see anyone moving around. Perhaps everyone had already moved to the classes, but as she neared the campus, she saw... what looked like the whole college, gathered besides a black sports car. She saw four people who looked different from the others standing along the car, and one person leaning comfortably on the bonnet. She knew something was wrong, and she tried moving away from there quickly, but was immediately stopped by some students who'd formed a circle around her, n didnt allow her to move away. She was hell scared, but tried her best to keep her calm.

"Hey sweetheart, new in college?", one guy of the four people asked her, but she felt uncomfortable wid his language, n did not reply,

"Sumit, bechari ko english nahi aati, talk to her in hindi na", the girl beside him chuckled, n the others laughed,

"Hi behenji, college mein nayi ho, right?", the guy, Sumit, asked again,

She just nodded her head in approval.

"Hmm, to suno, ye hamara group hai, ye hai Sumit, ye Anny, ye Chako, aur main hoon Simran. Hum log aaj tumhe ek kaam denge, agar tum kar deti ho to theek hai, nahi to punishment milegi"

Geet looked at them quizzically,

"Areh Simran, tum bhi na, english use kar rahi thi. Haan, behenji, punishment matlab sazaa, ok", Chako said,

"Haan, ab baari hai kaam ki, to tumhe hamare liye ek gaana gaana hoga, aur wo bhi english mein, samjhi", Anny said,

Geet was horrified, this cudnt be happening, but there it was. She knew it was no use arguing with them, n ultimately, she wud have to give in. She gently closed her eyes, n started the song:
Every night in my dreams
I see you. I feel you.
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never go till we're one

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not
go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

She finished the song, and opened her eyes, only to find the whole college looking at her with wide eyes. Suddenly, her eyes stopped at one person, who had been leaning on the bonnet of his car, and was now staring at her, shock written all over his face. She stared back at him. She cud even see the colour of his eyes from this distance. Something in the intensity of those deep black eyes did not allow her to shift her gaze. She felt a shiver run down her body and she finally looked down.


Maan was shocked like anything, he had gotten up as soon as the english words started flowing out of the girls mouth.  Her voice was not the best voice in the world, but certainly different, it held an unknown magic, the magic which had him enchanted. He was mesmerized the way she was singing, it felt as if she meant each n every word of the song. He had been staring at her constantly, and when she finally finished the song, she opened her eyes, n he looked into them. He was captivated in the hazel eyes, they held so many emotions in them, which were just ready to burst out. He was so engrossed in her eyes, tht he did not know when she broke the eye contact. When he did realise it, he finally checked ger out from head to toe. She wore a pink suit, he recalled it was some kali suit, mom had mentioned Tara to wear those, what was it, chhipkali, no, it was... haan, anarkali suit. She wore a pink anarkali suit, with mix of white in it, which hugged her upper body, n was let loose on her lower body. Her hair were open, long, black n he cud bet they were the silkiest hair he'd ever seen. Her eyes, which he'd seen, were big, n extremely beautiful. Her skin was shining in the sunshine, n it felt as if there was some good aura around her all the time. She looked close to an angel... craps! What was he thinking, she was no angel for sure. She was actually the devil who had dared to complete a task given by his group, n he hated her for this. No one challenges him, n this girl was no exception.

"Hey you, i have another task for u, u have to.."

"I dont have to, i've already done what i had to do, one task it was, n moreover... (the bell for the classes to start goes off) its class time, i need to go", she said softly, but with a certain force. Saying this, the girl left, leaving a shocked college behind her.

"Yo behenji! No one beats Maan Khurana, n u just need to learn this. You havent seen the end of me, get it, guys lets go, class time"


"Oh God Maan, whats up with the Princi, why are we all standing in this hall, when will the classes start up", frustrated, Sumit asked,

"Dont know dude, Princi hasnt told me about it, only he and his God know what he's upto this time", Maan answered.

"Ok students, i know u all r curious to know why have i called u here, well its for a certain reason, i have received some instructions from the higher authorities to keep a check on ragging of new students. So, i will call all the new students one by one, and if anyone has a complaint aginst any student, then plz tell me", the Principal said.

"Oh no Maan, hum to gayye, we asked all the students not to mention their welcoming acts to anyone, n they agreed, but that last girl, i am sure we'll be in trouble coz of her", Chako said,

"I dont know guys, what will happen, i have no idea, i guess we need to wait n watch what happens wid us", Maan said trying to sound calm, but inside he knew, no one cud save his group today, all due to that one girl.
Maan saw one by one all the freshers come n go, none of them uttered a word, but tht girl did not come. Maan felt relieved as well as curious n turned to go when the Principal said that all the freshers were done.

"Ok students, there's a new admission in the second year, a very brilliant student, plz, Miss Geet Handa", the Principal said again,

Maan knew it was the same girl, somehow, he knew it. He immediately turned around, only to find that girl moving on the stage to the Principal.


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amazing..... wooooooow.... i love it pls write more... i love maans charactet and geet tooo... it's very intresting and cute thx a looooot

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Originally posted by sonnal_17

amazing..... wooooooow.... i love it pls write more... i love maans charactet and geet tooo... it's very intresting and cute thx a looooot

thank u so very much
am really glad u liked it this way


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damn cool
update soon

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Your FF is interesting! Can you please PM me when you update next.

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