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30/6: Learning lessons the hard way...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2010 at 11:53am | IP Logged
A new day in Sanjeevani.

Riddhima sits in the cafe, quite apathetic, so much that she doesn't see Sid tip-toeing past her like an "Agatha Christie detective". He gestures to the man behind the counter who goes on to deliver Riddhima's ...cappucino? to the table. Riddhima welcomes the drink, but then the waiter puts down a plate with two biscuits with a small note and leaves. Wow, Sid Modi..presentation 10/10Clap.  Riddhima looks confused, she holds up the note reading it, whilst Sid laughs to himself in the background, quite happy with himself with his great idea. Riddhima scribbles down a response on the same paper, smiles to herself and leaves. Sid approaches the table and sees that Riddhima has declined his proposal with a "too much coffee is injurious to health" bolly line. After cigarettes, thanks to Maine Pyar Kiya, another lesson learnt today, thanks DMG.Star Sid is disappointed, "ab kya karoon??"....

And we switch, we switch, we switch, we swwwitcchhh to (sing to love aaj kal-'we twist'):

The OT, Armaan emerges having just completed an operation and goes on to clean his hands. Just then, Shilpa walks round the corner, Armaan looks at her, no smiles or words exchanged nothing. Just some very cold very tense vibes. Shilpa starts conversation, "agar tumne mujhe yahan phirse argue karne ke liye bulaya, then sorry I'm not interested". Another shade to the character,  before there was a slight tinge of humour even in her seriousness, but not any more, now all we see is attitude, it's no laughing matter. She turns to leave, but Armaan calls her, stopping her in her tracks. He reminds her that they're all doctors in Sanjeevani, Shilpa wonders why he's acting so differently with her, had he forgotten about their conflict? Armaan continues, there is no one more important to us than our patients and I have two duties, one being towards them, the other towards you since I am your senior doctor. Shilpa, now thrown off guard, listens intently. Armaan informs her that he wants to give her an equal chance, just like the rest of the interns so she will work with him on the case. Shilpa nods in agreement. Armaan instructs Shilpa to "observe" the patient, whom he has just given an injection to, while he disappears for 5 minutes. Before he leaves, he warns her to ensure the patient doesn't consume any liquids since it will react with the injection and could be fatal to the patient's life. He enforces the fact the patient is her responsibility and reminding her to wear gloves and a mask he leaves.

Switchhh to:
Riddhima in the children's ward. A peon enters with a tray of fruit, Riddhima is puzzled and consequently questions him. He tells her, "yeh aapke liye hai" and walks out, leaving Riddhima to figure out the mystery with a wardful of delighted children alongside her, whom surround the tray with curiosity themselves. As Sid peers from around the door, the kids can't contain themselves and giggle whilst Sid instructs them not to, too late, Riddhima notices Sid and he gives up moving infront of the door so that he is visible. He looks so guilty LOL Riddhima arms folded looks back at the display of what is in fact a bedecked tray of fruit AND vegetables....with a half cut watermelon highlighting the words "Dinner". Well, its original and he couldn't have used a more healthy technique to get his point across, shabaash! Riddhima should have no reason to complain Wink He anticipates her answer when she bends and whispers something into a little boy's ear (the precap from yesterday) and, not before shaking her head at him, leaves. Sid hurries behind her but thinking better of it turns to the child asking him what she said. Lekin bade miyan to bade miyan chote miyan subhan allah. The small child tuts at Sid, refusing to answer....Sid contemplates and gives him a chocolate. Satisified the boy tells him "unho ne kaha, see you for dinner at 8pm" and they all burst out in joyful cheers running around Sid, who now stands grinning to himself. Mission. Accomplished. Date at 8 Smile

Switchhh to: Shilpa in the OT oberving the patient. She is distracted by the shrill beep of her pager and reads aloud, "report to the reception immediately". Remembering Armaan's words she decides to return in 5 minutes tops. What could go wrong, right?......right?....She looks torn as she makes her way to the door, looking back at the patient, but eventually leaves.
Shilpa is then seen hurrying towads the reception desk, she speedily questions the supervising nurse, "kisi ne mujhe yahaan se page kiya?". ShockedThe nurse responds in the negative, Shilpa asks again but is given the same response. Rushing back to the OT, she opens the door but stops abruptly when she sees Armaan, JP and Jiggy looming over the patient, a mix of stern and worried expressions greeting her.
She walks over to them slowly, Armaan asks her whether she gave the patient an anaesthetic, Shilpa tells him she hasn't. Armaan looks over at the glass lying beside the patient, it's half empty. Concerned, Armaan asks her "yeh kya hai??", but Shilpa has no idea how it got there. A tense situation arises suddenly, as the patient is seen to be having some sort of breathing difficulty. Of course, in Shilpa's absence there has been some form of liquid intake which has reacted with the treatment. Shilpa is going to be taught a lesson today. Fact. JP informs them that there has been a "paralytic attack". Armaan looks over at Shilpa, angry. Shilpa is worried, the initation of tears form in her eyes, a result of the shock and fright and worry that overcomes her. She is genuinely distressed due to the patient's apparent deteriorating condition.

Shilpa fumbles with her words, explaining to Armaan that she had only left for a minute. It wasn't forseeable. Armaan spits back at her, who told you to leave the patient? Angry Shilpa is speechless. Armaan blames Shilpa's negligence for the patient's degrading health. Whilst JP and Jiggy try and correct the situation, Shilpa is seen to unconvincingly tell Armaan that there must be some way to treat the patient despite the hinderance. Armaan shuns her, telling her that there is no option now. Shilpa tears now take full form, spilling onto her cheeks. I feel for her? Is that bad. ConfusedOuchThe distraction without justification, it's clear this has all been strategically planned and Armaan is playing a cruel joke on her. If I say that Shilpa's jokes were never of such a serious nature that would also be wrong, Armaan landed in jail as a result of her pranks, an attack on both his career and reputation. But Jiggy's words come to mind..she never had the intention for it to get so bad.  
Anyway, Armaan tells a fretful Shilpa the potential reprecussions of her action, rather omission. It could even become an attempt to murder case...the patient's condition was never this bad. Shilpa stares at him shocked...
He puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder, don't cry, I don't want you to go to jail. Shilpa closes her eyes at the thought. Then Armaan does the unexpected, technically you're my responsibility..I'll take the blame on myself. Ahh of course, there's always a catch. He tells Shilpa to leave, move far from Sanjeevani where they can never find her...how dramatic.
Shilpa declines, shaking her head but Armaan ushers her outside...Shilpa struggles to move, looking back at the patient, finding herself culpable for his state.

As Shilpa walks through the corridor, she is alone with her thoughts. The past debacle playing through her mind, the patient, Armaan's words...she troubled. She reiterates the fact that because of her a patient has become paralysed, she realises her career will be over before it even started, and the motive with which she came to Sanjeevani, will be left...incomplete. She thinks of Armaan, why should he be punished for my mistake?

In the OT, Armaan is seen returning to the operating table where JP and Jiggy stand still and solemn. Armaan moves his hand over the patient's head and bursts out laughing, quickly joined by the patient himself who sits upright. Armaan congratulates him, "wah kya performance hai". JP and Jiggy stand looking perplexed by the whole vision...Armaan informs them, this isn't a patient, he's my friend...an actor.
On the other hand, Shilpa tells herself that it's wrong, she should go back and take blame for her mistake. Uh Oh...
Armaan is seen telling the rest of his OT party, of the little plan to avenge the humiliation he has suffered because of Dhanno and we see the plan from his perspective, how he directed his friend to take his place as the patient, how he told Shilpa to observe the patient and subsequentled paged her to go to the reception area. JP and Jiggy aren't convinced, they look disappointed in him and Armaan can only ask them "what?"...

Commming up: Armaan explains to JP/Jigs, "guys yeh maine apne entertainment ke liye to nahi kiya.." She did so much to me too....I just returned the favour. We overhear Shilpa's thundering voice, "aur apne mere prank ka is tarah jawab diya, Dr. Armaan". A look towards the door, and Shilpa stands there, disbelief and anger written all over her face. This time you went a step too far...
Personal comment: It's the cat and mouse fight all over again. Never ending till someone gets really hurt. The "Mess-ers" becoming the "Mess-ees" back and forth. Shilpa is now  wounded, a hurt ego and she will get even...(eventhough she started it but oh well).

After the break, Sid in the kitchen. He does a sing song dip as to which pan he will use to cook whilst singing "ruk ruk ruk, arre baba ruk". Haha, he sang the same in the antakshri round on an SBB segment a while ago. Personal comment: Vijaypath was one of my favourite childhood movies, anyone else seen it? I love raah mein unse...beautiful song, check it out! Big smile Sid singing is something to treasure, a side which only surfaces when he's doing something lovey dovey, or more generally related to Riddhima. Remember "Pyar kiya to darna kya" on the ladder? He juggles vegetables to determine which he will chop up next, LOLhilarious, even his cooking style is original. Pagal ladka....looking expectantly to the left, he is momentarily distracted awaiting Riddhima's entry...
We switch to Riddhima at her dressing table, putting in her earrings, the final touch. She is ready for her date. Looking simple yet sweet Smile
Back to Sid, whilst cooking he realises "arre main to namak dalna bhoolgaya". And the worst, I'm annoyed when I hear Sid look at the jar confused and ask himself, "why does the label say sugar". Nonetheless, he proceeds to use it in his dish.
Okay, personal comment? Sid is not stupid. There is a difference between immaturity and the fool we see before us now. There is a difference between caring so much for another's happiness to sacrifice them and the clown we see who doesn't comprehend the difference between salt and sugar. Again, I reinforce the point, Sid is not stupid. He is an educated doctor from Houston...please depict the same in the show. And yes, if the point is to show the food and thus the date will be ruined, there are other ways to do it, that don't have to be as extreme as setting fire to the tablecloth or soaking the girl in champagne.
Anyway, Riddhima now adds the final touches to her appearance, some lipstick, a final use of the hairdryer giving her locks a pristine glossy finish and tells herself "Now Mrs. Riddhima Modi, you are ready for your dinner date". Sid on the other side, is also dressed..to impress (he notes his jacket is slightly too tight) but tells himself, only me and Riddhima tonight, no one else. Riddhima acknowledges the same on her end and they both smile.

Switchhh back to the OT:JP questions Armaan as to how the heartbeats were shown to be diminshing, Armaan holds up the wires and tells JP "with this. I have managed to remove my life's biggest problem". JP pointedly tells him, "don't you think you went abit far though". Armaan's smile is wiped away...Jiggy continues by telling Armaan that Shilpa was so scared, she thought she had been the reason for the patient's life being ruined. And now she will have to live with the guilt forever. Armaan is gobsmacked, his "great" plan not seeming so great anymore. The precap scene, Armaan tries to justify himself, it was tit for tat, she sent me to jail and made me look stupid infront of my peers, I just got even. JP and Jiggy don't see the balance that Armaan is trying to establish. Mocking one infront of colleagues is one thing, feigning a paralytic attack is another. Shilpa speaks,".. and this is how you countered  my prank?" The word "prank" underlines the "humour" that was attached to her own stunt. Everyone was laughing, including JP and Jigs. But to Armaan's act, no one is seeing the funny side of things.Ouch Everyone turns to look in shock at Shilpa, who stands at the door of the OT, and has overheard everything.

Comingg up: Assigning duties in Sanjeevani, Shilpa is seen calling Riddhima, "Kya aap meri duty change kar sakti hain?". JP Sid and Armaan look at her. Riddhima looks baffled and genuinely curious/concerned, "koi problem hai aap ko?". Shilpa tells her, looking directly at Armaan, I can't work with him.

Personal comment: Wow wee. Well, we've seen the same many times in Sanjeevani where other people have refused to work with Armaan and even Armaan has declined to work with Riddhima once or twice maybe? Confused Yeh to tradition hai.... but will Riddhima take a leaf from Dr. Kirti's book and scold Shilpa, encouraging professionalism during work? Or maybe she will be concerned, why is a female intern is refusing to work with Armaan? We can only wait and watch. Jung to chir gayi hai...that's for sure. And it has been made even more public than ever before. Wink

After the break:A few zoom ins on Shilpa's angry face and Armaan's blank face...why do they do this I had to wait through the adverts for that?! Nonsense.

Kal dekhiye: Part I- Shilpa refuses to work with Armaan.

Part II: Riddhima and Sid's date. Riddhima asks Sid, "yeh cake tumne mere liye banaya...lekin yeh ulta kyun hai". Sid tells Riddhima that before you came, my life was upside down...but now that you're back. He turns the cake into another plate, face up "wo phirse seedi hogayi hai". Aww, cute Smile I like KW's smile. It's very "colgate".


Applause? Clap: Sid Riddhima, some very mild but cute moments...it's good to see Riddhima reciprocating some feelings, especially since Sid wasn't witness to her confession yesterday. ArSh....I mention them because it's a signifcant twist once again in their story. What will happen tomorrow?! Also special mention to JP and Jigs to be the "good friends" to guide Armaan. They don't agree with what he says yet they politely tell him where he may have gone wrong. Well done! *big hug* to both.

Rotten tomatoes!Ouch : Armaan not realising the severity of his little joke. Sid and the salt/sugar incident. Grr.....

Bonus!Star : Today?Hmm.....Sid's varying displays of proposing to his other half. Watch and learn people.Tongue

Line of the dayLOL: (Courtesy of Sid Modi) Subsequent to his little song he 'tells' the pan, "ai chal tu hargaya".

Thank you for reading!

Over and out!

Strictly no bashing!

Comments and critcisms very welcome!

Hope you liked it!

Loveee, Luckkkk andd Blesssings!

N xXx

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Loved it totally.......You are an awesome writer.....I also think sometimes that the CVs try to show sid stupid sometimes but then also i love him ........
Really hoping for a fantastic dinner date tomorrow.....
Precap:Riddhima had tears in her eyes after hearing Sid's explanation

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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Aww, thank you for commenting!

I actually went back to see Riddhima getting emotional at his words, and her reaction says so much. She really is touched! Adorable.

Thank you for the lovely comment :)


nyctophilia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Beautiful post Nish i loved ur analysis for the Epi..Keep writing Dear..u r A star...Hug

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rapunzel84 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Like shilpa says in zara nachke dikha...rrrocckkiiinnnggggg!!!!!

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 3:55am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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samicute IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 7:43am | IP Logged
wow gr8

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bajlooka Senior Member

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Posted: 01 July 2010 at 7:45am | IP Logged
nice post Clap .

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