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FF: Geet and Maan Love 16, pg 18 (Page 6)

Durga1191 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 12:32am | IP Logged
OK guys im sorry i have been away for so long ... but i shall continue the story from where i left off.

Part 8

Pr: Prem
M: Maan
G: Geet
A: Adi
P: Pinky

So the day goes on... M cant concentrate on his work, keeps thinking about Pr at G's house at night.
He wonders how to ask her ....

M picks up the phone and calls G

M: G Mr.Mishra ki construction aur accounts ki file lekar aana
G: ji sir

G goes to his office and hands him the files.. she was about to leave when he

M: ummm G
G:(turns around) ji sir
M: tumhe Pr kaisa laga
G: (with a weired expression) jiii
M: mera matlab hain ke uske kam karne ka dhang.. u know
G: sir woh accha kam karta hain... sabse bohot acche se pesh aata hain ... sur usse toh kisi bhi chiz ka ghussa nahi aata...
M: wow tum use itni jaldi bohot acchi tarah se jaan gayi (M felt like his heart had dropped when she was praising Pr
G: nahi sir woh bas ...(looked away from M)
M: aisa lagta hain ki tum dono dost ban gaye ho
G: ji sir ...
M: itni jaldi
G: woh sir kya hain na Pr ka koi is duniya mein nahi hain isiliye woh sabko apna dost bana na chahta hain...
M: tumhe kaise pata ki uska is duniya mein koi nahi hain
G: usne mujhe kal rat bataya
M: (shocked) kal raat
G: (scared) ji woh ..Pr ne humare saath dinner kiya toh usne tab bataya
M: oh dinner (relieved) thik hain ab tum jao

G leaves and thinks why M was asking so many questions. M on the other hand was relieved hearing that he was over for dinner.

A few days passed by and in these days M kept on getting jealous every time Pr was near G. He hated how he was always around her.
Office employees would always praise their jodi and M would get even more angry and jealous. He didnt know what was happening to him, he always tried not to come to office but the fact that he would get to see G every day changed that plan.

One beautiful day ... Pr, G and M were with Mr.Chopra in their conference room and G was presenting for the project. As usual M was looking at G and smiling.. but G was smiling every time she looked at Pr.
All of sudden G started feeling dizzy.. . both Pr and M saw that G was about to faint ... both ran but Pr got there first and got hold of G, who has fainted. M was heart broken seeing G in some one else's arms
..he had that sinking feeling in his heart .. he remembered all the times he saved her, and felt that he's the one who's suppose to help her not Pr. But he came out of his thought and told Pr to take her to the hospital.
M drove Pr, who had G in his arms, to the hospital... dropped them there and then left.

After a while in the hospital G had finally woken up. Pr came to her room.

Pr: G tum thik ho
G: ha
Doctor: ab yeh bilkul thik hain ... lekin apko apna dhyan rakhna hoga woh bhi iss halat mein ...
Pr: iss halat mein matlab (looking confused)
G: Pr woh ...
Doctor: ji apko nahi pata ... she is one month pregnent

Pr is shocked ...G is sad and looks at Pr.. the doctor goes from their room

Pr: tum pregnant ho ... par aise kaise ho sakta hain

G calms him down and tells him the whole story ... after hearing this Pr gets tears in his eyes and is speechless.

Pr: tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ... kya tum mujhe apna dost nahi manti
G:  aisi baat nahi hain Pr... mein apni waje se kisi ko bhi dukh nahi dena chahti aur issi liye meine abtak P ko bhi nahi bataya.
Pr: G kuch mahino mein toh sabko waise bhi pata chalne wala hain ... toh chuppa ne ki kya zaroorat hain ...
G: actually mein kuch mahino mein yeh sheher chodkar kahi aur jane wali hoon ...
Pr: oh .... thik hain jaisi tumhari marzi... jab tak tum yaha ho mein tumhara khayal rakhoonga...

Doctor gives Pr some medications and all the thing she should eat and shouldn't eat.  

Both of them leave... Pr drops G home.

On the other hand M is at home worried thinking about G...

M: kyun mein G ke saath nahi ruka ..kyun mein waha se chala aaya ... pata nahi yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe ... (starts pacing around the room) mujhe check karna chahiye...

M picks up his cell and calls G's home ....P picks up.. M hangs up the phone and thinks...

M: nahi ... mein usse phone nahi kar sakta

M calls the hospital can inquired about her and finds out that she left with Pr a few hours ago and that she is just fine. But he doesnt find out about her pregnancy.

At G's home...G is standing near a window looking at the stars.

G: M sir kyun nahi aaye hospital mein ...atleast dekh na chahiye tha ki mein thik hoon ya nahi ....kaise admi hain apne employee ki koi phikar nahi hain ..... lekin mein kyun soch rahi hoon unke bare mein, kyun mein chahti thi ke woh hospital mein mere saath ho.

The screen splits into two
....showing G and M thinking about each other and questioning themselves .

Sorry guys i wanted to continue but in need to get some sleep ... i shall update soon....

Let me know what u guys think

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charlie1950 Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 1:09am | IP Logged
loveeeeeeeed it a/w for the update
anufa Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 3:58am | IP Logged
lovely update!!!

update sooN!!!
swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Hey lovely update..

continue soon...
sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 6:16am | IP Logged
great update
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon
i cant wait to read ur nxt update
thanks for the pm
SaritaMSK Goldie

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 6:31am | IP Logged
ur ff is unique yar,
i wish u r gonna b more regular now
Durga1191 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 August 2010 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
All the parts will now be on page one as well.....

Part 9

The next day G and M come to the office early before the rest of the staff, because they had to finish a project together. G is in M's office looking through a few files...

M: (looks at G in concern) uhhhhh G
G: ji sir....
M: kya tum thik ho
G: yes sir ... (thinks about what happened yesterday and how she told Pr about her past)
M: woh mein kal tumhare saath uhhhh .... hospital mein nahi aa saka uske liye sorry ... par Pr tha toh meine socha ke ...
G: (interupts) sir aap kyun sorry keh rahe hain waise bhi koi serious baat nahi thi...aur Pr ne mera bohot acche se khayal rakha
M: oh (feels hurt) ... waise doctor ne kya kaha
G: ummm woh bas mujhe thodi si weakness hain... bas aur kuch nahi

The office staff started to come in... G eventually left M's office and went back to her cabin.
Pr came to her cabin and as usual gave her flowers and started putting pictures of cute babies, John abraham and Hrithik Roshan under the glass desk.
G who was sitting in her chair was shocked at what Pr was doing...

G: Pr yeh kya kar rahe ho
Pr: G dekho tum pregnant ho aur kehte hain ke jab koi aurat maa bane wali hoti hain tab usse cute babies ke pictures dekhne chahiye ...ab mein tum apna zyada waqt office mein bita ti ho toh meine soch ke kyun na yeh pictures office mein hi lagayee jaye...
G: woh toh thik hain lekin yeh John aur Hrithik ke pictures kyun
Pr: G agar tum inhe dekho gi toh tumhara baccha inki tarah strong, handsome aur cute hoga ... aur shayad age chal kar actor ban jaye ....
G: Pr tum pagal ho kya ...
Pr: dekho G meine tumse kya kaha tha ke mein tumhara khayal rakhoonga ..toh bas mein wahi kar raha hoon...
G: lekin...
Pr: mujhe aur kuch nahi sunna .. yeh photos yahi par rahengi ...

G just gives out a sigh and agrees.... M on the other hand is seeing what is going on through his office glass wall (he cant hear them) and is getting sure angry and jealous.

It was luch time and G was about to leave but just then Pr comes in and takes her out for lunch at a restaurant...

At the restaurant Pr and G are having lunch... Pr is like telling her what to eat and what not to eat.... just then M comes to the same restaurant (anccidently).

M sees the two of them and gets jealous....he saw how G was looking at Pr and vice versa ... he couldnt bare to see this and was just about to leave the place when Pr spots him ...

Pr: arre sir aap ...
M: (turns around and looks at Pr)
Pr: aap yaha kaise ... woh sab chodiye please care to join us ...
M: nahi mein abhi nikal raha tha...
G: (interupts) yes sir baithiye na...

M looked at G and couldnt resists her plea, and decided to stay.

G: aap kuch khayenge sir...
M: nahi kuch nahi
G: aise kaise kuch nahi ... aap ko kuch toh khana hoga
M: thik hain ...(he orders himself "Lasagna")

The trio have their lunch quitely... M after every bite sneaks looks at G; G on the other hand is busy eating her lunch very quickly.... Pr holds her hand... M's eyes go wide and looks at Pr angrily ...

Pr: G yeh kya kar rahi ho... itni jaldi jaldi khana mata khao ...
G: woh him late ho jayenge ... dekho ek bajne ko aaya, office nahi pohochna hain kya
Pr: G office se zyada tumhari health zyada important hain ...aur (he slowly with his eyes gives her the hint about her baby)....dhire se

M  just kept on staring at G looking at Pr, and at Pr holding G's hand... his expressions of jealousy could be seen on his face but he controlled it before the two of them could see it.

M: Pr sahi keh raha hain tumhe dhire se khana chahiye..
Pr: dekha ab toh sir bhi keh rahe hain.
G: (cutely smiles, nods her head in agreement and eats her lunch slowly)

Everyone finishes their lunch and are about to leave when Pr ...

Pr: G tumne apni dawayi lee
G: (looks at at him and gets a disgusting look on her face) woh ... uhhhh... nahi
Pr: G doctor ne kya kaha tha tumhe yeh dawa leni hain ..... toh tum kaise bhool gayee
M: Pr , G ko bhool ne aadat hain, jab tak woh apne uss book mein likh nahi leti usse kuch yad nahi rehta... (gives G that smirkish smile)
G:(has Shocked expression) mein bhooli nahi hoon ... woh dawayee bohot hi gandi hain ... khane ke baad tounge par aur gale mein ek gandi taste reh jati hain...
Pr: G iska matlab yeh toh nahi ke tum apni dawayee ko avoid karo...

Pr takes her purse and pulls out the medicine.... he tells her to open her mouth .... he places the tablet in her mouth and with his hands makes her drink water.... M again gets sad and quickly leaves from there.

Back at Khurana constructions office.... M goes to the bathroom and locks the door behind him so that no one can come in.... M is furious...he remembers all the Pr and G scenes where they are together and in anger punches the mirror and his hand starts to bleed...
G who was passing by hears something breaking in the mens washroom... she starts knocking on the door...

G: koi hain, kya hua maine kuch toot ne awaz sooni , koi hain suniye
M: (hears her voice and forgets his anger) kuch nahi hua
G: sir aap ... kya hua sir aap thik toh hain na
M: G kuch nahi hua .. tum jao
G: nahi sir kuch toh hua hain ... meine kuch tootne ki awaz sooni ... plz sir darwaza kholiye
M: (thinks) yeh ladki ab toh definetly nahi jaye gi mein khol hi deta hoon ... (he opens the door)

G with her scared eyes sees M coming outside ...G looks inside and sees that the mirror was broken, she also saw some blood on the floor and immediately looks at M's hand...G gets scared and holds his hand

G: sir aao ko toh .... yeh kya hua sir ... kaise laga
M: G mein kuch boloo
G: sorry sir ... lekin
M: woh mujhe ghussa aagaya tha toh
G: ehh le ... itna bhi kya ghussa... aur apne apna sara ghussa uss bechare sheshe pe nikal diya ....
M: (looks at her angrily) G tumhe uss mirror par taras aa raha hain..
G: aur nahi toh kya ... kisne kaha tha apko apna ghussa mirror par nikal ne ko ....

M pulls his hand away from G's hand in anger and looks away form her ....

G: (thinks) mujhe unhe yeh sab nahi keh na chahiye tha ... oonko kitna laga hain ...

G goes around to face him ... but M turns the other way and G goes to the other side, again he turns the other way .... G then in frustrated turns him around and takes his hand in hers. She slowly takes him to his office... tells him to sit down on the couch .... G goes and brings the first aid kit

G: (sits beside him on the couch with the kit in her hand) dikhayiye..(slowly takes his bleeding hand in hers) sssss.... bohot dukh raha hain ....
M: (looks at G very cutely cleaning his wound) ( in a soft voice) nahi ab nahi dukh raha
G: jee appne kuch kaha
M: uhhhh nahi

G finishes bandaging his hands; G then looks at M, who was staring at her already.

G: sir ek baat kahoon
M: haan
G: aapko itna ghussa nahi karna chahiye ... dekha aaj aapne ghoose mein apne aap ko hi dard de diya ....

G leaves his office...

M: (looks at his bandaged hand) kyun mein apne ghusse par kaboo nahi kar paaya .... kyun mujhe un dono ko saath dekh kar itne bura laga.... pata nahi mujhe kya ho raha hain...

ok thats all for now let me know what u  guys think

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wow! that was really good............

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