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FF: Geet and Maan Love 16, pg 18

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Posted: 29 June 2010 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Ok guys im in love with this drama... and i wanted to write a story after today's episodes in my version.
Some of you guys have probably read my previous stories and maybe have enjoyed them (thank you for liking them) and hopefully you guys will enjoy these ones as well.
i must warn u that the story will be in hindi just written in english so some words might be hard to understand.

So continuing from todays (29th june) episode.

Geet: G
Maan: M
Daadi: D
Sasha: S
Tasha: T
Adi: A
Pinky: P

So it starts from the part where G is presenting.  M is staring at her and the angry look from his face is fading and becoming a small smile. S is seeing all this and doesnt like it.

S: is G ka kuch karna hoga, Ouchyeah MK  ke paas aati ja rahi hain. MK sirf mera hain aur mera hi hoga. Kuch jaldi soch na hoga.

Once the presentation is over S leaves angrily followed by T. Every one congratulates her and wishes her the best of luck. M on the other hand is just sitting and staring at G, who is also giving him those short and cute looks Wink.
Everyone slowly leaves, G is collecting all the  papers and other stuff , while M is still staring at her.

G notices M staring at her.
G: sir kya hua aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe hain
M: (comes to his senses) uh nahi woh mein ...kuch nahi ....  (he gets up and is about to leave, but then comes close to G and stares into her eyes, music starts to play in the background "Mahi") ...
G: ji sir aapko kuch keh na hain
M: unnnnn nahi
M leaves and G is just has that wiered look on her face
G: hai kya aadmi hain, ek bhi excellent ya congratulations nahi ... chi kaise rehte hain log iske saath. Lekin dilka bura nahi hain... (G haves flash backs of him and smiles very cutely).

Meanwhile in M's office,

M: mein yeh kyun kar raha hoon, kyun mein G ko dukhi nahi dekh sakta, kyun mein oose yeah naukri nahi chodne dena chahta, kyun mein oose ... (just then G knocks on the door and M comes to reallity).
G: may i come in sir
M: yes, kya hua kuch kehna hain tumhe
G: ummm  jji sir, sir woh mein aapse thanks kehne aaye thi chauthi file chupane ke liye.
M: kya
G: sir, aap sahi keh rahe the mein agar aaj nahi aati toh shayad mein kabhi logo ko face nahi kar pati aur aise dar dar ke jeeti. Isi liye mein apko thankyou bolne aayi thi. mujhep pata hain ki file toh ek bahana tha take aap mere ghar aa kar mujhe samjha sake. Thankyou once again sir.

G leaves and M just looks at her leave, and simles.

S on the other hand is pacing while T is following her pace.

T: S ... i mean ma'm aapne kitni koshish ki ke aap G ko M ke saame bura dhikha de aur woh oose is job se nikal de. Dekhiye na, pehle aapne coffee ki gadbad ki, phir woh project file ki aur woh party ki saree gadbad toh aapne ki aur phir bhi MK ne use job se nahi nikala .

S: (angrily) T please mujhe yeh sab nahi sun na hain... mujhe pata hain ke yeh sab karne ke baad bhi woh doh takke ki ladki G aaj bhi is office mein tikki hain. Leking is baar mein oose aisa phasa oongi ki MK ko use is job se dhakke mar kar bahar nikal na hoga.

The next day in the office ... MK calls a meeting of all the emplyees.

M: great sab yahan aagye hain. mein aaj aapko ek movie dikha na chahta hoon, its about 2 employees in a big company.

M plays the video and the whole conversation that happened between S and T about G and how they tried to make her look bad in front of everyone was being viewed by everyone.
M comes to the two of them.

M: so S and T toh kya kehna hain aapka.
S and T: ummm MK woh humne yeh...
M: chup (angrily ... it scares everyone)... tum ko pata hain ke mujhe zoot bilkul bhi pasand nahi hain ... aur tum dono nein zoot par zoot bola aur mujhe dhoka diya. No, that's it bohot tamasha kar chuki tum dono u 2 are fired , abhi isi waqt. Agar mujhe tum dono is office 2-3 ghanto ke baad dikhayee di toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga
T and S start to cry and say sorry to him ...
but M just looks at G's sad and tearful eyes ... he takes G and leaves ....
M is holding onto G's hand... angrily he makes her sit in the front seat and he drives away... at hight speed ..

G: sir aap kaha ja rahe hain
M doesnt reply and remebers all the times he yelled at her and all the times she said sorry to him. They are driving in a like a valley and hills kind of area.

G: sir ... aap please gadi slow chalaiye...

M is still in thoughts and doesnt c that a truck is coming from the opposite side.
 G: (after seeing the truck yells) sir ............Shocked

G on time gets hold of the wheel and gets the car away from the truck ...and the car hits a tree. G's head hits the front of the car and M's head hits the front wheel (dont worry guys there is no bleeding). M comes to his senses and remembers what he just did. G on the other had has become unconscious (like a typical drama). 

M looks at the unconscious G and gets worried.
M: G (shakes her), G utho G.

M gets out of the car and takes G out and takes her in his arms... carries her takes near a large shaded tree and puts her down. M tries to wake her up but she still is unconscious, so he goes to the car gets a water bottle. He flicks a little bit of the water on her face. G slowly becomes conscious and holds her tummy to feel her unborn child (sorry guys couldn't explain that well0

M: (worried and scared) G tum thik ho .... tumhe kuch hua toh nahi
G: sir aap toh thik hain na ... aap itne zor se gadi chala rahe the aur woh truck ...
M: im sorry G, mein bohot ghusse mein tha...
G: leking sir aap ne mujhe saath kyun legaye

M stands up and goes into his flash back mode, G stands up and just looks at him.

M: woh G , jab mujhe pata chala ki tumhe phasaya ja ra tha take mein tumhe is job se nikal doon toh mujhe bohot ghussa aya... itni baar meine tum par ghussa kiya, tum par galat illzam lagaye oos galti ke liye jo tumne kabhi ki hi nahi. Tab mujhe apne aap se ghin hone lag gayi ... how could i have done this to you G?
G: sir lekin isme aapki koi galti nahi hain ... agar mein aapki jaga hothi toh mein bhi shayad yeh sab hi karti
M: nahi G tum yeh sab nahi karti ... kyunki tum bina baat jane kisi par ghussa nahi hoti ...
G: lekin sir...
M: G please ... tum meri mistakes ko nazar andaaz mat karo ... mein ne jo kiya woh galat tha aur oos ke liye " Im really very sorry" Embarrassed
G has that shocked look on her face
G: sir its ok

M and G have a long staring session for about 5 min (background music... "mahi" again).

G breaks the silence
G: hume chalna chahiye ...
M: haan

Both of them are sitting in the car... the whole drive back was in silence ... but both were thinking about each other...
M and G reach Office .... M and G go into his office 
A and P also come into M's office.
A: sir , thankyou aap ne kal raat meri baat manli aur woh video dekhli
P: haan sir hume naa pata tha ki S aur T kuch na kuch toh G ke khilaf zaroor sohengi ... toh humne socha ki unki sacchayee record ki jaye.

M and G look at each other for a while and then look away Big smile

G: (to A and P) thankyou so much ... tum dono ne mere liye bohot kuch kiya ... main bauhut lucky hoon ki mujhe aap dono jaise dost mile.
P: Kaisi baat kar rahi hain G tu toh meri friend hain aur friend ki madat friend nahi kari gi toh aur kaun .
A: haan aur tum hume se sabse kitna accha pesh aati ho ... lekin woh S aur T dono kitna bura sabse pech aati thi. Aur aise logon ko toh sabak toh sikhana hi chahiye. Hain na sir.
M: hmmmmmm haan
G: ok sir toh hum chalte hain .....bohot kaam karna hain.
M: ummmmmm G ek minute mujhe tumse ek baat karni hain ... A, P tum dono jaon.
A and P leave

M: ummmm G ... ab jab S chali gayee hain toh uski position empty hain, main soch raha tha ki jab tak humhe koi aur is position ke liye mil jata tab tak kya tum yeh responsibility handle kar sakti ho.
G: ummmmmmmm sir lekin uske liye toh higher qualifications lagti hain aur mere paas toh...
M: dont worry sara staff aur mein tumhari madat kar denge ...
G: thik hain sir jaisa aap kahe

G leaves and goes to A and P .. and tells them that M asked her to fill S's position.
A and P's mouth drops ...
P: ahhhhh G wow yeh toh bohot hi acchi khabar hain .
A: haan aur tumhe aur experience bhi aajaye ga
P:wow yar agar mujhe DD ke saath jane ko milta na toh mein ek pair pe tayar hothi aur oos khushi mein ek party de rahi hothi... aur tum ho ki moo latkaye khadi ho ...
G: lekin P mujhe unke saath meetings pe jana hoga na
P: haan; meetings, site location vagera vagera ...
G: yani ke main mostly unke saath rahoongi... he bhagwan yeh kya moosibat hain ... pehle toh frequently mujhe dante aur soonate the leking ab toh yeh karyakram non-stop chalega

P and A start laughing
G: yeh hasne ki baat nahi hain .
P: dont worry yar sab thik ho jaye ga. Eh dekh 12 baj gaye mujhe bhook lagi hain, chal hum lunch pe chalte hain ...
G: mein lunch saath lekar aayi hoon , hum dono ke liye
P: chi yaar tu ne naa mera sara mood hi off kardiya , kitna accha plan bana tha bahar ja kar khane ka , sara chaupat ho gaya
A: ha ha ha ha ha

G and P are in her office eating lunch .... P leaves after a few minutes.... G is still eating when suddenly M comes in her office.

M: G woh Mr. Chopra ki file .... ohhh sorry mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum khana kha rahi ho. Mein baad mein aata hoon .
M is about to go
G: ummmmmm sir ... wohhh mein thodi der mein apko woh file de doongi.
M: hmmmm ok (he is about to go)
G: sir ummmmm kya app ne khana khaya
M: nahi bas thodi der mein kha loonga
G: ummmmmm mere paas aur khana hain ... agar aap chahe toh mein aapko khana paros sakti hoon.
M: ummmm lekin...
G: please sir
M: uhhhhhhhh thik hain ...


RECAP: T and S get fired, M says sorry to g. M asks G to temporarily work in S's position. G asks M to have lunch with her and M agrees.

G: sir aap baith jayee ye main khana parosti hoon Wink.

M sits in front of her... G is serving food in a plate and M is just cutely staring at her and trying not smile. Everyone from office are just staring at what is happening. Just then D comes and goes to the staff who are outside G's office.

D: yeh kya ho raha... aap sab ko koi kaam nahi hain, agar M ko pata chal gaya na toh...

A: ma'am woh... hum MK ko hi dekh rahe hain.
D: kya... Shocked

D looks inside G's office and sees M with her having lunch.

D: aap sub jayee yahan se ... aur kam kijiye ... dusre kya kar rahe hain isse aap sab kya.

D: (looks on at the two and is imagining them in a shadi ka joda and all) yeh kya ho raha hain .... lekin jo bhi ho raha hain accha ho raha hain ... (just then she notices that G is serving him Bheendi and Karele ki sabzi) ahhh oh no M ko toh yeh sabzi bilkul pasand nahi hain ... he bhagwan G toh aaj gayee.

G gives him sabzi and roti.... M just keeps looking at her. He takes the plate and eats it while he is staring at her eat. D is shocked to see M eating the sabzi.

D: hainnnnn... ek din mein doh doh chamatkar... zaroor aj sooraj pachim se uga hoga...

D goes into M's office and sits there. M finishes eating, still staring (atleast partially).

M: ummmmm yeh khana tum ne banaya
G: (gets a bit scared) ha sir, kyun accha nahi hain Disapprove...
M: nahi aisi koi baath nahi hain ... woh khana bohot accha bana hain ...

G smiles ... M leaves and goes into his office and sees D there.

M: aap yaha
D: kyun main iss office mein nahi aa sakti ... mein toh yaha apko lunch pe le jane ayee hoon ... mein ne socha app ghar pe toh humare saath beth kar nahi khate toh shayad aap yaha humare saath khayenge.

M: D aap ko pata hain ke mujhe kisi ke saath beth kar khana accha nahi lagta toh phir bhi aap yaha aa gayee.... waise bhi maine khana kha liya hain.
D: accha kya khaya aapne ...
M: ummmmm woh bhindi aur karele ki sabzi .... (he then realizes what he just said and thinks that i hate these two vegetables)

D: kyaaaaa aap ne yeh dono khaye... lekin aap ko toh pasand nahi hain na...

M: D agar app ka ho gaya ho toh kya mein kuch kaam kar loo

D: waise aap kuch zyada office aane laga gaye hain ... usually toh aap ek hafte mein ek ya dor baar hi office jate the.
M: D please mujhe kaam kar na hain

M picks up the phone and call G and asks her to come in his cabin he wants to give dictation. G comes and sits down.

G: hello ma'am
D: hello, kaisi ho
G: ji thik hoon
D: yeh MK tumhe zyada taklif toh nahi de raha
M: D Angry
D: what? main toh sirf pooch rahi thi
G: ji nahi zyada nahi
D: good ... accha M aaj raat ko aap humare saath khana khayenge
M: D maine kitni baar apse kaha hain mein sab ke saath bethkar khana nahi khaoonga. So please aap jayee aur mujhe mera kaam karne dijiye
D: thik hain.... ek chiz mangi thi woh bhi tum iss boodhi dadi ki poori nahi kar paye. Ja rahi hoon main

D leaves and outside thinks that aap aj humare saath khana toh zaroor khayenge ... kyunki woh ladki aap ko kahe gi issiliye.... yeh ladki tumhe zaroor sodhare gi.

In M's office... M is giving G dictation ... he keeps on looking at her writing ... after the dictation when G is about to leave, she stops

G: sir aap se ek baat ka hoon
M: haan kaho
G: aapne apki D ka man rakhna chaiye tha ... aur woh toh sirf aapko khana khane ke liye hi keh rahi thi ...
M: G tumhe meri zindagi main dakhal dene ki koi zaroorat nahi hain
G: sorry sir lekin ....
M: G
G: bas ek aur baat.... bohot khush kismat hote hain woh log jinke paas ek pyar karne wala parivar hota hain , joh unki fikar karta hain aur jinke saath beth kar khana kha sakte hain. ... kyunki kuch logo ko aisa parivar naseeb hi nahi hota..

G is like having flash backs of her life and her family ... she has tears in her eyes ...M is also thinking about how her family treated and tried to kill her ... G snaps out and leaves his office. M starts to think and gives a small smile Embarrassed and thinks about what D said to him.

M: kyun main aj kal roz office aa raha hoon aur aaj tak maine kisi ke saath khana nahi khaya aur aj maine G ke saath beth kar khana khaya aur maine bhindi aur karele sabzi khayi... woh sabzi jis se mujhe nafrat hain ... yeh sab kya ho raha hain , kyun ho raha hain LOLEmbarrassedConfused

At night M comes home and sees that D is waiting for him at the dining table. He remembers what G said to him and goes and haves dinner with D. D is absolutely astonished and happy that M is finally changing.

at G's house

P: G kya toone DD ko thank you kaha
G: haan aaj soobhe hi kaha
P: arre yaar tujhe osse kuch dena chaiye tha take unhe pata chale ki tu sach main thank you bol ba cha hi ye...

The next day G brings flowers and all the things happen that happened in todays episode (30th june) besides the fact that S and T are not there.

M:Ab main dekh ta hoon ki yeh kab tak chup rehti hain.

G in her office is talking to herself.

G: hm khadoos kahinka ... pata nahi apne aap ko kya samajh ta hain ... lekin main bhi kum nahi hoon tab tak nahi bolongi jab tak woh woh mujhse acchi tarah se baat nahi karte.

M: (in his office, on the phone) Mr.Chopra maine aap ko iss liye phone kiya kyunki kal jo humari meeting hain woh aaj hogi ... yaha thodi si problem aa gayi hain (looks at G) toh woh meeting aaj ek ghante main karni hogi.
M: toh miss. G main bhi dekh ta hoon ki tum kab tak mere samne chup baitho gi.

M goes to G's office.

M: G aaj ek ghante main Mr.Chopra ke saath humari meeting hain aur tumhe presentation dena hain samjhi.

M leaves and G is all shocked with her mouth open

G: (thinking) yeh iss ne jan booch ke kiya hain take main bol sakoon ... hmn ab main kya karoon ... ah ha... idea, A meri help kare ga.
G goes to A
G: A meri baath soono ...Mr.Chopra aaj yaha meeting ke liye aa rahe hain aur meri tabyat kuch thik nahi hain toh kya tum meri jaga presentation de sakte ho.
A: sure G no problem.
G: thank you

A leaves and G thinks

G: accha hain, ab na mujhe woh presentation dena hoga aur na unke samne baath karni hogi, aur main apna check up bhi kar sakoongi.

In the meeting everyone is waiting for G.

M: ab tum kya karo gi G, tumhe toh presentation toh dena hoga.

Just then A comes

A: Sorry gentle men aaj Miss.G presentation nahi de payengi... onki tabyat thik nahi thi issilye unhone mujhe kaha hain presentation de ne ke liye

M is shocked and angry that she has taken it so far.

M: (thinking) yeh tum ne accha nahi kiya G... maine tumse aisa kya kehdiya ki tum baat hi karogi. Kahi yeh bahana toh nahi take tumhe mere samne baat na karni ho.

After the presentation M goes to A and congratulates him

M: kya G sach main bimar hain?
A: han woh kuch hi der pehle hospital gayee thi... keh rahi thi ki usse apna check up karwana hain...
M: kya kis hospital main gayee hain woh
A: uhh "City Hospital"
M: hm thik hain ... tum ne achha presentation diya
A: Thank you sir

M goes to his office and thinks

M: woh toh sach main bimar hain aur main uss par ghussa ho raha hoon ... mujhe check karna chahiye ki woh think hain ya nahi... lekin main kyun karu , uski zindagi hain... nahi main nahi jaoonga.

Just then Dev calls M and asks him if he could pick him up. He's at city hospital to pick up naintara's report but his car had broken down. M agrees.

M: acchi baat hain ab main G ko bhi dekh loonga ki woh thik hain ya nahi.

Outside the hospital G is leaving and Dev is also outside... Dev see's G and thinks what is she doing in Delhi? but then thinks that maybe he's seeing things... what could G be doing in Delhi her family wont even let her leave the house why would they let her come to Delhi...

M comes and see's Dev and aks him to sit in the car...

M: Dev tum gadi main betho main abhi ata hoon... mujhe kuch kaam hain hopital main. (M goes to the receptionist). Ummm excuse me kya aap janti hain ki Miss.G kaha hain.

Receptionist: uh ek minute let me check ... ji woh yaha apna check up gynacologist se karne ayee thi lekin woh bas kuch der pehle hi nikal gayee.

M: kya aap bata sakti hain ke oonhe kya hua hain ..

Receptionist: Im sorry sir lekin hum apko humare patient ke bare main koi information nahi deh sakte.

M: ok thank you

M sits in the car and goes away... through out the car ride M is thinking about G and if she is ok ... Dev on the other hand is watching his brother and smiling. ....

At home M gets a call from the clients and he talks about G and how he loves her idea. Dev is thinking that what is happening to him .. why is he hearing G's name?


PD: Pinky's dad

RECAP: M and G have lunch together, D and the staff are astonished. D makes fun of M. G tells M to have dinner with his grandmother. And the same episode as 30th june 2010.

At M's house , M kept on thinking about G and wondering if she is ok.

M: kyun main G ke bare main itna soch raha hoon . Nahi mujhe oose door rehna hoga warna woh ladki mujhe pagal kar de gi.

The next day, M comes to office and sees that G isnt there.

M: yeh G ab tak kyun nahi ayee
he goes to P who as usual was eating something
M: G kaha hain.
P: woh sir usko bukhar aur khasi hain issi liye usne aaj ka din off liya hain.
M; (becomes sad) thik hain ...
M leaves and goes to his office and bangs on the desk.
M: G sach main bimar hain, lekin mujhe itna bura kyun lag raha hain ...
M picks up the phone and tells P to cancel all the appointments for today. He leaves the office and heads to G's home.
M knocks onto G's door.
G: lagta hain uncle aa gaye hain dawayi lekar.
G keeps on coughing and is walking slowly to the door. She opens the door and see's M.
G is firstly shocked and is about to say something but holds back and keeps quite.
M: tum phir mujhe darwaze ke bahar rukwaogi.
G turns side ways indicating to him to  come inside
M gets angry and goes inside.... G gets paper and pen and writes instead of talking to him.
G: writes ; aap yahan kya kar rahe hain
M: woh main...tumse ... (M is trying to make some excuse) han main tumse woh Mr.Chopra ke project ke bare main kuch discuss karne aya tha.... tum office main nahi thi toh mujhe laga ki tum ghar par hi hogi.
G: (thinking) kaisa insaan hain usse dikhayee nahi deta ki main bimaar hoon .. baas chala aaya project discuss karne ... hmn mushtanda kahin kaa LOL
M: G kaha kho gayee.. hum project discuss karle ... take main jaldi jaa saku
G;(thinking) kya pagal admi hain ... chodo mujhe kya jitni jaldi woh yaha se jayega utni hi jaldi main kuch bol paoongi.
M: (thinking) main itni jaldi nahi jaoonga G ... jab tak tum mujhse baat nahi karogi main yahan se nahi jaoonga..

G starts coughing... M gets worried, asks her if she is ok and is about to go touch her shoulder but just then P's dad comes in.

PD; G beta tum thik ho... chalo andar chalo tumhe aram ki zaroorat hain na.... chalo

He takes her inside and makes her rest on the bed.
PD: ab tum yaha se bilkul bhi nahi hilo gi ... main tumhare liye dawayee laya hoon ... (he gives her the tablet) ...
G; thank you uncle ...
PD: umm beta mujhe ab jana hoga ... main tumhare saath rehna chahta tha lekin kaam hi itna zaroori hain ke mujhe jana pad raha hain ... main 3 baje tak aa jaoonga tab tak tum apna khayal rakhna.
G: (holds his hand) umcle aap mera kitna khayal rakhte hain ...Cry
PD: beta jab beti bimar hoti hain toh pita ko uska khayal toh rakhna hota hain na.. Clap... accha toh main aata hoon

PD comes outside and sees M there

PD: tum DD ho na
M: (all wiered) ji DD... nahi main Maan Khurana
PD: haan DD.. yahan par toh sab tumhe DD hi bulate hain
M: (DD yeh DD kya hain)..
PD: tum yaha, tumhe toh office main hona chahiye na
M: woh mujhe G se kuch kaam tha isiliye
PD: woh zara bimar hain...aur mujhe kaam par jana hain ... toh ..(he gets an idea) kya tum yaha rukh sakte ho jab tak main wapas na aajaoon
M: aap mujhe rukne keliye keh rahe hain
PD: betaji jaha tak maine aap ke bare main suna hain.. aap uss type ke insaan toh nahi ho LOLBig smiletoh mujhe pura wishwas hain ke aap G ka khayal rakhenge..
M: (thinking) yeh G mere bare main pata nahi kya boora bhala bolti hain ... aaj toh main isse nahi chodoonaga  .
M: ok jab tak aap wapas nahi aate main yahi par rahoonga...
PD: thankyou betaji Smile

PD leaves, M closes the door

M: achhi baat hain ab main oos G ka yeh maun wrath toodwa kar hi rahoonga... ApproveLOL

G in her room puts her hand on her stomach and is thinking

G; mujhe apna zyada khayal rakhna hoga ... mere bacche ko mujhe safe rakhna hain ... Embarrassed... mujhe maaf karna beta mujhe aapna dhyan rakhna chahiye tha take tumhe koi taklif na ho...

M  in the living room is thinking and pacing around

M: kya karoon.. andar jaoon yah na jaoon , andar gaya toh kitna awkeward lage ga ... kya karoon G se baat jo karwani hain ... warna woh pagal ladki puri zindagi mujhe baat nahi karegi ... yeh main kya soch raha hoon mujhe pharak nahi padna chahiye ki woh mujhse baat kare ya na kare... lekin mujhe itna bura kyun lag raha hain .... jab se usne mujhse baat karna band kiya hain mujhe itna unconfortable kyun feel ho raha hain ... yeh ladki sach main pagal hain aur mujhe ek din pagal khane bhej kar hi rahe gi


M: kya karoon kaise andar jaoon.

Just then G starts coughing, and M goes running inside.

M: tum think ho
G: (thinking) haye yeh ab tak yahee hain

G nods her head to tell him that she is ok

G still doesnt say anything and M is all angry again but calms down.

M: thik hain , agar tumhe kuch chahiye toh main bahar hoon... arre haan tum kaise mujhe bulaogi tumne toh mujhse na bolna ka pran jo liya hain (sarcatically Confused) ... toh main ek kaam karta hoon main yahi betha hoon take tumhe mujhse bat karne ki zaroorat nahi hain (naughty MEmbarrassed)
G: (thinking) kaisa aadmi hain ek parayee ladki ke kamre main betha hain ... chodo mujhe kya woh kuch bhi kare main unse baat nahi karne waali.

In a few minutes G falls asleep. M on the other hand stares at her sleep, but then he also falls asleep.
then in a couple of hours G has a dream of Brij chasing her to kill her...
G starts talking in her sleep which causes M to wake up.

G: nahi brijveerji maine kuch nahi kiya ...mujhe mat maro maine kuch nahi kiya

Tears start coming from G's eyes when she is sleeping.

M: G ko aaj bhi woh sab sapne mein dikhta hain.

M sees that G is crying, he goes to her. He looks at her with a very cute face.
He reaches out to wipe her tears but then stops himself ..... after a few seconds he goes ahead and wipes her tears. Then he notices that she has a very high fever.

M: G ko toh bohot tez bukhar hain, ab kya karoon.

He goes to the kitchen fills a bowl with icy water, brings it back to her room. Then he takes out his hanky and dips it in the water and places it on her forhead to cool her down Embarrassed(awwwwwww go M). He takes the blanket and places it till her shoulders. For about an hour and a half he keeps on placing the cold cloth on her forehead, and remembers all the moments with her. (the song "Sun zara" from the movie LUCKY is playing in the background). After a while M falls asleep.
Later at around 11:30 am G wakes up
G feels her forehead and finds a cloth. She then sees that M is beside her asleep.

G: (thinking) sir ne mere sar pe thandi patti rakhi... lekin....

G stops and feels thirsty so she slowly gets up trying not to make any sudden movements and tries not make any noise because of her payal. She is close to the door but bumps into a table and M gets up, goes towards G.

M: G ... kya kar rahi ho, tumhe bukhar hain wapas jao aur aram karo.

G still is quite and doesn't say a word. M goes and brings a paper and pen and gives it to G. She writes that she got up to get water.

M: tum leto main pani lekar aata hoon

They both look at each other , while "Mahi is going on in the background".
M leaves to get water; G goes and sits on the bed and smiles. She looks at the clock and ...

G: ahhh 12 bajne ko aye mujhe toh khana khane ke baad dawayee leni hain.....mujhe khana bana na padega.

M comes and gives her water. She drinks it and writes on the paper that she needs to make lunch so that she can take her medicine.

M: ummm ... lekin tumhe toh abhi bhi bukhar hain ...

G reaches towards the paper but M takes it from her and yells

M: stop it G enough bohot ho gaya... itni si baat ke liye tum itna bada natak kar rahi ho. Accha thik hain "im sorry again" , ab thik hain

G just stares at him for a while. M gets angry and is about to leave her room when G says

G: umm woh ... mera bhi kuch zyada ho gaya, ...toh... Sorry.

M turns and looks at G.

M: umm agar tumhe khana khana hain toh main bahar se mangwa sakta hoon
G: nahi main bana loongi . Zyada waqt nahi lage ga.
M: Maine kaha na main mangwa leta hoon. Ab zidh mat karo.
G: (thinking) hm kya mood badal ta hain inka ... ek pal bohot acche se pesh aate hain toh ek pal main ghussa ho jate hain.

M orders lunch. G and M have lunch together (awwwww....), both of them were sneaking looks at each other. G then takes her medicine and falls asleep on the couch. M picks her up and places her on her bed and sits on the chair beside her bed.
Time passes by quickly. The time is 3:15pm and G's uncle comes home and sees that G is sleeping and M is also sleeping.

PD: dono kitne acche dikhte hain ek saath.

Just then P comes home and also sees M at home in G's room sleeping

P: haaa... DD yahan , woh bhi G ke kamre main..... wow kitne cute dikhte hain sote hue
PD: P jao aap unhe uthaiye
P: kya main , nahi nahi . Agar mujhpar ghussa ho gaye toh
PD: ab woh apke boss hain toh uthana toh apko hi hoga.

P slowly goes towards M (there is funny music going on in the background) ... she slowly taps on his shoulders. M gets scared and wakes up.

P: sorry sir
M: uhh no problem... oh lagtahe app ke dad wapas aa gaye hain.
P: ji sir
M: umm G ne dopehar ki dawayee le li hain.
P: main usse uthau sir.
M: nahi usse aram ki zaroorat hain, usse sone do. Aur han agar uski tabyat thik ho toh usse keh dijiye ga ki office aa jaye bohot kaam pada hain.
P: ji sir

M leaves, and looking at G one last time.
After M leaves G wakes up

P: oye G tu uth gayee.
G: P ... sir kaha gaye
P: woh toh bas abhi abhi gaye
G: accha
P: kya baat hain yaar, tu na sach mein MK ki history ki book change karwane wali hain. Aj tak MK ne kisi bhi emplyee ka hal chal nahi poocha aur tere liye toh direct ghar par aa gaye.. Wah G aap ko mera salam.
G: tu bhi na P kuch bhi bolti hain. Woh yaha toh project discuss karne ayye the, lekin unki kismat buri nikli... main bimar jo pad gayee
P: lekin G...
G: jane ne dena, DD ke bare main zyada mat bola kar..
P: Achha thik hain ... main chal ti hoon tu aram kar.

The next day, M comes to office as usual and first goes to G's office.

M: G mere office mein aao mujhe dictation deni hain.
G: ji sir

G goes to his office, M gives her dictation. When he was done G is about to leave but turns around.

G: sir
M: kya hain G
G: woh ... THANK YOU..
M: kis chiz keliye
G: woh kal apne mere sar par thandi patti rakhi thi take mera bukhar utar jaye , isliye.
M: hm ok ... bas itna hi
G: ji .. ji
M: toh tum yaha kyun khadi ho, jao apna kam karo.

After this, everything that happened at night in todays episode (1st july) happenes,

G reaches M's office before M.

G: dekha mujhe adhe ghante main ane ko kehta hain aur khud hi late ho ta hain. Kaise rehte honge sab is sanki insaan ke saath.


Recap: Maan has called Geet at the office to finish the project.

Ok so everything that was showed on TV that happened in the office at night b/w maan and geet happenes. An the thing that happens in the morning without Sasha and Tasha...also someone else from the office circulates their picture.... then everything that happened in todays episode (7th july 2010)  except for Tasha and Sasha ... No precap as well...

Prem: Pr
Adi: A
Pinky: P
Maan: M
Geet: G
   Prem Malhotra

Starts with a normal day. Today is an interview day for Sasha's post.
G goes inside a room with A and M to take everyones interview....almost everyones interview was done only two ppl were left.
Thats when Pr enters the screen with the song "I hate luv storys" from the movie I hate luv storys... then he enters the office
All the girls heart goes "double dhak dhak" LOLespecially P's

Pr opens the door and goes inside ... the first person he sees is G. Pr comes near the table where everyone was and introduces himself.

Pr: (shakes A, M, and G's hand) hi my name is Prem... Prem Malhotra
M: have a seat
Pr: thank you

M and A ask most of the questions to Pr; G is silent which makes Pr look at her more ... this makes M very uncomfortable Embarrassed

after about 20-30 min Pr comes out of the room. Then the other 3 come out...
When G comes outside P pulls her to the side...

P: G woh kaun tha
G: Confusedkaun
P: woh jo abhi bahar aya
G: A, aur sir hi toh bahar aaye
P: arre yaar ... tu sach mein paagal hain ... mein toh uss ki baat kar rahi hoon jo tumhare pehle bahar aaya
G: kaun Prem
P: Prem ... haye uska naam prem hain
G: han toh
P: toh Embarrassed!!!!!! arre tune dekha nahi lekin meine dekha ... kya hot chiz hain yaar ... agar woh samosa ya kachori hota toh mein usse ek hi bite mein kha leti
G: P tuh yeh kya keh rahi hain
P: G teri ankhe thik hain na ... arre yaar kitna handsome ladka hain yaar...mera dil toh Dhak Dhak hua woh bhi double bar.... agar woh hire hota hain na toh mein usse DDD bulaoongi
G: yeh DDD kya hain ??????
P: Dhak Dhak Dil
G: LOL tuh sach mein pagal hain P...  pehle tu sar ko DD bula ti thi aur ab isse
P: arre Pr ke samne DD toh kuch bhi nahi hain ..... I think I'm in LOVEThumbs Up
G: Chal chod ...ghar chalte hain
P: kya yaar G....

The next day:-
A comes to M's office to discuss who gets Sasha's position...

M: haan A toh kya lagta hain tumhe, kaun hain jise tumne choose kiya hain
A: ssssirrrr ...uummm Prem Malhotra

M gets a bit angry

M: kyun
A: uummm sssiirrr uuussseee zzzzyyyyaaaaaddddaa eeeexxxxxppeerience hain aur woh tttrrained bhi hhhain
M: ok toh tum usse appoint kar lo
A: oooook sir

A goes to G's office

A: G ek appointment letter type karo Mr.Prem Malhotra ke naam par ...unhe Sasha ki position mil gayee hain
G: unhe mili hain yeh job
A: haan MK ne unhe hi choose kiya hain
G: thik hain A sir main abhi kar deti hoon
A: aur unhe phone kar ke bata de na ... aur unhe kal se job par aane ke liye keh dena
G: ok sir

G calls Pr.... he picks up the phone

Pr: hello
G: ji kya mein Prem Malhotra se baat kar sakti hoon
Pr: yes speaking
G: mein Khurana's ke office se baat kar rahi hoon ...
Pr: Khurana's  jaha meine kal interview diya tha
G: ji mein MK ki secretary Geet baat kar rahi hoon.... apko yeh job gayee hain aur aap kal se join kar sakte hain..
Pr: ohhh great thank you ...waise aap wohi hain na joh kal interview le rahi thi
G:  ji
Pr: ahhhh ...nice  talking to you again
G: (smiles) thank you ... hum apko kal milenge... aath baje
Pr: ji ... mein time par pohoch jaaoonga

Both hang up and smile very cutely ....



Recap: A new entry in the show, Prem Malhotra for Sasha's position. Maan offers him the position and Geet calls him to let him know that he got the job.

Next day Pr comes to the office before time.... P sees him coming and her heart goes DD...
A comes to Pr...

A: hello Mr.Malhotra
Pr: please sir aap mujhe sirf prem hi bulaiye
A: ok Pr... yeh raha tumhara appointment letter.

Then A takes him to his office... they both then come to the reception to give him some more information about the office and MK.
Just then G enters ....Pr keeps looking at her...G notices him looking at her.

G: hello... aap sach mein time par agaye
Pr: well mein time ka puntual hoon
G: yeh acchi baat hain... aur iss office mein time ka puntual hona bohot zaroori hain warna MK apko bohaut sunayenge.
Pr: wow... aisa lagta hain ke aap bohot experienced hain.
G: haan
P: aur ek baat yaha MK ko ek aur naam se bula te hain ...DD
Pr: DD ...matlab
P: Dhak Dhak

Everyone laughs ....

P: waise Pr agar mein tumhe DDD bulaoon toh koi problem toh nahi hain na
Pr: let me guess DDD matlab Dhak Dhak Dhak
P: LOL nahi Dhak dhak dil
Pr: ok..... mujhe koi bhi problem nahi hain ...

just then M enters and sees all of them laughing...also sees that Pr is near G.

P: Shocked G....DD aa gaye
G: ohh ok mein chalti hoon
Pr: yeah mein bhi chalta hoon ... kaam ke taraf bhi toh dekhna hoga

Pr and G walk away and are walking in a hallway kind of place when Pr stops....

G: kya hua
Pr: ummm..... yeh shayad jaldi hain lekin... mujhse dosti karogee LOL
G: hmmmm dekhenge...... thode din ruk jayiye phir soch ke bata doongi
Pr: ok , mein wait karoonga... well mein chalta hoon

G watches him walk away and smiles the background kal ho na ho: heartbeat instrument is playing (link for that tune
M sees all this from a corner and looks jealous but he doesnt know its jealousy yet

(Sorry guys i wanted to make this a bit interesting but i couldnt think of anything)

Later that day.... during lunch time Pr comes to G's office.

Pr: G ... ummm aap khana khaya
G: nahi ... kyun
Pr: mein A aur P ko lunch par bahar le ja rahe hoon , aap chalengi
G: ummmm
Pr: pleaseEmbarrassed

Pr comes near her chair and gives her that puppy dog look with his lovely eyes

G: thik hain lekin ek shart par ... aap mujhe "aap" nahi kehenge ...aisa lagta hain ke main koi pachas sath sal ki koi boodhi hoon
Pr: hmmmm manzoor hain

They leave for lunch and as usual M sees this from his office, and doesnt seem that pleased.


Recap: Prem asks geet to join him, Adi and pinky for lunch. Geet agrees...

D: dev

It starts off with everyone having lunch, they talk for a while and then decide to leave because they dont want to get yelled at by MK. They are walking back to the office (this is on the side of the road); G sees a couple with their child and after seeing them she dosses off to her past and starts walking ahead of everyoneShocked. G starts walking like close to the middle of the road thinking about Dev and her child, she doesnt see a car coming towards herShocked. She was about to get hit when Pr pulls her out of the wayClap.

Pr: (all scared holding onto G's waist) G, tumhara dhyan kaha hain.

G comes out of her past and looks at Pr who is holding her waist Big smileand then remembers how she was about to get hit by a car and how Pr saved her. she pulls his hand away from her waist.

G: woh mein kuch soch rahi thi .. aur mera dhyan nahi gaya... (she pauses for a while, looks around) waise thank you tumne meri jaan bachayee
Pr: koi baat nahi ... umm ek baat poochu
G: haanConfused
Pr: kya tum apne past ke bare mein soch rahi thi
G: (with a shocked look) ummmm woh... haan
Pr: dont worry mein tumhare past ke bare mein nahi poochongaEmbarrassed ... jab tumhe lage ke hum acche dost bagaye hain tab tum chaho toh bata sakti ho.

A and P come to Pr and G

A: G tuuuuummm thik ho
G: haan mein thik hoon
P: G tujhe road par chalne ki bimari toh nahi ho gayee na Ouch... woh jo serial mein sare actors karte hain waisi bimariLOL
G: yeh sab chodo hume office jana chahiye warna tumhre DD ghussa karenge Angry
P: haan Shocked

they get back to the office and back to work....
The day ends and G is about to go home. Pr was passing by G's office when he stops and goes to G.

G: arre Pr, tum abhi tak ghar nahi gaye
Pr: woh mein abhi ja raha tha phir meine dekha ke tum abhi tak ghar nahi gayee
G: mein bhi abhi nikal rahi thi
Pr: umm aao mein tumhe drop kar deta hoon
G: nahi nahi mein chali jaoongi , roz toh jati hoon ...
Pr: haan roz toh jati ho lekin aaj mere saath chalo ... agar tum yeh soch rahi ho ke mein aisa waisa ladka hoon toh tum galat zamajh rahi ho.. phir bhi agar chaho toh koi knife lekar aa sakti ho, u know just in case.
G: (smiles) nahi aisi baat nahi hain , mein kisi pe bojh nahi banna chahti
Pr: dont worry koi bhi problem nahi hain.
G: lekin mein toh P ke saath ghar jati hoon
Pr: thik hain usse bhi saath lete hain

Pr and G come to P

G: P chal chalte hain Pr hume ghar lekar ja raha hain
P: haye DDD kya baat hain.. thank you
Pr: (smiles) no problem

So the three of them leave together and are going towards Pr's car when P remembers that she forgot her phone at the reception. P goes inside to get her phone; Pr and G wait for her near his car. MK comes out and the sees the two of them together talking and laughing, and gets maha jealous.

M: yeh Pr G ke saath itna kyun hota hain. Aur G iss waqt Pr ke saath kyun hain aur abb tak ghar kyun nahi gayee. Lekin mein yeh kyun soch raha hoon, mujhe itna bura kayun ag raha hain ke G Pr ke saath hain. Yeh kya ho raha hain.

P comes running towards Pr and G. They get into his car; G sits in the front beside Pr and P in the back, and they drive off. M sees this and starts to wonder.

M: yeh G Pr ke saath kaha ja rahi hain, woh bhi itni raat ko. (starts thinking but then gets his angry man expression back) Mujhe kya , woh kuch bhi kare; mujhe kuch pharak nahi padata.

M gets home and the entire time thinks about what G was doing with Pr? Why she went in his car? He tries to avoid thinking about it but then ends up wondering.
M then goes into the shirtless state where he is fighting in the spotlight and thinks about G and wonders if she is ok.
M gets frustrated. He picks up his cellphone and calls G's home. The first time he calls P picks, he quickly cuts the phone; the second time he calls P's dad picks, he again cuts the phone. He waits for a while and then calls, this time G picks up. M doesnt say anything just keeps litening to her talk... G starts to get annoyed and...

G: Hello kaun bol raha hain... (after a few seconds) agar baat nahi karni thi toh phone kyun kiya... Khotte,oolloo...
Pr: arre tum kisko galiya de rahi ho .. chalo phone rakho

G bangs the phone. M on the other hand is shocked to hear Pr's voice and wonders what he was doing at G's place. He gets angry and throws the phone across the room. Just then D comes and sees the broken phone..

D: kya hua bro, aap itne ghusse mein kyun hain
M: (angrily) kuch nahi...
D: kuch toh baat hain, aap ne apna phone todh diya .. matlab kuch toh baat hain
M: (looks at him angrily) tumhe samjh mein nahi aata.. koi baat nahi hain...

M leaves in anger, leaving D wondering about his behaviour.

On the other hand, in G's house

Pr: ( is near the door and is about to leave) Thanx P, G . Mujhe khane par invite kiya.
G: koi baat nahi, tumne aaj mujhe bachaya aur hume ghar tak choda toh humra bhi toh koi farz banta hain na.
P: haan G bilkul sahi keh rahi hain ...
Pr: waise ab kya hum dost ban gaye hain ya nahi
G: (smiles and waits for a few seconds , thinks; brings forth her hand) Kya mujhse dosti karoge
Pr: (smiles and shakes her hand) haan

Pr leaves.

P: (to G) kitna cute aur accha hain Pr...
G: haan. Ab tu puri raat uski baat kare gi ya sone bhi jayegi. Chal ja so ja , baad mein uski baat karna
P: (agrees and goes to sleep)

The next day, G comes to the office  and is wearing white.
M comes to his office and through the glass wall see's G in the white dress. He is amazed at how beautiful she looks in White .. he stares at her for gud 5 min. Just then Pr enters G's office and gives G 4 different flowers ( a lilly, rose, tulip and an orchid).

G: (takes the flowers) yeh kisliye
Pr: humari nayi dosti ke liye ...
G: lekin iski koi zaroorat nahi thi
Pr: lekin mujhe laga iski zaroorat thi.... meine P ko bhi diya hain.
G: tum kya apne sare dosto ko phool dete ho
Pr: (sweet smile) haan... woh kya hain na meri koi family nahi hain aur usually mein akela hi khata hoon. Aur kal P, Uncle aur tumhare saath khana kha kar mujhe bohot accha laga issi liye mein yeh phool lekar agaya.

G gets up and places the flowers in a vase.

G: yeh bohot acche hain... (turns around to look at him) thank you
Pr: tum mujhe har baat ke liye thank you bola band karo... accha mein chalta hoon warna boss naraz ho jayenge.
G: ek aur baat kabhi boss ko flowers mat dena
Pr: (confused) kyun?
G: woh unhe phool pasand nahi hain
Pr: what? phool pasand anhi hain ... kaisa aadmi...

Pr comes close to her.... they are like a few inches away from each other. M is watching it all from his office and is fuming, its like he is going to kill Pr at that instant.

Pr: ek baat batao MK ko kuch pasand bhi hain ya nahi? jab dekho ghusse mein dikhte hain, sabse angrily baat karte hain, kaam ke siwa unhe kuch dikhta hain.. pata nahi aur kya kya.
G: aisa nahi hain (she didnt feel gud that Pr was criticising him), woh bohot acche hain. Sabki madat karte hain, sahi salha dete hain. Bas unhe sirf kuch chize pasand nahi, aisa toh nahi hain ke har insan ko sab kuch pasand ho na chahiye. Mein manti hoon ke woh todhe se rukhe hain aur sab par ghussa karte lekin woh andar se bohot acche hain.

Pr is amazed at all the things she was saying about M.

Pr: accha baba thik hain , woh bohot acche hain ... mein chalta hoon

G is left alone to think about what she just said to Pr. She kept on wondering ehy she was defending M.
M on the other hand was going to blow up seeing G and Pr so close together but then thought why he was gettign so angry? M got back to his work and kept on sneaking looks at G and the same for G.

Part 8

So the day goes on... M cant concentrate on his work, keeps thinking about Pr at G's house at night.
He wonders how to ask her ....

M picks up the phone and calls G

M: G Mr.Mishra ki construction aur accounts ki file lekar aana
G: ji sir

G goes to his office and hands him the files.. she was about to leave when he

M: ummm G
G:(turns around) ji sir
M: tumhe Pr kaisa laga
G: (with a weired expression) jiii
M: mera matlab hain ke uske kam karne ka dhang.. u know
G: sir woh accha kam karta hain... sabse bohot acche se pesh aata hain ... sur usse toh kisi bhi chiz ka ghussa nahi aata...
M: wow tum use itni jaldi bohot acchi tarah se jaan gayi (M felt like his heart had dropped when she was praising Pr
G: nahi sir woh bas ...(looked away from M)
M: aisa lagta hain ki tum dono dost ban gaye ho
G: ji sir ...
M: itni jaldi
G: woh sir kya hain na Pr ka koi is duniya mein nahi hain isiliye woh sabko apna dost bana na chahta hain...
M: tumhe kaise pata ki uska is duniya mein koi nahi hain
G: usne mujhe kal rat bataya
M: (shocked) kal raat
G: (scared) ji woh ..Pr ne humare saath dinner kiya toh usne tab bataya
M: oh dinner (relieved) thik hain ab tum jao

G leaves and thinks why M was asking so many questions. M on the other hand was relieved hearing that he was over for dinner.

A few days passed by and in these days M kept on getting jealous every time Pr was near G. He hated how he was always around her.
Office employees would always praise their jodi and M would get even more angry and jealous. He didnt know what was happening to him, he always tried not to come to office but the fact that he would get to see G every day changed that plan.

One beautiful day ... Pr, G and M were with Mr.Chopra in their conference room and G was presenting for the project. As usual M was looking at G and smiling.. but G was smiling every time she looked at Pr.
All of sudden G started feeling dizzy.. . both Pr and M saw that G was about to faint ... both ran but Pr got there first and got hold of G, who has fainted. M was heart broken seeing G in some one else's arms
..he had that sinking feeling in his heart .. he remembered all the times he saved her, and felt that he's the one who's suppose to help her not Pr. But he came out of his thought and told Pr to take her to the hospital.
M drove Pr, who had G in his arms, to the hospital... dropped them there and then left.

After a while in the hospital G had finally woken up. Pr came to her room.

Pr: G tum thik ho
G: ha
Doctor: ab yeh bilkul thik hain ... lekin apko apna dhyan rakhna hoga woh bhi iss halat mein ...
Pr: iss halat mein matlab (looking confused)
G: Pr woh ...
Doctor: ji apko nahi pata ... she is one month pregnent

Pr is shocked ...G is sad and looks at Pr.. the doctor goes from their room

Pr: tum pregnant ho ... par aise kaise ho sakta hain

G calms him down and tells him the whole story ... after hearing this Pr gets tears in his eyes and is speechless.

Pr: tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ... kya tum mujhe apna dost nahi manti
G:  aisi baat nahi hain Pr... mein apni waje se kisi ko bhi dukh nahi dena chahti aur issi liye meine abtak P ko bhi nahi bataya.
Pr: G kuch mahino mein toh sabko waise bhi pata chalne wala hain ... toh chuppa ne ki kya zaroorat hain ...
G: actually mein kuch mahino mein yeh sheher chodkar kahi aur jane wali hoon ...
Pr: oh .... thik hain jaisi tumhari marzi... jab tak tum yaha ho mein tumhara khayal rakhoonga...

Doctor gives Pr some medications and all the thing she should eat and shouldn't eat.  

Both of them leave... Pr drops G home.

On the other hand M is at home worried thinking about G...

M: kyun mein G ke saath nahi ruka ..kyun mein waha se chala aaya ... pata nahi yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe ... (starts pacing around the room) mujhe check karna chahiye...

M picks up his cell and calls G's home ....P picks up.. M hangs up the phone and thinks...

M: nahi ... mein usse phone nahi kar sakta

M calls the hospital can inquired about her and finds out that she left with Pr a few hours ago and that she is just fine. But he doesnt find out about her pregnancy.

At G's home...G is standing near a window looking at the stars.

G: M sir kyun nahi aaye hospital mein ...atleast dekh na chahiye tha ki mein thik hoon ya nahi ....kaise admi hain apne employee ki koi phikar nahi hain ..... lekin mein kyun soch rahi hoon unke bare mein, kyun mein chahti thi ke woh hospital mein mere saath ho.

The screen splits into two
....showing G and M thinking about each other and questioning themselves .


Part 9

The next day G and M come to the office early before the rest of the staff, because they had to finish a project together. G is in M's office looking through a few files...

M: (looks at G in concern) uhhhhh G
G: ji sir....
M: kya tum thik ho
G: yes sir ... (thinks about what happened yesterday and how she told Pr about her past)
M: woh mein kal tumhare saath uhhhh .... hospital mein nahi aa saka uske liye sorry ... par Pr tha toh meine socha ke ...
G: (interupts) sir aap kyun sorry keh rahe hain waise bhi koi serious baat nahi thi...aur Pr ne mera bohot acche se khayal rakha
M: oh (feels hurt) ... waise doctor ne kya kaha
G: ummm woh bas mujhe thodi si weakness hain... bas aur kuch nahi

The office staff started to come in... G eventually left M's office and went back to her cabin.
Pr came to her cabin and as usual gave her flowers and started putting pictures of cute babies, John abraham and Hrithik Roshan under the glass desk.
G who was sitting in her chair was shocked at what Pr was doing...

G: Pr yeh kya kar rahe ho
Pr: G dekho tum pregnant ho aur kehte hain ke jab koi aurat maa bane wali hoti hain tab usse cute babies ke pictures dekhne chahiye ...ab mein tum apna zyada waqt office mein bita ti ho toh meine soch ke kyun na yeh pictures office mein hi lagayee jaye...
G: woh toh thik hain lekin yeh John aur Hrithik ke pictures kyun
Pr: G agar tum inhe dekho gi toh tumhara baccha inki tarah strong, handsome aur cute hoga ... aur shayad age chal kar actor ban jaye ....
G: Pr tum pagal ho kya ...
Pr: dekho G meine tumse kya kaha tha ke mein tumhara khayal rakhoonga ..toh bas mein wahi kar raha hoon...
G: lekin...
Pr: mujhe aur kuch nahi sunna .. yeh photos yahi par rahengi ...

G just gives out a sigh and agrees.... M on the other hand is seeing what is going on through his office glass wall (he cant hear them) and is getting sure angry and jealous.

It was luch time and G was about to leave but just then Pr comes in and takes her out for lunch at a restaurant...

At the restaurant Pr and G are having lunch... Pr is like telling her what to eat and what not to eat.... just then M comes to the same restaurant (anccidently).

M sees the two of them and gets jealous....he saw how G was looking at Pr and vice versa ... he couldnt bare to see this and was just about to leave the place when Pr spots him ...

Pr: arre sir aap ...
M: (turns around and looks at Pr)
Pr: aap yaha kaise ... woh sab chodiye please care to join us ...
M: nahi mein abhi nikal raha tha...
G: (interupts) yes sir baithiye na...

M looked at G and couldnt resists her plea, and decided to stay.

G: aap kuch khayenge sir...
M: nahi kuch nahi
G: aise kaise kuch nahi ... aap ko kuch toh khana hoga
M: thik hain ...(he orders himself "Lasagna")

The trio have their lunch quitely... M after every bite sneaks looks at G; G on the other hand is busy eating her lunch very quickly.... Pr holds her hand... M's eyes go wide and looks at Pr angrily ...

Pr: G yeh kya kar rahi ho... itni jaldi jaldi khana mata khao ...
G: woh him late ho jayenge ... dekho ek bajne ko aaya, office nahi pohochna hain kya
Pr: G office se zyada tumhari health zyada important hain ...aur (he slowly with his eyes gives her the hint about her baby)....dhire se

M  just kept on staring at G looking at Pr, and at Pr holding G's hand... his expressions of jealousy could be seen on his face but he controlled it before the two of them could see it.

M: Pr sahi keh raha hain tumhe dhire se khana chahiye..
Pr: dekha ab toh sir bhi keh rahe hain.
G: (cutely smiles, nods her head in agreement and eats her lunch slowly)

Everyone finishes their lunch and are about to leave when Pr ...

Pr: G tumne apni dawayi lee
G: (looks at at him and gets a disgusting look on her face) woh ... uhhhh... nahi
Pr: G doctor ne kya kaha tha tumhe yeh dawa leni hain ..... toh tum kaise bhool gayee
M: Pr , G ko bhool ne aadat hain, jab tak woh apne uss book mein likh nahi leti usse kuch yad nahi rehta... (gives G that smirkish smile)
G:(has Shocked expression) mein bhooli nahi hoon ... woh dawayee bohot hi gandi hain ... khane ke baad tounge par aur gale mein ek gandi taste reh jati hain...
Pr: G iska matlab yeh toh nahi ke tum apni dawayee ko avoid karo...

Pr takes her purse and pulls out the medicine.... he tells her to open her mouth .... he places the tablet in her mouth and with his hands makes her drink water.... M again gets sad and quickly leaves from there.

Back at Khurana constructions office.... M goes to the bathroom and locks the door behind him so that no one can come in.... M is furious...he remembers all the Pr and G scenes where they are together and in anger punches the mirror and his hand starts to bleed...
G who was passing by hears something breaking in the mens washroom... she starts knocking on the door...

G: koi hain, kya hua maine kuch toot ne awaz sooni , koi hain suniye
M: (hears her voice and forgets his anger) kuch nahi hua
G: sir aap ... kya hua sir aap thik toh hain na
M: G kuch nahi hua .. tum jao
G: nahi sir kuch toh hua hain ... meine kuch tootne ki awaz sooni ... plz sir darwaza kholiye
M: (thinks) yeh ladki ab toh definetly nahi jaye gi mein khol hi deta hoon ... (he opens the door)

G with her scared eyes sees M coming outside ...G looks inside and sees that the mirror was broken, she also saw some blood on the floor and immediately looks at M's hand...G gets scared and holds his hand

G: sir aao ko toh .... yeh kya hua sir ... kaise laga
M: G mein kuch boloo
G: sorry sir ... lekin
M: woh mujhe ghussa aagaya tha toh
G: ehh le ... itna bhi kya ghussa... aur apne apna sara ghussa uss bechare sheshe pe nikal diya ....
M: (looks at her angrily) G tumhe uss mirror par taras aa raha hain..
G: aur nahi toh kya ... kisne kaha tha apko apna ghussa mirror par nikal ne ko ....

M pulls his hand away from G's hand in anger and looks away form her ....

G: (thinks) mujhe unhe yeh sab nahi keh na chahiye tha ... oonko kitna laga hain ...

G goes around to face him ... but M turns the other way and G goes to the other side, again he turns the other way .... G then in frustrated turns him around and takes his hand in hers. She slowly takes him to his office... tells him to sit down on the couch .... G goes and brings the first aid kit

G: (sits beside him on the couch with the kit in her hand) dikhayiye..(slowly takes his bleeding hand in hers) sssss.... bohot dukh raha hain ....
M: (looks at G very cutely cleaning his wound) ( in a soft voice) nahi ab nahi dukh raha
G: jee appne kuch kaha
M: uhhhh nahi

G finishes bandaging his hands; G then looks at M, who was staring at her already.

G: sir ek baat kahoon
M: haan
G: aapko itna ghussa nahi karna chahiye ... dekha aaj aapne ghoose mein apne aap ko hi dard de diya ....

G leaves his office...

M: (looks at his bandaged hand) kyun mein apne ghusse par kaboo nahi kar paaya .... kyun mujhe un dono ko saath dekh kar itne bura laga.... pata nahi mujhe kya ho raha hain...

ok thats all for now let me know what u  guys think



Recap: Pr tells G about Pragati.... Pr practices proposing with G .... M sees it and misunderstands ....M gets heart broken

M leaves the office in anger and depression.... he is driving (isnt focusing on the speed) and remembering his moments with G... then he remembers all the moments of G with Pr....
M is driving at a high speed and suddenly when he comes out of his trance his car crashes into a tree....
M cant figure out what is wrong with him and why he is acting this way? just then the temple bell rings... M decides to go in...

M climbs the temple steps....(its night time, and its a Durga mandir) ...there is no one at the temple
The weather has become severe; windy, thunder and is about to rain..

M comes towards Maa Durga...M prays and sees G when he closes his eyes.  M opens his eyes quickly ...

M: (thinking) yeh kya ho raha hain mere saath ... kyun mujhe yeh ladki har jaga dikhayi deh rahi hain .... mujhe kuch samjh nahi aa raha hain ... jis emotion se mein itne dino se door bhag raha tha woh emotion wapas aa rahe hain aur yeh sab uss G  ke waja se ho raha hain ....woh mujhe badal rahi hain aur yeh sare ehsaas sab wapas aa rahe hain.....

M starts thinking about G and Pr.... he thinks about G being with Pr today and then he thinks of G being married to Pr.....

M gets sad again ... he sits down and leans against a pillar....

On the other side G gets a call from M's home ...a servant calls her because dadi tells him to. G finds out that M hasnt come home yet ...

G: sir abhi tak ghar nahi pohoche.... par kyun ....



G: sir abhi tak ghar nahi pohoche.... lekin woh toh aaj office se jaldi chale gaye the... toh woh ab tak kyun nahi pohoche... kahi unhe kuch ho toh nahi gaya.... babaji sir jaha bhi ho unhe sahi salamat rakh na ...

G is pacing around the house when P comes and asks her what's wrong? ... G tells P that sir hasnt reached home yet...

P: G tu kyun phikar kar rahi hain ... woh DD hain unhe kabhi kuch nahi ho ta ... toh tu ab phikar karna band kar....
G: lekin P mujhe bohot ghabrahat ho rahi hain ...
P: kuch nahi hain yaar ... tu khamakha chinta karti reh ti hain...

P leaves G alone ... G starts thinking and has a scared look on her face.

G: mujhe unhe dhoondne jana chahiye ...

G sneaks out of the house (leaving a note for uncle) .... P's dad was watching news and they say that there is a weather warning, hence no one should leave their house....(G however doesnt hear that)

On the other hand M is sitting in the mandir thinking about G
Bahara (the guy version) starts to play in the background

G is on the road (not running just walking fast ... since she is pregnant) .... looking for M ... it gets really windy but G still keeps on walking, she then see's M's car crashed into a tree....G almost gets a heart attack

G: M sir ki gadi
(she walks towards the car very quickly... search's for him in the car ...then around the area to see if he is there) ..M sir aap kaha ho ... mujhe bohot ghabrahat ho rahi hain ...

The temple bells ring .... G goes to the temple...

G: (walks inside the temple ... bows her head, folds her hands and closes her eyes in front of Maa Durga; and thinks) Maa meri madat ki jiye pata nahi kyun mujhe M sir mil hi nahi rahe ... aur mujhe bohot dar lag raha hain .... mujhe rasta dikhaye maa...

G opens her eyes, turns around and sees M (whos eyes were closed) sitting with his head against a pillar...G gets really happy to see him
, she starts to walks towards him and kneels down in front of him... G stares at him very cutely
After like 5 min G comes back to her senses....

G: (in a low voice) sir ..
M opens his eyes, sees G in front of him...thinks that he is dreaming ... he gets up in anger and is about to leave the temple when G calls him again....M turns around, he goes towards
M: tum sach mein yaha ho
G: (looks at him with those wiered eyes
) uhhhh ha sir mein sach mein yaha hoon ...
M: (widens his eyes and gets angry) tum yaha kyun aayee ... mausam bohot kharab hain G aur toofan aane wala hain ... tum kyun aayee yaha..
G: mein toh aapko dhoondne aayee thi sir.... woh apke ghar se phone aaya aur phir mujhe pata chala ki aap ab tak ghar nahi pohoche .... mujhe bohot ....(paused)
M: (holds her by her arms) bohot kya G ... bolo mein ghar par nahi pohocha toh tumhe chinta karne ki kya zaroorat thi... itni raat ko itne terrible weather mein tum akeli mujhe dhoondne nikli ... kyun G .. bolo (shakes by her arms) .. bolo G bolo
G: pata nahi sir mujhe ghabrahat hone lagi thi issi liye mein aapko dhoondne nikli...

They both have another eye lock
and suddenly a big wind comes in and the red choonni that was Devi maa flies from there and lands on them ... (u know like in kasauti) ....they both keep on staring at each other not even noticing the choonni ....

Aate Aate from Chori Chori plays in the BG......

Eventually G notices the red cloth that was on them ... they both snap out.... G takes the cloth out and holds it in her hand ...

M: G tumhe yaha nahi aana chahiye tha ... mein koi dood pita baccha nahi hoon .... I AM MSK do u understand that ....

G: mujhe pata hain ... woh mein dar gayee thi issi liye ...

M: G tum meri secretary ho samjhi aur tumhara kaam sirf office mein hota hain uske bahar nahi...

G: mujhe yeh bhi pata hain ...lekin meine socha ki jis insaan ne meri itni bar madat ki uski bhi toh madat karni chahiye ...

M: (calms himself down and talks to her in a calm/senstive voice) thik hain ... ab chalo mein tumhe ghar chod deta hoon...

Just when they are about to leave it starts to rain really heavily and on top more thunder ... plus windy

A pandit comes from behind the mandir and tells them not to go anywhere as there is a weather warning for tonight....He asks them to stay for the night .... He shows them a small house besides his and asks them to stay there till the storm calms down ...

G and M enter the house and feel very uncomfortable...



G and M enter the room and feel very awkward... they look at each other and again have a eye lock

The pandit enters and tells them that the room was closed for years and there isnt much in the room... He gives them blankets, and a match box to lite fire in the fire place.

G looks around the house... there is no bed and the place isn't clean/dusty... there is a lot of other stuff in the room ....there is only a little place in front of the fire place that is gud enough to sit....

M walks towards the Fire place and lights it
.... as the fire lights he looks at G who's face is glowing ....
G comes to the fire place and starts to warm her hands
.... M just looks at her (the two of them are sitting opposite of each other)G then notices M starting at her ... they have another eye lock

Jaane Kya chahe man bawara from pyar ke side effects plays in the back ground
G: sir ... kya hua
M: (is brought back to reality... he gets angry and talks to G in a frustrated tone) Yeh sab tumhari galti hain... kisne kaha tha mujhe dhoond ne ke liye...

G: eh le ... jiska bhala karne jao woh hi ghoossa karta hain aur upar se kehte hain kyun bhala kar rahi ho ... babaji kya karoo mein inka

M: (looking at her with a crazy face) tum pagal ho gayee ho kya ... jab dekho apne aap se baat karti rehti ho ... i think tumhe ek psychiatrist ki zaroorat hain ...
G: ahhhhhhh aap ko mujh se jhagad na accha lagta hain kya ...jab dekho mujhe ya toh dante rehte hain ya phir soona te reh te hain ya mera mazak udate reh te hain ... aap se accha toh woh Pr hain jo har roz mujhe phool de ta hain aur mujh se muskura kar baat karta hain ...

M gets sad after hearing Pr's taarif from G's mouth

M: ( in a sad voice
) aisa nahi hain G... lekin tumhari iss harkat ki waje se tum bhi toh problem mein pad gayee na... dekho G mein apne aap ko sambhal sakta hoon... lekin tum iss shehar mein nayee ho aur agar tum gum ho jati toh aur kuch ho jata toh ... soch samajh kar phaisle liya karo G ...
G: (looking all sad) sorry sir .... lekin ..(paused)
M: thik hain ... lekin aage se apna jo thoda sa dimag hain woh use kiya karo
G: ahhh ... aap phir shuru ho gaye
M: oh sorry .. woh kya hain na kuch aadat si pad gayee hain ... jab bhi tum mere samne aati ho na toh yeh sab nikal jata hain

G: (thinking) Dusht Danav... lekin accha hain woh sahi salamat hain mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye...

They both sit in front of the fire... and warm themselves...
M is seen thinking about something , and G notices that

G: sir aap kuch soch rahe hain
M: kyun ab mein soch bhi nahi sakta
G: le meine aisa kab kaha ... mein toh sirf pooch rahi thi....lekin aap hain ki ..
M: G tum aise sawal poocho gi toh aise hi jawab milenge ...

Again there is silence for a while... none of them talk .... G goes and brings the blankets and gives one of them to M...
Both of them wrap the blanket around themselves ....

M: ummm im sorry ...
G: ji kis baat ke liye
M: woh meine tumhari aur Pr ki baate sun li thi ... iss liye
G: ohh.. koi baat nahi ... woh zidh kar raha tha issi liye waha par hi usne...(interrupted)
M : its ok i dont want to know .... (keeps quite for a while, trying to hide his feelings and sadness) ... toh tum dono kab shaadi kar rahe ho ...
G: haan woh ... ek minute kya ... shaadi kis ki ...
M: (confused) tumhari aur Pr ki ...
G: (shocked) kya ... meri aur Pr ki shaadi ... sir yeh aap kya keh rahe hain ... mein Pr se shaadi kyun karoongi
M: ussne aaj propose kiya aur tumne yes kaha ...
G: nahi sir, usne mujhe propose nahi kiya... nahi kiya lekin woh mere liye nahi tha....
M: G tum mujhe pagal samajh rahi ho kya... meine jo dekha woh dhoka nahi tha.
G: nahi sir joh aapne dekha woh sahi hain lekin woh toh sirf practice kar raha tha... actual mein Pr pragati ko propose karne wala hain ....
M: ab yeh pragati kaun hain
G: Pragati uski GF hain, woh bombay mein rehti hain aur kuch dino mein yaha aa rahi hain aur Pr usse propose karne wala hain... lekin usse dar lag raha tha, aur usse practice karni thi phir usne mujh se practice karne ke liye madat mangi aur meine haa kar diya...
M: (relieved to hear that) ohhh... sorry again ...
G: (happy to see him happy) koi baat nahi ...

The night is slowly passing by ...the two of them are beside each other and are leaning against two chairs  (one for each) ...G starts to fall asleep ...but her head tilts to the side every time she falls asleep ... (u know like the office scene) ... M notices this and places her head on his shoulder and they both fall asleep...
the two are shown sleeping in front of a burning fire ...

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